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Oct 20, 2010

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Anyone seen Roxanne?

So do you think Sarah Ferguson is giving Kate any tips on how to stay sane at the palace? Or is the royal family keeping Sarah far away?

Do we think Sarah Ferguson is qualfied to give Kate tips on how to stay sane at the palace?

It's my recollection that the usually healthy relationship between the Duchess and her ex-in-laws may have been stressed by her being caught on film offering introductions to the royals in exchange for cash.

Also: Are we going to have to hear these "royal wedding rumors" for the next decade?

Like in Vegas, what happens in the past, stays in the past. Ginny Thomas should've just left well enough alone. And Anita Hill should've just deleted the voicemail and left well enough alone.

It's a bizarre episode, that's for sure.

Only in Washington would this make news!

Yes. Only in Washington would a guy dress down his ex-girlfriend in the middle of a panel discussion. But they probably don't have as many panel discussion outside of Washington.

Clearly, they come for nothing if you don't invite them.

Oh, the obvious joke. Let's try harder!

Was the turning point for Christine O'Donnell is when she turned her back on the witch community?

I keep waiting for Larry King to book a representative of the Wilmington Wiccans to share their thoughts. Maybe it's happened and I missed it.

I find it a bit bizarre and frankly a little cowardly, that Virginia Thomas, the second wife of Clarence Thomas, would call Anita Hill's office at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday to ask for an apology via voicemail about an event that took place nearly 20 years ago. If she wanted a conversation about the matter, why not ask for it? Finally, since it was not in your RS piece, we should note that Ms. Hill testified under oath and has reiterated (in response to the phone call} that everything she said in 1991 is true and there is no need to apologize.

A short little item crammed into print at the last minute overnight; you should be reading Michael Fletcher's full story on this saga, link to follow.

I once was walking down the street and there was a crowd of people outside a museum. I kept walking wondering what this was all about and paused to see what they were all trying to look. Then a security guard tapped me on the shoulder asking me to move. I didn't realize it, but I was standing in the middle of a red carpet to the museum. So a bit embarrassed, I kept walking only to see a bunch of Mercendes Benzes coming around the corner. An elderly couple walks out and waves. I was nearly right beside them. Only later on the evening newscast did I see that the King and Queen of Norway had been in town and that's who all the fuss was over.

I feel kind of bad for all those other kings and queens. Wouldn't recognize them if I bumped into them on the street.

Nope. She's not at my office.

Hush, you all.

I doubt this is the first voicemail or email she's gotten that referred to the Supreme Court hearings. She probably routinely turns stuff over to campus police wherever she works.

Didn't occur to me, but that's probably right.

What's the likelihood that Mr. and Mrs. Frontporch America will have seen Margaret Cho on DWTS and will seek out her DVDs? How will they react when they discover her act is a tad bluer than anything they saw at Branson, Mo., last summer?

Okay, people -- I watched your little show last night. Well, about 10 minutes of it anyway. Do you realize how weird this show is? It's a cross between a Japanese game show and an early '70s episode of Lawrence Welk. How has our culture come to this?

Okay, so is this woman a little wacky or what? And how is it an "olive branch" to call someone and say they should apologize? An olive branch would be, "I'm sorry that you were treated badly. Have a good life. You seem like a smart woman." Something other than, "You owe someone and aplogy."

Yes, olive branches seldom come with demands on an apology and suggestions that you should "pray" about it. Gee, thanks.

Can't believe you didn't get more details about who was with him. I haven't seen anything about who he is romantically involved with - may have been a great scoop!

Do you know? Why aren't you telling us? For all we know, he was with a PR handler or something, but who knows...

They just release a voicemail recording left on Al Gore's phone. "Al Gore. Clarence Thomas here. While we're at it, thought you might want to apologize about the '00 election. Hope you're well."

Ha! I bet writers from all the late-night shows are going crazy with this.

Mel Gibson in the Hangover 2, I wonder if they will have him lip sync like they did with Mike Tyson in the first one.

Or a stunt man to throw punches.

And all the others who "kiss and tell" about have been long(ish) term relationships. Nothing sacred anymore. Who do you think has been the most embarrassingly forthcoming/indiscreet about a past relationship? I mean from the "horse's mouth" and not what's in the divorce deposition?

I'd say Arquette actually divulged more, while Seavey just insulted and insinuated. What's the McCarthy thing -- something with Jenny McCarthy I missed? Or something with award-winning travel writer Andrew McCarthy I missed?

Sad to see about the passing of some TV icons this week. So, who are now the best TV Mom and  Dad?

Anyone? I'm probably the wrong person to ask. The last good TV dad I can think of is James Cromwell playing Kiefer's dad on "24."

Roxanne - when you were on WWDTM 2 weeks ago, Peter Sagal said you were wearing a "lovely" dress. Do tell us about it!

Black cocktail dress. Since I was the only panelist wearing a dress, it stood out.

Seems to me this has been the year for passages - quite a few celebs have gone to their rewards.

Nothing can top 2009 for celebrity passages. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze...  I tell you, Larry King was on fire that summer. I flipped on CNN last night to see if he'd be memorializing Tom Bosley, but alas, no.

Who chose that monkey suit that Bristol wore? My thinking was the mama grizzly

Those wacky producers of DWTS. That's going to live on YouTube for YEARS.

Doesn't she know the wife of a Supreme Court justice is supposed to keep it classy? I honestly think this whole episode just reminds us all of that "situation".

Interesting point. Do you think she meant to reopen that debate? I can't imagine she's happy to see it litigated in the court of public opinion all over again today.

I missed Larry King last night. Please tell me he had the cast of Happy Days.

He did not. He had Penn Gillette and some tea party guy yelling at each other. You'd think the Tom Bosley death would be totally in his wheelhouse. Maybe tonight. Anyway, a link to Adam Bernstein's artful-as-always obituary will follow.

Please comment on the practice of giving single serve bags of baby carrots (Scarrots) to your trick or treaters? Cruel, trendy, or a good method of risk management?

Awful. Awful. Awful. It's like those people who handed out religious tracts to save my soul from the devil's work. (Didn't work---I'm a professional gossip.) Don't preach to me on Halloween. If you don't like it, turn off the lights and don't answer the door but don't give me baby carrots. Actually, I'm not big on being preached at any day of the year.

I would be more sympathetic to Anita Hill's position if the FBI hadn't been called in on what is CLEARLY a completely non-threatening voice mail. It's not a federal crime (at least not yet) to ask for an inappropriate apology. Making a federal case out of it just makes me think that Anita Hill loves to grandstand.

I'm just going to put out a lot of your opinions here. (Everyone, forgive the chatter for the mislabeled header here.)

Do you think Justice Thomas knew his wife was making that ill-advised phone call? Picking up the phone at 7:30 am on a Saturday suggests that you have been up all night fretting about the matter and decided you had to get it off your chest--after 19 years of careful thought.


You would think that Justice Thomas's wife would have learned from Tiger Woods and his voicemails being made public. Sheesh.


It was Charlie. He didn't really like Edgar Bergen all that much, and he HATED Candice!

Oh, of course. Does he have a book deal now too?

that has Todd Seavey's picture and says "Don't Date this Man!" Now we all know why she broke up with him (and every other ex he's ever had). Way to show your jerkiness to the world, Mr. Seavey!

Seems to me that that a version of that billboard has existed online for a while now -- Todd Seavey's blog.

I hope it's a scene where he's ranting and raving about something. That would be awesome, even if it's not really acting.

The man won an Oscar! For directing, but....

Tom Bosley dies at 83; actor played Howard Cunningham, father on 'Happy Days'

Homer Simpson being Catholic. Will this move now save the Catholic Church?

I thought the church was supposed to save Homer.

So, this guy rushed onto the field to avenge A-Rod's treatment of Cameron Diaz. If one person did that for every woman A-Rod mistreated, the security couldn't handle the crowd! My Ms. Diaz, in particular?

Thanks for calling my attention to this episode -- link to follow. Oh, I think both Cameron and A-Rod can take care of themselves. They are some of the most accomplished daters around.

it gets her name back out, and gets to let her play the victim (again) of some woman whose romantic intentions toward her husband were thwarted. (Or at least that was her story a bit ago). Regardless--she's now all activisty so this is just drumming up mentions of that for her.


I would not delete the email and keep quiet. That is just how abusers used to intimidate employees and continue their control, tell them to keep quiet. Let the truth out. Mrs. Thomas should remember what my dad taught me: don't ever say anything you don't want published in the paper.


I just thought that Supreme Court Justice's wives were supposed to be smarter. There's no way that this wasn't going to end up dragging the story through the news again. And telling a whole new generation about it since I didn't even know it happened until this.


How does that work when Hollywood types go to dinner with government staffers? Are the movie stars allowed to accept a free meal, or does that violate some sort of law?

Are *movie stars* allowed to accept a free meal? Hey, movie stars get comped all the time. Movie stars don't have to follow any rules! But I don't have any reason to think anyone got comped here. Of course, there are various rules about what government employees can accept, which vary a lot, but I don't know that any of it came into play here.

NYPD: Yankee Field Crasher Out to Get A-Rod for "Ruining" Cameron Diaz

If the wife of a Very Powerful Person left a message on my voicemail asking for an apology about a high-profile, legal, and public testimony before Congress, I would perceive that as a threatening action and call law enforcement.


But you really don't know what kind of nut jobs have been contacting her over the years. She's probably gotten some weird threats. I do not blame her one bit.


Beth she's coming out with a book. Nothing like drumming up a little interest so people actually know who Virginia Thomas is!


Risk management? No. If you give out carrots on Halloween I'd say you are putting yourself high on the list for getting your tires slashed or your house tp'ed. That is not good risk management. Give the kids what they want on this day. They want Reese's PB cups and that is all.

Let's hope we are past the tire slashing era. Even if you strongly believe candy is bad for children, carrots on that night doesn't cut it. I personally think holidays should be exceptions to the rule---or skip it entirely.  

What is Amy dressing up as for this Halloween?

Still working on that. Ideas?

When I watch these Parisian or Belgian or Greek protesters of late, I thinking how lame the "Tea Party" really is with just sitting around with those poor grammar and spelling on their signs. Apparently that's what passes for a revolution these days in the United States? Europeans really are out performing use when it comes to getting up in arms about government policy.

They've had centuries of practice. We're rookies at this.

Can you remind me here -- I recall something about someone getting a glass of something thrown at them by another housewife during the promotion. I read that before I knew who any of these people were -- now I'm curious.

That was Tareq Salahi, who threw a glass of wine at Lynda Erkiletian at the Beverly Hilton bar when they were all there promoting the show to the TV Critics press tour in August. Link to follow.

Was there anything in that reunion show that you learned last week? You would think they would at least get a decent interviewer to try to get something out of those five gals. Or are they saving the real news for this week's end of a two-parter. Gotta give Bravo credit. They are good at squeezing 30 minutes of entertainent into 300 milutes.

Unclear if there's any more "news"---the preview on the last show seems to be all about the White House State Dinner. But it looks like there's plenty of fireworks.

For for all of you who watched last week: Why do you think Michaele choked up when asked if she ever went anywhere without Tareq? That seemed weird to me.

How did the Housewives casting miss out on Virginia Thomas? By far the most fascinating housewife in D.C. that isn't named Vitter.

Season Two?

I was totally into dressing up like Lady Gaga in a Meat suit, but it is apparently the most popular idea out there. So much for originality. Plus, PETA may be boycotting.

For about 12 hours this weekend, I thought I was the first person to come up with that idea. But it turns out that it's the most Googled costume. Still, I don't think many will go through with it. Butchers are apparently warning against it, either for health or cost reasons -- so maybe if I do it, I'll be the only one at the party.

How on earth did Cafe Milano ever get to be the "it" restaurant and how can we get boldface names to stop going there and giving it free publicity? The food is barely mediocre; and that's on a good day.

That place has momentum like none other. It's had a surprisingly long ride, too, for a D.C. restaurant.

I wasn't interested before, but now I think I have to see the show.

Honestly, I've probably just oversold it.

Any chance we will get another Rox cameo this week?

That surprised the hell out of me. I hope not.

We'd have to HEAR it to know that. Someone saying "YOU'D BETTER PRAY ON WHAT YOU DID!" has an "OR ELSE" implication and could be very threatening in the right tone.


Ed O'Neill, hands down. The son of Mrs. Cleaver's generation.

Thanks for your vote.

I think also she believes the public will see her as this benevolent, forgiving woman. But really it just makes me think she's condescending and holier than thou.


It's the government employees who aren't supposed to accept free meals, not the movie stars.

I think movie stars should always pay. In fact, they hardly ever do.

A dentist in my area always gave out toothbrushes. Nobody minded that knew. The kids would say, "Let's go get a new toothbrush!"

You're a mellow neighborhood.

Just checking -- if I am ever about to be sentenced for some crime, I should check a police scanner and try to find someone threatening suicide. If I can help them out, then the judge may go easy on me. This can't fail, right?

Bless him for trying. Alas, while he talked the guy down, he's still going back in for 11 months. Did everyone here see "Takers"? Awesome movie. Can't wait to see how they recast it.

Fun fact: The Father Dowling Mysteries used to be the #1 imported program in Japan.For a short time, Tom was a god there.

So, he was like the Japanese Hasselhoff?

Usually these "olive branches" stuff happen in a life changing moment. Wonder if Justice Thomas is sick? Perhaps fatally sick? Or perhaps he is planning retiring regardless on how he feels about Barack Obama since a more Republican U.S. Senate will affect who can get through the nomination? Either way, all the jokes aside (love the Night Court reference), something it up in the Thomas household that wasn't there even a week ago.


Homer Simpson.......not sure who is even a close second

You have a point there.

You could use felt to make pretend meat - a little red and a little white made up to look like bacon. You could also attach a PETA boycott sing to your head so you're not really Lady Gaga, you're the protest.

That sounds like it involves a lot of... crafts. Wouldn't real cuts of meat -- cheap ones! -- be easier?

Dont think there are any rules preventing Amy or Rox from getting free meals.

Lots of rules, actually.

If Clarence Thomas' wife wants attention she can always go on DWTS. Worked for Bristol.

I can only assume that DWTS producers are right now trying to get through to Ginni and Anita, both. Why not Todd Seavey, too?

Bristol danced simply dreadfully on DWTS on Monday. I can only conclude that her mother's fans are "stuffing the ballot box" with votes to keep Bristol on the show. If only the judges had given her the lower scores that her "dance" truly deserved.

Bristol is good for the ratings. I give her at least another couple weeks.

Does Clarence Thomas's spouse spell her name Ginny or Ginnie?

I believe it's Ginni.

Is Sam Moore really a big women's basketball fan?

Apparently! Nancy Lieberman was only one of the random video testimonials he had at his 75th birthday. This could just corroborate my theory that all celebrities are friends with each other.

I saw Shia was around, but how about Megan Fox? Was she not here, or just better at hiding from us? Was hoping her husband would be here too. Brian Austin Green is, and always will be, dreamy.

Megan's so last movie! She and director Michael Bay had a big fight and he replaced her with...some other hot young sexpot.

The list begins and ends with Jim Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. If that show never happened, then James B. Sikking from Doogie Howser would have a shot.

I vote for Tate Donovan and Peter Gallagher and all the lithe, pretty, Botoxed 32-year-olds playing the moms of teens on "The O.C." But then, "The O.C." was the best show of the decade.

How do you date? Pay for your own way at a restaurant? Isn't that...awkward? (Politically correct, maybe, but awkward.)

Those kinds of rules (which vary quite a bit) only apply to business relationships.

Definitely Jane Wyatt, both as Margaret Anderson on Father Knows Best and as Amanda, wife of Sarek & mother of Spock, on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Thanks for your vote.

So... what was it really like to meet the Queen of Sweden?

She was absolutely lovely. They kept her in a bubble during the school visit---which was dumb, because she was gracious, charming and apparently really knows her stuff when it comes to the issue of drug prevention. I sat down with her later that day for about 10 minutes----she was kind, funny and smart---a real delight.

I understand that the voicemail left by Mrs. Thomas was sent over to the FBI; my question is how did it get out from there? Was it leaked or did Mrs. Thomas reveal it in that interview? Sorry, have a headache and this is confusing.

Reading between the lines, I take it that someone somewhere along the chain leaked the fact that Ginni Thomas had left the voice mail, and then when called, she confirmed it.

Hmmm. I don't know if they'd be easier, but they'd definitely be grosser.

Hey, it's Halloween. Go big or go home.

I actually was in a Gov't Budget performance that she taught back in 1998 when she worked for Dick Armey. She actually has a very engaging personality.

I've read that too.

After reading last week's chat, I just wanted to let you know that I had a Ryan Zimmerman sighting last year, in the check out line at the Virginia Square Giant (a few blocks from where his townhouse is in Clarendon). He does exist!

It's like seeing a unicorn.

Shall I assume it was not a glass of the top-ten-in-the-world, award winning, fabled, beyond fabulous Oasis wine that he keeps talking about? In fairness though, I would probably like him a lot more if I could see footage if Lynda having a glass of wine thrown in her face.

No cameras were even rolling at the time. Obviously, these people have learned nothing from "Real Housewives of New Jersey."

How does one join the" Rent is Too Damn High party"?

1. Get drunk---or just sound like you're drunk.

2. Say "The rent is too damn high!" It's better if it has nothing to do with the actual conservation taking place, but anytime is okay.

3. You're in!

Am I aging myself if I say the best TV dads were on The Cosby Show and Family Ties?

Not as much as those who vote for the Beav's mom and Richie's dad. You're a youngster!

Carol and Mike Brady!

Thanks for your vote.

Is it possible that she's left other voicemails, and this is just the first one to leak? The only other explanation I have is that this was some epic Saturday morning drunk dial.

Read Michael Fletcher's story, which we posted here earlier. Ginni Thomas is known for making unexpected phone calls to strangers on topics that she feels passionately about.

I can agree with you on Sandy Cohen. But as pretty as Tate Donovan is, didn't he lose everybody's money and was forced to move away -- leaving his one daughter in boarding school, and the other one to spiral out of control, drinking, taking drugs, and having a role model like Julie Cooper until she is eventually killed by the thug she was sleeping with. Yeah, I wonder where Jimmy Cooper hangs his father of the year award?

Yeah, yeah, details.

When I first saw Bristol and Mark in the monkey suits, I assumed they'd be dancing to the "Nairobi Trio" theme from the Ernie Kovacs Show. Guess I'm showing my age, but goodness Kovacs was a genios (I used to watch the show with my dad).

This make be the first EVER Ernie Kovacs reference in this chat. Impressive!

I have no doubts that some fans of Gov Palin are voting for her daughter based on something other than Bristol's dancing. But all you have to do is read the comments about Bristol after Lisa de Moraes mentions her in a column, and you can see that there are those who would NEVER vote for her even if she were better than Jennifer Grey, also because of her mother. Nobody seems willing to consider Bristol on her own merits.

And you know, so much is at stake here.

So does this mean you will be cleaning out a Safeway meat aisle anytime soon?

They should offer me a bargain. Can't they just give me the stuff they're about to throw out?

I wasn't clear about something. Did you write that Queen Sylvia of Sweden speaks with an American accent? Did you ask about her thoughts on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"? (Got it as a gift this week).

No. I wrote she speaks six languages. Her English is slightly accented but very easy to understand. Didn't ask her about the book. (Or did you get the Swedish version of the movie?)

My sister is married to Romanov. His great-great-whatever grandfather was Emperor Nicholas I of Russia. Somehow, I don't see him taking back the Imperial throne although he's a great brother-in-law and uncle to my kids.

What was your question? Did you want me to tell you  how you're related to the Czar?

Halloween is supposed to be about fun! Imagine you're the child who gets offered carrots. You can get those any day of the week at home - what's fun about that? If you absolutely can't abide giving away candy, find some other cheap treat - get some temporary tattoos or little party favors of some kind that are Halloween related. Just no preaching about health, tooth care or anything else on Halloween. [Climbing down off of soapbox now]

Plastic spider rings!

We had the American Revolution!

Okay, that was good. Better than the French, I think.

Carol was way too much of a white hot babe to qualfy as the best TV mom.

A totally white-hot babe, as the Bunch's finest memoirest Barry Williams confessed in his book. (Also: It's how he autographed my copy.)

BTW -- I watched just enough to see that Mrs. Brady got kicked off that insane show you people watch while you're shrooming.

Ann Romano of One Day at A Time.

Thanks for your vote.

Do you have a food dehydrator so you can convert the costume to meat jerky (suitable for re-gifting) after Halloween?

Oh, ewwwwwwwww.

Heck, I'll throw a vote in for Richard Castle; even though his own life is often spinning a bit askew, he makes sure that everything is stable for his daughter.

You just picked him cuz he's cute.

Spy Daddy on Alias. Well, maybe not "best." Maybe "most awesome."

Oh, Victor Garber! Loved him on that show.

Wouldn't it start to smell kinda rank after an hour or two unrefrigerated? (And especially on a human body at 98.6 degrees F.)?

Hey, it's HALLOWEEN!

Well, maybe I should start off with frozen cuts and let them defrost slowly through the night.

Did you get paid for your cameo?

No----didn't even know anything about it until I saw the show. I imagine they got the clip from CNN.

What about the dad from "Malcolm in the Middle?" He was clueless when it came to keeping the boys out of trouble, and totally oblivious to the social clues around him. Reminded me of my own dear dad every episode!

If you can't remember the actor's name or the character's name, then, I'm sorry -- he's not going to make the cut, poor guy.

Just defrost a couple of boxes of Steak-Ums, stitch them together, and viola!--cheap meat costume. But probably one that won't keep you warm.

But those are all brown, right? I want the bloody, red look.

Yes, Nathan Filion is mond-hot. But on that show, actually, his daughter is the most mature person in that house. It is not always clear who is parenting whom.

That's part of the charm. She's adorable but way too perfect. You know which TV I thought got it right? The "Medium": lots of petty bickering, teenage sulks, but essentially a strong marriage and family.

I'm going to put some marinade on mine and then cook it up for dinner the next night. That will be some really tender flank steak.

See, you're clever. You better not be going to the same party as me.

Speaking of Castle (and Swedes!), I've been watching the "Wallender" on PBS, and have come to the conclusion that with a little "aging" makeup Kenneth Branagh would be PERFECT to play Castle's long-lost father. And can't you believe that Castle's mom Martha (Susan Sullivan) would've had a passionate fling with Branagh in his salad days?

Why not? She (her character, at leat) appears to have had plenty of flings.

She was on that little dancing show with the unwed mother Palin? Seriously? I may have actually watched. Unfair though, isn't it? Thought she had been a professional singer/dancer/performer before the Brady show.

That show breaks its own rules left and right -- and when so much is at stake. Anyway, her professional skillz didn't help her, apparently. Or maybe the American public has just soured on Mrs. Brady. I htae that I'm even talking about this, btw.

Speaking if which, did you know that Benjamin MacKenzie was actually 48 when they were filming that show?

Stop making fun of my boyfriend Ryan Atwood.

The wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I of_Bavaria) to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810 in Munich was the occasion of the first ever Oktoberfest. How can you not love Oktoberfest?

omg, were you there? Get any photos?

that Roxanne watches "Castle"! I love that show! Plus, the guy who plays det. Esposito is from my home town of Winchester, VA and graduated from Handley High School.

My goodness, I thought no one watched this show, and now I think we have evidence that at least four people do!

You should be the guy with the cigar that showed up in all the Ryder cup photos....

Amy doesn't smoke. And who wants to walk around all night with a fake cigar?

We've got a couple weeks to help her come up with something special. In the meanwhile, we've got a column to write. Sends tips and sightings to Oh---and stock up on Halloween candy. Candy! No carrots.

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