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Oct 17, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, October 17, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning and welcome back, everyone, to the Reliable Source live discussion. And welcome to any newcomers too -- anyone new hear? Raise your hand. Let us know if you've got any injuries or weaknesses we should take it easy with your first time out.


On our radar recently:


Look who’s ready to get married again! Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon, who got engaged on stage, of course.


Also: Dinesh D’Souza, though he’s not quite divorced yet.


The real-life guy who inspired “Argo” is just as interesting as the movie.


Paul Ryan may be regretting that “fitness photo shoot” as much as DSK is regretting the orgies.


Guess who Sarah Palin’s dad and brother wrote a book about?


In other news: Richard Belzer mulls the grassy knolls of today. . .  Arlen Specter told some crazy jokes in his time. . Hulk Hogan and Prince Charles are both grappling with privacy issues this week. . . Here's what not to ask Led Zeppelin the next time you run into them.


Ready? Send us your questions.


And why’d you have to schedule your party the same night as Nats-Cardinals Game 5?

Ladies, In yesterday's column you published a photo of a woman, purportedly Michaele [Salahi], with that guy from Journey. In the photo, she looked nothing like the Michaele Salahi from the party-crashing photos. What gives?

This photo? (It's from a few weeks ago, but it only ran in print yesterday.) Oh, I don't know why she looks different -- happier and well-rested?

Will Tareq be invited or will he have to crash it?

I'm hoping he'll recreate that scene from "The Graduate."

So, what does he do now? And can he afford his lifestyle in his gated community in Austin, TX without the Nike endorsement? I am assuming he doesn't make a bunch of money off Livestrong...

I assume--unless he's a lot dumber than he looks -- that he made millions from endorsements and can live  very well on that for the rest of his life. As for his options...well, he'll probably write a book.


of "family values" men who seem to think that dumping your wife of 20 years for younger one is okay, as long as you marry them. I get that "fiancee" sounds better than "mistress", but getting engaged before you're divorced is so tacky. If King's College doesn't fire him, don't they lose credibility?

Well, that's not for me to say. It does seem, though, that King's College's board is taking this very seriously. Whenever your bosses put out a statement saying, in essence, "wow, we were surprised to learn about some of this stuff," you're not in a good place. Stay tuned.

my favorite!

Mine too!

Terrific movie. Tony Mendez should be happy that he's played by a certified hunk with a serious side.

Who knew that Ben Affleck was going to turn out to be such a good director? I don't think he exactly burned up the screen as a leading man -- but then again, he was also playing a spy who (by nature and by  profession, I'm guessing) is kind of a low-key guy.

Worse mistake: fitness photo shoot or sex tape?

Oh, that's  a good question. I'd say that Ryan's phoot shoot, while absurd, was a good deal more flattering than Hulk's sex tape. But then, they're working in different fields.

is there a pre-nup for the latest Sahali marriage? she must be working to preserve financial security, being in her late 40s. those looks, such as they are, will not last forever.

Unclear on a financial agreement or pre-nup. But can I say it seems a little sexist to knock her looks and suggest this is purely a match made for money.  Neal is no spring chicken himself, they've known each other for 16 years, and seem very happy together. 

I was touched by the Neil Schon proposal to Missy Salahi. These kids seem perfect for each other. Especially the part about proposing right before going into Faithfully. But curious, did he use the same song with his four prior marriages?

I didn't keep track of his other proposals. But maybe Michaele is Annette Benning to his Warren Beatty. You never know.

"Seems pretty unlikely" just doesn't have the pop of "clown question, bro" does it? But on the other hand, did anyone ever admire Led Zeppelin lyrics?

Oh, I don't know. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now. That's poetry.

If Mitt Romney has a "binder of women", what did Will Chamberlain have?

Ha. A rental storage unit, I guess.

I'm starting to worry my yellow LiveStrong bracelet is no longer stylish. How long until it goes from inspiring to hipster-ironic?

Put it away for a year, and then try it. But you'd need to accessorize it with something else that would be appropriately raffish-ironic -- I'm trying to think what. . .

I saw in your item about Oprah that she was in town taping something with a local military family. On Oct. 5th I was on a Southwest flight out of BWI when the flight attendent announced that one of the passengers was on her way to LA to attend a taping with Oprah. Unfortunately all the FA said was that the lady was wearing a green sweater and I couldn't see her/talk to her from where I was sitting.

That's kind of a hilarious claim to fame to announce to the whole plane, isn't it?

I haven't seen any pictures of her until the one you shared. She does look different in a plastic way. Schon's probably paid for her to have work done.

I'm not good at this, but I don't think so. I saw her last month and she looked the same to me. But, like I said, I'm not good at this unless it's a really bad facelift. 

What I meant was, she looks like she's had work done on her face. A lot of work. And no, I'm not saying that because she's a woman. If she were a man and looked as though she'd had work done, I would still comment on it.

Hard to say: She always wears a lot of makeup.

and was sadder that there was no chat at noon than I was that there were so many days left in the week.

Ooohhhh. That so kind of a sad way.

J. Lo - next ambassador to Azerbaijan. She's come a long way from the block.

Good story -- I meant to link to this the other day, but it was already getting more traffic than we do in a week. J.Lo sold out an arena in Azerbaijan, which basically is a symbol of how Azerbaijan has become the Western-friendly Muslim alternative to its neighbor Iran.

Several years back, Affleck starred in a picture called "Hollywoodland" in which he played the doomed George Reeves, who starred in the 1950s Superman TV series and whose death (was it suicide, or murder) has long been a puzzle. It was a very nuanced portrait.

Been meaning to see that.

Publicity of the Schon/Salahi engagement – (future governor) Tareq must be able to sue somebody over this, right?

I think there is a clear winner in this split -- and it's not Tareq. I mentioned to Amy that Michaele's life has been incident-free since reconnecting with Neal.

I enjoyed it, but thought it could have used more wolves.

I thought it could have used some more killing in the first 20 minutes, and some more whispery threats. Also: More narrative plausibility.

Now that Arlen Specter is dead, there is no chance we ever find out what the Warren Commission was hiding, right? Richard Belzer needs to investigate this.

Good point. I was actually thinking it would have been fun to go see "Argo" with Belzer.

Anderson Cooper -- how tall is he?

The Internet tells me Anderson Cooper is 5'10''. That work for you?

It's not the size of the binder, it's the number of pages inside.

Or the number of page tabs?

I am fascinated by adding peanuts or salt to Coca Cola. Ever try it? What is the proper soda-to-salt ratio?

I can't believe an entire week has gone by and I still haven't tried this. Kind of makes me wonder what I'm even doing with my life. Maybe today. BTW, if you happen to know the proper ratio, let me know -- maybe that's what's holding me back.

Hey, where can I get one of those binders of women?

Staples. Mitt started the company just because of those binders. 

What another one? Hasnt there been one too many Palin books

Well, this is the first book about Sarah Palin written by her father and brother, Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr. So it will probably blow the world of Sarah Palin scholarship wide open.

If elected, would he be the first elected president of vice president photographed wearing a backwards baseball cap? And what does that mean for America?

That the collective intelligence has dropped. My 20-year-old son wears it that way just to mess with me. Hate it. HATE it. Makes him look  like an idiot.

I don't think she looks like she's had work done. She's wearing a lighter color than we usually see her in and looks more naturally made up than usual too. Someone must've finally told her that less is more in the makeup area!

There you go.

How did her rehab for MS go? She cured?

She did not mention that to me.

There's no need to post this. Just wanted to say thanks to Roxanne for having the courage to write the piece published in the Post back in 1996. Gene Weingarten linked to it yesterday in response to a question he received.

And here's another link to it for anyone who's looking. Very fine story, and it's left a mark on a lot of readers: The Legacy: Suicide is desperate. It is hostile. It is tragic. But mostly, it is a bloody mess, 5/19/96

Affleck and Garner always struck me as two sides of the same acting coin--too self-aware to really disappear into a part. That may make them mediocre actors, but also seems to signal a pretty solid intelligence, too. Which is why it might not be so surprising that Affleck is a solid director.

Interesting theory, although Meryl Streep always struck me as fiercely smart and she has no trouble becoming the character.

So, why won't the Romney campaign stop using this, when they've been asked by Peter Berg, the show's creator/producer?

Don't know. Unlike songs, it's very hard to lay legal claim to a catchphrase, unless you've trademarked it or something. And it's a great catchphrase.

While I feel bad for the Meridian folks who scheduled their party the same time as the Nationals-Cardinals game five, I just realized I scheduled a party at my home Saturday night, the exact same time Train is playing GW. Should I be worried?

I think you just need to re-brand your party as an unaffiliated Howard Homecoming bash (like the one Drake is doing at The Park) - slash - Train afterparty.

Was that karma for the propaganda film he made

Loved how he said that, when he went to the Argo screening, he was still sort of shocked to see himself as a 30 foot tall Ben Affleck. The guy must have had nerves of titanium to pull off that extraction of U.S. diplomats.

The amazing thing about meeting these real-life spies is that they're so modest and unassuming. I think that plays a whole lot better in the field than swagger, actually.

My mom saw Argo this past weekend and highly recommended it to me. She says it should probably receive early Oscar consideration. She has always thought Ben Affleck was adorable, so she is a little biased though.

You can walk into this movie with negative feelings about Ben Affleck and still be impressed.

Once in awhile I put in a pinch of the stuff--but that's mostly because I don't want so much carbonation in my drink, and the salt helps to flatten it a little. Such a small amount has no real effect on the taste for me.


OK, from my sadly long ago childhood: you'd get a 10 cent package of Lance peanuts and pour them into your ten cent, 12 oz coke bottle (and this was a time when purists insisted that the 8 oz original glass bottle had more flavor). Work out the ratio: about 1/4 cup of peanuts in the bottle? I always thought it was disgusting, but it had plenty of fans in the day.

I grew up in the upper Midwest. Never heard of this until last week.

Now that NBC's Today is becoming the Ryan Seacrest show I have been watching the CBS Morning News, which Norah O'Donnell is now co-hosting. Has she moved to NY? Isn't her Chef husband tied to DC because of his restaurants, or is he taking on NY too? Don't they have a passel of kids?

I think she's just traveling like a maniac, but I'm not sure. Yes, she and Chef Geoff, the restaurateur/speed-cam activist, have three kids.

Now that she is has moved on from Tareq and DC, when can we expect a tell all book about what really was going on for the WH crash and Real Housewives?

I don't see it happening. Call us naive, but we think she's bent on moving on from all that. But you know, those kids are full of surprises.

Became ironic a couple of years ago with WristStrong. That and Silly Bandz.

All of these have a pretty short shelf life.

What makes this clown think he should have any privacy, no matter what role he claims to be taking while writing letters? His whole life is living on the dole, gaining millions of dollars of British taxes based on his birthright. Privacy should not exist for these guys.

Don't be so delicate -- what do you really think? No, seriously, I was amused by the logic here: We're not going to let you see these letters because they're too outspoken, and they might cause you to lose faith in the neutrality of your future king.

I just spewed water at my monitor! Hilarious!

Here's a paper towel.

That's not true. We all know bigger binders can accommodate more women.

Do they have page protectors? 

OK, Amy, you sophisticate! you grew up where people drank "soda" --this is ONLY done where people call everything coke--as in RC co-cola. Far, far, south of the mason dixon line. Think cotton, kudzu, and life pre-7-11. Bob Schieffer bought these at the nearest gas station. Or the corner store, which had a cooler full of coke.

I feel like you're condescending to me because I haven't yet tried salt in Coke -- which sounds amazing, actually. 

is it the same chatter who writes in every chat that the royals are mentioned and goes on a mini-rant about how they are living on the British public dole and are therefore monsters, or are there multiple? I don't really see why anyone in the US would get so incensed, and there is some pretty strong vitriol in those posts...

That's the beauty of this chat -- we really have no idea. Well, sometimes we have some idea. But only a hunch.

Thanks. So yes, she's traveling like a maniac, but next year they'll start spending part of their time in NYC.

One of my favorite photos is at a baseball game, a spectator is wearing his team cap backwards, and he has a hand over his forehead to shield his face from the sun.

That's amusing.

Just want to point out that even without the state subsidy, Charles and his family would still be doggoned affluent. After all, you can run up a pretty tidy sum when your forebears got into the King and Queen of Great Britain business back in the early 18th Century.

Exactly. It's also smart to remember royalty is a family business.

Wow, did Sarah Palin ever looked ticked off last night when Bristol was cut from "Dancing with the Stars"! That tight little forced smile through gritted teeth was most unconvincing. No doubt we'll all be treated to Sarah tweeting or blogging or whatever about the unfairness of it all in 3, 2, 1... (let's just hope she doesn't deem this a blood libel, too).

Is there a Mack Heath in that family? If so, I think we know who Sukey Tawdry really was.

Is that what he's saying in the song? I could never make out that name.

If Mitt used Trapper Keepers for his binders.

Actually, that sounds life the punchline of a dirty joke.

How did Tareq and Missy divide up all the debts to stores, caterers, and limo drivers from being deadbeats over the years as part of the divorce?

Complicated math hurts my head.

Will his voice ever change, or will he always be a boy alto?

Had never heard his voice before just now, but it is youthful.

Noticed they had the exact same color on last night at the debate, coincidence or on purpose? Thought it a little odd myself

I stopped reading your chat because it reached a new level of annoying with all the talk about the Salahis. Glad to see that when I decided to check back YEARS later you all are still stuck on them. Geeze, get over yourselves for that stupid white house crashing story.

Sorry to have lost you before and glad you came back. Some chatters share your disdain -- others can't get enough of this ongoing saga. Honestly, we don't make these stories up:  Michaele made news when she ran off with Neal, showed up at the GOP convention, and now got engaged. We try to offer plenty of other items for your  reading and chatting pleasure, so I hope you decide to stay. But thanks for writing.

Roxanne, You've never heard of salted Coke because Minnesotans call it "pop." Ski-U-Mah.

"Pop" is exactly right. When I moved to New York I thought soda was soda water.

There hasn't been a single juicy sex scandal! Where is a Mark Foley or David Vitter when you need them?

You're right, it's been sadly quiet on that front . . . Of course, the Vitter scandal wasn't an election year thing. So it's perfectly fine if these things break in the post-season.

I can't believe you are still talking about these people. I get that breaking the white house crashing story was clearly the pinnacle of your careers but you've really reached a new low. Seriously, it has been years and your obession with this one time national story of yours is pathetic.

Wait -- is it a pinnacle or a low?

No, dear, you get over yourself first.

Well, they're entitled to their opinion. Pathetic, perhaps, but in terms of readership, the engagement was our biggest story in almost a month. So someone out there is still riveted.

so please quit beating up Roxanne and Amy! Moreover, they did a public service by uncovering the weaknesses in the White House's security when the Salahis snuck into the dinner way back then. They are not my favorite subject either, but geez, I don't get why you would get your panties in a bunch reading about them every so often!

The Salahis strike a nerve with a lot of people. They can't help but click on those stories, but then they hate themselves for doing so, and then take it out on us. That's how it goes. I'm fine with it.

Things could be worse, bunky. What if it were Thursday and you realized you'd already missed this week's chat, and you had one day fewer (rather than one day more) to get your work done this week? All better now?

Glass half full! See, we're like a gossip-enabled support group, without the arrests or court-mandated treatment. All together now: Awwwww. Group hug.

Chatters: Time for us to hit the phones for tomorrow's column. Send your sightings, tips and ideas to Come back next week, everyone --even you, the one who kinda hates the Salahis. Cheers!


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