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Mar 07, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger was online Wednesday, Feb. 22, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Welcome back, everyone. Oh, and welcome to anyone here who is new. I'm sure the others will make you feel at home. Some topics on our plate lately:


Chris Rock blabs about what went on at President Obama's 50th birthday party.


John Kerry, healed from his black eye and broken nose, gets back on the ice for the Congressional Hockey Challenge.


Can Fight Night survive without Joe Robert?


The latest celebrity to quit Twitter: Bryce Harper.


Why Ted Turner chooses girlfriends (note: plural) over remarriage.


Inside the top-secret "21 Jump Street" panel discussion they don't want you to know about! (Sample question: "Channing, will you take your shirt off?")


Also: Harvey Weinstein postpones Legion d'Honneur for Oscar campaign. . . Barbara Boxer and her amazing human easel. . . . Ann Romney:  "heavyweight champion"? . . . Defiant Jenna Bush refuses to apologize for sticking her tongue out. . . And a look back at the late Steve Bridges and his uncanny George W. Bush imitation.





What's "the Dougie"?

It's a dance move, inspired by an old Doug E. Fresh move, where you kind of pat down your hair. It went mainstream with the song "Teach Me How to Dougie". And there's a lot going on in this video, but at some point in it, Michelle Obama will teach you how to Dougie.

I didnt find her performance on SNL was all that great

She was pretty bad in the live bits--clearly reading cue cards in every scene. The only skit I liked was the Disney Housewives bit, which was pre-taped and well written.

Amy - Nice job on the Arch Campbell Show. I was really hoping, though, that when you were talking about the movie reviewer you watched on TV who inspired you to become a journalist, you were going to say, "And that person was . . . Davey Marlin Jones."

Why, thank you. Best show on television that you've never seen. I think you can watch it here. I hope Arch doesn't read this chat because I will definitely use that line next time.

Loved his imitation of George W Bush.

That was one of the best-ever moments at the White House Correspondent's Dinner.

Did Wendy Reiger ever marry that Irish oncologist ? Also, how old is she? I ask on behalf of at least a half a million middle aged guys in greater DC !

You know, if Wendy got married, she never mentioned to us, so I'm guessing not. But she's possibly the coolest person on local TV, so you never know. She's probably around 50, though I don't know for sure.

Do you think Mitt got a little talk from Ann after this statement? Or do you think she just punched his lights out?

Or it was just Mitt being Mitt. He makes verbal gaffes all the time. He's trying to be a regular guy, then screws it up and trips over his tongue. I doubt he caught much grief---I assume she's used to him after all these years.

I was really hoping this piece included one of those quizzes where you could identify which charater you resemble...alas, no. It was just about 20-somethings using the show to describe themselves (when you know they really aren't as cool as the characters).

Oh, you could probably just google up a quiz like that. But why don't you tell me: Which West Wing character are you?

welcome! We'll try to explain some of Roxanne's and Amy's little jokes, just let us know if they get too confusing.

Or too, you know, not funny.

I don't see why she should apologize....Without things like this, I would have worried those young women had no personality!

Oh please---sticking out your tongue is something you do when you're five, not 19. There are better ways to express personality. 

His imitation of Mitt Romney was funny this past weekend on SNL

He's done Mitt before, hasn't he? I really like his Biden impression.

He has spoken about a poor choise of words when talking about a Georgetown Law student. Would `streetwalker' or `lady of the night' have been a little more acceptable nomenclature?

"Poor choice of words" was in and of itself a poor choice of words.

So, I am now totally grossed out by Ted. I always knew his eg was bigger than Montana, but ewww. That is all.

I'm not sure it's about ego. Sounds more like he's unable to get really close to another woman (and stills pines for Jane Fonda), and so has created this four-girlfriend, one-week-a-month arrangement. And he's still lonely. Kind of sad, actually.

My impression of her SNL performance was that she was sober. Some of the material written for her wasn't all that good, and although at her best she's quite a good actress, some of the stuff was pretty much unsalvageable.

I'll give you sober. But other hosts have done better with the same level of material.

Here's a question for that panel that has nothing to do with Channing Tatum's shirt -- why must the film makers destroy a pretty good campy late 80s/early 90s show by just turning it into a spoof? It seems to have absolutely nothing in common with the show except for the title.

You see, I think this is why they wouldn't let us into the screening. Because we would have asked these important and challenging questions.

on the other hand, Jon Hamm was very funny as the stand-by host and potential Snooki baby-daddy.

I love him, and I'm not even a regular "Mad Men" fan.

In all I read about him over the past week, nobody used this factoid that I always thought was pretty awesome. That a different David Jones from Brixton, England knew he could not compete with the Monkees star. So he changed his last name to Bowie.

Seems like I read that factoid a lot, but yes, it is an interesting anecdote. Perhaps more appropriate to Bowie's obituary than Jones's, though.

Didnt realize she was a Conservative. If she doesnt like the backlash against her tweets, maybe she should call the Dixie Chicks for some advice

Live by the tweet, die by the tweet. But yeah, she's been an out-there conversative for years. Didn't think her lines this week were very clever , though.

Does this we won't see this interesting couple around so much anymore? They are one of the easiest to spot out in public - tall, striking, redhead with a man who might be her much older brother....

I think this is what a lot of Washington people are concerned about -- does this mean Elizabeth Kucinich and her husband will leave town?

Is there anything else he can do to make himself look as horrible as he does now?

Oh, probably.

See, it wasn't plastic surgery! And to be 68 and out on the ice is really something.

And with two artificial hips! I think he just loves getting out there.

So he lost. He still has his wife who is the hottest political spouse in DC and he can probably get a gig on MSNBC hosting a hour show. Anyone is better then Comrade Ed Schultz. And come on, isn't Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow in drag? Has anyone ever seen both of them together? Question I have for Dennis is how did he get such a hot babe? Must be his Slavic heritage. Once you go Slavic you never go back.

How did Dennis Kucinich win Elizabeth Kucinich? Please read Libby Copeland's story about this fascinating couple from 2007.


The love song of Dennis J. Kucinich, 12/5/07

I can't believe that Ted Turner has the energy for 4 girlfriends at his age. Whatever works I guess.

Doesn't sound that he puts all that much energy into them. He shows up; they entertain him for a week. Then he moves on to the next one. It's more like "Sister Wives, Turner Style."

I wonder how many chatters just stuck their tongues out at their computer screens (and, therefore, at Roxanne)?

Oh, plenty. But they're not the daughter of the president knowing she will be photographed. I'm an old-fashioned crank about some things.

for sticking out my tongue during this chat. (I stick it out with love.)


Who would anyone be bothered by what Ted Turner is doing with four girlfriends? It is obviously an open thing, and they all know about each other. If they are all sorta OK with it, who are we to judge?

I'm not judging. I'm all in favor of billionaires being outrageous and giving us stuff to write about.

I know you don't like how "fan girl" Downton has because with Season Two, but just saw this Australian television promo for the Season One and it made me laugh: Link

Makes Downton seem WAY more "in your FACE!" then it ever is... Enjoy and thanks for doing these wonderful Live Chats with us.

That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of SNL's Downton Abbey-as-seen-on-Spike TV parody.

So I had thought that all women were either one of: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or that lady that played their mom. But now you're saying they have other options -- Donna, CJ, Stockard Channing. or Mary-Louise Parker? This is revolutionizing my way of thinking of women.

Not only that -- but MEN can even pick which female character they want to be, as did Eric Lesser. It's a whole new way to think about cheesy pop-culture parlor games.

Oh, I didn't think she was that bad. Yeah, the "this #$%^ is real" skit wasn't awesome, but there's a lot of fast dialogue in it, and I can see how you'd get tripped up. I thought she showed a sense of humor about herself, and she was quite good in some of the skits. She's certainly not the worst they've had on. For someone who needs to slowly step back into acting/entertainment, it was a reasonable start. I hate to be all "haters gonna hate," but I think there are plenty out there who wouldn't be satisfied with anything she did.

It was a fine first step---if she's sober. She needs to prove that she can show up and do the job, and this was a high-profile way of announcing she's ready. BUT, but, won't matter a fig if she gets in trouble again. She keep undermining her career. I hope for her sake she's really cleaned up her act, but I wouldn't bet a dime on it.

As somebody who is a liberal Democrat and worked in the energy industry in Dallas, I don't much sympathize when Hollywood conservatives moan and groan about how liberal everybody in showbiz is. I knew the politics of the kind of people I work with long before I started.

Good point. Bad tweets don't help.

Am I the only person who noticed the repeats of taped bits? One of them was a bit with Hader and Armisen in a store talking about cell phones, 4G, blah blah, that I'd seen before, and I thought they may have re-played them as filler because some of Lohan's skits didn't work out during rehearsals, seeing as how she was so bad in the rest of the live skits that night.

Didn't notice that, but I don't see very show and could have missed that. 

I don't know that much about the geography of Greater Los Angeles, but it seems they ever few feature films or television series are made within the real Hollywood anymore. It's more places like Studio City or Burbank although I guess "Burbank values" doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Burbank values." I actually like the sound of that. It has a certain ring. Let's try to make it happen.

I remember reading about Woody Allen years ago and his arrangement where he lived on one side of the park, and long-time partner Mia was on the other side. And I thought -- that is awesome. But Ted brings it to a new level with his steady rotation. But begs the question of who loses out when he wants a week off? The story broguht more questions than provided answers.

You assume that his taking a week off is a loss for someone?


As Robert Olen Butler told his friends, he thought his wife left him less for the week she'd spend with Ted than for the three weeks she'd have to herself.


What I wondered is what he does with the other two or three days in a month, because four week-long shifts doesn't really cover it.  Maybe that's when he goes on eHarmony dates.


Ted Turner on choosing girlfriends over wives

The most shocking parts of that story for me were that 1) Patricia Heaton has any considerable number of followers and that 2) said followers have an identity ("Tweatons").

Doesn't surprise me. Why wouldn't an outspoken conservative actress in Hollywood have fans? Maybe not so many in Hollywood, but plenty from around the country---and she co-starred in a huge hit for years. 

I dying laughing. "This house about to blow" is never a line I'd associate with Downton Abbey but it so works. This is why I love your chats!

Me too. I would never have seen that otherwise.

Somewhere, Richard Grieco is just begging someone to remake Booker. A guy's gotta eat.

It could happen.

Did you see that Bill Maher has come to Limbaugh's defense? Gotta think that they deserve each other. One big difference: I can't think of any Democratic politicians who embrace Maher the way Republicans do Rush.

Interesting. I hadn't seen that.

Is there any hope now that Peyton Manning will now become a Redskin?

Please, please, no. Peyton is adorable and a class act, but he should take his millions and charisma and retire instead of risking another serious neck injury. Not to mention the Skins need a young quarterback who will stay for years and lead the team. So no, no, no.

How many advertisers has Limbaugh lost, and are there more to come?

I don't think anyone has a definite number; between local and national advertisers, it's hard to keep track.

Amy, A few weeks ago at the conclusion of the murder trial in Charlottesville, you mentioned that there was a lot of change in bars and restaurants on the Corner. I was in Charlottesville a few years ago for the first time in about 25 years and did notice a lot of change there. But I was pleased to see that the Virginian restaurant was still there. That was a favorite place for me and one of my fellow grad students way back when. I was happy to see it was still there. There is a lot of change there, but it was also nice to see some constants. No question here, just a comment and some nice memories. Thanks.

And thank you. It's a very good place.

isn't part of doing the job as an actress memorizing your lines? If so, failure for her.

True, but SNL is live and that's adds another difficulty factor. A lot of hosts get nervous and tripped up about that.

To atone for her tweets, Heaton should have to do a Public Service Announcement against bullying, which should run during the last episode of "The Middle," which will air in a few weeks, as ABC cancels it next week after losing all those advertisers.

Free speech, kids. You don't have to agree with her, but she has the right to express herself, no PSA required. How that sits with her employers is another matter entirely.

Any chance any of it is filmed in DC, or are they planning to use Vancouver as a stand-in?

No word yet, but my guess -- based on how most of these things go -- is that they'll parachute into D.C. for some background shots but do most of it on a soundstage or in  Toronto.


Sigourney Weaver plays first lady turned secretary of state in USA series


Filming in Washington just got harder

I'm wondering if John Kerry will ever recover from those two black eyes he got in 2004 ?


Drew Barrymore did it. Robert Downey Jr., too.

So did Britney Spears. So we'll see--we'll know in the next two years.

I like to hear that one of the most stressful jobs on earth doesn't prevent POTUS (and FLOTUS and DOPOTUS) from having a good time once in a while. Though I'm slightly skeeved Jay-Z was invited.

Skeeved about Jay-Z -- why? As opposed to Chris Rock, he's a pretty discreet guest.


Chris Rock on Obama's 50th birthday

Was you promoting any project? Isn't that usually what hosts are doing when they come?

She was promoting herself. Reports said she called and requested to host the show.

I never watched that, nor did I ever watch Sex & the City (although from everything I've heard about it, I'm a Charlotte). But when I was younger I would have loved to be Deanna Troi from Star Trek: the Next Generation.

I think there are entire conventions where you can discuss which Star Trek: TNG character you are.

It seems to me that President Clinton is looking a little TOO thin these days and is looking old for his age. Does he have health issues other than the problem with his heart (which I thought was resolved)?

Not that we know. He dropped a bunch of weight and is a vegan now. That makes him look less robust, but he's probably healthier.

After reading the recent Vanity Fair where they did an outstanding making-of feature on "Diner" (not be be confused by the making-of on "The Godfather" that they rewrite every three months), which movie would you most like to get the Vanity Fair treatment?

Movie I'd like to see Vanity Fair do a "making of" feature on that they probably will do: "The Bodyguard."


Movie I'd like to see Vanity Fair do a "making of" feature on that, if I think about it, they've probably already done: "Goodfellas."


Movie I'd like to see Vanity Fair do a "making of" feature on that probably isn't going to happen: "Newsies."

OMG - I just had a Richard Grieco flashback from childhood! They should have used him in 21 Jumpstreet: the movie. It would make the movie feel more authentic.

Who knows, maybe they did. I'm told by my confidential sources that there's an amazing surprise twist in the movie, and that perhaps that's the reason they didn't let us in. Because, you know, of course, we'd do a major story exposing that "21 Jump Street" plot twist.

As the daughter of a dad who had two girls, I just have to say how much it touches me when the Pres speaks publicly about how he puts things in context as to how they will affect his girls. I know you have to take all he says as influenced by a certain amount of spin, but there's somethat that seems more authentic when he speaks about how he thinks about raising smart, strong women.

Thanks for your thoughts. Anyone else?

I am sure Richard Grieco eats. I have seen him in a couple of pretty good Lifetime movies.

I can only assume that this one I'm seeing on his IMDB profile, "Ultimate Deception" ("All bartender Terry Cuff ever dreams of is raising a family. When she marries Bobby Woodkin, she finds herself one step closer to her dream. A young wife desperate to adopt a baby, and her loving husband desperate to make her happy... even if it means murder.") co-starring Yasmine Bleeth, is one of those Lifetime movies.

You think of folks like Richard Harris or Richard Burton drunk off their butts for the majority of their career and how most of Burbank's current crop go to sleep by 10 o'clock with cucumbers on their eyelids these days or they are the reformed Downey or Lohan types. I miss the fun.

Richard Harris -- dead or alive? Quick, and no peeking.

She and Doreen Gentzler are like the Thelma and Louise of DC Broadcast news! Both are hot, smart, and fun to watch!

But -- if I can just clarify for our readers -- neither has killed nor robbed a man, that we know of.

I've just finished reading Rob Lowe's book (which I enjoyed pretty well) and didn't realize that he left the West Wing in such an ugly way. I guess I just wasn't paying attention back then. Do you remember what happened -- he doesn't really say, just makes it clear he felt forced out and hurt by it. When the show started, he really WAS the marquee name.

I think it was just the usual old story -- not getting enough money, didn't like his character's story arc.

....will he have them colorized?


I hate when people say awful and terrible things and the response is "free speech." Listen, if people were advocating that Patricia Heaton be arrested and charged, then I'd get the "free speech" stuff. My first speech is to say "Shut up!" just as much as her nor does free speech mean speech that isn't up for debate or even condemnation.

That wasn't the point: The commenter said she should be forced to make PSAs to atone for her tweets, and I don't think that's true. She's entitled by the constitution to her opinion and the right to express it without penalty. Which is a different matter than if her comments are debatable (they were) or offensive to many (also true.)

I just think it's funny that she'd have an army of loyal Twitter followers because she seems so average. At some point, when someone plays the same character over and over, I tend to conflate the person with the character. I feel like it would be like following my Mom on Twitter.

Ha! Well, obviously lots of people love her.

apparently, it's been taken down. bummer

Hmm. Knew that would happen.

Dead. Unfortunately, someone left his cake out in the rain, and he drowned trying to retrieve it. Tragic, really.


I feel like we always imagine him as puffy faced--he wasn't too healthy in office (who could be?). It actually caused some problems with his portrait in the National Portrait Gallery, which was painted several years after he lost his prez weight--people were having trouble identifying him.


It's like Timberlake. I don't get why people find him interesting. Like that dog whistle Amy mentioned once that I can't here.

Okay, I understand. I like Jay-Z, but yes, Timberlake is the whistle I cannot hear, so I know what you mean.

She looked at her cue cards just slightly more than Zoey Deschanel, and everyone thought she was great....Oh, and that "scared straight" skit that they do a few times a year just isn't that funny, I don't care who is in it. The funny part of that was when she introduced herself, as Lindsay Lohan.

Face it: It's a rare host who really kills on SNL. The most memorable skits usually feature the regular cast.

He died so Michael Gambon replaced him as Dumbledore!

Sorry, didn't realize this would be so obvious to the many citizens of Hogswart Nation. (For years, Alec Guinness was the guy that no one could remember whether he was alive or dead, though he ultimately resolved that matter for us, sorry to say.)

I'm pretty sure Harris died, but only rather recently, right? But his old drinking buddy Peter O'Toole soldiers on, doesn't he?

He died 10 years ago now, did Harris, not long after his role in "Gladiator." But O'Toole is still kicking.

Looking forward to seeing "Game Change", especially Julianne Moore playing Sarah Palin

Apparently she's wonderful in the movie -- very convincing, and very sympathetic, actually. So I hear.

Wait so what Star Trek character would Roxanne be ?

Roxanne would be a Tribble, obviously.

only refers to the fact that the GOVT shouldn't be telling you what to say. she has a right to say something, I have the right to not listen. (And I have no idea what she said, anyway). But if an employer, or a newspaper, or whatever censors her (or anyone else) that's not really censoring, as they have the right to do that, as long as a govt entity is not telling them to.

Look, it wasn't that interesting or clever---just a few snide asides. The interesting question is whether her contract with producers contain any clauses that prohibit her from expressing political views. You're right: Many employers have rules preventing employees from doing anything like that.

I'm seeing a lot of Mitt Romneys smile lately and wondering if those are his real teeth or not -- is this something I should be concerned about ? I don't want to appear too nosy but I think it's important to know if a person running for president has good oral hygiene or a serious sweet tooth issue.

Oh, I'm sure those are his real teeth. And his real hair. You can just tell these things, can't you? I have no doubt that Mitt Romney flosses, and has flossed from an early age.

Uhhh, I just read this and it doesn't sound like much of a defense. More of a devil's advocate kind of tweet. I think if Maher had more than 142 characters (which he thankfully does every Friday), he would have some not-so-nice things to say about Rush. I love Bill and I think Rush is indefensible. All he was saying was that we look bad when we throw back an apology...which is an arguable point...even though it was a really flimsy apology.

It's hard to convey nuance in a tweet. And the goal of any tweet, after all, is simply for people to pay attention to it.

There are plenty of interesting moms on Twitter - even ones as old as Patricia Heaton.

True, but how interesting is ANYONE on Twitter, when it really comes down to it? Not so much, and not nearly as much as most tweeters seem to think. 1 percent news/insight, 99 percent boring.

Is 60yo. Come on now. 50 she wishes.

I believe she is 55.

Don't laugh -- it stars at least two Oscar winning actors.

Exactly-- Christian Bale and Robert Duvall. Also, Bill  Pullman. And Ann-Margret, in a completely weird role as the object of young Bale's crush. And it's a musical. Honestly, it would be way more interesting to read a story about that movie than to watch it.

So she eats and reproduces, and you can't tell where her face is for the hair?

Especially on a windy day. March is rough.

Kids, enough of the role playing. Please send your tips, sightings and insights to Same time next week.




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