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Dec 05, 2012

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, December 5, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly chat. It's just me today -- Rox is off on assignment (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more), so it's just me, typing away like a gazelle. Some topics on our radar this week:


A royal baby is on the horizon, as Kate Middleton comes down with a royal case of morning sickness.


Turmoil at the elite Cosmos Club. Girlfriend drama at the Macho Camacho funeral. And the Sackler-Freer feud you never knew about.


Led Zeppelin may be the most accessible rock gods Washington has seen for a while -- whole lotta love for them at the Kennedy Center Honors -- but their music scared some old folks out of the room.


In othr news: Lindsay Lohan could learn so much from Katt Williams. . .  Joe Biden’s amazing trip to Costco, and Jimmy Buffett’s happy hour visit to the Situation Room. . . . Sorry, ladies: Joe Kennedy III got married. And Robert Plant is in love with Patty Griffin. And Marion Barry is taken, too.  But we look forward to your questions.

So, I'm guessing Joseph P. Kennedy III's wedding wasn't a Catholic one? Just seems odd.

When the bride's father performs the ceremony, it's generally not a Catholic wedding.

What happened to Lisa Baden who used to report on traffic for 7-abc? I have not seen her in awhile. I never thought I liked her but now I kiss her

Hmm. Do you mean that now you miss her? That is an adorable Freudian slip. . . . Lisa Baden joined WNEW several months ago; I have no idea if that's still the case.

Just curious if you have seen him in-person yet?

I have not. A red-haired Kennedy -- it's fascinating, really.

I don't know who's going to suffer more, the poor puking Duchess of Cambridge or the rest of us hearing EVERY ANGLE from People magazine. ("What does Harry think of the pregnancy?!"" "Why won't the Queen visit her in hospital?!") But aside from that -- what do you think they'll name the kid?

I pity any couple that is forced to make a worldwide pregnancy announcement before she's out of her first trimester. What do I think they'll name the kid? Something old-school. Nothing trendy. Not Aiden or Madison or anything like that.

Congressman Patrick is redheaded.

Hmmm, yeah, you're right. But his hair isn't that red. It's not Prince Harry red.

It's possible for it to be a Catholic wedding, if the bride's father was a widower who became a priest after his wife's death, or if he was never married to the bride's mother, or if the marriage were annulled and he became a priest. It's not necessarily a Borgia thing! And speaking of weddings. . .

Notice I said it's generally not a Catholic wedding when the bride's dad performs the ceremony.

Love Robert Plant and Patty Griffin. Such a great couple both in music and apparently life as well.

I thought it was cute how he mentioned her apropos of nothing, and referred to her as "my true love Patty Griffin." It's like "ladies, back off, it's not 1974 anymore."

Isn't Patrick Kennedy (Ted's son, the former Congressman) a ginger too?

Yeah, yeah. Apologies to Patrick for the oversight. Truly, you're fascinating too!

Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Cupcake Wars, or Whisker Wars?

Hoarding Wars. That's a show, isn't it?

Random question. I just started reading "Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen for the first time. 2013 marks the bicenntial year of its first publication. I was just wondering what you thought of the book?

It's been years since I read it, but I found it pretty delightful.

Wills and Kate kind of told us the world their politics by inviting Margaret Thatcher and John Major (ex-Tory PMs) to their wedding ceremony, but not inviting Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (ex-Labour PMs). While his and Kate's royal tour have that "we care" feeling to them, they are pretty standard stuff that would seem out of place of a son of Queen Victoria. His age is used to make the case that William V wouldn't be a traditional, but for a 30-year-old, he comes off as pretty establishment. He joined the army, which a national thanks him for his service, but the British Army (maybe even more the US Army) has never been known as a haven for progressive or reformers.

I think he'll be a ceremonial king, like most of them have been for the past century or so.

Rhodesia if it's a girl, Trinidad if it's a boy.

That would be a lovely gesture.

Patty Griffin ? I really like her. Plant, not so much. Hey wasn't that Plant/Allison Krauss album the biggest case of Beauty and the Beast ever ??

How can you not like Plant? What a voice. And what a torso. He taught entire generations how to be a rock star.

Jamaica (like Kincade) if it's a girl, Gibraltar if it's a boy?

How about Falkland for a boy? Or would that cause a diplomatic incident?

Her father could be an RC permanent deacon. In any event, he could have gotten permission to have the ceremony conducted in a non-Catholic setting/ceremony. My brother did this when he married; my SIL in the granddaughter of a Presbyterian minister.

Well, before we go too down the road of pointless theoretical speculation: They got married by the bride's father, the Rev. Jim Birchfield, at Community Church of Corona del Mar, which is a Congregational/United Church of Christ place of worship. So now you know.

Were any of them spotted around town? I saw that Plant and his son visited the Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth; the son is a brewer in London, apparently.

Oh, I missed that. Here it is. What a great story.

One of my circles of hell is being forced to listen to Led Zepplin (or JImi Hendrix, or good lord, Pink Floyd) but I adore Patty Griffith.. she is awesome. Although I am looking forward to watching the awards just to see Heart do the one Led Zepplin song I can stand..but then I use to want to BE either Nancy or Ann Wilson..

I'm a Led Zeppelin fan, and I was worried that the tribute would be mortifying -- there's always something a little strange about the Kennedy Center Honors, where they're paying tribute to these amazing artists with performances by lesser stars. But you know, those songs of theirs have such good bones, you really can't screw them up. Foo Fighters were good, Kid Rock was good, Heart was good, even Lenny Kravitz was okay.

I feel bad for her. A good friend had what she has. It is most definately NOT morning sickness. My friend was in the hospital at least 2-3 times a month every month of her pregnancy. She couldn't work, was on an IV the entire time, even at home. It was a miserable, miserable existence. Both she and the baby nearly died a couple times. I can't even imagine having to live that out in the media spotlight. And I'm not one to feel sorry for the Dutchess because I tend to feel she choose to marry into a highly visible family. But she did not choose this. I highly recommend reading this.

Thanks for sharing.

The monarch is supposed to keep his or her own political leanings private. And given how little power the modern British sovereign has, what difference does it make, in any event? I think that monarchs should all simply look fashionable, support lots of charities, and give us all a non-partisan respite from politics.

I was fascinated by this saga a few weeks ago, where it turned out Prince Charles was writing a bunch of very opinionated letters to government ministers, and his lawyers ruled they had to remain private so as not to "undermine his position of political neutrality."

Just name the kid after something Welsh. Trawscoed and Penllwyn are nice. Caergybi would be a fine name if they wanted to push the envelope a bit.

YES! I love the Welsh language. If they have a son who comes out talking like Richard Burton, all the better.

Not only did he beat the Giants, but he also showed up at the Wizards/Heat game last night and the Wiz got their second win! Ryan Zimmerman & his adorable Heather were at the Skins/Giants game; so was C.C. Sabathia, who was probably NOT as happy about the outcome as Zimm & Heather were!

Speaking of RGIII, the whole meme about how he's bridging partisan divides in Washington is getting kind of out of hand, as Dan Steinberg notes.

I think it was "Prince Harry red" when he was younger. At least that's what I remember from the PR after his leg was amputated in his early teens.

Will you people never get your Kennedys straight? Patrick is the reddish-haired son of Ted who served in Congress for many years. It's his older brother, Ted Jr., (sandy-blond hair, fwiw) who lost his leg to bone cancer and did not go into Congress.

Granted this isn't a Live Chat about women's fashion, but I just heard the term "boyfriend shirt" for the first time and just wondering if I'm totally out-of-touch about that term and how weird it sounds?

I don't know -- is that a new term? I guess it's like "boyfriend jeans," where the fit is intentionally too big, like you borrowed it from a guy. Whatever.

Reading the Dogfish Head story, it turns out that Robert Plant's visit was a bigger deal than J.C. Chasez's. Glad to see some people still have their heads on straight. And the junior Plant is a pretty good looking guy, yes?

Yes, he's quite a good looking kid -- google him. Interesting story, btw: Robert Plant was married for 15 years or so to Maureen, and they had three kids (one who died young). . . and then after they divorced, he started dating Maureen's sister Shirley, and they had a kid who's about 20 now.


I know. One day, those kids are going to show up in this chat wanting to know what degree cousins they are to each other, and I'm just not going to know what to tell them.

I believe the Kama Sutra has a couple verses about the proper way to wear the boyfriend shirt.

Thank you.

wow, am I out of touch. I thought boyfriend jeans were the extra tight ones you wear for a date.

Nope, they're the ones you borrow when you've already been dating so long you're not making much of an effort anymore.

Did she keep her maiden name? If not, why does everyone keep calling her by her maiden name?

Because "Duchess of Cambridge" hasn't caught on. Check the Google trends.

Dumb question - why are the Kennedy Center Honors including non-Americans? While Led Zeppelin are absolutely deserving of the honor based on artistic achievement, I had the impression that the Honors were the US equivalent of the OBE, which already includes Plant and Page. (I imagine knights like McCartney, Jagger, and Elton John charging into battle if the UK is ever attacked by forces led by Springsteen and Joel.)

The prize is for a "lifetime of contributions to American culture." So, there you go, the loophole.

Morse got married and now the rumor is he's on the trading block; hope his new wife doesn't mind moving

Yes. But I think their home base is Florida anyway.

When did things sour between Taylor Swift and the Kennedy Clan?

There was a welter of conflicting reports about a month or so ago that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy had maybe sorta broken up, no wait, they're still texting, no wait, a source at his school says they totally broke up, no wait, someone else said they're still friends it's just that it's really busy -- and at some point, I realized it's just dumb to try to define the dating status of an 18-year-old in a news story. Anyway, the Swift-Kennedy partnership lives on; she was honored at the RFK gala the other night, though Conor was not present. He probably had homework.

I thought they were jeans you borrow because you have been dating someone for a while and you want to show everyone how you can wear his clothes and he will be cool with it. and then also to say: hey, I have a boyfriend.

So, if you're buying them at Old Navy, everyone knows you don't really have a boyfriend, huh?

In Britain, they call her "Lady Di" or "Lady Diana" (think Downton Abbey since her father was an Earl) long after she married the Prince of Wales.

Yep. It's hard to rebrand someone. I mean, we kept calling Farrah Fawcett "Farrah Fawcett Majors" for years after her divorce, didn't we?

Because everyone knows who Kate Middleton is. It'll take a while before we can tell the Duchess of Cambridge from the Duchess of Cornwall etc.


I'm surprised the Kennedy Center didn't mention anything about his work with The Firm. Radioactive--now there's some top shelf guitar slinging.

"Well I'm not uptight. Not unattractive. Turn me on tonight! I'm radioactive."


Those three guys have had so many supergroup type collaborations over the years, there was no way to start paying tribute to that stuff. Plus, it's too soon for '80s nostalgia at the Kennedy Center Honors. Think we're five years away from honoring the '80s still.

Plant taught an entire generation ?? I believe you're thinking of Mick Jagger.

We could have a very long conversation about this. With all due respect to Mick, who I think is absolutely the best, I believe Plant inspired more imitators.

And, we call her that because we like to feign intimacy. Duchess of Cambridge sounds like we're not buds at all, but of course we are.


really got used to courtnay cox arquette, did we?

Just as well.

Although I'm 100% Irish Republcan ancestry, I was born in Canada and therefore a subject of Queen Elizabeth II. Not a British subject, since most folks don't realize she is also Queen of Canada (that's actually a real term). 99.999% of the time, I don't really give the monarchy such thought. But days like today with the hoopla over what this pregnancy means really make me detest it so much. And since detest isn't a feeling one really ought to have when a couple who want a child finally get pregnant, it makes me detest the monarchy even more.


I'm getting very confused here.

I do not believe the Traveling Pants were of the boyfriend-jean varietal. But I could be wrong.

Or does it seem like a slow entertainment day on the Interwebs?

Let's see. . . .


Top stories on People: "Channing Tatum's Goals for 2013 Don't Include Acting."

-- Hasn't that been the case for his years 2005-2012 too?)

Top story on US: "Brandi Glanville's Son Got 'Extremely Ill' from Eating LeAnn Rimes's Laxatives."

-- Now that's such a good headline you don't even want to read the story, do you?

Top story on TMZ: "Jazz legend Dave Brubeck dead at 91."

-- Aw. Sorry to hear. Here's the Brubeck profile from the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors.

... doesn't sit well with people who dislike the idea that a woman trades her own identity for her husband's when she marries. Why is William still referred to as Prince William instead of by HIS correct title, Duke of Cambridge?

Listen, as far as I'm concerned, you can tell everyone to call you something different when you're switching from high school to college, but after that -- good luck, don't expect it to stick.

Whenever my Brit friends mock us for politians, I'm going to have use that "We have primaries, you have pregnancies" line on them. So wonderful.


I guess you haven't seen them standing next to each other.


my dad once tried to give me a pair of his jeans, and even though he's 6' 2" the legs were too short and it was baggy as all get out. Of course maybe its got cache if they come from a boyfriend as opposed to a dad.

"Dad jeans." Yeah, I think there's a reason no one's marketing that.

We know that the Twain Award will still be awarded if the recipient dies in the interim (George, we still miss you). And you can't win a Nobel once you stop breathing (if your work with a not-dead partner is recognized, your partner wins the award solo). But what about the Kennedy Center Honors? Do you have to be alive and willing to travel?

You have to be willing to show up. Vladimir Horowitz was supposed to get the honor, but said he wanted his ceremony to be at 4 p.m. and for him to be the only honoree. So, no KenCen Honors for him. Irving Berlin got an in absentia tribute, something less than an honors, when he was 100 and too ill to travel there.

may have been answered before, but wondering if you saw the movie Lincoln and what you thought. I was blown away by DDL, and the story of getting the amendment through 1860s version of congress.

I haven't seen it yet. Looking forward to it.

Google trends says you (Amy) peaked in April, 2006. What was going on then?

I remember that. It was a weird day. Something came up in the chat that prompted readers to try to Google Images me, and that triggered a wave of traffic to Wonkette, which was so baffled by the searches for Amy Argetsinger that they posted an item with the headline "Did Amy Argetsinger rob a convenience store?" or something like that, which I guess just furthered the snowball effect. Good times.

agree, had a friend who wanted us to call her by her middle name, Maria, after we'd known her for years by another name. didn't work.

Yup, sorry, too late.

SNL had the "Mom Jeans" fake ad a few seasons ago. "You're not a woman anymore. You're a mom." I'm actually surprised nobody's tried selling those for real yet.

There's some line of jeans I've seen with a name like NYDJ, for "not your daughter's jeans."

Prince William is a prince by blood (grandson in the male-line of the sitting monarch). Kate Middleton isn't a princess by blood (her father wasn't a king, but run a party-planning business) and her only title comes from being the spouse of the Duke of Cambridge. This is how the peerage system works. I like "Downton Abbey" as much as anybody, but it was an antiquated and anti-feminist system.

And listen, it's not like he's Diddy and can just order people to call him something new every couple years.

Some things are not meant to be.

Do William and Kate get to rule Cambridge? Seems a far cry from King of England, doesn't it? Will ruling over a college town prepare him for the big role?

You know, all those town-gown dramas. It's very good practice.

Is this a British spin off of boyfriend pants? (Thinking of Bridget Jones.)

For some reason, we call them Spanx here in the States.

Is the idea from the marketing team at Old Navy (or as my mom calls it, "cheap Gap") that a nice girl wouldn't buy a plaid shirt for herself (unless she's into the love that dare not speak its name), but a nice girl would own a plaid shirt if she was her boyfriend. It's very "wearing my boyfriend lettermen jacket" in high school rather then just trying out for the sport teams yourself.

I think the idea is they want a cuter way of describing these clothes other than "No, they're supposed to be that big on you."

Whoever thought of this apparently hasn't considered that buying your own "boyfriend shirt" is a pretty depressing idea. Not to mention that looking at the google results, the style as executed does not lend itself to the fantasy that the original owner would have been interested in dating girls. (Feminine cut, delicate fabrics, pretty colors.)

Has J.Crew started selling boyfriends yet? Just wondering.

I didn't know gazelles could type. You'd think that would be hard to do, since they have hoofs.

You'd be surprised. They're very nimble. I feel bad, though, that I've really been typing more like a moose today. Will do better next week.

Technically, you can't win the Nobel once the committee finds out you've stopped breathing, because just a year or two ago they announced they'd co-awarded it to a man who, it turned out, had died the day before -- so they let him win the Nobel Prize posthumously. (I believe it was the second time such a thing had occurred with the Nobels). Now, the IG-Nobels may have different rules entirely.

I don't know if the Kennedy Center Honors has had to deal with an honoree who dies between the announcement and the ceremony yet. Wonder what the contingency plan is.

I never understood the reason behind NYDJ. Are they trying to trick women into buying mom jeans? Or do they want women to celebrate and openly wear mom jeans?

I think the idea is . . . I don't know what the idea is. I guess that they're fashionable without being super trendy, super-skinny? I actually have no sense of whether their marketing strategy has worked.

Even Obama couldn't make those look good. Malia and Sasha were horrified.


For making me laugh RE slow entertainment news day on the interwebs, well the first two stories at least. I also checked out the Jimmy Fallon video on Celebritology's page and it is making me fee much less Grinch-like.

I can't remember the last time I heard (read?) a discussion this long on boyfriend shirts and jeans. Probably back in 1994, come to think of it.

And it's only because not enough of you were willing to indulge my back-to-1974 musings about Robert Plant.

I have to say I was unimpressed by Spielberg's Lincoln as it completely omitted any part about him being a vampire slayer.

Er, SPOILER ALERT, you jerk.

But, that part of the Empire no longer exists with that name (Zimbabwe thanks you to know they're no longer Rhodesia).

But it's such a pretty name! And at least now there won't be any chance of confusing them.

It's kind of weird when you realize just how many of the currently ruling European monarchs were born during their grandparents' lifetime and one of those grandparents was a grandchild of Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, King Harald V of Norway, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden an King Juan Carlos I of Spain all had a grandparent who was a grandchild of Queen Victoria.

I don't have time to check your math, so I'll have to take your word for it. But yes, Victoria and Albert managed to infiltrate just about every remaining monarchy, didn't they.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. But really now.

You see what I'm dealing with here? This is why we've ended up talking about boyfriend jeans.

Roger Daltry or Robert Plant? (I'm trying to help you out here).

Ah, good question.


Let's just stipulate: Robert Plant has not aged well, and it's probably because he had a lot of fun in the '70s. Same thing with Jimmy Page. Check out the clip from Letterman: John Paul Jones, who was not a wild man, looks 10 years younger than them. It's enough to make you stop drinking immediately.


Having said that. . . Roger Daltrey was in town last month, and he suggested that there's really not much you can do to stay young: "I suppose I’m genetically lucky. I see all these people running and jogging when they’re 40. It won’t save you."

Hey! You can't blame me for the spoiler alert when you're the one who decides which submissions are posted. Meanie.

Uh, I thought that was pretty obviously a joke.

Changed his name after his was famous and it took. So never say never.


Was named after Cecil Rhodes, a great exploiter of Africa for its diamonds, who founded the Rhodes Scholarships -- which he designated strictly for white males. Not a nice guy.

Hmmm. Okay. Guess we'll have to move down the list then.

Are most certainly NOT spanx. Granny panties are COMFY, big and soft and easy to move in. Spanx are iron and suck you in and you're dying at that cocktail party until you can get home and peel them off.

And I think we can let that be the last word on pants today. It's been a pleasure hanging out with all of you; now, back to work, everyone. See you next week, but in the meantime, stay in touch at

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