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May 23, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, May 23, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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I didn't think Priscilla Chan's dress was all that great - you?

I hadn't really given it much thought, but who cares what I think. What did the rest of you think of Priscilla Chan's wedding dress?

Yawn. Didn't even read it.

And yet -- who brought it up just now? Not me.


Bravo’s Andy Cohen reunites with DC Housewives

Which one was it where Carlos Slim was spotted? My colleagues were having "lunch" at the bar at the DuPont one and were repeatedly asked to lower their voices, stop cursing, and generally behave like adults. Good to know someone there was behaving and low-key.

Well, it's about high time someone laid down the law there. It was, indeed, the Dupont Palm where Carlos Slim dined in low-key style. I guess you don't have a lot to prove when you're the world's richest man.

"he did not think at the time that the two women he brought back to his hotel room were prostitutes". Is this guy not seeing the forest for the trees?

I'm more concerned about the ladies involved. They seem to have a problem in their marketing/billing department. It's a great story, btw -- go read it after the chat.


4 Secret Service employees now say they didn’t break rules

I do not approve at all. Tipper + Al 4EVR

Um, we'll pass on your sentiments.

I know the marriages broke up but is Lynda still with her BF? Yes I am that shallow.

I was wondering that, too, and I don't have an immediate answer.

That Facebook stock has all the impact that new Coke had back in the day


I like her dress. It's very simple and not poofy. I REALLY want to see the ring, though!

Unfortunately her left hand is obscured in the one official photo we have thus far. Yes, I hope her ring is epic.

It is clear it has never occured to him that people might actually marry for love.

Or not marry HIM for love.

Nice reaction by Will Smith with that slap

I actually admire his style with that little back-of-the-hand flick. I'm definitely going to steal that move the next time I have to slap someone. It's the kind of body language that says, "You are not worth an open-handed slap."

like the rest of their life, classy but low key. The house they live in is very modest despite his wealth.

When you're that rich, it's impossible to spend all that money. Besides, who needs a 70-room mansion? And anything they don't have at the house is easy to find at some fabulous resort.

I thought it was appropriate for a backyard wedding.

Me too.

I really wanted to be a hater about his wedding, as he's always struck me as a total creep. But, instead I found myself charmed. Not charmed enough to buy shares of Facebook, but charmed nonetheless.

I'm thinking Priscilla is a good influence on him.

Some kind of computer glitch prevented our column's lead item from publishing online in a timely fashion, but I want you to go read it now. It's about the chief of staff at the local VA hospital who for the past several years has had a part-time role in this theatrical sensation, "Gatz" -- which, get this, is an eight-hour adaptation of  "The Great Gatsby." Interesting guy, interesting production.


Dr. Ross Fletcher, VA hospital chief by day, off-Broadway star at night in 'Gatz'


I can't believe they cut Pauly Shore but kept Alexander Haig.

Yes, but how about Kristy MacNichol trouncing Cory Booker? Didn't see that coming, did you?

How often does Amy find herself slapping someone?

Not enough.

A couple of years ago I posted here about how he was at a fundraiser and all the fashionable young ladies were pushing each other aside to get their photos taken with him. I don't know exactly how to define "It", but Chuck Brown had "It". Sad loss for DC, although you have got to think the funeral is going to be out of this world.

Quite a guy, and quite a career, which Chris Richards encapsulates very nicely here: Chuck Brown's musical impact: Deep in Washington and beyond. From there, it will lead you to more or less full Washington Post coverage of his passing.

Who cares about her dress? I want to know how if feels to wear all that money she came into. Jealous!

I don't know. There's rich and then super-rich and too famous, which makes them a very big target for who's knows what. First of all, a bride always cares about her dress. And that amount of money --- with the attention that comes with Zuckerberg -- is not easy. It takes a lot of thought to live a meaningful life and raise good kids. Melinda and Bill Gates seem to do it pretty well, but I'm sure there are elements of it that make life hard. Not as hard a being poor, but a different set of problems.


Well, I mistakenly assumed the show had already been and gone, which should give you a good gauge of my excitement.


Bristol, retooled again, set for debut

It's my first day back on the chat after several weeks' absence! Wow, have I missed this mini-vacation in the middle of my work day!

Where've you been? We were wondering about you.

I said this already in comments to the article about the Zuckerberg wedding. I hope strapless wedding dresses go out of fashion. Most people can't wear them, they are not flattering. Ms. Chan probably could pull it off but I am glad she chose not to. I have been watching Say Yes to the Dress with my daughter and I cannot believe that the consultants at those high end bridal stores will not steer a bride away from dresses that don't flatter her. If her arms jiggle, nothing to be ashamed of, just get her some sleeves! If she's big, a strapless dress will show way more cleavage than anyone (except the groom) wants or needs to see. Especially in church.

Yes, but I'm afraid the era of Sexy Bride will be with us for a while.

I'm not sure if they are still together, but last May I ended up at the same event with Lynda and Ebong and we chatted and they were very much still together and seemed very happy.

I didn't seem him last week, but there was hundreds of people there and could have missed him.

to attend the fundraiser at Sara Jessica Parker's in NY, I'll SO give you the exclusive scoop. I'll send it right away to the email address, making note of what people are wearing, eating, doing, talking to, etc. I feel like it's destiny - your chat has prepared me for this moment!

You are very good. Just a reminder, it's (For those wondering, SJP is doing a Clooney-style Obama fundraiser.)

I thought the women who married The Donald were also wanting to see if that rodent on his head was real

His wife likes his hair. So she says.

I hope that on my last day on the job, I get to be played out by Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire.

We'll look into that for you.

That was a stunning admission that she still is a virgin

It's definitely a way to make people click on stories about Lolo Jones.

Referring to Mitt Romney as an embarrassment. Well that is strong commentary

I'd missed that. Strong words from the star of "Hudson Hawk."

Actually, the best detail from that article is that guy who was cleared because it turned out one of his colleagues used his name to bring his "lady" back to the hotel.

Yes! The story is chock full of crazy anecdotes like that. For crying out loud, it sounds like something they'd do at Cranbrook.

I am pro, if only because it exposes the hypocrisy of people saying we should not "gossip" about her b/c politicians' kids are not fair game. methinks reality show "stars" are fair game.

Sure -- but will you watch?

I'm so glad she's not in her 20's.

That's a common thread in the feedback to this story.

RIP Robin Gibb. Was not a surprise since he was ill

Here's Robin Gibb's obituary, if you were looking for it. Interesting career that band had.

As i was riding my bus home, I heard lots of sirens and then saw several police motorcycles and cruiser followed by a truck with lots of cameras and people riding in the back. the truck was labeled as some kind of film thing.

You know, I don't know. Someone else mentioned seeing something like that but I didn't look into it. No big announcement from the DC Film Office that I know of.

Presumably the original tool was Levi? (ba-dump-bump)

That's a Jay Leno joke waiting to happen.

Donald Driver won, and wondered who Amy still wants to appear on the show next season

Well, Jay Carney, Braden Holtby and Carla Bruni, obviously -- or have they already been on?

Either of you BeeGees fans? I didn't think I was, but after RG passed and they played many of their hits, realized I had fond memories of them, probably as they were part of the soundtrack of my high school days.

Some of their music seems dated, but when you peel back all of the '60s or '70s production values, you realize they're totally solid songs.

I used to think that too. Now I just think he was really young and immature when he got the company started. He's grown and matured, as most of us do. I don't know if I could have handled all the wealth and fame at that age as well as he did.

And listen---he's still only 28. I see the marriage and the IPO as the next, more grown-up chapter of his life. Some people are just immature, some are jerks all their lives. We'll see what happens: It will be interesting if they have kids soon. 

Who, for example, is LoLo Jones? Who are Lynda & Ebong? I am totally lost, which is why I like to discuss the Nationals. At least I know the difference between Ryan Zimmerman and Jordan Zimmermann!

Lolo Jones is the startlingly gorgeous track-and-field star of the 2008 Olympics (if I recall, she flared out pretty badly but is hoping to make a comeback in 2012) who just announced that she's a virgin at age 29 -- which has suddenly gotten a lot of people interested in Lolo Jones who weren't before. . . . Lynda Erkiletian was one of the Real Housewives of D.C., and Ebong Eka was her boyfriend during the run of the show. . . . Or maybe I shouldn't explain. Maybe you should just let this all wash over you and see how much you pick up via osmosis.

Any chance he was in town this week. I swear I saw him.

No idea. Why didn't you stop and ask him?

where are we with those "reliable source" umbrellas?

No point in getting one of those -- I always lose umbrellas anyway.

One of the best google doodles in a long time.

It froze up my computer.

Is it cool to have a GF before you are officially divorced? (e.g., Al Gore and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)

It's tricky. I say yes after being separated for a year IF a) the kids are basically okay with it and b) you are discreet about it. No red carpet appearances (e.g. Kennedy).

The larger issue, of course, is whether someone recently out of a long marriage is good boyfriend material. I'd argue not---or at least to take things very, very slow. Too much going on to know what's real and what's rebound.

Think the dress was lovely, the photo didn't show it off well though as she is hunching her shoulders a bit, perhaps she is taller than Zuckerburg? Don't care for him much, but he's smart to marry someone who knows the pre-Facebook Mark, and has a good career of her own. Kudos to both!

Yes, he knows she loves him for the pre-billionaire Mark.

ROXANNE ROBERTS : His wife likes his hair. So she says. It's in the pre-nup - she's paid to "like" the hair.

And lots of other things, no doubt.

The article said only the Female Sahali was a missing housewife, but isn't Tariq kind of one, too? At least an honorary?

All the spouses were their Plus Ones.

So, we lost Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, making it a bad week for fans of 70s music. Hadn't Donna Summer been a minister or something in her music "retirement" years? And how bad do we feel for Barry Gibb - all his brothers gone?

Here's Donna Summer's obituary; and here's an interesting 1979  Style story in which one of our critics explained disco to readers ("Disco music is for dancing, not listening," wrote Geoffrey Himes, and "is not the music of this era that will last).

Why is that while Fitzgerald clearly describes Daisy Buchanan as dark haired in the book, she is always played by blondes in movie versions?

Is that true? I thought Jordan had dark hair, but not Daisy. Chatters?

All these memories of the Bee Gees, but how many people remember Popcorn, the song by a pseudo-band called Hot Butter that was played on a birthday boy Moog synth? Huge hit when I was in second or third grade.

Not familiar -- is this it?

On one of the Celebrity Apprentice episodes from several years ago, one of the female contestants told Melania how lucky she is to be married to Trump. I loved that Melania responded with "I think HE'S lucky."

That's probably the only way to be married to him: Let him work for it. Good for her.

Could you imagine someone walking up to you in the street and asking "are you Gary Busey?" How depressing. Perhaps even more so if you ARE Gary Busey (just one person??). Then again, Gary would probably deny it and move on.

You're right, you're right. I sometimes underestimate the social awkwardness of what I'm asking you people to do. A couple months ago, I saw Victor Garber at Rasika, and damned if I was going to weasel my way over to his seat and ask him what he was doing back in town. But hey, I was off the clock anyway.


See? We have so much to learn from each other.

More Style flashbacks. It mentioned that "the gays" liked disco.

I know! I think that was a different story -- this one here, our colleague Jacqueline Trescott's story about Donna Summer from 1978. Great story, btw.

I agree with a previous poster that I am so over strapless dresses. Thought Pricillas dress was lovely, even if it wasn't my taste - she looked great. Of course, I hope they are off on a lovely honeymoon somewhere where they don't have to think about Facebook, Zuckerberg, and several banks getting sued.

Our colleagues at Slate recently launched a broadside against the hegemony of strapless wedding gowns.

The "rules" of Source Chatters: Ask if it's them, ask what they're doing, note where they are, what they are wearing, who they are with, what they are eating/drinking, send all of this information in a timely manner to

Yes. We'll love you if you do, but we'll forgive you if you don't. If you don't, though, well, we might not have enough information to publish it.

I wanted that K-tel Greatest Hits of the Year record for Christmas, but my mom bought me The Carpenters instead!!!!!

Your mom was such a square.

Yep, that's it. Huge hit. My dad brought the 45 home from the radio station he worked at and I played it to death.

Your dad was cool.

I really don't understand all the hostility toward Bristol Palin. Even if you don't agree with her mother's politics, compared to other celebrities-by-association, she seems pretty down-to-earth and pleasant. Isn't it just petty to hate on her because of her genetic connection?

Absolutely. But I get what the earlier chatter (if we're thinking about the same person) was getting at. After all the high-minded talk about affording privacy to the children of famous people -- which is a perfectly fair argument -- one can't help but feel a little jaded seeing those kids go the reality TV route.

Maybe because it's almost impossible to listen to Disco without dancing.

If there's a decent beat, I'm always dancing. Grocery aisle, whatever. Embarrasses my kid every time.

He might deny it, but he wouldn't move on. He'd talk to you about weird stuff for a half hour.

Probably true. Depends on his moods or his meds.

On my honeymoon a few years ago, we ran into one of the guys from Dog the Bounty Hunter (not Dog) in a Maui convenience store buying macadamia nuts. Moment of silence for the end of their show.

Memories like these make a honeymoon truly special, huh? The only sweeter celebrity encounter from your Hawaii trip would be a fender-bender with one of the stars of "Lost."

The Michigan lotto department used to play that song as they were picking the winning lotto numbers on TV when I was a kid.

That song unlocks a lot of memories!

It is so funny that the secret service almost gives the Spanish speaking guy a high five because he went Old School and picked up a lady in a bar in the more traditional manner.

I mean, really, where's the sportmanship in paying for this kind of thing?

Ryan Zimmerman (one N) is the Nationals' Face of the Franchise. He's dark haired, square jawed, and has done commercials for GEICO. He plays third base & bats third & wears number 11. He's engaged to a beautiful blonde from Annandale. Jordan Zimmermann (2 N's) is a starting pitcher who won last night's game. He's from Wisconsin, while RZimm is from Virginia Beach & the University of Virginia. There are two other Ryans--Ryan Perry & Ryan Mattheus (yes, it is a U, not a W), both relief pitchers.. There are also two Tylers--Tyler Clippard & Tyler Moore.

I will thank you on behalf of your Nats-oblivious fellow chatters. . . . Remember when they had a player named Milledge Lastings? Or was it Lastings Milledge? Best name ever, whichever it was.

He also brought home Leif Garrett, Hoyt Axton and Asia, so I'm not sure about that.

Musically voracious! Yes, that's cool.

she took it upon herself to criticize Obama's support of gay marriage equality. Fair game, baby.

She made the decision to remain a public figure and profit from it, so that makes her a fair subject for review.

makes me wonder if I looked horrible on my big day and didn't realize it. And here I thought I looked cute in my strapless gown.

You did look cute.

Dont hate Bristol, but find her whining ridiculous. If she wanted a reality show career, expect the criticism

There is that.

If she were truly "down to earth" she'd be occupied with raising her child, working hard, finishing her education, looking out for her perhaps troubled younger sister and not doing all those things on TV just to make money because her mother is famous.

And that.

I imagine that he brought home the real-live Leif Garrett, Hoyt Axton, and Asia. Par-TAY!

That would be even cooler.

So the issue WAS that they were prostitutes? I though the issue was that bringing outsiders back to their room for the night was compromising security.

I think it's a sliding scale of bad behavior, and some of the agents are arguing that they were just doing ordinary naughty stuff that supervisors had long been okay with.

She also advocates "abstinence only" birth control, which has been a marginal view for many decades.

I think we can disagree with people's political views without demonizing them personally, right?

I think this chatter is confusing disagreement with a person's stand on an ISSUE with hostility toward the person PER SE. Cruel comments about Bristol's weight and her child have nothing to do with her stance on gay marriage.

True. But the complicated world of reality TV doesn't stop at political positions. Her weight and almost every other choice will be debated, and she has to know that going in. So take the money and don't whine, or get out.

My favorite part (and there were several contenders) was the single guy providing a nice note from his one-night stand. That is both all kinds of awkward, and yet kind of meet-cute, in a way.

This woudl be a great rom-com set-up right? Katherine Heigl is so offended when the supervisors of cute Secret Service agent Channing Tatum think she's a hooker! But after he tracks her down, she grudgingly agrees to write a note on his behalf, and then. . . .

Not if what Bristol's advocating will undoubtedly result instead in young women having accidental pregnancies because they were ignorant about contraception.

So. . . you're saying it's okay to demonize people we disagree with? How about just arguing the merits of the policy?

It's also that (1) she is the epitome of the famous-only-for-being-[related to someone]-famous thing, and (2) she tends to engage in political sniping herself, then quickly retreat behind the don't-attack-politicians'-kids defense. And the whole family seems to have taken cashing in on past political success to heights that we haven't seen before, so it's not really possible to separate them from politics.

That kind of sums it up.

Chatters, time to sign off for today. Thanks for taking time to swing by; send your tips and sightings to Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend---and we'll be here next week.


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