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Mar 14, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, March 14, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone. We're in our pre-state dinner (yes, a "state dinner") frenzy, which means Roxanne may or may not join us today, and if she does, maybe not for long. . . .  Here's what's been going on with us, though:


Washington has a dozen billionaires -- can you name them? Here's how they spend some of their extra money.


Louis C.K. bails on Washington media dinner -- the latest example of why party-planning is a dangerous game for journalists.


Looking back at  Washington's fun times with Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich -- what is our future like without them?


Campaign 2012 leaves its mark on the Beltway in the form of. . . a lot of closed-door fundraisers and hotel ballroom meetings. Where? We'll show you.


D.C. socialite -- no, not that one -- hurt in polo match with Prince Harry.


Also: Chris Wallace says that Fox News is a lovely place to work. . . More casting news about the White House butler movie -- maybe Forest Whitaker in the lead? . . . "Game Change"! What did you think?. . . Kristin Davis, celebvocate. . . . Dennis Quaid divorces, Dick Van Dyke marries, Jennie Garth and that guy from Twilight split up. . .



TMZ reports that Lindsay hit a man while leaving a club and then left the scene. Whether the guy was hurt or not I can see him trying to milk the situation. I think the paparazzi should be sued for this. I feel sorry for Lindsay. What do you think?

I'm ready to stop writing about her. This story is a whole bunch of nothing about an ex-famous person.

Another English celebrity is at the White House besides actor Damien Lewis. Apparently actor Hugh Bonneville (aka Robert on Masterpiece's "Downton Abbey") is a mate of PM Cameron as well and scored an invite.

Is that what we're to assume from his twitpic? Okay. The Guardian is calling it official. I'm just a little weirded out to see that the Earl of Grantham is such an avid tweeter.

As a Republican I want to let Joe Biden know that when I want to feel, " middle class ", I add white truffles to my mashed potatoes.

True. I think it's only the 1 percent who add black truffle. That's one of the (inadvertantly) funnier lines to come out of a fundraiser lately.

OK, blast from the past--watching Game Change on HBO over the weekend made me wonder: did the intrepid investigative journalists from the Reliable Source ever figure out what the RNC did with the Palin fashions? Can you please refresh my memory?

Murky at best: The clothes (last reported as in garbage bags in RNC halls) were supposed to be donated. No word, as far as I know, that the names of the organizations were ever revealed---which makes it harder to know if it ever really happened.

Thoughts on whether you liked "Game Change". Makes me shiver to think Palin was actually nominated onto a major party ticket

It was about 15 minutes too long, but otherwise I was very impressed. It's not a very flattering portrait of anyone, but it's very sympathetic. The movie really takes you back to the vibe of August 2008, when Sarah Palin was a genuinely exciting figure to emerge on the scene -- which can be hard to remember at this point.

Do you think the winner of the small donor photo op with the President and First Lady is on the up and up ? Because that small donor couple look pretty photogenic and preppy. I on the other hand would donate a small organ for the chance to dine with the Obamas,

Do I believe they were really small donors? Sure. Does it help that they were photo ops waiting to happen? Couldn't hurt.

Have you heard any more from the " Occupy " Movement or did they all just go home and take a bath ? Is the revolution over already ?

They're still there in McPherson Square. Fewer in numbers, though probably enjoying the change in the weather.

not to be picky, but I thought it wasn't really a State Dinner, since the official Britich Head of State is that unemployed woman played by Helen Mirren in the movie.

It would be awesome if Helen Mirren came to the dinner. In a tiara. Would that be wrong? Confusing, perhaps?

Has anyone checked the whereabouts of either Salahi yet? Has Missy gotten herself a "Downton Abbey" style costume to wear?


I have not looked at one in years, but it still saddens me that nine-year-old won't be using them anymore.

Nine year olds haven't used them for a decade. I have one set and haven't cracked it open for years. Sigh. I may keep it just in case of an alien takeover that eliminates all power sources.

Last chat you posted the 2007 article on how these two met...WOW! And while Shirley MacLaine will probably never feature in any of my love stories, it does give me hope.

Everyone, here's another chance to go back and read Libby Copeland's fantastic story, The love song of Dennis J. Kucinich.

Greta Van Susteren complaining what Louis CK should not entertain journalists? Shouldn't journalists be complaining that Greta Van Susteren is claiming to be a journalist?

Well, zing! Anchors are always different, you know.

Swear I'll make a link. With the coverage of "Game Change" and going all the coverage of when Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate, I remember that 2008 RNC had all these men willing to go on television and say how beautiful she was and that her looks were a reason to like her. Gave some weight to the idea that if she looked more like Susan Boyle, she wouldn't have been nearly as popular. Now Dennis Kucinich is hardly a "hunk" is the classic sense and his voice is sort of awful. I think if he did look more handsome, you'd see way more liberals lamenting his lost then you do then you do now regardless of the "wacky" label he got.

In defense of Kucinich's voice, he's known to be a very gifted ventriloquist.


And regarding your observation on his looks -- well, who knows. See my story about "non-verbal" experts analyzing the body language of the 2008 Democrats, and their thoughts on Dennis.

Seems to have inherited his late mother's gift of charming the populace and making connnections with those he meets on his travels. Or maybe he's just more relaxed because he's not the HEIR with all those impossible expectations attached to him. Am liking him more as I watch him mature.

Yeah, what you said. See Monica Hesse's excellent story about Prince Harry, spare to the heir, and the blessings/complications of being the sovereign's kid brother.

I get the impression, much like the Duchess of York, Prince Harry is much more well liked by the American press then he is by the English press. Actually the English press gets pretty down on Prince Harry although it's hard to argue with it. Overall, hard to give any positive attention to the House of Windsor when I hear my Irish granddad's words in my head (he was not a fan of the Brits).

Interesting, didn't realize that Harry wasn't universally beloved. Of course, I guess from afar, it's easier for us to forget some of his escapades.

VP Joe Biden is coming to Pittsburgh this Saturday, March 17, for what's -- believe it or not -- the nation's 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day parade. Let's hope the weather's still nice then (in 1993 there was a monumental blizzard on parade-day).

Looking good --almost summery--for Saturday. Why is Pittsburgh's the second largets parade? Assuming Boston is #1, I would have guessed New York or Chicago.

Would they like either of the late night Jimmys--Fallon or Kimmel?

We'll see. The White House Correspondents' Association has lined up Jimmy Kimmel to do the honors at their dinner next month.

Who should play Julianne Moore in the movie about the making of Game Change?

Jessica Chastain, I guess.

Who you got in your Final Four bracket?

I'm just following The Awl's lead on this.

It's so wrong, but when you wrote that the RNC was suppose to donate her wardrobe, I just had a mental image of a homeless shelter in D.C. where all the women were wearing some of Sarah Palin's more famous outfits.

Could be---we'll never know what really happened, or if some or any of the wardrobe actually made it to charities. It was a PR mess from start to finish.

I gave up TV for Lent. Have I missed anything?

Besides about 78 hours of American Idol? You've missed some zombie plot twists on "The Walking Dead" that would have been intriguing if I still cared. You've missed The Most Controversial "Bachelor" Finale Ever. You've missed a lot of people going on MSNBC to talk about "Game Change." So . . . . no.

Isn't Prince Harry was got wearing a Nazi uniform to a party and also doing a major racist rant against a fellow soldier who was wearing a turban? I'm not stating that alone should define him, but shouldn't be ignored or dismissed so easily either.

That's my point. It may be easier to forget this stuff if you don't live in the U.K.

Prince Harry does seem to have something of a diplomat in him, and Kate seems born for her role, too. She seemed extremely impressive last week during her outings with Elizabeth, Regina, while her husband is sitting around waiting to rescue whatever sheep wander into the ocean.

You have something against sheep? And at least Wills has a real job.

Get outta town! Is there no bottom to his bag of tricks?

Oh those crazy Trump boys going around and shooting everything in sight -- do you think they realize it's only a matter of time before their own kind becomes extinct ?

Will they? Or are they. . . THE FUTURE?

My great uncle tells the story of one of his own uncles, an Irish immigrant sleeping by the radio in the 1930s, when an alert comes on announcing that George V had just died at the age of 80-something. His uncle stirred slightly, said "serves the bastard right," and went back to sleep.

Ha. That's the kind of heckler you want to have in your E Street screening of "The King's Speech."

introducing Elizabeth Kucinich!

Too tall.

Steve Schmidt wishes he was as cool as Woody Harrelson.

Harrelson -- and I'm not a huge fan -- was fabulous in that role. 

Jon Hamm is my new favorite actor for slamming Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

Oh, I think Jon Hamm was a little overpraised for that. I mean, it's kind of a trite sentiment, right? And who pays attention to Paris Hilton anymore?

Just curious ...

Something black and vaguely dressy,  just to blend in behind the velvet ropes. Guests don't really care, but WH asks us to be dressed appropriately. For me, silk top and pants.  

Isnt it obvious who should play Julianne Moore : Tina Fey

But then what do you do with the scenes in "Game Change" where Julianne Moore is watching Tina Fey play her?

Another reason might be the whole taxpayers' expense. We don't pay for his travels, just the Brits. Deep down, I'm just anti-monarchy. Well, anti British monarchy since don't give the other monarchs of Europe or the world much thought.

There's that.

Have you ladies read this book? Is the world of gossip reporting really this cutthroat?

This is a "book" written by a TV character ginnned up to promote a TV show.  Believe nothing.

Somehow he seems to have the personality of a James Hewitt-type more than royalty, doesn't he?

Oh, snap. Hewitt was actually more of jerk. Harry has his mom's crowd-pleasing genes.

Did you see the video of Portuguese Water Dog Bo Obama "photo-bombing" a Univision reporter's "stand-up" by romping across the White House lawn? LOL!

Missed that, but just saw it now. Here you go.

Strange to think that the person I will always think of as being Woodrow Tiberius Boyd will be, to my 10 year old son, will be that drunk teacher in the Hunger Games.

Goodness, is he in "Hunger Games" too? Everyone is in "Hunger Games."


How excited are you that RG3 will be the new QB for the Redskins?

As excited as I will be about his successor.

Woody Harrelson and the guy who played John McCain should win Emmys. Excellent performances.

Harris was good, but Woody will probably get the Emmy.

Just to weave two threads together, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson in "Game Change") says that when Palin was asked who ran the British government, she said it was the Queen. This is a trifecta--funny, pathetic, and scary.

Trust me: If you see the movie, you just end up feeling terrible for everyone in that scene.

Chicago: I dunno what # parade we are, but we've been drinking shite green beer since at least last Tuesday. Cheers!

So you probably don't care, right?

I sent you an email about 10 AM - I saw trucks on Woodbine St at Beach Drive this morning, obviously some kind of shoot. Craft service table (tiny) and all. It was the unusual looking house with the pond just up the street from the elementary school. Any ideas who is shooting what? Thanks!

Thanks for the tip -- but nope, sorry, haven't had time to look into it. The small scale makes me think that, at best, it's a commercial or a cable reality show. Why don't you wander over and ask?

How excited are you for The Hunger Games? I'm not sold on Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Has me a little worried.

I haven't read the books, so I don't really have an opinion. I'm informed, though, that I can reasonably start and finish the entire series before it opens next week.

It used to be that we'd get upset when actors would get so much praise and attention. Now we long for those days since at least folks can act which is a skill.


So John McCain thinks he should be played by Ben Affleck and Newt Gingrich thinks he should be played by Brad Pitt. At that rate, Denzel Washington can portray Brack Obama and Ryan Gosling can play Joe Biden.

Oh, I'm totally up for seeing that movie. (Though I'm still very keen on the idea of Drake starring as Obama. That's Drake's idea, of course, but it gets my vote.)

What is height restriction on this? How short do you have to be to qualify?

As the old gold-digger saying goes: "He's tall when he stands on his wallet."

Blasphemy Amy! As a part of Redskins nation, you are supposed to be overcome with excitement over this development.

I'm not part of Redskins Nation. I live in the District, and they're a Maryland team.

Reminds me of a Parks and Rec bit where Leslie is trying to find a man for Anne and puts up photos of these two as what kind of men the team should be looking for. I laughed out loud because though they seem like such disparate choices, I would totally love to date both of them.

Don't know about Ryan, but the veep is regarded as a very nice guy and is devoted to his wife, kids and grandkids. A girl could do a lot worse.

I generally assume Vanity Fair is Gospel truth. That said, what are the Post people thinking about that Vanity Fair story of unrest and bad business decisions at the Post?

Everyone was very eager to see what the story would have to say -- but then it only really rehashed a lot of stuff we already know. Which is fine: Vanity Fair is writing for a large audience that doesn't follow all the insider-media stuff we know about. But it wasn't very revelatory. And it didn't offer a lot of context about what issues for the Post are similar to, or different from, what everyone else in the media business is going through.

I never saw a set of pictures released from this event. Only saw one picture of Mrs. Obama seated. From what I could see, her dress was amazing. Is there a reason more photos we not released?

Probably because it was closed to the press -- except for the toasts. I believe. Also, it was on the same night as the Oscars, so people weren't paying much attention.

Do you know why Michelle Obama was in Bethesda last Sunday? She was at a Haagend Dazs. Speaking of ice cream, I really need one now...

I hadn't heard that she was, but it's possible: She says she goes out and about like that all the time.


Michelle Obama, secret shopper?, 10/12/11

Denzel doesn't seem NEARLY as much of a stretch as Affleck, Gingrich, or Gosling. Is there a younger, much more attractive actor that would be a stretch for Obama?

You don't think Ryan Gosling could play Obama?

Should play Obama. You probably don't know him by name, but you've seen him before.

Hey, I know him by name. If only because he shows up enough on TV that I've repeatedly said, "who IS that?" Hmm, maybe. I thought he was too old, but they're the same age.

So any chance Madonna will be at this White House dinner?

Ha. That would be tremendous.

Sally Jenkins had a great piece today that was critical of Dan Snyder. So we can only asume she and the Washington Post will now be sued by him. Yep, Redskins Nation.

That, THAT would be another genius PR move on his part. Can't wait to hear the other NFL owners to testify about Dan at the trial.

I admit it, I follow Wendell Pierce on twitter. And he keeps talking about being in town for the White House dinner.

So he is. Well, that's nice.

If the poster saw Winter's Bone, an unremittingly grim film in which Lawrence really did skin a dead squirrel to help feed her younger siblings, then he or she would not worry about a performance in The Hunger Games.

Spoiler alert!

Seems we have been discussing casting for a long time. So movies normally take this long to get cast, or is this a sign that this movie may not get made. And a follow-up, who would be your selection foe the leads?

I think Don Cheadle would be great, but Forest Whitaker is an excellent choice too.

Can I assume she ran off to Europe with Dylan McKay?

Fingers crossed. Maybe the only thing that could be put those great kids back on the cover of People after 20 years.

Don't really imagine him having a post-Mad Men career. He's similar to James Gandolfini. Both were praised for that role and it was hard to except them outside it. Both were in feature films, some were flops and others did well, but neither Hamm or Gandolfini were ever the lead in the film.

Well, that's the case with most actors.

Is GOOPy Gwyneth Paltrow invited to the State Dinner?

Oh, that would be a hoot. Let's check her Twitter feed.

Obama having a U.K. leader to the White House the week of St Patrick's Day? Might as well be wearing an orange tie and slapping Irish-Americans in the face, no?

Oh, come on. The real Irish don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, do they?

Amy -- to translate into your language, he played Walid Al-Rezani on 24.

And Gloria Reuben's doctor boyfriend on "ER." And he was in the underrated "State of Play." He's basically on TV every second of the day.

I just re-watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. You have any idea what Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold are up to these days? I'm curious.

Yes, I know. But I'm not going to tell you, you Parade magazine plagiarist.

Sacha Baron Cohen...perhaps in character as Madonna? Or?

Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Tareq Salahi.

Of course they celebrate it. He's the country's patron saint. When I used to live in DC, I remember going to the 4Ps in Cleveland Park (is it still there) on St. Patrick's Day and the prime minister of Ireland was there. So that's a yes.

See? He has to come here to celebrate it.

I was in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day 2011 and it was weird since you did see it here and there with the cheesy hats and green beer. I asked my parents what they used to do on St. Patrick's Day and the answer (of course) was "go to Mass."

As should you!

I recently found out that Samuel Beckett used to drive Andre the Giant to school when he was a kid. According to this, it's true and I think it's almost too weird to make up.

Can we believe everything we read on the Internet? No, but where's the joy in that?

Michael Caine is 79 today. Celebrate accordingly.

I knew that bottle of whiskey in my desk drawer would come in handy some day.


(Meanwhile, please enjoy this clip of the universe collapsing in upon itself, as Michael Caine does his Michael Caine impression.)


Time to go, well, do stuff. Stay tuned for George Clooney coverage and state dinner coverage tonight. . . See you next week, but stay in touch at

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