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Aug 29, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, August 29, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Welcome back to the Reliable Source Web chat! Or I guess, you should be welcoming us back. It's been a long three weeks.


I think you'll only have me today -- Roxanne is in Tampa, scampering around the convention hall while I hold down the fort here. But who knows, maybe she'll make a "surprise" cameo appearance, like Mitt Romney walking on stage after Ann's speech last night.  Except that: I don't think she's actually going to show.


News from Tampa: Now you, too, can cook Ann Romney's Welsh cakes. . . Don't even try to get into these Republican convention parties. . . . What is Donald Trump's problem with Arianna Huffington? . . . . Did BeBe Winans lose a  Democratic convention gig because he agreed to sing for the RNC?. . . . Jon Voight is the new Charlton Heston. . . . Herman Cain has yet another brother from another mother. . . . Sarah Palin impersonator brings media crowds to Tampa strip club. . .


In non-Tampa news: Rosie O'Donnell weds again. . . . Shia LaBeouf drops acid -- for the role, you know. . . Drake hangs out at Kramerbooks, of all places . . . And, sob! Chris Cooley leaves the Redskins.


Now, why don't you tell me what's been going on around here? Looking forward to your questions.

So, Brad's mom does an editorial against same-sex marriage and Angelina's dad is an RNC convention delegate. How does that affect the street cred of the famous pair?

Ah, good question. To be clear, I don't believe Jon Voight is a delegate, just a convention celebrity hanger-on. I assume it just gives Brad and Angelina more stuff to talk about at elite Hollywood gatherings.

Are you going to read this so I don't have to? Expect anything unusual in it? And how big of a "stir" will this legitimately create?

Someone else already has, happily. I think it has the potential to create a stir. I think sales will be quite big -- don't you kind of want to read it?


SEAL book depicts Osama bin Laden shot on sight in hallway, contradicting original account

The cookie container was priceless. I have the exact same one, and I kind of love that a multi-millionaire uses Christmas Tupperware in August because it's the only one that's the right size. (But in this era when men's socks and ties are focus grouped, I'm really hoping this wasn't planned.)

It's these subtle little touches on which campaigns are won and lost.


Ann Romney hands out homemade Welsh cakes — see the recipe

Not only does she whine about relationships that she was partially at fault for failing, but now she's a 22 year old dating an 18 year old who's about to start college? Someone needs to sing a song about how pitiful she is.

She's just playing us like a fiddle, that girl. Bad news.

I'm surprised you don't have a "what we did on our summer vacation" column.

Because let's never forget who's the real story here -- the reporters. Thanks for asking: Vacation was amazing. Taking that much time off really rearranges your brain chemistry.

with jokes/photoshopped items/commentary on Prince Harry and naked pool in Las Vegas? And how would you like to be the third (or fourth) guy invited to that party? I mean, you're competing with a hot ginger prince and an Olympic medalist, plus fit bodyguards, for the attention of the females in the room. You'd have to be very rich yourself to get any attention.

Maybe that's who took the photos, some dude seething with jealous in the corner because no one's staring at his body.

Please tell him to get rid of that awful looking combover.

Why don't you do that?

But found it especially cruel that while you were out, if you went to the the WaPo page each Wednesday, it listed you as having a chat! That is like rubbing salt in wounds!

Ugh, I'm sorry about that! I sent a memo to the Web producers before we were heading out of town saying, "hey, so you know, we're gone the next three weeks, so no chats" -- and apparently that was the one email that no one saw. And of course I wasn't online to see that they were creating chat forums. Funny they didn't notice after a week or two that we weren't entering the chat. Makes me wonder what's going to happen if I go missing in real life -- will anyone call to check on me?

I kind of thought of Hillary Rodham Clinton's response a "60 Minutes" interview during the 1992 presidential campaign where she said she didn't stay home baking cookies.

You'd think that would maybe put the end to the cookie conversation, but if anything it's ramped up since then. Maybe it's the foodie revolution, but seems like we're always have to hear about political spouse's recipes now. Having said that: These Welsh cakes sound delicious.

This "street cred" question is an odd question. Does everybody judge people by what their parents do? Did I miss the memo?

Yes, I'm afraid we're judging you by your parents, too.

Kids and their parents don't always agree on stuff.


So he and his entourage stopped in for drinks. Did they buy any BOOKS? (Need to support those independent bookstores in DC.)

I'd love to know if he did. I mean, otherwise, it's kind of a random place to get a drink. It made me love Drake just a little more, but then I'm susceptible to that kind of thing.

Wow, Amy, I think you have something there! I wonder who it was...Charlie Sheen?

Oh, actually, I think Charlie Sheen might be the one guy comfortable enough in his own intoxicated skin to party naked with Prince Harry. He might also put photos of the party on the Web, but he'd proudly put his name on them too.

In the 1970s he was interesting--in Midnight Cowboy and Coming Home. Now he appears in those National Treasure dreck movies with Nic Cage. Are his political views particularly relevant?

Are any celebrities political views relevant? (Beyond giving us something to write about occasionally?)

Is he at the Republican convention? If so, in what capacity?

No sightings of him that we've heard.

I was sad to see him leave the Redskins too. He probably was the best player for Reliable Source material (besides Clinton Portis). Hopefully, RGIII and Ryan Kerrigan can fill that void and also bring a Super Bowl ring this year!

It truly is a loss. Remember when Chris Cooley brought short-shorts for men back? That was amazing. Only he could have started that fashion trend.

My mom was a microwave demonstrator and preferred to nuke her cookies. One look at those on the trail and my dad would be toast. Oh, and there's also the fact that my mom would have made a much better president than my dad. But I suspect most families are that way.

Thanks for sharing your personal story. Was that an excerpt from Chris Christie's speech last night?

I have said it before and I will say it again - NO ONE messes with Mr. Cool J.

You see, a few delightful things did happen while we were gone. LL Cool J: rapper, actor, burglar catcher

Three weeks seems like a long time just to investigate where in Northern Virginia White House Press Secretary grew up...

This job is turning out to be harder than I expected. Think I'll need another four weeks to get to the bottom of this story.

Reportedly Tampa has the highest rate of strip clubs per capita of any major city in the US. So my question is this: Are the paparazzi staking out the doors of these clubs in hopes of snapping photos of VIPs entering or exiting -- especially those who typically drape themselves in the mantle of family values and morality? Please tell me it's "Yes," because such a politician truly deserves to have his, um, inconsistent character revealed to the public.

I don't know. I don't think it would be a good use of a paparazzi's time, though. No one's going to risk it when you've got that many media and gawkers congregating in one place. There are much better times and places to visit strip clubs.


Lisa Ann, Sarah Palin impersonator, brings political message to Tampa strip club

Never mind, I just saw from your lead-in you've both been on va-cay. But maybe pass it on to the production staff/IT to note that on the links to your chats while you are away, because it appeared there was going to be a chat last Wednesday. Thanks again!

I just addressed this earlier. My pleas went unheeded, and no one noticed my absence. The mail and newspapers piled up, the lights burned all night for weeks, and neighbors never noticed the strange smell coming from my place. . .

There was this gem...

That's not delightful, that's HORRIBLE! Please, everyone, let this be a lesson to be careful when wearing your ghillie suit.

I was going to mention your prediction, right there in the Source, that Cooley would bring short-shorts back. Unfortunately, your prognostications were not correct. That is why I never ask you for lottery numbers.

Oh, you don't remember when short shorts were the craze? I swear I remember you wearing them too.

The Boston Herald had an item mentioning that Taylor Swift's Kennedy boy-toy, although 18, is only starting his JUNIOR year of HIGH SCHOOL. This couldn't possibly be true, could it?

Oh, anything is possible at this point. I just hope the Kennedys are getting a good licensing fee from Taylor.

How did Roxanne get tapped to go to Tampa? Will you go to Charlotte or is she the designated convention goer? (though it seems like neither one would be the most fertile patch for celebrity information)

I'll be headed to Charlotte this weekend. Hey, the conventions, that's where the story is at. For better or worse, all the Washington VIPs (and many of the national VIPs) are camping out there. Trust me, Washington is really quiet right now because of it.

The mail and newspapers piled up, the lights burned all night for weeks, and neighbors never noticed the strange smell coming from my place. . .Cases will vary. Judging by the sun the only watch we had was broken. It was right at least twice a day though.

Hey, man, I'm sorry I'm not publishing more of your posts, but I worried you're either a spambot or a terrorist sending coded messages.

of wher in NoVa the WH Press Secretary grew up? I'm more sick of this than I am of Lindsey Lohan, and that's really saying something. If the chatter has a story to tell, email it to That is all.

Works for me.

I tend to disagree with this assessment. At the RNC in New York in 2004, strip clubs were all the rage. A lot of delegates don't have them (or good ones, at least) in their hometowns. I stayed at the main convention hotel that year, and I can promise you there were a lot of organizing of trips to the clubs. While I never heard of anyone genuinely famous going that year, I heard A LOT of stories of club visits from DC famous men (and a couple of women!) who took advantage of their trip to NYC. Why would Tampa be any different?

Oh, well, delegates, god bless 'em -- that's a different story. Who cares if unfamous delegates go to a strip club?

Did they look like they were bought at the local Safeway?

Philip Rucker, who tasted them, said they were delicious. And they didn't look like Safeway cookies.

I want to know! It's like with politicians who diss the moral stances of their opponents, while behaving at least as badly -- if not worse -- themselves. Inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW these things!!!

Delegates? Really? Meanwhile, I haven't looked at the GOP platform closely enough, but I haven't heard of any anti-strip club plank.

WaPo Co. owned had an interesting take that Taylor Swift's lyrics have gotten a catty (my word, not Alyssa Rosenberg's). You might enjoy it if you haven't already read.

Oh, I will look forward to reading this. I think the new song is the dregs.

Isn't there some women's magazine that asks readers to choose which potential First Lady's cookie recipe they like more? And isn't that straw poll touted as a predictor of the way the election is going to go? Or is my poor brain making that up? Welcome back! The morning paper just wasn't the same without your column.

Yes, that's Family Circle that hosts the presidential cookie recipe contest. I find the idea kind of horrible and trite, even while wanting to try some of these recipes.

Were they Ann Romney's cookies?


Don't get beheaded. Y'all make it back, ya hear?

Okay, now you're more lucid. That's almost funny.

Actually I like the Lindsay Lohan's stories. I mean if you don't like Lindsay Lohan stories, why are you reading a gossip column?

Oh, I think we all need to keep a high bar for Lindsay Lohan stories. She's a kind of sad person who used to be famous. Having said that, count me in to watch her terrible Taylor/Burton movie, whenever that happens.

Did Names and Faces run? I saw a couple of items at the start, but then they disappeared. Or maybe I was expected to search "Names and Faces" every day?

They ran Names and Faces for two of the three weeks we were gone.

The cookies that Mitt dissed were from one of our area's renowned bakeries, in Bethel Park, PA. And he insulted them by claiming the cookies looked as though they were from the 7-11.

He's got a quirky sense of humor, that Mitt.

Are you disappointed he didn't get to cause a scene at the convention? Would have been hugely entertaining, I suspect.

Hey, it's not over yet. . .

I'm lost.

Was responding to our spambot/terrorist/non-sequitur artist who keeps writing in.

From the article, there was a link to a tweeted photo of Ann Romney making those Welsh Cookies. The caption is, @AnnDRomney making her famous welsh cakes to take to the convention. She's made hundreds today!" Flour automatically migrates to whatever shirt I am wearing. Ann Romney's is as pristine as when she put it on. But, I have to admit that the strategically placed, cloth grocery bags, right next to her in the picture, was a nice touch.

Hmmm, good point. There's a conspiracy to explore.

I would love it if one of the candidates wives would just come out and say, "hey, I don't cook, here's my favorite store bought." Did Teresa Heinz have a cookie recipe?

Geez Louise, if I was a junior in high school and my super famous 22-year-old flew me half way across the country, I'd have been over the Moon!

That's why we don't let the juniors in high school make the decisions in most homes.

scratch that and change it to who's still in high school. Lord have mercy, I know he's a Kennedy, but there is no way my dad would've let me take a private jet to see my 22-year-old boyfriend (if I'd had one) right before I started my senior year of high school. Kennedys, they're not just like us!

It definitely feels like some kind of tipping point in Taylor Swift's career. Her whole brand is based on being the relateable girl, and while she's always exploited her personal life, it's all getting a little weird.

and of course, he has outstanding dimples!


obviously this chatter has never spent time around the prep school set in New England. When I lived in New England, I worked with a woman who went to Exeter, but she didn't get in till she finished her sophomore year at public school, so she started high school over at Exeter. See, the prep school line on the resume is THAT important that you are willing to go to high school for SIX YEARS!

New England really is a different planet, isn't it?

Well, what do you say we wrap up here? It's been great catching up with all of you. Hopefully I'll be able to join the chat next week from Charlotte -- if not, please be nice to Roxanne.  Stay in touch all week long at

Did it contain Heinz ketchup? (I ask because my mother had an old Depression-era cake recipe that called for Campbell's Tomato Soup).

Hmmm, that actually sounds kind of good. You can send that recipe also to

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