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Nov 16, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Nov. 16, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Some topics on our mind this week. . .

Does "Homeland" get Washington right? . . . Secret Santas in the Senate!. . . Reagan's best one-liners. . . Ashton Kutcher hands his Twitter account to publicists -- is this the beginning of the end for Twitter? . . . A surprise marriage proposal at a gala makes everyone cry. . . VIPs declare public speeches "off-the-record" -- can they do that? . . . Justin Timberlake actually went to that Marine Corps Ball. . . OMG, have you heard about Carrie Fisher's date with Chris Dodd?. . . RNC and DNC spokesmen team up for a good cause -- they fight on TV but are friends in real life.

Looking forward to your questions.


Oh my----you were deeply invested in this romance? I had kind of forgotten about them.

I heard that Brad Pitt isn't going to do anymore movies after 3 more years?! Why the heck not? He's one of the few actor that's stayed hot, talented and sane over the years (see Tom Cruise).

Well, he's backed off of that, as you can see today

Never believe anything anyone says when they're promoting a movie. They've got an incentive to say provocative stuff because then everyone will pay attention. Sounds like you will actually have a chance to see him in movies after 2015. His walking-back quote was charming, though -- Pitt says he knows his expiration date is on the horizon.

How long do you think it will be before Kim hooks up with someone again?  I give it until....yesterday.

Maybe, but her next romance has the problem of everyone  wondering if it's real or damage control. In fact, everything she does from now on will be perceived as some sort of pr stunt. It's less interesting if the "reality" doesn't have anything real. Unless they go all meta on us and explore THAT dynamic on the show.

Who do you hope gets who?

Ah, good question. National Journal last year rated the most liberal senators and the most conservative senators. Any fun pairings there?

Senators pick Secret Santas

I used to like Chelsea Clinton. Thought she seemed pretty dang grounded for growing up in the spotlight. I remember the picture of her holding both her parents' hands walking to the helicopter as the Lewinsky scandal was at its height, like she was literally trying to hold her family together. But after she campaigned for her mother in 2008 and got into such a snit anytime the media approached her -- including the little girl "reporter" she refused to speak to -- well, now she's just another entitled elite using her connections to snag a cushy job she hasn't earned, with the backing of her hedge-fund manager husband. And I say all this as a Democrat.

So, you're saying you won't be watching her on NBC?

Chelsea Clinton, most artful media dodger, joins NBC

I am surprised that Kim K hasnt been linked to John Mayer as of yet

Since Ray J, I think she's exclusively dated athletes.

I heard the kefuffle about O'Reilly's Lincoln book being available at Ford's in the theatre gift store but not the park servicen book store in the museum. That was also the case with the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer. Although, according to the clerk at the theater, the vampire book was well researched for the non-vampire related information. Guess it's a toss up for which is more reliable.

I can't tell if you're joking or not (they really sell that there?) but that's pretty funny.


O’Reilly defends ‘Killing Lincoln,’ says ‘minor misstatements’ have been corrected

This is the worst idea EVER. Kutcher has so many followers because it seemed like he got it. His Twitter feed was honest and real. It's like you got to be friends with Ashton Kutcher. Awesome! Now we just get to be friends with his publicists. Lame. I've already unfollowed.

Real can get you in trouble, especially with Twitter. Too easy to punch out 140 characters and press "send"---whichis also the reason it was fun. I don't understand Aston's sudden modesty...unless it has something to do with CBS and "Two and A Half  Men."

Isn't a baby daddy after all. Shocking.

Not. And I do hope he sues, if only to prevent another media circus based on (likely) made-up allegations.  

Was Amy disappointed that Hope Solo was booted off DTWS?

Whatever. She had a nice run (until her disastrous Robot last week) but her time had come, and it's not like she had a chance of beating Paula Poundstone or Tony Orlando.

I have been meaning to chime in for weeks thanking you for your story about Prince Daniel. Your story totally put a smile on my face!

Thank you -- it put a smile on my face too. He seems to enjoy being a prince.

Prince Daniel of Sweden visits D.C. school, explains how to be a prince

I hope Bernie Sanders gets Mitch McConnell, or vice versa.

That's easy: socks. They both seems like funny socks kind of guys.

Who do we have to write to, to get Ricky Gervais to host the Oscars in 2013?

That would be so great---but not a chance. The Academy doesn't do honesty very well.

I actually get to watch this chat live for once! Since I can submit, I just want to thank you two for your hard work, I love your column and these chats. I also want to say that I totally approve of Bradley Cooper being this years sexiest man alive.

Bradley Cooper -- whatever. He is one of Hollywood's more accomplished public daters, though. He's one of those people that everyone gets "linked to" sooner or later (on the men's side: Ryan Reynolds, John Mayer; on the women's side: Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively). Here's a photo gallery of previous Sexiest Men Alive for your perusal.

I bought it there about a year ago because I was so tickled to see it on salee there -- and the clerk did tell me that the incdidentals in the novel were well researched. They have it in paperback now.

I'm sure they were selling it ironically.

You've been on the DC scene for awhile - did he have a reputation or public life when he was in DC in the 90s. i don't remember ever hearing of him. But, of course, I'm not a blond.

No one ever heard of him, except a few folks in the restaurant industry. Very few trade association folks make an impact on D.C.'s scene: They're strictly here to lobby for favorable treatment and not much involved in the social scene. 

Why was he not invited back? I thought he was a good host. Or had I had too many Martinis that night?

He was asked back -- he hosted in 2006 and then again in 2008. As you can see from this list of hosts here, they're changing it up all the time.

It was to good to hear that Justin Timberlake showed up to the Marine Ball and made sure his date had a good time.

I don't know what Timberlake is like personally, but he's very smart about his public reputation. Once he accepted the invitation, he pretty much had to show up. But he went beyond that and gave huge props to his date for the night and the rest of the Marines. Good for all of them.

For those worried, I seem to recall Jay-Z retiring from a music a few years ago. How'd that work out for him?

Now that you mention it. . . Been meaning to tell you that I'm retiring soon. It's been a nice run, but it's time for me to move to bigger challenges.

Is it normal for Historians to get paid $1.6 million like Newt Gingrich was?

No---and the sound you're hearing is all the other non-famous historians laughing and crying at the same time.

They just name Bradley Cooper sexiest man alive to generate a bunch of buzz among people who are now convinced People's editors are the dumbest people on earth, right?

Something like that. Or get the dumbest people on earth to buy the magazine because they named Bradley Cooper "sexiest man alive."

My Comcast TV listing told me that Drake would be on Letterman last night, and I turn on the TV to see Joan Jett with the Foo Fighters -- who were incredible. Sorry to miss Canada's best rapper since Snow, but was a good surprise.

That was a bittersweet moment for me. The only reason I turned on TV and stayed up until 12:30 was to see my boyfriend Drake. (Turns out his new album "Take Care" is brilliant, btw, says Sarah Godfrey). But then -- Dave Grohl and Joan Jett, that's pretty great too.

So how long as Kim Kardashian been hooking up with Jack Wagner?

Silly. He is not her type.

Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush, Luke Russert, Ron Reagan Jr -- how did Amy Carter and Neil Bush avoid getting jobs with that clown school of a "news" network?

I'm waiting for Sasha Obama to get her own talk show.

Yes, because Ford's Musuem is administered by tragically ironic hipsters. They sell it to make money. And once that ball falls and 2012 is here, I'm annoucing "ironically" overused and passe, out with the old year.

The word or the concept?

... that Paul Rudd was in DC last week? Did you hear anything about him around? Either it was him, or there is a quite adorable local on the hill.

Oh, you should have gone up to him and asked! If  it WAS him, he be flattered (and you could have written us ASAP and told us why he was here....hint, hint, people.)  If not, then being mistaken for Paul Rudd is a pretty good way to brighten your day. (And a pretty good pickup line, if your'e single.)

It's actually kind of refreshing to hear a man refer to his "expiration date". You usually hear men refer to women's expiration dates.

Yeah, that's why we highlighted that quote.

Is she really faking being pregnant? The video is actually pretty convincing that it doesn't look like a real pregnancy.

She bared her naked belly on a beach two months ago -- not convincing enough for you?

Considering how much my brothers were (and still are) Star Wars nerds, if Christopher Dodd had made nailing Carrie Fisher a main platform of 2008 presidential candidate, well he might not have won, but he certainly would have a lot of Star Wars nerd votes.

There's a light saber joke begging to be made, but this is a family newspaper.

Amy and Rox, Have either of you ever eaten a Godfather's pizza ? I have many years ago and I can say hands down the worst pizza I ever had.

I can't remember if I have... Maybe? Our Food colleague Tim Carman had fond childhood memories of Godfather's, but he made the trek to D.C.'s closest outlet and said the pizza's gone way downhill.

Isn't it about his time for the Mark Twain award?

Probably. That would be a buzzy, ticket-selling choice.

And yet family men like Mark Harmon and Hugh Jackman have ALSO been chosen Sexiest Man Alive too -- and to me that's a whole lot more sexy!!!

Maybe, but happy marriages are bad for long-term  tabloid attention. Serial dater Cooper is better.

Okay, I can live with that choice for Sexiest Man Alive (in Hollywood). He has a great smile and abs. Although I don't know if that People cover is the sexiest choice of a photo.

He does have a nice smile. As do...oh, about 1,000 actors in Hollywood. But I did love him in the "Hangover."

Is being played by Benjamin Walker, Mamie Gummer's fiancee, so Meryl Streep will be his MIL. Premiere in DC?

Ben Walker and Mamie Gummer are married now, actually. You'll have to wait until next summer for the movie of "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."

For simple entertainment/gossip purposes, you guys are totally cheering for Herman Cain, right? Or does Rick Perry have better long-term potential?

I'm always torn with who's good for my country and who's good for my job. From a purely professional standpoint, Cain and Perry are gifts that keep on giving. And let's not forget Newt. I love those guys.

Wasn't the whole celeb angle started because Mila Kunis was asked out on youtube? Did she flake?

It started with the Marine sergeant who asked Mila Kunis to his ball via YouTube. That set off a whole spate of copycat invitations. But there's not one Marine Corps Ball, there are dozens of them across the country every November -- and the one that Kunis agreed to go to in North Carolina is on Friday. And yes, her rep says she's going.

I'm kicking around what I want to do next with my life. Could either of you please call the NBC News president and let him know I'm open to being a special correspondent? Thanks!

Sorry---the hiring application states: "Are you the famous child of a famous person with no prior experience in broadcasting? Are you asking a huge amount to do feel-good stories that your producer and team will actually report?" If you can't say yes to both questions, then you're out of luck.

So how much d you guys miss the NBA?

Not much on the court---but I do miss their antics off. Maybe they'll all get bored and start acting out in strange and gossip-worthy ways.

As regular people, we don't have access to advance copies of the TV show. So could you do us loyal readers a favor and avoid the spoilers? I realize you added a "spoiler alert" clause about two words before thge actual spoiler, which makes it actually impossible to actually stop reading. Perhaps higher up you should mention there would be a spoiler, so I have more time to think about stopping. And then revisit after having watched the future episode. Thank you for your prompt attention.

We're pretty careful about not spoiling things that would really spoil the show. If you've been watching "Homeland," then you've had ample foreshadowing for the past couple of episodes that the powers-that-be are eying Sgt. Brody as a possible political candidate. This isn't a "twist" but the kind of thing that a critic would feature in a review of an upcoming episode or that the promoters themselves would give away in a preview.

Meanwhile, great show right? 'Homeland': Does it get Washington right?

I'm trying to keep up -- is he still pretend-dating Renee Zellweger as her rebound from her pretend marriage to Kenny Chesney?

They dated--real or pretend---for almost two years. (I think.) Then he dumped her just before they moved in together. Poor Renee. She's the runner-up sack-sad girlfriend to Jennifer Aniston. 

If I changed my last name to Bush or Clinton, could that help my application process to get a job with NBC News?

Help? It's a requirement!

What was the rumor about her dad and OJ ? Did he help hide some evidence ? The knife ?

He was O.J.'s longtime friend and defense attorney. There was some speculation that the bag of O.J.'s he was seen carrying at O.J. returned from Chicago (pre-arrest) may have had some evidence. Nothing ever proven. Kardashian's most memorable role in the saga is that he's the guy O.J. called while on that white Bronco car chase, and he read a letter on TV from O.J. that sounded sort of suicidal. Geez, that was a hell of a saga, wasn't it?

Amy - Your umm, boyfriend Drake. You better watch out, he probably is the next in line for Kim K. I will be peeping that album though!

Good grief, you people talk about Kim Kardashian as if she were Kate Hudson or something. Again, Drake is not a professional athlete and therefore really not her type. Plus, he's still really sad things didn't work out with Rihanna. Oh, Drake. He's so cute when he's sad.

The winner in this is Kim K. Lots of NBA players with time on their hands.

Ha! I like the way you think.

The Post had such a lovely obituary of her this week, but it always reminds me of one of the most curious cases in my adopted city's past: Who killed her sister? How has the Post never gotten to the bottom of this?

Don't we just assume that the CIA killed Mary Pinchot Meyer? (Now there's a storyline for "Homeland"!)... But yes, Tony Bradlee had a very interesting life.

Tony Bradlee obituary, 11/14/11

Just a clarification both books are sold at the Theater Bookstore not the Park Service Museum Bookstore in the basement. Accuracy is the criteria for the park service and entertainement for the theater. So, yea I go with irony in the store with the Lincoln bobble heads.

Bobbleheads. Sigh.

What I wouldn't give to go back to a time when his fate was the biggest struggle facing the nation.

Halcyon days.

And... the car "chase" interrupted a NBA playoff game.

Exciting times.

We always forget Mika Brzezinski. She should get a mention as well as qualified-by-being-born-to-someone-famous. Though she gets special mention of the one time a black man talke to her an she claimed she was mugged.

Mika a little different: She may have gotten her first broadcasting job in 1990 (she was an assistant, not a correspondent) with dad's help, but she worked her way up the ranks over the past 22 years.

Speaking of OJ and those fun times of the 90s, what ever happened to Al Cowlings? I would think Walter Scott's Personality Parade would have told us at some point.

The driver of the white Bronco. You're right, good question -- wonder how things worked out for him.

Darn straight its a great show. Although my boyfriend is getting a tad too enamored with Claire Danes...

Claire Danes is marvelous in it. I'll be honest, I didn't realize what a good actress she was. She actually disappears into the role -- seems genuinely like a tightly-wound high-clearance bureaucrat with no personal life; I'm sort of surprised your boyfriend find her attractive, that's how good her acting is.

I have been waiting patiently for a folow-up album from Train. Any word?

I regret to inform you that you can probably expect Train to make an album every two to three years for the rest of your natural life.

Kato Kalin

Ah, how soon they forget. It's actually spelled Kaelin. Wonder whose guest house he's staying in these days.

After all the build up and the filming last year around town, that movie sure seems to have come out with a big thud. A total bomb, or are people in flyover country getting into it?

Not a total bomb, but early numbers are not encouraging. I'm already seeing all the commercials for Christmas movies I'd rather see, so I'm guessing this one is not going to get much love in weeks to come.

That's Claire Danes? Wow. I had not seen her do anything since breaking up Billy Crudup and Mary Louise Parker.

Oh, she's been around. Quietly winning Emmys and stuff for that Temple Grandin movie, which I'd now like to see.

Re Ricky Gervais's honesty: Saw him on the Graham Norton Show with Johnny Depp the other night. They faux sniped at one another until Gervais said, "Quit picking on me. The audience will ALWAYS take your side."

He's wrong. I'd take Ricky's side.

From an Eddie Murphy comeback to Billy Crystal's bad facelift? Not a good sign. This signaling that Eddie was a little nervous about the white hot lights with all the buzz of this comeback? Should we blame that Rolling Stone interview for ruining the Oscars?

I don't know what the Rolling Stone interview was, but it all goes back to Brett Ratner's inept comments before a screening audience. Ratner's apology was a hoot.

There's this photo of her in Entertainment Weekly he can't stop going on about. And, yes, he reads Entertainment Weekly.

Hey, as long as he's supporting print media...

I assumed the reason for the divorce was that she expected her husband to be on the road all season -- better plotlines, as she misses him, talks about him, and then cheats on him. Better TV. But having him home in Minnesota -- it doesn't do much for E! ratings. Unless they have 19 kids.

Oh, that's so passe. You really have to have 20 now to even get into the game.

She was dating Drake? I thought she was still getting over the Chris Brown beat down with a baseball player for the Dodgers? And worth noting, if Chris Brown had threatened to to beat her up on a voice mail, I would assune his career would be over. But actually doing it - it's fine in Hollywood, right?

I honestly missed where they were actually dating, but then he went on to give some interviews about how she broke his heart -- which, honestly, is a much smarter way to promote your new product than threatening to retire, don't you think?

Party bus?

I think you just never leave the house.

You're in luck if your last name is Russert.

Well, not lucky in that Luke lost his dad at such an early age. But yeah---not many kids his age land such a sweet gig.

On that not so cheery note, let's get into the Thanksgiving  mood and think about all the people and things were thankful for. We'll both be here next week for the chat, so if you not already on the road to grandma's, join us. In the meanwhile, send your tips and sightings to Next time.


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