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Jun 26, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, June 26, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Reliable Source live discussion. It's a newsy day for late June -- the DOMA ruling, of course, but also the weird, riveting Paula Deen interview on "Today." (Earlier: Can Paula Deen dig herself out of this?)


Some other things on our radar:


Mick Jagger finally speaks out on the NSA surveillance controversy, in his own cheeky way.


“North West”: Don’t be surprised Kanye and Kim picked a crazy name, be surprised they picked a banal one -- so short on marketing potential!


Joe Kennedy III, the new Kennedy in town is busy doing Kennedy duties.


Kristina Schake, Michelle Obama’s imagemaker steps down.


Also: Barbara Walters’s farewell tour begins now. . .  OMG, Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx!. . .   Everyone loves the Irish ambassador. . .  Forgive Rand Paul’s jokes — he just flew in for this speech, and man, are his arms tired. . . Outgoing Miss USA Nana Meriwether explains how to nail the interview. . . Dominique Strauss-Kahn finally unloads his Georgetown house. . . One night only: Donna Brazile and Karl Rove dance!


And R.I.P. James Gandolfini.


Looking forward to your questions.

You do need to use the money for school. "Scholarship funds may be applied to tuition, textbooks, supplies, academic fees and other appropriate educational expenses." Cynics who don't think so don't really understand how charitable foundations or the tax code work.

Thanks. I'm always impressed when someone mulls a question from the chat just finished and submits their comment for the next chat a week early.

Wow. And I thought Apple and Coco were horrible names.

One more thing to add to a long list of reasons this kid is going to seriously rebel. Plus, I was convinced it was going to be a "K" name, so this was Kimye's way of being clever.

RIP James Gandolfini.

Yes indeed. That was a sad surprise, and a real loss. What a great actor.


This sounds terrible, but I got kind of hungry when I read about his last meals. Unhealthy, perhaps, but, wow, the food in Rome is amazing. He definitely lived large. For what it's worth, a friend denies the NYPost's report that he had that many drinks on his last day; says he's not a pina colada kind of guy anyway.

I did not see Paula Deen's interview, but I have to say that if Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and John Galliano (among many, many others) have all survived their own past encounters with bigotry and stereotyping, I don't see why Paula Deen can't survive hers. And at least, Paula makes no pretenses to being anything else than an entertainer.

I don't know that John Galliano's career has survived his scandal, actually. . .  But indeed, it's always interesting and surprising to see which scandals are death knells and which are quickly forgotten.

8 drinks over dinner supposed to be a lot, according to the NY Post? Have the NY Post reporters been to The Front Page recently?

I think this has been a teachable moment for everyone. Remember, pace yourself.

Do you think her PR people have not handled this well for her? The video and the reposting of a video. Also, wouldn't they practice with her on how to answer questions and be less offensive? My personal favorite part was when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were asked for their opinions.

Her interview today made me think that she hasn't really fully thought through and processed this crisis. Her tone was probably more defensive than I expected.

Anyone else enjoy the back and forth between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, and thats not happening on the court.

It was a marvel of passive-aggression on both sides.

To me, her interview had one intention, solidify the support of her fan base. Not one thing was said to redeem her in the eyes of her critics. I wish the media would spend more time discussing the hostile work environment part of the complaint that includes sexual harassment. To me, that is more disturbing.

I think you might be right. No apology, no admission of wrongdoing. As for the workplace, that's mostly her brother, who sounds like a real winner:  Porn and insults.

From Facebook and Twitter, it seems every white person I know was at the show. Anyone weigh in on whether it was actually worth $600 a ticket?

I'd like to hear from some $600 ticketbuyers -- or even those who paid less than that. I know my friend who paid $85 for a ticket behind the stage said it was worth about that.

Middle name Bynorth?

Haha. Actually, there's no middle name. Just North West,  straight up, if you can handle it.

Aside from Fast and Furious 6, which was awesome -- any other good movies coming up?

You know what was not terrible? "World War Z" was not terrible

I don't watch the Food Network, or whatever channel she is on. But I thought she was supposed to be dying or something from diabetes or something? Or was that another large foodie chef gal that I am mixing her up with?

Nope---you got it right. She announced her diabetes and said she had revamped her cooking and her health. Was not received well by the food world, since she kept the news under wraps while promoting her eat-more-butter-and-sugar cookcook.

Who would bid on this?

Good question -- we're reporting that out now, trying to figure out if there's a market for this kind of thing.

One wag suggested that if/when she writes her tell-all, it will be called North by North West.

Oh, I like that. You wag you.

heard it reported that this will be North's nickname. Which is more bizarre, a name that is a direction, or a nickname that is a seaweed?

But what an adorable seaweed name.

They could have gone with Knorth West.

Whew! Knew it could be worse. 

Did you see this yet?

I just saw it this weekend. I highly recommend, unless you don't like movies about people talking. It's fascinating to watch Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy age.

Coco was the first name of Courteney Cox's late, beloved mother, so that's why she gave it to her daughter.

That doesn't mean it's not a little weird.

What is she doing these days? And who is selling her stuff?

Supposedly it all came from her creepy older boyfriend/high school teacher's exwife -- Monica gave it to him, it ended up with her. That might be one of the sadder parts of the whole Lewinsky saga. She's really been lying low the past few years, have no idea what she's up to.

Interesting he was getting suspiciously close to the Russian Consulate and the former Chinese embassy...

And then onward to Ecuador, you're saying?

I think Rush Limbaugh invented the game of claiming that any given famous black person "is actually the real racist here." It's a silencing tactic that's been around a long time now. Throwing out the names Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as a way of defending Paula Deen, as your recent questioner did, shows the basic silliness of this tired game. Does that make fantasizing a wedding where black men are intended to look like house slaves, or using racial slurs when a bank robber is black, really have anything at all to do with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? And if we must compare, haven't they both devoted most of their lives to issues of racial justice anyway? In her case, there isn't a record of activism on racial equality to balance against what she said. There's just what she said.

Putting this out there.

Do you anticipate that Wendy Davis, last night's filibusterer, will be someone's guest at the next White House Correspondents' dinner?

Nah, it's too far off; I think that particular political pop-culture moment will have receded by then. (For those catching up, here's the Wendy Davis story)

One thing that is interesting is that if one actually reads the complaint in the case, the vast majority of the claims are against her son, not her. It was interesting that he was on CNN yesterday and they asked tons about his mom, but didn't ask one question about the detailed allegations against him.

I think you mean the brother, Bubba. The lawsuit comes from the former manager of the restaurant Deen co-owns with him.

In jail, or bailed out?

Misdemeanor -- don't think he was taken into custody.

Does she still live in DC? Haven't seen a lot of reported sightings of her as of late.

I know she spends a lot of time here, but did she ever establish a residence here? Don't remember that. I believe she splits her time between Paris and Palm Beach.

For those of us who are long-partnered, it was a relief to see that this couple, who came together under the most romantic and somewhat reckless circumstances, are in the same place years later as those of us who may see our lives as being mired in the day-to-day at the expense of romance. IE, romance doesn't dominate or even last over the long haul, but that's not what love is about. Or something like that. Like Friday Night Lights. I did find that while watching the movie, I found him a lot more sympathetic and found her to be a one-dimensional shrew (I was quite upset about that), on further reflection, she became a lot more sympathetic as his passivity was slowly revealed.

There's a lot to unpack in that movie. I definitely recommend it.

I liked how they let her age. She looked like a real early-40 mom. Or close enough - not somebody who goes to yoga seven hours a day. And I was amazed how they made that location shooting in Vancouver look like the Peloponnese.

Ha. For once, a movie actually filmed where it's set.

Just remember, Paul Deen raised those sons. The butter doesn't fall very far from the... oh never mind.

The butter doesn't fall very far from the cow.

Do they stay in DC, or do they just get right back on the Acela and head out of town? And if they do stay -- any ideas where?

I don't know for sure where they stayed here, but I know they've been patronizing the Four Seasons in other cities. . . .

Should have settled out of court?

Probably -- strictly from a damage-control standpoint. I mean, this lawsuit and its allegations have been public for more than a year, but no one seemed to notice or care until her deposition was released.

He was headed down Rock Creek park...

Maybe. Or maybe he just wanted you to THINK he was headed to Ecuador. Clever, these pandas.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about Veronica Mars: The Movie?

Uh, 1? I never saw the TV show. Maybe should do that first.

Not saying Paula Deen does not have issues. Saying recovering in such great fashion from a fake rape with no apology and "Hymietown" are very offensive as well. I still think Sharpton and Jackson listened to their PR people. Paula Deen seems to think she knows better than her PR person.

Well, time is also a factor. If Deen lies low and then quietly goes back to cooking -- if anyone will have her -- then this will be a distant memory in 10 years. But she doesn't appear to be taking good advive, and this might still go from bad to worse.

Looking at IMDB this morning (as I greet most days), I saw that Chris O'Connell, Paul Thomas Anderson and Sean Hayes are all turning 43 today. How amazing is that - coincidence-wise? Makes me want to go watch some NCIS: Los Angeles.

Wow, 43. That's old.

I bet he told people he was going to hike the Appalachian trail.

Ha. . . . Hey, I gotta run out myself for a minute. Hopefully back before the end of the chat. Be nice to Roxanne, okay?

Was he a little bit a victim of his own success? He was so good in an iconic role that he would never be able to break out and not be Tony Soprano. I don't want to try to figure out his demons or motives (but I will anyway), but that seems tough for an actor. Are there any other actors who are forever unable to break out of such a great role? Alan Alda comes immediately to mind, but think after decades, he is not immediately thought of as Hawkeye Pierce by some.

I call it the "Friends" curse -- actors so identified with a character that anything they do after is just another version of that role. Worst for Gandolfini because he was -- by all reports -- a better actor than any of the Friends cast could ever be. All that money doesn't scratch that itch to act. 

I think Paula Deen is like a lot of white Americans (especially older white Americans) who tend to think of themselves as not racist but simply cannot recognize that their insensitive actions and words will make others believe that they are. Also, whenever you defend yourself with "Some of my best friends are..." statements, you're in trouble.

It is an interesting question -- and impossible one to answer. I once had a friend tell me that every white American was de facto racist by virtue of being white -- a notion I rejected as unfair if based on nothing more than skin color. But the nuances of race and class are tricky, and people can have different perceptions of the very same action. Where Deen, or any older Southerner, fits into this debate is really interesting and I'm glad we're talking about it, because  that's the only way we move forward.

While it feels like the Paula Deen story has been blown out of proportion, for me she was doing ok (not great, but ok) this morning until she went all "Tammy Faye Bakker" with the tears, looking at the camera and asking the person who hasn't made a similar mistake to throw a stone and kill her. Only positive in that moment was that her mascara was holding up.

Yeah, that address the camera moment was deeply strange. I wonder who told her to do that, or if that was her own little touch.

I agree with what Roxanne said. But still, my heart dies a little bit when I hear any sort of comparison between Galdolfini and the Friends cast. And Aniston had broken away from being the Friends girl. Now she is the girl from tabloids who got dumped by Brad Pitt and now can't convince a B-list actor to marry her - ruining her chances of having a kid ever.

Because Sopranos was so much better? Or because Friends was underrated?

I want to know why Red Pandas are even allowed in the National Zoo of the USA. Maybe we could exchange it for Snowden.

Those dirty reds. . . . I'm back, btw.

1) I don't recall anyone ever telling Coco Chanel that she had a "weird" name. 2) I was pleasantly surprised by North. Everyone will be able to spell and pronounce it. FWIW, I think "Apple" is a good name for a pony or a guinea pig. A person, not so much.

1. She's French. 2. Like I said, it's a startlingly normal name.

I'm sure they were good. But you know, for a small fraction os the cheapest Stones ticket, I went and saw Dwight Yoakam at the 930 Club the other night. My goodness, why would someone pay $600 to see the Stones when you could see Dwight for a fraction of the price in a tiny setting? An incredible show.

Dwight killed it. He's got more great songs than anyone. And still sounds amazing. He's maybe not as skinny as he was 20 years ago, but who is? Go read Dave McKenna's review.

How much longer will we have to put with with the Kardashian Klown Kar??? Or Ryan Seacreast? Don't they have enough money yet???

Are they seriously impinging on your quality of life? Seem fairly easy to ignore if you want.

Both Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton, who were always Archie and Edith, no matter what else they did with their careers. Also, Ted Danson, Ray Romano, Mary Tyler Moore, and Valerie Harper. Those long-running TV shows are both a blessing and a curse (probably more the latter, as long as the actor got residuals).

And Kelsey Grammer, Debra Messing, etc. Most actors dream of the day when they land a starring role on what turns out to be a big hit. Just saw a promo for a new show with Eric "Will" McCormack and I had to think a minute before coming up with his real name.

The only thing Friends did well was show that if overpaid tv actors band together, they can get a big raise. It's a really good example for a labor/entertainment lawyer to use when counseling a client.

That's not entirely fair. They wouldn't have been able to get those big raises if the show wasn't a hit. Blame the viewing public.

I have never seen the Stones. I would like to, but think I am priced out of that market. But I wonder -- do they really compare to their 1976 selves? The Post review sure made it seem that way, but when I think of seeing a bunch of 70 year olds jumping around on stage, it reminds me of seeing George Jones in Frederick a few years ago. I get to tell people I saw him, but he was a shell of his former self. It was more about bragging rights than entertainment.

Well, George, much as I love him, was in poor health and poor voice. The Stones can still do it, basically, right? But yes, grateful I saw them in 1999, wish I saw them in 1972 or even 1981.

Really? Wasn't he in a successful Broadway play, opposite Marcia Gay Harden?

"God of Carnage," right? Or was it something else. He's been working pretty steadily and doing well-regarded work. Nothing as big as The Sopranos, but who does get to have a follow-up job as big as their biggest hit?

Think the biggest shock for her came when she realized that to the Food Network and her sponsors she was just a comodity, to be discarded when her value suddenly dropped. I'm sure she thought (thinks?) of herself as a VIP in the food world. Think her time is past, she just doesn't know it yet.

In fact, her rating on Food Network were slipping before this scandal. so it wasn't a tough decision for the network.

Someone on Petri's chat (I think) suggested "Knorth" West which would be GREAT. Maybe it's not to late???

Honey, EVERYONE has been suggesting that. It's everywhere!  It's in the atmosphere!

Anyone on Seinfeld...

Pretty much, although Julia is trying hard to break out.

Actually, unlike most of the cast of Friends, he had a wide variety of roles (primarily in films and on the stage afterwards) and the critics loved him. He was hilarious in "In the Loop", which came out right after the Sopranos ended, and he also appeared onstage in a completely different role in "God of Carnage", for which he was nominated for a Tony Award. I think he was able to break out of the Sopranos stereotype because he was such a fine actor. Is it the first thing we think of when his death was announced? Absolutely. But it was followed by other memorable roles. I doubt the only examples of their work that people will think of for most of the Friends cast is Friends, although everyone knows what the subtext for any article about Jennifer Aniston will always be.

Yes, what you said.

Most overrated show of the 90s. Everyone knows it was basically a rip off of Seinfeld.

But never as funny.

I want to get a t-shirt that reads on the front "People are idiots." and on the back "I don't want to hear your opinion."

That made me laugh.

Many people forgave Marion Barry (who smoked crack and lied to us), forgave Clinton for his indiscretions, but why not Paul Deen for something she said 30 years ago. Maybe we don't forgive women as easily??

I think it's too soon to say. Neither Marion Barry nor Bill Clinton found quick and easy absolution; who knows what things will look like for Deen in a couple years? Also, it's a bit apples and oranges. Politics vs. the marketplace. Barry's voters came out for him; we'll see whether Deen's fans do the same.

Anthony Wiener anyone? CNN says the polls have him techincally ahead among the dems. FWIW. But the guy seems like a real, um d-bag. (Can you print that?)

I don't know, can I?

The only way little North West can rebel is by becoming a hermit.

Well, like I said, it's not a bad name if you want to blend in. It won't be that easy to Google stalk her.

Is there any show (concert or play) that you would pay $600 to see?


Actually, the earlier poster has a point. It is getting to the point where it is almost impossible to click on a mainstream blog or newspaper without reading about the Kardashians. Hopefully, they will fade away like Paris Hilton one day.

They always do. Remember when we were all reading about Jon and Kate?

Thanks, new paywall! Apparently my home subscription isn't registered in the system. FYI ladies, you may be losing a lot of readers in the next few weeks as people hit their 20 "free" articles limit.

If you just got locked out of the chat. . . how are you here now? I'm serious: I don't know the answer to that. And I do wish you'd stop chiding me like I'm the CFO and/or Webmaster. I just work here too, lady.

...can't break out because she is the Rachel character in every movie she's done.

That's her own fault. Silly rabbit.

Roseanne, Drew Carey, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David

There are worst things than being known for one role.

Julia L-D is way better in Veep than she was on Seinfeld.

I think she's pretty great in both. Veep is hilarious.

As a fan of "Veep", I think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus has officially broken away from her Elaine Benes character. Not only does she look better now than she did on "Seinfeld," she is also a better actress, and the star of her own show. Good on her!

Good point.

I don't know why everyone is up in arms - you paid to read content in print form. Now you pay to read content in online form. Writers, admin people, etc still need to get paid. (BTW, most of the readers right now are probably getting paid by their employers right now...)

Just putting it out there.

Why is home subscription person complaining? Why doesn't she just register so she can be happy and participate?

Such a hassle, having to register. . .

Stones concert was worth every penny!! The opening video alone was awesome. I love that they've never gotten plastic/cosmetic surgery. They just don't care. Only wish that at age 45, I had Jagger's moves!

Thanks for weighing in. . .

It took years for both of them. Exhibit 1 - Bush v. Gore (and a lot of other stuff) never would have happened if Clinton weren't radioactive during the 2000 election. Paula Deen doesn't seem sorry, just clueless and stupidly so given how the world has changed.

Stay tuned: I'm actually curious to see what happens to her career in the next year or two.

Chatters, need to wrap up today. Send your tips, sightings and ideas to We'll be back next week -- join us if you haven't already decamped for the July 4th weekend. Cheers. 

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