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Oct 16, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, October 16, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly Reliable Source live discussion. As promised/threatened, I'm still helping out Rox in this cruise-director/salon-keeper role for the time being, though I've (mostly) evacuated the RS column. . . Which means that I'll probably just hang around here for a few more weeks and than abruptly vanish without saying goodbye. Sound good?


Meanwhile, some topics on our radar lately:


A very quiet divorce for Joe Scarborough and his wife.


Captain Phillips does celebvocate duty, talking up Merchant Marine subsidy cuts.


Charlie Hunnam gets the hell out of "50 Shades of Gray."


Giuliana Rancic takes her breast-cancer awareness message to. . . a casino? 


Look who's back, and creepier than ever! Erik Todd Dellums on "Homeland."


Also: Rielle Hunter's apology. . . Hillary Clinton's parking ticket. . . Julian Assange scolds Benedict Cumberbatch. . . and much much more!



The White House vegetable garden is weedy because of federal employee furloughs due to the government shutdown. Mrs. Obama has drastically curtailed her schedule for the same reason. It seems obvious that maybe Mrs. O could weed the vegetable garden herself in her free time. I do hope the First Family is still eating healthfully and not reduced to fast food deliveries because of staff cutbacks.

Honestly, I'm surprised no one in the White House office of communications had thought of that. Then again, maybe that's what happens when your PR people get furloughed. Anyway, indeed, it's true, the White House kitchen garden has been overtaken by weeds and wild mushrooms, reports our colleague Krissah Thompson.

RR - did you see the story on cats yesterday in the Health section?

I did. My cats adore me, which is not something I can say about anyone else. What can I say?

About Josh Duggar - the thing that gets me is that he has younger siblings that he will most likely have nothing in common with. At some point, someone is going to lose track of whose kid is whose and what their relationship is to everyone else ("Are you my son, nephew, cousin, brother?")

That's not an unusual dynamic in large families. Not to say it's a bad one, just that it's a different dynamic.


Josh Duggar on his Family Research Council job, new life in Washington

Didnt even realize he had a divorce. That was a quiet one.

It's not something he wanted to advertise, clearly.

Now she apologizes? She is just sorry that her affair with John Edwards was discovered, not for the cheating itself.

Having read her book, I don't think she's sorry that her affair was discovered -- she kind of has the shout-my-love-from-the-rooftops kind of personality. She's probably legitimately sorry for the mess she made of her life. Rielle, sigh.

Glad to see Amy cannot stay away.

She loves the chats. It's her favorite part of the week.

Nirvana being nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I must be getting old.

Artists become eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after releasing their first record so. . . yes, you are getting old. We all are.

Kardashian obtains quiet divorce

Kardashians only do noisy divorces.

I'm from one of those large families - I have two uncles who are younger than I am. Believe me, they always enjoyed introducing me as "my niece" when we were younger. For some reason they seemed to think it was the height of hilarity. So, I'm pretty sure everyone will remember who's who. On the other hand, actual counts of cousins are hard, though.

Not to mention gift exchanges. But it probably prevents those awkward silences at Thanksgiving dinners.

I read it on HuffPost, and although I really don't like her, I thought it was one of the better apologies I've seen. She doesn't make excuses, pretty much that she was really selfish at that time in her life and didn't care how her actions affected other people.

True. I got the feeling that she is genuinely sorry, but that it's hard for her to articulate or break down exactly what she wanted to convey.

That movie has "giant train wreck" written all over it.

Hard to know---so many rabid fans, so many opinions. But it doesn't matter if millions pay to go see it and THEN say how much they hate it.

Have been together since they were 15, so they probably understand each other very well.

Looks like it. I always want a celebrity marriage to work. And can I say she looks amazing?

Apparently, and I didn't read the book, Rielle updated her books with notes about where she went wrong by annotating the original book . I think it has been released on Kindle only. My feeling is she is only doing this to make John Edwards happy - maybe as a condition to getting hitched to him.

Yes, she has followed up "What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me" with "In Hindsight, What Really Happened: The Revised Edition: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me."

What will Amy do with her new found noon hour? (B4 the wee one arrives)

I don't know. Have lunch?

I have a feeling his very bad botox/plastic surgery made it hard to look at him every day - I know I can't stand it.

I saw the show for the first time last week. Yikes. I just don't understand what he was thinking.

Saw him on Jimmy Fallon, wearing a wedding ring. However, no site mentions a wife. What's the deal?

Who knows -- he's a pretty secretive guy. There are some vague tabloid reports that he married a girlfriend named Autumn MacIntosh a year or so ago. . . . Just saw a preview for his new movie. I appreciate the fact that the guy just never ages. He looks the same as he did 20 years ago.

Still waiting to hear about Amy's Halloween costume.

I still don't understand why you think there is one, or that it would be particularly interesting if there was.

Rielle apologizing for writing a book by writing another book is my favorite story today.

The irrespressible Rielle.

Did anyone here pick up some cheap Banksy art in NY recently?

Missed it -- but really, I can pick up a canvas and some spray paint at Michael's and pretend I was there.

I have been away from the chat for a bit of time . . . where is Amy going?

Leaving the Reliable Source beat now that I'm too cumbersomely pregnant to blog all day and party all night. Am due in December.

Did it really (really) sell all that well that we needed a revised version? It's not like a textbook where there was a new scientific discovery and you needed to update the scientific community?

It got a lot of attention but not much momentum after the first week or so. I think this is her publisher's way of trying to squeeze a few more sales out of that stone.

Bruce Jenner actually underwent plastic surgery to correct his previous plastic surgery. He should have just grown old gracefully.

So should a lot of people.

I read her Huffington apology. I want to believe in redemption. But it's really hard to believe that this woman is capable of doing anything at all that's not self-serving. In this case, another shot at selling a crap book. Disappear already! What do you think Cate Edwards must make of all this?

I don't know, but I'm guessing that Rielle is not the person in this equation who has disappointed John Edwards's daughter the most.

You're right about him never aging - yet, he doesn't appear to be doing anything to make it like that. Bruce Jenner might want to be his friend.

I'm sure Keanu is the undead or otherwise genetically blessed. The rest of us have nothing to learn from him; he's an anomaly.

Were either of you contacted to comment in the coming Vanity Fair story on Gwyneth Paltrow? Sounds like it won't be the most flattering view of the Goop Princess.

Nope -- and no reason they would care what Washington writers think about her because...I don't really care about her. Just another pretty actress trying to extend to shelf life. Not that interesting.

is great, since she is the Dancing With the Stars expert!

Wasn't Captain Richard Phillips's Macarena great last night?

When my city-born and city-breed parents bought a single-family home in the suburbans (I was 7 at the time), one of the first things that they did was plant a kitchen garden in the backyard. For my mother, it was a great change from trying to grow tomato plants on the fire-escape in the old apartment. My sister, brother, and I spent MANY hours after school and the weekend weeding, sowing, and harvesting in that garden, which (based on the photos I've seen) was larger than the one that is at the White House. Sasha and Malia need to spent some time in that garden, rather than just watching federal employees do all the work. Given that I learned to appreciate the value of local food that you spent hours slaving over, I'm surprised to find out that the Obamas don't have their own children working in the garden. I made me think that the White House kitchen garden was more for show and photo ops than a real family venture. I'm a little disappointed.

A photo op? I'm shocked by such an assertion!

Nirvana being up for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame made me feel a little old. Being prescribed reading glasses immediately afterward made me feel ancient. Related: can you believe that Peter Gabriel isn't in the Hall of Fame already? Genesis got inducted a few years ago, but it's crazy that Gabriel is just now getting recognized. At least he was nominated before Phil Collins...

Okay, I'm going to start a fight here by maintaining that "Sledgehammer" doesn't actually hold up that well. It was a great video, which blinded us all to the fact that it's a tedious song.

New study says they are as addictive as cocaine. Discuss.

I stopped believing these studies years ago. Cheaper, yummier and you can eat them at work. Winner.

A friend is en route to DC to attend a conference. This is her first real visit and she was hoping to see some of the monuments and museums. What are the chances anything will be open?

Depends on when she is coming, and when all this situation is resolved -- impossible to say. In the meantime, the city is filled with great museums and historic that are still open (though you may have to pay an entry fee) -- the Phillips Collection, Mount Vernon, the Corcoran, the Newseum -- and gorgeous monument-strewn landscape you can walk around (if not get up close and personal). Check out this list: Smithsonian closed? Here's what to do instead.

My kids have never eaten a Twinkie.

Family Protective Services on Line One.

If Oreos are more addictive than cocaine and morphine, where do I sign up for my rehab stint for my Oreos addiction?

Biggest Loser. Plus you get free trainers.

I can't believe Linda Ronstadt is just now making it!

Well, she's still just a nominee -- not in yet -- though somehow she's been eligible since 1994 and not a nominee previously.

about Rielle Hunter's new book. Now I can ignore it. You provide such an important public service.

That's our job. But you're smart enough to already know it's a hot mess because she's a hot mess.

No, you're right, as a song, "Sledgehammer" grates. Ah, but "In Your Eyes" is still wonderful. Even without Jon Cusack and a boombox.

Okay, still feeling kind of combative -- I also kind of hate that movie, and Cusack's character in it.

Does she still "see" John Edwards other than for the child?

Who knows? They are both just awful people, playing out the result of their awful choices. As usual, I feel sorry for the kids. 

Kinda disappointed to hear that her dancing with Jamie Foxx was only "platonic."

Or with the shutdown has there been a reduction in celebrity sightings? I guess there is no place for the celebvocates to go, and the cool stuff is closed, so we are getting dissed for less federal locations. Do you have a graph on this?

It's definitely been quieter on that front, though the sightings slowdown started after Labor Day.

So all the Duggars are coming to VA to campaign for Cuccinelli, with expenses paid 100% by the organization Josh works for. That is just weird, but maybe they are thinking about overwhelming with numbers. And before some other chatter jumps me, I am the middle of 5 kids with 4 of my own and LOVE kids!

Well, they can definitely knock on a lot of doors.

TV's Duggar Family Campaigns for Cuccinelli in Woodbridge Wednesday

I saw on HuffPost that she tried to kill a story they had on her, and told people not to comment to VF if asked. What is she afraid of? She's been on the cover plenty - is it because of the tough Tom Cruise article?

Think about it -- she hasn't had an important acting role in years, and is ripe for a takedown. So she's probably nervous about any profile that she can't control.

Is there anything they wont do for money. Not surprised they had an awareness rally at a casino.

I'm not going to beat them up for talking about breast cancer. But I asked how much she was getting paid for the appearance and the casino wouldn't tell me. I suspect it's a lot; Bill alone routinely gets $15,000 to $25,000 for a speech, and she's more famous than he is.

Did you see the interview where Martha questioned Gwynnie's authenticity in entering the "lifestyle" genre? Which Martha herself created, singlehandedly? She would totally kick Gwyneth's depressingly toned butt in a showdown.

I did. Martha is an Amazon. It's no contest.

"Sledgehammer" might not hold up well, but the other groundbreaking video of that year, "Big Time," will always rock, if only because of the awesome lyric, "And my heaven will be a big heaven / And I will walk through the front door."

Isn't "Big Time" basically the same song as "Sledgehammer"? Listen -- you see what I mean?

that people like Gwyneth Paltrow have plenty of money and seems to have a happy family but they still have to have all of us following their every move? You all have tracked celebrities for a while, is fame worse than oreos?

Yes, fame is way worse than Oreos.

Biko. That is all.

I'm sorry, that doesn't help.

His work helped establish Genesis. For solo work, Solsbury Hill still stands strong. But more importantly, time to vote the Meters in. They were an important group (New Orleans). Or NRBQ!

Okay, I do like Solsbury Hill.

Does not share Keanu DNA. Looking pretty grandfatherly these days.

Ouch. Can't a guy get old anymore? No wonder Bruce Jenner went under the knife.

I'm just putting this out there. Do like Solsebury Hill, don't like Sledgehammer Do like Say Anything - Can't stand Dirty Dancing Amazed that Ah Ha has made a comeback - first the Nats/Morse & now a VW add? What's next? Falco selling trips to Europe?

I regret to tell you that Falco is no longer with us.

The band missing from the nominations for the Rock Hall was obvious: Bon Jovi.

Chronologically, they are definitely eligible, anyway. . .

I can't think of any famous men whose looks have been enhanced with plastic surgery, can you? The eyelids always look bad -- from Frank Gifford (the first I recall) to Robert Redford, to Bruce Jenner.

It's so strange -- you'd think that a star with an unlimited budget and a great plastic surgeon could pull off a natural pick-up, but they always look weird. Plus, men can usually get away with aging much more than women.

I doubt that CBS's Bob Schieffer has had any work done.

And he's adorable.

Hard to feel sorry for her.

She's doing just fine, people.

How can you not like "Biko"?? Powerful stuff!

Listen, I know it's a noble topic, but is it a good song?

Yes, but the music lives on. He wouldn't be the first post-mortem pitchman.

I think I posted a link to a live performance of "Vienna Calling" the other week, right? So let's just go with the classic "Der Kommissar" video today. How much better than "Sledgehammer" is this?

What I've never understood is Jenner was great looking to start with, a freakin' Olympic Champion. His surgeries never made him look younger so much as whittled down.

Vanity is a strange addiction. Stranger than, say, Oreos. I say eat the damn cookies and forget the cocaine and plastic surgery. You'll be happier in the long run.

Seriously? She wanted to sell ebooks, which came out this week. Period. Or maybe I'm jaded.

You're right. And jaded.

Can you just imagine walking upon that scene at an airplane gate? It would be worse than 8th grade field-trip time in DC?

I think the Duggers are better behaved.

Many people's vegetable gardens get weedy in the autumn -- I know OURS sure does! But by late winter we have a raging case of spring fever, and can hardly wait to get out there and clean up the mess, till the ground and plant the first seeds. Sorry if this sounds like an Adrian Higgins chat.

That's fine with me, since I'm a brown thumb and can't do a darm thing useful outside.

No, Martha didn't. Sue Ann Nivens did -- and Betty White is still going strong!

And there were plenty before Sue Ann Nivens. Martha just yuppified the genre.

speaking of which, time to eat one, are you an oreo with milk, oreo with coffee, or oreo solo types?

I split the cookie in two, eat the unfrosted side, then the frosted side. No milk or coffee required.

was a revelation to many (me included). I was shocked a few years later to find out she was just the same old Hints from Heloise type with a new coat of paint.

Upscale, very expensive paint.

Just eating the middle = crack cocaine

No, or we'd all have been next to Marion Barry in the big house.

Slather some peanut butter on top. It's MAGICAL!

Sounds excessive, so I must try it.

Think globally, act locally.


And on that note, we'll end for today. I'll try to convince Amy to drop in again, so send your tips to and check back next week.

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