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Nov 06, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, November 6, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source weekly online discussion. I may be emeritus when it comes to the actual heavy-lifting of the column, but I'm clinging to this weekly conversation like a security blanket. Some topics on our (their!) radar this week:

Maria Shriver has a new boyfriend — Republican strategist and ABC contributor Matthew Dowd. Barbra Streisand and James Brolin tried to have a low-key weekend in Washington. Kim and Kanye sue the YouTube founder for posting footage of Kanye’s proposal before they had a chance. Rep. Joaquin Castro gets married. Political blogger Andrew Sullivan is “horribly homesick” after a year in New York, and is moving back to D.C. David Axelrod’s post-D.C. life includes writing a book and raising money for epilepsy research. If things had gone a little differently for D.C. native Goldie Hawn, she might be running a dance school in Takoma Park. Dan Rather won’t be part of CBS’s JFK assassination remembrance coverage. Nancy Pelosi read the Top 10 List on “Letterman” last night. LeVar Burton has some things to say to Quentin Tarrantino. Gayle King was in town for Cory Booker’s swearing in. Why did Eric Holder stop by the “Homeland” set in Morocco? And look at that — another ‘N SYNC reunion.


Looking forward to your questions. . .

Last off season 7 Nationals got married. The year before Michael Morse tied the knot. I haven't heard of any weddings this winter. Have you?

Good question. I'm guessing that the Nats pretty much cleared out the wedding pipeline last year; no one else left in the lineup.

Forget those pesky elections. That is the BEST political story of the week.

Setting aside the fact that crack-smoking mayoral hijinks are old hat by Washington, D.C. standards, the Rob Ford confession and excuse for it is marvelous. It's going to be a catchphrase for years to come, isn't it?

There are many single Nats--Bryce Harper (ok, he's young), Tanner Roark, Tyler Moore, Tyler Clippard, Drew Storen, Taylor Jordan, Steve Lombardozzi, and I'm sure there are others.

Sure. But in terms of guys who were partnered up and ready to get married this year. . . Last year there were seven Nats getting married, this year it's clearly quieter.

The recent article on Rob Lowe got me to thinking about Matt Dillon. I always liked him - nice to look at, and with none of the stupid drama, like what Cruise seems to attract.

Well, I like to think it's because Matt is a grown-up and has somehow balanced his fame and fortune with the desire to have a happy marriage, happy kids, etc. So he doesn't indulge in much of the self-destructive and bratty behavior that lends itself to tabloid fodder.

For those who didn't know who they were in last week's discussion, Minka Kelly starred in the last incarnation of Charlie's Angels and in Friday Night Lights. She also dated Derek Jeter for a while. She also starred in the first two episodes of Full Circle, which ends tonight. Chris Evans was engaged to Katie Holmes before Tom Cruise. He is Captain America in his own movie (called, I believe, the Winter Soldier) and also in the Avengers movies. Hope that helps.

Sigh. You just robbed them of all their mystery. But I guess we do believe in transparency and clarity around here, so thanks for the Cliff's Notes.

I know a lot of people who no longer watch live network TV. The big money is usually spent on TV advertising. How are politicians going to get their message out to the Netflix generation?

Good question. I'm sure a new advertising model will emerge.

As an Anglophile, I have a new love--Tom Hiddleston. I saw him in The Hollow Crown as Prince Hal, who became Henry V, and he was amazing. He's done some Thor promos and is very funny, too.

One way to feel old? I haven't a clue who this is, although I'm sure he's cute as a button. Or do you think there's just so much out there that it is impossible to keep track of all these shows/movies and actors?

He's Loki in the two Thor movies and also in the first Avengers movie. His face is in all the posters and he's in all the trailers. He was also in War Horse (with Bandersnatch) and lots of other movies. He's better looking as Hal than as Loki, however. And I would NOT call him "cute as a button!" Really!!!!!

And yet -- you're obsessed. And I did see War Horse, although I still can't picture him.

So, they are essentially nobodies mainly famous for dating somebodies.

Actually, I need to correct the previous chatter. Chris Evans was not engaged to Katie Holmes. That was Chris Klein. (Chris Evans, though, also dated Jessica Biel, now known as Mrs. Justin Timberlake.) . . . Hard to say he's a "nobody" -- he was a star of "The Avengers," the third highest-grossing movie of all time, and in "Captain America," the 12th highest grossing movie of 2011. But increasingly, the stars of the biggest movies are a little generic that way, huh?

Why can't Maria Shriver find a nice Democratic guy to date?

Does it matter? I think it's kind of great when a couple crosses party lines.

Respectfully Roxanne, I think you were referring to Matt Damon who has family and kids and is well adjusted, not Matt Dillon who remains a bachelor (and needs to be in more, love him!)...

You're completely right. I read too fast or need more coffee. Matt Dillon has pretty much fallen off the radar, hasn't he?

For some reason somebody keeps repeating the Chris Evans/Katie Holmes rumor in this chat. False. Katie Holmes dated/was engaged to Chris Klein before Tom Cruise. Wrong Chris.

Yes, corrected above. Sorry, didn't read carefully before posting the original question. But what does it say that so many people can't tell the difference between Chris Klein and Chris Evans? We are clearly dealing with a crisis of generic actors.

Chris Evans was in Captain America; Chris Klein dated Katie Holmes. I'm sad that I know the difference because I don't find either of them interesting.

It's important, though, that some of us keep track of this. This is how our culture survives.

Please, please, please let him find a girl named Mary.

But then she'll just be Mary Moore.

Not if you are Robert Downey Jr! That's the only person I distinctly remember in the Avengers.

I'm pretty sure a Hemsworth was in that movie too.

I know this is really mean, but the story is all too much to not make this comment. So this, um, rather overweight fellow now feels 'about a thousand pounds lighter' after his confession. Tee hee.

Oh, I think when you blame your indiscretion on a drunken stupor, you're deserving of all the teasing you get.

James Spade is so awesome in it. You can tell he's just having a good old time with it.

James Spader was born having a good time, especially in "Boston Legal." He's one of those actors who seems to pick roles based on his amusement level.

You know, just because Maria Shriver comes from the Kennedy clan, it's actually possible that she herself is not a Democrat, which would explain why she seems to date and marry Republicans. In fact, I don't believe that she has ever been involved in politics except for her former role as First Lady of California.

She's been active in women's issues, so I'd say she appears to be a social liberal -- and you can find that in both Democrats and Republicans. Both Arnold and Matthew seems to be moderate GOP.

But when they're introduced together they'd be Mary and Tyler Moore.

Especially by someone in a drunken stupor.

Thank you for the Minka Kelly explanation. Reading her resume, I now understand why I don't know who she is, and am very much okay with not having taken up any precious brain space with her. (Sorry, Minka. I'm sure you're a lovely person.)

She is actually very pretty. Also, she's the daughter of an Aerosmith guitarist and an exotic dancer, so really, she wins on bio points. Plus, she plays Jackie Kennedy in "The Butler." Chris Evans, meanwhile, is the nephew of Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Mass.), so that's something too.

I thought I read in the grocery store line that they had split up. I must have mis-read because I am sure those magazines are always 100% truthful.

There were tabloid rumors, which aren't true until they are. So it's easy to get confused.

me too. keeps our dinner table conversations lively, at least!

Your "dinner table conversations," of course, wink wink nudge nudge.

Scarlett Johansson was in it, and Mark Ruffalo, and Samuel L. Jackson, and Cobie Smulders (from How I Met Your Mother), and Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hiddleston, and Jeremy Renner. I don't find any of them generic.

Maybe it was the movie's fault, then. It was like two hours of my life that didn't happen.

Once upon a time (pre-1980s), being drunk while driving often evoked sympathy from juries and judges. Even now it seems to mitigate rape (on both the rapist's and the victim's parts). If someone does something in a drunken stupor, they're just as responsible for their actions as if they were sober, because it's their legal responsibility not to get into a drunken stupor in the first place.

True? Because I seem to recall that contracts signed while drunk (if proven) can't be upheld because the parties are not capable of entering into binding agreements.

Or am I getting them mixed up with Chris Dillon and Matt Klein?

You're just throwing out random generic names to mess with my head, aren't you? Come on, at least Minka is named "Minka."

I believe it was James Brolin's son Josh whose marriage (to actress Diane Lane) has ended.

That's true, but the tabs recently had a field day with Babs and James, claiming he was sick of being second fiddle.

I believe it was James Brolin's son Josh whose marriage (to actress Diane Lane) has ended.

I was the person who wrote in about Maria not seeming very politically engaged. The second I hit "submit question/comment" I remembered that she had, in fact, endorsed Obama for his first term while her then-husband endorsed McCain. My bad.

Not so bad.

Really? For me that'd be one of the top deal-breakers, if I were single and dating. (Thanks goodness I married someone with the same political views).

It's a deal-breaker for a lot of people. That's why I find it kind of refreshing when a couple gets past those differences. And hey, remember, Maria Shriver was married to a Republican for a quarter-century.

It's also possible she's secretly a Republican. She's loyal enough to her family to publicly be a "Democrat" but who knows where her allegiance lies. It is not like she really has a party-affiliation choice being a Kennedy.

Or maybe party affiliation is a non-issue for her in a romantic partner.

On instagram the other day, Aerin Lauder had a picture of her reading material for a flight. In the middle was Star magazine. I loved that she likes trash too.

I'm more interested in why she thought that was worthy of sharing via Instagram.

I was home sick yesterday and watching Live with Kelly and Michael (which, by the way, I love Michael Strahan on that show), and the Thor Hemsworth was on and I was shocked to learn there are three. there's the Thor one, the Miley/Hunger Games one, and some other one? (I fear this is approaching the Liam Neeson Taken categories: Taken, Taken 2, Taken with Wolves, Taken with Amnesia)

Yes, there's an older Hemsworth named Luke, also an actor -- based in Australia but threatening to come here and confuse all of us. Seriously, I don't remember this much difficulty with the Baldwins or the Bridges brothers. Why is that?

I'm old enough to remember when the dating (and marriage) deal breakers were race, ethnicity, and religion, not political party membership. I'm not sure that today's deal breakers are any better than the old ones. My parents rarely vote the same way, and it never seems to result in anything more than a joke that they cancel out each other's votes so maybe they should just stay home and watch a movie. Ease up, people, it's just politics, and there are good and ethical people on both sides.

One vote for sanity.

They are still going strong, in spite of their political affiliations.

Exactly. Actually, their political differences are part of the family business -- makes them much more valuable on the punditry circuit.

On DTWS? Is she still on?

Okay, this one is hard for me. Because the idea of her being on DWTS is not outside the realm of possibility. Is she on DWTS? I don't know!!!

Refreshing? Really??? Strikes me as a person who lacks the courage of their convictions that they'd date someone who disagrees on the most basic of principles.

I think you can agree on many principles but disagree on the best way to meet them. I'd hate to think someone would decide to date or not date me based solely on my voting record. 

Isn't the person culpable if s/he commits a crime while drunk?

I believe so, but we're getting into legal areas I'm not qualified to address. Any contracts lawyers hanging in the chat?

I'm the one with the good dinner conversations, and while we disagree on some issues, and cancel out each other's votes, we also are willing to discuss and respect each other's views so long as they are reasoned. Luckily, neither of us are knee-jerk liberals or conservatives, and are both more moderate, so it works. I have dated men who are on the opposite end of the spectrum who had neither reasoning for their views nor respect for mine, and that didn't work. I will just say, the perceived "deal breakers" get less important when you are dating in your mid-thirties, and finding someone who respects you, and who you respect, means a lot more than punching a "we think exactly alike" box on the ticket. Just my two cents.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I know the partisan discussions have gotten more pitched in recent years, with the emphasis on social issues; but that's not how many people define their ideology, so it seems silly to judge someone simply because they disagree with you about tax policy.

It seems Amy is like those cowboys in Brokeback Mountain -- she just can't quit us.

She loves you. Awwww.

They are the Baldwin's of this Generation. Remember in "Clueless", a cute guy was "very Baldwin"

So you're saying I need to ask a millennial for guidance on the Hemsworths.

I keep getting e-mails from Ticketmaster telling me that The Eagles will be coming to the Verizon Center. Planning in advance -- where do you think Timothy B Schmidt stays when he is in town?

Probably in the tour bus parked out on F Street. I mean, he seems like he's got the "just happy to be here" attitude.

Yes, she was married to a Republican for a quarter century.....who had an affair with the housekeeper and fathered a child. I know, I know, nothing to do with his party affiliation, but maybe she should try another flavor?

I'd say she should date a guy who doesn't cheat, which doesn't seem to be party-related. (Political party, that is.)

I she/he a star of that one show that everybody watches but I have never heard of?

No, but good question. She's the Estee Lauder heiress, who holds some kind of muckety-muck role in the company.

Did you know Terry McAuliffe will be Virginia's fourth governor in a row born above the Mason Dixon Line? I learned that from MSNBC.

I heard that too. What MSNBC kept forgetting to note is that Ken Cuccinelli, had he won, would also have been the fourth governor in a row born above the Mason-Dixon line -- specifically, in New Jersey.

This piece reminding me of a question I have always had: is there a go to hotel for the famous hollywood types to stay at in DC? I mean, where do the Oprahs and Clooneys crash when they are here?

There's no one place, but the Four Seasons, Hay-Adams and the two Ritz-Carltons seem to get the bulk of the super-elite business.

sly? the one guy left who made an indelible mark and they're not featuring him? What has CBS become (other than Letterman of course whom I love)?

This was an ugly divorce, and neither CBS or Rather has moved on.

Was saddened to see the death of Marcia Wallace. RIP

Thanks for mentioning. R.I.P., Marcia Wallace.

When does the new season of Homeland start? Because this garbage on my TV at 9 pm on Sundays on Showtime is just plain annoying.

Is Damian Lewis getting paid for a full season? Midway through the season, we've seen him exactly once.

I LOL'd at the comment that Maria should "try another flavor" because the Republican she was married to cheated on her. So, let's see, are Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer available these days ? C'mon people, a man's political affiliation has NOTHING to do with whether he will cheat on his wife.

Thanks for that.

If Brolin and Streisand break up, that might finally free up his time for that long awaited Hotel reunion movie. Assuming Sherri Belafonte and Connie Selleca are free.

Blast from the past. I keep forgetting that Connie is married to John Tesh.

Might want to stay out of the dating pool if you can't compromise on occasion. Black and white have their place but there's a lot of crazy in the world, too.


Absolutely - because sometime a mutual love of professional self-obsessed whoredom can overcome any other obstacle.

Now, now, "whoredom" is a strong word.

She certainly seems out and about a lot but I never see dates. 2nd question: if she is an anchor on a morning news show should she be showing up as a friend at a swearing in for a Senator? Can you check your Journalist Rule Book and let me know?

Actually, she was ambiguously "dating" Cory Booker at some point, whatever that was about.

Tyler actually has a half-sister named Mary Moore.

True? If you know the name of Tyler Moore's half sisters -- well, you really shouldn't be asking us any questions about Tyler Moore. You could be teaching a course on Tyler Moore.

Both referenced in this chat. I may die. I have been "in love" with Diane for many, many years, and I think Cobie is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen!

It will be interesting to see what happens to Cobie's career after "Now I Met Your Mother" ends. 

My favorite Baldwin is not one of the brothers, although most people probably think he was. Adam Baldwin, who first was noticed in My Bodyguard (with Matt Dillon, not Damon!) He also starred in Firefly and in Independence Day and many other things.

He was also great in "D.C. Cab." And no, he is not one of THE Baldwins.

Gingrich, Vitter, Livingston, President Harding...

Clinton, FDR, Anthony Weiner...

Does anyone know whether Chris Christie has lost a significant amount of weight since his procedure earlier this year? Cuz it doesn't really look like it.

I was wondering the same thing. Honestly, he didn't look a whole lot different last night.

I used to know someone who taught her at a private school. Do you think private school teachers have to sign non-disclosure agreements? I bet they are a festering cauldron of excellent gossip. My former acquaintance sure was and she was very careful about what she said.

Sounds about right, especially when the students are rich, spoiled teenagers.

Forget politics. TV shows are a much better gauge of future happiness. I could not date anyone who watches any show with a laugh track.

Listen, I never thought I could date someone whose Netflix queue is filled up with entire seasons of, like, "The Fall Guy," but I was younger then.

Dan Rather has perhaps overstayed his welcome on TV altogether. I know the history is there, but what he has been doing in the past few years is a little wacky.

Yes, but that's what makes him so damn entertaining.

So if I run for office, does smoking crack be counted as a positive in my bio?

Hey, it's a life experience.

I'd like to think that they have made their marriage work by knowing how to draw strict lines between work and play, a lesson many intense Washingtonians would benefit from, even if they're not professional pundits.


Selleca has all that John Tesh light pop music royalties coming in. She doesn't need a Hotel movie, as awesome as it would be.

Got to hand it to John Tesh. He's worth about $65 million.

You have to look at photos side by side. I think he's lost a lot of weight, but he had so much to lose it's sometimes difficult to tell.

Clips from last night were just on TV a second ago, and I think you're right. He's still a big, big guy, but you're right -- he was REALLY big before.

Thank you, poster! "Thor Hemsworth" and "Miley Hemsworth" will finally help me remember who's who!

We have so much to learn from each other here.

If we're going to talk about politicians cheating on their wives, I have to think that JFK "wins" the prize. Can you imagine anybody today being so blatant about it? I'm actually embarrassed to read about some his "exploits" with young girls, especially those involving his brother(s).

True enough. Anyone who makes the claim that infidelity is linked to either party is just dreaming.

Didn't he have an affair with Oprah?

Gosh, I forgot that entirely. But yes, they did.

I think that he has lost weight, although you have to compare photos to see it, as he he still quite heavy. See the photos in this link.

Very useful, thanks.

I had the exact same reaction. He said he was half way to his goal, so maybe he needs to work on his goal-setting, because I didn't notice a difference either.

Well, probably good he's going slow. Often seems like there are people who lose it all quickly and then their bodies rebel and they gain it all back.

Isn't the REAL point whether the politician (or political party) makes a big issue of "family values" while cheating?

Not if you're married to the politician.

Excellent typo. By the way, how long is this freaking wedding going to last? I swear that the number of episodes dedicated to it probably adds up to a long wedding weekend. I love you HIMYM, but it's good that you're bowing out this season.

The whole damn season. This better not end like "Seinfeld." Just sayin'.

Didn't George Bush Senior (who I actually kind of adore) have a long-term girlfriend?

Not that he ever admitted.

I know this isn't a sports chat, but Tracee is not chatting tomorrow and Tom Boswell is not chatting until Monday, so I have to vent. Jordan Zimmermann, who won 19 games (most in the NL) is NOT one of the Cy Young nominees. Two of them I'm fine with--Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright--but the third one is a rookie from the Miami Marlins! He has a lot of years to be up for it. If not JZimm, I'd have been okay with Craig Kimbrel, but not Fernandez. At least not this year.

Sorry. I guess it's like the Oscars or Miss America -- it's never really about merit, it's always political.

They dated, but I don't think it was an affair.

Well, how would we know, now?

When? Pre-Steadman?

Way back when they were both rookie reporters -- like 40 years ago.

Here's a link to that old story. . .

Wasn't Gingrich's infidelity worse because he was leading the impeachment of Clinton for his (i.e. Clinton's) infidelity?

Sure, in terms of the career-wrecking potential. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about dating or being married to a politician/political operative. I think if you're personally involved with a politico who turns out to be a cheater, then it's no consolation to think, "Well, at least he's not a hypocrite."

Was this before or after Ebert?

Tesh was before Ebert. But she and Tesh had a real relationship; she and Ebert just had one or two dates.

Hmmm, I dunno. Most likely such a politician demagoguing on "family values" who trots his wife (and kids, if any) out to support that view is doubly hypocritical and hurtful to his wife by humiliating her so publicly by having used her as a prop to sell a lie.

Yes, but they all trot the wives out for those humiliating confession press conferences, whether they're family values guys or not.

The articles of impeachment against Clinton were perjury to a grand jury, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice, not infidelity with an intern.

True. But the underlying scandal, of which Gingrich made so much, was about infidelity.

So, given the 2 data points available, it appears she has a thing for Republican guys. Should I be surprised, or is it just a matter of personal romantic preference triumphing over politics?

Or guys who happen to be Republican. Maria has been far too discreet about her taste in men -- how about a long sit-down with her pal Oprah? (Or another -- I seem to remember one of those already.)

Chatters: Must write, so that's it for me today. Thanks for joining us, and remember to send your tips to Happy fall, everyone!

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