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Jul 03, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, July 3, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source web chat -- trying to get one last one in before the holiday weekend. Some topics on our plate lately:


Alec Baldwin mouths off, threatens violence, shuts down his Twitter account for good — why does he get a pass on this kind of thing?


Superlawyer David Boies joins battle over "The Butler" title.


Cindy McCain: Not aloof, just a migraine-sufferer.


Who wants to buy Monica Lewinsky’s old clothes? No one, at least not that badly, it turns out.



Krist Novoselic thinks we need to change the way we conduct elections. ?


Jennifer Lopez didn’t realize she was singing for an oppressive dictator.


Who knew Elena Kagan and Antonin Scalia were bona fide hunting buddies now?


Who knew Pitbull was a charter-school advocate?


Also: Hey, Shooter, what happened to Drea? . . . When hipster chefs attack (allegedly). . . Look, Gio Gonzalez has a girlfriend, and she is hot. . . And the police report from the Paula Deen bank robbery ain’t exactly relevant, it’s just interesting, so enjoy.

Ric Ocasek & supermodel wife Paulina sighted in Middleburg on Monday. Anyone know why they might be in town?

No. . . but if you had EMAILED US when IT HAPPENED with some actual details, we might have been able to find out for you. You know our email address, right? It's

Apologies if you ladies have already covered this, but did you see that a DC-area native is competing on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance? (I have no connection to him other than he dances at a studio where a friend of mine used to teach, but never taught him). I love being able to root for locals, even if I don't know them. Plus, SYTYCD is one of rare reality shows that is actually worth watching - didn't Sarah Ann Hughes (formerly?) of the Post once write a story about this? Oh, his name is Nico something or other (in reality shows, do last names even matter? discuss.) Still, I've been meaning to mention it for a few weeks, and after he survived elimination last night, I figured it was safe to mention it today. Also, is there a film shooting in Old Town right now? Happy Fourth to you both!

Wow, lot going on here! . . . You know, there are so many reality shows these days, and there are so many locals or formerly-locals on so many of them, that lately we can't really start taking note of them unless they make it to the finals or near there. . . .  I think you're thinking of a great review of "So You Think You Can Dance" that our (still here at the Post) Pulitzer-winning dance critic Sarah Kaufman wrote a couple years ago.

What is she up to, anyway? Did she ever settle down and get married or anything?

After a few years in the early-aughts seeming to enjoy her newfound fame (she hosted a reality show and, I don't know, designed handbags or something), she has really dropped off the map, and it seems to be intentional. We couldn't locate her or anyone who reps her earlier this week.

I don't know about you, but I do get irked when two stories are constantly getting compared to each other just because they are happening at the same time i.e. Wisconsin labor protests with the uprising in Tahrir Square in 2011 or right now with Paula Deen and Alec Baldwin.

It's not just the timing. It's also a way of looking at two events that appear to be the same and examining why they are and aren't. Human nature, I think.

Who gave him another monkey??? WHO?

Bieber has a new monkey? Not that I've heard, but correct me please. Seems like all the stories out there are about his confisicated monkey starting a new life in Germany. There was some gag video, I guess, that has caused some confusion. . .

LOVED the pics from the fundraiser of the Nats and their WAGS! I especially like how "normal" these women all appeared. Beautiful, but in a normal, non-model way.

I thought you might like that! Here are the pics from the Nationals Dream Gala.

Where are you going to watch the fireworks this year? (that's not intended to be a euphemism, but it can be one if you want).

I'm staying here in D.C. and will watch the Mall display -- but not ON the Mall. The last time I did that it took me three hours to make my 20-minute drive home.

What about Linda Tripp? Worst Friend Ever.

Always be careful who you share secrets with. You. Never. Know.

but that he had a kitten. Either way, I think the Humane Society and the SPCA have it out for the guy.

Looks like this goes back to the time Bieber Instagrammed some photos of a cat a few weeks ago. So it's possible Justin Bieber has a cat. Or that he's just into cat photography.

As long as Cheney doesn't join them, I think Justice Kagan is safe. I would wonder, though, and be on my guard...this might be Scalia's way of changing the makeup of the court.


Isn't she about to pop? What are the chances they will name the kid (if its a girl) after Princess Diana?

Bookies are going crazy trying to guess the date. Supposedly due in the middle of the month, unless this is a royal fake out to get the press off the trail and the baby is actually due early. In any event, the international royal baby complex is ready to act.

As for the name, Diana is probably out if it is a boy. If a girl, I'd bet it may be a middle name as a way of honoring Will's mom but not the first. Too much drama and baggage for a little princess to bear.

This was sad to read, but it's timing so close to Angelina Jolie's announcement of her mastectomy and future hysterectomy reminds us how real and dangerous these diseases are. Forty-one is so young.

Yes, indeed. And seems it might have been, as in Jolie's situation, a hereditary cancer: Apparently her mother also died young of ovarian cancer.

Maybe Spencer? It works for a girl or a boy...

Eh, the royals don't do that last-name-as-a-first-name thing that's so trendy in the U.S. these days.

Charlotte was adopted, making it even more horrible that she died if ovarian cancet.

Not following you here. She was adopted by Pierce Brosnan after Brosnan married her mother, Cassandra, who died of ovarian cancer. 

So not a single of her handlers understand Google-Fu? Or did they just think nobody would notice? I can't decide which is dumber...

One explanation I've seen is that she was doing a corporate gig for the Chinese petroleum company and didn't realize that the Turkmenistan leader was there until someone  pulled her aside and said, "can you sing happy birthday to him?"

I'm starting to think they are a family of grifters. Do they pay for anything on their own? It's so strange because politicians should really know better - even if they didn't violate the law, the optics of this are horrible.

He's probably trying to break into the "cute cat video" machine so he can get all those youtube hits.....

Yes, because he really needs that.

Isn't there some sort of religious requirement for an heir/heiress to the throne's name too? Diana isn't so WASP...

Good question -- do they have to have a saint's name? Certainly that's what they all sound like.

Because the Chinese petroleum company who would invite the Turkmenistan leader isn't at all questionable. Or environmentally unsound.

China National Petroleum Corp -- no red flags there, right?

Only 93 are online right now. Must be the day before a holiday. But I bet that's still more than Seitsma has! (or Sietsma or Seitsema or Sietsema, or whatever)

Oh, I'm pretty sure Sietsema always has us beat. . .

Is it weird that I feel a little bad for Monica L.? It kind of looks like her life is a little messed up after that scandal. She is now the poster child for why not to sleep with married men.

I think that's a reasonable and sympathetic viewpoint. She made a whopper of a mistake when she was in her early 20s -- but there were a lot of older and more powerful people who faciltated or compounded her mistake, to say the least -- and she has suffered the worst of them all. I wouldn't be surprised if she's terribly scarred by it all.

Any guess as to how much longer this obnoxious rich punk phase will run?

Depends if he ever grows up. I'd set odds at 50-50.

In the early 2000s, Lewinsky was in New York and was a fixture on the pretty people party circuit as a novelty guest. She really didn't learn until relatively lately to protect her privacy and live a lower profile.

Yes. Seems like it all took a while for it to sink in.

For helping people to understand that a migraine is not just a headache. I ended up missing two months of work this year because of a non-stop migraine - it was probably some of the worst pain of my life.

Glad you liked it. It certainly deepens our understanding of Cindy McCain.

Doesn't he have to hit puberty first?

So unfair. This romance with Selena was, never mind.

if it's a boy, they should name him Charlemagne.


You know who we just don't hear enough about these days? Erstwhile Shakespeare Theater star Avery Brooks. What's he up to these days? This is Marissa, by the way.

You mean, the star of "A Man Called Hawk"? Apparently he's still doing stage work, and attending Star Trek conventions.

And hyped up grifters too! Mrs. McDonnell has nothing but a 5-hour energy for breakfast every day!

Maybe she's just a naturally perky gal.

Don't we know its a girl? I can't remember but I thought I heard it was.

That's the big question. Kate appeared to slip and reveal she was expecting a daughter, but that might be another fake-out. But the press has treated it as a settled fact.

I think I read somewhere that they weren't going to have a full time nanny or live in a palace with the kid. I like that. The kid is hardly going to suffer deprivations, but at least they are giving him/her a running start at something resembling a normal life.

That was the same thing they said about Diana. But I think living in the palace is pretty much a done deal, if only for security.

She could have simplified her life by using her middle name or changing her whole name quietly, to say Mary Lewis.

It's really a sad story. Stupid mistake when she was really young, but unable to ever escape it. I think I would have changed my name and stayed in London. She seems to be fading away in New York -- no job, no boyfriend or relationships of note. 

His whole "selfless purveyor of truth" pitch kinda clashes with seeking permanent residence in totalitarian countries, doesn't it? Sounds like his delusions run in the family. His father's "demands" for him returning included everything short of a pony and lifetime ice cream.

It's all sounds so romantic until you're stuck in an airport desperately seeking a country to take you in. He probably expected to be treated like a hero, not a persona non grata. As for dad, well -- he's trying to help his son.

I do think she's the very definition of a Cautionary Tale, but I can't give her a pass entirely. I am a year younger than her, and I remember thinking at the time "how can someone behave so appallingly." (And don't even start me on Bill.)

Of course she behaved badly, but she seems to be the one person who is still paying a big price for that mistake.

Maybe Lewinsky could get some life tips from Donna Rice, who seems to have pulled her life back together.

Not a bad idea.

Yeah, I feel bad for her, too. Tough to get clobbered so hard at such a young age. Not one of Bubba's shining moments. It was funny to listen to Jake Tapper squirm when "Wait, Wait's" Peter Sagal "outed" him as one of Lewinsky's last blind dates before the scandal blew.

It's always fun to hear the tables turned.

And that married man is now revered as an elder statesman. The boss/man never suffers, it's the naive girl.

Sadly, that's usually the case. But Bill Clinton was and is a highly gifted politician, which accounts in part for his reputation today. Monica was just a young intern and has never been able to transfer her smarts and experience into anything more permanent.

If Cary Grant and the Marx Brothers can share a movie title ("Monkey Business"), I don't see how mere mortals are in any position to object to sharing other movie titles.

It's Hollywood, which means it's all about the money. I predict the movie will end up being called "The Butler" after Warner Brothers gets a fat check. 

REally. He doesn't like the US tracking phone calls? What does he think the chinese government is going to do with him? His entire aparment will be bugged!

He may already have a chip implanted under his skin.

Right below mouring how monica's mistake ruined her life, we talk about Snowden being rejected by every country when he thought he'd be heralded as a hero.

Both mistaken ideas of how things would end.

I am 99% sure that the Queen has to approve the name. I swear I can remember reading a story that Andrew & Fergie wanted to name one of their kids Annabelle, but the Queen nixed it because it was too modern.

If a girl, Alexandria is high on the list. Former queen, lots of history and pretty, too.

Is Andrea Roane claiming she came up with the term "Newsbabes," because that clearly isn't true, as those of us who have followed Wendy Rieger's career can attest. And even if she applied it to this particular gathering, hasn't that been done before? Besides, if Wendy isn't present, I'm not sure you're even ALLOWED to call it a Newsbabes" event. Sounds like false advertising to me.

In this case, I think "Newsbabes" applies to the DC breast cancer fundraising group, not the women in general (although of course that term has been around for ages.) Wendy is such a good sport that I'm sure she's happy to spread the love for a good cause.

I thought she earned a Masters Degree at the University of London. Surely she could get some sort of academic research job with that.

You'd think. But it doesn't appear that happened or that she's had any sort of professional career.

Why not George, after the Queen's late father?

I think that's on the table, too.

I truely think he's someone's patsy.

Or maybe his own.

Agreed - they are some great looking couples. Gio's new girlfriend is really pretty.

She is, isn't she? One of the perks of be a professional baseball player.

Chatters -- work calls. Amy had to leave early for breaking news, and now I have to join her. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and stay safe. Send any interesting tips, sightings or other festive notes to Happy Birthday, America!


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