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Jun 12, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, June 12, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the chat. It's starting to turn into a sleepy summer, but still a few things to discuss:


Mark Sanford and Maria Belen Chapur make their Washington social debut at the RTCA dinner and seem genuinely relaxed and happy.


Eva Longoria may not be a candidate but she sure talks like one.


Catherine Zeta-Jones talks about her Wolf Blitzer crush instead of all that other stuff.


Jill Kelley sues over the Petraeus scandal and what it cost her.


Ed Markey misses his own star-studded fundraiser.


Miss America makes the best of shortened tenure.


Also: Bravo, Harry Wales. Look! Ryan Zimmerman’s wedding photos. A baby for David Shuster, a divorce for Jane Lynch, a fairy-tale ending for a Swedish princess, a big gift from Oprah, a new campaign strategy for Tareq Salahi, and media jobs for Pippa Middleton and Brendon Ayanbadejo.


Kids, stop putting so much on the Internet.


Oh, and Vladimir Putin is back on the market, ladies.


Plus, R.I.P. Esther Williams.


Looking forward to your questions. . .

I wasn't a major Ann Romney fan, but see that picture of her with her new horse was a bit nice. The lady likes horses and that's far from a crime and pretty easy target to mock as out-of-touch rich folk. Her loving that horse seems kind of redeeming now not that she has any atoning to do.

Listen, rich people have rich hobbies, and there's no crime in that. I like horses, too. But when your husband runs for president, your life becomes an open book and dressage is not one of the great equalizers. That's a problem for voters concerned that their lives, problems and dreams will not being understood. So good for the new pony, which will have a loving owner, but better left to her private, non-political life.

Prayers to ex-Journey singer Steve Perry on his cancer diagnosis. Dont Stop Believin'!!

I missed that! Bad week for guys in bands: A Def Leppard guitarist has Hodgkin's disease, and a Mumford bassist has a blood clot in his brain.


And sorry -- in addition to a delay, now dealing with a balky computer.

When these people are named guest editors, what does that mean? I imagine newspaper and magazine editors have pretty tedious jobs at times. Are the guests actually editing copy, or is this something where they put out a press release and make a couple general comments about what kinds of stories they like -- and that is it?

It usually means they go to some fancy, access-not-allowed-by-lesser-mortals-event, and do a nice little write up which may or may not be actually edited by a real editor depending on their writing skills. And they'll get paid for it. And work when they feel like it. Not that different from being a "special correspondent." Nice gig if you have connections.

Is that a threat?

A very sexy threat!

Posting early as I can't join live. Last week there were lots of comments about the paywall being too costly. I will happily pay to support the Washington Post because quality journalism is worth paying for. The Post has priced itself more fairly then many other papers that have transitioned to a paywall. The only reason I don't get the paper version is out of environmental concerns, and I am pleased that the paywall will allow me to contribute to the Washington Post. Thank you.

Thank YOU! Nice to hear your reasoning.

Should we count on more pics of a shirtless Vladimir

I think we should have realized from all those shirtless Vladimir photos that something was going on in his personal life. It's like when your neighbor's shlubby husband suddenly loses a lot of weight and gets a haircut: He's having an affair.

Is there a chance that the guy I saw on The Dubliner patio really was Christopher Plummer ?

Oh my god, if Christopher Plummer, the Sinister Love of My Life, was here in town and I didn't know about it. . . I don't think he was. You should have asked him. I mean, even if it wasn't him, he'd be flattered, right?


By the way, did you know that Christopher Plummer was LIP-SYNCHING, just like Beyonce, in "The Sound of Music? (Here, in the attached gallery). I'm having trouble with this.

Or was the cast of the Walking Dead spotted at the Kennedy Center recently. I could have sworn that I saw something in the paper, but I couldn't find it online when I went back to check.

Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays whatshername in the TV show, is currently starring in "The Guardsman" (which is supposed to be pretty good), and apparently some of her "Walking Dead" castmates turned out to see her, as no one told me about until Google did just now.

I don't buy the Post because my ultra-conservative husband doesn't want me to support "the liberal rag." How can I pay for it on-line without his knowing?

I think you need to take this question to Carolyn Hax. A lot of underlying issues here.

I spend a number of years in Toronto, so I recognize it a lot (even just the out-of-focus logo of a bank in the background) in films set somewhere else. I wonder what if more distracting and takes you out of the reality the movie is trying to create: when a film is shot in a city you know very well, but it's suppose to be set in a different city or when a film is set in a city you know very well, but it was filmed in different city?

Probably when it is set in a city you know well and filmed in a different city, because every exterior scene or geographic reference is off -- and you're constantly thinking: "You can't GET from Bethesda to Capitol Hill in five minutes" or "There's no J Street." It's wildly distracting, and anything that has you going "whoa, wait a minute" is bad for the movie, play, etc. (Look at the all the "Mad Men fans that go crazy when they get a detail from the 60's wrong.) I get distracted by all sorts of stupid things: Last month, it drove me crazy that the final scene in "Showboat" depicted the daughter as a teenager -- when according to the musical's own timeline, she would have been, say, 30 years old.

Why is RGIII getting married in Colorado? Is that where his fiance is from?

My god, Christopher Plummer is still alive?

Hell, yeah. And won an Oscar last year.

until Fast and Furious 7.

Only 56 weeks to wait. . .

I just find it very ironic that the same people who mock the Romney's for their horses and their cars sneer at the working-class Palin's with their high school educations and hunting rifles. One of these reasons that McCain selected Palin, and one of the reasons that she became such a star to conservatives, was her non-elite background. The Romneys' wealth had nothing to do with the distaste that liberals felt toward him.

Class is a complicated issue, because it is so intertwined with money. It is impossible for anyone in politics to pretend otherwise.

I hated the ending. You?

You wanted more throat-slashing? I thought it was fine. A bit of a palate-cleanser, teeing up the next season with a gentle bit of tension. I already kind of forget what happened, but that's okay.

So who was the actual singing voice? I don't have a huge problem with the Captain lip-syncing. It was the 60's, after all.

Somd Disney voice-over artist named Bill Lee, apparently. . . . This, though, is said to be an outtake with Plummer's actual singing voice.

What is with the horse ownership equal rich nonsense. I live a rural and far from wealthy community and there are horses everywhere. We have a small Amish community so that adds to it, but most horse owners I know aren't rich, they just really love horses and keep their other expenses down in creative ways so that they can afford to keep horses. While they aren't dressage horses like Mrs. Romney's, owning and loving horses certainly doesn't always equal out-of-touch rich folks' hobby.

Of course not, but dressage is a rich man's (woman's) sport, which is quite different from owning horses for other reasons. Racehorses,  too, although there are plenty of folks involved in both sports that aren't rich. But they typically don't own the horses.

How do I keep my wife from supporting the Godless liberal media by paying to get through the Washington Post paywall? Cut up her credit cards? Grab her by the hair and drag her back to an undisclosed location?

Uh oh -- she said you never read the chats!

You guys going to be on this Post TV that I keep reading about?

Nope. They have a TV staff for that. Enjoy.

I was never able to get past the inconsistencies on "24" after the first season episode in which Jack went from Century City to Mulholland Drive during a commercial break in the middle of the afternoon.

And parking spaces everywhere. . .

Been a long hiatus -- how long until the new season of Sex and the City?

I don't see how they go into another season, what with everyone getting killed in the final episode.

I think she's suing just to get her name out there again. She appears to me to be a fame junkie.

Or maybe she's just furious that her name got dragged into this mess by a jealous lover making false accusations. I think she has the right to defend herself. The fame junkie question can't be answered until we have a better idea of her post-scandal, post-lawsuit life.

I assume you guys were running late today for the same reason as the rest of America -- you were transfixed by Dan Zak's like-tweeting of the George Zimmerman jury selection?



Dan is the best Twitter feed in Washington (well, in Sanford, Fla., at the moment) that you are not currently following. Get on it.

Hmm, let's see...egotistical, loud-mouthed, unfaithful...I'll pass.

I'd go on a date -- one date --  if he promised we could hang out with the tigers. 

understands the masquerading city phenomenon. Richmond & the VA capitol have stood in for DC in dozens of tv shows and movies. It's all good.

It works pretty well for the period pieces, notably "Lincoln."

Can they re-edit Les Miserables with Marni Nixon doing the Anne Hathaway role?

Oh, what makes you think she wasn't doing the singing?

it won't let me out of this screen unless I put something here

Okay, we'll ignore it.

Don't forget the folks who mocked John Kerry for wind-surfing (or whatever it was, right?).

Fair point. And his Philly sandwich problem.

There have been several articles on the internet about Jennifer Anniston's new $21M house in California. Do you guys have any idea how you turn a chicken coop into a deck? I'm struggling for a mental picture. Thanks.

What a waste of a perfectly good chicken coop.

The irony of that glorious narcissistic self-violation of privacy while her boyfriend was claiming to be obsessed with the nsa's violations is too much. I can't decide whether I was more amused by her references to her perdicament and GhandiKs, or the fact that she had a "Track Me" button on the top of the

Oh, I feel bad for her. I think a lot of people are putting a lot of personal-life stuff on the Internet out of the assumption that only their friends are bothering to look at it. Otherwise, I agree with you about the irony: If his revelations didn’t make you stop putting anything on the Internet ever again, then her experience this week as unwitting page-view bait for every blog in the world definitely will.

I see Bethenny Frankel is getting her own talk show. I guess we don't have enough of those. But really, how do people like this manage/manipulate/maneuver their 15 mins. of fame into something more substantive???

Most of them don't.

Nationals' cutie Tyler Moore has been sent to Syracuse (hopefully just temporarily), reducing the team's eye candy quotient. I guess Lombardozzi inherits his mantle until he comes back. . .or Gio Gonzalez!

But what did you think of the Zimmerman wedding photos?

What a beautiful bride, and Ryan looks very stalwart and handsome. I wish them lots of happiness.

Oh, there we go. Yes, nice photos.

Yes, I knew that Christopher Plummer lip-synched on "The Sound of Music" because I'm a music nerd who reads the liner notes to albums. As for Plummer, if your co-star was Dame Julie Andrews, would YOU want to compete in the vocal department?


I watched the Bachelorette the other night, is there any I can those two hours of my life back.

No. I'm really sorry. The last time I enjoyed that show was when I was training for a race and needed something to distract me from the tedium of seven miles on a treadmill. Now, of course, if I tune in from my living room, it only FEELS like the tedium of seven miles on a treadmill.

Why is there no J Street? I realize Google is my friend, but you two are far more entertaining.

But we're also here to educate. From City Paper

"The urban myths about this are a lot more entertaining than the truth. One example: J Street was nixed from the map because D.C. designer Pierre L’Enfant hated John Jay, the new nation’s first chief justice."

The real reason? "There’s no J Street because, back then, typography had yet to be standardized, and I and J were often used interchangeably."


I find it very uncomfortable the way the media continues to put out stories related to Paris Jackson's attempted suicide. I can't imagine they have any information in them that we need to know (I haven't read them, in protest). However, I feel like it's just making it harder for this poor girl to move forward. At what point is the beyond tasteless and actually preventing her recovery?(And, yes, I get the irony over asking this question.)

And I get the irony in even answering this question. I am completely uncomfortable with the fact that this 15-year-old girl's health crisis is a multi-day tabloid story. Makes me feel like Michael Jackson wasn't so crazy putting veils on these kids.

If the WaPo is going to charge us for the chat, can we charge them when they reprint out chat comments in the paper?

Ha, yes -- you should try billing them for that.

So, did some scheduler lose their job over this?

I wonder.

I am more interested in hearing Michael Douglas and his ridiculous mouth cancer story

Shame on her for denying us this.

Is he married? Could we fix him up with Catherine Zeta Jones. Much more private life.

Wolf has been married for years to his lovely wife, Lynn Blitzer. So Catherine is out of luck. 

Does he still make wine?

Nope. The winery is defunct, all tied up in bankruptcy court.

Wouldn't it have been awesome for you guys if Tim Tebow would have signed with the Redskins?

Tim is pretty straight-laced with no late-night hi-jinks or blow-out birthdays at night clubs. So maybe not as much of a gossip-magnet as you'd think.

I kind of agree with you, but then again, not too many film production would film in Washington, D.C. if it wasn't suppose to be Washington. I wonder if more films were shot in Washington and set somewhere else would that answer be different.

Remember, they did once use Eastern Market to stand in for Amsterdam, for the shooting of "Body of Lies."

Probably not on the "free market". Vlad seems more like gray market goods at best.

Ah, fair point.

On NCIS, they frequently go from DC to Norfolk in, like, 30 minutes. AND they are driving the same vehicles, implying they drove there. That show also has them going out to Shenandoah National Park, then shows dried up, brown California hills.

I once made it to Williamsburg in two hours with no traffic, but it takes 30 minutes to get on 95 -- if you're lucky.

Roxanne, are you still a fan? I live in New England - would love to give you Tebow and get RG III

No contest. RGIII is a better quarterback, assuming he doesn't blow out his leg next season. No deal.

Is she pregnant or not? I saw the "news" that she's delaying her wedding so as not to run into Brangelina's wedding date, but no mention of a pregnancy. What's going on here? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

If anyone tells you they know the state of Jennifer Aniston's relationshp or the state of Jennifer Aniston's uterus, don't believe them. Meanwhile, in a carefully hedged story, People says that the secret date of the wedding has been pushed off to some other secret time, and that movie projects and home renovation delays may be a factor. (I told them they should never have gotten rid of that chicken coop.)

I read that and thought, "Whoa, I've really got to get caught up on the trial in Florida."

Too many Zimmermans, too many Sanfords in the news.

You know what would help his campaign for either governor or congress? Perhaps a web site. I was looking online for a way to contribute to his campaign, and couldn't find any information. He should work on that.

You should offer up your services as a campaign media consultant. Could be that you've been the missing element all this time.

I don't sneer at either Sarah Palin for her working class roots or Ann Romney to her horses. I sneer at Ann Romney for her pretense at being an ordinary American, with ordinary American concerns about money and paying for college, daycare, juggling children and work. She's never done any of those things. I sneer at Sarah Palin because she's just stupid.

To be fair to Romney, I think she has juggled children. Five young boys is no walk in the park, even if you're not working outside the home.

It can also be useful to know that many of the streets in DC are in alphabetical order by syllable. I.e. Quebec, Rodman, Sedgwick, Tilden - then Albermarle, Brandywine, etc. So, let's say if you're heading north looking for a two syllable street name and you're in the three syllable names, then you know you've gone too far.

See, this chat is an ongoing education.

Oh, and RE: that People magazine story about the Anistoux nuptials . . . Raise your hand if you're one of the "fans [who] eagerly wait for her to become Mrs. Theroux." I mean, we all wish her well, of course, but does anyone actually that personally invested in the outcome?

Does anybody have an un-lovely wife?

Plenty, but we never say that. Lynn is actually a lovely woman. Wolf is lucky to have married her. 

My favorite is the fact that all those people on Criminal Minds work in Quantico and live in DC (and get back and forth in minutes). Just laughable.

And distracting. Unless they helicopter in every morning? 

I think the chatter was saying "juggling children and work", not "juggling children".

Which I'm hoping someone will pick as their talent in the next Miss America pageant. It's about time a juggler takes the crown.

And there was once a TV show that was supposed to be about real housewives in Washington DC, but they all lived in McLean. And they all hated each other. And none were housewives.

They didn't ALL hate each other. Only some.

A lot of those tools leaving infantile posts after each story? If so, I'll pay double.

The comments section? That interactive wonder that allows the partisan freak flags to fly unabated, even when the story has nothing to do with politics? Probably stuck with it.

Isn't she getting near to the age where that becomes pretty much physically impossible?

Well, just ask Halle Berry. . . Seriously, I don't think there has been nearly enough public discussion of Jennifer Aniston's uterus. Jim Lehrer was remiss for not bringing this up during the presidential debates.

Didn't Connie Schultz write a memoir re hubby Sherrod Brown's Senate campaign, whose title referred to the fact that although she's renowned award-winning journalist, she'd inevitably just be introduced as "and his lovely wife Connie"?

It WAS the title: ". . . and His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man"

I just want to reiterate what I wrote to Howard Kurtz several years ago when he was still doing a Post chat: When newspapers first started putting content online, they made a decision that flew in the face of everything we know about business. You don't create something, make it available to everyone, and then figure out later how you are going to get paid for creating it. It still boggles my mind. As I also said to Kurtz, why should the Washington Post care if someone sitting in a basement in Ames, Iowa can read the paper for free?

This was basically the failure of the Internet's entire business model. You know how drug dealers give away free samples so that you'll get hooked and keep buying?  Turns out it doesn't work that way with most other things.

i just think it's funny that of the two they chose "i", which is spelled out as "eye" everywehre because uppercase "I"s look like ones!

It sounded like a better idea 200 years ago.

Rex Harrison did, in the original Broadway production (and cast recording) of "My Fair Lady." If you can call what Rex did "singing," that is...

Sexy Rexy. Yes, that's what they called him back in the day. BTW, isn't it time for AFI to schedule a 50th anniversary screening of "Cleopatra"?

If I recall correctly, the maid in the movie War of the Roses took day classes at William & Mary. That's at least a five-hour drive each way.

More like three hours each way-- my son graduated from W&M, so I made the trek several times. I love "day classes" which means the maid was, in fact, a college student.

A cheesy horror movie was filmed at my campus during my undergrad and I think the movie was suppose to be set in the Rockies (Roger Ebert himself pointed out in the film that the school is called "Alpine University" despite there being no mountains in sight. I think it's more distracting when a film does a bad job of masking that is wasn't filmed in the city is it suppose to be and you know that city really well. But it's more fun to watch a movie that is filmed where you live in is on film since it's neat to see local locations.

Which are never given credit for being where they are. Sucks for future tourism.

Have you seen this yet?

Thank you, I had not seen that. Brilliant idea. You recall, of course, that I am still trembling from having been in the presence of both Trebek and Susan Lucci, the sexiest people in North America.

There was a story on NPR "Morning Edition" today re the Mercury astronaut wives, including Mesdames. Glenn, Grissom and Carpenter. I remember Rene Carpenter (post-divorce from Scott) as a lively TV talk-show host on Channel 9. What's she doing now?

Hey, just managed to google up a story about her! From, er, 1975. Sorry, can't find anything recent.

My husband says 99.9% of guys strongly believe they have "married up." He says the other .1% are stupid jerks. I love my husband!

Good for both of you.

The actress was just coming off her big success in Baghdad Cafe. I think they wanted to glam her up a bit.

If I remember, she had some of the smarter lines.

Actually, anybody can own a race horse these days by joining a syndicate that owns the horse. You can contribute as little as a thousand dollars. Not all of you can stand in the winner's circle, but you can share in the horse's winnings as an investor.

That sounds like fun. And you have a better reason to bet than just liking the name. 

just click the arrow by "submit your question" and the question box will roll back up!

We have so much to learn from each other.

Did you see that he speaks English? Or tries to, anyway. His voice seems higher and more nasally than when he speaks Russian.

Totes adorable!

Will future candidates for Mayor of Toronto need to undergo mandatory drug testing?

To make sure that they ARE using, you mean?

Now thats a really horrible sequel.

Really, what did you expect?

Drew Storen no longer bikes to the stadium. Just sayin'. I still can't believe they're not sharing an apartment any more. That's like Ben splitting up with Jerry!

Your next assignment is to write some fan-fiction about Storen and Clippard's friendship. Can you submit the first chapter by next week?

Not something that exists in real life, right?

Oh, it's a big world out there . . .

Rox and Triple A - There's a new champion for "Worst Portrayal of DC on the Small Screen": The opening sequence from the pilot episode of "King and Maxwell" on TNT. Check it out - your jaw will drop.

Will do. I love a good laugh.

Chatters, enough fun for one afternoon. Thanks for joining us, and send your ideas, sightings and tips to reliablesource Enjoy this glorious June weather, and see you next week.

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