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Jul 18, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, July 18, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Reliable Source web chat. A few things on our plate lately:


Sonia Sotomayor buys into a super-trendy D.C. neighborhood.


A rising theater star, June Schreiner, takes time off for college.


What’s wrong with Jesse Jackson Jr.?


The Obama KissCam chronicles!


Congratulations to Karl Rove, who just got married, and to Jack Abramoff, who just got a job.


A beauty queen gets engaged to a big-deal developer, but this is the couple we think has reality TV potential.


In other news: Charlie Sheen's gift to the USO. . . Look! Oprah, and Will Smith, and Krist Novoselic! . . . Team USA makes the scene all over town. . . . Marissa Meyer, first pregnant Fortune 500 CEO?. . . . Sigourney Weaver as  Hillary Clinton in "Political Animals". . . . And the Green Party convention was plenty lively, even without Roseanne.


Looking forward to your questions.

Your vacation and my therapist's vacation coincide. I'll need you to reschedule. Thank you.

Actually, we all planned this. Thought we'd see how you do without us.

Roxanne-How was it hanging with Bobcat Goldthwait last week?

He was hysterical---and a nice guy.

I was bored over the weekend and Freaky Friday was playing on some channel that I've never heard of before, the most recent version, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay. It was better than I expected, and LiLo was perfectly convincing as a middle aged fuddy duddy, even though she was still just a teenager at the time. I had forgotten how good an actress LiLo was before she went off the rails and crashed into the valley below, killing everyone on board. She could have been great. What a waste.

I think that's why there has always been the hope she could somehow get her act together: She's lovely and a naturally gifted actress. But she and the people around her are out of control, which wasted years of potential great roles. She's probably got another 3-4 years to prove herself (the Liz Taylor role will be a good test) or she'll be reduced to character roles.

As one of your biggest fans (and also one of the only people in the world to love the RHDC) why did you not include the fact that A. Scott Bolden failed at his attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? While the every-other-day presents and journal are romantic, he still failed to summit, and your blurb is misleading regarding his attempt.

Lack of space, that's all. We'd written about Scott's Kilimanjaro debacle when it happened, which is how you know about it (see link above, also provided in the online version of the new story), and as you can see, that was a whole saga on its own. . . . As a writer, you  have to pick and choose and keep with a theme or run the risk of losing a reader by overwhelming them with information. You seem a little angry about this -- want to explain?

I am actually rooting that he becomes a host on American Idol

Not that he knows much about music, if that counts for anything anymore.

Please tell Bobcat Goldthwait that I love him.

I promise.

Someone asked last week why people don't like Bryce Harper. I can give a few: He acted like an immature jerk as a minor leaguer, including blowing a kiss to a pitcher after hitting a home run. He has a tendency to make faces at umpires if they don't give him the call he wants--which is tolerable from a veteran, but this kid hasn't been in the majors long enough to earn that respect. And honestly, it's the hype. It was just HARPER HARPER HARPER everywhere, even well before he hit the majors. I can't deal with that (which is the same reason I hate the Redskins). At the Orioles-Nats game up at Camden Yards, a good 90% of the Nats-wear I saw had Harper's name on it, which seems slightly extreme, particularly for a team that has other good players (where's the love for Zimmerman?). Admittedly Harper's been behaving himself a bit more (though taunting Ozzie Guillen is never a good idea, unless you like watching Guillen go off) (I think both Guillen and Harper came off looking bad in that dust-up), but he's still not a player I like, despite his abilities. I laughed and laughed when he lost that pop-up in the All-Star Game, particularly coming off his getting picked off. Which is all probably much more than the person who questions last week wants to know. I wanted to be a Nats fan, but it just never happened. I blame their tv crew, to be honest.

Okay, thanks for sharing.

Any insight as to what happened with Jesse Jackson Jr.?

"Mood disorder." Does that help?

Am really pumped waiting for the Dark Knight movie

Are you? I think I'm done with superhero movies. The Avengers just ruined them all for me.

I wondered if Valerie Plame was invited to the wedding

Be nice.

How dare they cut the mics of Springsteen and Sir Paul at the end of the concert in London

Oh, I think it's kind of cool, actually, Makes a couple of AARP members look like total rebels.

Ladies: I'm the person who posted about whether it would be appropriate to wear a knee-length black dress with a bright shawl to a late afternoon Saturday wedding. I wanted to thank you for taking my question and for the responses from my fellow chatters. I did wear the black dress and was relieved to see that I wasn't the only one who did. (My other alternative was a long dress which I nixed given the heat; there was one woman in a long dress that looked like a bridesmaid's dress though she wasn't part of the wedding party.) If there was one woman everyone noticed it was the woman in the orange, backless, super short dress, complete with tramp stamp. I thought it was inappropriate to upstage the bride? Btw, on the Post's Q&A calendar (when you click on a date) your chat does not appear until the day before or the day of your chat; this happened last week but I found out afterwards that there was a chat. Some of the other chat's (like Tom Sietsema's) always show up on the appointed day. Thanks again.

Glad it worked out, and sorry about the chat calendar. It's alway something. But I do know that last week there were specific technical problems -- our chat didn't appear until minutes before it started.

There's some debate in my circles about whether his role in "Magic Mike" will restart Matthew McConaughey's career or finish it ? Have you seen the movie ? Would you care to weigh-in ?

Have not seen the movie and am unlikely to. Matthew taking his shirt off is nothing new. He's a charming enough guy but plays the essentially same character over and over -- kind of like a male Kate Hudson. I hope he invests his money well, because he's never going to be an A-list actor.

That Obama Kiss Cam thing really has to rate as one of the sillier "news" items of the week. Frankly just the fact that the First Lady went to a basketball game with the President seems to indicate a strong marriage and secondly would we have fussed this way over Richard and Pat Nixon or Warren and Florence Harding ?

It's a brave new media world and an election year, so EVERYTHING the president does -- including Kiss Cam -- becomes news. Chalk it up to the silly summer season. 

Are they really dating now that she & her hubby have split? I read where Evan moved into her home. That would make her a super cougar. She's definitely robbing that cradle, huh?

Yeah, I read that story, and nothing about it sounds right to me, but who knows. I wish them the best.

I'm okay with Sigourney Weaver as Hilary Clinton but how on Earth are they ever going to find wardrobe to match some of Hillary's getups ?

Lucky for Weaver that's she's so tall and can wear pantsuits well.

Me: movie theaters.

Seen anything good? I liked "Moonrise Kingdom," but am looking forward to the trashiness of "Savages."

... but what do you think of that weird rich couple in London where the police raided them (for crack!) and it turned out her dead body was just hanging around the house. Rich people really do live different lives than us...

I haven't read any deeper into it than I did last week, but I disagree: In this case, sounds like rich drug addicts live lives as sordid and pathetic as poor drug addicts.

Please tell Zimmerman to get off the computer and go back to practice!


Do you know how much the guests paid to attend?

Snark aside, people: It's possible the couple had a quiet, romantic little ceremony.

Under Live Q & As, it shows you don't start until 1pm.....

I'm looking at it now, and it says we start at noon.

The main reason I was watching this was for Adrian Pasdar, and I was appalled at how small his part was. He was totally amazing in a show called Profit, which was too controversial for television at the time. I didn't care for Ciarin Hinds at all, and he didn't fit my image of a Clintonesque president. Sigourney Weaver, as usual, was excellent. James Wolk is almost as good looking as Matt Bomer!

It's a pretty solid show, but honestly, the casting seems about as wrong as it so often is for the presidential roles -- both Ciaran Hinds and Adrian Pasdar seem about as unfit to be president as Tony Goldwyn in "Scandal." It calls attention, once again, to the need for a pre-approved list of actors who are qualified to play the president.

You and the chatters helped me last summer with my Nook v. Kindle dilemma. Now I'm thinking of upgrading my blackberry to either an iPhone or an Android. I want to improve my internet surfing experience. I dislike the Cult of Apple (ie, they try to convince you that they are a membership organization for the cool kids, when in fact they are the largest corporation in the world with unconscionably high profit margins.) I realize that Samsung is also a big corporation, but at least they don't pretend to be the cool table in the lunchroom. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!

As a low-tech person, have to say I've been very happy with my iPhone, which I use for calls, e-mails, photos and surfing. Nothing fancy, and it does what I ask when I ask. Chatters?

what do you make of suri going to catholic school? Interesting the minute that was announced, Tom swoops in for a visit from neighboring Iceland. LOL.

I think it's huge. This child is clearly the pivot point for the next Holy War.


Nah, just kidding. I actually don't have an opinion at all.

Actually, we watched 21 Jump Street this weekend - was expecting to be a hater, but, what do you know? It was absolutely hysterical. And, very aware of the ridiculousness of its conceit.

This is what I keep hearing about that movie. Hard to believe.

Actually, he really does give it his all in Magic Mike. Poor guy.

Not so poor. We should all be paid so well for mediocre performances.

I don't know these people, but doesn't 24-52 just inherently make your skin crawl. I thought it was half his age plus seven for age appropriateness, not half his age minus seven!

I expected we'd hear some chatter like that. Who knows. They seem incredibly happy.

This is what Matt McConaughey, B-lister, got paid for three films: Sahara (2005): $8,000,000, The Wedding Planner (2001): $5,000,000 Amistad (1997): $1,000,000. Please, dear Lord, make me a B-list actor!

That hurts. A lot.

I like the kid. Everything I've read about him says he is polite & respectful & willing to learn from everyone on the team. He chooses not to drink (and not just because he's Mormon). His teenage years were not normal, as he missed his last two years of high school to go straight into college (he got his GED); all the other guys at least graduated from high school, if not to college. He lives alone, sometimes cooks for himself, & misses his family. I think he's handled himself amazingly well, and I wouldn't mind if my 17-year-old met him one day.

You read this story, right? About Harper's life in D.C.?

Good luck to your 17-year-old. If I'm allowed to play matchmaker, I'd like to get him together with June Schreiner.

Martin Sheen Michael Douglas

Obviously. Though it's important to branch out and add some people to the list who haven't actually already played the president.

Do you let sources approve their quotes before publication?

Nope. It is not standard proceedure. I have an obligation to accurately quote a source, but quote approval is a form of control designed to let subjecta edit themselves. The correct way to do that is to speak clearly and carefully during the interview, and to make clear beforehand if anything is off the record.

What ever happened to the Dixie Chicks? Is Adrian still married to Natalie Mains?

Yes, they are still married. I don't know what's up with the Dixie Chicks - they seem to be on a freeform hiatus that involves occasional performances but no new music. Was just listening to "Home" over the weekend -- amazing album.

Until she realizes that he is, in fact, 28 years older than she is, and his body starts failing him just as she's ready to have kids. In the same vein, I'm waiting for the announcement any day that Alec Baldwin's new wife is pregnant. It will be like "It's Complicated" come to life.

It all depends why she married him---and I hope they discussed all that before they got engaged.

Always liked Kevin Kline as another person who could play president

I just like Kevin Kline.

Me? I prefer to keep cool by living near the Pacific Ocean. Works like a charm.


Look, when you're on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 15 and the story says that you may wind up being the greatest baseball player of all time, that would tend to have an effect on one's ego. I'm more impressed with the fact that all his teammates seem to love him and he doesn't hold himself out to them as the Anointed One. That's what Barry Bonds did and he had no love in the clubhouse--or with the public.

He seems to be handling himself incredibly well, as Steinberg just noted the other day, quoting a series of his very gracious and mature soundbites.

Aaron Eckhardt. He's got the dimpled chin and the steely visage. Also, Patrick Wilson. Just because.

Hmmm, you think? I'm open to the possibility.

Boy is she talented--and looks like she's smart, too. I consider seeing her at Arena last year as one of those lucky, lucky experiences--20 years from now I expect to be saying I saw her when. Thanks for the update and I hope she has a fab time at college.

I saw her in "Oklahoma!" and she was just the most incredible presence. The best actors always give off a vibe of being more alive than anyone else in the room, and she had that.

Rox, you need to take Bobcat Goldthwait aside and counsel him to follow the news more closely, at least during weeks he's going to appear on "Wait! Wait!" Unless, of course, you enjoyed cleaning his clock.

I kind of did, actually. Is that wrong?

iPhones are for people who don't want to (or don't know how to) tinker with the phone's apps and structure, while Androids are more capable of being individualized and changed. If you have any other Apple device (iPad or Mac), I would go with the iPhone, so you can sync your calendar, photos, and e-mail across devices.

I am not a tinkerer--at all.

I recently watched the original "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" with Walter Matthau and Jerry Stiller. It's a brilliant movie that really captured the way New York was in the 70s, when it was dangerous and falling apart. Some nonentity played a cowering, sniveling mayor (Tony Roberts played one of his aides) and although he wasn't important to the film, it detracted a little bit from the movie, because it made it feel cartoonish. Your list is a good idea. I think you need to enhance it somewhat with a list of don'ts when filming in Washington, like make sure that when someone gets off the subway at the "Georgetown" stop, they're not actually in Baltimore.

Oh, I've given up on geographical correctness -- we'll never win that battle, and it probably doesn't matter for people who don't live here. But it really affects the quality of the entire project if your president doesn't seem like a president.

Funny, but all of those reasons the previous chatter lists for not liking Bryce Harper has a lot to do with why I like him so much. He's just fun to watch and he's a playmaker! Did you see the triple he hit last night to tie the game? I was so proud of my future second husband.

Ha! Does Husband #1 know about your plans?

Hello Ladies - Just read the transcript of last week's chat and your wondering about the brief Ernest Borgnine - Ethel Merman marriage. It's been noted in a couple of Hollywood Babylon-type books that every night in bed, Ernie liked to put Ethel in the Dutch Oven. Apparently she didn't much care for that and decide to get out fast.

Oh, gross. I don't believe that, if only because I don't think anyone knows what went on there. And anyway, for me the big mystery is not why the marriage was so short but how it even happened at all.

Duh. Morgan Freeman

You know what would be a really great technical improvement to the chat? Number the responses - that way, if you get interrupted, you know exactly how far to scroll down when you return to the site.

We don't want to make it too easy for you.

RIP Sage Stallone. Did not really know what happened to him since Rocky V.

Yeah, sad story all around. If I were a Hollywood A-lister, I would not allow my kids to work anywhere near showbiz. It's really rough coming up in that shadow.

Somebody married Karl Rove? Yuck. He is very unattractive but I guess she was looking at his deep pockets.

I am going to defend Karl ---there are many reasons to marry someone, and looks is only one (and that's not  that important in the long run.) Whatever you think of his politics, I'm willing to belive that Karl and his wife married because they deeply care about each other.


One of his obituaries stated that they went to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and he was recognized everywhere, she was not recognized at all. She didn't like that and ended the marriage after 32 days.

Show biz egos! So fragile!

I'd like to see Tony Danza as the President perhaps in a sitcom where he also is a retired teacher/boxer who keeps house for a fussy Georgetown Lady.

Please don't program this opposite my Joe Biden-Makes-Over-Your Backyard reality show. 

This brought me back. 15 years ago or so, there was a SxSW spinoff NxNW, and there was this small venue where we went to see some bands and he was standing on the floor (this was just a year or two after Cobain died and Krist was still a megawatt god - especially in rock crowd) and just enjoying the band. People would come up to him and he was just as nice to any little music nerd that approached him. Stayed for the whole show and just rocked with the rest of the crowd. Decent guy, him.

Decent guy is the crowd consensus on Krist Novoselic. Really good manners.

Mark Harmon?


Don't worry. It's midsummer, unbearably hot and sticky. This chat is taxing me.

No kidding, me too.

Is there any news on either Ryan Zimmerman's &/or Michael Morse's upcoming nuptials? And who are our most eligible bachelor Nats?

Just that, you know, they're both still getting married. I dunno, what were you looking for? Here's my favorite Michael Morse story of the day.

Matthew Mcconaughey as long as he keeps his pants on -- although come to think of it why should that matter if he's president ?


They should program this opposite the John McCain-Get-Off-My-Lawn reality show.

No! Back to back! I'd watch both if Mccain threw in barbeque tips.

Or you could just timestamp your replies so we could note the time we left off reading.

I maintain that it would work out just fine if only you PAID MORE ATTENTION.

How would a conversation like that possibly play out: "Honey, you aren't marrying me for my money, are you?" "Of course not, baby." "Good to know, thank you."

Then, "And here's the prenup. Sign on the dotted line."

Charlie Sheen is a jerk even if he gives all of his money to good causes. His new sitcom stinks but his dad is very good in the new Spiderman.

Thanks for sharing.

a) Karl Rove, b) Bobby Brown, c) Charlie Sheen, or d) Tareq Salahi. The fate of the world depended on it, lets pretend.

Come on. How does the fate of the world depend on it?

or Diane Lane could play the President. Just saying - the list so far is depressingly heavy on men.

Diane Lane is a very good addition to the list.

1. If Bill Clinton can be president, Matthew McConnaughey can play a president. That movie would be so much fun if I caught it at 3PM on TNT on a Wednesday or if it was one of the options during a flight to London, and I mean that in the best possible way. 2. Money aside, Rove plays to win and wants to get what he wants. There's something inherently attractive about that, for either gender.

Thanks for the counterintuitive input!

No less improbable then many summer disaster movies... But, way to dodge the question!

Okay. I'm going with Sheen.

Are there factors that make the age difference less "upsetting" to people? Like if the younger person is over 30 or 35 or they are a same-sex couple. I was just thinking there is a 20 year or so age difference between Barney Frank and his husband, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal. And if Katie Holmes was marrying Tom Cruise now, at 33, I don't think people would be talking about the age difference as much. I think the whole one of them being in their 20s is the reason why people get think it is icky.

Yes, that's a lot to do with it, probably. The older both are, the less the age disparity jumps out at one.

What I've never understood about that phrase is why is having your clock cleaned a bad thing? Wouldn't you want someone to open it up, clean out the dust, oil the gears, etc.? And that raises another question - why, when someone is punched hard, he or she got "clocked"? You would think the Swiss would be rising up in anger about the bad PR they're getting from these phrases.

My 20th reunion is this weekend. Any advice/tips/experience to share?

Reunions are great. And they don't really start getting good until the 20-year mark, because everyone has a good attitude and has lost the chip from their shoulder. The one difficulty is that you'll see so many people you need to talk to, and you'll get stuck in conversations when you really  need to be mingling more, and you know how you fall back on that breakaway line of, "I"m going to get another drink!"? Well, maybe don't actually get another drink every time you use that line.

How can this guy possibly think he has a political future? He was forced to resign even BEFORE we found he was doing all this crap while his poor wife was pregnant? Even Jon Stewart (one of his oldest friends!) turned on him! I'd vote for Matthew McConnnagh years before I would vote for him again.

Oh, weirder things have happened. Or maybe not.

June Schreiner got her big break in the same role as Celeste Holm did nearly 70 years ago -- Ado Annie in "Oklahoma!" Coincidence?

And so the torch passes.

Who do you think is going to be more fodder for your columns for years to come?

Hmmm. Probably Bryce. Hard to say.

Did you notice who played the mayor's wife in the original The Taking of the Pelham One Two Three? A young Marie Barone, otherwise known as Doris Roberts.

Will have to Netflix this one.

Heck, she's already played a First Lady (Pat Nixon), so she knows her way around the White House, right?

And the VP nominee in "The Contender."

This happened several years ago to my niece who was working in Beverly Hills. She stops at a sandwich place for lunch. Goes to the patio to look for a table to sit at; they're all taken. A guy bekons her over and invites her to sit with him. She sits down and says "OMG, you're Charlie Sheen". He says "Shussh, don't tell anyone". And he doesn't even hit on her; justs lets her enjoy the lunch and the sunshine.

That's nice.

I think it definite relates to how much the difference is as a percentage of how long they have been alive. 10 years at 40 - a difference in life experiences for sure, but not THAT much. 20 and 30 - HUGE.


Lou Grant once said that the best ones are somebody else's, because you don't know anyone there.


OP here. I learned the expression from my future husband when we met in early 1966. I suspect he learned it from his grandfather, a Midwestern farmer to whom he was very close.

It's a good phrase. But I prefer "mop the floor with."


Well, it's been fun, but we've got to go make news happen now. See you back here next week (if you can manage to find your way here), but stay in touch until then via

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