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Oct 02, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, October 2, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Reliable Source weekly online chat. Some topics on our radar. . .


With former President George H.W. Bush as a witness, same-sex marriage now seems as “real and normal” as any other for the brides.


A comedian punches a journalist at the “Funniest Celebrity” fundraiser, but the real scandal may be how little is going to charity.


Adrian Fenty moves west. Hmmm, who are you staying with, Adrian?


The shutdown may be throwing social Washington into minor disarray — but it should not hurt Jose Andres’s plans to become a citizen.


Is Gbenga Akinnagbe the most interesting man in the world? Or at least the DMV?


In other news: Hottest bachelors? You decide.  . . A split for Richard Gere and Carey Lowell, an engagement for Sam Kass and Alex Wagner, a hot date for Mary Bono — and why don’t Fergie and Prince Andrew just get back together already?. . . And just breaking now: Is Ronan Farrow Frank Sinatra's son? Are we ALL Frank Sinatra's son? And are the Farrows the Most Interesting Family in the World?


Welcome to October. Looking forward to your questions.

They've got to be kidding, right? I think Tyler Moore is much better looking than any of them. So are Steve Lombardozzi and Gio Gonzalez. Even Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen.

We can always count on our Nats fan girl. I think in addition to specifying "nominees must be shirtless," Inside Edition should have provided a caveat that the list is limited to guys who agreed to show up.

Feels like I was the only person who never watched Breaking Bad.

I'm still midway through Season One. Thus far, the finale spoilers are much easier to avoid than the "Game of Thrones" spoilers, which were floating free-form in the atmosphere and absorbable through the skin.

Congrats are in order for Alex Wagner on her engagement!

And congratulations are in order to Sam Kass as well. Cute couple, huh?

No comments on Brynn Cameron and her son with Blake Griffin? I trust she's not trying to hit for the cycle (football, basketball, baseball, hockey).

Small world, huh?

RIP Tom Clancy

And here's his obituary. Hard to believe he was only 66. Was younger than I realized when he got started.

Anything new with you, Amy?

Every day it's something new!

This pickup line is something I could be using this weekend, "You might be non-essential to Uncle Sam, but you'll always be essential to me."

An enterprising sort would be printing up t-shirts with shutdown slogans and selling them on (well, next to) the Mall. Come on chatters, ideas?





So do Congressional types have to avoid social events to pretend they're concerned about the closing of the government and the furloughing of a few hundred thousand workers?

I'm not quite that cynical---maybe they (or some of them) are concentrating solely on ending the shutdown. So I'll reserve judgment until I see how this plays out.

Props to the former President for being at a same sex marriage.

Quite a story, isn't it? Funny, those brides just quietly posted their photos on Facebook -- didn't call the media or anything -- and two days went by before we happened to get a tip about it. Surprised it didn't go viral on its own -- it's quite a sign of the times.  George H.W. Bush is witness at same-sex marriage in Maine

Not to speak ill of the dead, but I still remember an interview he gave years ago commenting that anyone who'd never earned at least a six figure salary hadn't done much with their life. Rich talk from someone who wrote his "masterpieces" occupying a chair for his wife's family insurance company.

I've never heard of that comment, so don't know if it's true. He did work in insurance, but I don't know enough about his pre-bestseller days.

I think he looks a little more like Sinatra than Woody Allen, but maybe that is just me.

It had never occurred to me, but now it's obvious. Will try to add more photos, but some of these Young Frank Sinatra images I googled up really make the case of a strong resemblence to Ronan -- who admittedly looks a LOT like his mother. You don't really see it when you Google Young Woody Allen.

Clancy was only 66 or that Sting is turning 62 today?

Wow. . . That is kind of amazing, really.

You apparently have a new owner today. Things seem different?

Nope. Waiting for it to rain.

Do you think they actually care about each other?

In their own self-obsessed, reality show, live-in-public, no accountability way....yes. In fact, they're a good match for each other, aside from the fact that Kayne has actual talent. 

How has the shut down impacted your life?

Most directly in the fact that normal news has dried up, and what we have of it is getting completely overshadowed by the shutdown news. That's often the case when you've got a big national politics story.

Pizza delivery...

Nope. No more extra toppings in the Oval.

What a great story yesterday. Any idea how they are spending the rest of their trip?

More veterans are storming the gates today, it seems. Here's the original story about yesterday's veterans at the WWII memorial. Still a lot of unanswered questions, it seems.

Rehashing that stuff is pretty upsetting. Think someone would get a pass for marrying his significant other's adopted daughter today? Or taking naked pictures of her. Yuck.

The world is full of strangeness. Hollywood still lets him make movies, so they're not THAT upset.

Here's another interesting factoid about the Farrows. Mia's first husband was composer Andre Previn, who adopted some of her children. But Mia started her affair with Andre when he was still married to composer Dory Previn (who actually wrote some songs recorded by Frank Sinatra, who married Mia Farrow after she divorced Andre Previn). The Mia-Andre affair and subsequent divorce was the proverbial straw on the camel's back for Dory, whose mental health was never very strong, and she was hospitalized for some time. So, maybe there's some karma floating around there that ended up in Woody's affair with Mia's adopted daughter.

Here's Dory Previn's obituary from last year, which suggests she was always a fragile creature. Fair to say, though, that there are a lot of tumultuous relationships involving the Farrows.

What is Amy already planning for a Halloween costume?

I don't know -- the Great Pumpkin? I haven't really done Halloween in a couple years. The last time I dressed up, I fell back on my Pan-Am stewardess costume for maybe the third or fourth time in a decade.

"I'm fee-funded - let me buy you dinner."


To see Tyler Moore shirtless (and I'll bet he has the cutest Mississippi accent!). I'd also pay to see Lombo, Gio. Clip, or Store shirtless. I actually nominate Tyler Moore for Hottest Bachelor in DC.

Okay, I see all you lurking out there. But we're so hard up for good questions from you that we're falling back on another post from Tyler Moore's Would-Be Girlfriend. Come on in, the rest of you -- the water's fine!

The people making repeated claims that the gates magically opened just seemed a little fishy? Lawmakers, vets, part staff opening it up -- who cares? Bizarre that everyone is trying to make it seem like some sort of divine moment.

Yes, indeed.

I think the article was in BALTIMORE magazine. His career was really starting to take off at the time. My company was adapting one of his novels for a computer game so it struck me more than it usually would have.

I'm assuming you weren't making $100K at the time.

Also not to speak ill...oh, wait, I guess I am. But I knew a few people who knew him in various contexts, pre- and post-Red October (the guy who mowed his lawn, someone worked for his lawyer) and they all said he was quite the glass bowl.

Took me a minute there.

Well, a lot of rich, famous people aren't that nice to people they don't have to be nice to. Always a marker of character.

Now if I could just figure out that relationship with David Rawlings. They sure are a great musical pair!

Haven't heard her name in a while. She was one of my celebrity doppelgangers back in the day. I've seen David Rawlings described as her boyfriend/life-partner -- is there any ambiguity there? Anyway, here they are with Old Crow Medicine Show.

"I'm assuming you weren't making $100K at the time." Good guess. : )

That's a line I'd remember, too.

I won't shut you down!


Have you read any Tom Clancy novels? They have long paragraphs about weapons, weapons systems, people firing weapons, people buying weapons,etc. At least the movie versions were able to focus on the action moments instead of the breathless descriptions of weapons.

"Is that a pistol in your pocket? Oh, goodie, it IS a pistol in your pocket!" 

Not to correct you, but I had thought you went recently as one of the characters from All About Eve or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Vertigo or something? Or am I mixing that up with someone else?

Oh! You're right. I did! Totally forgot about that. Yes, I went as Margo Channing, which necessitated a close viewing of "All About Eve" until it was almost too late to get dressed and go to the party.

Wasn't it during the last shutdown that Bill Clinton got in all that trouble with Monica Lewinsky?

Indeed it was.

Was Monica Lewinsky an essential employee? Why was she still allowed to be at the White House then? Besides the fact that she was stalking the president...

Unpaid interns are ESSENTIAL.

Are any of Woody Allen's children on speaking terms with him? Other than Soon-Yi, of course.

Nope, none of them, by the sound of it.

I like J-Dub, aka the Caveman. Don't care what people say about his personality. And Desi is hot too. Bryce is just too young (my son's only 8 years younger than Bryce!).

I agree. Werth is the handsomest guy on the team.

when I read they stormed the gates, it made me think maybe it was good for them to get through one more battlefield, maybe makes the visit more memorable. (sure does for us reading about it).

It is a great story.

It takes incredible chutzpah for the Republican representatives whose choices led to the government shutdown to then bleat about letting veterans into memorials that were closed due to the shutdown. I am waiting for the pix of them helping out at soup kitchens for the women and children denied WIC funding.

Well, yes, there's that angle.

Just in case there is a Washington Post shut down, everybody knows you guys are essential to us, right?

And you can prove it by subscribing.

"Where have you been sequestered all my life? "

I dunno --- the word "sequester" lacks romance. Just sayin'.

Emulate Katie Holmes and be the Slutty Pumpkin! I'm thinking the Headless Horseman might be big this year (I LOVE Sleepy Hollow!).

Had to Google this one. I'm also about seven seasons behind on " How I Met Your Mother."

The "storming" of the WWII memorial is complete BS. It was set up by the very same GOP congresscritters who are at fault for the government shut down in the first place. Then they use the veterans as a political prop to bash the Democrats and President at their BS press conference in front of the memorial. I wish that the press (TV "journos" mostly) would not cover it as some sort of amazing stand by the vets.

Political theater.

How about that Clint guy that oversees the between-inning entertainment? Now there is a good looking fellow.

Aw, there's the Clint fan club weighing in. Clint Khoury actually scaled his hours back this season.

I grew up in Berkeley, California, in the '50s and '60s, where for years a schoolmate of mine would go along with his gardener-father on Saturday mornings to do the yard of retired Admiral Chester Nimitz. My friend said that Nimitz took a real interest in him, talked about his experiences in WW II, and even lent the boy awesome books on the history of the period, some of which my friend brought to school for show and tell. (Interesting note: my friend's father was Nisei, or second-generation Japanese-American, and this was only a decade or two after the War).

Nice. Wonder if the kid enlisted in the Navy.

I love Bullock and Clooney, but do I really want to watch them floating around in space suits for 90 minutes? (reviews have been very good but more for the techie aspects)

Not open yet, but it's a girl-in-peril movie set in space. I'm not sure how well that plays for non-space fans.

lost interest in it a few seasons back, saw the promos of "the mother" and since she's not part of the regular cast have no interest in seeing how it ends.

I'm interested to see how eight (?) years of clues will be tied together in an interesting way without any loose ends.

Actually, I think that interview was in the Washington POst magazine. Also, my middle school English teacher was his neighbor and also thought he was a glass bowl.

Actually, that's kind of a famous story, by our former colleague Peter  Carlson, from 1993, and while I can't Google it up at the moment, looks like they might resurrect it online later today. Part of it is written in mock-Clancy style. And I found the quote someone was asking about. . . 


“One of the problems with Congress, very simply, is those people today have the best jobs they’re ever going to have. They’re failures. Well, that’s a little strong. But if $ 120,000 a year is the best job you’ve ever had, you haven’t really done very much.”

Maybe bringing back the Meat dress that Lady Gaga made famous.

I was going to do that as my costume! But it turns out it's really expensive, among other things, to put together -- unless you're crafty enough to make it out of felt or something.

Does it get better this season?

Not that I've heard. Hank seems to be warning us away.

Do they have any children together? So hard to keep it all straight...

Actually, I had forgotten this: They adopted two kids, who are now tweens.

The reason I ask about the Nats is that I have no idea who half of the people you write about in this chat and in your columns are. I have zero interest in politics or politicians. I do, however, know who RGIII and Ovi are. And they are all much better looking than the pols!

Oh, speaking of Ovechkin! I just swoon for his broken English. This quote from Dave Sheinin's story was a highlight of my week. "Be not like a wolf in the forest anymore." How adorable is that.

Didnt realize he was married since his time with Cindy Crawford.

Yup. Quietly living his post "Sexist Man Alive" life.

I just read "I would pay to see Tyler Moore shirtless" from a previous comment as "I would pay to see Mary Tyler Moore shirtless". Without commenting on the actual allure of Ms. Moore's continuing charms, let's just say it's been a long week....

Oh, Mair! You can keep your shirt on.

How much fun is she. Andre Previn, Frank Sinatra, Woody Allen. When I was a kid I think she cut off all her hair because her mom would' not let her date Frank Sinatra.

What's interesting is why she was catnip for those men.

What about the new Nats pitcher Tanner Roark? He's pretty close to the caveman look. Rowwrrr!

Yes. And I love that he has a name straight out of a soap opera. Tanner Roark!

What does she look like?

What do you think she looks like?

Am I doing the math right? Frank was 70 would have fathered Ronan and Mia was 43? Did they both drink from the fountain of youth that day? At least Woody would have be a spry 52.

She was 42 when Ronan was born, but heck, that's young! Frank Sinatra would have been 71 at the time of Ronan's conception, but you know, that's possible too.

I did the same thing, thought -Whoa and went back and reread it. Not a Nats fan so didn't know of Tyler Moore.

We aim to education. And confuse.

If I was mowing Nimitz's lawn I'd ask for a letter to the Academy!

I like your spunk, kid.

I just saw a TCM tweet that they're airing Doctor Doolittle tonight. I haven't seen this since childhood. I fear I'll have the same experience I did, however, after trying to rewatch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang recently. Am i too old or do these movies just not hold up to the test of time? (yes, I realize this is a propos of nothing, but you guys seem like you'd have a thought or two)

"Doctor Doolittle" was kind of a notorious bomb at the time it came out, so don't feel bad. I was always fond of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," but it's probably now about three times older than it was when I last saw it so who knows how it holds up.

Hey, if Hollywood can forgive Woody Allen for his sins, I think we can all forgive Tom Clancy's jerk-ness in the name of his weapon-porn/art.

Depends if you appreciate weapon porn. Not my wheelhouse.

Upon hearing about Woody and Soon-Yi, Frank apparently offered to Mia to have Woody taken care of/beaten up/injured. What a classy guy.

You know, I've never heard of Ronan Farrow punching anyone, so keep that in mind when considering the evidence.

You are sequestered in my heart!

That's better....

maybe she was a manic pixie dream girl back in the day.

Well, she was a pretty little waif...

I remember Ava Gardner commenting, after Mia married Sinatra, that "she hadn't know Frank liked little boys" until then.

That's SO Ava...

I think it's that delicate helpless thing


What Richard Gere era was it when he was sexist man alive?

1999, the "Runaway Bride" era. This of course was after his stint as one half of the "sexiest couple alive," which was of course his Cindy Crawford, early 90s era. 

me too. weird feeling for a few seconds

I think we're all feeling weird now.

Well, there was a significant age difference in two cases. BUt what is catnip is always an interesting question. Apparently Pamela Harriman was catnip to some - perhaps many - men because she made them feel like they were the most interesting person in the world. Somewhere along the line, she overcame what were described as plain looks, a large behind and stocky legs by really seeming like she was listening.

Or maybe she really WAS listening.

How about a topless witch?

Too subtle.

I didn't think watching 2 people tread water for 2 hours would be interesting, but dang it that wasnt a great movie

Well, point taken. This is why Hollywood executives are rich and I'm not.

Do regular people announce publicly that this is the year they will get pregnant? Isn't that putting a lot of pressure on someone(s) who are edging out of the high fertility period?

The big political story of the day. . . . And, uh, hate to ask a rude question, but how old are you, and what did they teach you in health class? It's an odd announcement for many reasons, but I wouldn't say that a 33-year-old is "edging out" of her fertility quite yet.

watched a few years ago for the 1st time since I was a kid, liked it even more than I did then actually.

Good to know, thanks for the endorsement.

or start a fight, but if so many people didn't continue to go see dreck like "Midnight in Paris", Hollywood would shun Woody Allen, too. So, it's really those people who deserve our contempt. Just sayin'.

Oh, that was a perfectly fine movie. He made a perfectly fine movie every four or five years. Though, unfortunately, he also continues to make a movie every year.

I just streamed "Rosemary's Baby" on Netflix a few nights ago, and Ava wasn't far off the mark. Mia really does look coltish in that film, all long legs and slender frame.

Frankly (no pun intended) we could have easily devoted this entire chat to the Sinatra-Farrow axis and all other relationships spreading out from it. Really, it's a pretty amazing contrast, Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow. Sinatra definitely had some diverse tastes.

That's a little judgmental isn't it?

Oh, hell -- did I type that? That's a common typo for me, and an endlessly funny one.

She's one of the few people who got better looking with age (yes, even taking into account the plastic surgery involved).

It's a lesson for all women, really. You don't have to be a knockout beauty, or even a minor beauty. It's way more important to have a cultivated mind, to be a witty conversationalist and a generous good listener. Oh, and stupendous in bed. That's probably key.

is it really admirable that a bunch of old guys disregarded government policies regarding closures, made it incredibly difficult for the park police and others to do their jobs, and had Congressional help doing it? The staffs are already reduced at the National Parks, creating a precedent that it's "great" to bust in just makes their jobs harder. I get that we love WWII vets, but it's kind of a jerk move.

Imagine a bunch of lovable art students breaking into the National Gallery? Uh, no.

The science guy was eliminated from DWTS, not sure what to think of this Amy.

I love it -- Bll Nye on DWTS? That's better than anything I could have come up with.

And Tom Clancy is on TV talking about Russian nuclear submarines. It may be some sort of cosmic kismet, but it's still pretty freaky. And surprisingly, thanks to this chat, it seems like there a smug jerkiness to everything he says.

Rest in peace, Tom. Or not.

If I don't want to watch Bullock/Clooney float through space for a couple hours, as a backup plan, is "To Fly" still playing at the Air and Space Museum?

The 1976 jumbo-screen classic is indeed, in theory, still playing at Air and Space -- but you might need some feisty WWII veterans to bust you into the theater this week. 

I seem to recall hearing Diane Rehm say that Clancy was the most glassbowlish guest she ever interviewed (it was a few years ago, so someone else may have surpassed him).

It's been a competitive few years for glassbowlish behavior, so that may well be the case.


Hey, before we wrap up, I'd like to thank Tyler Moore's Make-Believe Girlfriend for getting the ball rolling today -- we tease because we love, you know -- and for the rest of you who rallied with your questions. Ultimately, we ended up with more than we could post yet again.

He seems to have Sinatra's nose.

And eyes. And fashion sense.

Brilliant idea! This year I'm going as Lisa de Moraes, because apparently no one knows what she looks like! I usually don't do drag for All Hallow's, but I'm thinking this is too good to pass up.

Lisa de Moraes would probably dress as Margo Channing for Halloween, and do it SO much better than me. It's really how she dressed most days. Amazing vintage-y wardrobe. But now I'm giving away her secrets, and she would probably hate that.

Since they charge $20 per vehicle to park at Udar-Hazy, will the fee-financed parking lot there still be open, even if the museum isn't? Yes, this motorcycle-riding patron is still salty about this policy.

OMG you are so right. Mia Farrow was THE first Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Except that she only *looked* like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She actually always had an unnervingly calm, cool demeanor to go with that waif-like charisma. Really, she was Angelina Jolie before Angelina Jolie was invented.

Time to go get a free sandwich.

Life has its small rewards, SMEF.

Chatters -- time for us to go. Feds, we're rooting that the shutdown shuts down sooner than later, because those free sandwiches won't last forever. The rest of you: Be nice. And send your tips and sightings to Enjoy these last days of Indian summer, and well talk next week.


Apparently Pam Harriman was not. She was not interested in sex at all, according to a biography I read many years ago. I found that really interesting - the men just needed to feel like they were superstars, she didn't have to do anything but listen.

Ah, even more interesting.

Okay, now we're really done. Thanks for joining!

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