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Jun 20, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, June 20, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning everyone. A couple of topics on our radar lately:


Look who's back in town! Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon. But why the hurry to leave?


Really, Rielle? Edwards's mistress tells-all -- again! -- in a new memoir.


Supporters of Sewell-Belmont House split over award to Laura Bush.


Whose side are you on -- Drake or Chris Brown? Drake, right?


In other news: Patricia Kluge parts ways with Donald Trump. . . Ronan Farrow, you sassy thing you. . . . Ann Romney and Rafalca head to the Olympics. . . Obama's latest celebrity fundraiser. . . .


And finally: Bryce Harper, catchphrase genius.


Your turn: Send us your questions.




Did it occur to this total nitwit that it would be in her child's best interest to have a good relationship with her half-siblings and writing all those pointlessly vicious and nasty things about their mother will probably not facilitate this?

Ah---John has cooked up a decades-long drama by getting involved with Rielle. In his courthouse press conference after the verdict, he got all choked up about Quinn while Cate--in the courtroom every day---stood there. Now his babymama saw fit to trash his other children's dead mother to justify John's cheating. The two of them are so selfish it still shocks me. 

Are you surprised with the news of Johnny Depp splitting?

40 bottles of booze for 15-20 people? EGAD! Either there was a lot of waste (alcohol abuse!!!) or a lot of his entourage was wasted (the better kind of alcohol abuse!)

Well, maybe they wanted to sample a lot of different kinds of flavors.


Hey, isn't that . . .?: Drake at Eden

I try not to be a hater. I really do. But, I just can't get away from wanting to hate this woman mightily. I don't know if it is her immaturity, self-absorption, or general flakiness, but my loathing of this woman is very intense. Can she please just go away? Forever?

Not happening. The same impulse to have an affair with her "johnny" and justify it by saying hateful things about Elizabeth is driving the new book -- and what I think is her feeling that she rightfully deserves to at John's side.

Can we all agree that she is just truly one of the most delusional awful human beings taking up precious oxygen. Its one thing to have an affair with a married man - it is entirely another to ridicule his wife because she's pretty upset that you are sleeping with her husband WHILE SHE'S DYING OF CANCER. What a noxious horrible woman.

Anyone here want to argue with that?


Rielle Hunter tells all -- again!

I didn't see anything in the Post about it, and I was so looking forward to seeing the team in their tuxes and the lovely ladies (wives, fiancees, sweethearts, girl friends, Twitter dates, etc) who accompanied them and their gowns, jewelry, hairdos, etc. I especially wanted to see whom Gio Gonzales chose. Why not a page of pictures?

I don't know if Style's party photog went to that one, but she's only got time and space for one party a week, and I know she looks for variety. . . . I'm sure it was lovely, but it's an annual thing, one of hundreds of galas/benefits held in D.C. every year, and you gotta pick and choose what you're going to cover. Plus, all those events sort of look the same. . . I don't know that the Nats were looking for blow-out coverage either; probably enough of a struggle getting their guys into tuxes let alone making them walk red carpets, and I don't see the organization putting out any photos (let me know if you find any). Happily, our pals at Guest of a Guest got some pix.

I'm starting to think these crazy kids just might make it. And, the relationship has certainly, as a general matter, improved her behavior. At least somewhat.

You're such a romantic.

I was having a crazy stressful week and that quip abouts who to side with in the Drake chris brown fight gave me a good chuckle and a bit of perspective.

I mean, we all agree, right? Team Drake!

This is a bit off the usual track for you, but I need to know: are you fascinated by the tumult at UVA? It's like a reality show for intellectuals, if such a thing is possible. I don't have a connection to the school, other than being a resident of Virginia, and I am absolutely riveted to my twitter feed on this one. Props, by the way, to those spunky kids at the Cavalier Daily, who appear to have scooped the universe on getting all those interesting emails via a FOIA request.

I am completely fascinated, both as a U-Va. grad and a former higher-ed reporter. My successors have been doing an amazing job covering that story, and yes, good for the CD for FOIAing those email (summarized here).

Ladies: I need your help and you seem like logical people to ask. Is it appropriate to wear a knee-length black dress to a late afternoon wedding in upstate NY? I have a brightly colored silk wrap to go with it. My husband seems to think this is a bad idea. Alternatively I could wear a suit (pant or skirt) but this seems more business attire than wedding to me. Sorry if this if off topic. Thanks!

Hmm. Off topic but sure....

But I need more info: Is this a Saturday or Sunday or a weekday? If weekend, I'd say business suit is out. Although black is finally acceptable for guests, some people are still superstitious about guests wearing white or black. Do you already have another dress in another color, or would you have to buy one? All things considered, I'd vote against the black and use this an opportunity to buy a feminine (not too sexy) cocktail dress in a flattering color. Shouldn't coast a fortune, and you should be able to wear it again. Chatters?

Because Canadian hip hop is the hope of the future.

YES. And the future is now.

Rhianna - she's trouble.

Sigh. Poor thing.

Journey sucks. Let the arguments begin!

That was my stance through the '80s, snob that I was. But having seen that documentary, I have to say -- the songwriting was pretty damn solid. I don't care if I never hear the over-played, over-referenced "Don't Stop Believin'" again in my life -- but some of their other stuff is better than I realized. (My brother maintains that "Oh Sherry" is an equally good song. I'm not there yet.)

... but you are the classiest ladies I know of: are women expected to remove their hats for the playing of the national anthem, also? Settle the bet and I'll send you 43% of my winnings if you agree with me!

Roxanne, who is the classiest lady I know of, says that yes, they are. Now, granted, I've never seen Roxanne wear a hat. So, judge accordingly.

Where do they live now? How is her - what was it? MS?

They're now living together in San Francisco. She looked fantastic the other night, to be honest -- and also, believe it or not, happy. And symptom-less, too, but we're not doctors of course.

What is so sad about this whole thing is that everyone was so willing to by into his public persona without the slightest bit of inclination that public personas aren't necessarily real. And, as a result, repeatedly, people failed in their moral obligation to help children. I'm particularly angry with the guidance counselor that was told by the kid of the abuse and refused to take a report because Sandusky, who was a stranger to her, had such a great reputation and was a public hero.

Public personas are real, but just a part of who the person is. Sandusky probably was a great guy in many ways -- which is no way excuses any of the alleged abusive behavior or means his good acts make him incapable of these crimes. I always think it is so interesting that deviations from that public persona can manifest themselves sexually, but not in any other aspect of a person's life. I think there's also the fear of accusing a respected authority figure, and the pushback that comes from that. But you're right---cops and counselors are supposed to ignore the public reputation and judge the facts.

We are not expected to remove our hats when the flag goes by, or when the anthem plays, or when we enter a building.

Ladies, why aren't you wearing hats anyway? Protect yourself from the sun.

The Octomom was in a porn flick. Ughhhh

Was it an eight-way?

You should check out how bad some of those Journey music videos really were

Come on. How is this not state of the art?

You're busy reading Helen Dragas's emails, aren't you, and you lost track of time? It can happen to anyone.

We were fighting with the computers. Happens more often than you want to know.

Rhianna has issues but I think Chris Brown and Drake would find ways to get into trouble without her help. Btw - I am Team Drake too.

You know what? They're all so young. Just promise me, all of you, that you won't start dating former child stars or hanging out with them in clubs.

Someone mentioned Jill Biden and her sexy dress last week. Well maybe she dressed up more often now since her husband days as VP are being numbered before the big election???

Ha. You think?

I am very curious: do you get any emails/posts defending this deplorable creatin? What do the defenders say?

I'll let you know when I hear from them.

What's going on with John King and Dana Bash's separation? Are they divorcing or trying to reconcile? Every time I see them on the air together, I keep wondering how awkward it must be for them to work together so often.

All I know is that they're continuing to work together, like total pros.

What qualifies her as one? What qualifies anyone, I guess? She didn't seem to be well thought of or liked while she and Tariq where flouncing around town - the other RHWDC clearly saw her as a poseur/lower-class even before the gate crashing. Was she really that big on the scene around here? She actually seemed more naturally suited as rocker babe in that picture you posted.

You seem to be working on the assumption that being a socialite requires qualifications.

Some of us missed not hearing a Salahi in the news

I know. This one was for you.

What IS wrong with these people? They complain about the attention and then seek it out, in the most ridiculously vulgar ways possible. Are really so obvious to themselves?

I watched about two minutes of Bristol's pity party before switching the channel. My theory? She has two choices: Reality TV or working 9-5 as a receptionist for minimum wage. TV pays much better and requires no talent. American Dream, circa 2012. It's not like she has a lot of other options. 

I was just listen to somebody say, "If I can forgive Woody Allen, why can't his son?" Weird, right?

Really weird. It's so much easier to forgive a stranger than someone who is supposed to love you and take care of you---and screws it up that badly. Woody failed his children, whatever other talents he has. 

Agree that a colored dress would be preferable, weddings are fun celebrations and guests wearing colors reflects that. If you don't have time to buy one, then black dress with wrap over the business suit. As for the hat, women do not need to remove their hats. Hats were traditionally carefully arranged and held in place by pins, removing them in public and then having to re-arrange them would not be trivia.

Reliable Source Fashion Police on duty!

I think that applies if they're "hats"--think fancy hats--but not if it's just a ball cap and you're at the nats game.

Another view.

They actually do deserve each other. Yuck.

Yuck. But also karma.

Women do not remove "dress" or "proper" hats during ceremonies, not even the national anthem. Ball caps, however, are removed by both sexes.

And this...

Did anyone watch her show last night?

I logged two minutes. Anyone watch the whole thing? Reviews?

yes, because it is entirely her fault that grown men devolved into throwing bottles because she has (allegedly) slept with both of them. She may have bad taste in men, but she's free to do as she likes and cannot be held responsible for what these men do when she's not even there.

True---assuming she's been honest with both men. If she lied and covered things up, that may help explain but not justify their bad behavior.

Why are people so supportive of Bryce Harper's rude, dismissive attitude of the press? The reporter asked a question, albeit a strange one — and the ballplayer's eye-roll and smirk were just embarrassing to watch. Athletes and celebrities have been asked worse questions before and behaved much better. Martin Short and Robin Gibbs come to mind, and both were complete gentlemen to the interviewers. In contrast, Bryce seems like a self-important jerk. I don't care why he doesn't drink beer. I don't care if the reporter "should" have known that. What I *do* know is that I don't much like Bryce Harper or his attitude.

Actually, I'm going to defend everyone's behavior in this situation.


Yes, it was a clown question the reporter asked. But being a reporter means asking some clown questions. Many reporters make the mistake of thinking that an interview is all about them -- that they're supposed to sound cool, that they're supposed to be liked by their subject. But the job is to get insight and information or at lesat something interesting out of the subject. The questions that would be totally acceptable in a normal conversation don't get you there, generally. The questions that get you a good soundbite are often dorky or stumbling or obvious or dumb or borderline rude. And let's face it -- if Bryce Harper had smiled and said, "Yes, I'm going to have a Labatt's as my celebratory Canadian brew," everyone would have clicked on that, and no one would have mocked the reporter.


Having said that . . . I don't fault Bryce Harper for his reponse. If you look at the video, he shut the reporter down in a very matter-of-fact way. Clearly he was irritated by the question -- and remember here, it's not just the fact that he's Mormon or whether the reporter should or should not have known that. It's that he's a 19-year-old athlete with a reputation and a contract to uphold, and crossing borders or not, it would be inherently dangerous for him to flaunt a taste for a beverage he's not allowed to have in his own country. I don't think he went out of his way to humiliate the reporter, though. It was a very under-the-breath comment.


I don't know any details about the Drake/Chris Brown brouhaha. All I know is Chris Brown is a scumbag and he makes me ill. I support Drake.


I guess my Canadian upbringing (like saying "Grade Eight" instead of "Eighth Grade") makes me a bit bias towards Drake as this super suave hip-hop star. I just remember him still as "the guy in the wheelchair" on the reboot of after-school teenybopper melodrama "Degrassi Junior High."

Are you the chatter who has the same problem accepting Ryan Gosling as a heartthrob, because you remember his dorky child star past?

So what do you think of the show Mrs. Eastwood & Co.? I think I'm surprised Clint thought this was a good idea, since reality shows don't exactly have sterling reputations, IMO.

Sorry, haven't seen it. But yes, surprised he endorsed the enterprise.

I read last week's chat after the fact, so I couldn't contribute my story on Olivia de Havilland. I grew in New York, and used to go to the theater with friends when I was in high school (Saturday matinees, of course -the days of cheap Broadway tickets). Anyway, I remember going to see an Olivia de Havilland play with two friends, one of whom was on the school paper. She had written to de Haviland in advance, asking if she could interview her for an article. The actress agreed, and all three of us went to her dressing room after the show. I can't remember what she talked about - only that she wore a glamorous dressing gown and was extremely gracious to three very star-struck teenagers.

Thanks for sharing! What play was it?

I think Justin Bieber needs to borrow some of Bryce Harper's testosterone. They're about the same age, but Biebs looks like he still plays with Legos.

Everyone matures differently.

On every chat page, the Tuesday schedule is still showing. Can you please update? Thanks.

So how'd you end up here? We're listed on the home page, anyway.

While I agree all that Rielle has spilled is tacky, I have to say I'm more taken aback by the GQ photo. Seriously, sexy posing in a man's workshirt on a bed with stuffed animals? Icky.

Oh, darn. From your introductory clause ("while I agree all that Rielle has spilled is tacky. . . "), I thought you were going to be one of her defenders. Where are you, unicorns?

Did not watch. Of course. But, the WaPo review was pretty good. But, it raised one question: Isn't Willow a minor? Shouldn't she have been, I don't know, IN SCHOOL? Or, are these kids just hell-bent on being uneducated?

Willow is still a legally a minor -- she turns 18 next month -- which means she should have been in her senior year of high school during the filming of the show. There was some talk of home schooling, but I can't find any indication that she's graduated or received any degree.

I don't know why I am even wasting time asking this, but can't we just ignore them? That should be the ultimate conclusion of this entire sordid story.

You have that choice and that right. Now, forgive me as I go in search of a bookstore where I can skim an early copy in 30 minutes.

How are you both handling the heat today?

I think we're handling it okay, but let us know if you see signs of flagging.

My advice to Ronan: Let it go. You are doing well in life. Your father acted like a s*#t. Move along. (And I speak tas the mother of kids whose father was also a s*#t. But I have worked hard to have them accept, forgive, forget and make their own way.)

Hard to tell what's going on in someone's mind based on a single tweet. One might argue that it showed some healthy distance and sense of humor. Though it was also surprising that he even aired that part of his family life.

I do think that some of her trashing of Elizabeth Edwards could be a defense mechanism to help her cope with what she knows in her heart are transgressions. Just a thought.

It's a classic mistress move: Badmouth the wife to justify to herself -- and probably John--that he was driven to cheat. But I haven't seen anything close to regret in anything Rielle has said or written. 

Do you use bats?

No. It's a war of words: I swear a lot, the computer sends error messages or ignores me but refuses to act. Passive-aggressive, if you ask me.

Lots of people are wearing black to weddings -- I just helped a mother of the bride select a black/white outfit, which I thought was odd, but who am I to argue. Wear something bright with the dress and nobody will give it a second thought. Better yet, wear turquoise jewelry -- good karma!

Another opinion. One other thought: If this is a late afternoon wedding in the summer, black might be really hot.

Not as bad as the haters made them out to me, but not as good as the fans thought they were. Pleasant radio fodder. Although they did raise their game for Raised on Radio, their last album. That one has some legitimately good stuff on it. Too bad it was their last before they became culturally irrelevant (except for that brief return to the spotlight in the last Sopranos).

Thanks for your thoughts. In return, another high-caliber vintage Journey video.

If it is true upstate (like with cows, not Poughkeepsie) you would never wear black. It could work for an evening wedding, but not late afternoon. People tend to think it looks mournful and will judge. If you are in the NYC commuting area, you should be fine.

"Cow Upstate, not Poughkeepsie Upstate": I think I'm going to put that on a bumper sticker.

Has any of these relationships worked out? Left Eye Lopes and Andre Rison, Rhianna and Matt Kemp, Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow. The list just goes on and on.

Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow -- that was never really a thing, right?

Reportedly, there's also a dearth of evidence that mom Sarah ever actually earned a college degree from the University of Idaho, just that she was enrolled there. Can you check this out?

Not right this second. But I think it's far to say that higher education is not a priority for the family, although the Palins now have the means to pay college tuitions. 

Re the Sandusky trial, the idea that the defense would put a psychiatrist on the stand to say the accused suffers from this condition is bizarre, to say the least. The man actually said that people who have this evince sexualized and seductive behavior, but they don't really mean it. I never, never thought I would hear this said about a guy who had been a big time football coach.

Yeah, "histrionic personality disorder" doesn't sound like a very compelling defense, does it? Just seems to be emphasizing a tendency towards self-absorption and inappropriate behavior.

As much as I sympathize - I wouldn't be able to forgive Woody, either - I think it's tacky of him to affirmatively air his opinion in public. It's one thing to respond to questions from reporters (which, I think he did in the spring? That was classy), it's another to snark at your father over Twitter (which he did on Father's Day = tacky). He's made his feelings known, rehashing it just makes a family issue public.

Indeed, it was very surprising.

I don't know if this is apocryphal, but... Back in the first half of the 20th century, when many women wore hats, movie theaters got complaints from patrons re their view of the screen being obstructed if a woman wearing a large hat sat in front of them. At first, the theaters tried posting pre-feature announcements requesting hat-removal, with some lack of success. Then, allegedly, some genius came up with the idea of a sign stating that ladies over were allowed to keep their hats on -- and voila! Almost total compliance with hat-removal in movie theaters.

Missed a word: "ladies over________": I assume an age. 40? 50?

Don;t you think it's odd that Elizabeth Edwards used a picture of Johnny looking at Rielle in a way he never looked at her as a screensaver? I know the woman is dead but it's sounding like she had a Jeckel/Hyde personality.

From the limited pictures on the link attached, Stephen Strasburg and Screech the Mascot would have to get the best dressed awards.


I'll give it my best shot... The relationship was between two adults who both gave consent. If someone wants to publish her book that must mean there are people willing to buy it, capitalism at work. None of us are perfect. Umm...That's all I've got. I still don't like her though

Thanks. I could sense the strain, but you did a good job there.

Since we are all (rightfully) dissing her, let's not let him get away from our scorn. He lied about actually having affairs? Who does that? And, the story is getting confusing, but does she contend that he actually had mistresses before her? It's confusing, and I'm surprised they have never come forward given his clearly bad taste in tacky triffling women.

I know -- it makes my brain hurt.

There's not a single white knight in that group — although Woody gets props for keeping his mouth shut. Ronan doesn't need to publicly dis his dad, Mia doesn't need to publicly agree ("BOOM"?) and everyone needs to take a step back. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Or sit next to me. Wait, did I just put you out of a job?

hahaha. We say nice things all the time.

Whatever happened to that former South Carolina and his Argentinian "soulmate"? Still together? In the US?

Mark Sanford told Piers Morgan on CNN last fall that theyr'e still together. . . .

That show was called Breaker High, about a cruise ship that had a high school on it for whatever reason. I'm also a Canadian and also used to watch it too sadly. Guess it's just weird how some actors become super sexy. I mean Ryan Gosling was around Hollywood for a while and nobody was talking about about that super sexy kid in that Sandra Bullock cop mystery.

I never saw that movie, but that's when he began to get a lot of buzz.

Well... she could do what most people her age do: work hard, study hard, struggle, make something meaningful from her short visit on this world. Or, she can cry on camera in bar parking lots and pimp her child and sister out to Lifetime.

Work hard? Hahahahahaha.

I agree on your assessment on Bieber versus Harper. Harper is more manly while Bieber definitely still looks like a little teenage boy. However, I will admit to liking that Karate Kid song Bieber did a couple of years ago.

And they're both taking their wildly-varying testosterone levels to the bank, you know. If Bieber were more manly, he'd never have made it as a tween idol.

Amy: As a UVA alumna, I am sure you find it interesting that Virginia's governor has taken the high road by saying he doesn't want to "meddle" in the university's operations. I personally find that odd coming from the person responsible for appointing members to the Board of Visitors. I

I can understand wanting to delegate -- and true, most of the times you *don't* want the governor dictating policy at the flagship university. . . but I think a lot of people are going to want him to start meddling in this situation now.

Clown question, bro.

...none of this would've occurred if only Johnny had said "No."

Completely. He made the choice to cheat on his wife, Rielle made the choice to pursue a married man. It happens, I know, but both black marks in my book. People make mistakes -- I get that -- but there's no indication of remorse from Hunter. And I'm not sure how much I believe John's apologies.

I'm more suprised he has been so restrained about his father. C'mon folks, just become you like "Match Point" doesn't mean his son can feel or type what he likes about his dad. That tweet was hardly "Mommie Dearest"-level airing of family secrets and parent bashing.

I'm guessing you mean "doesn't mean his son CAN'T feel or type"....

Oops! I omitted the age. It was (supposedly) 40.

That sounds about right.

I'm a major Michelle Williams fan (FYI her dad was a politician in my home state of Montana who was twice the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate) so super curious about her latest film with Sarah Polley directing.  If nothing else, apparently suppose to make Toronto look really pretty which is good since it can be a nicer looking city most folks realize.

Is it set in Toronto, or just filmed that -- LIKE EVERY MOVIE these days?

I thought they were broken up? I have to say, Will Smith is without a doubt, the celeb I think it would be most entertaining and fun to have a drink with.

They were dogged by tabloid rumors a couple months ago, but that seems to have blown over. Yes, he is eminently likeable. OMG, what do you think of Jada's sexy naked celebvocate video?

What's with that no-moustache goatee? He looks like one of the Hatfields or McCoys. Not a good look..............for anybody!! Whaddya think?

Ah, the old C. Everett Koop look. You laugh now, but next year you'll all be wearing it.

I think you went a little hard on Bryce Harper. I thought his response was clever and not too mean (he did call the reporter bro). It's not like he pulled an Alec Baldwin and unnecessarily assaulted the guy.

The previous chatter, you mean? I defended him.

He is young and made plenty of mistakes but didn't we all when we were younger? Will we ever forgive him? And I agree something just doesn't sit well with me on Rhianna. I think there is more then meets the eye about her and she may not be as innocent as we think or hope. I think Drake and his crew did a lot of instigating.

Did you ever beat up a girl when you were younger? Is it possible for a woman to deserve being beat up like that?

Are you kidding? It's not just NYC and DC where people dress with a bit of sophistication. We may live in areas where agriculture is practiced, or where factories are (or were) but we are not dressing like the 80s. Black dress at a wedding is fine. Wore one just last week.

It's not a question of sophistication or geography---just custom and taste. Black is fine, although there are still some traditionalists who don't wear it to weddings. And it is possible to be very sophisticated wearing color. 

Loved that piece this past week about how a group of Yankee fans were dining at Oya (one wearing a Jeter jersey) and didn't realize he was sitting right there next to them!

Now, how does that make Yankees fans horrible? I thought that was charming. Derek Jeter at Oya.

I know it does - both of my sister's have made this mistake (when they were substantially younger). But, do you know what - they were profoundly ashamed of their behavior AND they would have died of embarassment if people knew.

What mistake -- failing to take off their hats during the National Anthem?


Oh, never mind. Rox caught me up. We're talking about affairs. Missed that thread.

But I don't think he realized this woman was such a nut job. Fatal Attraction to the Nth. I am not sure this guy will ever shake this woman. I loved that quote where he said he could up in prison and she said she would follow.

Another lesson in not sleeping with crazy. But it's not always clear, which is why Lifetime makes all those movies.

Radical. I think they should set it in Toronto but film it in D.C. for a change.

Rielle seems to be the gift that keeps giving.

Oh, Rielle by a mile. Donna seems sensible and boring by comparsion.

Am getting an urge for Bacon Sundae today on this hot day

Give us a review next week.

I had a dream last night that Piers Morgan died in some tragic accident. Which is strange because I've never seen his show and wouldn't know him if I ran into him on the street. Why do our brains do this to us?

I want you to to work on why you might have been dreaming about Piers Morgan -- that's a really strange one. And if anything happens to him, we're going to send some officers over to talk to you.

Oh Sherry - while the song may be good, I still can't get the image of the video out of my head. Steve Perry singing to (I think it really was his girlfried at the time) Sherry, standing on the steps of some building. I always cringe when people sing love songs to each other. Oh, Sherry.

I haven't seen that video in 25 years, but it kind of burned a hole in my brain with its sheer awfulness. Think I'll watch it over lunch. . . .

RIP Rodney King. Unfortunate end to a very troubled life

Sad note to end on, but he always seems overwhelmed by the events of that one night.

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