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Jun 13, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, June 13, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning, everyone. The format for the chat has changed a little bit on our end as of today, so please have any patience through any glitches. Some topics on our radar this week:


Poor John Bryson! The least famous Cabinet secretary is suddenly a news story, but only because of his bizarre traffic accident. Is Commerce an inherently less cool, less interesting Cabinet post than the rest?


Not all Occupiers are psyched about the big PR prize won by a fancy PR agency for work promoting Occupy Wall Street.


Betty White meets Obama, orders a Grey Goose on the rocks at the Palm.


Go ahead, John Boehner, tell us what you really think about Luke Russert. And other fun moments from the RTCA dinner, the last media-political banquet of the season.


Mark Shriver on his father, and why good people are sometimes better than great people in Washington. 


Who knew the president of Estonia was such a sassy tweeter?


Stories not in our column but good reads:  The fake British spy who conned Washington . . . The sad, sad RFK Jr. divorce files . . . The sexy Iraq emails between a reporter and a government source . . .




In other news: High-level catfight in Paris! . . . McConaughey weds babymama. . . Steny Hoyer's daughter comes out. . . Lauryn Hill has a lot to say about those unpaid taxes . . . Our long national nightmare is over, as Gilbert Arenas drops suit against "Basketball Wives."

Yes, I know they have gone their separate ways many months ago. But, having gone from being dandelions, sprouting up everywhere, to total disappearance from public view, worries me. I don't miss them, but fear they may turn up living on my block as part of a Witness Protection Program. Help!

Fortunately, I still have a Google News  Alert set up for "Salahi," so I can assure you they're still out there, doing their thing, albeit separately now. Apparently Michaele and Neal Schon turned up at a Rock of Ages premiere somewhere, but I confess to not having clicked on it.

She is still finding trouble whenever she gets behind the wheel. Lying to the police is not a good idea

I do not understand why her managers don't insist on a driver for her. She can afford it and it allows her to party all she wants, with no charges or accidents. This is just stupid -- one more incident and no one will hire her, even if she's not breaking the law. 

Does anyone else have a problem with references to Geoge Clooney's Lake Como estate as a "love nest?"

Nope. It's not the size of the estate, it's the emotion.

Don't you think it is weird that the Flirty Juror hasn't given any interviews? She clearly isn't shy...

She hasn't, has she? That's a loss.

who have slept with the current President? At least Carl Bruni had class.

I feel a debate coming on. The interesting question is why so many of these women find their presidents so sexy.

(You know, Matthew McConaughey's signficant other.) Sleeves! What did you think?

Gosh, here's another story I didn't click on. But I will now.




Sleeves are the new thing, you know. We've already discussed the looming backlash to strapless wedding dresses. From the Slate story, I learned that designers push strapless dresses because they're cheap to make -- so I guess sleeved dresses are a subconscious status symbol of wealth now.

I'm a little embarrassed to know this, but how could you forget the prince of Denmark, who was in Australia sailing with the Danish Olympic team when he met his now wife, a regular commoner, in a bar? That story stoked every burning ember of my childhood princess dreams. Proof that it could happen to me!

Ah, yes. Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary. They met at the "Slip Inn"in Sydney---according to the all-knowing Wiki, he introduced himself as "Fred."

That is all.

I'm so glad.

You say she can afford a driver but considering all her legal fees and lack of work I think she might not be able to. However, I'm sure she has minions who would volunteer to drive her around.

If she's trashing a leased Porsche, she can afford a driver.

What to make of the UVA situation? It sounds as if this may be as much about the Board of Visitors as it is about the President. No matter how you look at it, the timing and handling are odd!

Who knows?  The revelation that this was both abrupt and a unanimous decision by the board makes it all the more mysterious. If Sullivan had been wildly incompetent, there would have been plenty of other people in her circle (beyond just the board) in a position to complain publicly about her -- but we haven't heard a peep. Today's story about the UVa board makes the point that unless they reveal what the heck is going on, it will be very hard for them to recruit a new president.

Good for Laura Govan - after 4 kids, a reality tv show and a couple of lawsuits - she has finally gotten Gilbert Arenas to officially marry her!

Engaged still -- and planning a wedding, apparently -- but not married yet. Those sweet crazy kids; if they can't make it work, who among us can?

Who is going to bother to read her book?

Oh, please. Buy it? Maybe not. Read it? Catnip! Inside the mind of crazy mistress in the biggest political sex scandal in years? I'll have to hide it from Amy if I want to read a word first---but I bet she'll get it before I get a chance.

I didn't know such a thing existed. Was wondering why we just don't get all those awesome Kentucky Derby jockeys as our team?

Because it's not racing. It's jumping and dressage---the other horsey sports.

Is that something I will be wanting to see?

I confess to having some curiosity about it, based on the trailers. But after having read some early reviews (very negative) and seen a limp preview (in the commercials running with the delightful "Bunheads"), I have lost all my interest. Is there any summer movie I want to see? That's my question. I'm still angry about "The Avengers." Big waste of time.

Heck no! They run NOAA, which means they are the first to know when a tornado's approachin'. NOAA also has a simulated tidal pool in front of its building that replicates the tides against rocks. It is astounding relaxing. And, Commerce is the only agency I know of off the top of my head that has a public aquarium in its headquarters!

I did not know about the simulated tidal pool. Can you surf it?

That story about RFK Jr and his alcoholic wife who committed suicide was pure tabloid trash. How on earth does a NEWS magazine justify that level of coverage over these people who are only known because of the last name? Does Tina Brown not have any editorial (parts) at all?

I think the justification is that a lot of people are interested in clicking on it. I don't know. I find myself wondering why the troubles of the unfamous wife of a third-generation Kennedy who has never sought public office should be such a news story. But I also can't argue with the fact that rich, famous families make for compelling sagas. I don't know.

I'll read the book for the pictures.


So can that show now be cancelled without the cloud of litigation over it?

Season Two of "Basketball Wives: L.A." is on the way! Who knows, maybe Gilbert will appear in this one. NOTHING WOULD SURPRISE ME ANYMORE.

I have no kids, so I obviously am in no place to judge - but how hard/easy is it to leave a kid behind?

Didn't we see this kind of thing happen all the time on the Brady Bunch? Hard for me to relate, of course, but maybe when you've got multiple kids and multiple cars and a security detail offering a false sense of, well, security. . . . David and Samantha Cameron accidentally leave daughter at a pub

Sounds like a horrible `sport'

Not really---it's classic riding skills and horse ballet. As a general rule, racing is much tougher on the horses. Unless your objection is whether it should be in the Olympics at all, which is a different debate.

I find him un-shnoggable, but I find DSK the same way and that doesn't seem to stop a lot of French women...

You don't have to be handsome to be sexy.

Or, as my husband calls them, "The 3-Hour Infomercial from NYC to Get Us to Come Spend Our Money"? I enjoyed them this year, but they did do some weird camera-stuff, and have the casts of shows that won stand on stairs to the side. NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) was terrific, though.

Sorry I missed it. Herewith, links to about all the Tonys coverage you could possibly hope for.

Hope all is well with him after two accidents

Me, too. News reports say alcohol or drugs were not involved, so it may be medical. We'll find out soon enough.

Yay Kings! Woot! This is celeb news, right?

At least those Johhny-come-lately stars in the good seats for Game Six.

Is that not the absolutely most perfect name for a White House social secretary?

It is the most perfect ever? Advocates of Letitia Baldrige might disagree. But it's definitely a reasonable debate.


Jeremy Bernard speaks! First male White House social secretary on the night his job was on the line.

What is THIS about? Really? I mean, really?

Because (let me guess):

1) Johnny always loved her and....

2) The press misrepresented their love story and ...

3) She wants the world to understand the spiritual bond that got them to this point. 


That is true, but you still have to be sexy to be sexy... Just saying.

Also true. But you can't tell from pictures. Sometimes sexy is just a look or an offhand remark. Plus chemistry.

We didnt care for the Tony Awards either, Signed, The Nielson Ratings

And the CBS executives and advertisers.

According to other reports I've read, she was provided a car and driver by that project she's working on. But for whatever reason, little miss independent rented a Porsche. Oh, and BTW, way to go - throwing your assistant under the bus. What a jerk she is! (among other things)

Brat is thye polite term.

So, are any of the rest of them still alive?

Why, yes, indeed -- I'm glad you asked. Most of you probably know that Olivia De Havilland, who played Melanie Wilkes, is still alive; she'll be 96 in a couple weeks. But so is the formidable Alicia Rhett, a stage actress who made her debut in GWTW as India Wilkes and then never made another movie again; she's 97. Also, a couple actors from smaller roles (Mary Anderson, who played the slatternly Maybelle Merriweather; child actor Mickey Kuhn, who played Melanie's son).


Ann Rutherford, actress in ‘Gone With the Wind’ and Andy Hardy series, dies at 94

Jaccarding using small knives. Brine injection uses needles that inject the brine or marinade directly into the center of the meat while the needle is in the meat. Brine injection needles also do not provide the same tenderization as does jaccarding (also referred to as cubing).

Whoa---honey, you may be in the wrong chat. Either that, or you've been reading way too much "Fifty Shades of Gray" and oversharing. 

One thing I have not really seen explained - how did these "racy emails" between them surface? Who leaked them?

They just showed up on Flickr and other sites, posted anonymously. And yeah, that's what I'm dying to know! Who would have access and motive? No easy answer, actually, when you've got this level of romantic and professional entanglement.

I believe that the equestrian events are one of the few sports in the Olympics where men and women compete directly against one another. The other may be sailing.

Sounds about right----chatters? Any experts out there?

How long until the new best TV show in America is on?

Eight and a half hours. Be there or be square or at least program your DVR.


TNT’s ‘Dallas’: A satisfying roll in the sentimental hay

I have to say that these men, testifying to what happened to them, are my heroes. This has to be so hard for them, but they are taking their lives back and holding this guy accountable for the damage he did.

Awful stuff, isn't it? Testifying must be a nightmare.

The chatters who are curious about the relationship status of the Nats players might be interested in this:  Link

Wonder how that's working out for him.

At least they didn't jump into it too quickly, but waited a while. And what about Kobe Bryant's marital situation? I'm just confused by that.

My reaction to the Arquette/Cox divorce filing was sort of like my reaction to the Denise Richards/Richie Sambora breakup: "Wait, that didn't already happen?" . . . TMZ had some cryptic and unsourced report that Vanessa Bryant has stopped her divorce proceedings so they can reconcile, but I haven't seen anything more on that.

Being the Queen's granddaughter, does that help in getting on the team? Or is this something where whomever is fastest, or however you judge a horse person, gets on the team?

Honestly, probably both. Like many other sports, there's subjective scoring and the judges know who she is. She's actually a very good rider, but there's probably one competitor who thinks he/she didn't make the team because Zara got the spot instead.

I admit I might see Magic Mike

That's the one where Channing Tatum plays himself in his stripper days, but directed by Steven Soderbergh? Trippy.

Why was PJ allowed to steal so much of your time in the last round? I was practically yelling at the radio for him to stop talking.

It's fine, because he was right --and very funny-- about the cows. :) 

Don't you just want to kick his lawyer in his shins. I have no doubt the lawyer will be one of the most hated, vilified people in America by the end of this.

Well, listen: Everyone's entitled to a legal defense, and everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Is he just plain delusional to imply that he would ever have a chance at elected office again? Or was that just face saving. I hope he falls into a bottomless pit.

Zero chance of elected office, and he's crazy-crazy if he thinks he does. But he didn't say "elected office"-- just that God had plans for him. I think he wants some kind of public profile to restore his legacy. The only thing I want to see is if he and Rielle end up as a couple.

Watching the game the other night and they included live crowd shots of all the famous people in the crowd and there was LL Cool J - looking like LL Cool J should and there were people on either side of him laughing at what he was saying and it was so sad because it was so obviously fake, sychophant laughter. Which is sad, because I can't imagine anything would ever come out of his mouth that wasn't sincerely delightful and, second, it was such an example of how horribly transparent and awful "LA types" really are.

1. "obviously fake, sycophant laughter"

2. "I can't imagine anything would ever come out of his mouth that wasn't sincerely delightful"

You realize you're doing a lot of projecting, right? If you automatically assume anything this famous stranger says is delightful, don't you imagine he probably has the same effect on the people near him? The laughter might be genuine, *and* he might be totally boring.

It's a double-edged sword when horse sports are in the news. On the up side, there's a chance of bringing more people into the sport. On the downside, there's this big misconception that anything involving horses means snobby rich people. In reality, we're people who spend a lot of time wearing dirty horse-drool stained clothes and catering to our hayburning 1200-lb. pets. Lots of us don't go on vacations or buy nice cars because extra money is for horses. There are plenty of obscure Olympic sports, equestrian sports aren't the only ones.

I love the horse drool image. And I think it's easier to fall for horses that sailboats---a less cuddly money-pit.

It's coming back, really? How can they do that with Barbara Bel Geddes no longer with us?

Can't they just sub in Donna Reed again?


Fun fact: Did you know that Barbara Bel Geddes was only nine years older than Larry Hagman?

Zara's mother, Princess Anne, was on the British Olympic equestrian team in 1976. Trivium: the Princess was the only athlete at the Montreal Summer Olympics who was not required to take a sex-determination test (they were concerned back then that the Soviet bloc might've been fobbing off some actual males as female athletes in the brawn sports).

I wonder why she got a pass. There must be some reason beyond her bloodline. Hmm.

RIP Henry Hill. The inspiration for the movie "Goodfellas"

Is anyone going to Burger King to try the bacon sundae?

Duh. Yes.

I am counting on you two to do the "We read it so you don't have to" synopsis. You have saved me lots of time and money over the years through this service. What givers!


Sure she did. I saw her on NBC and somewhere else. She said she wasn't flirting, isn't married, and (if I recall correctly) is a Republican. Even in the interviews, she came across as giggly, so I could see how she might have been (mis-)interpreted as flirtatious.

Bummed I missed this.

Still great to see Betty White getting her Grey Goose on

Just read the Slate article on wedding dresses. My takeaway was that the author is every reason I cannot stand the bridal industry. She finds a dress she likes, only to discover it is a bridesmaid dress and therefore unwearable for a bride?? Who cares! Buy the dress you like, make it your own.

Ha. Is this your polite way of saying "every reason I cannot stand brides"?

It confirms that money doesn't buy happiness. We need to know this, because even though most of us will never have that kind of wealth, you always think that if you did you problems would be solved. Not so, obviously. So that's part of the reason we go for these stories. But I really don't understand why the divorce stuff is relevant now that the poor woman is gone.

I'm guessing it's part of the bitter family spilt that started with the divorce and ended with Mary's suicide. There are lots of accusations and blame, and Bobby is trying to get his side of the story out. But it's terrible for their children to see the two sides of their family go to war.

He's awesome but I don't think the Reliable Source will ever be able to interview him. I just read over on the Sports Bog that he doesn't answer "clown questions". That just about takes away everything Amy would ever ask.

So not fair to Amy! I ask clown questions every day.

So sad I didn't watch that. Such upstanding people.


That's because it's perfectly obvious she's half woman, half horse.

Why the long face?

First off, I have to say I love Reliable Source -- it's the first page I flip to. That said, why do you include items about the love triangles/drama about foreign dignitaries? I'd understand if it happened while they were visiting the DC area, but frankly, I don't care what the French president's girlfriend does to his ex. Also, is the sighting of a politician in his or her neighborhood grocery store/restaurant really worth the inch of print column? I do enjoy reading the local establishments celebrities frequent. Thanks.

We don't expect you to love every item in the column. No seriously -- not being flippant here. We are doing a general interest column in a general interest newspaper, which means attempting to entertain and distract a wide array of readers. If you personally loved every item in the column, that would mean we were probably boring some other constituency to tears. Personally, the catfight between the French president's current and former ladies cracked me up -- and it's also a legitimate (if soap-opera-ish) bit of news that didn't otherwise have an outlet in our paper. . . . As for "Hey, isn't that," not sure if you had a particular one in mind -- but we almost never run sightings of local politicians in local settings, unless it's someone at a very high level or if there's something unique about the circumstances. And the inch count is, by design for that feature, minimal and marginal.

I heard her talk. I think she was boring. So I think no one paid her her to talk.


Have either of you read his new bio?

No. You?

Isn't there going to be a point where movie studios can't get insurance on her in order to cast her. Personally, as someone who works in insurance, I'm shocked, shocked that point hasn't already passed.

Me too, but she and her lawyers PROMISED PROMISED that she's changed and all that bad stuff was behind her and that she deserved a 274th chance.

What about Casablanca? Anyone left?

Yes. Madeleine LeBeau, who played Yvonne (this lady), the sad French hooker at the bar. She's 89, and reportedly the last cast member left.

How many organs have been donated to him?

Oh, there are no original parts left.

When my husband and I went to Paris for our 20th wedding anniversary, he (a big fan of Captain Blood and Robin Hood) found her address on the internet and wrote her to say we'd be there. No answer, no surprise. So we made our way there one rainy day, no answr to the knock, no surprise. But it was lovely to see her home and imagine her life in that neighborhood. Fast forward 3 weeks, when a handwritten note on elegant blue stationary shows up in our mail box, apologizing that she'd been ill and unable to meet us but congratulating us on our anniversary. Needless to say, we framed it.

That's lovely. You see, a bit of gentle-stalking pays off.

She's gone too, right? And Howard Keel, and obviously Jim Davis. How about the guy who played Cliff Barnes?

Donna Reed is long gone.  .  . . But apparently Ken Kercheval will be back on the new show as Cliff Barnes, believe it or not.

I am positive Humphry Bogart is alive! He just starred a commercial a few years back!

Going on tour with the Tupac hologram, is he?

I just threw up in my mouth a little...

Today's Hell game: You're in a small room (in Hell) and the endless loop on the TV is Piers/Casey and an episode of Maury Povich's baby-daddy screamfests.  And you CAN'T TURN IT OFF. I'm sure there are other shows that also fit the eternal damnation programming bill.

Who wins in a Jeb Bush vs. Grover Norquist smackdown?

Grover. Totally.

That was a four-star superhero movie. Why go to a musical if you don't like singing and dancing?

I liked "Iron Man." I liked the second of the two Christian Bale Batmans. I liked the second Tobey Maguire Spiderman. And of course, the first couple of Christopher Reeve Supermans were sublime. "Avengers" was just a jumble of CGI nonsense, occasionally enlived by Mark Ruffalo's malaise.

Not a fair celebrity sighting since it was a publicized book tour (and the Post already has an excellent interview with the subject), but my partner and I ate at Graffiato last Saturday for Top Chef's Angelo Sosa's tasting menu. I bought his cook book and he came to the table to sign it. He spent MUCH more time chatting than I expected and he was quite charming. I could have talked food with him for hours.

Here's that Angelo Sosa interview.

You really should discourage your readers from this. It is a very easy way to end up either arrested for trespassing or put in some very extensive network of private investagator shared files of people who go to far to harass stars. Its one thing to approach them at a restaurant, or to write them a note requesting an audience. It is fundamentally not okay or advisable to bother them (or anyone, really) unexpectedly at home.

Yeah, fair point.

Burger King has something called a bacon sundae? Yep, that is practical information.

Because, really, who hasn't said, "What would make my life perfect is a bacon sundae."

I've never understood why showjumping isn't more popular - dressage, now, the judging of horse-ballet can be obscure - but "how fast can they get around the jumps course without knocking anything down" isn't very complicated and is at least as exciting as all this gymnastics nonsense.


Sure there's a difference between jaccarding and using brine needles, but I prefer to use a javelin to pierce the meat.

What's wrong with a good old fashioned harpoon?

Nowadays, the main thing that boards of trustees (or regents) at colleges and universities care about in their school's president is this: how much money did you raise in donations in the past 12 months? Alas and alack.

And it seems UVa fell a little short of its goal last year. Surprising.

It is up in Silver Spring and it is very cool. Alas too small to surf in. And, honestly, since the waves are fierce, not safe to swim in either.

Aw, that sounds like a dare.

A spicy nacho taco

I've heard good things about those.

I remember there was a time in America when she would eventually take over for Johnny Carson as America's late night television host. It seems like it was so long ago in some sort of alternate universe that kids these days would never understand.

Almost quaint---pre-Internet, Twitter, iPhone, reality tv.  We're old; she's older. And yet Joan is still out there working. That counts for something, I think.

Chatters, enough fun for one day. We've got a column to write, and miles to go before we file. Send your tips/sightings to Talk next week. 


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