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Sep 05, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, September 5, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Why is it starting so late again?

Technical glitches! I've been pounding the keyboard like mad for the last 10 minutes! But I'm here now, so let's go crazy.

The $64,000 question - how much of this "audition for Cruise" stuff do you believe?

Tricky, because I'm not a member of the church and in no position to iknow the traditions and customs. But given what has been written and revealed by former church members (and allowed for any bias they may have), it sounds like most of the Vanity Fair article is consistent with past actions by church officials.

Any truth to the rumor that Hill and Bill will split post election? Her staff is talking.

Oh, please. There have been Clinton rumors for two decades now, and they are still together and will probably outlast most marriages we know. As for her staff? They adore and protect her, so anything you hear probably isn't coming from them.

Hey gals, wanted you to know you've taught me well, one of my first thoughts after the Eastwood incident at the RNC was -is this a publicity stunt to promote his movie? What did you think?

Nah--I think this is a case of a guy who doesn't hear "no" very often. What's more amazing than that Dali-esque riff was that Romney's handler's let him out there--in the most important hour of the most important night--with no vetting and no hook. Awesome. 

I loved her dress and give her plenty of kudos to be able to wear a sleeveless dress! How big a deal is it that she has never worn anything by Oscar de la Renta and Ann Romney did when she gave her speech at the RNC?

Michelle wore custom Tracy Reese dress and J. Crew shoes last night, by the way. It's kind of a big deal for Oscar, who has dressed so many first ladies and makes beautiful clothes but has never been worn by the current first lady. But that's been written beofre, so I think it's a small story now. 

If other male stars held auditions for wives, for which ones would you consider applying?

You know I'm loyal to my future husband George Clooney.

Please...they've finally hit parity in their relationship, where she is as famous/powerful/important as he is. Even steven - the key to successful, long-lasting marriages.

Plus--and I've always said this -- they seem to admire and respect each other, which counts for a lot. 

This may be so last week but, what did you think of the story coming out about Taylor Swift not leaving a Kennedy wedding when asked. And then, Kathy Lee Gifford confirming the story on her segment of the Today Show? Aren't the Kennedys usually a little quieter when it comes to talking about their own dirty laundry?

It's all about the nuances. I doubt it was quite that black and white, so I wonder how it actually went down. Maybe  it was just supposed to be a drop in? Doesn't seem like she'd try to crash it, and the Kennedys aren't freezing her out, so I'm guessing this is overblown. 

If Christian Bale is ever single....I would audition to be his wife, no question. Him or Dan Stevens.

Bale has a nasty temper. Don't need the drama.

It's almost worth a betting pool, seeing if he can keep his speech to under 40 minutes! I've never seen anyone else with his gift for marathon extemporaneous speaking - and making it interesting.

It's all about prime time coverage, so depends entirely on when he starts in order to wind up exactly at 10:59. I noticed Michelle went over by a couple minutes.

I find myself not caring that (allegedly) Scientology people had an organized process to identify a "suitable" spouse for Tom Cruise. Arranged marriages are part of other cultures... like the Kardashians, and those work out so well. How many Hollywood marriages last as long as his anyway. Only thing that creeped me out with him and Katie was the age difference.

Here's the bottom line: Who marries Tom Cruise isn't all that interesting any more. We've been through the romances, the couch jumping, the devoted family photo ops. I honestly don't care that much and am unlikely to believe anything I see coming from the Cruise romance team. But I'd LOVE to read a honest book from his ex-wives. 

For an actor, you audition. For an athlete, you try out. I would walk past the long line of girls waiting to try out to be Mrs. Bryce Harper (even though he's a cutie) and try out for Tyler Clippard.


Colin Firth, please.

He's happily married. At least, last I read. That change over the past few weeks?

from afar. Maybe the key to longevity in a relationship is to not spend a lot of time together.

At the very least, separate closets and bathrooms.

Roxanne, you can have George Clooney as long as I can try out for Jeremy Renner. Those arms....


Well, everybody thought that the Gores' marriage was for ever, too. Things change. Sometimes, not for the best.

True, and I'm still wondering what happened to those two crazy kids.

isn't it more a case that Oscar doesn't want Michelle Obama wearing his clothes?

Not a chance.

Highlights? Lowlights? Milbank writes today about the round of parties and freebies for journalists in Charlotte. Hope you got some perks on your trip?

I spent most of my time reporting and running from event to event. Highlights: The penquins at the Tampa Aquarium, because I am a sucker for cute. (Also the stingrays, who come up to you like puppies when you lean over their tank.) Lowlights: Tampa was like an armed camp --- police and soldiers with guns everywhere, barbed wire and chain link fences. I felt bad for the locals.

Hey, girls can dream, right?

That's half the fun.

That'll never happen, cuz SeaOrg would come after her. In fact, if I were Nazanin Bondiadi, I'd have hired a whole phalanx of bodyguards by now.

Okay, a posthumous book.

The Obama team places more emphasis on keeping to a schedule. When he spoke here (IA) last week, he was within two minutes of the time he was to appear. When Clinton spoke here in 1995, he was nearly two hours late--and he was legendarily prone to appearing well past the appointed time.

We used to call that Clinton Time. Always needed to factor that in for deadlines.

I was a little bothered by her uber-expensive, high fashion choice for the GOP speech. It was a great chance to show us that she's not so very different and instead she chose to remind us that she can afford something more than twice my mortgage for a one-night wear.

Cindy Mccain got dinged four years ago for her wardrobe. This is an ongoing question, and let's just face it: Ann Romney, Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama can afford to buy clothes most of us can't. So do a lot of other rich women. Ann Ronmey wearing Ann Taylor for one night is not going to change her basic experience or worldview when it comes to her wardrobe.

It's confusing: Do you mean "not a chance" that Michelle Obama would ever wear an Oscar de la Renta design, or "not a chance" that Oscar would ever want her to?

Not a chance that Oscar wouldn't want the sitting first lady to wear his clothes. He'd be crazy not to: She's a fashion icon right now, and he's a very smart businessman. OF COURSE he'd like to see her in one of his beautiful gowns.

I would audtion for Idris Elba. Oh wait, he's divorced - that means I may still have a chance!

He's pretty great.

Peter Dinklage, Robert Downey Jr., James McAvoy, Joel McHale, Jayson Werth, Edwin Jackson, and Bryce Harper down the road aways. A gal's got to keep her options open.

Wow. You've spent a lot of timing thinking about this -- or maybe I haven't spent enough?

Noticed that Ann Romney wore red last week, a power color, while Michelle went for pink, a softer more traditional color. Ann was trying to project confidence in Mitt, while Michelle is saying, trust us.

Or... maybe Ann felt like red and Michelle felt like pink? Although I'd say it was more of a coral tone.

I don't remember seeing much in the way of national coverage for her wedding. Local coverage up here in Maine was pretty low key as well. She did have a lovely dress.

We wrote a little something about the wedding a week before. She went deliberately low-key; didn't make to disrupt the town.

Simon Baker, Nathan Fillion, Scott Caan, Hugh Jackman, Mark Harmon. Yeah, yeah, I realize all or most of them are married, but that doesn't stop the fantasies...

Okay, then...:)

Because -that's- the thing that would keep this from being a real possibility. If they weren't married, Tom and Colin would be all in for some wife auditions.

Nightly wife auditions. Well, maybe they'd take Sunday off.

Oprah! We'd sit on lovely chairs with cashmere throws, enjoy the dogs and whatever Art is cooking up, and she won't even mind my affair with Paul Rudd (sorry to the lady who is auditioning to be his wife).

You crack me up.

He's hot AND has an accent!

I talked to him for 2 minutes and walked away with a crush.

This really annoys me--how do people know it's one night wear? I don't care how much the women spend on clothes. The only thing I care about is that if we're going to ding one person for the price of her clothes, we do it to the other when something comparable comes up. We're not dinging the guys for wearing suits that most guys cannot afford.

Fair point. And we've tried to be fair in the column --writing about all the wardrobe costs when they come up. But you're right: Suits aren't as interesting, so the topic isn't covered as much.

Clooney wouldn't!

You know this from experience? Oooh, pray tell!

... was in 2004, when I was in the VIP room at the Democratic convention standing in line for some booze (free!) and I turn around and Madeline Albright was standing directly behind me patiently waiting her turn. I, of course, offered to let her go before me, and she refused, saying she was happy to wait her turn. Just thought I would share.

Always seemed to me that she was classy, smart and fun.

No one mentioned handsome, clean cut Ryan Zimmerman. He's my second choice after Clip, and he seems to be a really good guy. He could be my back-up.

I'm sure he's honored.

He seems to be conducting nightly audition/tryouts, if gossip is to be believed.

His mom (kinda) confirmed it.

No votes for last year's Sexiest Men--Bradley Cooper and runner-up Ryan Gosling?

Not so far.

Am I supposed to know what designers Ann Romney and Michelle Obama wore during the speeches? I couldn't distinguish an Oscar de la Renta from an Oscar Wilde, and I suspect most viewers couldn't, either. I liked both dresses, and thought that each complimented the woman's skin tone and body type. Beyond that, I didn't spend much time thinking about their dresses. Am I missing some kind of hidden symbolism?

Aside from the debate on who looked good/bad/appropriate/sloppy, most of the chatter is about how much these women spend on clothes. Designer duds are pricey, which is the jumping off point for our national obsession with class and wealth. Or something like that. But no, you don't have to care. I would, however, love to seen an Oscar Wilde original: Cutting edge, I'm thinking. 

is the tie, and they don't cost as much as a car....

True. At least on TV. A beautiful suit in a fabulous fabric is best appreciated up close. As is a man's cashmere coat. Just sayin'.

I don't either. If people have money and spend it, they get criticized. If they buy cheap, they get criticized. If you've got money, spend it on what you want. The only thing I care about is are they also helping those less fortunate? If so, who gives a crap how much their dress cost.

Another view.

Really enjoy your gigs on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, the NPR comedy radio show. Is it as much fun as it seems to be?

More. It's laugh-out-loud fun every week. If it turns out to be true, I think having three stars would be better then just Clint. Also those three were campaign surogates so they might have more experience.

Saw that --we'll see if it's a real "secret" appearance or wishful thinking from a celebrity-quiet convention.If true, bet you EVERY word will be scripted.

Please don't take this the wrong way (I LOVE YOU!!!) but it says much about McCain's declining star power that he spent all that time talking to you. Four or eight years ago, he would have been hobnobbing with Browkaw and Sawyer.

Hahaha! Yeah, he probably won't have been at the party I was at, either. In his (or my) defense, the senator has always been gracious with his time, but four years ago the campaign was running the show and I wouldn't have gotten close enough to ask a single question.

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