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Jun 04, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Happy chatter-day, everyone! 

Love is in the air -- Al Gore III got hitched in DC and Bryce Harper and his fiancee debuted the rock -- oh, and Hillary's dishing in People magazine, and a DC native is the guy to blame if you really hated Rihanna's nearly-naked dress at the CFDAs. Let's dive right in -- what are your burning questions this week?  

... on Alexandra Petri's chat yesterday as being beyond slow. And, of course, last week you bailed on the chat while the Food folks overcame the technical difficulties. To quote John Kerry: Man up.

I don't have the slightest idea how to "man up." Never tried. Any ideas, folks?

Sorry, but the technical difficulties weren't ours to overcome. Let's hope the chat gods smile on us today. 

As for the pace, we answer nearly every question that's posed. Seems chatters here are a bit shy -- so ask away! 

So you're not the fastest chat in the world. But at least you stay on topic, and we don't have to wade through questions about what you're drinking, what you're listening to during the chat, and we don't have to read about your wife's field hockey team's results (not that I'm thinking of anybody IN PARTICULAR).

A happy chatter! They do exist. Thanks so much and we answer every question (that makes sense) so feel free to fire away.



Drinking: Peets iced coffee

Listening to: colleagues coughing


Poor Tyler Moore. He was just bounced back to Syracuse. We will miss the Nationals' number one eye candy (you should publish his picture sometime), although I'm sure he'll be back before the end of the season. How about a picture of a Potomac National who is one of our #1 prospects, Lucas Giolito? The man is a god! And he should be. His mother is Lindsay Frost, who replaced Meg Ryan as Betsy on As the World Turns. His grandfather is Warren Frost, who was the town doctor in Twin Peaks but probably even better known as the father of George Costanza's fiancee Susan on Seinfeld.

With a name like Lucas Giolito, he sounds like a soap opera character himself! That's quite a pedigree.

Of course we miss Tyler, but we could be in for more name confusion if Giolito gets called up. Two Gios? 

And basically, I think what you're asking for is a cheesecake Nats calendar, amiright? 


Did one of you attend? Do you have pics (other than the one of Bryce and Kayla)?

Our colleague, Cara Kelly, covered it for us. She snapped a few pics, including one of Gio and his gorgeous GF:

Hi ladies - you aren't old enough to remember the Brady Bunch I suspect, but for those of us who grew up with it, sorry to see Alice pass. I can't even remember the actress's name - she so embodied that character. And nice to see WashPo do a tribute on the very front page yesterday!

Definitely not old enough to have caught the show airing new episodes, but you're never too old for re-runs (I discovered my favorite TV show of all time-- "I Love Lucy"-- the same way). Our colleague, Hank Steuver, wrote a wonderful tribute to reruns and Actress Ann B. Davis. "No matter how quiet and empty the house was when you got home," he wrote, "you could turn on the TV just as the theme song began (“Here’s the story…”) and Alice was there, in the center of that joyful, blended-family “Brady Bunch” grid." 

Hey - During the summer months it would be fun to see if you can dig up intel on where the rich & famous vacation in the area - who's hanging out by the Bay or down the shore and who heads to the mountains. In other words - who should we be keeping our eyes out for when we're on vacation in the area?

I like this idea, particularly if involves some on-the-ground (or on-the-sand) reporting. I will drink a margarita by the Bay if I HAVE to. You know, in the name of journalism.

Seriously, we are very interested in this topic, and would love to know where the VIPs are summering.  So keep your eyes peeled as you're slathering on the sunscreen, please! 


What kind of a backup in the hallways is that creating? Granted, he's not Clooney, but for the Capitol Hill crowd he's still pretty hot.

I'm a total "Grey's Anatomy" fanatic and Dr. Mark Sloane was my absolute favorite character. So handsome and... so handsome. So I'll be lurking in the background of all of Washington's favorite celebrity haunts this week looking for a glimpse of McSteamy. I'm thinking he might head to STK or Bibiana for a nightcap after "The Last Ship" premiere at the Newseum on Thursday night. 

Your chat isn't listed on today's chat schedule on the home page of the internet edition. That might be why you're not getting a lot of questions.

Hmmm I see the Reliable Source Live on the chat homepage. Again we answer all on topic questions we receive. So as long as curious minds want to know about Hillary Clinton's take on Monica Lewinsky, the local stylist responsible for Rihanna's "naked dress" or congressmen getting wedding dresses out of hock (all things we've written about recently) then we've got answers for you. 

I only do four chats--yours, Tom Sietsema's dining chat, Thomas Boswell's, sports chat, and Hank Steuver's television chat. I don't remember anyone talking about drinking coffee or field hockey teams? To whom are you referring? I also used to love Tracee Hamilton's sports & everything else chats, and I miss her a lot.

I'm guessing that was a ding on our colleague Chris Cillizza of The Fix, whose lovely wife happens to be a college coach. Chris mixes his politics talk with sports (and music, too!), which has its own huge following.

We try to stay on-point, though Helena and I would be happy to tell you all about our respective pets' latest adorable antics or our most recent shopping scores, but I'm afraid that would just put everyone to sleep...

Glad we made your top four!  

I found some great platform sandals at DSW the other day. And a new bag I'm loving at Anthropologie (it was full price, but seems to be worth it so far).

Congrats on the DSW find! I just scoured the Friendship Heights location, and came up empty-handed (for once!). Seems ankle straps are on every shoe this summer, and they drive me batty. 

Anyone snoozing yet? 

How is Sourcette Emerita Amy Argetsinger's maternity leave progressing? Her baby must be 6 months old by now, if my math's correct. Do you ever hear from Amy (e.g., maybe consult her for tips, leads, background checking)?

She's been a tremendous resource for us, and has been generous with her time and tips.

I do recall getting some emails from her at very odd hours right after the baby was born, which I'm sure is common among new moms... 

Beats phonecalls at very odd hours any time!

Amy's great. I had breakfast with her a few months back and met her adorable daughter.

...or a skill to be acquired? I worked in NYC in the 30 Rock building for 4 years (before they put the Today studio on the street). The only celeb I saw was Al Roker, but that was back in the days when he was too wide to miss. I wonder if I'm just genetically oblivious...

I think it's a skill, one that some people come by more naturally than others. It's a combo of actually checking out the people around you and being able to recognize celebs, which requires some level of pop-culture awareness. On top of that, you have to be able to match a familiar face with a name, which probably involves some special cognitive function (right, science?). 

I have a friend who swears he is "really good" at celeb spotting. I'm OK at it, but I'm more often guilty of thinking I know someone on the street and waving to them from afar, only to realize when I'm closer that they look nothing like the person I thought they were. My eyesight is fine, it's just a quirk.  And then I feel awkward and try to pretend I was waving at someone else.   

Why oh why do people still go to Café Milano? Such a mediocre restaurant, and we have so much else to offer in DC now. Jes sayin'.

Cafe Milano's still THE place to see and be seen in Washington. It's got a reputation and folks like to stick with what they know. But there are definitely new comers on the block. Fiola Mare in Georgetown, Bibiana downtown and STK in Dupont. 

I think people still like it because of its old-school feel -- owner Franco Nuchese and the staff remember names, even of their non-famous patrons. That goes a long way. 

Any early intel on which likely House and Senate primary winners are likely to win in November, and would make interesting pickings for The Reliable Source? I'm thinking of maybe Iowa's pistol-packin', Harley-ridin' hog-castrator...

We were pretty interested to see what happened in California's 33rd District and whether celeb-friendly "self-help guru" Marianne Williamson would be on her way to Washington. Alas, she came in fourth. 

I've read that some people have great difficulty in recognizing faces. Perhaps you can find an article re that somewhere on the InterWebs.

You know who doesn't have a problem recognizing faces? A crow. I was obsessed with this study for a while:


Perhaps we should train an army of crow tipsters to scour the city for us. Not sure how to categorize that on the expense report, though.  

And that does it for this week's chat sans any technical difficulties. Join us here next week with all your burning questions and in the meantime send tips and sightings to  

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