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Jun 27, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, June 27, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back.  Some topics in our column or on our radar since last we met:


Mary Cheney is the first gay GOP royal wedding -- but who’s next?


Crazy stuff in Rielle Hunter’s new book. Are we laughing at or with her? And Lisa recaps Rielle on "The View."


"Clown question, bro" -- the "Call Me Maybe" of sports soundbites! Bryce Harper trademarks “clown question” and we shower praise on the bro who asked the clown question.

A former D.C. “Real Housewife” sells her wedding dress.


Anne-Marie Slaughter on “spending more time with the family,” for real.


All about Gio Gonzalez's date to the Nationals Dream Gala!


In other news: Get to know the mystery owners of Evermay. . . Michael Bolton, celebvocate . . . Neal Schon's tinnitus. . . Surprising new couples: Aaron Sorkin & Kristin Davis, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. . .


And if you haven't read it already, the Post has a compelling obituary of Nora Ephron, the writer who found so much material in her own life.


Looking forward to your quetsions.

but PLEASE tell me you watched the NBC broadcast of the Men's Olympic Swimming trials? All those hot guys, in tight about Must See TV! I saved the money I would have spent going to see "Magic Mike"!

Oh, I watch a bit of TV, I do. . . Missed that, I'm afraid, though I'll catch up with them at the Olympics. (Googling informs me that that cute Australian from '04, Ian "the Thorpedo" Thorpe, will not be back this year, alas. Best nickname ever.)

Many thanks for your tremendous service to this country in providing excerpts from Rielle Hunter's (ewww, need to wash my hands after typing that name) novella. When you buy one copy and let us know what the juicy parts are, that probably means 1000+ copies that no one needs to buy now.

Thanks. Yesterday, I asked a colleague how many books he thinks she will sell: not many, he guessed, but we could be wrong. We'll check back in a few weeks and let you know.

Thanks for explaining what happened to this guy! It looked like he had been in a fight, and the makeup didn't quite cover it.

Oh, glad you appreciated. I didn't actually see him, but a couple readers emailed to say he was looking messed up. He's looking better now, I take it?


NBC-4 weatherman Doug Kammerer's busted face explained, 6/18/12

I saw that Streep said, "Nora just looked at every situation, cocked her head and said, 'HMMM - how can I make this more fun?" I think that's a tremendous compliment. That's what I want someone to say about me when I'm gone!

That is a tremendous compliment -- though let it be noted, Ephron's great gift including taking some pretty sad stuff and making it more fun. My favorite quote was upon her divorce from Carl Bernstein:  “Although it was the most awful thing I’ve ever been through . . . it was by far the most interesting.”

Wouldn't you be more concerned about the character of the man you love if he didn't dump your ass for trashing his dead ex-wife so publically?

Oh, is that why they broke up? Too bad, because otherwise, such a healthy relationship.

You did it again, and saved me from the money and time I might have spent reading Rielle Hunter's book for myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a valuable service you provide to the people!

I really appreciate that. Especially since this turned out not to be the 45-minute skim but a four or five-hour read. Rielle has a LOT to say. Could have used an editor.

if we say, "that's a clow question, bro" in this chat does he get money? Or do we just go to jail?

You can (and should!) say it all you want. But don't try to put it on a t-shirt and sell it -- he's reserving that privilege for himself.

I know I shouldn't get too riled up about this woman, who is hardly a sophisticate, but some of her views on autism, and her ability to get a soapbox on it because she posed naked, have been damaging and dangerous. And, I think that is shows the real danger of celebacovacy, which is that, by definition, these people are articulate and talk a good game because that's their profession, but they are essentially uneducated and have little of the sophisticated understanding that would lead them to actually be a meaningful part of the discussion. I feel sorry for her plight with her son - I know first hand how devastating and painful raising a child with autism is - but posing naked and being a professional spokesmodel does not make your qualified to discuss the medical ins and outs of a disease that baffles even the brightest medical minds. Its one thing to raise money for research, its another thing to get a media voice for your crackpot dangerous ideas just because you're prettier than the other moms who are suffering.

You've raised some interesting points -- although, in Jenny's defense, she was spurred on by less-famous advocates who shared her views. One thing we really try to do when writing the Celebvocates feature is remind people that celebrities have no special expertise -- they just get attention because they are famous. Every once in a while, one of their reps will call and get huffy because we focused on the star instead of their cause. I always answer that if we were writing about the cause, I'd be interviewing professionals who spend 24-7 researching the subject, not someone from Hollywood who takes up the issue.

Still love that movie after all these years

Holds up well, doesn't it? The only problem with the movie is that it created its own cliche: It created the new template for romantic comedies, imitated by so many other filmmakers (including Ephron herself) that the feeling has become a little stale, through no fault of its own.

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim." -- Nora Ephron. If women truly took this advice to heart, we'd have a lot less tragic gossip to mull over. Words to live by from one of the era's most gifted writers and directors.

I have a feeling women all over America are taping their favorite Ephron quote on their computers today.

The real question about Rielle Hunter's book sales is, "how many would she have sold if '50 Shades of Grey' had not been released just prior?"

"50 Shades" has---from all reports---lots of fringe/interesting sex. Hunter's book has none. So I don't think the two are connected, unless there's a chapter on not messing up your hair during sex.

I thought her description of the husband in her roman a clef about their marriage was wonderful: "That man would have sex with a venetian blind." Do you have any idea why the Post's Richard Cohen made the official announcement of her death?

If you read a lot of obituaries, you'll notice that it's not uncommon to have someone other than a family member handle the announcement. You don't always see that attribution placed in stories -- but I think writers might be more inclined to provide that extra bit of information in cases where there is murkiness about what's happened. (And, in fact, yesterday afternoon, there was much confusion as to whether Ephron was dead or alive, after her friend Liz Smith prematurely published a tribute, before she had actually passed away.)

Was there anyone wanting to see a Spice Girls reunion?

No, but did you see there's Broadway musical in the works based on their songs? The "Mama Mia" people are involved, so if it even gets a fraction of that crowd, they'll have enough money without ever stepping on a stage themselves.

Every year I submit this to be added to the dictionary. One day I shall prevail!

Keep working at it! Very proud of that neologism of mine, and glad to see that the Chronicle of Philanthropy acknowledges it. It's a start.

gave out cars, scented candles, tickets to the Jon Stewart rally and spanx. The View gives out that trashheap's book. Clearly a quality difference.

They typically give out copies of author's book appearing on the show. Yesterday's audience just got the short straw. 

I have always wondered - do the celeb's hacks call you before they come to town to let you know that they are coming. You know, for the cause - not the publicity?

Nothing wrong with a call from a flack letting you know that a celeb's coming to town for a cause. Someone's got to get the word out. It's not like we've got a tracking device on Michael Bolton.

When all said and done, who ends up the more famous of the couple -- Bernstein or Ephron?

Hmmm. That's a hard one. They might be even, now.

I need to schedule with my therapist for those weeks. It's really a difficult time for me.

You're on your own for the middle three weeks of August.

Am I legally allowed to have "That's a clown question, bro" tattoo on the back of my neck? Or will that cost me money?

Probably, but---I beg you---wait a year. If you still think it's a good idea, wait another year. Rinse, repeat.

waiting for the impact of this chat's "strapless gowns don't look that good on many brides" movement to take effect. Nothing so far. I'll keep you informed.

Well, since "Say Yes to the Dress" is the infomercial wing of the wedding industrial complex, you'll be waiting forever.

How are you feeling today about Mr. Jefferson's University?

It's been a remarkable two and a half weeks, hasn't it?

What is really vulgar is that the book appeared to be timed to the trial, i.e. her demanding attention when her Baby Daddy could have been facing jail time. Classy, that.

I believe she really, really wanted to get HER side of the story out, and that it was timed for after the trial, regardless of outcome.

Does breaking up with the man who fathered your child while still married to someone else help sell books?

You think she was the one who broke things off?

While I am excited about the musical, I am concerned that if the show isn't very good, it might cheapen their legacy. Am I alone here?


Just another in the increasing stack of musicals that use songs we already know/are part of pop culture (Footloose, Mama Mia, Movin' Out, etc). It's the hook that gets us to buy tickets - we know we can sing along.

I can sing exactly one line of a Spice Girls song. But what do I know? I though I would hate "Mama Mia," but was surprised to discover I knew a lot more of ABBA's songs than I realized.

I loved this book for its glimpse into the lifestyles of the Georgetown set back in the day. It sounded fabulous! I guess she was pretty happy to get back to NYC, though, where she really did belong.

Georgetown was always smart, but not always witty. She might have found it a tad boring.

Who and why? I don't think I've ever criticized you guys in the years I've been on this chat - but this being worthy of your column was odd. I wouldn't know these people from Adam if they crashed a white house state dinner.

Sigh. And then other readers complain when we don't have *enough* news about D.C. socialites. Basically, it's a big column, with lots of different kinds of news for lots of different kinds of people -- if you're not interested in one thing, skip and move to the next. . . Ashley has been a recurring character in our column over the years. Granted, there was a lot more interest in her when she was engaged to the late Joe Robert (yes, the multi-millionaire three decades her senior), but because of that, a lot of readers are going to be interested in how it worked out for her in the long run.  (Ashley Taylor weds, 6/24/12)

So, he seems like Joe Tourist on his recent visits to DC. Why does he like it here so much? Also, what's up with his child and baby-mama relationship? I'm impressed at how quiet he keeps that stuff.

He's been filming a movie in small-town North Carolina, maybe just wanted to get away for the weekend. I think he's no longer with Jade Duell, his high-security-clearance Beltway babymama, but you know, he never tells me anything. . .

So how does this work? Does she have a PR team giving her bad advice? An agent? Is she representing herself? Why does she even care if people hate her--it's not like she's a politician or athlete or had some job before that depended on a positive public image for political or endorsement support? And why, for the love of all decency, hasn't John Edwards paid her to keep her trap shut.

My impression, based on previous news reports, is that Rielle pretty much does what she wants and is not entirely motivated by money---although I'm sure that has played into what she says and when. So I believe that Edwards could throw millions at her and she'd still talk because she wants the world to know that she's not the bad guy here. And -- even if there are some restrictions on what she can disclose as part of a child support agreement -- I doubt the court can effectively put a permanent gag order on her talking about her own life.

In the words of the late great Nora Ephron, "I'll have whatever she's having". What a meteoric rise.

Proud to say we wrote about her early on, when she first came to D.C. as CourtTV's Washington bureau chief. (It really tells you something when CourtTV opens a bureau in your town.) She's one of the really nice people, too.


Savannah Guthrie reportedly set as Ann Curry’s replacement on NBC’s ‘Today’ show

The less-famous experts whose water Jenny McCarthy carries re autism include a British researcher who was found to include outright FRAUD in presenting his supposed results. Nothing ambiguous about the harm to children who don't receive needed vaccinations, so contract life-threatening ailments (see major increase lately in whooping cough among little ones, who are in the high-risk group for the disease themselves, as well as spreading it to other high-risk groups such as the elderly).

On the flip side, there are celebrities who draw much-needed attention to important issues and causes. This is why you should never make a decision based on what celebrities say, but do your own research. 

makes we wonder about Cate Edwards. Is she running her Mom's foundation? Still married? Helping out with her younger siblings?

Newly married, running the foundation named for her mother. They officially live here, but she was clearly spending a lot of time in North Carolina during her dad's trial.

Congrats to Mary Cheney and her partner

Am I weird in thinking he was already looking to replace his wife - figuring she was dying so time to move on. Particularly based on tidbits about his hussy meeting his kids. What a total [curse word].

I think that's an overly-sympathetic way to present straight-up philandering.

being endlessly trashed will inspire someone to defend themself with remarks about the supposedly-sainted but now dead (not her fault Elizabeth's dead; she'd be entitled to have her say regardless). Even if Rielle hadn't insight on this from her own observations and what she was told (Andrew Young made relevations about what a bitch E was as well), I wouldn't believe E was a saint. She was no more a saint than, well, Mother Teresa (a third rail where Americans in particular seem to be unable to dare go).

Let's stipulate that no one in this story is a saint. But I do think that trashing Elizabeth is in bad form -- not because she's dead, but because Quinn has a relationship with John's other children and trashing their mother in public is unnecessary and hurtful.

You know what is amazing about the new Dallas? The old stars are all about a foot taller than the pretty new actors? When did they stop casting full grown people on TV shows?

YES! I think I need to write my next doctoral dissertation on this topic.

But it was written by Jennifer Sauders (aka Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous). How bad could it be? It will be campy, for sure, but that's not a bad thing at all. Plus, they had some really good pop-fluff songs and there is nothing wrong with that.

It HAS to be campy. That's the only way it can work.

To Mary Chaney and Heather Poe! I'm shocked, shocked Rush Limbaugh has kept his mouth quiet about this!

Good thing they're not Democrats.

why didn't she call it "What Rielle-y Happened"?

Because that would require a sense of humor.

When I heard the question to Bryce about the beer, I thought it was an okay question, and I thought his response was well done. But when I heard he was a Mormon, I was hoping the reporter didn't know that, because the question then seems, to me, more inappropriate.

I think the reporter didn't know that -- and, you know, even if Bryce Harper weren't Mormon, there'd be no PR upside for this underage athlete to boast about what kind of booze he's going to drink once he's outside his home country. HAVING SAID THAT, there's no such thing as a dumb question, especially one that triggers an answer that gets 678,000 page views.

Any idea if he is a Capital Bikeshare year-long member, or was he doing the one day pass for a few bucks?

Not a clue. One-day pass makes sense, but he can afford a year-long membership.

The 4Ps closes their doors tonight. What is wrong with this city?

It is a tragedy.

Apologize in advance if this was already answered, but just curious if you ever did find out where in Northern Virginia that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney grew up?

I think I'll call him tomorrow and demand an answer, like, right when the health-care opinion is coming out.

What was her side? What have we been missing?

Overwhelming can't-fight-it love + plus John's mean wife = not her fault  that they had an affair.

In defense of Mrs. Hunter and Mr. Edwards, the time I cheated on my dying wife with someone I put on the company payroll, resulting in an out-of-wedlock child that I denied knowing anything about, and ended up being prosecutred - that was really tough to make that relationship work.

I hear you. That is tough. I really felt for the guy when Rielle was begging him to go into couples counseling and he was all feet-dragging with the old "maybe, if I don't get indicted" line.

But, how can someone be so obtuse. Unless one is, themselves, a homewrecking floozy, nobody is going to have the slightest bit of sympathy or care for you. How can she possibly think she was not setting herself up for another round of ridicule and scorn.

Okay, my other other favorite part of Rielle Hunter's book? This quote:

“The problem with our relationship is pretty obvious: someone who is living a life devoted to spiritual truth is probably not going to be the best mistress. ... I never read any mistress handbooks, and therefore didn’t realize how important it is ... to keep your mouth shut!”

How close are we to another President being featured in a vampire movie. I was thinking Teddy Roosevelt would be next

Right? See, they just never let Teddy win.

That movie was great, but Nora totally cheapened it over the years with those awful Sleepless in Seattle/You've Got Mail follow-ups. Now the movies are all grouped together and people forget Harry Met Sally was head and shoulders above the other knockoffs. Twenty three years later, here's hoping Harry and Sally are still together.

Time for a sequel?

I just spewed water at my monitor. Now I have to go find some paper towels. But, that was SO worth it!

You're welcome.

Was that CGI to get Cliff Barnes on last week's show? I had assumed he was dead.

I assumed the same about Larry Hagman, and still do, in fact. No original parts left, that's for sure.

now THAT would be something! That could even be an infomercial!

News you can use.

What a refreshingly age-appropriate couple! Let's hope these two talented kids can make it work. Now, I wonder if Mary-Kate and her "new" beau will double-date with her sister. I just hope nobody tells Bob Sagat that Ashley is available.


I kinda get what you are trying to say, but she is/was spreading completely false information AND HER SON DOES NOT HAVE AUTISM. He had some other disorder that is often misdiagnosed as autism. So, her line that she "cured" her son really gets me riled up and does a HUGE disservice to those parents who children actually have austism that cannot be "cured."

I see why you're upset. But I don't think she's going to stop talking, so the only way to counter her exposure is to ask respected experts to respond to her. 

First Fifty Shades, which I still haven't read, and now "Magic Mike." I have received emails from two different groups of friends to do a drinks and Magic Mike opening night get together, but it all seems somewhat tacky to me. If men were getting together to do drinks and a movie about female strippers, I feel we'd all look down on them. Although I guess it's not that different from cheerleaders at a sporting event. But there's a part of me that feels like the ladies should all tone down the "sex! sexy men!" hysteria. Perhaps I'm a prude, though. (unmarried, mid-30s, female, btw)

There is a high-camp element to all of this, isn't there?

Rielle will probably sell more in summertime when folks can justify it as a "beach read" than she would in winter.

But I've warned you people already: There's basically no sex in it. I think you're going to want some sexy sex for your $24.95 beach hardback, right?

I know it is tough for a single mother, so was wondering if she has been offered any more videographer jobs? Seems working for a presidential campaign would look good on a resume.

Is that a zoom lens, or are you just happen to see me?

Do you think they've met? If I were Cate, I couldn't imagine what I'd to if I met that woman, especially after she said that stuff about my mom. Oh wait, maybe I COULD imagine...

Rielle writes in her book that, during her stint as the Edwards campaign videographer, she briefly met Cate, and Cate told her dad that she thought Rielle was "cool." Or so Rielle says, or so John Edwards told Rielle. 

is simply defending oneself/countering with the truth though. It ain't like Elizabeth was family. I'm QUITE sure her kids saw The Other Elizabeth plenty ... though they may be embarrassed that other people now know a few things (I think the greater embarassment at having one's parent's frailties/humanity revealed is centered on the father, not the mom).

Ah, families. Especially political families. So much attention, so much presenting the "perfect" version. All families have secrets, but most don't live them out in public.

Is there a reason that Jenny McCarthy is being brought up so much during today's live chat?

I was recently watching Broadcast News and Holly Hunter gets in a taxi and asks to go to Cap's Bar, on 17th and Vermont? Was that a real place in the 80s, or just made up? The address sure seems fake.

Funny, I was watching the same thing last night. "17th and Vermont," were it to exist, would put you somewhere in the middle of the White House's West Wing.

One of the things that drives me to distraction about this is that all of the reports of Elizabeth Edwards supposed lack of sainthood (and everyone has their down days, especially when they are dying of cancer and their husband is philadering) come from people who have a motivation to make her look bad to cover up their own overt actions or complacentness to justify making her last days particularly sad, humiliating and lonely. Not a single person alive who is involved in this can really be throwing stones.

I suspect part of this was due to her wise, saintlike reputation before all this came out, and Elizabeth's own role in covering up the affair while John was running for president. She wasn't perfect AND that lack of perfection does not justify anything John and Rielle did. Two separate issues.

Thinking the camera lady is cool, particularly when she is helping your dad become president. I don't think we should write too much into that. Assume Cate thinks she is a whole lot less cool these days.

Yeah, honestly, I thought it was a fairly meaningless bit of intel for her to include in the book, frankly.

How 'bout that one who died after 45 days in office>? He could get a chance to fill out his term as an undead.

"William Henry Harrison, Zombie President." Why don't you go draw up a graphic novel on that concept -- my gift to you -- and then sell it as a movie.

What she was was relatable. A lot of women liked her because they could see aspects of their own story in her. That is the fundamental difference between Reille and Elizabeth: only other trollops who sleep with men while their wives are dying of cancer and the WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT and romanticize their dishonorable behavior would find Hunter at all relatable or want to see something in themselves in her.

Face it, not a lot of book deals for members of the The Misunderstood Mistress Club. Rielle got lucky, so to speak.  

I think the OP's "If men were getting together to do drinks and a movie about female strippers, I feel we'd all look down on them." is sad. Maybe if you weren't so judgmental, you'd have more fun in your life and could understand why seeing Magic Mike and having a drink with your girlfriends might be a good time. I thought 50 Shades of Grey was a terribly written bomb, but my book club that covered it was fun and spurred some little-had conversations about getting it on

I wish this software allowed the two of you to discuss this without me mediating. Interesting debate, I just got nothing to add.

It is not that we are talking about her more than we should today. It was just that were too lax in talking about her over the past decade.

Fair point.

Men don't have to get together for drinks to watch scantily clad women. They are absolutely everywhere.

Yeah, and guys NEVER take their shirts off in the summer. Prudes.

The brother of Nicolas Sarkozy? C'mon Mary-Kate, you can do better then that.

Oh, I thought that was pretty well played, actually. What would be better? Dating yet another young actor/model is so cliched, and the Olsen Twins are always on to the next next thing.

Is Heartburn, the most famous movie in DC ever (for the current news cycle) any good? Worth watching?

Oh, yeah. One of the funniest divorce movies ever. 

There's nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of the opposite sex (i.e. Magic Mike). It's not like we are talking about porn here. Channing Tatum is a really good dancer so he probably has good moves in the movie.

He can absolutely dance---the movie is based on his past life as a male stripper.

Is this a niche in the book market just waiting for an author?

Listen, I've got my hands full trying to develop both "William Henry Harrison, Zombie President," and that reality show where Joe Biden and Jim Vance surprise unsuspecting homeowners by laying sod in their back yards -- you want to take this one?

With all due respect for this great country, shouldn't we have the right to move the holiday one day back or forth to make it a longer weekend? The Wednesday holiday really brings nothing to the table.

Word. I move that if July 4 falls on a Wednesday, then the entire week has to be a federal holiday.

Please. In this country where I can see half-naked women hawking cars, beer, cereal or anything else from dawn until dusk, but usually only see prime-looking, half-naked men in the museum, old diet coke ads, or in department store flyers for men's underwear, I am going to see Magic Mike, and I am going to enjoy it.

Don't spill you popcorn.

I assue this is what your life is like on a daily basis, right?

I watched about 10 minutes of it last night and found it fairly tedious, so . . . . yes?

I really don't want to hear anything about the sex lives of ANYONE in my book group. Ick!

Is this your way of kicking me out? You should have said something.

And so the Board of Visitors reversed itself. I know we have seen a lot of poorly managed crisis situations in DC, but the way this played out was astounding, with Rector Dragas evidently thinking she could rule Jefferson's university by fiat. Wrong.

Well, she had the vice-rector on her side, too, remember.  And just enough board members. . .

When she was asked why they broke up, she said it was private. Now she's worried about privacy. Too little, to late, methinks!

As a seeker of truth, she owes us the full story.

I learned a new term this week: "Breastaurant". Hooters, obviously. But there are some other regional chains in the western US. Who knew.

I saw that term for the first time that week.

Heartburnfunnier than Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Sorry, no. THE EXORCIST!

Ooops---you're right, if we're not counting any political movies.

In Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough, Google Computers Teach Themselves To Spot Cats on YouTube

That's got to be an Onion headline, yes?

Sorry if I offended people--but I wasn't trying to be judgmental, I like a campy movie, etc., as much as the next person, and I actually have a lot of fun in my life. I get that Channing Tatum is a good dancer-- I liked the Step Up movies (also campy) -- and I can still think it's all a little tacky without it being inferred that I am a no-fun stick in the mud. Part of likeing something campy or tacky is not being offended when other people don't -- it's not high art, and people can disagree. Yeesh.

One person's tacky is another's guilty pleasure. Cie la vie.

Amy, what was up with that column? We can't have two successful women sniping at each other for legitimate reasons? We have to turn it into woman-on-woman violence? This was about money, not gender. Sheesh!

Oh, I think it was just a provocative question, one that she wasn't whole-heartedly championing herself but knew readers would want to debate and discuss and disagree with, which is all a columnist can hope for. . . . . What struck me about it is the premise of "why is this such a big story?" -- a surprising question I've heard from other people. In any other part of the country, there'd be no confusion about why the firing of the president of the flagship university is a big deal; of course it's a compelling story. But in a place as transient as Washington, where you have a lot of people Not From Here, there is a bit of a disconnect.

Actually, we should celebrate on July 2nd. That's when the vote was passed, and John Adams wrote in his diary that July 2nd would be the date celebrated through the ages. The 4th was the day the Declaration was ordered to be printed. Just sayin'.

History is full of typos.

Did you catch the Letterman inverview with Justin Bieber? Absolutely remarkable. Letterman is the best at what he does, and the Bieber has nothing to say, but Dave made that entertaining. Worth checking out on the world wide web.

I only saw the second half of the interview but it was epic television, completely electric, and I plan to go back and watch it online.

I wonder how the JFK intern/mistress's book that came out earlier this year did in sales. I betcha it does much better in sales overall. Rielle just comes off as a very unlikable person.

It lingered on the best seller list for a number of weeks, actually.

Didn't he used to have a brother that acted? What happened to that guy?

Luke, sigh. He got a little jowly, didn't he?


No, no, no, that's what we're here for. It's on the list. Just not very high up.

I'm going to DC on vacation and want to see/experience the cliche DC world? Where am I most likely to run into famous, power, or famous-for-DC people

Oh, go to The Palm and Cafe Milano. Straight-up D.C. cliche. I can't guarantee you'll see anyone, but it's your best shot. You'll at least see people who look famous.

Isn't it kinda wimpy to take the job back? Seems like the only classy response to the firing would have been to walk away taking the high road. Asking people to fight to force them to give you your job back is sorta pitiful?

You mean, the "I'll show them" response? That's kind of pitiful in its own way. I'm sure Sullivan must have heard just the right words from the board members proving that the really regretted their decision and really wanted her back. Honestly, why wouldn't she go back? The way things unfolded, she'll have the upper hand for a long time.

Didn't Nora Ephron have a quote about being possibly the only intern in the JFK White House NOT to get "hit on" by him?

Yes! I took it upon myself to highlight my favorite quotes from the Ephron obituary this morning, and one of them was about how she figures JFK didn't hit on her because, among other reasons, he "somehow sensed that discretion was not my middle name.”

Her term as a UVA rector expires June 30. Any word on whether she'll be reappointed?

That's the question, isn't it? I wonder if she even wants a second term at this point.

When Dr. Clark Kerr was fired as the President of the University of California system in early 1967 (at Reagan's behest, right after he was inaugurated as Governor), all the student and alumni protests in the world couldn't get him reinstated. Do you think the change in media in the past 45 years made the difference in getting Dr. Teresa Sullivan reinstated at UVA?

Hard to say. Apples and oranges, probably. Social media, etc., really caught fire with the Sullivan matter, but I don't know that it made a huge difference. Maybe. I don't know.

So, it's not a big sighting, but my husband saw Bryan Cranston in the security line at the Portland, ME airport. He did not say "Hi aren't you...." and "What brings you...." because he didn't want to admit that he's never ever watched "Malcolm in the MIddle" or "Breaking Bad". What do you do if you know the face but have never actually seen the work?

That's a tough one, and something I agonize over quite a bit. Mobile technology, of course, has made it possible to pull up someone's IMDB page and remind yourself of the projects of theirs you have seen. I suppose one could always just say, "Oh, you're the actor Bryan Cranston," and then segue immediately into fellow-commuter small talk. Or, I guess, recognize the fact that you don't actually have anything to say to Bryan Cranston, and leave it be.

THIS! yes

I'm going to delegate you to get some kind of social-media petition going on that, okay? I'm sort of tied up. Thanks in advance!

Too bad Katharine Hepburn isn't alive to write that--her relationship with Spencer Tracy was tawdry yet classy.

"Tawdry yet classy" is a phrase that's going to stay with me.

Heartburn Silkwood When Harry Met Sally Julia Child sections of "Julie and Julia" or whatever it was called. Skip everything else she did. These range from brilliant to entertaining.

Good ideas. Currently, though, a "long wait" on "Heartburn" via Netflix.

How much did Monica make off her book?

Ah, good question. I bought it.

That Nora Ephron news was surprising, I had no idea she was sick. But really, the more surprising news -- Liz Smith is still alive? And she is still writing columns? Who knew?

Oh, you're terrible.

Are UVA grads somehow required to refer to the school as "Mr. Jefferson's University"?

Yes, by law.

What about that professor and an administrator (I think) who resigned in protest over Sullivan's firing? Will they be rehired too?

I was wondering if that professor will come back. . .

I just feel like you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Well, it definitely will be interesting to see how this all works out in coming months. . .

When you're not trying to be judgemental, don't use the words tacky or hysteria. Yes, gaggles of women are being giggly about going to see the movie, but that doesn't qualify as hysteria. It may be odd that grown women are slightly embarrassed to pay money to gawk at beautiful men, but that is a societal thing, not a moral or value judgement. Just try not to rain on anyone's parade, and go take yourself off to see something literary and fully dressed. For the record, I'm actually a little skeeved by Tatum's youth. I'm really looking forward to the other cast members though!

Lots of chatter about this! I should get Petula to write a column on it.

I saw video of President Bush 41 in a wheelchair on his birthday. Is he recently injured, or is this the march of old age?

He's been spending a fair amount of time in a wheelchair the past couple years.

Higher tone You are talking about Latin and Greek translations while the Reliable Source ladies are talking about Rielle Hunter's book. Was there an equivalent to a predatory videographer in the Greek political circles. A. Alexandra Petri :There were a few lewd urns, but fortunately none of them depict John Edwards.

De gustibus non est disputandum.

On that note, we'll wrap it up for today. Behave yourself, chatters, or you might end up in a book about your not-so-perfect life. Send your tips and sightings to Stay cool---we'll miss the chat next week butbe back in two.



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