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Nov 09, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Oct. 26, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone.... a couple things on our plate lately:

President Obama finally hits the D.C. social scene -- but only to fundraise 

Hill staffers fired over blowout party

What's up with this Justin Bieber story?

Bob Barker fights for circus animals. . . 

Are Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis really showing up to the Marine Corps Balls?

Does Chris Matthews want to run for office?

Also: Look! Ben and Jerry at Occupy DC. . . Another Duggar on the way. . .  Pageant world confusion! . . .  And sorry, Princess Charlene, but the Kardashians have destroyed our faith in love.

do you know if Conrad Murray makes house calls?

Are you having sleep troubles? Perhaps after he gets out of jail he can take over the Kevorkian practice.

Beyonce has a $5200 tub for her baby? What does one do with a tub worth that much when one is done with it?

Reportedly, as they say. Is the bridal-industrial complex excess spilling over into baby showers now?

It has to say something (unsure exactly what) about Jimmy Kimmel's show that when Herman Cain wanted to joke around about sexual harassment charges from 1990s, that's where he went.

Great piece in the New Yorker this week about Jon Huntsman's daughters and their online efforts on their father's behalf. Loved the fact that one of them, 16 years old at the time, was dating the son of the guy who was running against Huntsman for the Utah governorship. Have they been around DC much? I would think these ladies would provide you with a lot of copy in the unlikely event their father gets to the White House. (They evidently had to remove some quite campaign-inappropriate social media postings prior to dad's announcement.)

They are new to D.C. ---although not spending much time here. The Huntsmans bought a big house in Kalorama to serve as their base, but they're all basically living out of suitcases until the New Hampshire primary.  If he does well there, they'll continue on teh road; if not, they'll move on to the next chapter. More here from our item on the daughters:

I'm not happy that American Idol is apparently turning into a pipeline for the country music industry, which is not a dumping ground for those who can't make it anywhere else. Thank you.

Besides Scotty McCreery...? Who, by the way, I think will have a pretty big career eventually, and probably the most commercial choice they've made lately. Before him, the show was turning into a pipeline for mid-90s style Goatee Rock, none of it very successful. 

No matter how many raging parties these Hill staffer put on, they still won't be a cool as Ben Dunham, the Hill staffer who all-to-briefly won the heart of actress January Jones (and my own pick for the mystery father of her son).

Aw, don't make us get all legalistic here. Now you're forcing me to say:  We have no reason to believe that January Jones's Hill staffer fling is the father of her child. (But yes, we can dream, can't we?)

Meanwhile, the story about the Palazzo staffers is really one of my favorite of the week. I gave you a link above to our own writeup of the party fallout, but please do click on through to the incredible Roll Call story, which had more wonderful details than we could confirm or fit.

A brilliant but troubled pop star dies from an unitentional drug overdose leaving behind three young children and the doctor who administered the drugs is going to jail but perhaps when he gets out he can take over the practice of a doctor who assited terminally ill people to end their lives on their own terms -- oh this is funny stuff today.

I apologize.

You definitely would not appreciate life in a newsroom.

I have to say "extortion" was the first thought that crossed my mind when I read this story . . . maybe she is hoping the paternity test results are inconclusive?

Paternity tests aren't inconclusive. DNA matching will prove that he's either the father or he's not. Two possible scenarios: The allegation was false and  intended to get some money out of Bieber, or it's true and he'll have to pay some serious child support. From what I've read so far, I think the first is more likely ---and the whole thing seems pretty unfair to the Biebs. We'll know soon enough

Sure anybody with Wikipedia knows this, but Prince Albert II's great-grandfather, Prince Louis III, had no legit issue so he adopted his daughter by French married singer while he was stationed in the Foreign Legion in Allegria. That daughter, Charlotte, renounced her succession claims in favor of her son, Prince Rainer III. Just mentioning it because Prince Albert II does have an out-of-wedlock son if ever needs an heir.

Wikipedia tells me that you mean Prince Louis II. But very interesting. And how strange that one would need to adopt one's own child, but royalty is complicated that way.

Remember that he first hit the big time with "The Man Show".

I always thought Adam Carolla was funnier.

So, what will the new OWS-themed ice cream flavor be: Pistachio Nut Credit Crunch?

Ooohhh! Today's pop quiz. I'll start:

Wall Steet Cracked Walnut

Economy Blues-Berry.

Tent Toffee Tofutti Swirl


There was an article in today's Post about how the OWS have sudddenly become violent. It is interesting to see that the article failed to mention Patrick Howley, an assistant editor at the American Spectator, who actually admitted in an article that he and a few of his friends infiltrated the OWS and deliberately became violent at the Smithsonian in order to discredit the movement. Peaceful movements suddenly do not become violent. Outsiders try to stir things up. Remember Countintelpro during the Civil Rights Movement? This is similar except it is Tea Partiers who are stirring the pot this time. BTW,,,speaking of Tea Partiers...other cities are demanding that the OWS remove tents because they pose a "security threat." Do you remember Tea Partiers bringing loaded weapons to Democrats' town hall events? Did that pose a security threat?

Sorry, no link -- can't find the story.... From what I recall of the Howley story, it wasn't quite like that: I think he was solo in joining the protest at the Smithsonian. . . and while some accounts said he instigated things, my reading of it was that he mostly bragged about pushing harder than anyone else to get inside the building. Whatever. One of those journalists writing about themselves things. . .

Oh, lighten up. If you can't handle gallows humor, stick to the touchy feely chats.

Oh, it's a big tent.... If we didn't have people writing in to say they were offended by what we just said -- well, then, we wouldn't have anything to talk about, would we?

What have the Bus twins and their mother doen to warrant women of the year recognition? Nothing against them, but they have been flying under the radar screen, so curious why they are being honored.

I wonder the same thing about most VIPs being "honored" at most of the galas I go to. It seems like the prerequisite for being "honored" is being famous. This is just the format for galas these days: Everyone wants to see famous people, but you can't simply call them guest stars it seems.

Bush women at Glamour Women of the Year

If you haven't had the police come to your party, it wasn't entertaining enough.

Honestly, I wish more of the parties we covered had police reports come out of them.

Really? Didn't she have major complications with #19? Can we get up a petition to stop the madness? As far as I can tell making babies is their only talent.

Yes, baby 19 was born premature with serious complications. No, it's their decision -- although I'm never comfortable with life played out on a network series. I wonder if they would have stopped having babies if they weren't on TV, and how much the income from the show influences their decisions.

Oh---and to be fair---and making babies isn't their ONLY talent. I have to say the kids seem pretty well-adjusted and the home is well-organized. But, wow, is that woman fertile.

I wonder if this whole thing with Justin Bieber is a publicity stunt designed to make him seem older and more adult while getting rid of that whole too-sweet-pre-teenybopper image. Justin Timberlake kind of had a whole "Street" phase but boy band and the whole "deflowring" Britney Spears stuff.

The whole thing is strange, isn't it? You figure, well, he wouldn't be publicly taking a paternity test if there was a chance he'd had anything to do with her; but why would she be going so public if she knew she was going to have her claims dismissed?

Behind the Bieber paternity saga

Pretty sad that she got voted off the island just days after the latest Michael Jackson news -- where she would have been able to flood the airwaves with her overblown anger about something. Missed opportunities.

Don't worry about Nancy---a new outrage is just around the corner. And there's still the matter of Conrad Murray's sentencing.

I realize that your column isn't the place to go for hard reporting, but surely you do know that one of the world's largest international corporations, Unilever, actually owns Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. The two aging hippies in the photo in your column sold out for the big bucks years ago, thus rendering their providing ice cream to the protestors deeply ironic.

Very, very, very rich aging hippies.

Ummm, Carrie Underwood???? And then there's Kellie Pickler, Josh Gracin and Bucky Covington, and I know this even though I don't follow country. Who won who's a mid-90s goatee rocker? The only person I can think of like that is Daughtry and he didn't win but is very successful.

Yeah, and Carrie Underwood has been hugely successful -- no dumping ground scenario there. Whereas four of the five winners before McCreery: Lee DeWyse, Kris Allen, David Cook, Taylor Hicks. . .  "goatee" here is more a state of mind than a physical requirement.

Wait, why is Justin Bieber suing Herman Cain? I'm getting confused.

Herman Cain is not Justin Bieber's father -- let's just stop that rumor in its tracks.

Were there any police at the State Dinner the Salahis used to make themselves stars?

Now that was a good party.

It took me and my wife three years to get finally pregnant. Meanwhile, Mrs. Duggars is laying eggs like a chicken.

I'm thrilled for you. You probably didn't want 20 kids, anyway.

When I saw Ed Asner introducing a segment about Will Ferrell, I was thinking, shouldn't this be the other way around? Shouldn't they adopt a rule like the baseball hall of fame, where you can't vote on someone until they've been retired for five years so you can truly assess their career? It seems like with most Twain Prize winners, they're jumping the gun. Unless their goal is to sell tickets, increase TV ratings and generate buzz, but that just seems cynical.....

I hate to break this to you, but. . . their goal is to sell tickets, increase TV ratings and generate buzz. Is that so wrong? It's not the Congressional Medal of Honor. It's just a fundraiser for the Kennedy Center, invented about a dozen years ago, you know. Paul Farhi got into some of this with his profile of Will Ferrell. Now, if you want to say that Will Ferrell isn't deserving because he's not funny -- well, then we've got a debate.

He should go to the same jail as Lindsay Lohan. You get sentenced for a few years and then get out a few hours later. How do you get hooked up with one of those jails? I mean, in case I commit any crimes or something.

The trick is to commit minor crimes in L.A. But Murray was convicted of a felony, so the quick in-and-out is less likely for him. (He might get prison time, but there is the possibility of house arrest, according to some experts.) 

I'm fascinated by the whole celebrity advocate thing. Curious, for an actress like Jorja Fox, is it better to latch on with a pro like Barker, or do your own things. With Barker, you are totally in the shadows (or even the fuzzy background in the WaPost), but there is a big audience. But if you are on your own, you get more of the spotlight, but for fewer people. What is a better career move?

Good question. And yes, poor Jorja Fox was a blur, wasn't she?. . . I think the best move is for a star to commit themselves to a cause they really believe in and really have some connection to. There are too many celebvocates who you feel like have just been randomly matched with a group that needed some star power.

Anything jumped the shark lately?

That phrase.

How many of those kids are adopted? There is no way she physically had 19 children in this day and age.

It is my understanding that the entire clan are their biological children. They started having children when they were just married---and didn't stop. 

...who died or was accused of fathering a child, or whatever. How many people supported Michael Jackson during his trial on child abuse charges without fully knowing what happened? "He just couldn't have been guilty, I love him as a performer so much" is as ridiculous as "I never cared for hm, he must be guilty." How many wanted Murray jailed because it was Michael Jackson who died, not just some anonymous person? How many rallied in front of Joe Paterno's house last night, supporting his actions, because he's a successful football coach? But be sure we'll support you no matter what you're accused of.

Good points. And yes, I'm a little weirded out by the kneejerk show of support for Paterno. Maybe wait a little while to learn a bit first?

If you were writing the Kardashian script like the E! people have been doing, what would be the next development in the script? I can guarantee you guys are better and more original writers than those E! people.

Oh, those folks at E! are pretty good. Well, clearly, there has to be a baby.

And maybe some drama over whose baby it is, or whether they'll reconcile for the sake of the baby?

And a baby shower where Beyonce gives her the $52K crystal tub as a hand-me-down.

How much of `My So-Called Episode of 24" do they actually film in DC? Any sightings?

I've been watching "Homeland" pretty obsessively, and it looks like they spent roughly two days filming here. Been meaning to look up where they filmed most of it. It doesn't look like California, happily. Oh, just looked it up -- Charlotte, N.C. Okay. It doesn't look like D.C., but so much of it is set in generic suburbia, and it doesn't not look like some of our suburbs. But yeah, Truxton Circle, represent!

Maybe the girl truly believes she hooked up with Justin Beiber and that's why she won't back down. He has a lot of look-alikes out there.

That haircut is everywhere these days.

What do English Kings Edward VII, George III, Charles I, Edward VI, Henry VIII, Richard III have in common? Among other things, they all had older sisters.

Who would have ascended to the throne -- completely changing history -- if the policy Parliament just passed were in effect then.

Has anyone even considered that the babydaddy in the Bieber paternity suit is just some random dude with a bad haircut who cruises Bieber concerts claiming to be the Biebs so he can "bless" gullible young ladies with his pretend-awesomeness. a) I wouldn't put it past someone to claim to be Justin Bieber for illicit purposes (see, Fake Vince Young); and b) I wouldn't discount the "stars in her eyes" element of "b-b-b-b-but he told me he was Justin Bieber". Just sayin.

That's an interesting theory and one I haven't read before. But she's claiming Bieber's people took her from the audience and introduced her backstage---which would be difficult for an imposter to pull off.

I'm just amazed she can stomach the thought of getting pregnant so quickly again and again...doesn't she want a break? You know, drink a cup of coffee, maybe have a beer someday? Or just not be pregnant. Maybe that's just me...

She's like an Olympian, really. This is her sport.

Not to be unkind, but Bob Barker's unlikely to be around for decades pursuing his animal rights and spay/neuter celebvocacy. He needs one or more younger celebs to take up the mantle and keep the cause going after he's no longer able.

There are plenty of young starts on this cause, but Bob gets props for doing this decades. No reason for him to stop until he chooses to do so.

Any info about his new book. Hearing about it dredged up some memories about him picking up miniskirted girls on PCH --- my HS was nearby. Nothing unsavory, he would take them where they were going giving them the concerned father lecture the whole way. He's such a dad. ;-> No , I wasn't one of them, my dad gave memorable lecures of his own.

I heart James Garner. You know what he's great in? (Well, I mean, besides everything, including that weird movie about Doris Day getting stranded on a desert island.) He was great in "Grand Prix." Did his own driving.

James Garner on actors in politics

Actually, the Duggars married when Michelle was only 17, and she used birth control pills for a few years. In spite of that, she got pregnant while on the pill, but lost the baby. She was around 21 when they decided never to use contraceptives again. (My hunch is they make it a point to do it when she's ovulating, the diametric opposite of the rhythm method!).

That would explain a lot.

You know who I would watch a documentary on? A full movie theater documentary, not one of those E! Hollywood True Stories pieces of garbage, but a real Werner Herzog/Davis Guggenheim/Errol Morris documentary on? Justin Guarini.

I hope you're not being ironic, because I completely agree.

I agree with the previous poster. I think it's all a big publicity stunt that will culminate in Bieber covering "Billie Jean".

Why do I find that image funny?

I'm sorry to reopen this topic, but after last week's chat, I looked at Kim Kardashian's Wikipedia page. Her marriage to Kris Humphries is her second marriage. The first was at age 20 and apparently lasted 4 years.

At that rate, her next marriage will last about 2 days.

Any DVDs to recommend?

You know, I just saw "Catfish," and while it's not perfect, I'd like you to see it so we could discuss it. Oh, and of course, "Grand Prix." Not a whole heck of a lot else that comes to mind though.

With next June marking 200 years since the start of the War of 1812, I was wondering if the Washington Post planned to live-Tweet that war like it were breaking news, like it has done with the Civil War?

I'll make that suggestion. Apparently the Washington Post Civil War Twitter feed is beating the pants off the competition... Meanwhile, for you War of 1812 completists, our colleague Steve Vogel will soon publish a book on it.


. Oh, btw, our colleague Steve Vogel is wo

Anchorman, Elf, that stupid cheerleader sketch on SNL -- he is not funny. The same oafish lout in everything he does. Marking him down as one of the top comedy influences is, well, a joke. A assume we are not supposed to take the Mark Twain prize serious anyway. I hope they sell a lot of tickets as they pander to box office numbers as opposed to humor.

Thanks for your vote. See, I think he's funny. But I respect that some people loathe him.

Organizations like to honor someone with the idea that they'll write a big check to the organization as thanks for honoring them. Plus it puts rear ends in the seats.


Well, you only need to look as far as the pages of the Post to find INEXPLICABLE support for Paterno. Sally Jenkins' editorial was absolutely appalling. Sorry, I know you can't comment on your colleagues, but I had to get that off my chest. Recommence gossip . . .

It's a provocative essay. Read and decide for yourself: Sally Jenkins on Joe Paterno.

So I just read that Bill Keane, the creator of The Family Circus, just died at 89. You have any particularly good Family Circus memories?

Aw, sorry to hear... Family Circus, the cartoon you loved to hate and hated to love. . . Bil Keane dies at 89

Adam Lambert ! enough said! he's amazing

Yes. And he came in second.

Didn't much care for it. Plotless, not much happening. Like Eyes Wide Shut, just replace the gratuitous nudity with gratuitous racing. Or am I thinking about LeMans? That had a lot of nudity in it, too.

Grand Prix didn't have nudity that I recall. I've got Le Mans on my DVR -- was looking forward to it.

"I hate to break this to you, but. . . their goal is to sell tickets, increase TV ratings and generate buzz. Is that so wrong?" But just think what Mark Twain would say in response to knowing that his name was being used to "generate buzz." It's just too bad he's dead, because he's have a great zinger.

Oh, Mark Twain was pretty damn good at generating buzz and selling tickets himself.

Laura Bush is quietly active for women's rights in Afghanistan.

She is indeed. Also outspoken on Burma.

Would it really kill the producers of these shows to have SOMEONE in the city they are supposed to be portraying to consult with on geography/local terminology? All it would take is a phone call and they'd be able to make the shows seem much more realistic. I could swear that show also had someone eating lunch by the airport (meaning Dulles) in Woodbridge? What??? Then, I was watching Castle the other night and they kept referring to Atlantic City as "Atlantic City." What man in NYC doesn't refer to Atlantic City as "AC" - at least part of the time?? Thanks for the vent :).

You are welcome.

This may be out of your area of expertise, but I'm curious. After a judge ruled that Raj Rajaratnam must personally pay a $92.8 million penalty, who gets the money if that amount isn't overturned during the appeals process? The SEC, the IRS?

The government.

Now who's gonna come on and get my love?

Thanks for mentioning him. Nice compendium of Heavy D tributes at Click Track. (Which publication called him a "girthy slickster" -- as a compliment?)

Dave Kilgore has published his projected salaries for some of the Nationals. He estimates Ryan Zimmerman for $12,000,000, Michael Morse for $3 million plus, & Tyler Clippard for $2 million plus. As they are all young (Zimm 27, Morse 29, Clip 26) and attractive, wouldn't this put them on the top of the Most Eligible Bachelors of DC list? (Unless any of them married over the off-season, that is!)


Is this a sign that we're all just a little too sensitive now? Are we just looking for reasons to be outraged? Or is it right for Ratner to have gotten what he's getting.

I suspect that if Ratner were better liked in the community, he could have survived it. But he's got a tendency to say some pretty outrageous stuff. (Lisa didn't list them, but then, you know, family newspaper, etc.)

Brett Ratner steps down from Oscars

Will Ferrell is indeed funny. I liked him in that racecar driver movie and more recently The Other Guys.

Thanks for your vote as well.

Wow - you two were able to get through this chat without mentioning the coalition of Hermain Cain accusers (or victims) that probably will be gathering together in the next few days. Not even a peep about Gloria Allred...........

We're just going where you all lead us, and somehow none of you brought it up. Maybe there's a rival, Cain-specific chat going on?

Sheesh! By the time the grad student assistant came to JoePa the next day, fer cryin' out loud, there was probably no physical evidence and the unknown boy was long gone. If Paterno had gone to the police, it would've been with hearsay evidence, and even the grad student would've only had his word against Sandusky's. The grad student is the one who did the most wrong, he should've dialed 911 immediately as soon as he witnessed the incident.

I don't want to get deeply into this horrible matter here... Yes, pretty much everyone behaved badly. I hear what you're saying, but an accusation like that should have been pursued further.

So we have the Apple store employees listening through the walls to a horrible murder at that yoga clothing store, and now reports that the entire Penn State athletic department knew 11 year old boys were being sexually assualted and nobody did anything to stop it? Have we always been this bad as a country, or is this a product of a society where iPod buds block us out, as we go home and read our copies of Bowling Alone?

It's been a very depressing week for news like that. Our colleague Jenna Johnson had an informative but depressing story about the "bystander effect," which she experienced all too sharply when she was mugged on a crowded street and no one helped.

I can not for the live of me understand how someone could observe that abuse on a child and not try to stop it at that very minute! People say you never know how you'll react, but I promise you if I see a grown adult abusing a child, I am running towards them immediately screaming STOP STOP! and hitting him with a broom, whatever I can grab. I kid you not. And I am happy to judge anyone who saw that and did not try to stop it (and just 'mentioning' it and hoping it goes away is NOT trying to stop it).

Thanks. That's the last word we'll put out.

Just to clarify, Amy: not finding Will Ferrell funny isn't the same as hating him. I'm sure he's a lovely man; I just don't get the humor. It's like Steve Martin's banjo music; I don't get it, I don't want to get it, I don't understand how people enjoy it, and I sure don't want people lecturing me that my sense-of-music is somehow lacking because I don't get it. And likewise, when I see Mr. Martin being feted as a banjo-extraordinaire, when I'm sure there are handfuls, maybe even dozens, of more deserving banjoists being ignored, well, that really doesn't bother me, 'cause like I said, I don't like banjo music. But, if I did, I'm sure I'd feel something approximating outrage that Charlie Bluegrass is being ignored, while Steve Martin is receiving the Elmer Snowden Banjoist Award.

Sorry, didn't mean to put you on the defensive -- I thought the earlier chatter was someone I know who actually does loathe Will Ferrell.

I believe it's part of their fundamentalist religion

Well, there are a lot of fundamentalist families out there -- not many with children in the mid two digits.

Yeah, well he wanted to play saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show, but unfortunately, Arsenio's MIA, and well, Herm can't play sax. Please, let's dispense with the cultural hand-wringing over choice of forum; dignified left the building decades ago.

And you know who else left the building? Roxanne Roberts. Leaving me to say so long, farewell to all of you. Look forward to talking with you again next week. In the meantime, stay in touch at

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