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May 14, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hey, hey chatters! Welcome to the weekly hangout. 

What happened this week? We were exhausted just watching Sean Combs do up DC after his Howard commencement speech, there were VIP sightings aplenty, and we got some backstory on why Martin Sheen almost wasn't the West Wing's President Bartlett.

Let's get right to it, shall we? Ask away! 

Is it back in action?

Yep. Peter Orszag and his ex-wife are back in the courtroom this week after the trial that began in March over child-support arrangements continued. It's slow going, though, and the judge yesterday had to remind both sides to keep their answers on the witness stand succinct in the hopes of wrapping things up this week.

Stay tuned -- we'll have the details for you!  

Sidney Poitier couldve been the first black president--sort of

Yep. According to an oral history of the show recently published online by the Hollywood Reporter the folks behind the scenes of the show asked Poitier first. But those talks didn't go far. Me thinks Sir Poitier must not have loved the idea of the small screen. 

Did he delete his forgiveness gram?

He sure did. On Monday former Washington Wizard, Gilbert Arenas, posted an Instagram picture of  candal-embroiled LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling with this caption, "I’ll be the first to accept ur a man who’s made a mistake or two in life I know how hard it is to look at your self in the mirror when you let so many ppl down but for anybody who can’t and won’t accept his apology u need to look in the mirror because were not perfect..forgiveness will destroy racism not more hatred.." We spotted it and posted the Instagram to our blog and not too long after Arenas took the post down. But his sentiments are still out there. 




Did you read the article on her on the sports page? She is, of course, shortstop Ian Desmond's wife and the mother of two boys aged 3 and 1 1/2. And she's also pregnant, due in October (when, hopefully, we'll be in the playoffs!). She is quite a woman. I don't know if I could handle things as well as she does. Her main intent is to give her boys as much time with their dad as possible, and it's not easy. BTW they have been together since they were 10! My hat is off to her.

That was a great story! Love hearing about the not-so-glamorous side of being a sports wife. Most baseball players have really uncertain lives and careers, and their families just have to take it all in stride. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend: 

Alex Baldwin New York arrest beginning of a downward spiral or just another savvy career move ?

Baldwin offers up the entire play by play of the event on his Twitter account. He admits to biking the wrong way but says there was no "disorderly" conduct. 

Seriously, is Alec Baldwin really that clueless that he doesn't realize that he's a making an utter fool of himself with his chronic misconduct and lack of anger management?

And he actually pulled the "do you know who I am?" card with the police  -- which is, in my opinion, the worst!


Not to nitpick, but the proper way is Sir Sidney, not Sir Poitier. :-)

Just don't call him late to tea! 

was Godfrey Cambridge in "The President's Analyst"

Interesting -- I'd never heard of that one. [Adds to Netflix queue.]  

I think Sir Sidney (er, Sir Poitier) would have been very presidential. Unlike, say, some of the terrible film and TV POTUSs (poti?). I mean, Billy Bob Thornton? 

George was looking for a middle-aged attorney this whole time and you didn't let us know? A quarter of DC was in the running!

Sorry ladies! 

Though calling Amal Alamuddin a "middle-aged lawyer" is like calling George Clooney a "fifty-something actor" -- doesn't quite convey the appeal, you know?  


I have to agree with you that Billy Bob Thornton made the WORST president ever in "Love Actually." I couldn't figure out whether he was trying to be Bill Clinton, channeling the hound dog-ness without any of the charm or something else, who knows what. But he really ruined what was otherwise a fairly entertaining film.

Amen. In an otherwise well-cast movie, he was a huge exception. And he was supposed to be kind of a creep, but still! The movie wasn't really kind to Americans, though -- the other Yanks being the girls who pounced on the loser kid because of his cute British accent. 


Speaking of Mr. Clooney. Do you think this engagement signals a desire to run for office and who will take his place as middle aged Hollywood's most eligible ?

Hmm Billy Bob might still be available if anyone's interested. Not sure what Mr. Clooney's political plans are but folks in Washington would go gaga if he made his way inside the Beltway. Not sure how Amal, whose practice is in London, would feel about that though. 

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