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Apr 30, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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This is going to be a big week people! Hollywood's annual Washington take over is almost upon us and we've got a rolling A-list of VIPs--one of which rhymes with "OMG it's Lupita Nyong'o!" We're not sure if the Oldest Jonas, Kevin, will stick around but he was lectuing GW business students earlier this week on the finer points of social media. But who are we kidding all that pales in comparison to the week's biggest news--George Clooney is ENGAGED!

liked your hotel suite edition of cribs, complete with pimp music. you missed the best part of Ritz Carlton Georgetown, their concierges Luis and Raul, too hot.

Thanks! That was a really fun piece by our incomparable video journalist JulieAnn McKellogg. Next time we'll make sure to include the handsome concierge. Fun fact: all those mega suites are totally booked for the weekend. Of course the hotels won't tell us which glitterati booked them (at $18,000 a night no less) but it's safe to assume the bigger names in town for the White House Correspondents' Association dinner are used to living large. 

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Helena Andrews
Helena Andrews is the co-author of The Reliable Source. Follow her on Twitter @helena_andrews.
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Emily Heil is the co-author of the Reliable Source and previously helped pen the In the Loop column with Al Kamen. Follow her on Twitter @emilyaheil,
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