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Dec 07, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Dec. 7, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone! Here's what's been on our minds lately:


Why did Amanda Knox hire D.C. lawyer Bob Barnett?


The Kennedy Center Honors after-party: C'mon, people, mingle!


Alexander Ovechkin debuts a new girlfriend -- Russian tennis star Maria Kirilenko.


J.R. Martinez gets a hero's welcome at the Pentagon and makes me wish I'd watched more DWTS.


Jackson Browne performs for Occupy protesters, draws their moms.


Congresswoman caught doing the crossword puzzle on House floor.


Sidwell Friends's Pearl Harbor Day lunch was not intended to be a Pearl Harbor-themed lunch. And did you hear about Sidwell's mother-daughter musical?


Also: Mitt Romney settles on a feel-good Kid Rock tune as his campaign theme song. Lady Gaga pays a relatively low-key visit to the White House. Alec Baldwin abruptly deplanes.


What's on your mind? We look forward to your questions.


How are y'all feeling about that move from "Entertainment" to "Lifestyle"? At least your not lumped with the comics anymore.

It's perfect! We're Life! And Style! We're two, two, two mints in one!

How soon till the Amanda Knox book arrives in the discounted aisle?

Here's the thing: You never know what is going to grip the imagination of the American reading public. Would a book about Casey Anthony do well? The trial was HUGE. Hearing about the Knox case from Amanda may be catnip for everyone who followed her story for the past four years.

While most media reported that Alec Baldwin was kicked off a plane for playing a computer game, I assume he was kicked off because he refused to turn off a phone device when directed to do so by a flight attendant. He said he'll never fly AA again (presuming other airlines will let him play away as long as he wants?), though he also made a pretty crude and sexist remark about flight attendants in the process. Do you think many people will follow his lead in boycotting AA? And who the heck subscribes to an account to get any and all thoughts of Alec Baldwin?

Baldwin, as you probably know, tweeted yesterday that a flight attendant had chided him for simply playing Words With Friends; he went on quite a rant about American Airlines (though he had kinder words for the attendants on the later AA flight he got booked on).

American Airlines has now spoken out on this topic. Without naming Baldwin, they referred very pointedly to him, saying that a certain "extremely vocal customer" had disobeyed their rules about turning off phones and computers when the doors are closed and seat-belt lights are on. The passenger declined, AA says, and then

"ultimately stood up (with the seat belt light still on for departure) and took his phone into the plane’s lavatory. He slammed the lavatory door so hard, the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, even with the cockpit door closed and locked. They immediately contacted the cabin crew to check on the situation. The passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. Given the facts above, the passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding."

Oh, and Alec Baldwin just shut down his Twitter account.

No, I don't think so. Isn't he a big NRA-card-carrying (R)?

I think it's more about his Michigan roots: Kid Rock was born in Romeo, a town just outside Detroit. Mitt was born in Detroit.

I love it - how fun fun Yo-Yo Ma is having , Sonny Rollins' wry smiles. But why is Anne Hathaway the lead photo? Surely the group shot is more worth, red carpet order be dashed.

Nothing to do with the merits of the people in the photo -- it's simply a better photo. We always prefer the candid images to the posed ones, though both have their virtues.

So how about Jayson Werth being at the Caps game. Wonder why he's still in town?

Yeah, I heard that he was at the Caps game but didn't have a chance to report it out in the post-KenCen rush. Good question: It is unusual for many Nats to hang around here in the off-season.

An open champagne bottle while driving? That is stupidity I only expect from frat boys and my ex boyfriend. Come on now. What was she thinking? Yeah, I know she was drunk, but lots of drunk people don't do that. Maybe she thinks because she was Miss USA she will never get in trouble?

Dumb, dumb, dumb. I suspect it is less about being a former beauty queen and more about being drunk --- and not a very smart drunk.

And in another blast from the past, I'm going to see Hall & Oates in concert in Atlantic City this weekend! I can't wait - I had a HUGE crush on Daryl Hall 30 years ago, LOL!

LOL indeed. I always thought he was kind of creepy. But some of those songs hold up well. Have fun!

When I read that author David Guterson won a Bad Sex in Fiction Award, I immediately wondered: where do I submit entries for the Bad Sex in Reality Award? Supposedly Guterson wrote "then they rinsed, dried, dressed, and went to an expensive restaurant for lunch." How is that bad? Reality is "and then the drain was so clogged it took a plumber an hour to fit it, there were no fresh towels, we put on our dirty clothes because we still don't have enough money to fix the washing machine, and then we went to McDonald's."

None of this actually says the sex was bad. How about "he kissed like a dead fish and lasted 90 seconds" bad? 

Do you really get paid to report/gossip stuff like this? Good lord. See any political implications for 2012 in the menu worth speculating on, too? You've made me a dummer (see I can't even spell dumber!) human being just by reporting it. How do you feel about that? And how much of that menu is actually Japanese cuisine? I believe Szechuan is Mandarin for "you are idiots"!

Thanks for writing. Dunno, just thought it was kind of funny, that's all, sort of like the parent who sent it in; worth the five sentences we devoted to it but not anymore. We noted in the item that some of the dishes were Japanese while others were pan-Asian. Of course there's a difference, but it doesn't take away from the first-glance weirdness of seeing that under the "Pearl Harbor Day" banner. That's the long and short of the joke -- so are we celebrating the War in the Pacific? I don't see any political implications, though I'm also not sure whose political implications you want non-partisan journalists to be looking out for.

Why is Donald Trump looking as orange as John Boehner?

Is he? You'd think  Trump could afford a high-quality spray tan.

He does obnoxious things, then everyone talks about how great he is. Which one is the real Alec Baldwin? The comic genius? The mean dad? The loving dad? The rude-to-flight-attendants guy? The Capital One ad dude? I am confused.

He is ALL those things. Unless you're on the receiving end of the rude guy, it's hard to understand why anyone would think he's a jerk. The smartest actors manage to censor the rude guy in public because they understand that people will recognize them and the bar is higher.

So, what gives that no talent probably really is a guy dressed like a gal Lady Gaga doing being against bullying? (In case the point is missed by any reader, the previous sentence was meant as comedic irony and not a real opinion.)

I'm sorry, your ironic grammar and syntax here is so choppy I'm having a hard time following.

I love it. Love it. and I harumph when the flight attendants tell me to turn off my kindle during take off and landing b/c I think it's like having a book. that said: I turn it off and don't go into a snit when told to. I find these instances so revealing of the coddled "yes" world most celebrities probably live in. even if you're alec baldwin, you still have to comply with tsa rules. Sorry.

Really, the TSA needs to start profiling on the basis of celebrity status.

What really matters is that, wherever you are, you are a "Top Blog"!

We've got to come up with a better name for that.

Roxanne, do you have any good Mo Rocca stories you can share? He's wonderful (on the CBS Morning Show, too).

He is wonderful. Nothing juicy, except that he's got the greatest deal in history going: Mo made fun of homemade knitted sweaters, so now America's knitters send him the most gorgeous sweaters. He was wearing one last week on the show.

And does it affect your opinions of said shows? Do you watch ANY of them, Amy?

I haven't had a chance to read the stories about TV-viewing partisanship, but here's what I watch: "Homeland," "The Walking Dead," the first 10 minutes of Craig Ferguson if I stay up that late. . .  and "Satisfaction," that terrible 1988 movie starring Justine Bateman as the frontwoman of a girl rock band -- only once, but I did watch the entire thing when it came on cable late Monday. So what does that make me?

What kind of country is this that Blago has to go to jail?

Oh, but aren't you looking forward to his prison memoir?

Hey, I thought it was interesting. What's more, your writing cannot make me dumber or smarter, just more aware of interesting things. I don't appreciate the hating by the previous chatter. Just sayin'. Keep 'em coming, Sourcettes!

Thanks for writing.

My goodness they serve fancy food at Sidwell - where's the mystery beef-n-mac casserole? The processed fish fingers? Grilled cheese sandwiches?

Seriously, I'm thinking about heading up there for lunch today after we break here. That garlic-roasted edamame sounds amazing.

Now that she's a journalist, too, do you think she'll talk to you?

Nope. Just because she's a member of  "the media" doesn't mean she'll talk to actual reporters. And --- here's a shocker --- bet she won't be asked to report any stories where the principals refuse to speak to the press.  Prearranged interviews with willing subjects (plus a hefty production staff helping her) doesn't make her a journalist in my book.

And the protective order? Really?

I have no idea, but just to be on the safe side, I think I'll try to avoid being on flights with him too this week. 

AP: Terrence Howard’s wife receives restraining order; actor denies allegations of abuse

She is now claiming she is innocent of all charges. I am so confused. Why would the police report that she was found with cocaine if she wasn't?

I think the question is "Why would she lie about possessing cocaine?" Hmmmm........

Another good reason that airline passengers shouldn't be playing computer games during takeoff and landing -- as well as not keeping their window shades down -- is that in case of any sort of an impending emergency, the passengers need to be immediately alert (rather than distracted) in case it's necessary to follow evacuation procedures, because time is often of the essence.

I think a more compelling case is that fewer people are paying attention to the safety information in case of an emergency.

Anyone know if it a myth that one can fire a cannonball through a home and a minivan?

It is not a myth! Whoops. Incidentally, turns out that "Mythbusters" is a Republican show -- who knew?

I liked him in high school but the alleged domestic violence episodes and/or lack of new material put him at the back of my playlist (oh and maybe listening to that new guy from Jersey named Springsteen).

You grew up, that's all.

Do you still have to turn it off? You can turn the wireless function off and still read, I think. Then again, I prefer RV road trips to flying.

I don't know -- whatever your flight attendant says.

Don't feel bad about watching Satisfaction - sometimes a good, cheesy 80s movie is really hard to turn away from.

You know who is a good actor? Liam Neeson. The way he kept staring adoringly at Justine Bateman, especially when she was singing. That's good acting.

Are you saying that actors are rude in private? Surely some are at least as nice in private as in public. Ditto for politicians.

No, but even the nicest person can have a bad day. Public figures can't really afford to show it in public because people are watching and WILL share the information.

I'd never heard of J.R. before DWTS (don't watch soaps) - but my how he won my heart. Just the most charming guy with a great sense of humor - and now he can dance! He is a great ambassador for the military.

He was a really impressive guy. Both very charismatic and very down-to-earth.


J.R. Martinez in D.C.: 'Dancing With the Stars' winner gets hero's welcome at Pentagon

If every celebrity leaves Twitter after a controversy, who will be left tweeting worth reading?

You tell me. I got no suggestions.

One of my favorites, "Castle", is on the (R) list, and I am definitely NOT an (R)! It's a funny list, though.

Fascinating, right?

I used to have a big crush on Alec Baldwin until he got married to Kim Basinger and would routinely say dumb things in public with tape recorders running (or anywhere once the internet became ubiquitous.) Then I developed a crush on George Clooney, which I have to today. BTW - See "The Descendants". The only unrealistic part is that anyone married to George would cheat on him. I think the contrast between George's public behavior (that weirdness with Fabio a few years ago aside) as reported in the chat a few weeks ago, and AB's fairly routine behavior in public tells me that I have matured.

I agree.  Since I've never been in private with George (sigh), I can only judge by his public interactions here in Washington. He's unfailingly polite to everyone, which might be an effort if he's tired or wants to grab a bite to eat. But he gets that his fans adore him and are paying attention to every little thing he does.

1. I wonder how much of an influence on the Sidwell Friends lunch menu Michelle Obama's Let's Move and healthy eating efforts has had? 2. The NYC public schools have a Wellness In The Schools effort, in which the schools can buy their own food (with Dept of Ed money) and organize healthier meals for the kids. There used to be a famous locavore restaurateur whose daughter was at my son's school. (They took a field trip to his restaurant one day, he filleted a fish for them and then made mac-n-cheese with very high end gruyere, truffle oil and fresh pasta.) The lunches this man organized sounded amazing. I doubt the kids ate them.

I would assume that Sidwell has had impressively healthy menus for more than a few years now, but I don't really know. Today's menu sure sounded good; I'd love to see what they have on other days.

I just flew to/from Rome a few weeks ago, and all flights told me turn the kindle off. same with every domestic flight I've taken since I got the kindle. I think it's silly, but I comply. I've taken to bringing a magazine for takeoff/landing --- you know, anything to avoid those awkward seat mate conversations.

Like we keep saying----no one wins a fight with a flight attendant.  There's a reason actual magazines are still popular.

Ick, he is TOO DRAMATIC!!!! When he's interviewing someone on Sunday Morning, he raises his eyebrows to the ceiling and makes pop eyes! Please, take xanax and relax. Journalists aren't supposed to show that much emotion.

That's Mo. I like it.

A Obama v. Romney seems kind of dull. Both have this "moderate" loving strike which whether it's good or bad, it isn't exciting. Both have bland marriages, nice kid, etc... Both have campaign notorious for not leaking to the press and don't like the press for how it portrays them. Save us Newt from the dullness!!!

You make a good point.

et's hope TCM drops Baldwin like a hot potato now that Robert Osbourne is back with his new face.

Oh, don't tease Robert Osbourne like that! Actually, sounds like he's been making the same joke himself.

If someone submits a question/comment that you can't understand, why don't you just choose not to post it instead of taking the time to tell the person that they don't make any sense? Just curious.

Because I was hoping they'd come back and clarify, as people often do.

When the flight attendants read the safety information, does anyone listen? Anyone know what they are saying? Although, I will credit a flight attendant for finally letting me understand how a seat belt fastens. Before then, I had no idea.

"Your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device" -- that point always stays with me.

Speaking of Darryl Hannah, what the heck happened to her? Wasn't she like the Angelina Jolie of the 80s.

You know -- time happened to her. Same as with most actresses. Time passes them by.  At least she's had a comeback or two, in the Tarantino movies.

Wow! I watch most of the Democratic shows and none of the Republican shows. Maybe I should register to vote.

Too busy watching some awesome TV, huh?

If Sandra Bullock is "some Hollywood actress", is Jesse James "some lowlife loser?"

It's wasn't as bad as it sounds: He was making a point about how he was perceived as a "big shot" after he married her by a lot of people. It wasn't a direct slam at Sandra, although tabloids tried to make it sound that way. 

I think the answer is the same as it was BEFORE the celebrities left - no one!

Pretty much--- unless the sky is actually falling and we need updates from Chicken Little.

You have to turn off your Kindle during takeoff and landing? Oh, if there only were some way to make a hard copy of your book and take that onboard.

You're a genius.

Oh let it go! ONE TIME, she said no. Lots of folks have done the same, especially when they don't want to distract from the actual candidate. Gasp, I bet a republican even did it!

Well, actually, it wasn't a one-time thing; Chelsea Clinton had a pretty solid policy of not talking to reporters all through that 2008 campaign; and she's avoided it before and since as well.

I for one would like to see some good old American food on these fancy school lunch menus -- something like hambrgers and freedom fries is what I expect American kids to eat -- washed down by a good old American Coca Cola. I think it's probably a liberal plot to get our kids to eat healthy.

Stop making me hungry. Can I order some fries to go with my edamame?

That's what a chat is all about, give and take. Asking for clarification when necessary. otherwise, we wouldn't get to submit something and it would be "comments and opinions by Roxanne and Amy." For the record, I'd read that, too.

That's sweet, but far be it from me to throw out more opinions to the blogesphere. There's too much babbling about nothing as it is.

Who would have thought the Muppets were Communists

Can we get a breakdown on the politics of the people who go see this movie?

Slate: Are the Muppets Communist?

The TSA makes you take off your shoes, the FAA makes you shut off your smart phone and Kindle. But, no matter, thinking you're above either agency's rules, no matter how petty or stupid, simply because you're a Big Important Star, is just plain classless.

In fact, stars who stand quietly in line like everyone else always get points for being normal and not above the rules.

Did Laynce Nix, who just recently got traded to the Phillies, get married recently? It would appear so from a twitter I recently saw by another National.

My googling is coming up with ambiguous responses. I will look into it.

But it's not! It's an electronic device. There's something weird in the water today.

Kindle = book, texting= talking. Close, but not the same.

I always listen to the safety information. I want the flight attendants to look at the plane full of hundreds of bored passengers and see one person actually listening.

They should upgrade you. Really.

wouldn't have been "news" if the president's daughters did not attend SF

It would have been news for us, simply because it's where so many other prominent people have sent their kids. It's possible it would have gotten less pickup elsewhere if not for the Obama connection.

Happy birthday today to Priscilla Barnes. Who is she, again?

Wait, I know this one: Didn't she replace Suzanne Somers on "Three's Company"?

The question: "Are Republicans less enthusiastic to campaign and vote for Romney-Whoever or Democrats less enthusiastic to campaign and vote for Obama-Biden" does have the makings of yawning-enducing gossip news cycle.

Oh, don't lose hope so easily. There's always something in a presidential campaign.

Since you're good at debunking rumors, I heard that those storage auction shows are staged and that the producers actually plant the miracle finds that seem to pop up out of nowhere in a locker full of old clothes and junk. I guess it makes sense and better TV programming but it sure seems like a ripoff to me.

Ah, reality shows. Certainly possible. Or maybe they never show how crappy most of the lockers are and just focus on the real finds.

But I wonder, now that "All My Children" has been canceled and his stint on "Dancing with the Stars" is over, will he be appearing on TV (or in film or on-stage) in the near future?

He wants to continue with acting. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Does it show the sophistication of the atendees that they didn't approach the A -list celebrities ( we're not counting Newt ot Glenn here ) or a certain lack of sophistication ?

I think they were all just shy.

She only had to make that policy because reporters broke the old rule about leaving candidate's children alone. McCain's daughter did the same thing, but I've never seen you rant about her!

People, people. That rule applies until the kid is 18---21 if we're being generous. Chelsea was 28 (!!!!!) when her mom ran for president --  not some helpless kid beseiged by mean old reporters -- and perfectly capable of answering a routine question. She doesn't like talking to press? Her choice, but we don't have to pretend she has some special status now or that there's not a serious double standard in her new job as a "journalist." 

I just don't understand, since she seems to have such utter contempt for journalists, why on earth she would want to join their ranks. Really, I hate to get Rush-like, but is this a political grooming thing?

That's the speculation, and network reports on good causes are great for image building and voter recognition. Oh, and she's probably getting paid pretty well, to boot.

If I give you the location of my storage locker, please feel free to put something valuable in it.


I remember reading a study a long time ago that people who survive crashes always report that they carefully listened to the safety instructions.

See? Alec, are you LISTENING????

Does this mean we will have a Jenna Bush Hager/Chelsea Clinton match-up in the future! Wow!

Wouldn't that be a treat? Never say never, especially in this day and age.

On that note, we'll call it a day. Send your tips, sightings and obscure storage locker finds to Stay warm tonight, and talk to you all next week.


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