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Dec 04, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, December 4, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Are we feeling Christmasy yet? Joe Jonas isn't --he feels used by Disney. Bob Dylan is in trouble in France for his remarks about the Croatians. But two D.C. show dogs win big at the National Dog show. And really, what represents Christmas better than Norway’s “The Scream” tree?

Thanks for the piece on the Holiday tree at Union Station. Is is possible to purchase copies of the ornaments?

Unclear, but I hope so because they are AWESOME! A spokesperson from the embassy told me they plan to distribute the ornaments after the tree comes down, but haven't figured out the details. I do know that a small company in Norway made the reflectors/ornaments, so maybe the embassy will find a way to get more in D.C. before Christmas Day.


Don't believe everything you see on the Internet.

Which prompts me to ask (and maybe I missed this) did you participate in any gingerbread house competitions this year?

No time this year -- what with Amy's baby and the column, trying to do a serious gingerbread house was a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. So I did the gingerbread cookie project in the Food section today instead.

So you passed on it this year?

Like I said, no time.

The link to the chat in your post today goes to last week.

Darn. Will fix asap.

First of all, how are Amy and baby Eliza doing? I hope they are well and Eliza is allowing her mommy to get some much needed sleep? Any news on Nationals' babies? Sigh! Steve Lombardozzi, who was born & raised in Columbia & graduated from Atholton High School, has been traded to the Detroit Tigers. Steve, we will miss you. We wish you luck & happiness on your new team (which we won't play for 3 years unless we meet in the World Series!).

Thriving, last time I checked. Left a message for Amy yesterday and I hope she was taking a well-needed nap--you have to grab them when you can with a newborn. Sorry about Steve --hope he likes Detriot (and gets his money upfront!)

While I never approve of calling anybody except an actual Nazi a Nazi, the fact that Bob Dylan is being prosecuted over his ill-advised words makes me realize how important the First Amendment is.

Well, he did actually call real Nazis Nazis, but point taken. France has had so many issues that officials have become very sensitive -- although I don't really expect this investigation to go far.

What was really awful was that his daughter was there, and the son of the driver (Rodas) actually saw the wreck. However, I suppose it shouldn't be so shocking that people who love fast cars die in them.

She was at the charity event, not at the actual crash sight -- but the young son appraently ran to it when he heard the explosion. Very sad, but looking at photographs of the crash makes it clear the car must have been going WAY to fast for that street.

Sorry but I don't think that baby Panda is cute at all. He looks kind of like a drunk relative at a Holiday party.

Belated hello to everyone -- it's been great helping out with Reliable Source for the last couple months! Although it's really not the same without Amy around, for now, I'll  jump in to answer a few questions, especially this one that I love. I do think the baby panda is cute, but you're right, he does look a little..."tired" here.

It was sad to hear that the gorgeous Paul Walker had passed away so young. Don't forget that he was one of the stars of a chat fave - Takers.

Interesting how fame works --I'm not into cars, never saw any of the F&F movies, so he was almost unknown to me. Sounds like he was a nice guy, though.

So Kim Kardashian only gave 10% of her typhoon fundraiser money to charity. I wish I could muster any thought except, "well, duh." Do you think that was a PR snafu, or are they actively cultivating that image?

I'm not sure these reports are accurate -- the numbers and reporting seem iffy so far, and bloggers are hyping it to rage against her. If that number proves to be correct, it's an incredibley stupid move -- so dumb I doubt it is true.  

Jonas, Miley, and others would not have careers if not for Disney. Their complaints remind me of spoiled teens railing against their parents, more a psychological stage of development than a substantive critique.

My favorite response to Joe's rant was Dylan Sprouse (of Disney's "Suite Life" fame) saying that Joe wouldn't have had the same problems with Disney if he was a "true artist" and just ignored what the suits wanted. Easier said than done, I'm sure. And I thought Disney stars weren't allowed to turn on each other!

It wasn't that Debutante "Coming Outs" were still a thing, but rather that RFK, Jr. was dating the faux ex-Mrs. Larry David, Cheryl Hines. Who knew?

Indeed. Plus, what really made my head spin in that article was that Larry David's real-life daughter happened to make her debut in during that same ball. Definitely took me a minute to sort that all out. 

Do you have any updates about that congressman who got caught buying cocaine? Was he offered a diversion program instead of jail? Has he started taking his drug/alcohol classes yet?

He's in rehab and still plans to return to Congress in January.

for the record, the NZ baby panda is a SHE.

Oops, good to know...clearly I have paid limited attention to the cuteness.

Geesh -- can't you tell from the pink bows she wears?

I'll never make that mistake again!

Am I the only one confused about her move to Yahoo? I know it's still part of ABC News but I don't get it. Do people really get their news from Yahoo? What does this get Katie?

You got me. I assume both Katie and Yahoo get something from the deal, but I'm a little unclear how it will work in practice. I suppose Katie gets to look cutting-edge, and Yahoo gets the credability of a long-time broadcast journalist/personality.

I think people are being a little unfair about Kim Kardashian and the funds from her fundraiser after all she has expenses just like the rest of us for the custom gowns, hair stylists, make-up artists, limos, entourage, champagne,caviar, swiss bank accounts, incidentals and such. I mean I think it's really a shame she had to give any of the money to those poor people in the Philipines after the way she worked so hard to raise it.

So true -- my caviar expenses are off the charts.

Emily : so you know, Roxanne is a really slooooow typer so if you want to hang with us you'll need to start typing faster or we ( the loyal chat contributors ) may start looking for a replacement...

That sounds like mutiny to me.

2013 is almost over and neither Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt got married (albeit to other people). And we should take a vow to avert our gazes from any promo of the ghastly Kimye nuptials.

So many lies! Has someone calculated the number of times the tabloids claimed Aniston was pregnant? I think I read that somewhere, and that she should technically have 10 kids by now. Anyway the Kimye spectacle is continuing full-force - E! released a promo yesterday of "real" engagement footage, and Kim looks SO shocked at what's happening.

Clearly people are not in the holiday spirit yet. The comments on the Nigerian-at-the-bottom-of-the-Atlantic story have shaken my faith in humanity and are the best example I've ever seen as to online papers shouldn't allow comments on their stories.

The idea of allowing comments is fine in spirit, but I find so many hateful ones that I've mostly stopped reading them.

It would be a tremendous public service if you would put together some sort of graphic that shows how these kids have done. After all, Justin Timberlake has turned out okay, and Melissa Joan Hart. Some have stumbled but gotten back up, some have crashed and burned....I'm sure that Annette Funicello did okay. It would be interesting to see, though. Especially how many of them avoided the biz as adults.

Kind of want this to be my next project. And I always forget some who really started out there, like Ryan Gosling.

Will the Washington Post soon be delivered by drones ? Because that may or may not be such a good idea.

I am not opening up that joke thread.

IT's really only a matter of broadcast location -- all the videos, interviews, etc, are still being taped in her regular studios, they're just being broadcast online instead of TV. And, yes, there are probably just as many people watching news videos on Yahoo as are watching evening network newscasts. Win-win-lose, or something like that -- I haven't worked out the math.

Maybe Katie IS cutting edge. We already know she gets paid millions, so she's doing something right.

You know, in Antarctica and all...I'm guessing he's cold, even though he is hot.

Looks like he's had some trouble with storms! Luckily he seems to be in good spirits.

First - the Kardashian fundraiser - I'm no fan of Kim, but those fundraisers can be very expensive. It's possible that the 10% was the net funds that were raised once all the costs of the fundraiser were deducted... So, maybe 10% isn't as awful as it seems (even though that means it was an expensive fundraiser). Second - what does Katie get from the Yahoo! deal? Probably a big pile of money. I assume they're paying her.

Fundraisers can be expensive, but any that takes 90% of the gross is doing it wrong. Really wrong. And yes, Katie is getting paid.

Why doesn't she get a voice-to-text service? That might help. Unless she talks really slow, too.

Now I'm starting to feel the pain. Play nice, chatters.

PBS has a winner in that sexy Italian trio Il Volo. I could watch them for the entire twelve days of Christmas.

I remember when they were on "American Idol" and it was glorious.

I read that as "Nazi baby panda" and began wondering what, exactly, does Bob Dylan have against pandas.

Oh, you know: Everything is black or white.

If you give money to anybody OTHER than a fully-audited, certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, you get what you deserve. Kim Kardashian doesn't appear on, the Bible for rating charities.


She won't just go away, will she? and wouldn't they have been better off with a tv show deal that might last a season or two than what they'll make from one-time Pay Per View? I guess it was too much to hope for that they'd have a quiet, family-and-close-friends-only event.

It will be my mission in life to find out the ratings for this...

Doesn't he have some supermodel girlfriend? What's he really got to complain about?

Because it's really stressful making out with fans and then being worried they'll go to the tabloids! (Really, that was part of the article.)

Added to Greg Louganis, does this make diving the "figure skating" of the summer Olympics, where people will just start making assumptions about the male athletes? That's just something that bugs me, but people seem to be unwilling to stop.

People make assumptions all the time. I suppose it depends howopen the athletes are.

Just read in your column that Christian Slater just got married? Where has he been? It just feels like it has been a while since I have seen him or Keanu Reeves in a movie............

It's been awhile -- he's mostly been trying to make it as a TV star, but had a long list of canceled shows ("My Own Worst Enemy," "Breaking In," "The Forgotten," etc.) and is attempting again with an ABC show this spring.

But I hope you'll get my question in time. Ok, I read that Paul Walker's girlfriend was 23, and they'd been together for 7 years. So he was 33 and she was 16 when they began their relationship? Ick.

Yeah, ick. Kind of ruins his image, doesn't it?

And why for only about a month?

Well, Jay-Z starts his explanation by saying that psychologists say it takes 21 days to break a habit. And they're going vegan for 22 days. So maybe just to see if they can?

So what's your take on Joe Biden's visits to Japan and China. I imagine at the very least new-Ambassador Kennedy was happy to see him!

My take? It's what veep's do -- travel around the world doing veep stuff.

Yes?No? Who is going to watch? I just don't know how I feel about it.

Nah. Life is too short.

Decades ago, Queen Elizabeth II did a hilarious bit about all the rumors swirling about her over the years, including all her rumored pregnancies that were untrue (except for 4 times).

Can't even imagine!

or she could tell us her thoughts on the Dancing With the Stars finale.

You know, I'm thinking that show might be on its last legs. Not much buzz about the mirrored ball this season.

Do you think that this fall's Mirror Ball Trophy winner, Amber Riley, will do like J-Hud and slim down now in pursuit of a mega-career?

Don't think that's happening.

Should be a fun weekend for celebrity spotting in DC. I am kind of liking the honorees, including local girl Shirley MacLaine (Washington Lee High school graduate.) She was a cheerleader - I looked her up in the old year books when I was there.

We'll see how much they get out and mingle with fans. Emily and I will be covering the dinner and afterparty, and we'll let you know who's naughty and who's nice.

Chatters, these slow-typing fingers are signing off until next week. Send you tips and sightings to Next week, everyone.

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