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Jun 18, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Happy Wednesday, folks. As usual there's lots to chat about this week so fire away. 

is this the new Gtown hot spot?

Everyone and their rich uncle has hit up Fiola Mare, the Gtown seafood joint by chef Fabio Trabocchi, since it opened last winter. Rocker Steven Tyler celebrated his bday there, the cast of Scandal showed up during WHCD week and IMF head Christine Lagarde was spotted there just the other day. Cafe Milano better watch its back.  

There's two? Why?!

Because there's often an arms race to get these drama-laden ripped-from-the-headlines tales onto the screen. Just look at Edward Snowden -- there are at least two film options on his story. 

At least we'll have fun fantasy casting them. Who do you guys think for Bergdahl? 

Seriously Hollywood NEVER met a story it didn't like enough to tell twice or maybe even three times. 

Please update the entertainment page, blogs and columns section. The Washington Post has the same exact stuff from a year ago. If the page can't be updated in a timely manner then what is the point? Talk about old news. Just take it down for goodness sake.

Hmmm. Not sure which page you're referring to. When I click on the Entertainment page there's plenty of new news. Have you hit your web browser's refresh button in the last year?

Ben Foster if it's going to be a legitimate drama. Miles Heizer if they're going to make a deserter a sympathetic character.

My guess is that he won't be entirely sympathetic -- conflict makes for good drama, yes? 

Miles Heizer's a little young (could he even pull off that beard?). But I could totally see Ben Foster...


I thought I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was in town this week speaking before congress. Did he do anything else while in town?

Stay tuned for our Leo tracking report. We hear he was out and about with a certain VIP last night. How's that for a teaser? Is it time to dub the actor the "Wolf of K Street"? 


Surely there's SOMEthing on your minds. Wanna gab about DVF's take on Hillary Clinton's style? How the congressional softball game gave local schoolkids the boot? 

This guy is my rep! REALLY! Please help me...

Not every member of Congress is a master orator, for sure, so at least you're not alone in having a mushmouth congressman/woman. Is that comforting? 

I thought Milbank's column was particularly interesting because he makes the point that Rep. McCarthy isn't considered a "dummy," he's just not exactly Daniel Webster.  

Go to the Lifestyle Blogs & Columns page. You've still got All You Can Eat and The Checkup, which were discontinued ages ago, not to mention the footer link to Celebritology. Those were the days...

It's like a hot tub time machine! OK, thanks, folks. Alerting the good website gurus. 

Have you covered any chic World Cup watching parties yet -- e.g., at embassies? Any favorite local watering holes for viewing the matches?

The embassies will be busy over the next few weeks. Our colleague Roxanne Roberts went to the Brazil ambassador's house for the World Cup opener and The German embassy is hosting a huge party in Dupont on June 26th. 

I am ready to scream if I hear one more person denounce Mom-jeans or dad-jeans. Being comfortable is far more important, and people look fine in them if they think they do. And please, designers, no more ridiculous stiletto heels, or pointy toed shoes; we want comfort.

Ah, but comfort and style are not mutually exclusive! Just hard to pull off in tandem. 

Plenty of hardworking Washington women manage to pull this off. Michelle Obama is often in flats that suit a on-the-go mom -- and stylish women on the Hill know the value of the kitten heel. 

His appearance on the Hill didn't go too well. He got royally skewered by Claire McCaskill for those miracle diet products he promotes. The guy does some good stuff, but she nailed him.

That's putting it nicely. Sen. McCaskill was not amused. At a hearing on "fake diet pills" she told the talk show host, "I don’t get why you need to say this stuff because you know it’s not true...So why, when you have this amazing megaphone…why would you cheapen your show by saying things like that?" We wonder how Oprah feels about all this. 

Who's your money on for the next meltdown? Lindsay again? Will Miley or the Biebster get a second wind? Are the young guns doing all the heavy lifting or did Alec Baldwin get his bike back?

Ah the celebrity meltdown, the gift that unfortunately keeps on giving. I think we can always count on Alec Baldwin to do whatever the heck he wants, whenever he wants (also see Chris Brown). They're so predictable. What I really want to see is a supposedly level-headed celeb behaving strangely for once, ie Beyonce. Did you see her face immediately following that infamous elevator incident? Flawless. When and if Beyonce ever decides to go postal on a pap, it'll be inter-galactic news. 

Did you two rush to the store and get your copy of his book? Bet you Hollywood will option the movie rights to his story to.

I have yet to get my copy of "Mayor for Life" but I do plan to show up at the Barnes and Noble downtown next week for Barry's book signing. And his story definitely deserves the Hollywood treatment. But who would play D.C.'s most infamous mayor? 

Any word on how he's doing? Did he ever get off the critical list?

It was recently reported that the comedian has been taken off the critical condition list and is now in fair condition. 

No - we can't do away with pointy toe shoes. They make your feet look nice. Just BUY SHOES THAT FIT! Round toe shows make my feet look like little paws. I'm not a cat.

You're not? Too bad! Cats in pointy-toed shoes might be the next Internet sensation... 

And that does it for this week's edition of Reliable Source Live. We'll be here next week--same time, same place. In the meantime send us tips and sightings at 

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