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Jun 11, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello faithful RS chatters! We thought things might slow down a bit this summer but this week has been a doozy. It all began with the president getting caught on tape pumping iron overseas. Nice. Then Actress Tea Leoni, who'll play the secretary of state on CBS next fall, brought a roomful of Georgetowners to tears at a UNICEF fundraiser. Hip shaker Shakira was spotted at the Jefferson Memorial and late night vet Jay Leno was at the Smithsonian. And to bring us full circle, Jenna Bush Hager just scored at interview with the president. We wonder if she'll ask him about those sweet gym moves. 

Her fiance Cutter Dykstra plays for the Potomac Nationals in Woodbridge, VA, so I assume she spends a lot of time in VA. Any sightings?

Didn't know that! OK, everybody, APB on Meadow Soprano! 

But in other DC-athletes-dating-celeb-news, we are keeping an eye out for "Dancing With the Stars" veteran Julianne Hough, who is dating Brooks Laich of the Capitals...

Is she related to Billy Bush?

Those Bushes are everywhere aren't they. Billy Bush, host of Access Hollywood, is the son of Jonathan Bush, who is the younger brother of Bush 41 (former president George H.W. Bush). So Billy is the Dubya's (former president George W Bush) first cousin and Jenna's second cousin.

We get it! It was big!

Now, wait. There are two sides to this story:) 

I say that it was the pants that were too small -- not that Cooper was too big. We are, OF COURSE, talking about the trousers that Mr. Hangover wore when he attended the State Dinner at the WH earlier this year. This week, we learned (from Jason Collins, who was also there), that the tight pants were a recurring joke throughout the evening for the actor and his girlfriend. 

Do we think fans might discover his registry and go nuts like with RG3?

Last year RG3 fans bought the player a ton of gifts from his wedding registry and he posed in a picture featuring the mountain of boxes. Some people didn't like that. Cousins, who gets married next month in Atlanta, is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and the Pottery Barn. After the RG3 dust up, I doubt he'll be posting any IGs of him standing on a pile of red and gold loofahs. 

Will you ladies be participating?

I don't own any seersucker myself (it's a little southern-prep for my own taste), though I appreciate how breezy it is, and it's a nice look for some folks. I saw pleeennnty of it  at my alma mater, UVA, where the fellas often accessorize their seersucker suits with straw hats in totally non-ironic fashion. 

I see she was at the Jefferson memorial with her son. Do we really think she "loves history" I mean come on.

There was a rumor floating around a while back that Shakira has a IQ of 140, which is genius status according to Mensa. But the smarty pants organization is notoriously secretive and doesn't release the names of its members. What we do know is that Shakira took a history course at UCLA in 2007 after her Oral Fixation tour ended. She went to class incognito and registered under her middle name, Isabel. 

Billy and Jenna are first cousins once removed, not second cousins. Billy's kids and Jenna/Barbara would be second cousins.

Right you are! My head was swimming with all the Bushes. 

Who do we think would win in a arm wrestling contest? Obama, Biden or Hillary?

According to Kevin Mullins, a fitness and strength coach based in Washington, President Obama's work out routine is pretty legit. Mullins was particularly impressed by how many different moves Obama was able to execute in less than 40 minutes. So who would win in an arm wrestling match? Uncle Joe would probably get voted most likely to challenge a colleague to an arm wrestling match but Hillary keeps her guns hidden under expertly tailored suits.

So the divorce ending amicably after all huh? Too bad. I'm sure you could have gotten a ton more stories out of it.

How very cynical of you! A thought like that would never cross my mind. 

The settlement -- which won't be made public -- was notable for the uber-nice things the couple had to say about one another, in contrast to the nasty  court filings of just a few weeks back. Guess the prospect of big legal bills and prying reporters (hi there!) was enough to bring about a detente. 

Had no clue she was so involved in UNICEF. Any other actresses who are humanitarians we don't see out front all the time

At the UNICEF event someone joked that Tea Leoni was basically born into the organization. Her grandmother, Helenka Pantaleoni, founded the U.S. Fund for UNICEF back in 1947 and her dad Anthony Pantaleoni, serves on the U.S. Fund's board. There are plenty of other actorvists who actually know more than just the talking points, Ben Affleck was recently on the Hill testifying about the crisis in the Congo, actress Angelia Jolie, of course, is a U.N. special envoy and is currently in London for the global summit to end sexual violence in conflict and last year actress Charlize Theron was honored for her humanitarian work by the World Economic Forum.


Any word on whether he'll stay on in DC as, say, a lobbyist?

The House leader has a sudden -- and quite unexpected -- opening in his schedule after last night's primary. He certainly could go into lobbying (after the requisite cooling-off period), which is a very well-traveled path. One thing about Cantor is that the location of his district, which is in the Richmond area, means that even if he just goes home, he'll still be somewhat in the Washington orbit. 

And unlike the poor, "broke" Clintons, he doesn't have to find a job right away or face starvation: he's quite wealthy, having made good money as an attorney in his family's real-estate biz.


She went to class in a Hazmat suit, maybe? She's kind of recognizable...

You'd be surprised how no makeup transforms a person. Shakira said she showed up to class with a ball cap on and in regular clothes. So no halter tops, low slung leather pants, belly chains and big hair. I'm sure someone might have noticed her but no one said anything. 

He seems to be in D.C. a lot these days. Do we think he'll run for office?

Collins was in town for a while. He was at the Marriott "lovetravels" event and the premiere of the documentary "The case Against 8." He told Politico, "I have a lot of doors open right now" since he hasn't announced whether he'll return to the NBA next season.

If Billy and Dubya are first cousins, then Billy is the first cousin once removed of Dubya's kids. Billy's kids and Dubya's kids are second cousins.

I think we better get a staff genealogist to handle the Bushes! 

They have some complicated family shrubbery! 

And that does it for this week's live chat where we all learned the very important difference between first cousins, second cousins and first cousins once removed. The Bushes would be proud. Find us here next week at the same time and place and in the meantime send all your tips, sightings and etc to 

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