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Jun 06, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, June 6, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello and good morning, everyone. Roxanne is off on assignment, as we like to say around here, so it's just me for now. Some things on our mind recently:


A Sidwell Friends graduate almost seizes the Miss USA crown, but Nana Meriwether insists she was a wallflower in high school.


A feud over a country club membership applications has us wondering if Jack Abramoff will ever play golf in this town again?


Which celebrities visit the White House the most? Right now, it's a race between Bono and Oprah, according to our review of the White House Visitors Log. And Republicans tweak Obama for all his celebrity pals.


Ashley Biden got married in Delaware this weekend -- go ahead, tell us what you think of the dress if you want.


In other news: How badly do you want Michelle Obama to sign your book? Drew Barrymore weds. Miley Cyrus gets engaged. Warren Buffett visits his old high school in D.C.


Or whatever else is on your mind — bring us your questions.


My sister remembered her from Sidwell and remembers her as being very very nice, though not as shy as she remembers herself (but none of us accurately remember our high school selves, eh?) Anyway, my bigger question was where did that photo that was on the front page and in the column come from? I thought it was very weird and did nothing to capture her beauty, which was much more apparent from the other two photos.

Weren't we just talking about this last week? How everyone insists they were a geek in high school -- and maybe even really believes that?


Oh, I thought that photo was cute enough. Chatter is referring to the image with the purple gloves seen here -- Meriwether's outfit for when she was first introduced on stage. We only had so many photos of Miss Maryland (the wire photographers mostly ship images of the winner, you know), and page designers tend to favor photos with some life and dynamism and motion, which the perfectly-posed beauty-queen images don't necessary give.

Wow - that's bizarre! Are they REALLY young? Or am I just REALLY old?

Hey, she'll be older than Elizabeth Taylor was at the time of her first marriage, so it will all work out.


For those wondering, Liam Hemsworth (he's the guy in Hunger Games; it's his brother Chris who plays Thor in Avengers) is 22 and Miley is, er, 19. Maybe she just wanted to get out of her parents' home.

Did you see the "musical" version on Funny or Die? Absolutely hilarious!

If you like "The Wire" and if musicals make you cringe, you will really enjoy this.

This past weekend I was catching up on my recorded episodes of "The Arch Campbell Show" and came across his interview with Silver Spring native Michael Ealy (the April 26 show). The way Ealy geeks out over being interviewed by Arch Campbell is immensely enjoyable. FYI.

Oh, I'll have to look that up. I also geeked out over being interviewed by Arch Campbell. Arch doesn't seem to understand that he's a major superstar for people who grew up here.

Is Jill Biden the most sexy VP wife ever? She showed lot of skin (legs and cleavage). Is she in competition with Michelle Obama and VP Biden's sister???

She's a very good looking woman. But the sexiest VP wife ever? I'm sure the historians in our midst might have some alternate theories. Anyone got a photo of Schuyler  Colfax's wife?

If they won't let Jack Abramoff play golf at the country club, he is most welcome to join our dead cat helicopter society.

Exactly. I mean, who golfs anymore. Dead cat helicoptering is the new new thing.

I don't love the dress or the 27(!) attendants, but I am charmed by how regular they appear, and at the image of her parents prepping their house themselves for it.

Yes, the VP himself put down the sod at the house.

Just read the Post's fine obit for author Ray Bradbury:  Did you know that he claimed that "Fahrenheit 451" was an indictment of the damage he foresaw television inflicting on our culture? See interview

Thanks for linking to the obit. I read his stuff obsessively as a kid, and really need to go back to it. I'd probably get a lot more out of it now.

Kind of humorous the GOP is pointing out Obama being around celebrities. I must have missed the Reagan years

I'd like to see the visitors logs for Frank Sinatra.

Drew Barrymore has been wed more than a few times and I'm wondering if this one was for love or something else ? Any word on where the newlyweds will honeymoon?

Um, what are the other options for why people get married?

I would give that marriage 18 months

Assuming they actually get married.

I must have missed this information, but has the Dr. been married before? Children?

I don't believe he's been married before, but I could be wrong.

Do you feel bad when you see a death notice and think "Oh, that's too bad. Though, I didn't realize he was still alive..."

You know what made me feel bad? Just this very weekend, I read his essay in the current issue of The New Yorker, and I thought, "Oh, I wonder when this was originally published -- how long ago did he die?" And then I looked it up and was astonished to realize he was still alive, as of a few days ago. I guess I was surprised simply because his impressive career goes back so far.

Which players are still single?

Well, there's Bryce Harper. Hey, Miley, why in such a hurry to get married? She should date him for a while -- they're the same age.

I don't like her dress. Thought you'd like to know.

I appreciate your candor.

I don't blame Miley Cyrus for trying to lock him up now. He is hot (almost as hot as his older brother) and in the Hunger Games. His stock will only go up from here!

Well played, Miley.

That officially does it for me -- I won't be reading your column or participating in these chats any longer. Something really cruel about this dead cat helicopter thing and nothing funny except maybe in the heads of people who laugh at this.

Well, sorry to hear that, we'll miss you. Dutch artist Bart Jansen's choice would definitely not have been my personal choice for dealing with the remains of my cat, and I'd happily side with anyone who wants to call it "tacky" or "grotesque" --  PETA's description of "macabre" certainly applies -- but I think "cruel" is a word more appropriately reserved for the treatment of living creatures. I don't think tacky or grotesque puts a topic off limits here, and I expect other chatters will bring up tacky and grotesque topics in the future, so be warned. 

I had numerous baby bunny sightings in my yard this past weekend. I think these sightings were better than spotting just about any celeb. The only possible exceptions I can think of are Jim Vance and Joe Biden.

OMG, Jim Vance and Joe Biden were in your backyard?

Was saddened to see the best host of Family Feud passing away. Will also remember him being in "The Running Man" with Arnold

Have been meaning to go back and read this full Grantland appreciation of his career, complete with many embedded videos.

"For those wondering, Liam Hemsworth (he's the guy in Hunger Games; it's his brother Chris who plays Thor in Avengers) is 22 and Miley is, er, 19." Those were the ages of my parents when they got married in 1950. They are both alive, in fairly good health, and have a great marriage with three children, four grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Good luck to the young couple!

Good for them! (I'm guessing your parents were blessed by a lack of fame, which definitely helps a relationship.)

I am ashamed to admit that I find Bryce Harper (the Kid) really cute. His enthusiam during those Nationals games is contagious. He also has a manface, so I can get away with being a 25+ year old anonymous admirer.

What does "25+ year old" mean? That you're 25 and three-quarters? Or that you're really 42?

I remember reading Pauline Kael's review trashing the film version of Farenheit 451 because Trauffaut shouldn't have been wasting his time on something as inconsequential as Bradbury. Shows how much writers for the New Yorker know.

I don't know that the movie has held up (has it?). . . . But the book became a classic. And I won't tolerate any Kael-dissing around here.

Maybe they were laying down sod for the chatter!

YES! This is the new reality show I'm co-producing with Jim Vance. Think "Punk'd" meets "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," except that every week, we meet an unsuspecting homeowner who is stunned to look out their back window and find that Vice President Joe Biden is laying new sod for them. I'm getting a little weepy thinking about the big reveal. 

I was ticked off that ABC's televised version of the Jubilee concert for the Queen -- a day late, rather than live -- cut performances by several artists I'd have liked to have seen, including Annie Lennox and Cliff Richard (and I wonder if Tom Jones sang more than one song at the concert) -- in order to make time to inflict Katie Couric upon us.

I flipped over to it for a few minutes last night, and it was all Kylie Minogue, who, bless her heart, just wasn't entertaining me. Meanwhile, "The Bodyguard" was on AMC.

Amazed he was carrying around that much jewelry in Paris

When did Axl Rose become a jewelry guy? That's what I want to know.


Axl Rose robbed in Paris

What was worse: losing in the recall or getting slapped by one of your supporters?

I havent' gotten a good look at the footage yet -- was it a real slap or one of those Will Smith back-of-the-hand flicks?

I can definitely understand the poster's feelings about laughing about that poor cat. You can reasonably argue that treating a pet's body that way after its death could encourage poor treatment of it while it's alive (especially with children).

There is no live cat who would put up with that nonsense.  Meanwhile, this opens the door into a debate over the ethics of taxidermy which -- well, is just not my thing. Let's move on.

I'm not the OP, by the way. I don't know all the Nats that are married, but, as we know, Ryan Zimmerman & Michael Morse are engaged. I do know that Drew Storen & Tyler Clippard are not married, as they share an apartment in DC. I would love to know if they have girl friends, however.

They're roommates? Why, so they are.

Most of the obits I read glossed over his best work--as a panelist on Match Game. I still watch the old shows on GSN and he always makes me laugh.

The Grantland one gets into his Match Game prowess.

I had no idea he had grown up here. Do we know if he gave any of his high school buddies early stock tips and made them rich?

Ha. I don't think so. I remember when he was here for his 60th reunion, though, and his classmates were surprised to learn he was staying at the Embassy Suites. One of the richest men in the world!

I don't see the marriage lasting forever, but they have done a good job staying out of the spotlight and bringing their drama to the tabloids. I think it could last 5-8 years which in Hollywood terms is pretty great.

She stopped tweeting a while back, which I thought was impressive. Or did she go back to that?

Back when I was19, that was the average age for a young woman to get married. Times have change, even in my (longish) lifetime, but I don't understand why so many people are being so judgy-judgmental over this (of all the things about Miley that really are judgment-worthy).

Something about Miley brings out the judginess in people.

No comment other than I think all wedding dresses are ugly. I'm more curious about the 15 year age difference...poor girl.

Hey, 45-year-old guys can be great.

I am the original poster of the Dead Cat Helicopter posting. In case anyone wonders, I found the article and video sickening. I have had and lost cats and would never do such a thing to something I loved. Yet, the posting was a joke. You don't have to find it funny if you don't want to. Please don't blame Amy Argetsinger for my bad joke. You may blame me and me alone. By the way, the joke was intended to be on Jack Abramoff, who come to think of it, would make for an interesting human helicopter.... Just kidding, just kidding!

Thanks for writing. This was a big news story this week, at least in the category of Internet oddities, and I strongly believe that you can discuss things like this without condoning them. Right?

Was anyone else as offended as I was that Katie curtsyed to the Queen? Didn't we fight TWO wars to be free of monarchy (Revolution, War of 1812)? BTW, Miss Manners decrees that Americans should NOT curtsy or bow to royalty.

She curtsied? I missed that. Hmm. Yeah, I think I'm in the no-curtsy camp.

Is she out in the community helping to repair the Silver Spring giant cigarette?

Roxanne? No, you know how she rolls. She's probably negotiating a bid to buy the Corcoran. She's going to turn it into the world's premier gallery of gingerbread houses and (live) cats.

Hope the best for her over her benign brain tumor

No kidding. I'd have a hard time calling anything growing on my brain "benign," but I guess it just means the prognosis is good.

For me his best work was as the smarmy yet sinister host of The Running Man in the movie of the same name. Think Hunger Games' Stanley Tucci without the pony tail. Dawson was absolutely superb in this part. BTW as a young girl I read most of Ray Bradbury. I love the movie version of Something Wicked This Way Comes.

I keep hearing about his work in "The Running Man" -- really need to check that out.

I absolutely need new sod in my yard. Where do I apply for the show? Have to admit I'm more interested in Vance than Biden though. Vance is just a cool, cool dude.

Well, you'll like this show, then. Vance gets a producer credit, but he's also going to be the host -- Biden will be too busy with the yard work to handle that part.


The best thing about this show is that every episode will have the exact same story line, sort of like they do on "DC Cupcake."

Think the whole thing was rigged too?

Nope. Totally positive attitude on her. (How about that Miss Pennsylvania thing? Just when we thought we'd gotten through the first controversy-free Miss USA in a decade. . . .)

Most brides in strapless gowns look like they just got out of the shower and have a towel wrapped around them. I don't know why, but the ladies of the 1950s seemed to pull off that look much better in their evening wear. Today it just looks well, a little frumpy.

I think we were discussing the strapless wedding dress thing last week, weren't we? Yes, pretty sure we were -- because it was agreed that the Maryland lieutenant governor's bride looked rather good in hers.

I did not know Americans are not supposed to curtsy in front of the Queen. I learn something every day. I used to curtsy in front of Freddie Mercury all the time but, then, that might be something different,.

Well, that's acceptable.

I bet Joe Biden and Jim Vance are over at Roxanne's house right now, laying down new sod on her lawn.

Darn it, you're probably right. And then she'll mention it casually in passing, like, a week later, like it's no big deal. That's how she rolls, I tell you.

Does Donald Trump demand to see all the contestants' long-form birth certificates, to ascertain that they were natural-born, not naturalized?

Let's hope so.

I just think this would be weird. Ashley Biden is beautiful, but I would always feel like my husband was examining my skin and thinking of ways to improve me. Maybe it's good he's 15 years older.

Oh, I doubt it. That's like people assuming that the psychologists they meet at cocktail parties are analyzing them. Professionals like to leave their jobs behind them when they go home at the end of the day, right?

Isn't that what we're doing here most of the time? I'm thinking of the tanning mom, the octo-mom, and who knows what else. On the other hand, I'm 100% behind the "Joe Biden Does Your Lawn" effort. That may be the best electioneering stunt I've ever heard of. Take that Romney!

We haven't come up for a name of the new show, have we? Nor found a photo of Schuyler Colfax's wife. Still, I feel like we've happily come full circle and can wrap up for the day. Look forward to seeing you next week, but in the meantime keep in touch at

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