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Oct 12, 2011

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Oct. 12, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello again everyone. Here are the things that have been preoccupying us...

Didn't that made-up restaurant in the Hollywood-like terror plot sound a lot like Cafe Milano?

Michelle Obama swarmed by out-of-control jumping-jackers.

Do you know the president of Uzbeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan? Herman Cain's not ashamed to say he doesn't -- yet.

Our movie date with Joe Trippi: What did the Dean '04 manager make of "The Ides of March"?

Gabrielle Giffords makes another return trip to D.C., for her husband's military retirement.

Also: Macca marries... Buy the second-most expensive home in D.C.!... And can you guess the guest list for tomorrow's Korea state dinner? Our heart is set on Daniel Dae Kim...

I'm really tired this morning, so if I start to nod off just poke an elbow in my ribs. Thanks.

Sorry -- did that hurt?

Anybody "famous" get caught up in this? I can see Eleanor Holmes Norton going to jail for the little people, just like she parks illegally so the average folks have real parking spots.

Uh, do I count? I didn't get arrested, though.

Sorry, forgot to put a link out to Ashley Halsey's fascinating story about how D.C. will arrest you for your expired tags.

Not complaining, just assuming that we will hear something soon....

It's not quiet at all -- unless you only read The Reliable Source, where we've been taking the long view on the Salahi story. They've been in heavy rotation on TMZ the past couple of weeks. If you've been suffering from withdrawal, a Google search will help.

twice today! Thanks!

How'd it go over? It seems like the kind of joke that only Al Roker could pull off. (Al Roker's snail-and-turtle joke at the White House jumping jack fest.)

You know, the most important part of the Miss Iceland story is that she and Whitey's GF bonded over a STRAY KITTY! Does the kitty get any of the reward? Cat lovers unite!

We at least deserve to see a good YouTube video of this cat, don't you think? (Whitey Bulger tipster was Miss Iceland 1974)

COPD is an appropriate choice for her celebvocating...seeing her sometimes makes my husband a little short of breath.

You know, she's the subject of a lot of cynicism in the auto-racing world for not, you know, winning very much. But we were impressed by her yesterday for being not just great-looking but also owning the room. Lot of charisma there.  (Celebvocate: Danica Patrick)

So, I am amazed (in a good way) that Chaz Bono hasn't been voted off. I was fully expecting certain factions to mobilize and crush him. I don't think Chaz is good enough to win, but I'm pleased that there are apparently enough people who admire the effort to keep it going.

I hear you. Obviously Chaz is kind of the underdog here, but let's face it -- he's working a hell of a lot harder than Vanessa Redgrave, who seems to think we should vote for her just for showing up. And Larry King's paso doble was just scary the other night. But I don't think Chaz stands a chance against Anthony Geary or Cat Ommanney.

When will the Spy Tours add this stuff to the material? And the museum? It's just like a movie script....Hey, when will they do the movie? Javier Bardem could be the Mexican drug guy....

It's kind of creepy  how excited we all are about a failed (but allegedly quite serious) terror plot. Our colleague Jason Horowitz wrote about the history of this kind of stuff; seems that Washington hasn't had this kind of cloak-and-dagger excitement in a while.

Clearly, she's got 'em and is sticking to 'em. That earns her more R-E-S-P-E-C-T from me!

I think her choice is interesting. Clearly, some celebs have contracts for other appearances, etc.....but this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and was canceled for a very good reason. Frankly, I'm surprised more A-listers haven't made the effort to show up this time.

You should have insisted they take you to jail like all the average Joes with expired tags...or is there some sort of criteria where they weigh how expired the tags are with the professional appearance of the driver....

It sounds like they only pull out the manacles if you're 30 days expired. Otherwise, they'll just pile $100 tickets on you.

Went with my husband & we both really enjoyed it. The cast was absolutely amazing. Ryan Gosling is a treasure and has easily become my second favorite Ryan (first of course is RZimm!). Paul Giamatti is outstanding as always, as when he held his own with Edward Norton in The Illusionist. Even Gregory Itzin in a too-small role. We are both very conservative, yet we enjoyed it & recommended it to our friends.

I think anyone who is interested in politics should see it -- with the understanding that it is a dark (if realistic) look at the campaign process. It broke my heart a little.

No, but I wasn't nodding off yet. That's just being mean.

Yeah, well, tough crowd.

When my parents wintered in Clearwater for a few years, this guy suddenly moved into an apartment in their complex that had been empty for a long time. He was a nice guy, mostly kept to himself with this very attractive young woman, and then just as suddenly as he showed up, disappeared. My dad said he had no idea who it was until he saw Whitey get arrested a few months ago.

Seriously? Indeed, a quick search indicates that Bulger kept some property there for a while.

Where's Roxanne?

I just nudged her with my elbow. She's probably piped up by now.

Since Rick Perry stated the American Revolution took place in the 16th century, is it same to assume that Christopher Columbus landed here in the 9th century?

Oh, you sticklers for historical facts. Columbus came to the New World from Ohio, where he founded a three-day weekend in the fall so little kids could go pumpkin picking.  14th century, I think. 

As I understand it, MJ had such bad insomnia that Sominex wouldn't have worked for him. Is anyone else able to get their hands on Propofol just to get some sleep?

I think it's really hard to get now. Conrad Murray kind of ruined the fun for everyone.

But what I really wanted to know, did he feel about Paul Giamatti playing him? Would he have preferred, like, Brad Pitt? Ryan Reynolds? Robin Williams?

Giamatti's character wasn't based on Joe----it was Hoffman's character, who is really the only decent guy in the bunch. Giamatti plays the other guy's campaign manager. So I'm guessing Joe feels pretty good.

I need the stimulation of clever repartee and interesting insights that I only get from this chat!

Ah, shucks. Bet you say that to all the chats.

Is it too late to take advantage of the Herman Cain 9-9-9 Pizza offer?

Nine pizzas with nine toppings for nine bucks? Sweet! I smell frat party.

Are there any other possible candidates for "the restaurant" other than Cafe Milano? Which, frankly, isn't all that special food-wise?

Seems they were talking in general terms about the kind of restaurant where they might find the ambassador, and hadn't actually researched his hangouts -- so no particular place had been targeted. (And it should be noted that the informant is the one who suggested a restaurant as an assassination venue. ) BUT, if you were trying to find the Saudi ambassador, Milano is one place you might have caught up with him. I'm sure we'll be hearing from his other hangouts, trying to get in on the glory.

Seems like we need someone to say something provocative this morning to get things going, so how's're wrong!

It might be more provocative if you actually agreed with me for once.

That $12 million dollar mansion seems like a real bargain. I love how that set aside 3 bedrooms for your staff!

And so efficient, to have them right there living with you.  It's like Downton Abbey.

At the top levels it isnt about winning but bringing in sponsorship dollars. hate to be cynical but Dale Earnhardt Jr is a great example of this. There are at least 50 drivers out there of both sexes who are better drivers then Danica and Dale Jr but they cant do the sponsorship thing. Danica's move to NASCAR will bring time exposure to her sponsors. She was getting lost in Indy Car racing.

Oh, but open-wheel racing is so much sexier... But yes, you're right, it really is about sponsorshp dollars. Charisma and fan appeal matters.

It's true that Danica has won only one race, but she's frequently in the top 20 and is still one of the world's best drivers, so it's not like she should be relegated to the county fair circuit. The same sort of criticism was aimed at Anna Kournikova, but people forget that she was ranked in the top 10 in the world for two years before injuries ended her career.


I think, to truly maintain the spirit of Columbus, on Columbus Day we should all plan to go one place, and end up somewhere totally different.

Plan for Chinatown, end up at a Caribbean bar drinking rum. 

Are you going to be covering his campaign?

Unless there's a wrench in the plans.

What do you make of these "occupy" protests ? It seems to me real protesters don't get beaten back by a security guard with pepperspray. Is it impossible to know if this revolution is the real deal because we don't have the hindsight of history ?

Well, I think that's a little unfair: Pepper spray hurts, and a willingness to get yourself pepper-sprayed or fire-hosed or beanbag-shot -- that's as much a part of the protest playbook as whatever the march's theoretic destination was.

"Is it impossible to know if this revolution is the real deal because we don't have the hindsight of history ?"  As the TV cable-news pundits say, "only time will tell."

Black turtleneck, jeans, and glasses. But my wife says there's no way I'm allowed to shave his head.

Brilliant. Or is that everyone's Halloween costume this year?

Since Justice Kagan was out and about wearing jeans does this mean we can look forward to a more laid back court ? Can we expect to see Scalia in short pants and Thomas in an orange jumpsuit ?

I think I saw Zooey Deschanel in an upscale hamburger place in Hollywood surrounded by a diverse group of people. She or her doppleganger looked great. I still think her show needs a little more "conflict" to make it more interesting. Conflict doesn't have to be bad; it gets resolved in the end. Otherwise, her show is just a bunch of crazy people doing crazy things together, which, I guess, may be what people want to watch. What do I know?

None of us have a clue what's going to sell on TV.

It's nice to hear about a famous person from D.C. who is not a politician. Her show "Person of Interest" is one of the better new shows this season.

Is that already on? I'm a little overwhelmed by the new TV schedule. But I'm a big fan of hers, and you should definitely read Neely Tucker's story on Taraji.

I loved the piece on the out of control jumping jackers at the White House. I read it just after watching the sanitized version on the Today Show. We need more of this! I think all of here in DC have been to events that looked completely different after being covered by the media. You know - the almost empty room, but the press only shows the guy at the podium - not that he is talking to 10 people instead of 1,000.

Thanks! (Even though we're media, too. ) We do our best to be fair and tell the truth. The jumping jack thing was the typical adorable-kid photo op----but the whole Guinness record thing sketchy at best. Not that it matters a lot one way or another, but let's call it like it was:  Even the pictures show a lot of the kids weren't doing jumping jacks.

If there is a Joe Trippi character in the movie, are you giving away the ending? I mean, obviously his candidate doesn't win.

Ha! Spoiler alert! (I actually don't know how it ends -- Roxanne is the one who won the dream date with Joe Trippi; to make up for me getting to go to the movies with Jim Webb.)

Roxanne, that joke belongs in the toilet!

Well, it cracked me up.

My head just exploded. They have to have something on her to make her appear on that show.

Yes! I just found the other person in this room who isn't watching DWTS. Sorry for the confusion, but Vanessa Redgrave thus far has only been cast in Amy Argetsinger's Alternate-Reality Season of DWTS. I think she's having a fauxmance with her partner, Maks Ballas.

Are you going? Thoughts on which designer FLOTUS has chosen? Any more on the guest list?

I'll be covering tomorrow night---no news yet on the designer; we typically don't know until just before the dinner because the first lady often doesn't decide what she's wearing until right before she gets dressed. No more details on the guest list---that also gets released just before guests arrive.

I like the format of seeing a movie with an actual newsmaker and seeing what they think. Kind of like a truth squad for Hollywood. So I wonder, what would be your ideal movie dates with other movies -- not necessarily DC-based movies? Aside from seeing those Left Behind movies with Kirk Cameron, of course.

Good question. I'd love to do more of these kinds of things, but it's just a matter of finding the right movie and the right VIP (who isn't too VI to go to the movies with us). 

Only if you show up with a cold and infect the entire bar.

Ha! Dark history joke!

I'm dazzled by how effortlessly "open wheel racing" rolled off Amy's fingertips

I've actually seen her race. She didn't win that day, but she had a much longer line of fans waiting for her autograph than the guy who did. (Scott Dixon? I think? See, I'm just as bad as the rest of them.)

Someone posing as a Mexican drug lord when a terrorist hires him to assassinate a Middle East politician?. Sorry, I saw that when it was called "24".

Which leads to my question: Did everyone's cell phone always work? No dropped calls, no drained batteries?  I noticed that Jack never seemed to charge his phone.

I just moved and have been receiving two coping of the Washington Post (my own subscription, and the prior owner never canceled his)., After getting two papers for a week, I called and asked them to stop one of them. Now I am getting zero papers. Who can I complain to?

You can complain to me, like you always do. Or you can call circulation and start afresh.

Just realizing how that 9-9-9 plan and how Herman Cain talks about it is a lot like the marketing campaign for a deal at a pizza chain.

Well, pizza is more popular than politics, so maybe that accounts for his poll numbers.

I was in DC recently and at a Thai restaurant not far from Thailand's embassy that had some of the best Thai food I ever ate. Is that a general rule of the thumb with restaurants in DC, that the closer an ethnic restaurant is to the embassy that represents the country of its ethnicity, the better it is?

Now, the Internet is telling me that you must have eaten in Georgetown... but in fact the best Thai food is all in Shaw. Seriously. D.C. is enjoying an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great Thai food these days, but the best ones are Thai X-ing and Beau Thai, both over near Rhode Island and Florida.

How is Nancy Grace still on DWTS?

Fans base. Fan base. Fan base. And maybe a few newcomers impressed by her boobs.

that they give you before surgery to make you feel totally relaxed? If so, I'd love me some of that every so often. It would definitely help me sleep....

I think it's the stuff they give you to put you under, no? Whatever -- it is not intended for home or recreational use.

Read the transcript of last week's chat and the comments about Daniel Day-Lewis,an actor I admire very much. Some years back, he turned down every role offered for more than a year (and he's pretty picky anyway) so he could go to Italy (Florence, I believe) and apprentice himself to a shoemaker. His reason: he always wanted to learn how to make shoes. Being Daniel Day-Lewis, he could afford to take a year to do it. It made me like him even more.

Now I'm dying to look at his shoes.

We need to protest greedy stores that won't let you wear their jewelry on a trial basis and then try to claim you stole it.

Yeah, Lindsay, right on! You lead the charge on Rodeo Drive -- I'll be right behind you, at least until they pull the pepper spray out.

If you keep making jokes like that I'm going to start a new movement--Occupy The Reliable Source.

Okay, I give up. But then, you had an articulate complaint that could be easily understood and addressed. See, that was easy.

Roxanne with the win! Great pun.

Pretty bad, actually. But puns have their place in the world....a low, low place.

Peter Sagal on Wait, Wait said the other week that Perry was 2 debates away from being on DWTS. Can we assume this is now one debate?

"In this country" (he said that about 100 times, didn't he?) he's a lock. Can he two-step? Apparently not. 

Not an image I wanted while eating lunch/reading chat.

Our cup overflowth.

Any chance Ricky Gervais to moderate any of these utterly boring GOP debates?

That would be so, so awesome. So no, none whatsoever.

According to the very reputable Washington Post, that incident at the Air & Space Museum was instigated by a conservative journalist working for American Spectator magazine.

The Patrick Howley story is an interesting one. He definitely participated, but beyond that we're getting into a semantic debate. If you read the (different versions) of his American Prospect story, he makes it sound like he  was more successful than the rest of his cohort in getting into the museum but not that he organized/led the mission. Whatever you think of his intent, though, the end result is a story that's a little too much about Patrick Howley.

So how much do you two get paid for giving speeches as part of the Washington Speakers Bureau?

That's so cute. As if. We lack the seriously self-promotional gene.

Anyone know where I may get some Salahi costumes? That way I may go to as many Halloween parties as I want.

That was so last year.

I watched this this weekend solely because one of you thought it was awesome. Verdict--it was awesome. Thanks for encouraging me to get a movie on On Demand I never would have. Not "great" cinema, but a heck of a lot of fun.

Absurdly riveting, wasn't it? And the best thing is, you don't need to have seen the first four movies for it to make any sense -- because it doesn't make any sense anyway!

How about a Viking-themed party?

A shout-out from the Leif Ericsson lobby.

Of Luke and Laura and my inexplicable teenage crush fame? When was he on it? I'm so confused....

I need to stop teasing you guys. Sorry. I made all of that up. None of those people, so far as I know, are on DWTS -- except Chaz Bono, or so they tell me.

Just checking, why do we care that Justice Kagan was wearing jeans? Would that have been noted if it were Justice Kennedy or Breyer? I noticed Joe Trippi wearing jeans in Roxanne's photo, though it was not noted in the story.

YES!!! If Kennedy or Breyer or Scalia were out wearing jeans, we'd be equally scintillated -- so please do not hesitate to tell us if this happens!  You basically never see Supreme Court justices on U Street, or wearing jeans. It's the kind of thing the "Hey, isn't that...?" feature is made for.

Isnt the hot Halloween costume being Hank Williams Jr.?

Oh, you're probably right. What are the other obvious zeitgeist costumes?

is today's best pun.

Pretty soon, Amy's going to pretend she doesn't know me. 

As a woman of a certain age, and of a certain weight, I am kind of glad she is still there while that skinny minny Chynna Philips is gone. Just sayin....Frankly, Nancy Grace has shown a kind of cute side I didn't know she had.

It's nice to see her smile.

You know, I don't mind if Cain doesn't know the name of every leader of every one of the world's 190+ countries. I do mind that he's vapid enough to make fun of the NAME of a country. Seriously, what the hell was that?

It will definitely hurt him with the Uzbeki vote.

I'm a Korean-American and my mom tells me I'm pretty special, but I haven't gotten my invitation :(

You ARE special. The White House just doesn't realize it yet. Someone hand out a trophy, quick!

I had trouble keeping up -- I kept getting The Rock and Vin Diesel mixed up. I had assumed they were the same guy.

Watching their fight scenes was like watching the Winkelvi fight. Very confusing.

Back when marrying your rapist was an acceptable plot twist during afterschool TV..

Probably a bigger cultural influence on Generation X than Nirvana, really.

Actually, in season 8 of "24", the cell phones didn't work after an explosion at CTU and...I need a life, don't I?

You know, it was my absolute favorite show, but I can't remember any of the plot lines.

Shouldn't be gossip columnists, you should be pundits

You don't think I have a career in DWTS fan fiction?

Roxanne, I'm curious why you thought Paul Zara (Philip Seymour Hoffman) was the only decent guy in the Ides of March bunch? I walked out of the movie thinking that every one of the principal characters were truly unhappy, deeply flawed human beings, no matter what greater cause they claimed to be serving.

Hoffman's campaign manager seemed flawed but less willing to backstab than most of the other characters. I could imagine liking that guy. But the movie underscored ---yet again---that politics is a tough way to make a living.

Chatters: Thanks so much for joining us, puns and all. Stay warm and dry and send us your tips, sightings and other fun facts. We'll be back next week, unless the building is occupied and we're forced to paint protest signs with vague demands.

There's a statue of him in my hometown. Uff da.

Uffda, indeed.

... to stay in touch all week long via

How come now one makes Clinton jokes in movie? It would've been hilarious if the intern had quipped "I did not have sex with that man! (Clooney)". Bill is the sacred cow of Democrats.

Clinton is becoming the Ronald Reagan of the Dems. Pretty soon someone will demand we name an airport for him. 

Also, the softer hairdos and makeup.

Also helps.

Would it be ethical for Roxanne to re-purpose that pun on "Wait! Wait!" now that she's used it here?

Of course. I'm allowed to steal from myself.

Now we're really gone! Next week, gang.


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