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Jun 19, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, June 19, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning and welcome back to the Reliable Source weekly chat. Some things on our radar lately:


America, Kanye and Kim’s baby is born, but we somehow still don’t have a name.


Ladies, Rupert Murdoch is back on the market, but the other shoe we've been waiting for still has not dropped.


Josh Duggar moves to D.C. for a new job in conservative politics.


James Cameron goes vegan at National Geographic's meat-eating dinner, urges you to do the same.


Activist Mark Krikorian loses his volunteer job.


Forget about Miss Utah — did any of the Miss USA contestants have a brilliant interview?


Also: Newt Gingrich gets a surprise for his 70th birthday. . .  Remember to count the silverware after Vladimir Putin comes to dinner. . . You cannot beat George H.W. Bush’s birthday socks.  . . Multi-hyphenate J-Lo adds TV exec to her resume. . .  Senate kids keep getting in trouble. . .  Generation X finally launches a ’90s hipster bookstore owner to federal power. . . Nancy Pelosi sings with Mary Wilson of the Supremes. Another eligible congressman is off the market. . . And R.I.P., Michael Hastings.


Looking forward to your questions.

Morning news has been a habit since I was a kid. I gave up the Today Show because it went soft & was painful to watch. I was shocked to see that red sofa on CNN Monday morning. Did I miss the announcement? Does this bode well for CNN?

This is there big morning revamp rollout but I tuned in this morning for news .... and got a soft feature about the co-hosts duck hunting. Not enough news; not impressed. I felt as if they were trying WAY too hard.

I want to do that! POTUS, FLOTUS, and FKOTUS get all the fun!

It was actually just FLOTUS and the kids who did lunch with Bono, actually. But I think it's a privilege that should be afforded to all Dublin tourists.

Has the baby signed a deal to have its own reality show?

No idea, but I'm sure lawyers are standing by. . .

I am not trusting any of my rings or jewelry around Vladimir Putin, he's a thief.

Now, now. Maybe it was just a bit of language barrier. And Kraft now insists he was just joking. (Hmmm, they got to him, did they?)

I give Kate Bolduan around 6 months before she is replaced. They will apply the Matt Lauer rule to Chris Cuomo.

What's the Matt Lauer rule -- that Matt Lauer stays, regardless?

Do you think its possible that Kim and Kanye intentionally had their baby early to gel better with publicity?

I can understand why you think that -- because every single thing they do seems to be calculated for more headlines and she was reportedly due just about the time the royal baby is expected, which would have cut into their spotlight. The fact that Kim had a C-section adds to that. is possible that the baby deided to come early, as babies are wont to do, and that we're all just jumping to conclusions because K & K are such publicity junkies.  In short, I don't think we'll ever really know.

When did he start the whole loud socks thing? Obviously not when he was president. Kind of seems like he kept his closeted blue-blood styles under wraps while in politics, but then allowed it to come back when leaving office.

I haven't been paying attention to his socks. Maybe it's more of a "I'm old and now do whatever I like" thing. Personally, I thought the socks were fun.

This is possibly a terrible thing to say ... but I kept looking for some reference to Kanye's other children, the two he had with this woman or one with this woman or whatever, some reference to him already fathering three or four or five kids already ... but I can't find anything. Is this baby his first? If so, I have more respect for him.

For a multi-platinum superstar, Kanye West had a fairly boring love life until now, that we know of. He got engaged to pre-fame girlfriend Alexis in 2006, but they broke up in '08; and then he spent a couple years with Amber Rose. And then, well, he met Kim.

I hate to jump to conclusions about how he died, but being out driving at 4 am never results in good.

Nothing good happens at that hour.

And don't forget his new album is on its way...

I haven't because he won't let me forget. It was in every story about the baby.

Who would you spend the night with: Putin or Murdoch?

Oh, Putin in a heartbeat.

Was she the one played by Jennifer Hudson in the movie?

No, the Jennifer Hudson character ("Effie") was based on the late Florence Ballard, who was the original lead singer for the Supremes, but got marginalized as a backup singer and later fired. Mary Wilson is the one who stayed with the Supremes until the bitter end, when none of the rest of the original lineup remained.

I read somewhere online that her name is Kaidence Donda West. I almost wish I hadn't known.

That's just one of the leaked three final choices for the baby's name. All K, all the time.

A moment of silence for Slim Whitman? I assume you guys are re-doing the Style front page in his honor.

It's a sad day for yodeling. R.I.P, Slim Whitman. In the meantime, please enjoy his "Indian Love Call."

And actually go to college.

Ha! Become an engineer, hate the spotlight, live a very private life.

Why is the ring stealing news now? I definitely remember hearing about Putin stealing the ring and Kraft talking about it back when it happened. Why did this come up again, especially as new news?

Kraft put out a statement at the time explaining why he "gave" the ring to Putin. The story came up again  last week when Kraft was accepting an award in New York and shared what really happened. For what it is worth: I believe Kraft's story. 

That is a whole bunch of non-nonsensicalness.

Truly, her amazing answer got overlooked with all the attention paid to Utah. Show those documents!

My vote is that the baby came on time and was not premature. The C-section could have been because there were biological reasons making a vaginal delivery difficult. It could also have been that Kim didn't want to go through labor, or was afraid of how lousy she'd look afterwards, and didn't want to damage her "brand". The pregnancy was announced during the 12/12 concert for Sandy victims. It would be weird and really premature (I realize who this is that I am writing about...) to announce a pregnancy at roughly 8 weeks - most miscarriages occur during the first trimester. I always assumed the baby was due in June as a result of the timing of the announcement. Plus, even allowing for her strange choices in maternity wear, she has looked ready to pop for at least a month, certainly since that horrid dress she wore to the Met gala this spring.

Sound reasoning. And the dress was a spectacular fail -- she looked like a rose hedge.

Remind me why they are famous. She for having her mom release a sex tape of her and Brandy's brother, and him for taking a microphone away from Taylor Swift and behaving like an "a-s" (Barack Obama's words, not mine)? Any other reason I should care about them?

Well, he has not made a bad album, ever. "College Dropout" remains a favorite. And he also is non-stop hilarious, whether or not he's in on the joke (I have no idea). Meanwhile, this is not America's baby, this is his baby, so step off.

That was just the initial reports. Later articles said it was a natural birth, not a C-section.

Missed that, mostly because I find them so both uninteresting.

Well, maybe Kanye West will lighten up since he just had a baby. For such a famous multi-millionaire he always seems so angry.

Nah. Happy and content people make bad copy/tv/etc. Must. Have. Drama.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant piece of marketing, if you ask me. The Kardashians have actually turned baby-naming into an anticipatory news item similar to waiting for the Vatican to name a Pope. So, for every day for the foreseeable future, we will continue to get "Francisco Franco is still dead"-type news announcements, while, all the while, the Kardashian media empire continues to drive up the price of the pay-for-play news/photo release to US/People/The New York Times, until white smoke appears from the Basilica chimney, and then we can spend another week discussing the suitability/silliness of the actual chosen name. Like I said, brilliant media manipulation -- it will surely be required coursework for college age communications majors in 2025.

This is not so unusual, actually. A lot of celebrities have kept us waiting on a baby name, and whether it's because they (1) haven't decided; (2) want to have a window of privacy; (3) hope for a second day of publicity is unclear. Nor is this anything new, necessarily: A helpful AP story telling you everything you need to know to get ready for the birth of the royal baby notes that 30 years ago, they kept us waiting a week before announcing William's name.

I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago and all the stories about the Ravens getting their rings, and the anchors were gushing over how they were worth $5K. Baltimore should feel totally shafted!!!

Maybe the owner's ring has more diamonds? Or maybe the rings in 2005 were more blingy?

I believe the eldest Jackson daughter has taken this route. Peyton and Eli Manning's brother (i.e., Archie's other so) has, too. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples

Even very famous names can live a very private life if they choose to do so. You don't see too many pictures of Bill Gates shopping or dining or taking his kids to school. You have to actively want the publicity to get followed all the time.

He was stupid to be flashing it around Putin in the first place.

I agree.

Pardon perhaps a dumb question -- but what is the difference between Miss America and Miss USA? I remember Miss America happening in the winter, but what is the deal with this one? Is this the one where Donald Trump always plants a secret harlot in there so he can fire her and get headlines?

Miss America is the somewhat more wholesome and earnest pageant, where the contestants compete in talent competitions and take on advocacy causes. Lately it's been held in Las Vegas in January, but they are now going back to the historic format of Atlantic City in September. . . Miss USA started in the 1950s, and it's way more sex-kittenish. Big hair, big boobs, model-flawless faces. There's no talent portion, and perky wholesomeness is not particularly valued. It also has much higher ratings.

Never made a bad album? I thought Watch The Throne was really disappointing.

The first half was great.

And these questions were posed by a pop star, a designer, two reality TV personalities, and a comedian. I'll cut Mo some slack, because he appears on public radio. But could any of the judges have answered any better?

Good point, made even better in this thoughtful NPR story.

I don't ask this to be flip--it's not a topic that is wholly inappropriate to be flip about--but I do wonder. At what point during the news process would we find out if, God forbid, some tragedy struck during the birth or recovery? Say the baby has a birth defect? Or some life threatening complication? Or, and I don't even want to think about this happening to any family, dies? And how does the celebrity news machine process that?

Typically, celebrities ask for "privacy at this very difficult time." And they usually get it because it is the decent thing to do. But -- when there's a mystery behind the death, i.e. Michael Jackson, all bets are off the tabloid machine goes into hyperdrive.

Some celebs donate the proceeds of their new baby's pictures to charity. Reportedly Kim K. wants as much money as possible for photos of the baby, but presumably will pocket the dough. In my fantasies the media just say, "Thanks, but no thanks."


I gotta say I found the name kinda cute, not nearly as abominable as I'd have expected. The spelling (Kaidence) is pretty funky, though.

"Kaidence" right now is just a rumor, not confirmed and possibly unlikely. But somehow everyone is more likely to believe that than "North." (Sorry, In Touch Weekly -- not buying it.)

I understand what you're saying about 4am, however, reporters do not have 9-5 jobs. He may have had a very legit reason to be out at that hour.

Not saying he didn't have a good reason to be out. It's just a dreadful time to be out.

Just noting that they took so long because they had to likely to talked into William as a name, as the hardliners wanted the name to be a sign of continuing efforts to repress the Catholics and knew that naming the child after William of Orange would be a strong signal. Well played, Margaret Thatcher.

Uh, thanks for your thoughts.

I'm lobbying for Kimye.


Even by celebrity standards, that is patently ridiculous.

If it's true, it's actually fairly banal by celebrity standards. That's why I don't believe it.

The difference in price might be due to a couple of things. They might actually have different values (I'm not sure, but it's possible the team creates & pays for the rings?) or the difference in the quoted value of the Ravens rings and the estimated value of the Kraft ring might be the difference between what the rings cost to create vs. what they would command on the open market. I'm sure that Joe Flacco's ring is worth more than $5K if he were to sell it - and that value will go up if he gets into the HoF, etc....

Good points. I think the original value has to do with the materials, then the wearer, etc.

Don't forget "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

He's the post-modern multi-media entertainer of the decade. I'm still partial to his Taylor Swift fracas.

Doesn't Miss USA go on to compete in Miss Universe, while Miss America is a terminal achievement?

That is correct. Last year's Miss USA Olivia Culpo ended up winning Miss Universe, which mean that Miss Maryland Nana Meriwether, her first runner-up, got to take over the Miss USA crown.

... also feeds contestants into Miss Universe.

And both Miss USA and Miss Universe are owned by the inimitable Donald Trump.

Do you think they filmed the birth?

Oh, one assumes. Would you even be shocked by that?

I didn't even know that was illegal...

It's a new era.

Kanye was wrong -- the Taylor Swift video was better than the Beyonce Knowles video.

Now you're just being difficult. You know that's not true. Kanye may have been rude, but he spoke the truth, which is his special quality. "It’s only led me to complete awesomeness at all times. It’s only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. Beauty, truth, awesomeness. That’s all it is."

Saw a documentary on beauty pageants a few years back on PBS. They said the Miss USA pageant was started in the 1950s by Coppertone, which had been a sponsor of Miss America. The company wanted Miss America to add a bikini segment to the pageant, but Miss America reacted to that with shock because women of ill repute wear bikinis, and Miss America does not encourage such behavior. So Coppertone went off and started their own pageant.

Close. It was the swimsuit manufacturer Catalina -- not Coppertone -- which got aggrieved when Miss America 1950 Yolanda Betbeze refused to pose in their swimsuits. So they started their own pageant, Miss USA.

One of you indicated that you thought that the coverage of Michael Jackson's daughter's accident was grotesque and an invasion of a child's privacy. But, she was tweeting her "suicide attempt", which make me a heck of a lot more sympathetic to the coverage. Just saying - the best protection of her privacy is to Take Away Her Twitter Account.

Twitter is the worst thing that ever happened to celebrities. They get lulled into believing their fans care about every single thing they do, and it ends up biting them in the end. And then they complain about lack of privacy. It's nuts.

Doesn't she go on to compete in Miss World?

Nope. Miss America is just Miss America. Miss USA goes on to compete in Miss Universe. Miss World is another competition and, honestly, I don't know how they pick the United States representative for it.

Yeah, unless they write about it in the Reliable Source...

Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler made a very sad public announcement of her baby's likely fatal disorder, which the media has duly reported, without much fuss or gawking that I've seen -- if that's what you're referring to.

Does he have his own twitter account yet? Kids are starting younger and younger these days?

It's a girl. But yeah, I bet she has one by the end of the week.

I kind of thought the same thing about the delivery date. You have to admit it is a little ironic that they have the baby right before his album is released.

Or just amazing timing.

Her video was just a knockoff or another 30-year-old dance routine. She should have been ashamed. The Taylor Swift video, on the other hand, was epic. Kanye was wrong.

I'mma let you finish -- but honestly, I don't even remember Taylor Swift's video from that year. Meanwhile, Beyonce's controversy-generating appropriating of older choreography is just part of her brilliant marketing strategy, and bless her for it. Otherwise, we wouldn't be spending time at our desks obsessing over old Gwen Verdon dance routines.

was his late mother's name. Yes, I'm embarrassed that I know this.

His late mother was Donda West. (And according to some rumors, the baby's middle name will be Donda. But for crying out loud, can't we just wait and be surprised by whatever they pick? Let's move on!)

Didn't she become a DC socialite?

Yes she did indeed. And she had a longtime relationship with the dashing Algerian diplomat Cherif Guellal.

Surprised we haven't seen more of these leaked. The obvious companion to celebrity sex tapes.

I don't think there's a market for it.

Maybe an apostrophe, K'dence, or something. K'dence.


Kanye should welcome the baby publicity. To be honest, its the only "good" gossip I ever hear about him. I never read about him doing great things for people like Oprah or Tyler Perry.

Hmmm. Maybe his charity work is behind-the-scenes. Oh, wait...

Maybe it's just me, but if I had to guess, with no prior knowledge, I'd guess Kaidence was a boy whose parents had country music leanings.

Oh yeah? Well, "Cadence" has sat solidly among the top 200 or 300 baby names -- for girls -- over the past decade, believe it or not. Kaydence and Kadence have been not that far behind. Those names are more common than, say, Joan or Linda or Helen these days.

I'm rooting for "The letter formerly known as J".


Isn't Miss America the one where they pretend the payout is a "scholarship"?

Not sure, but it might be that you actually have to use the money for school.

Why would anyone expect Kanye to have to do great things for Oprah or Tyler Perry? Can't they do great things on their own?


I can see the other kids torturing her now...."Hey, KaiDUNCE!" It will torment her forever.

The whole notion that kids will be tormented because of their "unusual" names -- there's no such thing as an unusual name anymore.

Those are just far too easy to spell.... But, maybe Mad Men will bring Joan back? Or maybe Jown, or J'on.... or Jhon?

Hasn't happened yet. . .

At her age, isn't Sarah Palin likely past her fertilize date?

Either way, it's an unusual claim to fame.

Hahahahahaha!!! You guys crack me up.

We aim to please! And tell the truth!

Enough for today, so send your tips, sightings and thoughts to Enjoy this perfect summer weather, and we'll see you next week.

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