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Jul 11, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, July 11, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning, and welcome back -- sorry we couldn't meet last week because of the holiday.

Hey, isn’t summer supposed to be slow? But there’s so much news:


Al's not the only one who's moved on -- Tipper Gore is dating someone, too.


Barney Frank got married, becoming the first member of Congress in a same-sex marriage.


Since last we met, Katie Holmes filed to divorce Tom Cruise — and they already have a settlement! You never really know what goes on in someone else's relationship, but  Tom and Katie's was pretty much an open book.


Peter O’Toole announces his retirement, and hopefully is enjoying all the appreciative comments one usually has to wait to see in one's obituary.


Bob Kerrey’s wife rues his political career, disses Nebraska.


Roseanne Barr just misses out on Green Party veepstakes, sorry to inform you.


In other news: Carl Bernstein remembers Nora Ephron. . .  Don Graham got married. . . Denise Rich abandons America. . .  Everything you want to know about Bryce Harper's life in D.C. . . . The telenovela life of Mexico's new president.


Looking forward to your questions. Hey, anyone seen Roxanne?


Yes. Sorry for the delay. They forgot to create a chat forum for us this morning, and then I was typing away and forgot to hit the "start" button. Technology!

Was there really any doubt that Katie and Tom would split up? I called it as a four year marriage at best

I mean, it was never a good idea, right? Even setting aside all the couch-jumping, etc. He was a twice-divorced Scientologist and established A-lister, she was a TV ingenue 17 years his junior and not long out of Catholic girls' school. I guess I assumed that once they turned the corner on five years that they'd go for the full 10 years. But maybe he got a six-month extension on their five year contract to get him through "Rock of Ages" promotion.


Of course, I'm just speculating. I mean, what do I know of their private relationship. Oh wait -- there was nothing private about that relationship. Read my doctoral dissertation on the topic:  Saga of Tom and Katie may be as much about show biz as about a failed relationship

But the photo you had about Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein - they had the exact same haircut!!!

I thought the same thing when I saw that photo. The '70s were a great era for his-and-her matching haircuts.


Carl Bernstein remembers Nora Ephron

Were there any Republicans spotted at Barney Frank's wedding?

Hmmm. Good question. Don't think so. It's a clannish town that way.

What are the odds she stays engaged?

I'm just not even writing about this one unless they actually get married.

RIP Andy Griffith. Can still hear the tune to the Andy Griffith Show

One friend makes the case that The Andy Griffith Show is the best sitcom ever. Agree?

Andy Griffith, Mayberry’s Sheriff Andy Taylor, dies at 86

How did he never win an Oscar? Who the heck beat him for My Favorite Year or Lawrence of Arabia? Was it one of those gift years were they rewarded John Wayne or something like that?

Just bad timing, really. It's like, how did his drinking buddy Richard Burton not get an Oscar? How did Cary Grant not get one? It's the flipside of the politics of these awards: Sometimes they just give the prize to someone they really really like - but sometimes they assume someone who's really really good is going to have many other opportunities to win. And yes, he did lose out to John Wayne for "True Grit," but that probably wasn't O'Toole's year anyway ("Goodbye Mr. Chips"). In the season of "My  Favorite Year" (in which he was amazing), he lost to Ben Kingsley for "Gandhi" (the movie hasn't really endured, but Kingsley has stood the test of time, so no argument there). And you probably won't be too upset about his "Lawrence of Arabia" loss when you realize that he was beat out by Gregory Peck in "To Kill a Mockingbird." Tough years, both of them.

How stunning was it that a divorce settlement was announced so quickly? My immediate thought was that Katie Holmes had some sort of nuclear bomb in her pocket re Scientology or something else that caused Cruise to pretty much agree to give her whatever she asked for. And who would have thought that the former Dawson's Creek star had this much gumption?

I'm more inclined to think that there was a iron-clad prenup that spelled out exactly how much she would get after X years of marriage. The only thing to negoiate was child support.

I didn't think you had a chat scheduled for today. Very glad to see that I was misinformed. So we know what Bob Kerry's wife thinks about him running again and we know what Mitt's wife thinks about the opposition's campaign. How much are the wife's feelings taken into account during an election?

I don't think it changes any voter's mind, but it DOES add or take away from the overall impression they may have of the candidiate. In Kerrey's case, it fuels the belief that he's not 100% there for his home state---especially if his wife makes such a point to declaring her opposition to his campaign and her dicey view of the Midwest in general.  As for Romney, his supporters will probably agree with her, but someone looking for a moderating influence (aka the quiet views of Laura Bush) may be disapppointed.

The smart money said 6 years, since most pre-nups up the ante when you're married more than 5!

I thought the golden number was 10 years.

Hopefully he has a good retirement. Did Gene Hackman retire as well?

Okay, raise your hand if you knew that Gene Hackman (82) was three years older than Peter O'Toole (79).


Does that even make any sense?


But yes, indeed, Hackman hasn't made a movie since 2004, and he's told interviewers that he's done.



LOVE the info about how she used a burner phone to talk with the lawyers (and Posh Spice) and plan the breakaway. I wonder if she ever said, "Mos' def, yo"

Oh, and the latest story-I-can't-vouch-for says that she was getting guidance from Nicole Kidman. I mean, who knows, but isn't it pretty to think so?

Jay Carney's hometown in Northern Viriginia?

No, you're not sorry at all.

There are some really good looking venetian blinds out there.

Oh, you have a problem.


Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever.

I knew you'd be the argumentative one.

But, is this the fellow who caused him The Troubles awhile back?

Nope. Different guy.

Who is that?

I think she's the lady on that show everyone keeps telling me I need to watch. "Modern Family," right?

I'd put the Andy Griffin Show in my top five, but I think that Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, All in the Family, and M*A*S*H were all better. Also, I Love Lucy.

"Everybody Loves Raymond"? Provocative.

How long will she be able to stay on the Today show if ratings do not improve?

Oh, I think they'll give her a few more days. What are we on now, Day Three?

So, what was she expecting when she married him? And was she just trying to be funny?

My read: She honestly thought he WAS done with public office (and maybe he did too) when he moved to New York and married her. I don't think she was trying to be funny---I think, under the pretext of being funny, she's not at all happy that he's asking her and their son to change their lives for this campaign. Some people I spoke with thought it was a very damaging piece to write because it plays right into the hands of his critics, who claim he's out of touch with the concerns of his state.

I was talking about this with my friend the divorce accountant and she said even with an ironclad prenup spelling out details, the fact that it only took 11 days from start to finish means, in her opinion, its much more likely that she had something on him. Just putting that out there...

She also had SEVEN LAWYERS. In three different states. Seriously, do not mess with Katie Holmes.

RIP Ernest Borgnine

So we've got  Ernest Borgnine and Andy Griffith. . . and Peter O'Toole retiring but getting obituary-like treatment as a result. Does that count as three?

How can you get an annulment if you have multiple kids? They strike me as skeeves.

Happens all the time, if you've got enoughy money and influence. But yeah---kind of weird for the kids from the first marriage. Since I'm not Catholic: How are the children of an anulled marriage regarded by the church?

I have to give Carl Bernstein kudos for taking the high road in his e-mail response after Nora Ephron's death. A lot of ex's would still smarting after being ridiculed in a roman-a-clef. Which, by the way, would today be treated as insulting your ex in front of the children, a major no-no between divorced parents.

Me too--although it's been 30 years since they split. Being kind was the right thing to do for his kids, even now.

Is it true Tom has moved on already?

I almost threw my BlackBerry across the room (yes, BlackBerry -- don't give me that look) when I saw the planted Page Six item about what "great chemisty" he has with his new co-star. That's about the cheesiest damage-control strategy I've seen in a while.

and for ensuring that none of us ever makes the mistake and sues the guy who steals our wife....Seriously, though,am I the only one rooting against this guy?

What do you think.

And child CUSTODY, which I think was the huge issue. I agree with the previous poster re: Scientology-scented nuclear bomb. I thought Mr. Cruise would have wanted to keep Suri in the fold otherwise.

You absolutely right. The desire to keep everything under wraps appears to be even more important than raising her in the church.

Didn't you used to have someone you worked with -- did the chat with you?

She says there was a lot of "traffic" today. What do you think that really means?

Is there any speculation on any significance of his marriages ending when his wives are 33?

Read all the way to the end of my story and you'll see my speculation.

Given how sleazy her tax-evading husband Marc is, I'm not the least bit surprised that Denise Rich is denouncing her US citizenship with the flimsiest of excuses. But my recollection is that she is not only a Clinton donor, but an Obama and other Democrats donor. Shouldn't have you have mentioned that? Yes, her donations to Clinton got Bill to pardon her tax-evading husband, but she didn't exactly stop spreading her dough around after that!

Did she? I guess I'm not surprised, but this short item wasn't a full-blown Denise Rich profile -- and the reason she's famous/notorious is for her lavish Clinton donations at a time when her ex was seeking a pardon.

Do you think Katie Holmes has become damaged goods for being with Tom Cruise so long or do you think she will jump right back into dating?

It didn't hurt Nicole Kidman a bit. I think Katie will be a huge deal for the next couple of years, during which she needs to land a high-profile acting role and prove her chops. Otherwise, she'll just be Tom's other rich ex-wife, aka Mimi Rogers.

I just worry about you.

Yo. Over here!

Is it really over? That is sad.

Both seem happy, though.

She's 17 years junior to Tom Cruise, but she was 26 when they got together, and what, 28 when they got married? Hardly "not long out of Catholic girls' school." I get that she had this image of an ingenue, but I think she was old enough that she should have known what she was doing.

I disagree. My analysis of this person that I don't know at all is that she was relatively sheltered and unsophisticated for a Hollywood kid -- not a lot of nightclubs, high-profile relationships, etc., before Tom came along; and that she fell for whatever choreographed wooing campaign he put forward because of her general naivete. Like, she hadn't really had enough life experience to recognize how weird the situation was. Again, it should be noted that I have not treated either of the patients involved, nor I am a licensed mental-health professional.

Really? You think Gandhi hasn't held up? I saw it again recently and was still blown away by it. (Though, to be fair, you've really got to be in it for the long haul to enjoy it. Definitely take that intermission they built in.)

I'll give it a shot sometime, then. What I meant, though, is that it's not a movie that's watched a whole lot -- much like many of its other fellow Best Picture winners.

Can there really be a fourth marriage for this guy? I'm thinking no.

I'm thinking yes, yes, yes. Look at the pool of aspiring young actresses, subtract those who will only marry for love, subtract a few more who will marry for fame/money but are wary of his religion. That still leaves thousands who would be thrilled to be an instant Hollywood A-lister.  And Tom? To the degree he wants another decade of top movie roles, marriage to a hot young beauty is not a bad PR move. 

Some obit writer really fell down on the job. Nobody could get a decent Jan-Michael VIncent comment on the death of his fellow co-star?

I don't think Jan-Michael Vincent has a listed number anymore. It's possible he doesn't have a phone.

Can we start a rumor that I am somehow responsible for this breakup? Oh, and American Pie 4 is now available on DVD.

Chris, this one's for you.

So, this college student who attached the HILARIOUS photo of Nic Cage instead of her resume makes me wonder about any similar stories you or my fellow chatters have....

What am I missing here? I looked at it and thought, "Hmmmm, kind of funny mistake" but I barely cracked a smile.

Since someone is always pushing you for gossip on the Nationals, let me push you to devote more gossip space to DC United, our hometown soccer team. They are currently in First place in the East and these boys are hot. So can you find us any gossip? I mean Chris Pontius is rumored to be a huge ladies man.

Thanks, we'll take that under advisement. Now, can you confirm for me that the Chris Pontius who plays for D.C. United is not the Chris Pontius who drops his pants a lot and dances around in a thong in "Jackass"?

Nicole and Tom break up -- Nicole gets an Oscar. Penelope Cruz and Tom break up -- Penelope wins an Oscar. See you at the Oscars in 2014, Katie (or Kate, as Tom called her)

But -- and here's the crucial question -- is Katie anywhere as talented as Nicole or Penelope? I vote no. 

Shouldn't Tareq be paying Neil Schon some money as a thank you for taking Missy off his hands?

You know who doesn't need money? Neal Schon. When I saw that Journey documentary I realized just how many songs they have that still get tremendous airplay -- including a few ("Don't Stop Believin'," "Anyway You Want It," etc.), for which Schon has a songwriting credit. On the other hand, Wikipedia also informs me that he has a number of children and ex-wives, and those are expensive.

Children of an annulled marriage are considered illegitimate by the Catholic church. Though a lapsed Catholic myself, my divorced parents weirdly don't understand why I'm opposed to their annulling a 25-year marriage.

That's what I was afraid of. It's bad enough to end a marriage to wed someone else, but if doing so makes your children from that marriage bastards in the eyes of the church, I consider that a problem.

It all begs a great question -- what is Mimi Rogers doing these days?

Playing competitive poker in celebrity tournaments. Also, according to IMDB, working steadily in things you haven't seen. Including that TV series where Jennifer Love Hewitt works in a massage parlor.

Is scientology that bad that it has turned a whole nation against Tom Cruise, formerly known as the biggest movie star in the world? I mean, I am just a little surprised how everybody has jumped to Katie Holmes defense and painted Tom Cruise as the villian.

You're right: We don't know the inside of their marriage. What confuses the issue is the secretive nature of the religion, and that the little that is know -- from Tom and other members -- doesn't sound very mainstream.

What's next for Katie Holmes career. Is there a Dawson's Creek reunion in the cards?

Now that Tom's out of the way, I guess that project can finally happen. Except. . . Michelle Williams isn't going to sign on, is she?

If anyone wants a sense of what O'Toole is really like, he wrote two volumes of memoirs, each with the main title "Loitering With Intent." And he wrote them--no ghost, no as told to. Originally, after leaving the Navy, he wanted to be a journalist and he would have been a great one, based on these books.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Gotta make a case for Mary Tyler Moore and the Bob Newhart Show (Suzanne Pleshette version).

Yeah, I knew this would stir stuff up. Let's also not forget the Benny Hill Show.

I'm a little tired today. Can I call into work, tell them I am suffering from exhaustion (no need to explain more) and then take a few months off? Or is that just for members of Congress?

That is just for members of Congress.

It's the photo that was so hilarious, not the mistake in attaching it. He looks completely nuts!

But he looks nuts ALL the time. Guess I'm not getting the joke.

Why is the Male Salahi suing people? I just don't understand.

Lawsuits are a way for Americans to process their anger and other bad feelings.

Folks acting shocked that Kate Holmes planned so much of her divorce out in advance, but seemed from the get-go of her romantic relationship with Tom Cruise showed her to be rather ambitious.

Did it? Seemed like her career kind of dropped off the map after she hooked up with him.

A commonly held misconception, because legitimacy has nothing to do with the church. It is the ability of someone not living with their spouse to partake of the sacraments that makes the difference with annulment, and that includes the ability to marry again within the church.

So the children of the annulled marriage ARE considered legimate in the church?

What the heck was up with his 20 minute (or so) marriage to Ethel Merman? Aren't we owed more of an explanation of what was going on?

YES. It kills me that both of them went to their grave without explaining to me what was up with that.

Tell us why you need to know! We may be more interested in crowdsourcing this info if you could give a compelling reason for your kind of creepy obsession.

Yeah! What's YOUR Northern Virginia hometown, Carney-obsessive?

I was surprised he was so open about his schedule, etc. in that item. We don't have many accessible sports stars here--he opened himself right up to the crazies. In other news, I was shocked that there are people who don't like him. My cousin's husband (they live in Florida) posted something negative about him on FB last night and lots of people "liked" his status. I guess I'm in a bubble here in DC, where we of course LOVE him, but I didn't know people disliked him. I couldn't figure out why, but my cousin's husband and I don't agree on anything, so I didn't get into it.

Your cousin's husband is just a jerk, sorry to say. Go read that Bryce Harper story, those of you who haven't.

On one level, have a super young wife does help Tom Cruise seem young, but if the next Mrs Cruise is born after Top Gun was released (1989?), that would be weird even by Tom Cruise standards.

Hollywood is different: Look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, for one.

But asking you guys is more fun. Is "My Favorite Year" the film that co-starred the guy from Perfect Strangers. The one that didn't play Balki?

Yes, Mark Linn-Baker, that guy. Cute movie, worth seeing.

Just like I didn't want to care about Michael Jackson's death, I didn't want to care about Top Gun and Joey Potter's divorce, but you win. All the coverage and now I'm into. Argh.

Did you know that "Argh" is my nickname in some circles? Or are you just groaning?

Quote" The people in Washington are so nice and genuine...". Which Washington is he talking about ?

Hahaha. He's so young. Also: Lives in Pentagon City. The people are probably nice and genuine there.

Maybe her career slowed down, but she is ubiquitous on magazine covers and the internet, especially with the adorable Suri at her side. She's much more famous now than ever before.

True---but that only counts for so much. She needs to do something professional or she's just a skinny Kardashian.

I was delighted to read that Tyler Clippard & Drew Storen are still the best of friends even though Tyler has taken over Drew's job as closer for the Nationals. I saw the tour of their apartment from your link, and I thought they had two bathrooms. So why don't they each have their own shampoo? Or is there only one shower?

Gosh, you know -- I was on a pretty good streak of answering questions, but I just hit a wall.

Pardon me as I try to be a voice of some reason in this 24 hour news/celeb world we live in. Yes, Cruise was jumping on a sofa like an idiot and berating Matt Lauer for his belief in science, but still, we have no idea what was happening behind closed doors in that marriage. Many don't understand scientology (including myself), so it is easy to say that Katie wanted out to get her daughter away from a cult, etc. At the end of the day, it is a private matter where we can do nothing but speculate. However, we can wish them all well, not knowing who was (or if either were) a bad guy here.

Well, THAT's not going to sell any magazine covers.

Hate to ask another Reile Hunter question (she's so old news), but I've seen her promoting her book on several talk shows, and she seems more intelligent, articulate and quick-witted than I would have expected. She's not a bubblehead. Piers Morgan asked her point-blank why she didn't use some form of birth control during her time with Edwards, and she slipped past the question. So I'll ask: Does anyone think that this woman without a lot going for her set out to deliberately ensnare a rich, handsome, famous guy?

You're asking me what was going on in the head of Rielle Hunter?


Why did the questions suddenly get so much harder at the end of the hour?

does not equal legal annulment. One is church "law" (more like guidelines) and the other is state law. You can get a courthouse annulment, usually by showing lack of consummation or dishonesty in the marriage (like lying about your age, being gay, using a fake name, etc.).

More to know...

You wrote: Now, can you confirm for me that the Chris Pontius who plays for D.C. United is not the Chris Pontius who drops his pants a lot and dances around in a thong in "Jackass"? I think I might start going to more soccer games if he is, indeed, the same person!

Soccer needs something like that, huh?

Sorry, the poster has it wrong. Canon 1137 of the Code of Canon Law is very specific on this point: children born in what is known as a "putative" marriage that is later annulled ARE legitimate.

More information.

I think because Jen was so underused (original central love triangle was Joey-Dawson-Jen but became Dawson-Joey-Pacey), that Williams might just do it because read about how her character getting sidelined in the main love triangle kind of hurt her ego so a reunion might help. Also (SPOILER ALERT) Michelle Williams' character died in the series finale so guess they could do it would her.

Why'd you have to go ruin it for me? You jerk.

Yep, probably an iron clad pre-nup. And as much as I think the guy is weird, he doesn't seem like the guy to fight over every nikel of child support. She's probably getting something similar to what he's given for his other kids.

Suri (and Katie) will never have to worry about money.

I never watch that show, but it was on this morning. Do people actually watch it to be informed, or is it more like a parody of a sitcom, you know, like Saved By The Bell? It might be the worst "news" show I have ever seen.

I only ever watch it ironically, myself. Sort of like "The Bachelor."

My folks made me watch it back when we still had family movie night. Don't tell them, but I secretly enjoyed it.

You have good parents.

An annullment looks at the conditions at the time the marriage took place and makes a determination that the marriage was not a valid sacrament. The number of children that may have resulted from the marriage is not important or relevant. There's never a question of the legal/civil validity of the marriage (anyone who gets an annullment also has to get a civil divorce if they want to ever remarry), and since legitimacy and illegitimacy of children relates to the civil marriage, not the sacramental marriage, the Catholic church is more than happy to welcome the children of parents whose marriage was annulled.

More details....

The first time I asked, Amy and Roxanne said that they didn't know where Carney grew up, but to ask again next week and then I did and they wrote back "Oops, we forgot about it." When did "Oh, you grew up in Northern Virginia, what's your hometown?" become too personal and creepy to ask?

You didn't answer the question. Where in Northern Virginia did you grow up?

she had more than seven--think of the associates needing billable time! But she's a smart cookie (or has smart cookies advising her!)

Her dad is a lawyer.

Why are you unable to tell us what is going on in the mind of Rielle Hunter?

I'm so flattered to think you think of us as mind-minders. But really---can anyone tell us what was/is going on in the mind of Ms. Hunter? Because I don't have a clue.

Just wondering - do people (PR, I guess?) ever approach you and try to plant stories? Have you ever run a story that you suspected later was a plant?

You mean, stories that are basically bogus that they're trying to advance for some PR agenda? Yeah, it happens now and then. And I think we've got a pretty good radar for that -- and of course, scrupulous reporting keeps inaccurate stuff out of the paper.

Mr. O'Toole was not the only notable who lost out to Ben "Gandhi" Kingsley. Paul Newman was nominated for The Verdict. Tough luck to both O'Toole and Newman. Mr. Kingsley was out of this world as Gandhi.

Timing is everything at the Oscars. One year there are barely five performances worth nominating in any given category, the next it's chock full of amazing work. A lot of life comes down to luck and timing, once again.

I keep getting offers for half priced concert tickets through Group-on types of organizations. Hint to Robin Thicke and Rod Stewart -- if you are having half priced ticket offers, your tickets were probably too expensive to begin with. Enjoyable to which acts totally bit off more than they can chew with venues/prices.

I'm having second thoughts about the Rod Stewart concert. I want to go to hear him sing "Every Picture Tells a Story" and "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Dust My Broom" -- but I'd get there and it would be all that cheesy Vegas "classics" stuff he was doing on American Idol a couple years ago, right? Rod Stewart always breaks my heart that way.

First Alexandria, then Reston. Thanks for asking.

Okay, good to know. Does it help if I tell you I don't think he grew up in those communities? Also, let me apologize: I always mean to look this up, but come 1 p.m. on Wednesday, it sort of flees from my mind.

With all due respect to your "one friend," Andy was not the best sitcom ever. Very good show, with tons going for it. But best ever, they would have to get past Sam Malone and the gang at Cheers to get that title.

Yeah, yeah, I knew you'd say that -- just threw it out there to see if you were paying attention.

Who was your favorite Beatle?

Ringo. Yours?

I would vote for the Dick Van Dyke Show, although I would have happily swapped the kid who played Richie Petrie for Ron Howard, one of the first children on TV who could really act. It was pretty groundbreaking for network TV in the early 60s to devote an episode to a middle aged man going through the bar mitzvah he never had as a 12 year old. (That was Morey Amsterdam as Buddy Sorrell.) There was also the flashback episode where Rob and Laura became convinced they had been given the wrong baby when they left the hospital, only to invite the other couple over to straighten out the mixup--and the other couple happened to be black. (Greg Morris, later of Mission Impossible, was the husband.) Sitcoms didn't do this sort of thing in 1962--but it wasn't "messagey." It was just funny.

Just saw little Ronnie Howard in the movie version of  "The Music Man." One of the best child actors ever.

She was engaged to actor Chris Klein when she meet Tom Cruise. Chris Klein isn't a star today, but in late 1990s between his role in "American Pie" and lead role in teenybopper flicks like "Here on Earth" or "serious drama" such as "We Were Soldiers," he was pretty famous B-list material and he and Holmes did get press attention so she was hardly knew to that pre-Cruise.

Totally different ballgame.

If I remember correctly, her only other relationship was with the guy who played the jock in American Pie. Chris Klein, I think. They had a pretty public Jonas-bros type relationship. In other words, VERY PG. So I guess being wooed by Tom Cruise could come across as a big deal. I don't even really like Tom Cruise (and I'm not famous, and I'm just out of his target age demo), but if he was wooing me, I'd probably have a hard time keeping my head.

Hey, sounds like we went to the same not-a-licensed-therapist school.

The third celebrity death is Doc Watson.

No, he died about five weeks ago.

Yeah - but what about us? There was a marriage I believed in.

And now you know that there's nothing you can believe in. Sorry!

Benny Hill is a comedy sketch show, like Carol Burnett, NOT a sitcom.


Unless I have a time machine, how can I stalk Jay Carney by knowing his hometown?

I'm taking this idea for my next screenplay.

Did you know "Ernest Borgnine" was actually his stage name?

He was born Ermes Effron Borgnino.

Katie Holmes showed some potential in Pieces of April, a movie about reconciling with a dying parent. FWIW, Nicole Kidman didn't hit her acting stride until she left TC. Just saying....

That's not true. Nicole Kidman was great in the very scary "Dead Calm," before she ever met Tom Cruise. But then she met him when she was still really young.

Will Jim Vance figure into the screenplay at all?

Duh, of course.

Any thoughts on this guy who I have never heard of who is mega-rich and his wife and him were being arrested for drugs and it turned out her body was just hanging out in their London mansion?

I'm sorry, I have no idea who you're talking about. Did this just break in the past hour? Should I know about this?

Now that Barney Frank is no longer a confirmed bachelor, are there any out there? I guess George Clooney, but I don't think he qualifies in the traditional sense? Anderson Cooper? Tom Cruise?

Actually, the once-married George Clooney is a perfect example IF you mean an eligible man who seems to enjoy the company of women in all ways---but not enough to marry.  So George is still on the top of my list because Tom will probably get married again. 

Chatters, hope you all are enjoying this perfect summer weather -- before we get slammed by another heat wave or power outage. Quick, send your tips and sightings to Next week, everyone!

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