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Feb 05, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Greetings Reliable Source Chatters,

We've got two week's worth of gossip to gap about -- from the petitition to deport pop star Justin Bieber to those Duck Dynasty guys at the State of the Unon -- so let's dive right in. 

My boyfriend and I both hate Valentine's Day, so instead we're calling Feb. 14 "House of Cards Day." We're going to binge watch season two, and I know he's making me ribs (Francis Underwood's favorite food in DC). Any ideas for something HOC-themed that I could do for him?

I LOVE this idea. "House of Cards Day" is genius. Can someone make actual cards? If we're thinking WWFUW? (What Would Frank Underwood Want?) then I'd say make your boyfriend a peach cobbler--Frank's a good ole southern boy after all. 

Does he smoke? You could share a cigarette in a window whilst plotting to take over the world. 

Seriously, go for a walk in Congressional Cemetery -- it's always seemed to me to be the inspiration for Claire Underwood's running route. And oddly, it's quite pretty and is used as a dog park.  

Is this the new DC go-to restaurant for visiting celebs? First one of the Jonas', then Claire Danes? Should i be sending my visiting relatives there in the hopes of catching a glimpse of someone non-DC famous, or maybe even consider this a new paparazzi perch for a possible new second career?

You know I was thinking the same thing about Bibiana. Even the first lady has taken in a meal there. I don't know what they're putting in that pasta but the power set seems to love it. So if anyone's hunting for Hollywood-types I'd say dinner (not lunch) at Bibiana is the place to be. 

Was the Duck Dynasty rep at the SOTU speech wearing a tie, or was it just his beard? What about his wearing of the U.S. flag as a sweat rag (I think a do-rag would have to go over his head): is that considered bad etiquette? What is he had threatened to break a reporter in two and throw him over a balcony? Would Vladamir Putin do that?

I got a pretty good look at the Duck Dynasty gentleman, and it appeared that he was wearing a button-down shirt and blazer, but no tie (agreed -- very difficult to distinguish the neckware under the beardage). 

The flag as headgear is, in fact, a technical no-no, but widely done. 

But it was a member of congress, not him, who threatened to throw a reporter over a balcony. Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) later apologized, 

Tracee Hamilton has quit chatting and Thomas Boswell is on vacation. Anyway, the list of bobble heads is out, and I am disappointed. I do love Span, but he has only been with the team a year. Tyler Clippard has been with the team since 2007 and has yet to be immortalized with a bobble head. I realize Tyler Moore is not a starter, but, as he is arguably the best looking National, he deserves one too. There will, however, be a Jayson Werth garden gnome. . .The mind boggles!

Didn't know about the garden gnome, but I am so excited about the Jayson Werth-a-rine:

I know there's a reader here who's really into the Nats' personal lives, so in case she hasn't heard, it was revealed at NatsFest that Tyler Moore is engaged (cue "Who is going to marry Tyler Moore" joke). Also, the new guys Doug Fister and Jerry Blevins seem really excited to be in DC and were great to the fans. And Danny Espinosa is beardless and buff and ready to fight for his job back.

Also, it seems that Zim is the museum type -- we have him visiting the Newseum last weekend, with adorable wife and baby:

Does it seem to anyone else that the present occupants of the WH are celebrity obsessed? Coming from Chicago they couldnt have known all these pop celebrities before- yet they are now all BFF forever...WH overnights etc...

Historically the residents 1600 Penn always have a good amount of star power trailing behind them. With the exception of the Bush clan, the Clintons, the Reagans and, of course, the Kennedys all had their fair share of Hollywood homies who'd stop by the White House (and corrall big donor money on the campaign trail).  

Loved the 6 GIFs for the SOTU! Better than watching it myself.

A rea time, saver, no? We aim to please.

That's all the handiwork of JulieAnn McKellogg, the Reliable Source's resident Queen of Gifs. She also does phenomenal video work, like this fun one on State of the Union handshakes. And this one on the most famous aisle-seat grabber during the speech. 

And you call yourself a reporter? Are you not on twitter? Oh, the humanity!

Obviously need to tweak my feed a bit so as not to miss out on breaking Jayson Werth-garden-gnome news. Recommendations?

There are several petitions to let Justin Bieber stay, but not nearly as popular. What is it about him that annoys people so?

The Biebs, like too many child stars, is going through the terrible twos about two decades too late. The fact that his bad behavior is playing out on the national stage makes it all the more hard to swallow. I mean egging your neighbor's house? Really, guy? Young fans of the once sweet be-banged crooner are probably confused and their parents are just fed up.

Also: that hair. 

Umm, Tyler Moore is really hot - I am sure a lot of women wouldn't mind dating and possibly marrying him........ Speaking of Nats - where did Denard Span go? He is the only Nat I pay attention to on Twitter and he has not been around lately. I am getting worried.

Seems we are going to have to get our colleagues Adam Kilgore and James Wagner (the fabulous Nats beat guys) to hang out with us for these chats! 

Is it time to put out an ABP for the Other Tyler? Maybe Adam LaRoche could track him down, as he seems to have superior woodsman skills:

Um, Bibiana may be the "new" place for some celebs, but more often than not, a lot of celebs are still going to Cafe Milano in Georgetown. I know because I work next door. (And yes, not all of them enter through the back entrance!)....

With all the star power coming through the District in the last few years I think we can handle two (or ten) hot spots for sightings. But you're absolutely right Cafe Milano is still one of the places to see and be seen, especially since so many celebs stay at the Four Seasons in Georgetown. 

At how many celebrities show up at Ben's Chili Bowl. Maybe they are not all "A" listers, but still, everyone at some point craves comfort food in a greasy spoon kind of way.

Another celebrity draw -- though I bet they go there as much for the chili cheese fries as for a taste of local history (and at least the former is carb-free!).  

So Zane doesn't want to pay taxes? Neither do I! What makes her so special? I guess she's ready to lose everything she's worked for. Oh well.

This Zane story is pretty wild. According to our colleague DeNeen Brown, Zane (real name Kristina Laferne Roberts) currently owes the IRS more than $500,000. Maybe she's just been researching a kinky financial plot twist in one of her erotica novels? Or maybe not. 

How did you reach the conclusion that Bryce is anti-media from his clown question comment?

Glad you asked! That was SUPPOSED to be tongue-in-cheek, but judging from the response, there are many folks out there very sensitive on the subject of Bryce's relationship with the media. Truly, was meant as a joke, people.

And I'll admit I've asked my share of clown questions over the years. 

He's around. He was here last month for some charity events and was also at NatsFest. Not quite as friendly or good to the fans as I'd expected he'd be. Kind of disappointing but I still love him.

A D-span sighting! Call off Adam. 

Is apparently hopefully recovering, despite having been hit by a bus AND an SUV. Yay!

Yay, indeed! Snowy Owl is the hugest celebrity in town right now (sorry Capitol Hill fox -- if you're still around). The grossest detail from that story is that the owl's lower-than-normal weight might have been because she was eating poison-laced rats. Now, who's ready for lunch??

Did anyone see Steven Tyler at the Grammys? Nice white suit and cane, but the dancing he did to Daft Punk's performance of "Get Lucky" had me thinking Elaine's dance from Seinfeld all the way...

HA! At first I thought you were getting Steven Tyler and Madonna confused. They both went the Grammys decked out in white suits and canes.  So maybe they have the same stylist? 

Ok, I was hoping that was the case. We love Bryce and get very defensive! :)

Whew, a truce with Team Bryce. But if he brings back the faux-hawk, I might have to mock him, and then it will be ON AGAIN! 

Is an easy target for outrage, because he's Canadian. We couldn't scream for the deporting of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, et al., because, well, they're Americans and we have nowhere to deport them to!

You're right. Paris, Lindsay and Britney couldn't be deported--although a few of them got banished to Malibu for rehab. Quelle horreur! 

Just because I am not a butterstick anymore and they call me Bao Bao, doesn't mean I still don't rate on the cuteness and attention meter around here!!! Sheesh!

Sorry, BB, but I'm afraid it's all about SO, at least this week. Go chew on some bamboo -- and maybe fall off a rock again (adorable!).

Besides, we hate to get too attached, since you're heading to China in a few years, anyway.  

Seen in the chair recently. One former member of Congress who still spends the bucks for his white coif at Sugar House in Alexandria. (Yes, Newt!)

Next time you're there (I'm assuming you love a fancy schmancy buzz cut too) snap a pic (or just jot down some mental notes) and send it in as a "Hey Isn't that.." item to We'd love to wish Newt a "Happy New Haircut Day."

Hm, I can't imagine the cuts there are $400. The price list online gives $100 as the upper limit. 

It's a nice place (good massages!), but not insanely (relatively speaking, of course) expensive.  

My husband and I are doing the same thing! I'm making popcorn and hot chocolate, and we're going to binge watch in our PJs on the couch. I can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day. We don't hate it, it's just not something we really celebrate a whole lot.

I think we're starting to see a trend here. 

Well, that does it for this week's edition of Reliable Source Live! Sorry for leaving without signing off properly, folks. We ran into some technical issues, but thankfully got to most of your questions before it happened. As always thanks for joining us and we'll see you next week at the same day and time. Also, remember to send in tips, sightings and general awesomeness to 

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