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Oct 30, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, October 30, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly Reliable Source live discussion. Here's what's been going on.


Chris Brown got arrested in D.C. after a photobomb incident turned into fisticuffs early Sunday. Next move? Rehab.


Meghan McCain celebrated her 29th birthday at a nice Washington dinner. Well, sort of. 


Check out this portrait of the first four female Supreme Court justices -- and who got to sit while others had to stand. 


Oh no Jo Bros!


And a lot of other stories, but I'm finding it hard to embed links on this borrowed laptop, so let's just get to your questions. Welcome!

I don't know how I didn't catch this quote before, but I kind of love that bad-boy Chris Brown said "I can speak freely now, because I don't really care what they say about it but as far as, like, the 1,000 extra hours they gave me, that's totally fricking bananas." Fricking bananas! Didn't you expect more invective and profanity for a sentence that started, "I can speak freely now"? Rather, that phrasing is delightfully Greg Brady-esque!

Actually, if you go back and look at the full quote, which we ran a few weeks ago, he dropped quite a few [expletives] before he unfurled that "fricking bananas" -- which only makes it more delightful. 

He sure seemed like such a nice young man when he was on the last season of The OC. What went wrong?

Didn't Marissa Cooper always have that effect on guys? I blame her. 

Amy -- you had said you were leaving the Reliable Source, but week after week you are still here. You just teasing us? Can't stay away?

I have left the column, 100 percent -- that's all Roxanne these days with the able interim assistance of Emily Yahr. The chat is just a little extracurricular activity. Plus, it's important to have someone here at noon, you know? 

How does Kerry Washington's pregnancy impact next season of Scandal? Is it Fitz's baby?

Hmmm, I'm advising caution on the news of Kerry Washington's supposed pregnancy for now, especially since US magazine got it so wrong with their story about a supposed Jennifer Aniston pregnancy last month. Let's wait a couple hours and see what the other outlets are reporting. 

RIP George Clinton's hair. I'll admit to reacting somewhat more strongly to that than I expected to. But when I saw P-Funk 20 years ago as a college kid and all I could afford were nosebleed tickets, we could still always spot the master on stage because of his impressive locks. Sigh.

Sorry for the delay, chatters. Technical glitch.

As for the dreds: At first I didn't recognize George, who looked like just another guy wearing a satin check sports coat.


Although when whatshisname said "it is good they named the kid North West because that's the only direction she'll get in life" I nearly fell out of bed I was laughing so hard. (And, yes, I was still in bed at 11. Don't judge.)

I don't judge. Well, yes, I do but not about hanging in bed on the weekend. And yes, that was a great line.

New York Times' description of Ronan Farrow's CV included "Hillary Rodham Clinton's special adviser for global youth issues". Is Hillary Rodham Clinton's "special adviser for global youth issues" is a real job since it doesn't sound it?

who fawn over Chris Brown - a convicted woman beater and all around hot head. "He's too cute to go to jail in DC". What is wrong with that woman? I remember when he got in trouble for beating up Rhianna and women were posting on Twitter "I would let him beat me up any day." God bless social media for demonstrating we are a country of Philosopher Kinds.

I wonder that, too. I suppose it's the Kool Aid of celebrity and fame. I said to someone earlier this week that the trouble with Chris Brown is that the only people who say "no" to him are judges. "No, you don't get to punch people." "No, you don't get to skip community service."

You obviously haven't read Alexandra Petri's column today, on how it's great to be always late. And, yes, I'm with you. I'm always on time, unless something totally unexpected happens.

Amy threw me under the bus again?

Seems like the pop culture memes are pretty bad this year. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? Bandersnatch Cumberbund as assorted villains? Politicos are scary in the real--Ted Cruz and other zealots? I think I'll go as the Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat would be awesome. Or Keyboard Cat, which is old but still adorable.

There's a name from the past. What has she been doing for the past 30 years, aside from her brief comeback in the criminally underrated Devil in a Blue Dress in 1995?

She starred on the "L Word." Which I didn't know until yesterday. And I think she popped up as the ex-wife on "Lie to Me" which I did watch.

How has the passing of Lou Reed directly impacted your life?

I am drowning in melancholy, nostalgia and wistfulness. And re-listening to a lot of great music. I admit I didn't burst into tears this time, like I did last spring when George Jones died (yeah, that surprised me too), but I was a little stunned. While I've spent a lot of time coming to terms with the fact that Bob Dylan will one day die, it somehow never occurred to me that Lou Reed would too.


By the way, here is a fine Lou Reed appreciation by Chris Richards, and David Malitz's fine analysis of the greatest second of rock music ever. And here is Spin's excellent list of Lou Reed's greatest songs and the greatest marks of his influence. And for sheer weirdness, this was my first exposure to Lou Reed, and I can't think of anything more wildly inappropriate than Lou Reed dancing with an 80s supermodel. 

You're still with us! YAY! Want to wish you all the best with the new baby and the eventual return to the WP, even if you don't chat with us anymore. Have always enjoyed your work, especially the spot-on assessments of DWTS contestants. Cheers!

A lot of work goes into my DWTS analysis; very glad you appreciate it. I might actually start watching the show during maternity leave. 

Who you like today?

Personally, I don't care, but I have dear friends who bleed Boston Red Sox, so I have to root for them. Besides, the chances of dropped both games at home is small. But I'm not okay with all that hair. I feel like I'm watching gold prospectors on their off. 

But, will it be a "sexy" grumpy cat? Apparently, it is against the law to sell any Halloween costume for anyone over 12 without tarting it up. At least that is what Target would have you believe.

Exactly, although I'm unclear how the Slutty Pumpkin is supposed to work.

I only know him for being a d-bag who punches people. I couldn't for the life of me name a song he sings (and have no earthly idea whether that poster was joking about him being on the OC.) What a joke.

He really was on "The O.C."! This is probably his most recent  significant hit, "Birthday Cake," with Rihanna. It's terrible. 

Amy -- leaving the beat when we are bracing ourselves for the trial of the century -- Chris Brown in DC. Maybe have Rihanna show up sitting in the front row, like the sympathetic and crying and loving girlfriend -- though in fairness, one he used to beat up. Or did they break up?

I've stopped keeping track of the Chris Brown / Rihanna relationship. Not because I've left the beat, but because I just don't care anymore. 

A scurrilous and dirty rumor, I'm sure. But kind of hot, right? 

As somebody who lived in Seattle, I love the place but "glamorous" isn't a term that comes to mind for it. there are a lot of rich people there, but they are the sophisticated jet setter like Christian Grey. Think lots of money yet still wearing flannel shirts and work boots. The movie isn't even filming in Seattle anyway, but nearby Vancouver so personally think they should just switch it to London and make it a British set movie.

I had no idea it was set in the Pacific Northwest. Hey, worked for "Twilight," didn't it? 

Let's just hope they say it more firmly to Chris Brown than they did, repeatedly, to Lindsay Lohan, because I blame lack of judicial firmness and consistency in part for the prolongation of her problems.

I think his probation hearing in LA next month should be interesting -- and not just because of what happened in D.C. Brown has clearly rejected the notion that he should have to complete the court-ordered community service, and I'm thinking the judge -- who cut him a break by letting him make up the missing hours -- may be running out of patience and could revoke his probation. But Lohan has managed to evade any serious consequences, and maybe he will, too.

Because everybody KNOWS that the best place to take seductive photos of yourself is in Middle Eastern Mosque. How could that every go wrong???

When you stop and think about, they're a good match except for the crazy and the assault.

Doesn't Ann Coulter know that Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes ?

Been meaning to read the full story to see where Coulter was going with that metaphor. 


Ann Coulter back on airwaves, reenergized by shutdown and exemplifyng unhappiness of GOP

Thanks for this rumor, which I hadn't heard. But mostly thanks for linking to an article that includes the most excellent line: "Often during shooting, his Winnebago seemed to be balanced on four overworked Slinkys."

Seriously. I almost don't care if that story is a pack of lies, it's so entertaining. 

... can blame a substance abuse problem (which I don't think ANYONE doubts is real.) Brown has no excuse for his legal problem except for the fact that he is a Royal Tool.

Otherwise known as an ego abuse problem.

Amy sez no more Chris Brown/Rihanna interest now that she's off the RS beat. Assume this means no Kardashians, Lilo, or Madge either. BUT, who will she want to keep track of, in the few scarce moments left to the mom of a newborn?

No, you misunderstand me: I lost interest in Chris and Rihanna MONTHS ago. How many dysfunctional breakups/makeups are we expected to care about? The Kardashians never interested me, and poor Lilo is so 2007. But I am looking forward to diving into "The Richard Burton Diaries." He and Elizabeth Taylor never get old. 

We thought you might know.

It comes from the U.S., unless someone's been monkeying with its Wikipedia page. Which seems like something you'd do. 

What are your picks?

That's not how the game works. You have to give me a natural grouping of three to decide between. Otherwise there's no sport to it. 

I was listening to NPR "Morning Edition" yesterday when they were interviewing the author of a bio of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Besides the problems depicted in "Walk the Line," it turns out they were flagrantly unfaithful to one another ("revenge adultery") AND multiple insiders confirmed to the author off-the-record that when June was pregnant with their son, Johnny even cheated on June her one of her sisters. Ick.Nast!!!

Whereas my reaction is, "Oh, I'd read that book, too." 

But, you just know that any number of 16 year olds are going to give it the old college try tomorrow. Last year my mom had a 10 year old-ish girl come trick-or-treating at her door dressed as, essentially, a hooker. My mom refused to give her candy.

Now I feel bad for the 10-year-old, because her parents should have been the ones putting on the brakes. I'm not sure punishing the trick and treaters is the place to start. Which reminds me: Anyone else see the story of the women threatening to give candy to thin kids, but letters to overweight kids explaining why they shouldn't be eating candy? I was actually shocked by that, and not that much shocks me anymore.

Am I the only one who thinks that she just gets lovelier and lovelier as she gets older?

One classy broad. I don't blame Jack one bit if it's true.

Are you still going to read the updated Rialle Hunter book So We Don't Have To?

I think I read the original Rielle Hunter book so that none of us had to read subsequent editions. 

Among the A-Listers? You don't get to that level without a healthy (!) amount of ego and chutzpah, but there have to be some folks who are still within shouting distance of reality. I've thought Matt Damon seems to be pretty grounded, and Tom Hanks, too. But what do I know?

That's their reputation, at least. The sane ones are actually the ones you don't hear much about unless they're promoting a movie or TV show. The rest of the time they're just living their rich but kinda boring lives: friends, kids, walking the dog. 

Let's a Celebrity Apprentice theme: Gary Busey, Meatloaf, or Donald Trump?

Whoa, think I"m going to have to sit this one out. That's some heavy lifting right there, and you know I've got a sprained ankle on top of everything else in my delicate condition. . . Okay: Shag Gary Busey (can I pick, say, the circa 1978 version?), Marry Meatloaf, Kill Trump. 

LL Cool J, George Clooney, Chris o'Donnell

Shag Clooney, marry LL, kill Chris O'Donnell. 

Is Stana Katic (the beauty who plays Kate Beckett) of the TV mystery series "Castle" pregnant? It seems they've been showing her in either black or with long over-blouses lately, or shooting views of her from well above the waist.

That rumor (and reasons for it) date back the past couple years, but I'm not seeing anything that suggests she is.

May I make an observation ? Amy always seemed to me like the type of person who would forget and leave her plants outside when a frost came but Roxanne always seems like she would not only bring her plants in early but would try to save geraniums and other annuals by bringing them indoors. Maybe with not writing the column, more of Amy's plants will live...

I must have missed the earlier part of ths thread, but I am intrigued. Honestly, until recently, I'd never had an outdoor space in which to freeze my plants, so it remains to be seen, but otherwise I can't quibble with this. 

Guess that woman never heard of the "trick" part of "trick or treat."

Look, I'D egg her house.

Besides Hanks and Damon, I'd nominate Mark Harmon and Ron Howard. And Damon's buddy Ben Affleck seems to have a strong marriage to Jennifer Garner.

I think Jennifer is the grounded one in that union.

Avengers version. RDJ, Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Shag Hemsworth, marry RDJ, kill Chris Evans 

My impression was that he's another of those "sane" Hollywood types you were mentioning. Maybe if I were tall it'd be a deal-breaker.

Nothing against Chris O'Donnell! He seems like a lovely guy with a refreshingly normal life. But I had to choose someone to kill! That's what's so challenging about this game if done properly. 

You are going to learn the hard way on this one in 13 years - tween girls never wear the trampy stuff they intend to wear in front of their parents when they are leaving the house.

Of course you're right, but that phase didn't start for me until I was about 13, when I'd roll up the waistband of my skirt to make it shorter. We were talking about a 10-year-old, which is typically more kid-like. 

Besides Hanks and Damon, I'd nominate Mark Harmon and Ron Howard. And Damon's buddy Ben Affleck seems to have a strong marriage to Jennifer Garner.

Shag Mark Harmon, marry Jennifer Garner, kill Ben Affleck -- wait, what was the question again? 

I really hope he takes Slate's Crime Blogger about court attire. His mouth should be the only thing that infuriates a judge.

Here's the Slate story. My guess is that his trip to rehab signals a new concern about image and optics and that he will dress well in court. 

My understanding is that 50 Shades evolved (or devolved, depending on how you look at it) from the author's Twilight fan fic.

Wikipedia says you are correct. Well, "The Waste Land" was built on allusions and pastiche, so great literature can come from anywhere, I guess. 

Serious people doing stupid things on their free time vs. Serious people doing stupid things on the public payroll. Hope you get the occasional two-fer, maybe a politician with a lobbyist boyfriend caught in high heels in the reflecting pool or something. We're all pulling for you.

Aw, thanks. 

Downtown Abbey version : Lord Grantham, Tom Bransom and Mr. Bates

Shag Tom, kill the Lord, marry Mr. Bates.

You had to ask:  But, the fourth one has fast shipping so ITS NOT TOO LATE, AMY!!!

Those come in maternity sizing? 

Pumpkin is by definition maternity-sized. Ghost, too.

Maybe regular pumpkin for me this year instead of sexy pumpkin. 

Wow, Bob Barker turning 90 and getting to show up on The Price Is Right for his birthday... how fun is that?

WAAY fun. A week-long tribute, which means a week of adorable dogs running across the stage. (Kittens, too? Please say kittens, too.) Anyway, good for Bob and for CBS. A lot of networks move on and forget the ones that made them famous.

Chatters, that's it for today. Have a happy, happy Halloween and be nice to all those little trick and treaters. Send your VIP sightings to and we'll gather together again next week. 

The core of the original Rat Pack: Sinatra, Martin, Davis?

Kill Davis, Marry Martin (don't we all?), have a gorgeous out-of-wedlock child with Sinatra. 

Washington, Adams, Jefferson?

Shag Jefferson, Marry Washington, Kill Adams. (Sorry, Adams! I had to choose!)

Truly done now. Sorry, and thanks for indulging me. 

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