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Aug 07, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, August 7, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the last Reliable Source of the too-short summer. I'm just making a cameo in today's chat -- coming to you from an undisclosed northern location where connectivity is spotty, possibly because of some complex metric conversion -- so will leave you shortly in the good hands of Roxanne Roberts.


Topics on our radar lately:


Is this any way for a sex-scandal lady to behave? Actually, yes, if history is any guide, and Sydney Leathers herself has no apologies.


Whoa, now here’s a cute couple: Sam Kass and Alex Wagner.


Pre-schoolers are more entertained by the Property Brothers than you might guess.


Congratulations to former Gov. Edwin Edwards, a dad again at 85.


You run into Dave Matthews and Dave Grohl in the damnedest places.


Also: A heart stent for Bush 43. . .  A golfing birthday for Obama‘s 52nd. . .  Nigella Lawson moves on, quickly. . .  Ronan Farrow: Stylin’. . .  Simon Cowell‘s complicated life. . .  What happened to Jack White‘s amicable divorce?. . .  Raven-Symone comes out, subltly, via Twitter. . . 


And, gosh, is that it? Good thing I'm on vacation, what with August being so quiet and newsless. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything. . .


is most certainly the Chris Rock - Make-a-wish Foundation. What a giving man!

Apparently it was actually the best story of last week -- how did I miss that?

Wow, August is so quiet at work. Anything new with you two?

Man, nothing at all. . . you?

Any good stories to share about him ? Loved the open letter Gene W. wrote for his chat.

Jeff Bezos?You mean, like the Amazon founder? Why's everyone asking about him suddenly?

(I think that's a Garrison Keillorism)... not only has this summer felt too short, but it's not been hot! At all! I feel cheated! How do y'all feel about the sale of the Post? I, as a loooong-time subscriber, am optimistic that Mr. Bezos will invest in the Post, particularly in its writers/editors.

Wait -- WHAT?!?!?!?

So Bezos is keeping you two, right? You never know what might happen "under new management."

You never know. Remember the last episode of "Mary Tyler Moore"?

I understand he was "Person of the Year" for TIME Magazine in the 1990s; any up-to-2013 personal biographical treatments of the founder / entrepreneur? thanks

Whoa, catching up now. But yes, in fact, seems like there have been quite a few biographical treatments of this Bezos fellow lately.


Here's one, and I'm liking the guy based on this headline: Bezos is known for his patience


Another: Why Bezos usually buys things


And: An open letter to Jeff Bezos from Gene Weingarten

I know this isn't your bailiwick, but why can't we have someone do a television chat? I know (s)he won't be Lisa, but still we could talk about it. A movie chat or a combination movie/television would be nice as well. Can you talk to someone about it?

Sure, we can suggest this.

wait, what? Do you not remember that week when it was like 90 percent humidity adn 100 degrees? I sure do. I remember running during it and thinking I may actually have heat stroke. Come on fall!

I feel like I'm in Maine -- without the $$$$$ summer rental or the lobster rolls.

What's with all the outrage with Discovery Channel about the faux "Megaladon" story? This is the same channel that said Mermaids were real in a mockumentary last season.

I love that it's only Day 3 of my vacation and already I don't know what any of you all are talking about.

Tom mentioned in his chat that he ended up sitting next to Sam Kass at the new restaurant, Kapnos. Did he report this factoid to you? Did he notice if Sam was with his girlfriend?

We never reveal our sources, silly!

Ahh, Edwin Edwards ... when I was a college student in Louisiana in the 1980s, Edwards had already done a prison sentence for corruption/bribery, something like that, and then was running again for office versus the KKK's David Duke. Bumper stickers sprouted around New Orleans that said, "Vote for the crook. It's important." But back to the fact that he's 85 -- wow. As a woman in the later part of my fertile years, I can't get my brain around having a baby with a man who is 85 years old. Ugh. Well, congrats or something.

I mean, what a life -- what a guy! And in fairness, he really doesn't look a day over 75. Which is pretty amazing for an ex-con.

"I know this isn't your bailiwick, but why can't we have someone do a television chat?" Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank

He knows how to chat, Stuever does.

When you got summoned to the Post's auditorium for the Bezos sale announcement, what did you think the announcement was going to be about?

I've heard via the grapevine (when I went to the trading post attempting to try to swap some beaver pelts for a Globe and Mail) that some staffers thought they were going to hear that the building had been sold. Rox? 

The amazing thing is that a six-month process remained a secret. It takes a lot to surprise a roomful of WaPo editors and reporters, and -- trust me -- everyone was stunned.

My 8 year old son loves HGTV show Love it or List it .

I have to say that the Property Brothers were absolutely charming with the kids. Good sports.

What are people watching now? I love Breaking Pointe, which is about Ballet West, the professional company located in Salt Lake City. I'm also hooked on Siberia. Of course in the early evening I watch the Nationals on MASN. And how about that deliberate hit on Bryce Harper!

I've never even heard of these shows! Have I been in a coma instead of on vacation? I'm bereft over the cancellation of "Bunheads." I'm optimistic about the return of J-Lo to American Idol. And I'm not really watching much of anything these days.

Hey, Amy! I'm in the Great White North too and I read about these things on a great American newspaper's website. I think it was called The Washing Post.

You know, that name makes more sense than the other one, doesn't it?

Yes, you are now a Kindle app., right between the Harry Potter download and Buzzfeed.

Whatever that means! Anyway, I'm heading out of here. Rox can take care of you for the rest of the hour; meanwhile, I'll see you back at school in the fall. If you're really desperate to communicate with me, I'm thinking about live-tweeting my review of Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits, which I just found in cassette form in the recesses of my car. Otherwise, I'll miss you!

When does she start at Fox News? I absolutely loved her on Survivor: the Australian Outback. She was just so sweet and kind and really nice to the old farmer (I forget his name) who became her surrogate father for the duration. I don't know why people dislike her so much. I'd be proud to be her mother, sister, or friend.

Looks like she'll be starting in September, although I'm not seeing an exact date.

OK, so the latest is he dissed a GOP opponent by publicly calling him 'Grandpa" at a town hall event - hosted by AARP. How awesomely ridiculous is that? Dude REALLY needs to go away.

Who wouldn't be testy? Weiner's lost the female vote, the doesn't-learn-from-mistakes vote and now the senior vote. What next? Dissing moms? Insulting NYC police and firefighters? Kicking puppies?

Isn't that the one where Mary and Lou go out on a date? I hope this isn't Jeff's way of getting dates.

Jeff is happily married. I'm talking about the part where everyone except Ted Baxter gets fired.

I haven't heard anything about this. Are they headed to Martha's Vineyard again?

Yes, and the locals are grumbling about it again. Once was exciting -- now they're just fed up by the road closures and delays.

Are there any Nationals sightings? Any news about them? Bryce Harper took a hard hit last night which emptied both dugouts and bull pens, but no real fighting ensued. Kurt Suzuki and his wife are expecting a boy. And the gorgeous Tyler Moore should be back in September after he's done burning up AAA with the Syracuse Chiefs.

Not a peep. I'm guessing they're laying low and trying to eek out a few more wins -- so going out on the town may now look so good right now. They need to do all their playing on the field.

Apparently, if Weiner remains in the race until the primary election, he is eligible for some matching funds, which his campaign can retain and use for some future race. Sorry, don't have a cite for this, but it would explain why he's still in the race, against all reason and common sense (not that he has any of that).

Reason and common sense were never part of the equation -- so why start now? You forgot hubris -- maybe he really thinks he can turn around this sinking ship in the next few weeks.

Re the ending, who is the Ted Baxter at the Washington Post? (Beautiful hair and no brain cells beneath it)

As if I'm going to touch that with a 10-foot pencil. But really, no shortage of brain cells in this joint. And not much beautiful hair, come to think of it.

Am reading about Donald Graham being very much a hands-on kind of boss, sending notes about stories he liked, walking through the newsroom, etc. I gathered that K. Weymouth is staying on, but is there still a role for Donald Graham at the paper?

Nope, except as our Number One fan. Don will not have any offficial role with the paper; he'll be part of the other, as-of-yet unnamed company with the remaining corporate assets. But Bezos is smart enough to know how much Don knows and loves this paper. Bet he'll have him on speed dial.

Why can't they go to Camp David? Or those nice quarters on the Naval Base in Key west? It looked quite pleasant when I visited it several years ago, it's close to the Ocean and the Gulf, and it's secure.

Hey, he's president. One of the perks is getting to decide where you want to vacation. Personally, I was hoping for Las Vegas: "The Hangover IV: POTUS rolls the dice."

What do Nationals Tyler Clippard, Taylor Jordan, Tyler Moore, and Wilson Ramos have in common that no one else on the team has?

Tell me it's not underwear. Travelling pants?

I work at an NGO and we have had four executive directors in five years. They all say that they are not going to change anything, but six weeks later your cube has shrunk and you've acquired a bunch of duties that were not in your job description. Hope you two won't be sent to cover local ball games or to the zoo panda pregnancy watch or to a news conference on federal food safety rule changes.

Pandas are adorable. I'm there. Or I'm really, really depressed.

George won't be painting another portriat of himself nude and showing off his stent scar, will he?

You never know. He's a prankster, that W.

We're just gonna keep submitting questions, and Amy is going to send fraux replies feigning lack of knowledge because she's already on vacation. While I adore our chats (really, I do), maybe you might have just considered starting your annual summer break a week earlier rather than phoning it 1/2 in... Love you, mean it.

I'm chopped liver? (Insert Queens accent here.)

I want to serve vichyssoise aat a luncheon on Saturday. How far ahead can I make it? Should I wait to add the cream until just before serving?

Months. And I suggest straight vodka instead of cream.


Figured. I still like the vodka part.

What type of vacation do you favor Roxanne? Busy seeing the sights, or relaxing on a beach/lake other. I'm a lake girl myself

I like warm anywhere, historical sights and books. But I will say that one of the high points of a week in Buenos Aires was the zoo with the South American animals (and white tiger cubs.) There's something pretty great about clear turquoise seas, but that typically requires a yacht, which I do not own.

So did Amy really not know that Bezos had bought WashPo? It's been all over the media, even the TV national news like NBC. Or was Amy just funnin' with us?

I'm not sure exactly when she found out, but it was soon after the announcement -- it was news everywhere.

Consider their first names. . .

I'm clearly dense when it comes to the Nats: Three T names, one W....? Can I buy a vowel?

In the picture he looks like Mia Farrow. Since she acquires children like Imelda Marcus used to buy shoes, what is his actual bio-parentage?

He's her biological son with Woody Allen -- very close to his mom, estranged from his father.

Robert Redford was dreamy when he worked there.

Which he never did, although he would have raised the hair bar.

I absolutely LOVED that "self-portrait in the bathtub" that Bush painted. He really showed a sense of (self-deprecating) humor and playfulness that I hadn't sensed before. All former presidents should be required to paint; we would gain more insight into them that way.

I don't know about that -- we might get another Lucian Freud.

she's 100% bacon (to torture a bad analogy further...) and her continued contribution is probably what is keeping this particular chat as only 1/2 phoned in. I mean that as a compliment, really.

Everyone loves bacon, so I'm taking it as a compliment.

Wow, talk about irony. Yesterday -- probably about the same time the ball was being dropped in DC -- the staff at the magazine I work for was told we were being sold. Scary at first. But, we were assured we were part of the deal. Yeah, we'll see how long that holds true. Love you guys.

Back at ya. Good luck.

Its either they all have a.)presidents' names or b).they should not even thinking about brawling with the Braves with McCann or Heyward on the team. No need for suspensions or injuries.

Good guess. Now I feel like an idiot.

(John) Tyler, (Zachary) Taylor, and (Thomas Woodrow) Wilson were all presidents of the United States. If we count Tom Clancy's books, we could add Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Mattheus to the list, as Jack Ryan became POTUS.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Congrats to the brainy ones who figured it out.

They have presidential first names ?


Poor them. That makes me think that perhaps we should require the President to vacation in a different place every year so that more of the country can enjoy the wonderful experience of living as a little among the VIPs who require motorcades and road closures.

A brief thrill, then we're all just annoyed. Once took me a hour to move two blocks when POTUS dined at the Jefferson.

Please tell me this is an alias, like Diablo Cody.

She swore it was her real name. German ancestry.

Nobody at work will talk with me about it.

By George, I will! He's a baby. A boy baby. Looks cute. What else? 

The genes fell in the right direction. Aren't ALL those kids "estranged" from Father Woody? Except the one he married, of course.

It's a complicated family. Always was. I'm waiting for the memoirs -- because you know they're coming.

I don't. It's fatty and either limp and can't be cut or brittle and disintegrates. Pah!

Can we talk? I cut the strips in half, place on a jelly roll pan, sprinkle fresh ground black pepper and brown suger on top, then bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes. Drain off the fat and you've got a little piece of heaven.

Taking out the Presidents at a Nats game?

We did not. Sounds fun.

Now where do I cash in my Post Points?

That's my new retirement account you're making fun of.

When do they do the stent for his brain?

Now, now. Be nice.

Well, sometimes, what goes around comes around. People forget that, pre-Woody, Mia had an affair with married composer/conductor Andre Previn, which led to his divorcing his wife Dory Previn, which aggravated her pre-existing mental illness, and eventually led to her institutionalization. There's a lot of karma to go around with that bunch.

No kidding. I mean that: No kidding around.

gonna miss you and Amy the next few weeks. Thank goodness I'll be on vacation one of those weeks. See you in September!

And you! We're taking our annual break starting next week and will a) sleep b) sleep c) read d) hang out with my cats on my lap. That's assuming I don't win the Powerball tonight, in which case I'll be holed up with lawyers and financial advisors -- and the cats.

Have a great, semi-restful rest of August. Eat ice cream, see a good movie, laugh at something silly. We'll be back after Labor Day to catch up and dive into fall. have fun, chatters.

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