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Oct 24, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, October 24, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source live discussion. . . .


Hey, where is everybody? Glued to Twitter awaiting Donald Trump's big announcement? Suckers. Come on back over here.


In the news this week:


Dinesh D’Souza learns it’s hard to balance a wife and a girlfriend.


Don't believe the hype: Beyonce and Jay-Z have not been denied a Blue Ivy trademark at all, obviously. Beyonce and Jay-Z always win. 


Chris Cooley put his house on the market, re-signed with the Redskins, resumed quote-machine duties.


Will “horses and bayonets” still be funny next year? Nah, probably not. What makes for a timeless debate catchphrase.


Are our eyes fooling us, or is David Axelrod everywhere these days?


So, too, is Eva Longoria: At the White House, on Twitter, just not with Mark Sanchez anymore.


In other news: GQ makes over the men of Capitol Hill . . . . Pattison and Stewart offer proof of on-again status.  . . Diane Rehm will not be interrupted. Political photo ops — how contrived are they?


Looking forward to your questions.

How about some Nationals' wedding information. Surely Ryan Zimmerman will be marrying here, as his bride is from Annandale. . .People care very much about celebrity weddings. These are not just celebrities, they are, for more than half the year, locals whom we could spot dining or shopping here.

So true -- if only you could recognize them! Does Ryan Zimmerman get stopped on the street if he's not in uniform? I have no idea -- please, someone tell me if you've run into him. . . . But yes, Nationals wedding season is about to kick off in a big way -- I do believe Michael Morse and his fiance Jessica are the first up, next month, but there are at least six other Nats couples headed down the aisle.  Ryan Zimmerman and Heather Downen will be getting married in January according to their wedding registry (though those things are sometimes fed false dates, etc., to lend privacy to VIPs). It's not too late to get them some Waterford place settings, fwiw.

Uh, sorry for the delay -- we were here typing away, but forgot to hit "start." Still learning how to self-produce these things.

I know this is kind of a heavy question, ladies but is Sandy really a good name for a hurricane? Didn't Danny Zucko make out with her under the bleachers?

It's kind of feel-good, 50s, "Grease" isn't it: "Hey, guys, Sandy's coming to town!" Can a hurricane wear a poodle skirt?

Usually you guys have a list of topics, and here it is 12:07, and there is no such thing. You guys forget about the chat, or is the web site just bad?

We've been here, but just forgot to push the big lever that raises the curtain.

So where is Ryan Z-Man registered? So when is this Big announcement anyway?

It's on YouTube, apparently, a link from his Twitter feed. I don't feel like giving it to you. Should I? Oh hell, here. It sounds like nothing.

Oh, and Zimmerman's wedding registry? You guys have to learn how to use the Internet yourself. But looks like they're registered as the same places all your friends are registered.

I think I could recognize almost all of the Nationals out of uniform (please don't take that the wrong way--although I could think of at least one I'd like to see out of uniform!). I'll bet most people could recognize Harper & Jayson Werth--he has his own cupcake, after all!

Honestly, I don't think I'd recognize any Nat out of uniform -- but aside from RGIII or Chris Cooley, ditto for the Redskins. I'm your classic casual fan who watches the games but not the players so much. But I'm curious: Which Nat do you want to see naked?

As she seems to like athletes, her perfect match is Tampa Bay 3rd baseman Evan Longoria. She wouldn't need to change her last name!

Wow, he's just one letter off from her. And, at 27, about the age she likes.

You'd have to have the physical development of a prepubescent boy to wear suits cut that way

Ha. As the very handsome Max Engling said, those suits are "not conducive to spending a day in."

Dinesh D'Souza seriously thought that the ultra conservative Christian college he was heading in NY would be okay with his getting engaged to one woman while still being married to another because, after all, he had been separated from his wife for two years. How can a putatively smart person be so stupid? Why not follow the age old PR rule, "How is this going to look in the paper?"

Because that would be thinking with his head. And he's clearly not.

Dinesh D'Souza expressed surprise that Evangelicals don't approve of getting engaged to someone else while still legally married. Heck, don't you think they even disapprove of DATING while still legally married? And how can D'Souza keep a straight face when saying something like that?

He was doing a lot of justifying: Dinesh D'Souza argued that because he and his wife were separated and planning to get divorced, and because he met the new lady after that separation, and because they were simply "engaged," but that when they shared the hotel room "nothing happened" (I know, TMI!), that it was probably okay. If you have to explain that much to your bosses about your love life, you're probably working in the wrong place.

Not just a poodle skirt but a lovely'60's song: Sandy made me promise, not to tell, not a soul, how well we love...

Not to be a wet blanket, but how about "Tracks of my tears?"

Not to be political, but after viewing Donald Trump's video--why exactly does it matter than Obama release his college records? A quick google search shows that McCain and GWB did not release their records (although GWB's was leaked I believe). Do you know why this is an issue? Or is Trump just being Trump?

Trump being Trump. Move along, people; nothing to see here.

Can we get advance warning when Luke Russert is hosting that morning show? Totally must-see-V.

An exchange from this morning's show:


-- "Here to join us, none other than ARS! Andrew Ross Sorkin, how are you sir?"

--  "Good. Luke, I hear you're wearing loafers today not boat shoes."

-- "Oh, you'd be mistaken my friend, you'd be mistaken. But socks are a must in this type of cold weather."

-- "Let me give you a quick rundown of what's going on in the markets. . . "


It was great. I don't even miss Regis anymore!

Tyler Clippard--he looks like he has the greatest thighs. . .he can wear his glasses, however

Now I'm singing, "You Can Keep Your Hat On."

It is not a good catch phrase because the US military actually has more bayonettes now than they did in 1916. 1916 was just prior to the mobilization to WW1 and the US had a very small standing army. A catch phrase based on a lie should not last.

Oh, no, we do have to start counting bayonets now?

Do the WH logs list every person that enters or that official business only ? For instance if a personal guest of the Obama family comes to the residence or if a super secret meeting takes place that sort of thing wouldn't be public knowledge would it ?

Oh, I'm sure they're hiding some stuff from us. I mean, you put the Salahis in here, and you get nothing. And "Olivia Pope" also came up empty, though on "Scandal" she's there every episode having a passive-aggressive makeout session with President Fitzgerald Grant.

Every election yeah, I have enjoyed how SNL raises its game and gets funny with its political stuff. This season, and particularly last week -- well, they are 10 minutes skits with hardly a laugh. Or i is just me?

Yeah, I thought that debate skit this past weekend was fairly tedious. The others have been better this season.

Any word when that is expected to come out?

I thought "Taken 3" was the one with wolves? No, seriously, Liam Neeson says he's done with this particular storyline.

Isn't that a Jolly Rancher flavor?


I know you'll be getting the, " What're ya wearing to trick or treat this year " slew of questions but I'm wondering what candy to expect if I stop by your houses this year and please don't say you're giving out healthy snacks again...

I never give out healthy snacks. I grew up loving Halloween and want this generation of children to enjoying the guilty pleasure of holiday candy. My son used to come home and count every piece of candy and then rank each by type. I let him pig out a while then put the rest on the shelf and doled it out over time. Feed you kids a healthy diet the rest of the year, but for pete's sake let them have candy (not all of it -- parental rationing is acceptable) on Halloween, Easter and in a Christmas stocking.

Any George McGovern thoughts to share?

Oh, I meant to share this link with you. Roxanne attended McGovern's 90th birthday party and said he seemed healthy and happy to ready to keep on going. But things can move fast when you're 90. Or at any age.

I am befuddled as to what you are getting at.

Hurricanes...tracking...wet...rain. Well, I liked the joke.

HAHAHAHA!!! Does he really expect anyone to buy what he has to sell on THAT!

Kind of beside the point anyway, it seems.

Also the name of the dog in "Annie".

Yup. Another sweetheart.

Amazing, but not surprising, that Republicans took this as a dis of the Navy when, of course, it's historically on point. The largest naval engagement in history was the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, in which the U.S. Navy essentially destroyed the Japanese navy. But we were able to do so because of overwhelming air superiority--essentially our airplanes sunk their ships. One reason I know this is because my father was an air combat intelligence officer during that battle. So, basically, battleships have been old hat for about, oh, 70 years.

Don't say that to the battleship guys -- it will hurt their feelings.

Sure sounds pink and sharp.

It's the name of the new girl group I manage. They're all from the greater Jersey City/Newark area.

Any word on Michaele's registery? Something tells me that will be a hoot!

Oh, you are so smart to think of that. Just checked, though, and they don't seem to have registered yet.

If Jay Z and Beyonce can't copyright "Blue Ivy," isn't there a real risk of other people trying to profit from their child's name, especially where children's products are involved? That doesn't seem especially fair to me.

Actually, read the new story:  Earlier reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce had been denied were inaccurate. Their "Blue Ivy Carter" trademark application is still in the works.

What inquiring minds REALLY want to know is, where are Dinesh d'Souza and his fiancee registered? (I'm guessing not at a religious bookstore).

Can't find their registry. But then, remember, they put their engagement on hold.

I don't get the whole Russert clan, didn't any of them go to journalism school?

Don't be a snob -- neither of us went to journalism school.  It's not all that.

It is a false assumption that he is smart but it is now completely clear that he lacks any moral center.

Look, he's not the first and last to have marriage problems -- so I don't think it's fair to say he has no moral center. His huge mistake was finalizing a divorce with his wife before getting into a new relationship -- but that requires maturity and discipline that most people don't have. Being separated for two years opened a door for mayhem and he jumped through it.

David Alexrod may be everywhere these days but not seen in this chat much...

What's the matter, people -- you're not fascinated by David Axelrod's many doppelgangers?

W's grades were actually better than John Kerry's, which must be why they were "leaked". As for Obama, as a fellow Harvard Law grad, I can guarantee that they are all A's with a smattering of B's. Grading is very flat in most Ivy law schools.


I just about spurted tea out my nose when I read in the WaPo this AM that Sheldon Adelson "has... undergone a political conversion, from a Massachusetts Democrat who considered Republicans to be the establishment that resisted newcomers like him, to a Nevada Republican..." In other words, at first he was simply jealous of the "haves," but then his social-climbing succeeded, right?

I don't know, haven't read the story yet, but looking forward to it:


Sheldon Adelson: Casino magnate, mega-donor is a man of many motives

Wasn't that Taken 3?

That was "Taken 4."

Where are Mark Sanford and his Soulmate registered?

Another smart chatter with a good memory. Thanks for the idea, but alas, not seeing a registry for them.

...even have $5 million in liquid cash to give. I always predicted that he would decide not to run is because his financial disclosures would have been a nightmere and would have showed him no where near as liquid as he likes to protray.

Probably but.......sorry, I dozed off. Trump does that to me. Better than warm milk.

"...Don't be a snob -- neither of us went to journalism school. It's not all that." Wait this is journalism ?

Hey, they hand out Pulitzers for Web chats, don't they?

Personally, I'd love to see a pin-up calendar that included Bryce Harper (sans eye black) and Michael Morse, even though Mark DeRosa is more my age . . .

And married to a former model, apparently.

So, really? Really? That's the "big" announcement? I think Trump should donate $5 million just for having wasted my time. Ugh.

For those just now catching up, Trump's big announcement was simply that he'll donate $5 million to charity if President Obama releases his college transcripts and passport records.

This bayonet things is a perfect example of how stupid our political discourse has become. Romney's original comparison between our 2012 and 1916 navies was idiotic. But for people to actually try to defend it by arguing that bayonets are somehow more relevant to today's army than they were four generations ago is inane. The actual number of bayonets in our military is mind-bogglingly irrelevant.

The one good thing: American voters are learning the definition of "bayonet." Not to be confused with "bassinet."

They are the best two shows on TV, but I cannot imagine how either goes into another season. Any ideas?

Oh, "Scandal" can carry on with its aburdity for many more years. "Homeland," I'm concerned about. I love that show so much but think it needs a solid ending point to retain its narrative integrity.

Hey, as a tribut to Micahele or whatever her name is, let's all crash the wedding !

She'd be honored, I bet.

Also Alexis Denisov's character on How I Met Your Mother. He & his wife Alyson Hannigan have two adorable daughters. I just wish he was on television more. I loved him in Buffy & Angel.

Just realized he's the creepy Sandy Rivers on the show. Much cuter in real life.

and I did go to J-school, and I'm a lawyer. so....

So law school, too. MBA? How much did you drop on graduate schools?

The Donald doesn't care about the grades, he thinks the application will show that The President was a foreign exchange student, not an American.

Good luck with that.

Is it just me or does any case represented by her automatically get filed in the Jerry Springer area of your brain?

No, because Gloria Allred was the attorney in this case, and it's a story that's definitely stayed with me:


The Animal Within; They Tamed Moe. But Two Other Chimps Heeded the Brutal Call of the Wild, 5/24/05

Would Donald Trump be willing to offer $5 million to the charity of Romney's choice if the latter reveals his IRS returns for the past 10 years? I honestly doubt that many likely voters really care about Obama's college transcript, and only a Birther could truly care about his passport application (cuz you know it's going to list him born in Hawaii, so the Birthers will claim that THAT's a lie as well).

Funny you should ask. I'm guessing no.

Do you think he had something (at least in his own weird little pea brain) and it either fell through or was embaragoed by the Romney campaign? This seems way too anticlimatic and slipshot to have been what he was promoting.

Hey, it got everyone to pay attention to him for 48 hours, so where's the downside there? No, I don't think there was anything more to it than that. If there were anything more to be known about these two guys, we'd probably know it by now.

Just exposing the supposed zinger from Obama for the lie it really is.

We read your chat, too, and some of us are even straight, so I don't have a Nat that I'd like to see naked. How about women's soccer? I'll take two while we're at it. Yes, I'm a pig.

A healthy respect for female athletic bodies is no sin. Two is a little complicated to pull off -- but hey, a guy can dream. 

J-school undergrad, then law school. that's it, no other degrees. I was supporting you--J-school is not a pre-req for journalism, but is extraordinarily helpful for ensuring if you are the wrong fit for journalism!

I've heard the same said about law school and the legal profession, for some unfortunate folks anyway.

How did I miss that - I feel robbed!! And, for my money - Michael Morse would be the guy.

Two for one gift cards.

I think he's had a singular career. I first became aware of him as the hunky youngish boy toy of Judy Davis in Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives. Then he made all those serious films that established him as a real actor--Michael Collins, Kinsey and, especially, Schindler's List. After all that, he became an action hero in his late 50s. It's like he got his career backward, save for the hunky, youngish part. (Of course, once of his early films was the cartoonish Darkman, but he was sorta unrecognizable in that.)

That's why the new breed of Liam Neeson movies are so awesome, though. Because, while faintly ridiculous, they tap into his incredible reserve of gravitas, creating the most delicious frisson of clashing flavors, like salt and Coke.

You guys are so lame. Can't you quit talking about them for one minute and focus on someone more important like Lindsay Lohan? Just kidding!

hahaha. I feel like it's time for an embargo on news on Lindsay. She's just a former famous person who's become an undeserving brunt of Internet scorn.

My mom is clever. Too clever. We didn't have a lot of money when I was a kid. She would take some of our Halloween candy and hide it in the back of the freezer and then put it in our Christmas stockings. Because you're supposed to have candy in your Christmas stocking. I didn't know this until she told me about five years ago. I was 34.

And still working through those frozen reserves of KitKats, I hope? Your mom is a smart lady.

You can get MARRIED at a Hooters! At least the one in Jeffersonville, Indiana!

Oh, please do send us the photos of your happy day!

what will you be this year for Halloween? Or your kids and pets? fairies seem in this year, but think that's true every year.

Fairies, really? I was a fairy princess for Halloween once, but I bet I can't fit into that costume anymore. I don't know, I assume everyone's going dressed as Paul Ryan or the "Gangnam Style" guy -- though I often go to a dorky Washington party where people dress as "sequestration" or whatever.

I was puzzled about the bayonets myself, knowing that they're part of certain rifles. I suspect it started out as "buggy whips" but someone didn't think that sounded very military, and didn't consider that in 1916 most military conveyances were horse-drawn and would have been equipped with buggy whips..

That's the problem with these too-clever-by-half rejoiners; tend to get managed.

It is not a lie. You are quibbling. The rest of us got the point. Are you going to argue that our military doesn't have fewer horses than we did in 1916 too?

You two want to take it outside? I got nothing to add. My only take is that in the annals of debate catchphrases, "horses and bayonets" is no "Jack Kennedy."

Now can we get him to go back to real acting, please?

Am I a sissy for liking him in "Love, Actually"? Or a sissy for liking "Love, Actually"?

Twas my husband's cousin (19 years old). How could we have NOT gone?!? It was actually pretty ironically awesome. We then hit Churchill Downs!

That also sounds unironically awesome. What a great day.

My kids never ate their chocolate Easter bunnies (they were too cute). So I saved them and gave them to them again the next yer (knowing they would not eat them).

Ha. Chocolate Easter bunnies are also secretly disgusting. About as edible as fruitcake.

I think it's completely fair. He trumpets moral virtue and has built a good deal of his career on it, so the schadenfreude about his antics is completely justified. I haven't sniggered so hard since Tom "I'm a married Catholic so I don't write sex scenes" dumped his wife for a woman half his age that he met on the Internet.

All this is a good reminder about painting people in black and white. good and evil terms. Humans are complicated beings, and you can find yourself on the wrong end of the spotlight. And can I put in a plug -- once again -- for discretion?

By lack of a moral center, I was referring to his claim that Obama is an anti-colonial socialist. Such a lie is remarkable in its basic acceptance in the current mainstream of political thought.

Oh, you're right, there was that too. Dude has a lot going on.

My dentist and I have had this conversation. Let kids pig out at Halloween and whatever culturally-appropriate holidays your family celebrates. The rest of the year, make candy a very rare treat. Healthier all around.

Excellent advice. And floss.

I read about Dinesh D'Souza and realize he's scummy. I associate the whole "married with a fiance(e)" phenomenon with Tori Spelling and Anne Heche. Any non-Hollywood types I'm leaving out?

Was that the case for the two of them? (But not with each other, of course.)

I was sitting in traffic last night next to the Old Post Office Bldg and wondering when the Trumpification begins. I still cannot fathom that. On Pennsylvania Avenue. In our stodgy old Washington.

It's gonna be world-class! World-class, I tell you!

Which Tom is this??

I have no idea. I think the chatter accidentally left out a last name. . . .

I figured Trump had something really juicy on Obama, but it's turned out to be the biggest let-down since Geraldo Rivera and what was it, Al Capone/s empty safe?


should have been up long ago, will we ever be rid of him and his comb-over?

You can always opt to not watch him on TV/follow him on Twitter.

I love that movie too--Liam Neeson and the whole cast, especially Bill Nighy. Now THERE'S an underrated actor.

He was hysterical in that movie.

What is with this story, anyway? Was this guy just running around and shagging teenagers right and left and BBC chose to do nothing?

Something like that. I haven't been following closely, but apparently he was a late beloved British TV personality who turns out to have been a terrible groper/molester. Will catch upon this later.

Hey I like that movie too!!

Sue me --I'm a romantic.

Halloween is just one week away -- we'll be back here with our treats and tricks. In the meanwhile, send us your tips and sightings to Next week, same time.


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