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Nov 07, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, November 7, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning everyone, and welcome back. Hope you didn't stay up too late watching the returns. Who wants to bet that Roxanne totally forgot about the chat today? Glad to see that some of you remembered.


So, there was an election as you might have heard, bringing celebrations to the D.C. streets, pretty dresses to a Chicago stage, melancholy to a Boston ballroom, and LaVar and Nas to Penn Quarter. Plus, relief for retiring pols; and an end to jeweler Ann Hand's election-calling career.


What else? This week, we learned from the late Letitia Baldrige not to clink wine glasses.


And we learned from the late Truman Capote that Katharine Graham was even more fun than we imagined.


And that a 10,000 square foot mansion is too much house for Don Peebles.


In other news: A fire chief walks the red carpet. Fight Night endures. Jenna Bush on family election traditions. Bill Clinton on golf. Cusack as Limbaugh. And look, it’s Judi Dench!


Looking forward to your questions. And look who just rolled in! It's Roxanne! She made it after all.

Testing, testing -- is this thing on?

Any reflections on why Valium and hard booze never mix, particularly on national TV?

Oh, let us not judge. I'm sure there's just a lot of adrenaline running through ones veins on election night.

So, the rhinestone pins didn't sell as well? Maybe because Obama supporters didn't spend their money on stuff like that this year? Interesting story, though. She need Chuck Todd to do some cool computer graphics, and THEN it would be scientific.

Clearly, Nate Silver did well to ignore the results of the Ann Hand rhinestone campaign pin sales stats. I'm guessing that everyone who was psyched about Obama rhinestone pins in 2008 was content with the ones they bought back then.

How beautiful did the Obama family look last night? And when did Malia get so tall? I feel a bit sorry for those girls, having to live 4 more years in the fishbowl, but we couldn't ask for a lovelier First Family.

They all looked great. Malia shot up in the last couple years -- she'll likely be as tall as Michelle. And did you noticed both the girls were wearing flats? As for the fishbowl: They've gotten used to life surrounded by attention. Unlike the Bush girls, Malia (who's a freshman this year) will be able to go off to college without Secret Service agents; Sasha can finish high school in relative quiet. 

where the new folks buy/rent to live and the losers & retirees sell off their real estate in DC. Any predictions? Any property that we can't wait to get a look at?

Actually, this smart story from the Post's Where We Live blog suggests that the elections don't make a big difference in Washington real estate. Especially now that members of Congress spend such a limited amount of time in town. Read recently that retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison has sold her condo -- which turns out to be a totally banal unit in the $150K range. Or observe at Scott Brown's non-glamorous place.

Do you wish Romney had won as a source of new copy?

Anew administration is full of new stories, but a second term always has new players and dramas, so I'd say it's a wash. Or maybe a slight lean to the Obamas -- since the first daughters will be teenagers and Malia might start dating; the Romney boys are all married off.

funny Kay Graham story, produce vendor going up in Post elevator with Mrs Graham and in her lockjaw, she exclaims "my, what a lovely zucchini."

Hahaha. And she probably said it with a straight face, which I would have never been able to do.

Hi. You reported years go that Wendy Rieger married a guy from Ireland??

No, we reported that she was dating an Irish doctor. No idea what the status is there, bu she's dropped some hints, I guess.

I loved the Obama family's coordinating but not matchy-matchy outfits last night. J Crew again, or something else?

We did to. Loved it! We're trying to verify the labels.

After a two-year presidential campaign, do you really think many people want a retrospective the day after the election? Could you please take that moronic black band off your website?

Yes, I think people want to read news of a presidential election the day after it happened, and I don't see the black band you speak of. Oh, there it is. But easy enough to ignore, no? Anyway, you're talking to the wrong person .

Can he make statistics a sexy subject?


My husband was switching between MSNBC and Fox News last night (while I was in another room watching anything but election coverage), and he said Sarah Palin "looked like hell". I rarely frequent any venue that would show her, but my most recent memory is she still looks attractive/healthy. Thoughts?

Of wondering where Jay Carney was born!

He was born in Washington, according to his Wikipedia page. The burning question for the masses is where in Northern Virginia he grew up.

Someone asked me if I was hungover. To be hungover, I'd have to be sober!

Isn't that the worst, when your hangover hits at 2 p.m.? In the meantime, enjoy.

Had fun watching the election coverage, especially when it got late and there was that longish period between when the race was called and Romney dillied about conceding. Gwen Ifill ran out of material, and twice went to the presidential historians for their take on the same thing. Diane Sawyer looked like she would fall over any minute. Kudos to NBC, they seemed able to keep the talk going indefinitely.

CNN did an admirable job with a lot of game-show graphics. Wolf Blitzer would say, "Hang on, everybody, we're about to make a projection!" And then before he'd actually make said projection, they'd blast a lot of swirling graphics that said, "CNN Projection!" With like a little trumpet blast. Definitely a good way to eat up the clock.

How many NoVa same-sex couples are considering a move across the river this morning, do ya think? Maryland welcomes them!

Good question. Do they move to Maryland, or do they stay in the Old Dominion and try to change the laws there?

I have to give the media credit because somehow they managed to keep a level of hype up even when most of those in the know already knew what the conclusion was going to be. Did you think there were any surprises last night ?

The surprise in the presidential election is that it wasn't as close in the electoral college as we thought it would be, and that it wasn't nearly as late a night.

Isn't Mark Cuban being kind of foolish by offering a million to charity for Trump to shave his head ? Because with the comb over and caustic dye job, Trump will be bald in a few months anyway, right ?

I haven't been following this beef, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to catch up. No, I believe Trump's hair is erosion-proof, possibly made of Teflon. It's not going anywhere.

Now that this election is done, can we all vote out Mike Shanahan?

You got enough signatures for the recall?

So we can only assume this means Clooney will be in town for the inauguration. But will he bring a date? You'll get right on finding that out, won't you?

I wouldn't assume he'd be here. He doesn't like crowds. And he sent a big signal by not bringing a date to the state dinner.

Can someone please explain how they could cast Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly ? Seriously, this sounds like a Reliable Source chat casting and too unreal to believe.

I don't know, why not? You concerned that the physical resemblance is wrong? If you're doing a good biopic (which is a pretty rare thing), you can't get too hung up on who the perfect doppelganger is, because then you end up with someone who can't necessarily act. The only thing that surprises me here is that the whole project seems kind of made-for-tv cheesy, and why would Nicole Kidman do that? (Tim Roth as Prince Rainier? Interesting choice.)

No, it's not easy enough to ignore when you're trying to read articles. (It doesn't seem to on the chat page, though, which is an incredible relief.) It takes up a significant amount of my screen space, moves, grows, and demands not only that I read some election coverage, but that I "dive in" to viewing some sort of feature, and it can't be closed. It's an arrogant intrusion on my reading, especially now that you've revealed it's designed not to interfere with *your* use of the site. I won't be reading anything in The Post other than chats until its taken down.

Well, I don't want you reading anything other than this chat right now, so that's okay.

Yeah, but anyone who had read Nate Silver or looked at Intrade knew weeks ago that it was not going to be close in the electoral college unless people were lying to the pollsters. Why did the media (which must have known this) keep trying to sell people it would be close, when it clearly was not going to be?

Because sometimes people lie to pollsters. And everyone heard what the campaigns were saying and that it would be close -- at least in the popular vote. Plus, both candidates still needed voters to actually show up at the polling places to make all those polls right.  

I live in that same complex, and it is very cool! Hubert Humphrey lived there. Justice Souter lived ther too (And reportedly he did his own laundry). It's a historical property with amazing green spaces and a stunning rooftop terrace view. It's hardly banal!

Okay, if you say so. It just seemed suspiciously affordable, that's all, even for an efficiency .

Now they can go back to being unfunny, but with a non-political premise.

Oh, so are you conceding that it actually was kind of funny during the campaign season?

When does the next Liam Neeson movie come out? It has been too long.

I'm hoping he teams up with Idris Elba and Paul Walker to make "Takeners: Free for the Taking."

Can go where it wants, but he really needs to chill out. Calling for a revolution after a legitimate Presidential election is banana republic rhetoric.

Or, here's an idea! We can all stop paying attention to him.

What happens to Mitt now ? Does he just fade away or laugh all the way to the bank ? Is there nywhere to go but down from here for the Mittster ?

Whither Mitt? I don't know, it's an interesting question. I don't think he'll just fade away. Seems like a guy who needs a sense of mission, and I expect he'll find another one.

Any ideas who will play the candidates in the eventual disappointing HBO sequel to the disappointing 2008 follow-up book? Nic Cage as Romney and Joseph Gordon Levitt as Paul Ryan?

Hmmm, good question. Casting Ryan should be easy since he looks like just about every actor in the new fall season. I don't have a strong feeling about who should play Romney, though.

funny moment from last night was when Brian Williams talked to David Axelrod about the bet he made to shave his moustache if the Dems lost Penn, Minn, or Michigan. Seemed like a scene out of the West Wing.

That whole bit was pure "West Wing."

Look (have you noticed every politician starts their sentences with that word?), if Lindsey Lohan can play Elizabeth Taylor (the movie star, not Charlotte York's dog), then Nicole Kidman can play Grace Kelly.

Right? Honestly, Lohan as Liz is a can't-lose proposition. You'll get the viewers (like me) who will watch anything about Elizabeth Taylor no matter how inevitably terrible; and then you'll get everyone who enjoys writing mean things about Lohan on the Internet. That's good ratings right there.

Was Romney's concession speech as strikingly UN-gracious as I thought it was, or was I just drunk?

You were drunk. He was very nice, considering he just got 47 percent --whoops, make that 49 percent-- of the vote. 

*swoons* Yes please!

Seriously, I'd see that movie. We've already waited too long for "Takers 2." Though I watched about half an hour of "Takers" on TV last night, and if you'd told me it was "Takers 2," and not a movie I'd already seen, I'd have been willing to believe you.

Better than ignoring him, we can all pity him. What kind of sad, potentially ill man, does he need to be to be grasping for attention the way he does? At what point will we find him running down the street, pulling his own hair out? It's a very, very sad thing. I feel for his children. i pity the man. (think that worked? Think that'll drive him away??)

I worry about the pulling out the hair part. That might lead to a toupee, which troubles me greatly.

Hey kudos to Washington State for opening the floodgates to common sense...

And Colorado, too. You planning a vacation?

How do you lose a ballot measure to legalize pot in Oregon? HOW?

Maybe they got distracted and lost count.

Tim Russert with his little whiteboard.

I always miss Tim on Election Night. But Chuck Todd did him proud.

One of my daughters lives there, so I think I need to cancel the plan to send her younger teen-age brother out for a visit this summer....

It's time you learned to trust them both.

As long as Mitt's next cause doesn't involve joining up with Trump to "investigate" the president -- again.

I doubt he remembers his alliance with Trump very fondly.

What do you think Mitt Romney will do next in his career? Is he old enough yet to be an apostle in the LDS church?

I hope Mitt will goes back to doing what he does best: Being a good husband, father and grandfather, member of his church, and rich guy. He's good at that, so Godspeed and good health.

Chatters: Many thanks for joining us today and bearing with a few technical glitches. Send your tips, thoughts and sightings to Get some sleep tonight and see you next week.

So you don't need to worry about your teenage kid smoking in Colorado. I'm sure he'll refrain until he's of legal age. BTW, dibs on opening the first Boulder hemp store.

Thanks for the intel!

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