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Oct 03, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, October 3, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the weekly web chat. Here's what's been on our radar lately:


A lowly Capitol Hill aide learns some important lessons during a night out with Lindsay Lohan.


Did Arnold Schwarzenegger write his memoir just to win Maria back?


Donald Trump completes his empire in Charlottesville.


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The candidate’s recycled campaign jokes of 2012.


Sooooo, Chris Cooley — dating anyone?


Ethel Kennedy rather likes her daughter’s Ethel Kennedy documentary.


Also: What is up with celebrities and their twee, atlas-inspired baby names? That saucy Rupert Everett! Ryan Lochte, sigh.


And probably some other stuff that's eluding me at the moment. You tell me! Looking forward to your questions.

I watched Ahnold on 60 Minutes. I don't know why Maria didn't leave him earlier, since he apparently does everything behind her back. What a manipulative jerk.

You know, I still haven't gotten around to watching the "60 Minutes" segment. Worthwhile? Guess I'm just a little overdosed on him this week. But here's the question -- do you think they'll get back together? He clearly wants to.

What's up with Tucker Carlson lately? He seems to be going Cuckoo for CocoPuffs over this 5 year old video of Obama addressing a crowd in New Orleans. He seems to claim that it was unreleased, but he actually reported on it back then! Fell in the rabbit hole or what? He was once a very rational and sound thinker.

I didn't follow anything Carlson or the Daily Caller were saying about this, but it was amusing to see the little bubble of hype last night, as Drudge, etc.,  trumpeted some supposedly newly emerging video that was going to be a game-changer -- and then the deflation as everyone realized, oh wait, you mean that speech we all covered four years ago? Mwa-MWAH!

I'm still waiting for my updates!

Please. Let's finish the postseason first, okay? There's a time for everything.

Run, Maria, run!!!

You know, they genuinely loved each other and I think he really is sorry about the affair. SO....maybe she's happier with him than not. Just sayin'.

Has there been any resolution as to what rodent is on Trump's head?

Why are you hating on Trump's blowover? It's not like you have to run your fingers through it. In a cranky mood, or just don't like The Donald?

That poor woman suffered through an interview with Gayle King, who asked about Maria and Arnold. When Gayle asked if she had any thoughts about Arnold's book, she simply said, "no." Why can't more interviewees just say no when it comes to nosy and stupid questions?

How many times do I have to defend clown questions, bro? I haven't seen the interview, so maybe it was terrible, but too often I see interviews of the kind you apparently like -- where the unctuous interviewer does nothing more than make polite cocktail party chitchat with the subject, and gets nothing but banal chitchat responses in return. If you're doing your job as a journalist, then you're by necessity asking questions that would be deemed socially awkward in a different setting. If you were impressed and entertained by Caroline Kennedy's response -- well, give some credit to King for asking the question. 

I thought he was still married to the Redskins cheerleader?

Based on the "Nats Fans Rule the World" slideshow, I'd guess that a Nats game can offer some pretty good celeb/politico spotting opportunities. Do you chat with the Nats beat writers to compare notes on which powerful fans were at the games and who they were talking to?

Don't think the Nats beat reporters have a lot of time or inclination to monitor Luke Russert or George Will at the ballgame. Not a useful use of their resources. Meanwhile, we typically write about the VIP playing-hooky-at-Opening Day scene, if that kind of thing lights you up. 

did you just call Oprah's BFF a "journalist"?

Hey, Gayle King is now interviewing people in the news as anchor of the CBS Morning News, so I guess CBS is categorizing her as a journalist.

Should we expect LiLo to be involved in weekly hotel dust-ups?

Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to invite strangers to your hotel room and think they're not going to tweet, text or take pictures? Sometimes I'm amazed at how clueless celebrities are about...everything.

he was in town, across the street from my office, and I even follow him on Twitter. And I missed him.

What you're saying is that you have a life. Henry's a great guy, but the fact you weren't obsessively checking your phone or computer for updates is a good thing. 

It cannot possibly live up to expectations, can it? And by expectations, I mean that it will be the best movie ever, lead to world peace, harmonizing of the earth, and will get Van Halen to finally reunite.

Expectations are high, sure, and you may ask too much of a movie that will likely focus on the quick, violent deaths of several young men with eastern European accents who have been insufficient help in finding one's daughter. But I'm taking heart in the fact that we're now celebrating Neeson Season as a national holiday.

Gayle is not a great interviewer, and had already lobbed her share of softballs to Caroline, who was there to talk about the Oval Office recordings of her father that were recently released. I guess I don't blame Gayle for asking; it's just that I admire Caroline's gumption in choosing not to answer without dilly-dallying.

A good reporter HAS to ask about a news story related to the interviewee. Caroline has every right not to answer the question, but she should never be offended or surprised if asked in a civil manner. "Gumption" suggests she's put upon in some way, when in fact the question could have been answered in a civil but "no comment" manner.

How long do you give this marriage. I say 2 years tops

Hmmm, no idea. She's kind of kept him under wraps, which is probably good. Red carpet overexposure is bad for a relationship.


But yes, there's a link I forgot: Anne Hathaway got married this week, and good for her.

Now that the team is in the playoffs, does that mean we probably have no chance to convince the owners that "Nationals" is just a really stupid name and they should change it?

Yep, that ship's sailed.

Watching Nora O'Donnell try to assert herself as a talk show host is painful. She is SO eager to do well that she often jumps in and talks over Charlie Rose. She did it again yesterday morning, and Charlie just had that "will you please LET ME TALK" look on his face. She was so much better as a political reporter.

Charlie ALWAYS wants to talk. He missed the "give and take" training in Morning Host 101.

Didn't it actually start with the parents of Tennessee Williams or Virginia Woolf?

Tennessee Williams -- also a nickname.


Good question about Virginia -- don't know when that resurfaced as a girls' name, whether it was before or after the Commonwealth was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I's relationship status.

Has it occured to him that maybe her big issue isn't with the affair, per se. People are weak and cheat. But, the complete moral breakdown of denying your own child is so reprehensible and vile as to be unforgivable. I don't think I could ever look at my husband and not wonder if he lacks something resembling a conscience.

This might be beyond his comprehension. Who knows. I was going to say, "hey, go ask him yourself," but it turns out his D.C. book chat was last night -- check out video excerpts here.

Were you being sarcastic when asking at the top "Did Arnold Schwarzenegger write his memoir just to win Maria back?" Because, yeah, I'm sure that part about how banging Bridgette Neilsen made him love Maria even more just melted her butter.

Not saracastic at all. Sleeping with someone else (they weren't married or engaged at the time) is sometimes a good way to discover your feelings for another person. I'm not recommending it and there are other ways to gauge True Love, but it happens way too many times to issue a blanket condemnation. Plus, it was more than 30 years ago. 

If you had your choice of anyone, who would moderate the presidential debates?

David Letterman, I guess.

Your ditty on Ethel made me wonder: was she ever romantically linked with anyone after Bobby was killed? That would be kind of sad if not. She seems like someone who deserved to find love again.

Nothing public that I'm aware of. The kids were still little when Bobby died, so that's 20 years or so focusing on them. I can't remember her even dating another man.

I'm getting a little worried about Tom. From the covers of magazines near the register at Safeway, it seems that he is not seeing his daughter much. Do we have scientology to blame?

That People magazine cover story on Tom's sad lonely life has been keeping me up at nights with worry.

With all due respect for the great Michael D. Higgins, if Neeson ran for president of Ireland, I would feel a need to move back just to vote for him.

Oh, I think we need to change the constitution so he can run for president here.

Is it better to be named after a redneck state (Tennessee Toth) or a city in New Jersey (Camden Lachey)? Roll call can substitute for geography lessons in 2017 kindergarten.

Oh, did Nick Lachey name his kid Camden too? Same as the Cutler-Cavalleris? Crazy. Why is this suddenly the thing?

A friend told me a week ago about being on a flight with him, and he sat in her row! He introduced himself ("Hi, I'm Henry") and was very nice, even when everyone wanted to pose in a picture with the Fonz.

Good for him. I think it's got to be hard for an actor when everyone keeps associating you with one long-ago role -- but he seems to have found a way to be very gracious and cool about it.

Just don't like The Donald.

Fair enough.

Congratulations to her. However, there are two facts that should be mentioned in any story about her personal life. 1) she was the second-worst Oscars host ever (after James Franco) and 2) her ex-fiance is the best guy ever, claiming he worked for the Pope, swindled millions of dollars, and is now in prison. He is still in prison, right?

Actually, Rafaello Follieri got released from prison in May -- and was immediately deported to Italy.

My vote for debate moderator would be Ricky Gervais

Oh. My. God. I would pay serious, serious money to see that.

It's ridiculous that these movies have sequels. How many loved ones will Liam Neeson have kidnapped? Next time it will be Uncle Leo from Seinfeld? How many times will mom forget Mac before they haul her off to jail for neglect? And for the love of Jeff, how many times is that damn fish going to get caught in a net? I think Willy is begging to die by the third film.

Oh, I disagree. "Taken" is perfect for sequels, because every Liam Neeson action movie feels like a "Taken" sequel even if it isn't. I can't remember their names -- they're all just "the new Liam Neeson movie," or "last year's Liam Neeson movie," and I love them all.

There were scads of rumors for years about Ethel Kennedy and the lately deceased Andy Williams, who spent a lot of time together, although neither of them ever confirmed anything.

Wasn't he married at the time?

Have you watched the trailer? If so, any opinions on the hullaballoo about the high pitched voice Daniel Day Lewis is using as Lincoln?

Apparently that's how rural Illinoisans talked back then. So, you know, get over it.

Dont like the Donald's birtherism stance

But everything else about him you're okay with, I take it?

The geographic name "Lourdes" way predates today's celebrity naming trend. It is very common in Spanish-speaking countries to give names associated with places the Virgin Mary has (allegedly) appeared: Guadalupe, Montserrat, Lourdes, etc.

Okay, fair point.

Ahnold had his affair with Brigitte while he was already LIVING WITH Maria. That'd definitely be cheating, in my book!

Were they? Okay, that's worse.

Has the narrative evolved to reflect some sympathy for Ann Curry and disdain for the hubris of Matt Lauer? The new girl doesn't seem to be setting the world on fire, either.

No one really cares anymore. Ann lost, Matt won. Samantha is hanging on, but the show is sinking and that's the story.

Let's us use "Nats" as a nod to the Senators without the present day ill-will towards that body of Congress. The Caps also have a great name. My only Nats fantasy change would be to the Homestead Grays. Who won several World Series titles when they weren't allowed to play in the "real" one.

The Washington Grays would have been a great name, honestly. Suave, different, with a clear acknowledgement of the past.

You know, Arlington sounds like a name some Brooklyn hipster would give to their baby. (Partly because "Brooklyn" is too down-market as a name now.)

I kind of love that. It could happen, you know? "Arlington" sort of sounds like a good-ol-boy aristocrat name, but if they're not claiming it, let the hipsters run with it.

Every other journalist is offering lists of things we should watch for tonight. What do you look for when you view the contest (if you do watch the actual broadcast rather than the summary afterward)?

I look for the Big Moments --which are very often little pauses or stumbles or snark -- that reveal the person. Both of them are overprepared to answer the questions, so the telling moments will be what isn't rehearsed.

I am just learning about that relationship from this chat, so I have not had time to do proper research, But is Brigitte the first documented romantic nexus between the two biggest action stars of the 1980s, Arnold and Stallone?

I think I'm going to need to ask you to do some more research on this and get back to us. Who were  Stallone's other liaisons?

Jon Stewart. Smart and tough.

Smart and tough -- but Jon Stewart always makes it all about Jon Stewart, you know? And a good debate moderate, as Paul Farhi wrote today, needs to seem invisible, make it seem effortless.

Has she been fired from the Today Show yet?

Nope. She'll get at least a year. I can't watch the show anymore. But I can't watch any of the network morning shows anymore because it's 10 minutes of news and then recipes, cooking, clothes, diets, the lastest way your teenager will die, etc., etc., etc. What a drag.

Remember Virginia Dare, the first English baby born in America outside of Massachusetts!

Right you are. So the name came first, then the state. CROATOAN! Poor child.

i love this so much... I don't even watch and I know her name is Savannah. Perhaps her lack of impact is part of the problem???

I KNEW that! And she's a lovely person. I need more coffee.

That is so so sweet and quaint of you!

That's me:  Quaint.

Why would you expect a night in Lindsey Lohen's hotel room to NOT end up in a bad way?

You see, that should have been the third lesson: If Lindsay Lohan invites you back to party in the hotel suite, don't go. But who among us could say no? I mean, you'd be so desperately curious you'd have to go, even at risk of death.

How do you think he will do hosting the Academy Awards?


and there's a Mt. Tabor here, and I've met at least two kids named Tabor. I've been here three months. (there's also Oscar, Grover, Levi, Reuben, Asher, Thor, Tallulah, and, um, others...)

Thor. Of course.

I always hated her. Glad she's gone. Don't care if it was in some epic Matt war. The new girl is fine.

Ann, also a lovely person, was not what I call a hard-hitting interviewer.

I just watched his SNL monologue and I have to give the Academy Awards credit for having brass ones. The chance that he is going to show up high as a kite, breaking into song, channeling Stewie and using four letter words every 30 seconds seems way over 50%. The whole thing could be one long bleep. About damned time.

Well, the first five minutes should be interesting.

That word ALWAYS gives me the willies!

I know. Been listening to an audiobook ab0ut the Jamestown colony, and of course the Roanoke colony is the unnerving backdrop for that story. Can you imagine being in England 400 years ago and someone saying, "hey, want to get on this boat and go start a new life in a completely unknown land?" It would be as terrifyingly irresistible as Lindsay Lohan inviting you to party back at the W.

The Today Show is still on? That's hilarious?

Bring back the chimp.

I knew a guy who's name was MG. He learned on his 18th birthday that the back of one was where he was conceived.

The back seat of an MG?!?!? I don't think that's physically possible.

But if the show is sinking, I kind of think that means that Ann won and Matt lost. Or at least there was a draw. Won the battle and lost the war, etc.

Draw at best. Ann wasn't helping and probably hurting the rating.

I have no problem with interviewers asking nosy questions, as long as they take "no" for an answer. It always annoys me when reporters at press conferences try to get an answer to a question that was rebuffed by simply rewording it. I've always wanted to see the subject respond, "I'm not stupid, you know."

But they can't, because that becomes a meme in itself.

Carolina and Georgia were names before they were places, too. Possibly Florida (ask someone who knows Spanish history). And Washington.

Well, yes, of course, Washington -- but we're talking about place names used as first names. Which is exotic, certainly.

There were MULTIPLE affairs. The guy is a serial cheater and nothing would change if she took him back. I feel really bad for her.

That doesn't mean she doesn't love him. Yeah, I feel bad, too.

Named for the state I would imagine?

Named after the great hero of the revolution that preceded his birth.

Maybe his parents were contortionists. Or acrobats. Is that any harder than the men's room under the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, where a couple was recently filmed, ahem, doing something similar?

I know the video you're talking about. And yes, that looks a lot easier than the back seat of an MG.

She was linked to the recently departed Andy Williams. Both denied it, but too much smoke for me to be totally untrue.

They could have been just buddies. Ethel was a pretty devout Catholic, if that counts for anything.

The Oscars have allowed James Franco to be the host. How God-awful can Seth MacFarlane be and still not be the worst Oscars host ever?

Pretty bad. Franco wasn't even funny; Seth will be.

I have a male friend who is a serial cheater. Or rather, was. He's in his 50s, and he has noted that because his testosterone levels have dropped, the feelings have ebbed also. Oh, and he just got married for the third time. Does anyone think that Warren Beatty has continued to have affairs since he and Annette Bening got together?

Call me crazy, but I think Warren Beatty was just plain exhausted by the time he married Annette Bening. I bet he's done with all that.

Washington Irving predated the state.


Does one nasty comment a bully make? In my mind, bullying is a repeated action, one where one person has power over the other. It seems like we're using bully to define any kind of negative comment, and I don't know that broadening the definition like that does any good.

I think she meant in it in a class-action sense: Lots of people being criticized instead of one person being harassed by another person.

Place names are for dogs. Seriously. Tabor is a super name for a lab or retriever. Names in this town are ridiculous... ATLAS (a girl!!) is my #1 best/worst.

Oh, I like the directness of that. Instead of naming your kid from the Atlas, just named them "Atlas."

Perhaps the parents were circus people

Musta been.

I don't know. I've lost a little respect for this guy. It's kind of cheesy that he's become some kind of action star now that he's 60. He's going the Nick Cage route.

Except that Nic Cage's action movies are terrible, and Liam Neeson's are awesome.

Aren't all those priests pretty devout too?

Now, now. Let's not step into that confessional booth, son.

Going back for forth between Wasilla or Lackawanna for the name of my first child (boy or girl).

Those are both very pretty.

Should have picked Hoda!

Agreed. It will probably happen.

I thought Taken 2: The One Where He Loses His Memory was a little disappointing, but really enjoyed Taken 3: Time to Kill Wolves. So curious about this latest version.

I liked the fact that they blew up January Jones in "Taken 2: The One Where He Loses His Memory." And the one with the wolves was great. I love how Neeson seems really very sad about the fact that he has to kill you.

Maybe her problem is that her first name is also the name of a city in Georgia.

Not the problem.

Oh geez - I know a bunch of small Camdens. I also know a bunch of small Cadences. Not Candice. Cadence. Don't get that one either.

I still need an explainer on what's inspiring the Camden thing.


Cadence -- that's hilarious.

Larry David Steven Wright Mo Rocca

Well, there's a bunch of sober, blend-into-the-scenery guys.

For DVD Box Set purposes, I think they can just repackage Michael Collins as a Taken prequel, right?

Did he kill anyone with his hands in "Michael Collins"? Because if so, they definitely marketed that one wrong.

Inquiring minds want to know: What class did Henry Winkler fly -- First Class, Coach, or something in between?

Yeah, original chatter -- still there?

I'm going with my beloved state of Oregon when I have kids. The girl will be Chemeketa and the boy will be Tu-Tu-Tutten.

Those are very pretty, too.

There is the Kelly Preston connection of not just John Travolta and Charlie Sheen, but also George Clooney. Maybe that's why he dates civilians now.

Until they start getting uppity. That's why you need a strict contract to govern things.

Weren't Brigitte Nielsen and Sylvester Stallone actually MARRIED to one another?

They were, for about an hour and a half.

I think Jeff Probst would do an excellent job of calling them out for all their hijinks!

Hey, that's Emmy-winning Jeff Probst to you. And isn't this just the original Tribal Council we're going through now?

Have Arnold's lawyer's threatened you and the Post? He knocked up the maid. Found out the kid was his. And told Maria AFTER he was out of office. Chris Brown and Rhianna are a definite no. But this somehow less odious? What are the standard here? Just sayin'

People, people: Chill. The maid and son are the dealbreaker for me, too. The decade-long lie is the worst part of it all. But --- and I just reading the book here --Arnold still sounds like he loves Maria and wants her back. Don't know if that will happen but I don't know Maria and whether she will/can/should forgive. Not my call. 

This is tangential to the whole Ahnold discussion, but Brigitte is responsible for one of the worst pop songs of the 80s, Body Next to Body, with Falco.

Oh, the waves of sadness and nostalgia that come over me when you mention  Falco. Been thinking about him a lot, and how that guy Psy (everyone's Halloween costume, right?) is ripping off his shtick and M.C. Hammer's. Don't you think?

For me, I'd say yes. Sure he's a cheese ball, shameless and obnoxious. But the birther thing, well, when I hear anyone making these comments, I immediately assume they're racist. There's no real way around that as far as I'm concerned. Trump was amusing before, but now he's creepy and disturbing and it's time to turn off his mic.

Well, glad to help you work through your feelings here. But yes, it's harder to write him off as a joke now, isn't it?

Well, he was married to Brigitte as well as first wife Sasha, and now is married to Jennifer Flavin (they're still married, right) Also dated Angie Everhart, Janice Dickinson and Susan Anton. There were Janine Turner rumors when they make Cliffhanger together. And the internet tells me me rumors have linked him both to Jami Gertz and Mary Hart. No mention of Schwarzenegger's housekeeper.

Glad I could outsource this one. Thank you so much.

The GOP is all agog (I like that word) over a new video that shows the President speaking about the differences on how 9-11 and Katrina victims were treated. He merely pointed out that the majority of victims were black and were not given the same 10% waivers (see the video for explanation) that 9-11 victims were. How is that "spreading hate?" Also, one needs to watch the full Pastor Wright video and one would see there is nothing there as well. To be fair, I am also tired of hearing the Ronmney "spray-tanning" cliams. I think that is ridiculous as well. When can we stop talking about Pastor Wright and spray-tanning and discuss substantive issues?

Actually, my sense is that that story did not get much traction at all.

I recently saw Ms. Curry interivew Aung San Suu Kyi on her visit to the U.S. and it was unwatchable. She adopted his hushed, sympathetic tone as if she were comforting a four year old who had just lost a parent, instead of talking with one of the great human rights leaders of our time. Ann: (In a whisper) But surely, there were times when you gave up hope. Aung San Suu Kyi: No.

That's what she always does: "How does it feel to be called a hero?" Etc., etc. Drives me crazy. It only works in disaster zones, and even then not so much.

Isn't Taken 2 veering awfully close to Kim Bauer territory? I mean, how many times can a gal get kidnapped?

We haven't had a cougar menacing a teenager yet in a Liam Neeson movie, have we? It's about darned time.

I can't imagine she expected he would be faithful when she married him. What in his history would suggest that? And it's not like her family history encourages an idealistic view of marriage. I think getting it on with the household staff, and obviously without protection, was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. (He says himself he crossed a new line with that one.)

I'm waiting for HER book.

this one was a little depressing though, no? I remember being sad when it was over, and not because it was over. Taken 1 remains one of the greatest movies ever. It is so amazing, and never ever gets old when it pops up on cable.

You say "sad" and "depressing" like that's a bad thing in a movie.

forgiving or overlooking affairs is one thing, a baby is another, especially with the mom roaming around the house.

Not just roaming -- cleaning dirty laundry!

Uh, the Grays are a Pittsburgh team.

I have never heard the phrase "The way (back) to a woman's heart is through a tell-all book about my private life."

Hey, didn't say it was a good strategy.

I'm pretty sure this was in first class. My friend has lots of frequent flyer miles.

Ah, thanks.

Amy, have you seen The Grey? Just watched it the other night on Netflix. Pretty bad, even Neeson couldn't save it.

You mean, "Taken 3: The One with Wolves and Dermot Mulroney"? Saw it opening night in the theater. Loved it.

Not really

Someone else here wants to have a word with you.

I'm so glad that other people like that movie as much as I do. It's only about two hours and I still really enjoy it after watching it probably 10 times.

Thanks for your thoughts.

So you're saying she gets around?


Appears to be looking to claim this year's "skeeviest husband" title. However, John Edwards is not quite ready to give up the crown.

Difference between a Hollywood guy and a politician; Edwards had farther to fall.

Kids, finish work early so you can be front of the TV for the debate: Civic responsibility AND a chance to cheer and boo. Really, there should be a betting line. ("Will Mitt cover the spread?") Then send your tips, insights, and sightings to Same next, next week.


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