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Nov 27, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, November 27, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning and welcome back to the Reliable Source weekly live discussion. Some topics to chew on this week:


Is the White House meddling in the Oscar race by screening certain high-profile movies?


Congressmen push Pets on Trains Act to address the rights of dogs to ride Amtrak.


Joe Biden promotes Delaware sandwich shop's new D.C. outlet.


Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin are expecting, as is Kelly Clarkson.


Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the first congresswoman to give birth twice while in office, breaks her own record by having a third.


Also:   Amy Robach's cancer battle. . . Chris Brown drama of the week . . . How often do you see the guy who signed the money give it away on the street?


And impress your family at dinner tomorrow with your Washington insider creds, using our annual Thanksgiving Talking Points

Starting the chat a little early today because I won't be around at noon. Why? Well. . . a week ago at this hour, I had a sneaking suspicion I should probably call my doctor -- but I would never have guessed that I would be spending the next chat hour at the pediatrician's office. Our daughter Eliza McQuillen arrived late last Wednesday, a few weeks early but healthy and gorgeous and endless fun. And THAT's what will finally force me to cut the cord that has bound me to this weekly web chat, even while I've been gone from official Reliable Source duties for more than a month. (This also means my husband, on any given week one of the more prolific and obnoxious chatters, will not be among your numbers today. Sorry! Maybe next week.) Thanks to all of you who have helped us waste the most enjoyable hour of my week every week for the past eight years. You can reach me at if you want to continue to argue with me or ask how you're related to your grandmother's brother's great-great-grandson. And while I know you all are excited about that guy from "Orange County Choppers" beating Rielle Hunter on "Dancing with the Stars" last night, I wish you would acknowledge that Dick Cavett's flamenco was the finest we have ever seen on that show. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rox, will you let us know when Amy's baby arrives? Not to be stalkerish, but Amy is still part of the RS clan and we wish her and her wee one well.

Check out Amy's first post here. And may I say Eliza is just gorgeous? One of the prettiest babies I've ever seen.

I would far prefer this to cellphones on planes.

Dogs? Gods? Or have I gone all these years not knowing about dgos?

Congrats to local VA girl Sandra for being named EW's Entertainer of the Year. From the time I saw her in Speed, I thought she had some special qualities and her subsequent career trajectory proves how special she is. Nice to be able to celebrate her achievements.

She is talented, but also apparently a very decent person. Always nice when that gets rewarded in Hollywood.

Back in May the Zimmermans announced they were expecting a baby girl on November 19. Has she been born? What is her name? I believe there are other recent Nationals' babies--Stephen Strasburg's and perhaps Jordan Zimmermann's as well.

We'll check on that and get back to you. Busy with another baby this week.

Just that, nothing else :)


I don't know the details, but she has arrived. Heather posted a pic of the baby's footprint on a baseball. The Strasburg baby is here too. I don't know about Baby Zimmermann.

Busy off-season, eh?

Really? Who the hell would pay to watch these people get married? The mind, it boggles.

I figured there would be a magazine exclusive for photos, but pay-per-view never entered my mind. A lack of imagination on my part.

Trapped on the tarmac during a weather delay, in the middle seat between some guy on his phone and some woman with a yappy little accessory dog she keeps baby-talking to. Do you think I can arrange to travel in the baggage compartment?

Isn't holiday travel fun? Baggage compartments aren't heated, so nix that idea. I say drink and earphones, pronto.

So, will you be forking over $14.95 to watch the wedding or can you submit it as a business expense and be reimbursed? Find it interesting that they're saying a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Phillipines, but aren't specific. I'm sure she'll be taking "donations" a la Star Jones.

I can't wait! I would crack open my piggy bank to watch. Three hours of pure awesomeness. 

I seem to recall some sort of DC screening last year but am too lazy to look it up. Did Argo screen at the WH?

Don't think Argo got the full White House treatment, but there was a big D.C. premiere at Canada's embassy.

Please, I would like to purchase a CD of the event so I can watch it over and over.

You know what? I bet you will be able to!

I would just like to add that Eliza is a good baby name choice. Not too common but nothing that gets you side-eyed in the pediatrician's office. Although I may still think of her as Ocean from time to time.


I bet John Edwards is really looking forward to the upcoming season of DWS...

Did I miss something? (Entirely possible.) I'm not seeing her as part of the cast, but I'd never rule it out -- especially since John seems to have found himself a new girlfriend.

So how was that Capriottis sandwich that Biden ordered last week. Every time I have walked by the place the line has been out the door.

I had the Bobbie. Seriously delicious.

I love the chats at the post. It's one of the few times you feel like you get to "know" people who you read all the time. So, through that, it's one of the few times you get to have some real happiness about people you don't really "know." With that said, I"m super thrilled Amy and her loved ones have a new baby girl to be Thankful for this year!

I hear you. It's just so great.

We can think of Eliza as our collective baby, right? She was essentially born during our chat. Amy and hubby, congrats on OUR baby!

I think so, but that means some diaper duty, you'all.

My boyfriend and I have driven past the one in Lewes, and while it makes us wonder what Jennifer is up to these days, we've never stopped. If the lines ever die down, I'll have to check out the new one here. And congrats to Amy! I will always fondly remember the day our quoting of a Pavement song led another chatter to believe she was personally acquainted with Rush.

The chats were usually the best part of Wednesdays.

Agreed on the cuteness of the name, and I'll change a diaper or two if it means she can be OUR baby :) We'll miss you Amy!

But for all the right reasons.

If you could have Thanksgiving with any famous person's family, who would choose and why?

I like to stay curled up by the fire in my pajamas, so it would have to be someone REALLY good. Sue me for a lack of originality, but in the celebrity category I'd vote for George Clooney for the obvious reasons -- but his dad is a cutie, too. 

They have veggie sammiches! Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Smart business, if you ask me.

What are you doing? Hope there is no DC gala you have to cover since most of the legiscritters have fled town.

Four days of friends, food and catching up on non-work. Bliss.

Has a new GF? Deets, please.

A thirty-something single mother, according to local reports. Rielle wasn't his "soul mate" after all.

Oh Amy-la, I'm so verklempt over the birth of your Eliza. Mazel tov!

Amy-la? I missed this nickname, too, or is it new?

I didn't submit that comment, but I can tell you that the commenter was creating an affectionate Yiddish diminutive of the name "Amy" by adding "alah" to the name. Hence, "Wendy" becomes "Wendalah" and "Roxanne" would become "Roxanalah".

Good to know.

What's funny is that I had to think a minute to remember the Carlos Danger thing. It seems like ancient history. There has been so much stupidity since then. Happy Turkey Day and Congrats to Amy!

That's what's awesome about real news: No shortage of crazy.

Odds that Lara Logan ever returns to CBS, following her suspension? Would any major network hire her now, or is she damaged goods (like Dan Rather)?

Actually, CBS isn't even calling it a suspension. Likely she'll be back on the network as soon as the scandal cools down. They seem to like her a lot.

Hope there are lots of chatters who will be forgoing the need to hit the mall on Thanksgiving Day!

No shopping Thanksgiving Day, except for an emergency cranberry run one year.

Eliza is a lucky girl. Her mom knows all the parties worth skipping and the ones worth crashing. (also, she's generally awesome)

Dad is pretty great, too. So a very lucky baby.

Oh, yuk. I used to be a big fan, but ... does this woman not read? Or watch TV? How do women (mainly) get involved with jerks like this?

Because the jerk is charming and convinces the woman she's special and he's misunderstood. Sigh.

The jerk is also really really rich and about to get really really richer as he goes back to practicing the lucrative kind of law that got him rich.

Well, that.

I seem to remember Michelle's side of the family all came to the White House the first year. Does that still happen?

Well, her mom lives at the White House and her brother comes to town a lot -- so yeah, probably.

In any event, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks so much for all the kind words for Amy and Eliza -- many things to be grateful for this year. See you all next week.


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