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Apr 02, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Greetings chatters. This week has been packed with news from a new cooking show to rappers behaving badly to blue bloods doing the same.

"Bayou Bakery’s David Guas to host Travel Channel show"

"Rapper Wale got into a shoving match at the Verizon Center on Monday"

"Du Pont heir received no jail time after rape conviction"

So let's jump right in. 



So do we think he'll make it to DC. I'd love to be on that flight. not.

It sounds like the question isn't whether he'll make it or not, but rather whether he will have to submit to the tender mercies of the U.S. Marshals while he's in transit, or if he can just travel to DC accompanied by his lawyer. 

I can only imagine the Marshals would be tougher chaperones than his attorney-to-the-stars Mark Geragos.  

I was excited to learn that Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will be coming to DC. However, I was not able to find information on that event at the Warner Theater. Are mere mortals like myself able to purchase tickets and attend? It's about time that I step out in sequins.

Aren't Tarohnny just the best? These two were personally responsible for all the style in Sochi this year. The new awards show, the United States Olympic Committee's "Best of" event, is taping tonight at the Warner Theatre in Washington and then airing next week on NBC's Sports Network April 7th. There aren't any tickets available for purchase BUT, we've been told that Tara and Johnny will be on the red carpet. So you might be able to go and catch a selfie before they head into the big show. 

That interview was awesome, is it possible he's sober now?

He's certainly not the Charlie Sheen we've gotten to know from the tabloids. In the interview, with our fabulous colleague JulieAnn McKellogg, he was humble and pleasant and awed by his visit with wounded troops. He gave $1 million to the NSO for a facility outside DC. 

But he still came across as just a tiny bit...kooky -- I mean, he still is Charlie Sheen. My favorite quote was when he talked about letting the experience he'd just had "marinate through [his] soul." 


That concert sounded amazing. Tell us more

It was a pretty cool event. Nas seemed super excited to be at the Kennedy Center and to have the National Symphony Orchestra as back up. He performed his entire debut album, Illmatic, and some of his other hits, stopping in between tracks to talk about "the little room in the little apartment" where he came up with his rhymes back in 1994. One curious thing happened at the after party though. Nas was carrying around a book, the 'Thin Description," which according to the Harvard University Press, is about "Ethnography and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem."

Here's the real question after this whole bankruptcy thing: Will the happy hours remain the same?

The owners of the restaurant chain that declared bankruptcy this week -- the group included the Hawk, and well as a number of popular Cap Hill watering holes like Lola's, Molly Malone's, Senarts, the Chesapeake Room, etc., say they plan to keep all the restaurants running the same as always. So rest easy about those beer specials!

Purists are still grumbling, though, about the makeover they gave to the longtime dive bar a few years back. The big chandeliers say "fancy!" in what had been a very casual pub. 

Why on earth would he get into a real life fight with some stranger on Twitter.

Wale is known for not suffering fools on social media and supsequently doing something that could be described as foolish himself. According to the witnesses we talked to the Twitter heckler not only attacked Wale's talent but also began to threaten him physically--all in a series of Tweets that have since been deleted. Adding to all that the heckler, who we exclusively identified as 26-year-old Joseph Stefanacci from Virginia, took a selfie with Wale in the background and then posted THAT on Twitter as well. We'd venture to guess that was the tweet that sent the rapper into a rage and then a shoving match ensued that was quickly squashed by security. Later that night Wale hung out with a couple of Redskins players and DeSean Jackson, so clearly he was over it.  

I'm very confused as to why a crime story about a rich and well-connected DuPont heir getting an excessively lenient sentence should be placed in the Reliable Source column. Has the Post looked into whether there are any connections between the defendant and his family and the judge and/or prosecutor? The VP's son is the state AG -- has there been any undue influence? Something tells that if this happened in New Jersey, and a Christie relative was the AG, the Post would have looked a lot harder.

The Reliable Source reports on VIPs behaving badly, blueblood squabbles and celebrities paling around with politicians among other things. The du Pont story came across our radar because of the family's ties to the District, specifically the fact that a neighborhood just a few blocks from us is named after them. The News Journal, the local paper that follows the duPonts regularly, didn't know much about Robert Richards' crimes because he didn't serve jail time and were only alerted to that fact after Richards ex wife Tracy filed a lawsuit in mid-March. 

I saw that the chef from Bayou Bakery got a show on the Travel Channel. Which other DC chefs would you like to see more of on TV? And I don't mean Spike and Mike Isabella and the other Top Chef types. I mean someone who hasn't been "discovered" -- YET!

Fun question, and one I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts on. He's not a chef, but I'd watch Derek Brown, the mixologist behind the Passenger, Eat the Rich, and Mockingbird Hill. He's super-knowlegeable about booze and its history, and he's a character. 

Chatters? Any nominees? 

I'm a HUGE fan of the ladies from Grassroots Bakery in Bloomingdale. Their homemade pastries ruin my life in a good way, especially the Nutella rugelach. AND on Sundays they make cinnamon buns! 

What did everyone think of the finale of How I Met Your Mother? SPOILER (for those who haven't seen it) I felt so bad that the mother died after they had so few years together. I don't mind Ted being with Robin at the end (and she deserved better than Barney!), but I had hoped Ted & Tracy would have a long, happy life together. I'm glad Marshall got to be a judge and he and Lily were happy.

Our colleague (and RS Emeritus!) Emily Yahr wrote great story about how many fans of HIMYM were disappointed with the way the show wrapped up -- and compared it to other controversial show finales (like Lost's finale, which made this longtime fan of the show feel shortchanged).

I never watched the show myself, and didn't realize how many people were hooked until this week, when all the fans seemed to come out of the woodwork.


where can i get that new app!

Veluxe, the new luxury at your front doot app being developed by Washington socialite and people connector Susanna Quinn is set to launch with summer. In the meantime there's a website.

What gossip do we know about the presumptive mayor-to-be? Does she have an SO?

Muriel Bowser is single, and looking to mingle -- which is difficult, given her status. She confirmed as much to our colleague Manuel Roig-Franzia -- and pretty much blamed us (the Post!) for her singledom: 

"Bowser said that she is not in a relationship. 'I would love to get married,' she said. 'I’m waiting for the right, perfect guy to show his face. Who wants to deal with being followed by The Washington Post? Do you know anybody?'"



So which celebrities to YOU two think sold the Affordable Care Act best?

I'm a huge Zach Galifianakis fan and am ashamed to say I'd never heard of 'Between Two Ferns" before the president's appearance on the Funny or Die show. So that plug gets my vote. 

Am I the only one who thought Jennifer Hudson was terrible in that Scandal parody? 

She is single and fairly young for a politician. I do wonder if men will come out of the woodwork now since she will probably be the next mayor. I know women are always accused of doing that when men become successful.

Power can be an aphrodesiac! But Muriel Bowser also seems quite guarded, even by politicians' standards, so I can only imagine that she'll be even more careful about who she dates, if/when she's the city's new Heroner (that's the lady-version of Hizzoner, right?)

OK, chatters, thanks for joining the fun, but we've got to wrap it up. I think we set a record today, btw: we managed to get through an entire chat with not one mention of Benedict Cumberbatch.

See you back here next week! 

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