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Jan 18, 2012

Washington Post columnist Amy Argetsinger /strong> was online Wednesday, Jan. 18, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning! Even with a week shortened by the federal holiday, lots of interesting stories to share.


GQ releases its "50 Most Powerful in Washington" list, and you are welcome to quibble with it.


Obamas enjoy a birthday dinner out at BLT Steak, miss all the smoke bomb excitement.


Longtime Washington party fixture Karen Feld is getting the heck out of town for good, leaving behind enough drama to fuel a Lifetime movie.


Paula Deen is sounding a tad bit defensive, no?


And the Emmy for Best Guest Role on a Sitcom by a First Lady goes to . . .


Why the makeup guru of New Hampshire called her new lipstick "Debate" instead of "Hillary"


Delonte West clears up that whole White House visit thing for us -- big misunderstanding.


And finally -- omg, we thought Brad and Angelina would never leave!


Looking forward to your questions.

Ladies, I so want to participate in this chat, but in support of anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA actions, I am restricting all use of the Internet to work-related issues (e-mail and a handful of required websites). I've been at work for two hours and I'm already going through Reliable Source, Cute Overload and BuzzFeed withdrawals! Just out of curiosity, what do you think of this legislation, and do you think the blackouts will make an important point in support of this issue? (I'll read your response tomorrow, or maybe at 12:01 tonight). Thank you!

You know, I honestly haven't had time to read up on it enough to form an opinion -- not that you want me to have opinions on policy anyway. All I know is that my ability to answer trivia questions for you all at lightning speed may be impeded a bit today.

Isn't the real issue that she only shared the information because she just got an endorsement contract with Novo Nordisk? In other words, I'm being paid to talk about this, so I better 'fess up.

Draw your own conclusions. She was diagnosed three years ago and is talking about it now.

Thumbs up or down on his Golden Globes hosting? Although his comment about Jodie Foster's "beaver", his large...vocabulary, and "The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton" cracked me up.

He was fine. My gut failed to bust. I thought the entire show was kind of a snore, though. Anyone else feel that way about the movie awards season? It's about as exciting as the GOP race. Now, the Miss America pageant -- THAT was a good game.

It seems that this is his M.O. - get involved in an intense relationship, get married, have a baby or two, then move on to a new intense relationship after making statements about how messed up the outgoing partner is. Or is that just my take?

That sounds about right. It also sounds that he's unwilling to take responsibility for his role in the failure of his relationships. I feel sorry for his current wife. 

I looked and looked but couldn't find the Reliable Source there something wrong with my browser? You've GOT to be there!

Um, I think they're ethically prevented from including us in a story that they typically ask us to write about. Er, yeah, pretty sure that's the reason.

Are they really engaged? She's not wearing a ring at public appearances. And she looked awful at the Golden Globes, BTW.

The engagement is, by all accounts, real. I thought it was weird that she didn't wear the ring and didn't come with Justin. I didn't think she looked great, either.

Maybe she'll start using low fat, low sugar recipes. . .

Well, then she wouldn't be Paula Deen, would she? I'm pretty sure the only change she's going to make is to add 1 mg of Novo Nordisk's GlucoGen to recipe Red Velvet Bread Pudding recipe -- just sprinkle it over the top before serving.

Wouldn't it be nice if Demi Moore, after all the nonsense with Ashton Kutchner is wrapped up, got back together with Bruce Willis?

Sigh, yes. But his new model wife is expecting their first child.

Fabio almost hitting my car with his Benz in traffic out front of the Ritz Carlton here in Sarasota isn't much of a sighting, but hey, it's all I got. As for Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes, my dear non-snarky husband said allowed, "Wow, she needs to eat a sandwich." A bit skinny!

Fabio! He still cracks me up. Did you realize it was him as he almost hit the car or before?

And I thought Angelina looked great.

What Clooney indicated? That he can play golf with his hands behind his back because of, um, you know? I think you should report on this.

I sure liked that Michael Fassbender in "Inglorious Basterds" -- one of the few things I liked in that movie. Haven't seen "Shame" yet, but apparently that's all the reporting one needs to do to understand Clooney's joke. You think that was a key part of his audition?

How are you going to survive the chat today without Wikipedia as your go-to source?

I hardly ever use Wiki during this chat ---maybe to check an age ----and use the vast amount of trivia in the braintrust to dash off these answers.

I guess God was not looking down on him last Saturday.

Or maybe God was watching and decided not to get involved. Happens a lot.

What are your feelings about Anthony Bourdain's not-so-subtle dig at Paula Deen on twitter? I think he is a tool.

Twitter makes people tools. Picking fights on Twitter is so lame. Having said that, I find his cynicism in this matter to be bracing and not unfair.

Was disappointed in the Golden Globes. Maybe there was better material last year with Ricky Gervais going after Robert Downey Jr.

Everyone was too well behaved.

he looked a little scared at the Globes--like he knew the sympathies in the room were likely not with him. that said, there'd be a fair amount of hypocracy in that room to judge him too harshly.

Hard to tell: The shave and haircut (which I liked) made him look 12 years old. 

Is it true that Khloe Kardashian is adopted?

Count this among topics that I'm not spending much time mulling. It sounds something completely invented by the tabloid to sell copies, and omg, why does anyone even care? Having said that -- she looks like her late father, okay? Not her fault she's not as pretty as her sisters, but it doesn't mean they're not from the same genetic pool.

How on earth will people solve arguments today?

They'll just have to email me and trust the answers I pull out of my brain. Sorry.

Fabio was hit by a bird in the nose on a rollercoaster once

Wikipedia, you can't stop the truth from coming out today. The Google search for "fabio bird rollercoaster" is alive and well. Please enjoy this video.

Her son (the unmarried one) will have a new show on the Food Show Network with healthier versions of her recipes. Maybe her diabetes diagnosis is the reason. BTW, I will always love Paula & her food - always in moderation though.

I'm finding the timing of all this a little too perfect for my taste: Paula waits three years so she can "give back" to her fans? Really? Seems a kinder thing to do would have been to tell them right away why moderation was so important. No, all of this reeks of damage control to me: Release cookbook last year, line up deal with drug company, launch son's new show. This seems a lot more about Paula's success than her fan's.

Those popovers are tremendous. Good choice for a birthday dinner.

They're truly epic.

How does that work with the check? Meals get pricey. Does the President use a credit card, or is everything comped? Is everything allowed to be comped? Does the President have a junior staffer that picks up the tab, gets the American Airlines miles on his personal credit card, and then gets paid back?

You know, good question. I don't know why the president wouldn't still have a credit card. He's a well-to-do guy, after all, separate from his day job. Heck, he could probably even pay cash. Unlike the queen, I assume he still carries that around. I'd be very surprised if they let the restaurants comp them. But, indeed, I'd love to know the etiquette involved with handing the president a bill.

Am I the only one waiting for the moment when George Clooney and Stacy Keibler announce their split

George and his girlfriends are like the weather---you know it will change, but your'e not sure when. Nothing against Stacy personally, but nothing there that makes you think anything is different this time.

George Clooney sure gave his movie a ringing endorsement. I never heard of "Shame" either but I now am definitely going to check it out.

Yes, don't be fooled by the moody lighting and artsy posters. This isn't just an art-house film starring British people -- it's about sex and full-on nudidity.

Morgan Freeman's speech and the appearance of Uggie the dog!

Maybe that's what the Globes need---more cute dogs.

So to read your story tells me that Tommy Jacomo is no longer on the list? Is that a joke? This city should burn before they take Tommy off the most powerful list.

You know why they took him off the list? So that this list wouldn't be basically identical to the lists they made in 2007 and 2009, and so that you would be dutifully outraged and pay attention -- just like with all those absurd Rolling Stone lists.

Don't feel too bad for Khloe not being the prettiest sister since she apparently married the best and richest man. At least she is still married.

For the moment.

On New Year's Eve day I saw Adrian Grenier standing by himself outside my food coop in Brooklyn. There was no entourage. He was on a cell phone and someone came to pick him up in a Prius. Food coop and a Prius. He's walking the walk.

Well, good for him, I guess.

The rumor is that her father is not Robert Kardashian. Completely different issue.

Exactly. Completely different and equally irrelevant issue. I mean, say for argument's sake that she's not the daughter of Robert Kardashian. Would you feel cheated, as if you were getting 33 percent less Kardashian than advertised?

A cartoon in this week's New Yorker has an angry football player giving a postgame interview: "I'd like to blame God for making the team lose this week." No one ever says that, do they?

No they don't. Well, not often. Bad things are usually blamed on the mortal coil. Seems unfair to me that God gets all the credit for good stuff and not the bad (unless you're Old Testament and God is ticked off.)

If I may bring up an old mostly irrelevant subject that briefly captured this discussion, but did you see the recent Dear Abby about sorority paddling? It does appear to exist at least somewhere. I fear our discussions should note that there are numerous possibilites. Hazing is bad, often against college rules, and disrespects others, in my opinion. At the Florida band hazing where someone died, it can be criminal. Yet, in most circumstances, paddling is part of a long tradition where the little sister is supposed to present her big sister with a paddle. I am sure many display the paddle or throw it in a closet without using it. Some do use it. I know some use it as part of initiation. So, if you are still looking for confirmation that they do get used, I refer you to Dear Abby.

I don't doubt that paddling goes on in some quarters -- but I'm also not going to take an anonymous Dear Abby letter writer as confirmation. How do you know that it's not just someone getting their jollies by starting a conversation about sorority paddling? Paddle paddle paddle. Oooh, don't you love the way it sounds?

Maybe Ashton can get together with Bruce's wife so he'll be free for Demi. After the baby is born, of course. Ashton is already so good with Bruce's offspring so it should be an easy transition for all.

That is a beautiful idea.

So, is it true? Is he single? I can be, too, if it's true.

Here is People magazine's dutifully somber, anonymously sourced "sad separate lives" story.

It's nice to see a TV show based in Washington, and I have really gotten into the first two episodes. However, it doesn't look like they actually film any of it -- aside from the geography of a questionable spring from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol. Any chance they plan to film anything in this fair city? If not, we can just say that I am done watching right now. I still feel burned that 227 wasn't actually filmed in DC.

Depends: If it's a hit, they'll have to shoot more exteriors here. It's like West Wing ---in all the years on the air, they weren't here that often. But I'm not hearing that much bizz about "the Firm." All the love seems to be going to "Homeland."

But I actually think Khloe is more attractive than either of her sisters. Just my two cents (an my boyfriend thinks I'm nuts to think so.)

Thanks. I always appreciate a counterintuitive argument.

Totally true fact: It is against the law for the credit agencies to keep a credit report on the President and First Lady. Seriously true.

Really? Why? And how do you know? 

Occurred at VA's own Busch Gardens Williamsburg!


I kept mistaking the talk about him with that old, dead, German directer Fassbinder. But now it's all cleared up and Fassbender, my he gives good face. (Though I thought the normally flawless Clooney was out of line with the lame anatomical jokes.) Madonna, on the other hand, gives a lousy speech. She and her square boobs at the Globes were insufferable.

There were a lot of awkwardly creased and compressed boobs at the Globes, weren't there?... And Clooney's joke was kind of lame. I know he's got a reputation for suaveness, but he's kind of a dork when it comes to awards show speeches. For example, his Oscar speech in 2006, making fun of Jack Abramoff's name. I mean, try harder. 

Didn't Kathy Griffin do something like this. But instead of blaming God for failing she said Jesus had nothing to do with her success, and said he could "suck it." Football players don't have the kind of wontons she has.

Yes, and she got all sorts of grief for it. Ricky actually said pretty much the same thing Sunday night: That his agent and God had the same impact on his success (implication: zero.)

But didn't we just learn that she is no longer a Kardashian? Getting all my news I possibly need by walking through an airport news stand, I was under the impression that on his death bed, OJ's lawyer was told that Khlow is not really his daughter or something like that? Or am I making all this up and dreamed it all, like that one season of Dallas?

That's what we're talking about. The tabloid story you picked up via osmosis -- sounds fairly bogus to me.

While it may be considered her responsibility to encourage her fans to live healthier lives I imagine she could have been in denial for quite awhile about her condition. Maybe it took her three years to come to terms with her own part in developing diabetes. Who knows. It's also not her fault if people eat the food she makes and develop diabetes. They are in control of their own lives. I watch cooking shows all the time and never make the stuff they do...I just like watching. And I like watching Paula Deen but I don't make her food. Well, I just feel for her and don't think she is as bad as some make her out to be.

All true. I'm just saying the timing of this announcement looks like spin control to me.

It's also one of the most depressing movies you will ever see. Desolate and emotionally empty, humorless, you will leave the theater and want to throw yourself into the first bus that comes down the street. Great performances, but not for the faint of heart.

Oh, that's totally my kind of thing. Fassbender is half-German, and Germans make the best depressing movies.

awesome, yes. But filmed in Charlotte NC, not here.

Another diss for D.C.

HI-larious! Loved it!

Haven't watched it yet -- but here it is, I think.

His life may be a mess, but have you seen him in "Boss"? That's one messed up family. He deservedly won the Golden Globe.

Haven't seen it---but heard he's great in it. Another example of separating the person from the artist. 

As soon as there is a report of her making a comment about marriage or a baby - even in hypothetical, abstract terms - the split will shortly follow.

She's slightly more high-status than his usual armcandy -- or, at least, she has her own C-list fame -- and that can be destabilizing for a relationship with an alpha male.

"She's the only one I like and the only one who scares me." Entertainment Weekly has also referred to her as "The sane one."

She could never have a reality show of her own. Sane is just the counterpoint to the rest of the crazy.

He used it at Best Buy in Potomac Yards last month to pay for gifts. But he did make the statement, "Let's see if this thing works" or something to that degree that made me believe he doesn't use it we're still left wondering how he pays his dinner date bills.

My favorite New Yorker cartoon (yeah pretentious, but stay with me here) on the subject had a traditional-looking God-like old man (white beard, robe, etc.) on a psychiatrist's couch and the caption read: "I just don't know, some days I feel like creating a miracle to save the lives of hundreds of orphans and other days I just want to help some guy catch a football." Priceless.

Excellent. Probably best not to delve into the issue of a fickle god. At least, not in this chat.

Was written by a balding man in his 50's who wanted a forum for his fantasies about nubile college co-eds paddling each other in sorority houses.

And then he came to our chat today.

It comes up from time to time in the context of ethics and campaign finance complaints. There was a complaint filed against the Clintons when they got a loan to buy their New York house a number of years ago and one of the claims is that they got a sweetheart deal precisely because there is no credit report for them to determine whether their interest rate was in the ordinary course of business. I don't remember whether it is a secret service rule or what, but the idea is that they don't want private agencies to be able to monitor the President and his wife - I don't know for certain, but assume it applies to the Bidens as well.

There's also the question of their private financial information being leaked for political reasons. Interesting issue, and I wonder how far those protections extend. 

Speaking of giving good face......I watched Blue Valentine to see what the fuss about Ryan Gosling was about. He looked awful in that slow movie, so I just don't get it. Am I missing something or do you have another movie to recommend that he shines in?

Oh, I liked that movie -- but again, it was humorless and depressing, so it was completely in my wheelhouse despite the lack of Germans. The Gosling thing you either get or you don't. He was great in "Half Nelson" and "Drive" but you might also find those kind of bleak and his attractiveness understated (he was acting). Check him out in his pretty-boy roles, though: "The Notebook" and "Crazy Stupid Love."

I see lots of movies, I see lots of previews. I have no idea who this Fassbender fellow is? But he has just popped up everywhere. He's like the equivalent to circa-1990s Penelope Ann Miller.

But he's a man, so his career will last longer.

Is it my imagination or do people seem to be gleefully giddy about Paula Deen getting diabetes. It's like people think "she cooks with butter, so I hope she dies." What's wrong with people? There was more sympathy for Sadam Hussein when he was executed than there is for Paula Deen getting diabetes.

There's a little smug "I told you so" from some critics. But I think some of this comes from her handling it badly. She seems very defensive instead of admitting that maybe ---just maybe ---what she's been selling might be bad for you. A little humility goes a long way, and I'm not hearing that right now.

I don't have one.

Well, there goes your chance at the Ivy League.

I can beat Fabio and Adrian Grenier -- here in Amish Country (lancaster County, PA) we get to see Lady Gaga on a regular basis because she comes to town to visit her boyfriend's (Taylor Kinney) family. She goes to all the local restaurants and bars, plus was photographed at the Giant looking very Junior Leagueish -- long dove-grey cashmere coat and hair worn in a flip. Everyone who encounters her says she's very nice.

CBS21, your source for Lancaster County celebrity news, seems to be all over this.

You know your life is seriously dysfunctional when you land a movie on Lifetime based on your life story.

FYI, there isn't actually a Lifetime movie about her life -- we're just saying there could be.

any idea why director David Fincher didn't just hand La Streep her glasses at the GGs? Seemed like he was too timid, so odd given his directorial work. Thanks.

None. I assume it's wasn't a complete shock that she won, so perhaps it was bad planning on all parts. No redos on live television.

And he is great in Lars and the Real Girl!

Yes -- but not dazzlingly attractive in that one. Again, he was acting.

For your information, I'm in my 40s, not my 50s, and I'm not bald.

Paddle paddle paddle.

I keep hearing that these proposed laws will kill the Internet as we know it. Am I the only one who kinda wants that to happen. I mean, we're all stuck with the Internet for the rest of our lives aren't we? Don't you ever miss the days before?

Yeah, I'd be happy if it all went away. The Internet has improved my life only via and these web chats. I could do without the rest.

I just am questioning why Paula Deen, who promotes unhealthy food dishes, has timed her disclosure about having diabetes with the announcement of an endorsement for a diabetes drug and refuses to discuss the role of the food she has made her trademark in her diabetes.

Like I said. It's a perception problem for her.

I'm concerned that I don't totally buy the plotline for "It Happened at the World's Fair." I mean, the entire script hinges on a produce grower picking up two hitchhikers and then trusting them to show his seven year old niece around the world's fair because he has to go to work. I mean, what kind of responsible adult is that, even those, of course, one of the hitchhikers is Elvis? I cannot imagine a movie like that could ever be made today.

Do you find it more or lesss credible than "Clambake"? And, ahem, why didn't you wait to watch it with me?

It will also change your opinion about sex, mostly in that you will never want to have it again. Or at least not for a long time.

So it's not a sexy sex movie, but a bad-sex sexy movie?

if the sorority paddling is between consenting adults? Seriously, though, I've got to say that a few ceremonial thumps on the butt are a long way from a vicious beat-down, involving kicking, etc. on a pledge. The first seems kind of innocent, while the second has all the subtlety of a gang initiation.

Oh, listen to you. Paddle paddle paddle --  happy now?

Meh -- my dad makes that joke all the time when they run his credit card -- restaurants, Target, the movie theater. I think it was probably just the President making the same (lame) joke, not an indication ot how often he uses the card.

Ha!  LDJ*  (* Lame Dad Jokes)

Seemed to forget that she had won an award for a song, not for "my film" (as she narcissisticaly kept repeating). She gave the wrong speech. And she wasn't funny later, when she tried to be. And she looked awful. I think it's clear that she is no longer relevant in the entertainment industrial complex.

Hey, does anyone expect Madonna to be charming and witty and gracious? That's not Madonna!. . . She looked fine, though I wish she'd do something really transgressive and envelope-pushing and let herself get old.

Yeah, that goes for me, too. Well, except for

Which, of course, is shut down today.

Her claim that she appeals to people to eat in "moderation" is complete b.s. On her show, each dish she makes is usually terrible for you. So you could only eat three bits of a whole meal and fall reasonably within your calorie limit. I think her personal physique belies her claim that she has always valued moderation. I think Bourdain is right in calling her on this. She made a billion dollars promoting ridiculously fatty foods and claiming they were okay for you.

Maybe not complete B.S., but I don't recall her saying, "Honey, you can only have a tiny slice of this once of year if you want to be healthy" on her shows.

I was walking by a bookstore (a store that has books, for all your Kindle people) and saw a copy of the original Grisham fluff book, The Firm. But the book cover featured Josh Lucas and Molly Parker, which totally feels like it was cheating. That NBC show has closeto nothing to do with the book, which was already turned into a movie with Tom Cruise. Shouldn't there be a little more honesty here?

Ha! You expect honesty in the process of squeezing more money out of an unsuspecting public?

I'm glad you said something about the compressed boobs at the golden globes. There were so many women sporting the look that I thought it was a new trend (a la victorian cinched waists).

But I don't think the Victorians had a big problem with strapless-dress boob fat or the bustier double-boob effect.

The timing issue would have come up no matter when Paula announced that she had a disease. If it was a year ago people would have said she was laying the groundwork for her son's new show or was pitching her disease to drug companies. Celebrities can't win in the timing game. Someone will always suggest they have an ulterior motive. Hmmm, must be why it's called GOSSIP

Fair point ----but you're giving Paula a complete pass here. Your opinion, of course, but I don't share it. Three months: Maybe you're right. Three years: I don't buy it.

Either of you seen it?

I saw it. Hard to say whether it's good or not. She savvily took on such a difficult subject -- not just the fact that it's about the Bosnian War, but by filming it in Croatian -- that you can't tell whether you're grading it fairly or grading it on a curve.

"In the Land of Blood and Honey" review, 1/13/12

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stay late for the party, 1/11/12

Oh, I don't know, that doesn't sound any less credible than the plot of "My Week with Marilyn." Just sayin'. (and special thanks to for letting me check that I got the movie name right...)

Haven't seen that yet either, sigh.

I had never known who she was until today, and though I wish her good health, I still don't really care much about celebrity chefs. Now Jimmy Dean, there is a guy I can care about.

You see, I think (the late) Jimmy Dean and Paula Deen would see eye to eye on a lot of things.

Someone should've thrashed her with a huge bouquet of hydrangeas!

"Canada Geese" - peering inside a house's window to watch hockey on tv.

Love that. Mine is a contracter telling the witch in Hansel and Gretel what's wrong with her candy house: "The problem is that your roof is made of sugar."

Nothing is better than Clambake, except for Kid Galahad, of course.

Each to their own.

C'mon peeps. Give Paula a break. Yes a high fat diet can lead to obesity, but it's SUGAR that is typically the diabetes culprit. And i say this as a Type One (Juvennile) diabetic since i was a toddler. But totally agree about the timing of all this...

Another opinion.

She didn't even thank her kids in her acceptance speech. What a meanie.

Did she thank anyone? I can't recall.

Actually, Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills last year, after blowing a game with a dropped pass, actually said in the post game press conference something to the effect of "God, why did you do this to me. I praise you every chance I get." Ridiculous, but also somewhat refreshing.

Seriously? That's amazing.

Did she have any reason to be there, I mean, aside from just being Madonna? I mean - has she been in a movie, TV show or released an album that is being honored? I would assume her British accent goes over well with the Foreigh Press.

Yes. A song she wrote for her directorial debut -- "W.E.," about King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson -- was nominated and won.

That's nothing new. Heck, when I bought a paperback copy of "Around the World in 80 Days" when I was a schoolgirl back in 1957, there were photos of David Niven, Cantinflas and Shirley MacClaine on the cover, as well as a plug for the Oscar-winning movie on the back!

You're right: It's an old trick.

I was too, because I like to hear women talk about boobs.

paddle paddle

Amy -- You would have hated it anyway. People seemed happy there were no subtitles. Also, it was under three hours long -- so really nothing in that movie for you.

Hmmmm. You're probably right.

I might even watch! (With the volume off!)

Good to see the star of "NCIS: Los Angeles" give the music industry a try. 

Why of why did you bring them up? Isn't their 15 mins. of fame up yet?

Not yet. Hang tight---they'll fade away soon enough and be replaced by some other national obsession. Not that it will be an improvement. 

Chatters: Got a column to write, so time to sign off for today. Send your tips and sightings to Same time, next week. 


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