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Mar 26, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Happy chatter-day, folks! Come on in from the snowstorm and give us a shout. What's on your gossiping minds today? We've had a busy week, stalking Alec Baldwin and watching Steven Tyler tear up the town. Let's get to it, shall we? To refresh, here are some of the most recent RS doings:

Steven Tyler tells Congress to walk his way on copyright

Alec Baldwin doesn’t do interviews but he’ll show up for Maureen Dowd

Want to buy Max Baucus’s $1.2 million Capitol Hill home?

Emily's Selfie with Fergie was phenomenal. What's she like in real life?

Fergie started out our interview by saying she liked my hair. But! I am a serious journalist and won't be won over by your flattery, Ms. F! 

But buttering up aside, she was very sweet and seemed to care a lot about her cause (violence against women), even though she didn't have a personal connection to it. She was dressed really conservatively -- pinstripe pantsuit with a vest -- though she had on lots of finger bling and some punky nail polish. 

Congresswoman Wasserman's Schultz's hair looks fabulous in Helena's photos. Did you ask what products she used?

Last night I was at the Italian Ambassador's house in upper northwest for Elle Magazine's annual power list dinner. There were people there who flew in from the west coast just to attend because apparently it's one of the best invites. What was really great about the whole event was how relaxed everyone seemed. There were no diva-tudes to navigate. All the women there were super supportive of one another including Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz who I spied chatting with CNN's Dana Bash and Susanna Quinn about entrepreneurship. I didn't get her take on hair products though. 

Who is the world would invite Whitney Port?

The first White House Correspondent's Association Dinner I attended featured Sanjaya. Remember him? That uber coiffed kid with the terrible singing voice who made it all the way to the finals of the sixth season of Amerian Idol? Exactly. Washington defines "celebrity" pretty loosely sometimes. At least Whiteney Port, fomerly of MTV's "The Hills" and "The City," has a fashion line out now. 

Did you see the photo on the WaPo homepage just now? "Vladimir Putin wants all Russians to be tough like Steven Seagal / The action star is helping Putin promote his new KGB fitness regime." Erm, Putin needs to take a page from the Nicolas Sarkozy playbook and only allow people shorter than himself to stand next to him when being photographed.

Putin has been photographed shirtless so many times, though! Seriously, I think the guy fancies himself to be an action-movie star as much as he does a head of state. Putin's staged tough-guy persona is so well documented, the Post even put together a slideshow:

Does Steven Tyler live here now? He seems to have been everywhere in the last couple of days?

The Aerosmith rocker was here for a few days and he really did up Washington. He seemed to be on some kind of seafood tour of the city -- he was spotted hanging out at Pearl Dive on Sunday night, then our spies saw him hanging out at Fiola Mare, the new Georgetown waterfront spot (again, seafood!) on Monday. 

I interviewed him last night, and he said he's been having fun, but I think he finds official Washington a little stuffy. Which shouldn't surprise us, coming from a 66 year-old man in a silver leather jacket! 

So he didn't talk to anyone at all at this party or just journos?

On Monday Alec Baldwin introduced his good friend, NYT's Maureen Dowd, at the Kennedy Center's annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on the arts. He was in great form and a good mood. I don't think he'll ever escape his Jack Donaghy persona. It's just so him. But at the VIP reception following Dowd's lecture journos was repeatedly reminded not to ask Mr. Bladwin any questions. Basically we were all scared straight. But that didn't stop me from shadowing him around the room and clokcing his every move. He chatted amicably with everyone and posed for pretty much every iPhone flashed his way. But never once to a journalist ask him a question. Maybe he really is interviewee non grata these days. 

That sounds gross.

You're referring, I'm guessing, to the fabulous meal that Newt and Calista Gingrich ate at a Waffle House in Georgia. I find it interesting that the two of them seem to go in for a good high-low mix: they shop at Tiffany's one day and another day, chow down at a chain joint. 

And I'm curious about these pecan waffles myself... 

Did you make any bacon jokes when you interview Kevin and his bro?

I am SO proud of myself for not mentioning bacon the food when interviewing Kevin and Michael Bacon last weekend when they were in town to do a benefit concert at the Lisner Auditorium for the troops. 

I also did not make any "degrees of seperation" jokes. I think that showns remarkable restraint on my part, don't you? I did, however, ask him about the "Footloose" dance and whether he thought that would be the one thing he's remembered for, no matter how much else he does -- whether it's starring in gritty TV roles or playing music and making albums with his brother.  He just said "we'll see." 


Helena mentioned an app being developed by a DC socialite, ummm, deets please?

So at the Elle dinner last night there wa a lot of chatter about a servive app being developed by a really prominent Washingtonian. She even showed her prototype to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The consensus from the crowd was that the whole idea was genius. So stay tuned. We'll report on the rest of the deets as soon as we can. 

I've had them. They're great. Just a little butter. Yum.

The Gingriches agree with you. I'm not sure I'd pair the waffles with chilli, but stranger things have happened. I had my first Waffle House meal in North Carolina this Christmas and immediately got what all of the fuss was about. Fast, cheap and tasty. For years there were rumors that Washington was getting its own Waffle House on U Street but no such luck. 

Do we think that wall paper in the bathroom of Max Baucus' house is his? If so. Wowzers.

You're referring to the now-ambassador's Capitol Hill home that's on the market as of this week... Many other things in the house seemed staged, as one would expect for a home for sale, particularly one with a million-plus price tag. The closet had been emptied, there weren't any doodads or personal photos, that kind of thing. 

But you'd think that if a stager was going to put in new wallpaper, they'd do something neutral, so my guess is that he had it installed or it was there when he bought and he kept it. 

It is kind of kooky for sure -- but then again, if you're going to make a bold design statement, a small bath seems like a fun place to do it. Though personally, the idea of little masked harlequin men staring at me in the john is a little creepy. 

Baseball starts next Monday. The guys should be arriving in town over the weekend to set up their apartments/condos/houses and play their opening game against the Mets in New York. Stephen Strasburg and both Zimmerman(n)s have new babies--SS & RZ have girls, don't know about JZ. Gorgeous Tyler Moore is headed for Syracuse--try to stay warm! But he'll be back, I'm sure. Local boy Steve Lombardozzi is back--in a way. He's now an Oriole, which is actually closer to his Columbia, MD, family than Nats Park is. Life is good.

Thanks for that update on the relationship stats of our Nats. OK tipsters, here you go-- here are your maching orders: be on the lookout for the guys as they explore the city and let us know what you see.

I'm wondering if we'll see any of them at some of the new places around the ballpark that are open for the first time during the season. Maybe at Bluejacket? 

All along I was unconsciously coupling with Gwynnie and it turns out this was almost right.

The announcement of Paltrow and Martin's split on the actresses lifestyle online mag, practically broke the internet. According to CNN the "Conscious Uncoupling" post crashed Paltrow's often-derided but often-clicked-on mini webdom. I myself am a Goop-er and am  not ashamed to admit it.

Is George Miller of Martinez, California, selling his Capitol Hill home now that he's leaving the House of Representatives? If so, where will Durbin and Schumer live? If not, does Miller plan to remain in the DC area, and if so, doing what?

When the longtime congressman annonced in January that he planned to retire, we reported that his roomies were worried about a possible breakup. Their rowhouse was the inspiration for the show "Alpha House" and through the years, included not just Durbin and Schumer, but former Rep. Bill Delahunt and Leon Panetta.

At the time, Miller told us he hadn't made decisions about the house of his longterm future. But we're on it, so stay tuned...  

Who sang it better?

I'm not sure that Steven Tyler is going to invite the Michigan congressman to join his band anytime soon, but seeing Conyers onstage with Tyler at last night's concert promoting copyright protections was a hoot. 

And Tyler's voice is surprisingly good, considering all the screaming he's done in his career. 

But here's a better question: who has the better mustache? 

Here's my big question. Will she wear that hat?

Rapper Pharrel's Vivienne Westwood topper is taking on a persona entirely its own. It sort of scary isn't it? Hillary Clinton's becoming more popular by the minute but if she showed up anywhere looking Smokey the Bear chic I think her approval rating might take a dive. But it doesn't hurt at all to have a hit-maker like Pharrell on your side. 

Does the world really need another Washington based show?

What's refreshing about the new AMC show "Turn"  is that it's only Washington-based if you mean "George Washington."  I've only seen the first episode, but I think it's fascinating to see spycraft in its really primitive form -- no GPS trackers, no Jason Bournes, just scrolls of paper and mirror flashing. 

When I went to the premiere and talked to some of the actors, they all said they'd done a lot of research about the period, so it seems like the attention to detail is going to be really satisfying. These folks aren't gladiators, in other words! 


Personally, I also think that waffles and chili is a bit weird, but I also thought that waffles and chicken (a comfort food favorite from the 40s) was odd -- until I tasted the combo and was immediately converted. Don't judge until you taste!

Lunchtime inspiration, anyone? The chicken and waffles at Marvin are particularly delicious, in case anyone's got a Gingrich-esque craving! 

I'll take Rep. John Lewis dancing to "Happy"!

That vid of Rep. John Lewis dancing in his office to Pharrell's latest hit is solid gold. The best part was that it was pretty clear Lewis didn't know the words to the song's chorus which are basically "Because I'm happppppy" repeated ad nauseum. 

Diane Rehm sure has a lot of Posties on her NPR radio show. Just this AM, it was Monica Hesse (who knew she pronounces it "hessy"?!?) on a panel discussing the value of literary fiction. I've also heard Chris "The Fix" Cillizza, David Ignatius, Dana Priest... Any chance either of you can get asked onto the show? We'd love to hear you as well as read you.

Mom is that you? Ha! Possibly. If a tidal wave of our amazing Reliable Source readers request it we might just get a call from the show's bookers. 

Is this the biggest hat coup since Aretha's chapeau for the first Obama Inaugural?

Only if he wears it to inauguration 2017. Bonus points if there's an over-sized bow situation happening. 

If the chili was served first, then the pecan waffles for dessert, I can see it. Not so sure about pecan waffles TOPPED with chili, however. It's not like Cincinnati, where they reasonably pour chili over spaghetti, then top with grated cheddar or sour cream or chopped raw onion, all of which are plausible.

Man, you folks are hungry today! And now I am, too.

And I agree 100% -- unlike with chicken and waffles where if you get some syrup on your bird it's NBD at worst, you don't want to mix the savories and the sweets on the pecan waffles and chili. 

Although who knows? Some celebrity chef will probably come up with a way to mix up the two, and it will be the next trendy dish. 

You are talking about our favorite bullpen pitcher, Tyler Clippard, aren't you? Or gorgeous Tyler Moore? Are there ANY other Tylers?

No other Tylers? What about John Tyler (10th prez)? Or Tyler Perry? Not everyone is an citizen of Nats Nation:)   

And once again that does it for this week's edition of Reliable Live! We chatted Steven Tyler and Tyler Clippard. "Happy" and Hillary. Everyone's on "Pharrell hat watch" come 2017 and Rep. John Lewis has been dubbed the dancing congressman. As always send all your tips, sightings and etc. to us at and we'll see you here next week--same Reliable time, same Reliable channel.  

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