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Oct 31, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, October 31, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source live discussion -- glad you made it through the storm.


It was the week a jogger in a horse mask became a star -- but what will Jimmy Kruyne do for the next hurricane?


Wendy Rieger’s Rehoboth Beach coverage ruled -- why doesn’t she have her own hour of “Today”?


Harvey Weinstein made the best of a washed-out “SEAL Team Six” premiere. . .


and Kris Allen weathered the storm in a “Ghostbusters” costume (yes, there’s video, of course). . . . And check out Jackie Kennedy’s weird costume from 1962 also.


In other news: The Huntsman girls happily washed their hands of Election 2012.  . . . We inadvertantly set up Carl Reiner’s punchline. (Be sure to ask him about his Georgetown honeymoon). . .  Justin Timberlake was sorry if you were offended.  . . .  Hillary and Bill celebrated her 65th birthday (fancy coat!) . . . . Philippe Cousteau took himself off the market --  and sorry, ladies, so did Levi Johnston.


Looking forward to your questions.

How did you come across Kris Allen and his band in their Ghostbuster & Staypuff costumes?

We have some trusty colleagues who were out doing their jobs Monday night, assessing the hurricane's effect at the hotel bar. No, seriously: The Post put up a lot of staffers at the Madison and other hotels on our block the night of the storm so that they wouldn't have to deal with a dangerous Monday night or Tuesday morning commute -- and some of them were in the Madison's lobby bar when they spottted Kris Allen, who could not have been jollier. And then, antics ensued.

Was anyone slimed during Kris Allen's ghostbusting? More details, please haha!

So far, haven't heard from any readers who encountered Kris after 1 a.m. yesterday morning. But he seems to have made it back okay, judging by his tweeting our story yesterday.

As proven by her hurricane coverage. And so does Doreen Gentlzer (check out the blouse she was wearing for last night's 11 p.m. broadcast)! I think they should pair up and get their own Today hour! Whenever they co-anchor together, I feel like I won some sort of viewer prize.

I missed Doreen's blouse -- what's the story? And yes, indeed, not to play favorites, but the veterans of the NBC4 team seem to have a lot of fun. There always seems to be an inside joke going on that we're not quite let in on but are somehow benefitting from, you know? That kind of sparkle in the air.

Will Joe Biden and Jim Vance be coming around to re-lay the sod that got destroyed? Or maybe do a clean-up business?

Hopefully. I think Kris Allen is going to join the team, too, because, hey, he seems up for anything.

I thought Wendy Regier had a long term, live-in boyfriend ???

It has been a while since we've gotten an update on Wendy's love life -- though perhaps she said it all on Monday night. (Honestly, have you watched that video? Cracks me up every time. You can see her punchline coming a mile away, but that only makes it funnier.)

My sister, who lives in Richmond and works in the OR of a hospital, called to see if I survived Sandy (I live in PA). With all the promos running for the Lincoln movie, I asked if she had seen any of the actors. She said she didn't but all the Jewish docs reported sightings of Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis at synagogue. The odd thing was that Daniel Day-Lewis always attended dressed as Lincoln. Guess he didn;t want to break character.

What??? Is this true? Wikipedia tells me that Daniel Day-Lewis is Jewish (on his mom's side), and he's known for staying in character, but that's fascinating if true.

My widowed father has a huge crush on Wendy Reiger. Any thoughts on how I could hook the two of them up?

I'd have him write her a mad-crush e-mail and ask her out for coffee. Wendy strikes me as game for a blind date.

Check out YouTube for Wendy saying the storm is "pounding us from behind." My favorite moment of the entire weekend. Beats her gloom-and-doom colleague Shomari Stone essentially telling people that if you leave your house, you will die.

I saw that one -- not sure if that particular link is here, but DCist and WCP had a nice collection of Riegerana.

But if Lewis was staying in character, then he wouldn't visit a synagogue because Lincoln wasn't Jewish.

Lincoln also wouldn't have been caught dead in a trendy Richmond steakhouse in black turtleneck and jeans, but DDL did that. Guy's gotta eat.

Doesn't every man from 40-70 have a crush on Wendy ? Me included ?

I think the range is much larger than that. Competition is fierce.

I know we regularly have Jim Vance appreciation time here, but I recently watched the ESPN 30-for-30 about Len Bias, and he was in it discussing what seemed to be his own past drug problems? Regardless, teh Len Bias story is so sad, but it's a testament to Jim Vance that he's been here for so long and has covered so many regional events of huge importance. No word on his show with Biden on installing sod in yards, but I think after the storm they could do a pilot with just cleaning up leaves and branches?

Indeed, not a lot of journalists with such institutional memory anymore. . . . Forgot aVance was in it, but I saw that 30-for-30 on Len Bias and was riveted by it. It's a pretty great documentary series.

Did you hear that Gene Hackman punched a homeless man in Santa Fe yesterday? Apparently, the homeless man was being aggresive and hurled an insult at Hackman's wife.

And yet, I still get the feeling the homeless guy was the one who dropped a dime to TMZ.

So... the poster wants us to believe that DDL wouldn't break character to attend as "himself" at Temple, but *would* attend services as Abraham Lincoln (DDL does know that despite being named Abraham, Lincoln wasn't our first Jewish president, right?). Then again, maybe the poster just means DDL was seen with a beard (probably his own).

Good point. It's not like he could unhook this beard from around his ears on weekends.

For many years you always ran a piece on Al and Tipper Gore's elaborate Halloween costumes. Since that's over, is there a new political couple who has become the talk for their Halloween get-ups?

Not that I've heard of. This year no politican -- facing an election and Sandy cleanup--would dare wear costumes, even if they take little kids trick or treating. Too much potential for backlash.

I can't recall the extact quote, but Wendy Rieger saying she has learned her lesson: always pack WATERPROOF masscara if you're doing live, on-the-beach hurricane coverage! had to be one of her best lines.

Can you imagine Kathie Lee and Hoda out in a storm? I can't.

I've seen people do this, but I don't think I've ever done it. It reminds me of a time in the 80s, I think it was. People would add a dash or two of salt to their draft beers. The idea was the same, that it would make it fizz a bit more. A beer columnist wrote about it and said, while that was true, the main thing it did was make the beer salty. Not recommended.

I've been told that the original version of this is peanuts in RC Cola. In any event, each to his or her own. If someone wants to ruin their beer, go for it.

What do you have against Wendy that you would wish that on her?

Fair point.

Kate Upton & Justin Verlander. Where were you? Evidently they've been together since July (which may be why he pitched a horrific inning in the All Star Game!)

Is that confirmed? Thought that was just a "reportedly." Anyway, the ballers-and-models dating combo is so common you usually wait until they get engaged to make something of it.

Anyone besides Wendy R? (And what ever happened to the Scud Stud?)

Oh, there was the usual assortment of correspondents in parkas getting blown around beaches. No one else really stands out to me, but let me know if I'm forgetting anything . . . . Who here remembers the Scud Stud? That would be Arthur Kent, the handsome, leather-jacketed Persian Gulf correspondent of 1991. The Internet informs me he moved back home to Canada and has worked in media there, also dabbled in local politics. 

my husband was watching letterman last night and he said kate upton was supposed to be on - but couldn't get there a producer 'played' her...she just had a kid? is that true? Also he said the graphics guy couldn't make it - so they just showed the cue cards for the top 10 list.

Was this the night that David Letterman sent the audience home and did the show by himself in the storm? Didn't watch it. But no, Kate Upton has not had a baby, must be thinking of someone else.

I seem to recall a somewhat recent Washingtonian article that said she had broken up with her boyfriend. I think that's right. Or maybe it said that men were hoping she would break up with her boyfriend. I don't recall. But even in that article, the reporter made it clear that men in Washington have quite a crush on her. Apparently she's very fun (no surprise to anyone who watches her on TV.)

Loads of fun and doesn't take herself too seriously. Love her!

Do people in DC really care about whether or not he is dating Kate Upton? Wouldn't this only be relevant to the Reliable Source if she was dating Bryce Harper or "national treasure" Derek Jeter?

Oh, I think people in D.C. have a broad range of interests. Having said that, it's hard to routinely make news of which celebrities are dating which, because it's hard to tell when they are actually dating -- there's so much false rumor, and so many contrived-for-the-sake-of-the-movie relationships, and when someone really is dating, they typically try to keep it quiet. So unless you have an Eva Longoria announcing "yes, I am dating Mark Sanchez" (and later, announcing the breakup), or Ashton and Mila making out in public, it becomes a kind of useless gray area.


But back to your original question: Yes, if Kate Upton were dating Bryce Harper or even Jeter, we'd care desperately.

There's a job title. Pay me $50K a year to drink about and write beer. I'll cover bourbon for an extra $20K a year too!

You'll have to shove this guy out of the way first.

Might want to wear coveralls or overalls.

Or hip waders?

As a long-time resident of Richmond (31 years), I have to correct you on one point. There are no trendy steakhouses in Richmond. Actually, there are no trendy anythings here.

Oh, Richmond has its hipster enclaves. I've been there.

It was Kate Hudson, not Upton.

Ah, natural confusion. And yes, she had a baby sometime in the past year didn't she?

During pretty much every live chat nowadays, the ad that's supposed to be on the right side appears as a white "this webpage is not available" box. I don't care about that (though maybe your advertisers would). What's annoying is that the box extends over about a third of the chat text, making it unreadable. Once the chat is over, it goes back to being an ad. I'm on a slow, old government computer, so I have no doubt that's part of the problem, but one's got to assume that I'm not the only one in that situation. I'm on Google Chrome.

I just checked it out in Google Chrome and it looked fine to me.

Jared Harris, who plays US Grant in Spielberg's film, says in the NY Times today that Lewis absolutely stayed in character as it was critical to maintaining the voice he had created for Lincoln. This led to the odd experience of the two of them sharing a ride and Lewis, as Lincoln, asking Harris about "Mad Men," which of course Lincoln could not have known about.

Actors! Amy has a theory that even the ones that seem normal are kind of crazy. 

Apparently I'm supposed to elaborate on this theory. I'm afraid it's really no more complicated than that.

Have you all met him? Is he always gruff? Did you like him?

Have not met him.

Did Lewis at least ask for some vittles when he was there ? After he got the check, did he say " four score dollars for a steak ?"

I don't think Daniel Day-Lewis does shtick.

I had not seen the other chatter's Biden-Vance storm cleanup post before I sent in the Len Bias comment re Vance. two of us coming to that idea means it's defnitely a winner!

Well, he is a recurring theme around here.  Anyone else notice he's been quiet on Twitter lately?

Really, shouldn't we start paying more attention to the GIANTS' pitching staff now?

Hey, yeah, did you realize the World Series is over already? And apparently the Giants won.

well, I *was* relying on my husband to have any idea who kate hudson *or* upton might be. Not a good bet.

Having a husband who can't tell Kate Hudson from Kate Upton isn't such a bad thing.

Now I can't get the Ghostbusters theme song out of my head. And it replaced the far superior "Monster Mash," which was stuck with me all morning.

Music from "The Exorcist" is pretty good.

I get this too, but cure it by refreshing the page.

Thanks for the suggestion.

If she were dating Jeter but not if she's dating Verlander? He's younger and better looking than Jeter, and HE went to the World Series. And how about a little sympathy for Joanna Garcia Swisher (I can't believe she's 33!) who lost her job the same day her husband's team got swept.

I had to do a lot of Googling to catch up with this one! Joanna Garcia is an actress (whom I did not previously know existed) on the just-cancelled "Animal Practice," who is married to Nick  Swisher of the Yankees, which lost the American League championship to Detroit on the same day. I just learned something!

He's cuter than Tim Linthicum!

You know, it's hard to believe that the Justin generation is almost 30.

you're answering *all* my annoying questions. and this isn't one, by the way.

It is kind of a slow day. A few of our regulars appear to be out of commission. And we're getting another slew of weird, borderline-nonsense questions (not yours).

"Night on Bald Mountain," by Mussorgsky (you'd recognize it if you heard it). And Dukas' "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," which famously accompanied Mickey Mouse and the brooms and buckets of water run amok in the Disney classic film "Fantasia."

You know, I think I'm in the mood to get "Fantasia" on Netflix. Haven't seen that in a million years.

Well, then, how about sympathy for Misty May Treanor, whose hubby's Dodgers didn't even make it to the World Series. And her beach volleyball partner Kerri Walsh is pregnant AGAIN.

Aren't Misty and Kerri retired by now? Haven't kept track.

I use safari. wait, there's supposed to be ads on the right side? i never see them.

Er, sorry you can't see the ads?

Michael Caine once asked Noel Coward what were the most important things an actor should remember and was told: Show up on time, know your lines, and don't bump into the furniture.

That sounds like Coward -- but I don't really think of him as an actor. More a songwriter and entertainer.

Might think about adopting the Halloween costume Jackie Kennedy wore in 1962--that would protect them in the storm and their makeup wouldn't run.

That was creepy, if you ask me.

Hey, who says Tim Lincecum isn't cute? He looks like he could be actress Cynthia Stevenson's son. And Sergio Romo's a cutie pie, isn't he?

A Giants fan speaks.

just bought lucasfilms. hopefully, they won't ruin star wars. and hopefully my friend's husband still has a job.

Didn't George Lucas already ruin it himself back in 1999?

What was her costume supposed to be exactly? I agree with you, that has to be the only really unflattering picture I have ever seen of her.

Unclear. I think it wasn't really anything except a way to cover up and be anonymous. It reminded me a little of the dominos worn in Venice during 18th-century carnivals, but less elegant and more creepy.

(since it's slow today) Any Halloween plans? Costume ideas?

I went to a party on Saturday dressed as Margo Channing, Bette Davis's character in "All About Eve." No one guessed it.

Just a public service reminder, that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend (doesn't it?), so set your clocks back an hour.

I like the extra hour. Don't like all the darkness.

Why does Taylor Swift need to be on my Papa John's pizza box if she already sold over a million copies of her new album?

So she can sell even more. If I'm her manager, I exploit every opportunity because 10 years from now --heck, 3-5 years -- she may be over. Rich for life, but over.

To get rid of 'Ghostbusters' "Monster Mash' ... and switch to a more current 'Exorcist' vibe, how about Kris Allen's 'Monster' performed at the Hamilton in DC.

By the way, welcome to the Kris Allen fans who have joined us this week.

How about Alfred Hitchcock's theme The Funeral March of a Marionette by Gounoud? Or Danse Macabre? Or the last movement of Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique--Dream of a Witch's Sabbath?

Danse Macabre is especially good.

Guillermo del Toro directing a Joss Whedon script. It'll never happen, but we can dream.

I don't know -- are those guys capable of moving a lot of action figures?

Dan Rather --- who, incidentally, turns 81 today! -- as a local TV reporter in his native Texas earned his spurs covering a hurricane that struck the Texas coastline back in the early '60s. He got noticed by CBS network honchos, and the rest is history.

I wonder if that old video still exists.

. . . would you prefer an Obama second term or a first Romney term?

That's a tough one.

I also thought this was charming.

Perhaps you should've gone as Connie Britton's character in the new TV series "Nashville" -- same concept.

You know, a week earlier, someone told me I'd have hair like hers if I just let it grow longer. So maybe next year. "Nashville" is AWESOME, btw.

is from Richmond and pitched at VCU (I think. One of those smaller VA colleges), which is why people are more interested in him than, say, Derek Jeter who has absolutely zero connection to the larger DC region. Not sure if he does any more, but he used to spend the off-season with his family and would be regularly spotted around Richmond.

But Derek Jeter is America's Sweetheart.

and Giants fan. I encourage you to check out Angel Pagan. He's hot stuff. Lowest TV ratings in World Series history, I;'ve read. Sigh. Well, the city's all crazy today for the parade, but it IS a little rainy.

Isn't always a little rainy or foggy or chilly? And insanely expensive? Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I would LOVE if you or one of your fellow Post hosts dedicated one chat to the insane, incredible questions you get. I'm so curious...

You want a few? I'll put some out.

Spin the bottle is out. Spin the vinyl? If you are making love and not music, it's all static. Be dynamic.

Got a Sandy wine list? Living in the cellar. Thx

I'll do it for half of what he's doing it for. I nver push and shove people, it's not polite.

Sort of go Woodstock. Sandystock? Play stadium gigs.

How about Eun Yang anchoring for 8 hours straight? How do you pretend to be interested after going to the weatherman for the 50th time of the morning? Maybe she could act more like Madonna and have some wardrobe changes.

Local anchors should get extra pay for weather emergencies. Anyone who manages to keep it fresh that long deserves it. 

Put ammonia in plastic lemons for self-defense. Naval Institute Press book of ettq on personal security.

You see what I mean? They almost make sense, but they just kind of fall apart. Anyway, I think you got a taste of what you're missing.

There's a job title. Pay me $50K a year to drink about and write beer. I'll cover bourbon for an extra $20K a year too!

You think it's easy -- think of all the bad beer you'd have to drink.

Chatters -- time to turn our attention to the column and all those eager trick or treaters preparing to show up tonight. Send your tips, ideas and Halloween sightings to Have fun, stay warm and safe, and check back next week.


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