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Sep 11, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, September 11, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Reliable Source live discussion. Some topics on our radar this second week of September:


The Bill/Hillary/Chelsea roadshow hoovers up some more cash at their foundation fundraiser.


“Homeland” finally visits Washington for its season three premiere -- where've you guys been anyway.


What is up with John Kerry’s face?


If you want to keep up with the Australians, you better get up early in the morning.


Dennis Rodman is please to announce the birth of a possible heir to the North Korean autocracy.


Also: Neil Young loves the smell of ethanol in the morning. . .  The tattooed Miss Kansas and other Miss America firsts. . .  Prince Andrew is apprehended at Buckingham Palace, suffers identity crisis. . .  Leon Harris is lucky to be alive. . .  ScarJo is engaged to RomDau. . .  And how do we feel about that Jimmy Kimmel twerking hoax?


Looking forward to your questions.

Oh, and breaking now: Rebecca Liddicoat Griffin's Hail to the Redskins pumps. They look custom-made.

Did he need a badge to be recognized around Buckingham Palace?

Good question -- do they wear lanyard IDs at the palace? I somehow doubt it. I'm guessing that staff are supposed to recognize the royals. Or maybe they get to wear a discreet little pin like members of Congress. Anyway, poor Andy.

I see you there. Why so shy this morning?

He should be named Ambasador to the World.

Who's world?

I am hoping to snag an invite to her wedding.

What's the attraction? Cute French guy? Seeing designer wedding gown up close? Good food or booze? Or snagging a single A-list friend for yourself?

Did you make any mention of Beau Kyle Dykstra, son of Jamie Lynn Sigler (aka Meadow Soprano) and the Potomac Nationals' Cutter Dykstra (who is the son of baseball great Len Dykstra)? He was born about two weeks ago. Rumor has it that mom, dad, & son may be relocating to Harrisburg next year. . .

That happened while we were on vacation hiatus; hoping that it made it into the Names and Faces but am not sure. Here's US Weekly's take on the news: Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Cutter Dykstra welcome baby boy. We've written about them before, of course. . .

Since she was a no-show at both the polling booth and the concession speech, do you think she's done with him now? Throwing her lot in with Hillary all the way? I want to feel sorry for her, but I think she's as ruthlessly ambitious as her husband is. And will he really truly go away now, or is there something else he could run for?

Here's a more sympathetic take on their relationship (not to disagree with your take or anything, but hey, relationships are complicated, and we're open to lots of viewpoints): I think it's got to be difficult to maintain a relationshp when one of the major things you've had in common -- something that's been a big part of both of your lives from before you even met -- sudden evaporates. Both Weiner and Abedin were entrenched in high-level national politics (he as a congressional aide, she as a Clinton aide) from the time they were kids just out of college, and obviously it was a bonding them for them, and so when it goes away. . . I don't know, but I wonder if that, subconsciously, is a factor that motivated them to take another ill-advised dive into politics this year.

a big meh on the twerking hoax, but then I didn't know about the video until the hoax was revealed. Is a reminder that you can't trust videos on the net, remember that kid in the balloon? Although that was a media hoax, but still. . .

I saw the video and wondered -- but it wasn't so great it deserved a huge amount of attention. And Jimmy Kimmel punking America is not news. Sorry, Jimmy.

Guy was a good song writer but could never sing--Buffalo Springfield had Richie Furay and Steve Stills sing "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" because they didn't want Young destroying his own song--and ethanol makes neither environmental nor economic sense; is Young simply senile?

Oh, I disagree with you about Neil Young's singing voice. He's no Pavoratti, but he's utterly distinct and piercing. (Here's one of my all-time favorites, by the way. It will completely get inside your head.) . . . There are endless debates about ethanol, of course -- we just try to give a snapshot of one celebrity's advocacy work -- but he's a true believer, and though he went on at length, he spoke very cogently and directly with no notes.

Man, I thought of ALL KINDS of questions and snarky comments for the chat during the week, but now I can't remember a one of 'em.

Yeah, what is it with everyone today? You're clearly there, but holding back. Is this the first time we've had a 9/11 chat?

Am I the only one confused about this show? How the heck did it even make prime time?

We're talking about Seacrest's new game show, I take it. Is it that bad?

Hasnt the 15 minutes for this fad evaporated. I am already tired of it.

You haven't uploaded your own video yet, I guess?

More like ex-con Lenny Dykstra these days.

Yes, that too.

That's new to me. And quite good.

Think we're all still in the Redskins fog after the loss :(

Gotta pull yourself together. It's what they'd want you to do.

Feels like I am re-living the 90s in seeing the ads for his late night show.


Last week you had a discussion going about Rooney Mara and her family background. People were also asking Amy if she had seen House of Cards. Kate Mara, Rooney's sister, plays a newspaper reporter in House of Cards. Your own Chris Cilizza wrote that he did not like the show because of the way female reporters are treated. Full circle. I've been waiting all week. And what about Aaron Sorkin and Newsnight and the way he does not seem to respect women.

Oh, I thought I told you -- I haven't watched House of Cards beyond Episode One. Just haven't gotten around to it. And I haven't read anything about "The Newsroom" to make me want to watch it, especially with all the other things that could be watched (like another screening of "Giant" on TCM, or that crazy-long-fascinating Eagles documentary). I think we're all Sorkined out by now, aren't we? Anyway, sorry I don't have any opinions-on-demand for you about either.

I loved the first two seasons, but worried this show has nowhere else to go. What are your levels of expectation? Did people at the showing seem to like it

Yes, it was received well. Sorry, I haven't told you much about it. (Alex Gansa asked us not to give away any spoilers, and that if we tweet, to limit it to three words: "I loved it."). . . I am concerned about a third season, simply because that's always a problem for these open-ended hit serials. When you don't know how many more twisty seasons you might get renewed for, the plot tends to get out of control, a la "Lost."

I could maybe get on board with that take -- except please, getting into politics at that young an age gives many people SUCH a sense of entitlement, and I think that applies here. Anthony is a putz who acts like rules don't apply to him. You want to do great things for New Yorkers? Keep it in your pants. It's really not that difficult.

He's got issues and now (finally!) the chance to resolve them without the public attention. I think he's done when it comes to any elected office, so we'll see if he has the maturity to accept that and do whatever he needs to do to move on. Whether Huma is part of that will be really interesting to see.

I'm surprised Billy C didn't show up n his first show and blow his sax, just to relive the good ol' days.

In Arsenio's dreams....

Neil sings that the corner of Portage and Main is the coldest street in the world. I have to disagree. I've been to Portage and Main and it wasn't so cold. It was quite warm, actually. Then again, it was July.

Well, give him some poetic license. And maybe go back in January.

Were you guys at the meet'n'greet with Jeff Bezos? Tell us something we haven't already heard.

He's funnier than most profiles indicate: laughs loud and  a lot, makes corny jokes. I like that in a billionaire.

Not a fan of Kerry's politics or his pomposity, but his face always looked like it was melting off of his skull, so good on him for getting something done about it. Shouldn't be anything that he should be ashamed of.

Hmmm, a different view. Not necessarily on board with the theory he's had something "done," as opposed to an allergic reaction or something. But, do you think he looks better now?

If I were to be twerking, do I need a foam finger?

From what I understand, no. That was Miley's special add-on. I'll never look at a foam finger in quite the same way.

Okay ladies well I for one was expecting some nifty vacation instagrams from you both but instead felt kind of frozed out. How was the time off and did you do anything exciting, interesting, dangerous or surreal ?

I didn't Instagram a single vacation picture because Clooney made me promise.

I want to see Neil Young's twerking video.

Oh, but do you really?. . . So, about 12 years ago or so, a friend and I went to see "The Last Waltz," Scorsese's epic rockumentary about The Band's last concert, and we walked out of there going on about how surprisingly compelling Neil Young was -- not so much in this performance as in another clip I can't find right now. Very engaged and in the moment and kind of sparkly -- cuter, really, than you remember Neil Young being. Well, come to find out that Neil Young was famously strung out during that show, that Scorsese had to use CGI to digitally scrub the wad of cocaine hanging out of Neil's nostril. It's part of rock history. Anyway, we felt kind of silly then. 

Slightly embarrassed to admit that when I saw the prior post about Arsenio's new show, my first thought was: When did Billy Crystal start playing saxophone?

That means you're too young -- or too old!

Have you noticed any changes at the paper now that you know who has bought the works ?

Mr. Bezos hasn't taken ownership yet -- later this year.

Looked like bloat and effects of exhaustion to me. Didn't look better IMO, just puffy.

Lots of theories. Could be he just needs a vacation.

But things on this chat are slow today, so I thought I'd throw this out to the crowd. I have been under tremendous stress for the last several months (job search issues, elderly parents, etc. - the usual stuff for a baby boomer) and the muscle under my left shoulder blade went into spasm (not unusual for me when deeply stressed.) After days of trying Ben Gay, ibuprofen, even rolling around on a tennis ball, I remembered that the purchase I made in a women's vibrator store in San Francisco, just weeks before meeting my husband, was sold as a "muscle massager". Of course, I never thought to use it as a "muscle" massager, but the other day, I was desperate with pain and tried it. It's fantastic and is the only thing that works. I find myself spending long periods of time massaging my sore back and neck. My question is this - can I injure myself doing this? Are there any side effects I should know about?

I suppose you could get carpal tunnel from wielding your "personal massager" too much. And a bunch of strange looks from colleagues who see it on your desk. Ask the good salesfolk at Brookstone for advice -- they seem to sell every possible model of those things though they may be surprised to learn of something putting one to therapeutic use.

The rules are incomprehensible, yet the questions are junior high school history and science mixed with current events and pop culture news (and by news I mean, like from yesterday's TMZ broadcast). Horrible, Just Horrible.

Haven't seen it yet, but haven't heard a single good thing despite all the hype.

Sure, he has an odd voice, but that's why every Canadian boy could imagine himself being Neil Young... (if they weren't more the Rush, Bryan Adams or Sebastian Bach types)

But he's a great vocalist, There is a distinction, and it lies in the ability to musically voclaize the emotion of the song(s) without being a technically proficient singer. Sort of like Bob Dylan. or Morissey.

Yes, exactly.

Sec of State Kerry may have just gotten some bad botox which begs the question is there such a thing as good botox ?

I wonder. There are probably some people who've had such subtle and artful injections that we simply think they're well-rested.

I think you may find you're going to be getting a lot of television questions and quirky celebrity stuff since you are pretty much all that's left of the celebrity "news" circuit at the Post. That's good because you two are so sweet and not snarky like some I could name.

Oh, we miss Lisa's snark. It was state of the art. And we've always gotten these kinds of questions. The one about the vibrator -- now, that's new.

Technicians fixed Young's image with a "traveling booger matte." Story and film clip.

I could spend all day reading about this kind of stuff on the Internet. Please don't send me (back) down this road.

Good voice, bad voice, whatever, the man can sling an axe.

Yes indeed.

I'm anxious to see The Blacklist (although I miss the beautiful hair James Spader used to have), Sleepy Hollow, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I don't see any comedies that appeal to me. I watch three-How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and The Neighbors.

Shouldn't Hank Stuever's Fall TV Guide be out soon? I've seen him pacing the office on endless weekend afternoons, slaving away.

Kind of feels like a friend got sick and got better. They have been around forever. She makes Howard Stern seem a little human.

I remember when they were on the air together in D.C., that's how old I am. . . .

Robin Quivers tells Howard Stern she is cancer-free

I work at home, so there is no issue with strange looks from colleagues. I did notice that it feels kind of warm. I guess I should turn it off for a while.

And don't take it into the bathtub.

I find my muscles do that when I'm low on calcium, potassium, and magnesium, stress drains out the electrolytes. Would suggest adding some of the above minerals to your diet. On the massager, don't think there'd be an issue, but I'd go see a good chiropracter or massage therapist to fix the underlying issue (if the supplements don't take care of it).

Valerian root and magnesium actually work extremely well.

I suspect it's less the fact of it evaporating than HOW it evaporated, especially since Weiner's political injuries were totally voluntary. Side thought: Does anyone know whether he sent Huma similar images when they were courting?

Oh, don't get me wrong -- I'm sure HOW it evaporated is a big dynamic in their relationship right now.


We don't know much about their relationship, but I somehow doubt it. My gut tells me his sexting tendencies were saved for women he never planned to ever meet.

For the previous poster, who wrote "Not a fan of Kerry's politics or his pomposity, but his face always looked like it was melting off of his skull" -- really - not a fan? Never would've guessed. His cheeks look puffy -- maybe some unpleasant (is there any other kind?) oral surgery?

The official explanation is exhaustion. If it was oral surgery they probably would have said so.

Ethanol is basically a fat gift to corn farmers, like most of the unkillable, unshrinkable farm subsidies, and Neil Young is a big advocate for farmers. But objective observers don't thinking pushing up the price of food so it can be burned in cars is the ideal way to solve our energy problems.

There was some back and forth debate about this at the (rather long) press conference/ rally.

Jimmy Fallon's imitation of Neil Young is spot on, down to the hat brim's shadow covering his eyes.

He is very, very good with impressions.

That vibrator question sort of borders on being a put-on but I would advise getting a good massage possibly from a guy named Gunther.

It a world of oversharing, who knows? But after foot surgery, my doctor advised a massager to break down scar tissue. Honest.

Does he speak like an ordinary guy?

I know him, and he does.

As if all the Syria stuff weren't enough to exhaust John Kerry, his wife had a scary medical episode this summer, which by itself would be enough to worry any loving spouse.

True -- all which we discussed in our orginial item.

I know we covered casting, but I think we need to revisit ScarJo as a potential Hillary, especially given this interesting new evidence. See #10

Oh my.

I was the person who submitted the comment about Kerry's face melting off his skull. Yes, I'm not a fan of him personally, but I did NOT mean the comment in a nasty way (although I agree that it sounds that way). I always felt a little sorry for him, because his face does draw attention to himself. I sometimes wondered if he had some kind of bone defect or disease that led to over-growth of his facial structure. Sorry if I offended anyone (including Kerry).

That's sweet of you. I still hear the "Why the long face?" joke ringing in my head, but you're probably a better person than I am.

Ambassador of Bizarro World.


And her cool quotient just exceeded 100.

I wonder if A-listers will appear on his show? It seems like all of his guests are his "friends" from the 90s. Its like he has a whole new generation of stars he needs to reach out to.

The whole thing seems so...tired. I can't believe he got a show, unless he's spending all his own money on it.

Have we moved on from the Salahis or is there more we haven't heard ?

My Google News alert for "salahi" triggered today. The Daily Mail had a photo of Michaele and Neal Schon at a New York fashion show. Hard to believe they've been together for two years already. About time for these swell kids to tie the knot, don't you think?

I'd rather watch "Jeopardy!" -- better questions, sexier host.

The questions for sure. Alex can be a little touchy sometimes.

And I thought Amy was still in her mid 20's.

So do I, until I do the math.

Lots of Neil Young posts and even a mention of the Eagle documentary (where Frey and Henley show the world how important they think they are). Neil is a single minded guy when it comes to causes and hobbies outside the music world (check out his part ownership of Lionel trains and how it connects to his son). I find it best to focus on the music separate from the politics. Most rock musicians aren't that deep in critical analysis, though sometimes they are good in the big picture items (peace movements, save the family farm, etc.). I love Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, but I don't pay attention to her work with PETA.

I can't fault you for making those divisions. Showbiz activism gives us something to write about, for sure, but I don't think it need be a factor in assessing someone's work.

Roxanne : How are your cats by the way ?

My cats are spoiled, as usual. Delightfully, adorably spoiled.

I can't help but wonder if the Clintons told Huma that she would not be welcome back into the fold -- and any future campaigns -- if Weiner was part of the package. He's far too volatile to have hanging around a presidential campaign. So, I won't be surprised if a divorce is in the works.

I don't think you're going out on a limb with your initial guess, that the Clintons would not want Weiner to be hanging around a campaign.

I'm on the fence about those pumps. It's like I really want to like them but something is holding me back. Maybe not burgundy & gold enough? Props to her for handling those heels though!

I don't know. You can mull this some more and get back to us.

Have they shown the live audiemce at Arsenio's show ? Because it sounds like six people sitting on folding chairs to me.

Rented folding chairs, I bet.

Or was it just a sly reference to Neil Young's work with The Shocking Pinks?

Oh, it was the question from the chatter talking about their muscle pain and new addiction to their "personal massager."

Batteries=direct current=will not electrocute you in the bathtub. There are "massagers" made especially for this purpose, in fact.

I am learning so much today!

Do you have any opinion on the new Obama dog ? Is there something kind of odd about this being Bo's younger sister ? Wouldn't a girlfriend dog have been more appropriate for someone Bo's age ?

She's technically not related to him, but I think the White House is framing it as playmates in the wholesome sense of the term.

I loved his original show, especially when he interviewed kids. He was so natural with them and elicited great responses and conversations. He once asked a young girl if she wanted to be an actress when she grew up, and she looked puzzled and told him, "But I already am an actress!" It was just hysterical. Good luck to him with this show; I'll be watching.

I have spent way too many hours trying to find a YouTube clip of Marky Mark and Funky Bunch's epic world debut on the Arsenio stage. At the time I thought it might be a sign of the apocalypse, but now I remember it fondly. Anyone seen it anywhere?

I assumed both dogs have been neutered. Do you know?

Kind of a personal question to ask, don't you think?



Have the Redskins fired Mike Shanahan yet? Because they should.

Now, now. Give the guy a chance before lighting the torches. Plenty of time for that.

Chatters, thanks for joining us today. Send your tips and sightings to And take a moment today to remember all the heroes of 9/11. See you all next week.

Oh man!. . . .But no, I don't that's the one. I'm looking for when they sang "Good Vibrations." Thanks, though.

I still have a T-shirt from Woodward & Lothrop with an image of the sunglasses-wearing Presidential candidate Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. It must be a collectors' item by now, right?

Oh, I'm sure.

This question is definitely not put-on. I am in such discomfort, it is mindboggling. But I appreciate the sentiment, I would have said the same thing were I not the writer. This model is not a battery-operated massager, it plugs in, so I will definitely not use it in the bath or shower. And thanks for the minerals/supplements advice. I will go out and get them today. And once the knot has subsided, I will get a pro (massage therapist or chiropractor) to work on it. Right now, it's not worth the money because it will just seize up again. Sorry for turning this into "In Your Health"... Roxanne - did you listen to Peter Sagal on Ask Me Another last week? He wasn't asked any weird questions about your past jobs. I was hoping you were the lounge singer.

Thanks for enlivening our discussion this week. I hope you find some relief!

Okay, we're really done now . . . Thanks for tuning in. Question is, will I spend the rest of the day looking up Neil Young songs, Pavement videos, or just listening to this over and over? (How did it get so high?) Needless to say, you'll be doing me (and the world) a favor if you can find that Marky Mark debut: See you next week.

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