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Sep 19, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, September 19, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello all, and welcome back. The Honorable Roxanne Roberts is "off on assignment," as it's politely said, so you just have me today. I know: Boo.


Some things on our radar:


After four years of highly visible years as the Ken and Barbie of the Redskins, Chris Cooley and his wife Christy are divorcing.


But! Michelle Kwan got engaged. And so did millionaire Mark Ein.


And Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds honeymooned right in our backyard, at the Inn at Little Washington, Va.


And what a marvelous new bromance: Wale and Bryce Harper, just hanging out at Ben's Chili Bowl, as one does.


And how about we put a bright spin on some unfortunate news by trying to get Amanda Bynes and Shaun White together?


In other news: Miss America 2011 becomes a freshman at Virginia's Patrick Henry  College . . . Congressmen lose their sense of honor(able). . . . Marion Barry sings! And sings again! . . . Levi Johnston is a dad, again. . . Eva [hearts] Mark. . . Kate Middleton -- whoops! . . .


And Clint Eastwood — so unpredictable! — mouthed off again.


Send me your questions, please. It's not like you've got anything better to do, right?

Don't you think that they made things worse by suing. Honestly, I never would have heard word one about the photos until the law suit ratched this up to nuclear levels.

Oh really? It seemed like when I flipped the switch on my Internet machine that morning, every thing o the screen was "topless Kate photos nsfw!!!" Followed by a thinky, chin-scratching essays about privacy rights and celebrity, etc., that seem to have been written for the sheer purpose of slapping a "Topless Kate photos stir debate. . ." headline on it and scooping up the Google traffic.


Having said that -- I have to wonder if this was all a scheme to help the royal family raise money.

....It's all about Butterstick II.

Where's Panda Cam II, I wonder? Right now, it sounds like only the keepers have a good vantage.


Zookeepers maintain a 24-hour watch over Washington’s newest panda

Kate's topless photos were supposedly taken at Viscount Linley's home in France. If he's the son of William's great-aunt Princess Margaret, how is he related to William and Kate?

First cousin, once-removed.

Were there any Bruce sitings while he was in town? There is someone I would like to have a drink with.

Nope. Sounds like he flew in around 4 p.m. the afternoon of the show -- and I wouldn't be surprised if he got right back on the private jet as soon as the show was over.

Where did the guy who owns the Kastles and is marrying someone young enough to be his daughter get all his money?

Hey, she's only 20 years younger. That's a pretty standard age difference in that particular world. He made his money the old-fashioned boring way -- tech/telecom, etc.

Thank you for posting links to your pieces at the top of the chat and in the daily "Read This" item. If, god forbid, I miss a day of reading, it's an unbelievable pain in the tookus to read previous entries. Speaking of which, wasn't there a plan to upgrade the software so that we could, you know, read blog content? Any idea when that's going to happen?

Thanks, glad that helped -- I realized that from the blog homepage, you could only really see the most recent four or five items unless you specifially knew how to look more deeply, so the more links I create by hand, the better . . . don't understand the latter part of the question about reading blog content -- isn't that what you're doing? (Email me at if this is a complex question.)

Who is higher in the music god Pantheon?

Dylan, duh.

After saying he was never going to discuss his appearance at the GOP convention, he had the common sense to realize that, if he was going to promote the new movie, he would be asked questions and would have to answer them affably. I think that's the mark of a stand up guy, especially as he only starred in the movie as a favor to the director, a long time colleague on Clint's production team.

Last month, I was wondering whether Clint would be embarrassed about the whole thing or whether he would just own it. I like that he's owning it. Even while he's somewhat mortifying he's just irresistible. It helps that he is perhaps one of the handsomest men ever. Those guys can get away with a lot.

Sigh. I couldn't marry someone 20 years younger even if it did border on illegal. Even 10 years is too much. How do you have a discussion with someone who never made a mix-tape?

Mixed-tapes -- that really is the generational dividing line, isn't it? BTW, how do you feel about the terrible-but-irresistible movie "Singles" turning 20?

So, did you know Ein's fiancee from UVA?

You're not seriously asking that, right? As you'll see in the story, she's a 2007 graduate, and remember where I was in 2007? Right here, chatting with you.

Jay Pharaoh looks like he's on track to channel President Obama much better than Fred Armisen did. And his quips about Mitt Romney being the biggest asset to the Democratic campaign seems painfully true at the moment. So glad that Jason Sudeikis is sticking around to do his cheerfully clueless imitation of Romney.

Sudeikis also does an essential Biden imitation.

I suspect that one significant difference between Amanda Bynes and Shaun White is that Shaun has apologized promptly and thoroughly.

Well, Amanda's had a lot going lately.

Anything more on this than that nut job's coy comment?

You mean, any new developments in his maybe-on-again relationship with Rielle? Sorry, the only Edwards news I have this week is that a tree fell in front of his old house yesterday. For what it's worth.

They'll wait and start that once it's clear the baby will survive. Those little things are very delicate. It's a reason why that's an endangered species.

No one wants a tragic roll-over to happen live on Panda Cam.

I thought one or more of you discussers said that was upgrading its blog software so that it was easier to read and so that archives weren't so darn annoying. No?

Oh, I've been told that the format is going to change -- again -- but no guarantees that it will be easier to read.

Man, Amy, you are gooooooood.

I don't understand why everyone doesn't understand this stuff.

Does this mean I can have Jason Sudeikis come over to roll out turf on my front yard? Please???

That would be a dream come true.

I noticed he didn't have a prenup - but can a wife get a lot in a divorce when a)they weren't married long and b) they did not have kids?

Probably not. But the fact this has been handled very quietly suggests that she's probably been taken care of well. I don't know, any divorced lawyers/divorced people want to weigh in here?

My initial reaction to this was: they still do Miss America? It is so odd how BIG a deal this use to be, and I couldn't even name on of the past 15 or twenty winners. Ever since Vanessa Williams, I could not think of one. And, we only remember her for the wrong reasons...

The Miss American Organization really missed the boat on the whole reality TV thing. They should have been ahead of that curve, but they missed the opportunity. Honestly, I find it hugely entertaining. It's as great a spectator sport as the Kentucky Derby, the National Spelling Bee or the GOP primary.

I'm a lot of cognitive dissonance at the mental image of Bruce Springsteen in a private jet. But I guess both he and his audience are today quite far removed from the high school dropouts and factory workers that he celebrates in his songs, a point that your newspaper made in a recent article. There's a whole lot of fanciful thinking going on during a Springsteen concert.

Yes, and it's well worth reading that story: Bruce Springsteen means many things to many people in Washington



I see Wale took Bryce Harper to Ben's Chili's Bowl. I wonder if he actually liked the food.

Oh, he probably did. The food there is probably best if you're drunk, but probably works just as well for you if you're a sober 19-year-old.


Bryce Harper and Wale at Ben's Chili Bowl

That seems like a good career goal for me. I'm pretty sure you still get to wear a crown but I don't think anyone cares if you sunbathe topless.

I hear you. But sorry, ladies, Viscount Linley, aka David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, aka 15th in line to the throne, is already married. Fun fact: Did you know that he's the chairman of Christie's auction house in the UK?

Wouldn't Sudeikis roll out astroturf on your yard, since he's just an imitation Biden?

That is correct.

As an excuse to sunbathe topless from now on? Since everyone's seen her [black bar], who really cares if she shows them again in the future.

Seriously. Women in France do this all the time, and since she's so fashion-forward, why doesn't she just make this the new thing.

Is it safe to say that she's running short on money?

Probably. But so are publishing houses. I wonder if this would be a good bet for them or not.

The last time I saw Amy Robach was on NBC. Now she seems to be turning up on ABC. Why did she leave NBC and when? Did she want to replace Ann Curry ?

The Internet machine tells me she went to ABC in May. Don't know anything about her career trajectory (except that she's the one married to Billy from "Melrose Place," right?).

So Tian Tian is more interested in eating and sleeping than in "getting some?" And I thought I was the only one with a boring love life.

Honestly, I don't know why we keep trying and trying with these pandas. They clearly have no interest in perpetuating their species themselves.

Ok, now she's shilling for Weight Watchers (yes, I know she had a baby). I don't think I've ever seen anyone with less talent make a bigger name for herself.

Did you see that a man is suing Dennis Quaid for medical bills that he has to pay as a result of his horse falling on him while he was riding a trail on DQ's estate? This is like the rich person's version of suing McDonald's for spilling hot coffee on your body. How is it DQ's fault that your horse spooked and you weren't wearing a helmet? Don't think so! People are ridiculous.

This was such a disappointing story to click on. "Dennis Quaid sued over near-fatal horse accident" gave me the false promise that Dennis Quaid was riding a horse that stomped a man to death. That is not what happened.

Can you tell us more about James Carter, the Presidential grandson who discovered the video snippets posted online of Mitt Romney's talk at that Boca Raton private fundraiser? What does young Carter do for a living, and is he looking to have a political future?

Here's the most useful story I've seen on the topic. He's a 35-year-old guy who has been spending a lot of time doing his own opposition research against the Republicans and is now hoping to get paid for doing it. Sounds like a few job offers are coming through now. Doesn't sound like he wants to work in politics himself, though. Here's a crazy thing to realize -- at 35, he would have only been a toddler when his grandfather left office. 


Jimmy Carter’s grandson describes furtive efforts to arrange release of secret Romney video

to prevent anyone from making money over photos of any of their members' naked bodies. Of course, some generate more interest than others....

So now that we've seen Harry naked and Kate naked -- I mean, the wish list kind of ends there, right?

They'd just dealt with the leaked video of her brother-in-law partying naked in Vegas. So come on, you're one of the most famous women in the world and you go outside to sunbathe topless and you're actually surprised someone managed to snap a few photos? Seriously?

You know, when you're at your cousin the viscount's house in the South of France, you just kind of let your hair down.

I get the whole invasion of privacy thing, but I kind of wish she had been able to say "I was on a personal holiday with my husband on private property. My only regret about this situation is that newspapers are using our private time to profit." I suspect the Palace needs to be more outraged, but I think it would die down sooner if she shrugged it off. She wasn't doing anything wrong.

Good point.

I thought it was still like those Regency romance novels where the Viscount went horseback riding, fox hunting, and ballroom dancing in nicely fitted breeches.

It's hard out there for a viscount. All those guys have to get a job these days.

"It's as great a spectator sport as the Kentucky Derby, the National Spelling Bee or the GOP primary." Thank you for dropping the pretense that you are non-partisan.

Oh, the 2008 Democratic primary was pretty entertaining. More so than the Republican one that year. But, if you recall, we didn't have one this time around, so, boo.

Show worked on the weekends with Lester Holt on Weekend Today. Her kids are older now and she probably wanted more work during the week. I was sad that she wasn't on the Weekend Today Anniversary Show last weekend.

Okay, thanks for the update.

Jessica Simpson has vastly more talent than all the Kardashian clan combined! Not that that's saying a lot, but, ya know...

She paved the way for the Kardashians.

Is it terrible to say that made me laugh out loud.

You're all anonymous here.

I understand that she thought pregnancy was great because you could eat everything you wanted and the weight would all disappear once you had the baby and then she complained that no one told her that's not how it works. I also remember back when she and Nick Lachey had their newlyweds show that she kept her unopened cans of tuna in the refridgerator. Not too bright, if you ask me.

See? This is how she keeps you interested.

I know that you, your co-workers, and most of your readers are all good liberals striving to re-elect Obama, but really, am I the only one who realizes that James Carter IV engaged in a possibly illegal, and definitely unethical, act by secretly taping a speech that was meant to be given only to supporters? You and your paper had a lot of heartburn over the legality of James O'Keefe's videos, but it sounds like it's OK with the Post if you're a liberal Democrat when you make a secret recording!

James Carter IV didn't tape that speech -- someone at the fundraiser did, we just don't know who. And yes, as it's been noted, that person could be in legal jeopardy.  I'm not taking a side here, but before you do, consider that there's not a perfect apples-and-apples comparison between taping someone who doesn't know they're being taped and pretending to be someone you're not to get someone else to say something provocative on tape. Any journalist would get fired for doing the latter, so there's the sensibility difference.

I'm confused. What is the the crazy aspect you're referring to? Didn't Carter have a teenage daughter when he was in the White House? So whose child is this? The crazy thing to me is that the grandson is that old. Amy Carter can't be more than 42 or so.

Amy Carter, who is now 44, is the youngest-by-far of Jimmy and Rosalynn's four kids and the only one who was still living at home when they entered the White House. The others were already grown by then, and already having kids of their own, and are now in their 50s or 60s.

Dear fellow chatter: Please do not diss our beloved Amy, either seriously or sarcastically. She is a dedicated journalist who tries to entertain and enlighten us every Wednesday at noon. When she is going solo, she has to work twice as hard. She makes lots of jokes, some better than others. Please don't find look for faults to point out to the chat group at large. Keep the negativity to yourself, and we'll all have a good time.

Well said.


And can I just add: I'm kind of sick of self-appointed bias hunters who leap on any single story and/or passing joke as if it's indubitable proof of where a journalist secretly stands on an issue, without taking into context everything else they've written -- positive, negative, whatever -- on that same public figure and others.

I would have gone out to lunch. That said, I don't care about your personal politics or the Post's leanings...this chat is usually the highlight of my week for funny comments.

Hey, it's just one person who got out of the wrong side of bed -- I could have ignored the questions but thought it was only fair to engage them. We'll move on.

So, now she's in trouble for leaving the scene when she sideswiped a guy with her car. Was she worried that Amanda Bynes was getting all the attention?

Clearly. Maybe she's jealous about our idea of hooking Amanda up with Shaun White.

I feel old. And was too psyched that Pearl Jam was in it.

That movie seemed dated the moment it came out. Really looking forward to seeing it again.

I make it a point to turn her book cover to the back when I see it in a bookstore. Just doing my small part to keep sales down.

Bookstore vigilante!

Actually, no they don't anymore. My boyfriend was quite upset upon discovering this on our trip to the south of France two summers ago. Maybe that's why Kate was getting so much attention. Bringing sexy back.

You know, it must get tiresome to always be on the International Best-Dressed List. She wa's probably thinking, "Hey, why's it always got to be about my clothes?"

I still can not muster up the slightest bit of sympathy for the lady, even all these years later. She nearly brought down a government, not just by the actual oval office behavior, but her complete lack of discretion. IF you are going to have an affair with the leader of the free world, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! Of course, the type of person who does have an affair with a married man is probably exactly the type of person who gabs and gabs about it to anyone who will listen.

I will always feel bad for her. Having read her first book (did you forget she already had one?), she was clearly a very needy/screwed-up young woman who made a mistake that a lot of needy/screwed-up young women make -- just in a situation with much graver consequences. And she didn't tell a lot of people, as I recall. And let's not forget who else's behavior was party to almost bringing down a government, ahem, his own. . .  And I'm pretty sure she's suffered the consequences. What do you think her life is like now? I'm guessing it's pretty lousy.

Wow, I am old - I was just at the right age/lifestage when that movie came out (sophomore in college). I thought that I would aspire to marry Campbell Scott while listening to Screaming Trees the rest of my life. Alas, I did not marry Campbell but I do still listen to that soundtrack every now and then...

Campbell Scott -- now there's a former Star of Tomorrow.  Kind of an unusual casting choice, in hindsight. Likeable guy, though.

The Royals have boobs too! Who would have known? That's newsworthy stuff. Why would I want to see the private parts of a bunch of inbreds anyway?

Well, in fairness, she's neither inbred nor royal-by-birth.

There is speculation that the Romney video was shot by a waiter at the event, given the perspective from among the stacks of glasses. Carter and Mother Jones shared it more widely. It's sort of the U.S. equivalent of Kate's topless photos.

My guess  -- based solely on carefully watching the video, and zero inside knowledge whatsoever -- is that it was someone tending bar.

freudian slip here? Lawyers are people too!!!! I swear!

Ha. Yes, I meant "divorce lawyers/divorced people" -- though I suppose a divorced divorce lawyer would be the ultimate expert.

Didn't she graduate from the London School of Economics and get married? She might be perfectly happy. However, if you want to put your past behind you, you don't write a book.

She has not gotten married. And she moved to London in part to avoid the uncomfortable spotlight of life in the U.S. I don't know what she's done since then, really.

You mean Linda Tripp?

No. You want another guess?

Mentioning Monica made me wonder, what is Linda Tripp up to now, still working for the government? or retired?

She was running a year-round Christmas shop in Middleburg, at one point. No idea if that's still going on.

*Was* it illegal? I am a lawyer, but not a privacy specialist. It doesn't seem me that there would be any expectation of privacy at a fundraising event.

There are laws about recording people without their consent, which vary from state to state. I suppose there could also be a civil case, if the guests and hired help signed confidentiality agreements before attending -- no idea if that's the case.

Son of George C. and Colleen Dewhurst, is on "Royal Pains" as the uber-rich Boris. And still hot.

Make of this what you will, but the Internet informs me that Campbell Scott is actually a baby boomer (b. 1961) and perhaps an unlikely choice for what was supposed to be a Voice of Generation X movie.

So now we have to tune in to Letterman to see if *he* can get a straight answer out of POTUS about the debt? Seriously? Trillion here, trillion there. Soon we'll be talking David Geffen money...

Ha. I haven't watched yet.

He seems to have a predelication for getting married quickly and fairly often.

Actually, you know who else got married early and often? Martin Scorsese. Did you know that he's on Wife # 5? So there's a good role model. I can only assume that Ryan really wants to direct.

Sorry, but Kate Middleton "set her cap" for Wills. She chose to attend St. Andrew's University BECAUSE she knew that Prince William was enrolling there. She pursued him relentlessly for over a decade (except for when they were "on a break"). She wanted to marry into arguably the most photographed Royal family on earth, and got her wish. She reasonably should've known that paps with super telephoto lenses would be trolling for topless photos of her outdoors, taken at great distances from public property. Any chance she's learned her lesson from this? Or is she just too ambitious and arrogant, despite her public persona?

Wow, Kate's gonna really regret that one time she tripped you during field hockey, huh?

Romney and Biden are both teetotalers (albeit for different reasons), while the President has his own honey beer brewed right in the White House. Does anyone know Paul Ryan's imbibing predilections?

He's been known to have a drink. But a guy that bright-eyed and fit couldn't be a heavy boozer. Seriously, have you noticed? Middle-aged politicians don't look like they did a couple generations ago. 

hee. and this is why you and Rox are the best! that's some funny stuff, there.

Thanks. I cracked myself up with that one.

Even long after the fact, she was trading in on her "celebrity" in the New York hipster/social scene. I remember seeing her at a couple of partys in the earlyish 2000s and she was loving all the attention quite a lot. It was pretty vulgar, honestly.

Yeah, and I remember feeling the same way when she was giving interviews to Barbara Walters, etc., back in the crazy days of 1999 or thereabouts. She seemed to enjoy the attention. But that clearly soured for her. She clearly stopped enjoying it. I remember a few years ago, we got a tip that someone who looked like her was in a Starbucks on Capitol Hill or something, and when I finally tracked down a rep for her, the rep said she couldn't imagine that Monica would want to go back to Washington in a million years.

Isn't it typical for actors to play younger than their real age? How about the best friend in the Ferris Bueller movie, I think he was 30 or so at the time.

The great Alan Ruck, too soon killed off of "Bunheads." Yeah, he was 30 when "Ferris Bueller" came out. Still looks fairly  youthful for a 56-year-old.

Um, I believe that'd be Clinton. She didn't have the power to bring down the government. She was merely the ... tool.

Ding ding ding ding ding! Finally, someone got it right. I mean, really. . . . Time for me to run. Look forward to chatting again next week. Until then, stay in touch at

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