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Sep 26, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, September 26, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back. Here are some topics on our mind today:


How'd those stars got those high-profile speaking gigs at the convention? Not necessarily by writing checks. Though ScarJo has donated generously to the Obama campaign, FEC filings show nothing this cycle from Kerry Washington -- nor had Clint Eastwood given anything to Romney's team as of the end of August.


How many of you knew before he died that Michael Clarke Duncan was dating Omarosa? Now the reality star is on a crusade to promote CPR in his memory.


Madonna called Obama a what??? Oh, never mind -- she says she was being ironic.


 “The West Wing” reunites for a little-known Michigan candidate.


Campaign coverup! Spectacular champagne tower is covered up at Jay-Z’s Obama fundraiser.


Laura Bush’s quiet rebuke to critics.


Denzel Washington schools Michael Phelps on celebvocacy.


Former White House spokesmen Scott McClellan and Joe Lockhart are both getting the heck out of D.C.


And a rough week for Fiona Apple and Billie Joe Armstrong, eh? Poor kids. Oh wait -- neither of them are kids anymore.


Send us your questions. Also, your story ideas. You guys sometimes give us very good ones, you know?

Your piece on her was oddly humanizing for someone I previously found just awful. At the height of her "fame", and the 2004 Democratic convention, she had more entourage and film crews following her around then Hillary Clinton did! We counted! It felt like such a sad commentary on American life at the time. Who could have anticipated J-Woww, the Kardashians and the realization that things were only going to get so much worse.

And after all these years, we are still so gullible when it comes to reality TV -- we still, on a gut level, think we're seeing documentaries, not scripted soap operas populated by untrained actors with a financial incentive to embody a particular image. I thought what her friend Paul Wharton said was interesting: “It’s the character that sticks, and you want to go with what people respond to. . . whatever gives you longevity.” . . . I think Omarosa has been savvier about this business than most reality stars: You get the feeling that she clocks out of her villain persona at the end of the day and has a private life and doesn't get worked up worrying about what people think about what they see on TV. Just my guess, anyway.

Omarosa Manigault promotes CPR training after the death of fiance Michael Clarke Duncan

Who was she channeling last night on Leno? I say Sarah Palin, but my spouse says Tim Burton. Or was she mourning Mitt's latest poll numbers?

I haven't seen it yet, looking forward to catching up on it . . .

Do not understand her little tirade about Obama

Apparently it was just that legendary Madonna sense of humor.

Quoted: Madonna explains her use of irony, says she knows Obama is not Muslim

I meant to mention this last week - since photographers can't be everywhere at once, it seems that the SOURCE of the leaks should be of paramount concern to the Palace (clearly the French guy who took the topless pix has some contacts). I presume W&K's travel arrangements are given only to those who have to know, yes?

Yeah, but that's still a lot of people. Everyone who knows their schedule at the palace, but also: Pilots and flight crews when they fly commercial, staff at the home where they're vacationing, people in that town who hear that they are visiting, etc. etc. It doesn't take long for news of VIPs to spread and we don't know when during the visit the pictures were taken, so there are a lot of suspects in this mystery. 

I think we need to come up with a new term for the tramp stamp. It's so...2000. What are your ideas for a new name?

You're right, especially since Madonna's faux tattoo was really more mid-back. Suggestions, anyone?

RIP Andy Williams

Seems like we start too many chats these days with a round of RIPs. But yes, RIP Andy Williams.


A big jerk? Or, the biggest jerk?

We are back to the timeless argument about artists as role models. I've been having this argument with one of my best friends for 30+ years because she loves Wagner and separates his music from his personal life. I think he's talented but a jerk.

Any celebrity -- regardless of how talented or if you admire their work -- has the right to free speech. I'm a) personally not much a fan of Madonna's work and b) sick of her me-me-me attention grabbing. I also happen to think what she said about President Obama is hurtful to him, despite her "ironic" explanation. So I think she's a spoiled brat.

That being said, Hollywood is FULL of talented jerks, so declaring her the biggest jerk ever is tough.


Scottie among the hipsters and grunge music scene? Does this mark his full conversion from Republican loyalist to green-edged liberal? Seattle doesn't have much of a conservative element, though he may feel more at home at Seattle University than at UW. It's a terrific (if damp) city, and I wish him well.

Seattle could use a few for moderates to keep things interesting at dinner parties. I think he'll be fine. His wife's best friend lives there, he's got a three-year-old son, and what sounds like an fun new opportunity. I wish him well, too.

I understand the youngsters - who don't do anything but look cute with mom and dad. Or the other extreme, Bristol (and now Willow) Palin, who willfully invite cameras into their lives. But, what about people like little Al Gore, when he got arrested as a teen for pot posession and had to endure public stories even though he didn't have any public persona. Or these stories about the rambuncious youths of a few of this years kids of candidates. Where is the line? Why is a third generation Kennedy's romance subject to public interest?

Well, little Al Gore III was 24 when he got arrested for for marijuana possession. Which is something that's going to get written about when you're the adult child of a former vice president. And he's endured it pretty well, actually -- has moved on and has a job in real estate or something and a private enough life that he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page, so good for him.


And I think you're talking about Conor Kennedy -- who I actually think counts as fourth generation, right?  Arguably there'd be no interest in his love life at all if he weren't dating the reigning princess of pop music, Taylor Swift -- so who's to say he's not delighted by the public interest.


But that's not your question, I don't think. Your question is "where is the line," and it's a good question, but we're not working with the best examples here.

My husband has an idea - the next time a baby panda is born, no one tells the media until about a month or two has gone by, just to make sure it survives first. Seems reasonable to me.

What does anyone else think about this? You know, it's not a terrible idea. I think there are a lot of zoo babies we don't know about for the first couple of weeks. But that may be lack of interest. The pandas are a whole phenomenon of their own.

I loved the entire spot for Mary McCarthy's sister, but by far the cleverest bit was Bradley "Josh" Whitford getting more and more carried away about people not voting in non-partisan races. They enter Martin "President Barlett" Sheen's office just as Whitford says, "It's an apocalypse!" and Sheen replies, "Apocalypse? Now?" Brilliant.

The writing was really spectacular and transformed what might have been a standard celebrity spot into something special.

Thought it was great she didn't slut-out like Britney, etc. But dating a guy in HIGH SCHOOL??? Whose mom just died? Buying/renting a house near him? Why is this so creepy to me?

You say "slut-out" like it's a bad thing. . . . Anyway, I'm going to have you and our "when do political kids become 'on-limits'" chatter go work this out and get back to us please.

From now on, I don't want to hear anything about it until they have been on solid foods for six weeks. Sniff. . .

A lot of people taking this very hard.

Do you have any more information on any of the upcoming weddings--where or when? We've seen articles about Heather Dornen, who is marrying Ryan Zimmerman. Who are some of the other brides?

Good idea. I thought sports was going to do more on this, but maybe we should embark on an investigative project on the Nationals WAGs.

I need to rant (not quite to Billie Joe Armstrong levels, but still): I am SO SICK of the whole "Obama is a Muslim" thing. Since when did being Muslim become such a slur? Ugh. /End rant

Happy to help you vent.

A strange question for you, but where else could I post this, except maybe the sports section? I noticed that Metro stayed open late for people leaving Sunday's Madonna concert at Verizon. So who paid for that? Did metro do it on their own, or was it part of the concert planning either by Madonna's people or by Verizon? I'm majorly embittered by her pre-planned late concert starts, but I'm trying to take away something good from the awful experience and that something good is learning how Verizon got Metro to stay open late, so the Washington Nationals can do the same if we (knock wood) make it deep into the playoffs next month.

I got the inimitable Dr. Gridlock to weigh in on this. He says:


"Verizon Center paid. It costs Metro about $29,000 to stay open an hour late. Metro gets the pledge of money upfront, then deducts the revenue it received from riders from the final bill to the sponsor. But it's unlikely that the ridership at that late hour would cover the cost of the late service."

Ah, so her comment was "ironic" -- like rain on her wedding day, or getting a free ride when she's already paid. I get it now; thanks for the clarification. Of course, maybe if she had tried to explain the befuddlement of the unwashed masses regarding her comment as "sarcasm" instead of "irony", I might buy it, but then again, who, other than everybody who ever saw "Truth or Dare", would think that Madonna's is more prone to sarcasm than irony? Also, I wonder, is it also ironic that the master of 80's musical female empowerment is trying to utilize a misguided application of the concept of irony that was originally proposed by the embodiment of musical femal empowerment of the 90's? It seems the torch may have, in some small way, been passed. 20 years late.

Well, if you have to explain that you're using sarcasm or that you're using irony -- well, then clearly something's not working on someone's end. As a Madonna fan who was there that night said, "Girl puts on a great show but she's got a lame sense of humor."

Didn't the stats say that so many were lost in the first 12 months? I think they should wait an entire year to tell us. Poor Pandy.

No way to keep a secret like that these days ---as it was, the birth came as a surprise to almost everyone. But my heart broke a little for the baby, the mama panda and everyone at the zoo. 

Given the heartfelt quality of many of the comments and eulogies at his sudden passing, it did make me wonder if Omarosa's private persona was as twisted as her public persona? Would he have been in a relationship with her had she been that off-putting?

Exactly. I think it just goes to show, we really know nothing about celebrities. We think we do, but we know nothing.

Why is a woman her age running around in a cheerleader outfit. Talk about a lack of graceful dignity.

I'm pretty sure she's wearing the cheerleader outfit ironically.

Is it too early for Amy to start talking about Halloween costumes?

Eh, you know me. I never got my Pippa Middleton costume together last year, and I'm sure I'll wait until the last minute to fail together a costume this year too. Why, what do you think are the big costumes this year?

It kind of goes without saying, but I thought Elisabeth Hasselbeck came off desrespectful to Pres. and Mrs. Obama on "The View." I get she is a citizen and doesn't support or even much care for the Obama administration. Totally fine and God bless. But when you are a professional and sitting with the President, you have to some respect to the office? Especially Hasselbeck was forever lamenting the lack of respect she felt that George W. Bush got while he was President.

Didn't see the interview, but Elizabeth is the designated conservative on the panel. What came across as disrepectful to you was probably seen by others as asking fair questions. So much of this has to do with perceptions coming in.

A Hag Tag


It's creepy to you because it is creepy. I realize she may not have had much of a young adulthood, but it is weird to be an independent adult dating a high school student and moving in near him. You can't turn back the clock, and trying to do so just makes you seem a little desperate (see: Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes weirdness)

But! It's got us all talking about her, hasn't it? Maybe she's dating him ironically -- did you ever consider that?

Good idea, but folks would figure it out when they turned off the panda cam for 2 months.

Not happening. The zookeepers try to keep everything as normal as possible, but the birth of  a baby panda is too big to keep under wraps. 

I know Obama's opponents are behind the "secret Muslim" stuff, but heck his political opponents came up with indefinite detention, cap and trade, the individual mandate, etc... and he embraced those ideas. When I was growing up, being called "Black" wasn't a positive thing with all the negative stereotypes yet nobody reasonable thought it was an insult to call Bill Clinton the first Black Presient. It didn't make Bill Clinton any less White so calling Obama a Muslim doesn't make him any less of a pious Protestant. If you are somebody who believes that being a Muslim American automatically makes you hate America, then you are a bigot and I have no time to waste on your ignorance and hatred.

I think a lot of people's furor over this is of the somewhat meta-strategic variety, i.e., "People who hate Muslims are trying to foment fear of Muslims, and by playing into false stereotypes, Madonna is handing them ammunition!" Whatever: People who are susceptible to that line of thinking about Muslims or Obama aren't really taking their cues from Madonna anyway.

You're forced to spend a week in isolation with three celebrities you can't stand. Who would they be? For me it would be Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks.

Oh, Tyra could be fun. She's a savvy celebrity playing a calculated role on a reality show that I used to get a kick out of. . . . But as discussed before, I'm not going to pretend I know enough about what these folks are Really Like. Who knows, when they clock out at the end of the day, they might be delightful.

C'mon, Taylor Swift hasn't even had one, let alone 2, whole episodes of Glee dedicated to her persona, oops, I meant music.

She's young. I'm guessing a meltdown and comeback will take care of that. And pardon my ignorance: Is "Glee" still on the air? Haven't heard much about it the past year.

OH! I live by a metro line and was so perplexed when I saw a train go by well after midnight Monday night. Madonna! That explains it.

"Madonna!" That explains a lot.

Nationals' fan here. You could emulate the rookies and dress as the American women's gymnastic team complete with gold medal. Or in honor of Bryce Harper, you could wear a clown costume, bro. I will proudly wear my curly W cap & my #36 tee shirt.

You'd have to work on your McKayla Maroney snarl.

A referee choking on his whistle

If the strike isn't settled by Halloween, I'm expecting lots of refs with Mr. Magoo glasses. But I don't think the NFL can survive four more weeks of this. Fans are NOT happy, and Las Vegas bookies are freaking out. 

I just Googled "West Wing Rerunion" so I could find the clip, and your chat came up as the first result. Well done, WaPo techies!

Hmmm, but that's short-lived. Our story about it isn't coming up so quickly. I should have used the phrase "west wing reunion" in the headline . . . .

To paraphase Colin Powell, if you were a young Muslim child growing up in America today where the greatest "smear" against the President was that he secretly practised your religion, what would you think?


His generation's Michael Buble. What a soothing voice he had. RIP, my huckleberry friend.

But I can't think of a single song except "Moon River." Even though he had a TV show for all those years.

Comments like this make me feel like an old person. Her public persona was on reality shows. I don't understand why anyone would even question that people who appear on television/movies would be different away from the cameras. Really? Seriously? Unless, you actually believe reality television is real and people are obligated to present themselves as they would off camera. And no, that one time you saw/heard them being difficult proves nothing. I have plenty of bad days, but I have more good days. No one cares. Vent over!

Thanks for venting. It goes beyond reality TV, though. How many times has someone in this chat said, upon the breakup of a famous couple, "Oh, but they always looked so happy together! Er, on the red carpet, anyway." You are absolutely correct, but people will continue to fool themselves about celebrities that way.

Replacement refs (thick glasses, how-to manual, flags to toss as inappropriate moments) Political (I'm sure there will be a lot of Romney "white at the temples" and Ryan "Eddie Munster widow's peak" wigs around Fiona Apple and her two lock boxes "Help me I'm a lost Apple Maps user" (all you really need for this is an iPhone and a sandwich board).

I think Paul Ryan is the Halloween costume of the year -- in Washington, anyway.

I am still sad too. I gasped when I saw the headline on Sunday night and almost started to cry when I told my husband. I don't live in the area anymore and was hoping that he/she would be out and about the next time I came to visit (perhaps not for the World Series Celebration parade, but the next time). RIP little guy/gal.

It's sweet how everyone in DC is invested in these babies.

Really? It seemed sort of like Irony 101 to me -- i.e., an example so obvious that even kids would "get" it, and I say this as someone who's no great fan of Madge.

I'm told that the audience just shrugged. It had more impact on video than in the roomm, apparently.

Who is she, and what does she have to do with the Nationals' #36 (BTW that's Tyler Clippard).

She's part of the women's gymnastics team -- which the chatter was also referencing as a good costume idea. Sorry for the confusion.

...these people obviously weren't here in the '80s. When I was growing up, there were a lot of panda baby deaths, it seemed. It's sad, and tragic, and all of that, but people forget that Tai Shan was the exception to panda cubs here.

You know, I had forgotten about that, but you're right. Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing had five cubs that did not survive.

Of course you are right, but this is often misunderstood. The government can't stop you from running your cosmetically constructed piehole as much as you want. But, it doesn't mean you can claim "the right to free speech" as immunization against social and commercial consequences of your idiocy.

True, and the great debate of our democracy. I don't think Madonna's comment rises to that level but it was insensitive on a number of different levels. In fact, I think her waving around a (fake) gun on stage in Scotland --especially after police asked her not to in light of the Colorada shootings days earlier  -- was worse, and I have no respect for her "freedom as an artist" defense.  It's always about Madonna.

How about "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"; I bet you'd recognize it if you heard it

Oh, I'm sorry you brought that up. Because that's the worst Christmas song of all time. I feel very strongly about this.

One of those details that just broke my heart about this is that mommy panda seemed to be reaching out to the zoo keepers when things went wrong. Maybe that detail was an over-anthapamorphacizing on the zoo keepers fault, but it was still just so sad.

Maybe not reaching out, but clearly in distress. Poor, poor thing.

I know this isn't a political forum, but enough with the hand-wringing, folks. being lableled "muslim" might be top ten, but it certainly isn't the *WORST* thing his opponents are saying about him. Just off the top of my head (and notwithstanding unacceptable epithets), I would put "Kenyan" and "Socialist" way higher on the list of bad names they're using....

See, now, if Madonna had said, "we have a Kenyan socialist in the White House" -- THAT would have been funny.

Definitely NOT before age 18, unless pregnant, which I believe is regarded as a form of emancipation of a minor (lookin' at YOU, Bristol). In college? Depends on whether they're behaving badly -- or, at the other end of the spectrum, involved in something worthy of public attention.

Well, I'd argue that by and large, that's where the line tends to be drawn.

Now you're just being sarcastic.

Well, if you have to explain that . . .

You must be thinking something.....

I'm thinking this "story" is based on unnamed sources. I'll believe it when there's a book deal. Plus -- and I keep saying this  -- what purpose (other than a check) is there is exposing more details of the affair? TMI. 

I am applying to be a replacement referee. Sure my vision is limited. Could not do any worse than what happened in Seattle

Can I just say, I very much appreciated Dave Sheinin's comprehensive story on this topic on Wednesday's A1, because I had no idea what everyone was talking about yesterday.

This one didn't hit me all that hard--maybe because I remember all those cubs in the 80s. I was born in '75, so panda cubs kept being born and instantly dying through my childhood. I guess it taught me to view panda cubs as impermanent until they've got pictures of them on the scales. (Like Butterstick. I saved every photo the Post ran of that little guy!)

I still have a picture of him at my desk.

Does anything say "baseball nerd" louder than knowing the individual uniform # of a baseball player (they still have those, who knew?), but not knowing the name of a gold-medal-winning member of your own country's olympic team. Which was all over the headlines. Only 2 months ago. Sister's cultural knowledge is narrow & deep, is all I'm sayin'.

You know I love comments that begin, "Not to badmouth my fellow chatters, but . . . "

May be the worst Christmas song, but downright hilarious when played as a back to school song in a staples ad.

That's been around a couple years now. Still makes me laugh.

I didn't see the interview either, but do you think if Romney were elected President and appeared on The View, the rest of the liberal panel would be more "respectful" to him?

And do you think the people complaining about Hasselbeck would complain then?

What about Willow, who chooses to be on her sister's stupid show.

On the one hand, she's put herself out in public with that show. On the other hand -- no one's watching that show. Having said that, I don't think anyone's trying to draw a wall of privacy around her; and at the same time, she's not doing anything much newsworthy these days either.

The passing reference in the Post or City Paper (can't remember which) about tickets reaching $750!!! That is an abomination.

Hey, if someone's willing to pay that price, power to her.

agree, that would have been funny, calling him a secret muslim is not. Comedy is hard, best left to the professionals.


Still trying to be the political kid when it comes to talking to the press. How does that work with her NBC gig?

Some special correspondents are more special than others. She seems to write her own rules, which include not talking to reporters if she doesn't feel like it.

I'm sorry; "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is NOT nearly as bad as "Christmas Shoes." This is not even close.

We've had a couple votes for this one (including from Roxanne). However, they don't blast this one in the department stores from Nov. 1 onward like they do "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," do they?

The worst Christmas song ever is that damn Christmas Shoes.

What 9-year-old knows the size of his mother's shoes?

Are we really going to debate being called "Kenyan" as worst then "secret Muslim"?

We're not debating which is worse. We're debating which would have improved Madonna's attempt to deliver a comic one-liner.

I'm proud to be one. You know the playoffs start soon, and we are IN IT! I also know Ryan Zimmerman's number (11), Bryce Harper's (34), Stephen Strasburg's (37), and Steve Lombardozzi's (1) among others.

You're sweet, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

It's just the manifestation of the Dorothy Parker in all of us.

Come sit by me.

Remember how he was loved, right up to the time they put him on the special Fed Ex plane to go back to China? I think all of us panda lovers were so looking forward to seeing another little cubbie grow up. I can only imagine how hard this must be for the NZ staff and medical personnel. And for Mei Xiang who keep cuddling her Kong toy at night.

The silver lining is that she did get pregnant, so maybe we'll have good news in the future.

Only somenoe from outside DC would think this possible. NO ONE can keep a secret in DC. If three people know a secret, one will keep quiet, one will call the WaPo and one will call the NYTimes. It's practically the law around here.


I thought Elisabeth Hasselbeck were over-the-top (just one example being "Why have you failed the middle class?), but I get though question for the President and a President is still answerable to even his most diehard opponents. That wasn't the main issue. Her tone, her dismissiveness and her thinly veiled angry is what bother me. It wasn't informative or interesting. It was just about Hasselbeck scoring points for her next visit to FNC.

I'm going to have to pull the video and check it out myself.

Don't forget the things that made you glad and don't forget to forget the things that made you sad. The panda had a brief life. Better to live well than live long. Seneca way. Best to live both long and well. It's not always possible though.

Ah, our cryptic correspondent is back. Though you're making more sense this time. Very nice.

But Andy Williams sang it very well.

Okay, that's two Williams songs.

OK, so it was actually Andy's estranged wife Claudine Longet's scandal. She shot to death her lover, champion skier Spider Savich, yet Andy stood by her throughout the trial. Presumably for the sake of their kids?

I think Joy Behar was though on John and Cindy McCain, but she was respectful in his presence. Wouldn't say the same thing about Elisabeth Hasselbeck with Pres. and Mrs. Obama.

Tough, you mean? There's a way to ask a tough question without sounding biased -- sounds like Elizabeth didn't quite manage that delicate balance.

I don't know about funny, but I think the so-call outrage over Madonna saying the President is a Muslim is far funnier then anything.

She's playing us like a cheap drum, making us talk about her AGAIN.

I think of Moon River and the Andy Williams Christmas album my mom played throughout my childhood.

Amy's playing a You Tube video of Andy as I type.

Yeah -do you know what would be newsworthy? If she graduated from high school, went to college, applied herself and contributed to society. Same with Madonna's kids - if they want to truly be rebels: become a doctor!

Odds of Madonna's kids *not* going into show business?

I was in Wal-Mart this weekend, and as much as I kept my head down to just get what I needed and get out, it was hard to miss the Christmas trees and Christmas shop signs that are already out. SERIOUSLY???

Seriously. It's a losing battle. Christmas sales are a huge part of annual profits, and people start buying whenever the displays go up. So until customers just say no, pretty soon it really WILL be Christmas in July.

Time to get rid of this starter marriage and get her a real man.

Now that's just mean.

It is time for all baseball nerds to unite and defeat the evil forces of Madonna, malnourished gymnasts, and the entire cast of the View. Join me.

When you put it that way . . .

That's one of those "Have you stopped beating your wife? Yes or no???" gotcha-type questions. I don't think Joy Behar asked anything so craven of the McCains, did she?

Not having seen this at all . . . I think it's time for someone to, once again, stand up for the right, nay, the necessity, of media folks to ask inelegant, confrontational and even clown questions, bro. No point in being all polite all the time. You don't get good answers that way.

Was confused by the Dana Milbank story where he referenced (you all linked to Dana's piece in today's RS) Madonna having an issue with Phillipe Reines. What was that about? I tried Googling, but didn't find any background.

Now you're being silly. Read it again. Dana was just making the point that in Washington, Philippe "is known by one name only," much like Madonna or Omarosa.

please, please search You Tube to find the hilarious SNL spoof of that event ... a riot.

Oh, I can't imagine a YouTube of that skit exists. I thought SNL apologized and agreed to never run it again.

Just picked as Playboy's Top Party School. Really?

Was just discussing that with my U-Va., classmates, and I swear, we all read that story back in high school. Guess it's time to start recycling their old lists again.

I think this is the first chat in a long time that we have gotten through with mentioning a Salahi, Jay Carney, that Edwards floozy, JLo, LiLo, or Snooki. We should be collectively proud.

Uh, until NOW, you mean.

Ok--you are correct. I quickly skimmed without getting full context. Thanks!

Glad to help. And who knows, maybe we can get the two of them into a fight at some point down the road.

... to have you both back together in our on-line bosom!

Uh, glad to be here!

I saw her on Survivor: the Australian Outback (she was Elisabeth Filarsky then) and she was the sweetest person imaginable (only Amber Brkich came close). Our insurance agent went to Boston College with her and also said she was really lovely

She was adorable on that show, wasn't she? But was she as adorable as Colleen from the first season? (Who, bless her heart, intentionally got the heck out of the fame game.)

"Can't Get Used to Losing You" was one of his hits.

Thanks for mentioning it. It's an awesome song.

I believe that was the snarky Alice Roosevelt Longworth's line, not Dorothy Parker's.

I believe you're right. Legend has it that Alice had a pillow on her sofa embroidered with: "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."

Naughty and nice! (See, I've already got Christmas on the brain.) Sent you tips, sightings and other insights to Same time, next week.


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