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Apr 23, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Happy Wednesday, chatters. A TON has happened over the last week. The Veep joined Instagram so aviators are cool again, FLOTUS and her pal Bow Wow dropped by Howard University, rapper Chris Brown's legal woes continue, oh and Chelsea Clinton is having a baby--no biggie. Let the conversation begin!

is this going to be a thing?

It already is! "Hoin'" in a word that's been talked about in the ongoing Chris Brown trial here in DC. The guy who says Brown punched him says he tried to get in a picture with the singer, who got angry. The photo-seeker than asked "why you hoin'," which means being disrespectful.

I talked to a slang expert who says the word has been around in some form since the late 90's. I might try to work it into conversations... suggestions?  

So is he staying or going?

After getting almost double of the amount of signatures required to get an official White Houes response to a petition (more than 200,000), the Deport The Biebs camp got what they wanted--sort of. "...we’ll leave it to others to comment on Mr. Bieber’s case, but we’re glad you care about immigration issues," went the official no-comment comment. So the embattled pop star, who recently ticked off a lot of folks by visiting a Japanese war shrine in central Tokyo, is here to stay--for now. 

How old will the baby be during the campaign if Hillary runs? Do we think we'll see the newest Clinton on the trail a lot?

Baby Mezvinsky-Clinton will be at a rather adorable age by the time the Iowa caucus rolls around in January of 2016. We don't know Chelsea Clinton's exact due date, but she's said the baby's coming in "the fall." If we take that to mean, say, November, then we're talking somewhere around 14 months!

Better order up the "Grandmom for President" baby gear! Now, will we see the American-royal kiddo on the trail? My guess is in small, strategic doses. But I all but guarantee that folksy tales of being a grandmom would be part of Hillary Clinton's standard stump patter. It's a good, relatable subject matter.

That is, IF she runs! 

Should the first lady really be palling around with a rapper?

Well, Bow Wow is a bit more than just a rapper. He currently hosts one of BET's most popular shows, 106th and Park. The first lady actually appeared on 106th and Park in 2013 to promote an education initiative. So the two have a bit of a history and Mrs. Obama told the group of the students there, ""very proud of this young man. I have grown very fond of him. We've done some good work together and his commitment to education, his commitment to young people and BET's commitment it just means the world to me and I know it means the world to all of you." 

How much would something like that cost? Having a big time comedian do a set at a birthday party? Sounds expensive.

The cost of hiring "talent" to appear at a private party varies wildly. And Leno, we're told, performed an hour-long set, which is far more expensive than just hiring a celeb to come hang out at your party (nice work if you can get it, right?). 


Grandfathers have run for President before, what is the big deal?!

I think the big deal is that the country watched Chelsea Clinton grow up in the White House (she arrived at only 12-years-old after all) and folks feel pretty connected to her (especially after she began to step into the spotlight during her mom's run in 2008). Granddads have certaintly run for president before (George H.W. Bush and Mitt Romney to name two) but never a grandmother-especially one so outspoken about wanting a grandbaby of her own. Chelsea has joked often that her parents have minced words when it came to the next generation. 

"Now, will we see the American-royal kiddo on the trail? My guess is in small, strategic doses. But I all but guarantee that folksy tales of being a grandmom would be part of Hillary Clinton's standard stump patter. It's a good, relatable subject matter." Don't you think there's a touch of sexism in the assumption that a grandMOTHER will talk about her grandchild when a grandFATHER (Mitt Romney) almost never mentioned his (several) grandkids while campaigning?

Mitt Romney talked a ton about his family on the trail, and that's pretty standard for politicians -- it humanizes them, reinforces their values, etc. But the guy had SO many grandkids that he literally lost count  -- I seem to remember that he twice welcomed his 22nd grandkid to the world (different kids).

Hillary Clinton will likely have only ONE grandkid at that point, and it will be a new and profound life experience for her -- as it would for a man becoming a grandfather for the first time -- that I can't imagine it won't feel significant enough to talk about -- and for the media to ask her about. 

If she is 35 or older now, she would make an excellent President! She would definitely renew the Family Leave Act after her baby!

Chelsea turned 34 in Febraury. Does she still make the cut?

Does he really have lupus?

Yes, Nick Cannon really does have lupus. The entertaining jack of all trades was diagnosed with lupus kidney disease in 2012. He even created a web series, The NCredible Health Hustle, to chronicle his experience and plans to turn those videos into a documentary. We asked Nick if his wife, singer Mariah Carey, and their twins, Monroe and Morcoccan, would be out at the next Walk to End Lupus and he said we might see them in the future walking for a cure. 

I can guess why the question was asked about their "palling around," but seriously, why not? Should she only hang with chamber orchestras?

Does your question assume that chamber musicians are all super-digified, upstanding citizens whose company will bring nothing but credit to our esteemed First Family? Eh, I'm not so sure about that. I've known a cellist or two to get crazy!

Well, if Mom decides not to run, then by 2016, Chelsea will be old enough! She did study law, after all!

The Clintons might be running out of wall space because of Chelsea's many degrees -- but she doesn't have a law degree! In addition to her undergrad from Stanford, she has masters degrees in public health and international relations, and is working on her doctorate in international relations at Oxford. That will be four, which prompted her dad to humble-brag to Jimmy Kimmel recently that “That’s as many as her parents do — combined."

But we all know that degrees don't correlate directly with political success. Interesting fact: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a potential 2016 GOP candidate, never graduated from college. 

Does The Americans film any exterior shots in DC. Would love to see Keri Russell or Margo Martindale (!) down on the Mall.

I remember gathering in the common room at my college dorm to watch all the WB's shows from "Dawson's" to 'Felicity." I'd die for a Keri Russell sighting in the District but alas FX's 'The Americans" actually films in New York. So many of the shows based in Washington don't in fact film scenes here and local lawmakers are trying to lure those productions to town with new legislation that would provide incentives like tax breaks. 

my question assumed that the previous poster believes all "rappers" are uncouth criminals.

And I was kidding, trying to point out that a musician's genre doesn't make them any more or less suitable as a FLOTUS pal:) 

Except for polka acts. I think we have to draw the line somewhere.

Quick, name the last president who did not graduate from college. Hint: as vice president, he lived in a still-existing building on Connecticut Ave, and took the trolley to work.

OK, my first thought was: "Joe Biden LOVES trains!" but of course, he's not our guy.  Off to the Googles...

Anyone else wanna play trivia? 

Didn't finish college, either... and, I'm pretty sure there's little to no correlation between presidential success and having studied (or practiced) law. Most of our most recent presidents weren't lawyers (not that I'm making ANY claims about their success or failures as presidents).

Congrats, you're the trivia winner! If I were my colleague Chris Cillizza and we were at his famed Politics and Pints, you would win a fancy prize.

Alas, all we have to offer here at the Reliable Source live chat is our undying admiration. So there's that!  

He did go to law school but never did receive a degree. But he still gave 'em hell! (Can I say that word on this chat?_

You just did! [Looking over shoulder for editor...] Thanks, trivia buffs! 

I know that liberals are squeeing themselves to pieces over Chelsea's baby, but does anybody REALLY think that she can run for President anytime in the near future? She hasn't really even held a full-time job, much less an elective office. And please don't forget that she carries a lot of baggage around, and I'm not even talking about her parents. Her father-in-law is a convicted felon (wire and mail fraud) who still owes his victims millions in restitution.

Chelsea's had a few jobs, in fact. After graudating from college she worked on Wall Street for a few years. She then joined NBC as “special correspondent” and is now a vice-chair at her family’s foundation, hosting the Clinton Global Initiative University at Arizona State. Sure she doesn't have a 9 to 5, but I'd guess that all that adds up to full-time. 

Governor Walker attended college, but left some 30 credits short of his degree. He has said that he will finish his credits and get his degree through a new on-line program developed by the University of Wisconsin. Many political observers, including your colleagues, think that, if he does matriculate, it means that he is serious about running for president.

Yes -- my colleagues have reported that he is planning to finally get that degree. Walker has said, though, that he doesn't think a college degree is a prerequisite for a president.  Would be very interesting to see whether the lack of a degree would be a big liability for a modern candidate. Could be a folksy talking point! 

OK, folks, we're out of time. Thanks for the trivia talk -- I feel a little smarter, and will have some good cocktail-party chatter tonight. Thanks for joining us, and come back again same time next week! 

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