The Reliable Source: Real Housewives, George Clooney, Bob Etheridge, Miley Cyrus, Karenna Gore Schiff, Irene Pollin, Q'orianka Kilcher, more

Jun 16, 2010

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Today: Washington, you finally have your Real Housewives -- they're exactly who we told you they'd be. Will the rest of the nation care? George Clooney joins the Council on Foreign Relations. N.C. congressman Bob Etheridge gets handsy and hostile with mystery cameramen, who posted the video online but still isn't explaining what's up. Miley Cyrus isn't trying to be slutty -- she's just trying to dress like her new album sounds. Karenna Gore Schiff separates from her husband. 9:30 Club owner makes his acting debut in "Treme." Irene Pollin sells three multi-million properties in a week. Actress Q'orianka Kilcher explains the dramatic protest she staged at the White House.

Let's see how many quetsions I can get through before Roxanne arrives, okay?

Ok, I give up - how do you pronounce "Q'orianka"?

I was pronouncing it "Core-ee-AHNK-ah" when I talked to her and her mother, and no one corrected me. And I think that's how her mom said it. 

I am looking forward to lots of snarky comments about the Salahis being on RHoDC - I have a bunch, but would rather sit back and read what others think. Bring 'em on Roxanne and Amy.

Let's see... anyone here got any opinions on the upcoming Real Housewives of D.C.? Anyone?

The Real Housewives must be an incredibly boring show, because I even got bored reading deMoraes' review today, and I NEVER get bored reading anything deMoraes writes, until now.

I saw bits and pieces of it yesterday -- constrained only by deadline concerns and the fact that the screener I brought home was all scratchy. I can vouch for the show being rivetingly tedious. I ate it up like candy, but I know that's largely because I've been following the filming for a year now and I feel like I know these characters.  But you know, I find the other cities boring as can be, and this looks a lot like those.

So did anyone go to the Goat Rodeo last weekend on the Mall?

Our colleague Neely Tucker went to the Salahi's latest America's Polo Cup  (see our blog post on Sunday; will also put out a link)... he counted about 200 people or so. No idea how many of those people actually shelled out $95 for a ticket.

So if George Clooney's job on the Council on Foreign Relations is to sit there and look Gray-Templed Hot, can my job be to sit there and salivate? While contributing to the erudite discourse, I mean.

Can you be erudite while salivating? Just asking.

I cannot WAIT to watch RHODC; however, do you think anyone outside the Beltway will be fooled into believing these women have anything whatsoever to do with "real" D.C. power society? I mean, nobody within 19 circles of someone with real political/social power would get within 100 yards of this production. Still, it will be a delightful romp.

"Television Without Pity" was laughing that we'd even bother debunking the notion that these woman are powerplayers (which they are not) -- the writer said something to the extent of "all they need to be is crazy to entertain me." But the show does prop them up as Players. What do you think, though -- does the average viewer at this point  "get" the fact that no reality TV is reality? 

Last week you did a bit about the connetions between the Wire and Treme. Not sure if you know but the actress playing Clarke Peters's daughter in Treme is the same actress (Edwina Findley) who played Tosha, the stick-up girl in Omar's crew who is killed in a shootout.

I did not know that. Well done!

Is Washington society full of other social climbers that are slightly less brash then the Salahis, or are they completely outside the norm and that's what makes them so unusual and interesting?

Washington filled with social climbers? Ya think? Of course it is. But few are as brash, brazen or colorful as the Salahis.

White House crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi hold polo event on the Mall

I am sure you are going to get this comment a lot today, but there is nothing even remotely D.C. about any of the "Real Housewives". It is precisely D.C. culture that precludes participation - an authentic D.C. type would never get in bed with this kind of a production, which means they are left with a bunch of phonies they could find in any city.

Beginning to suspect that "reality TV" isn't so real, huh?

You also have to realize how absolutely staged these shows are. And it's not just the editing: Any scene you see is a scene in which they brought an entire camera crew, which you need to  get permission for... These shows are just improv soap operas, starring a cast of non-professional actors.

Bravo says the latest edition of its hit franchise "is set to take on the Hill," with women who are "connected D.C. power players. Really? These women dont even live in D.C., are hardly prominent (I would say they were C-listers), and have ZERO connection to any so-called D..C political power players. The fact that they would put Salahi (a fraud and liar, and potential criminal) on the show proves its not worth watching.

I think the inside joke for Washingtonians is that they are six degrees of separation from real political power. That's part of the extreme weirdness of choosing to film a version of the show here. Then again, maybe real powerbrokers of other cities also declined to be part of the show, so every version is full of wanna-bes.

Maybe only one of The Real Housewives of D.C .actually lives in D.C. That's what bothers me the most as a longtime resident of D.C. If these women want to make idiots of themselves, that's fine, but let's call it The Real Housewives of Fairfax County, or wherever it is that they live. Don't get me wrong...I'm a longtime viewer of the Housewives franchise, but I think that Bravo needs to be more honest about what they are presenting.

Honesty is the least of their concerns.

You still get calls from people who are owed money by the Sahalis? How can you throw that out there and not elaborate? Are they new debts? And if they are, have you asked any of the debtees why they would extend credit to these people after all the exposure regarding their finances and deadbeatness (probably not a word, but should be)?

No, old debts. People who are belatedly coming to us with stories much like the examples the Style section presented in its three-part series in December.

So, when will it be time to see Cooley in those short shorts again?

Summer starts next week, right?

It seems like you are always here to chat, and she comes late/leaves early. Should we take this personally or merely reflect it in your Holiday Bonus?

I'm just happy to be here.

I found it interesting to learn more about her. I also loved how much fun she had with the NBA draft!

Irene Pollin adjusting to life without Abe; downsizing, she unloads three properties in one week

I have to say she sounded great when I spoke with her. She's a class act, and I wish her nothing but happiness.

This one is going to be the final nail in the cofffin of that franchise. Even if Bravo runs those darn NY and NJ Housewives 24/7 ( which they practically do ), I'm not watching and no one I know ( outside of the Beltway ) gives a hoot about the D.C. gals either.

That's what Lisa argued in her story yesterday.  Even though "Real World" hasn't been doing well for years, "Real World: D.C.'s" ratings really dragged it down. I think the average viewer hears "D.C." and thinks a show is going to be earnest and tedious. They don't realize that we're as capable of staged binge-drinking and hair-pulling as the next city.

Do you think now that Clooney has somewhere to go, he might actually start wearing a tie again ?

We'll have to have a Clooney Tie Watch in anticipation of his first CFR meeting.

All of the focus has been on Michaele - but which of the other "housewives" do you think will provide the wackiest moments?

Well, Lisa was tickled by Mary Amons installing a biometric lock on her closet so her daughter couldn't take her clothes. That's wacky! From what I've seen Catherine Ommanney also looks like she's happily positioning herself as a meanie. Stacie Turner is the only one who comes off as genuinely likeable, and I wonder if that will doom her when it comes time to signing cast up for a second season (if there is one).

that how you dress sends a message. Why does Miley Cyrus have such a hard time getting this? Has she learned nothing from Lindsay Lohan?

Oh, she may have learned EVERYTHING from Lindsay Lohan. Though it sounds like she's pulling more of a Christina Aguilara, with that whole "my skanky clothes are just reflecting where I am as an artist" thing.

That video with Bob Etheridge freaking out kind of scared me. Why didn't the college kid just punch him out ? That's what our generation would have done.

Because the point was to make him freaky and the "students" look innocent. This was an ambush designed to undermine Etheridge and it worked brilliantly---although I'm not sure if he was a target or any Dem who came out of Pelosi's fundraiser would have gotten the same treatment. 

Etheridge should have smiled, waved and kept walking if he didn't know who they were. Might have looked rude, but not enough to post a video. 


'The Real Housewives of D.C.,' Take 1 (guess which one takes the lead?)

Amidst all the stuff about the Salahis and RHofDC, what a pleasure to read such a nice thing about an apparently nice guy. Also, the "first marriage at 54" thing means there's hope for me yet!

Yes, there is hope for you yet.

Well, that's an interesting bunch of women, but clearly lacking in typical Washington character. However, I suppose the title, "Real Housewives of the D.C. Suburbs" just wouldn't have cut it.

"Real Housewives of McLean and Bethesda" -- hey, why not?

I think folks should calm down about Elton playing that wedding gig for Rush because after all Elton has some pretty hefty real estate taxes and big bills for fancy costumes and stuff. A guy's got to do what a guy has to do.

A job's a job. But he probably loves the fact that everyone's talking about this. It puts him on the radar of other rich people looking for wedding singers.

I'm hoping for several weeks of schadenfreude

I think you'll get that.

I find it fascinating that these people keep showing up. And, you know, they actually present as being nice, reasonable, fun folks! Amazing how they can stretch their bizarre form of celebrity.

Do they?

What about Al Gore and Mrs. Larry David? Someone said favorite color is beige.

Can we stop that right now? A trashy tabloid using one unnamed source floats this, and suddenly it is a fact. STOP. It's unfair to both families, no matter what you think of Al (you isn't commenting) or Laurie David, who has already said it's not true.  

What do you think, though -- does the average viewer at this point "get" the fact that no reality TV is reality? Have you ever read the comments on the Bravo blogs? Clearly many, many think reality TV is real. Sad...yet still I watch!

Oh lord, am I going to have to start reading the Bravo blogs? Didn't even know about those.

I hope you all saw the quote we had on Monday from N.J.'s Housewife Teresa Giudice, explaining how it's just a TV show: "You might think, 'Ho bag!' in your head, but in the Real Housewives World, on camera, you are expected to say it out loud."

Real Housewives of Virginia or Maryland wouldn't sell. Many people I meet don't even know the difference between Virginia and West Virginia. And we all know a lot of geographically challenged people watch reality shows. At least most people know something about D.C., you know, like the president lives there.

Cut to shot of White House.

I have been trying to put my finger on what totally irks me that the Salahis are on this show. Especially after watching the trainwrecks from NYC and N.J. Maybe it is that I have always thought of DC as a place of public service and non-profits (and their lawyers) rather than housewivery and McMansions. Then again, none of the cast actually lives in D.C. proper, right?

See? "Real Housewives" is going to help bash all the weary old stereotypes. D.C. is SO MUCH MORE than public service and non-profits and lawyers!

Am I a bad person, as I just saw a headline that Randy Jackson was hospitalized with chest pains, and then breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it was Michael's brother Randy, and not AI Randy? I was getting worried about the future of that show.

Headlines should really specify which Randy Jackson they're talking about.

I missed it this week, how was the owner of the 9:30 Club? Did he pass for a decent New Orleans bartender?

I haven't seen it yet; think I might be watching tonight.

Is there hope for Bristol and Levi? The idea of these two kids getting along is too much to ask. Them being cordial is the happiest news I have seen in awhile.

I think we're just talking about them not hating each other. And maybe talking without starting a fight, which is good for the baby. I would not put money on them suddenly falling in love/lust again.

Wouldn't it have been easier just to send her to swim offshore in the gulf instead of all that fuss about getting her greased up for the president of Peru ?

But there are always photographers around the White House, which was the point of this little exercise in political theater.

I realize I don't know what she looks like, so I did an images search for her on Google. What came up was Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing nothing but a towel, and Billy GIbbons from ZZ Top. Which of these does she most resemble?

She is a magical combination of all three. (I assume Billy Gibbons was wearing shades, right? So does Lisa.)

Funny, I google-image her, and I come up with Kay Francis, Kathie Lee Gifford, and the girls from Blonde Charity Mafia. Equally accurate.

Why is Charlie Rose nominating people to the Council on Foreign Relations? I know people love them some Charlie Rose, but I aints one of them.

Because he's a legend in his mind? And lots of people buy into it?

"I just have no desire to... be associated with that little goat rodeo" Now that's a quote! Why haven't we heard more of Lynda Erkiletian, and is there any hope that these are the kinds of quips and observations we're going to get from the rest of the Fake Housewives of DC cast?

That's an awesome quote. She's my favorite based solely on that observation.

Oh right I forgot the Star isn't journalism like you guys at the Post...ha ! If you want to be big Al's defender just say he's too boring to cheat on his wife and leave it at that okay -- at least then you'll keep some credibility.

Yeah, not that I'm supposed to have opinions here -- but I actually do think he's too boring to cheat on his wife.

Listen, we're open to any evidence or tips you may have to pass on to help corroborate this rumor. But in the meantime, we're only going to present news that we can vouch for -- whether it's based on sources we have determined to be solid, or news from organizations we trust. And we're always going to have a problem -- even with the most trustworthy organizations  -- when they're presenting a story based on a single unnamed source whose identity we do not know.

Maybe this is more appropriate for Ms. de Moraes - but I think someone should create a whole Mental Illness Reality Network and with all of these shows on hoarding and addiction. These "real housewives" all clearly suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Salahis actually appear delusional. I read through the Web site for their polo event and it was some kind of fantasy.

I'm sure someone in Hollywood is already working on this.

Given the number of people posting about how the RHODC aren't anything like RHODC . . . I mean, these people do know that the RHONJ aren't anything like RHONJ either, right? And NY, and Orange County . . . . How boring would a show with REAL housewives be? (Nothing against real housewives, but there's just not the constant drama!)

Exactly. I was amused last year to see a spate of stories theorizing about who might star on RHODC, focusing on well-known names. It's like, not only would no well-known person in D.C. want to be part of reality TV... but these shows have NEVER cast well-known people. They only become famous by being on the show.

I remember when Nick Clooney, George's father, ran for the U.S. House of Representatives from Kentucky. It's actually a blue-leaning congressional district but Nick Clooney lost by a small margin. The opponent made a bit "Hollywood versus Heartland" stuff since he is the father of George Clooney. Just curious, is the Council on Foreign Relations a big deal or not so much? Plus there are always rumors about George running for U.S. Senate from either his native state of Kentucky or more likely California when either Barbara Boxer or Dianne Fienstein retire.

It's  prestigious and influential. But it has 4,000 members, many of whom you haven't of -- obscure academics, and rich people with a deep interest in foreigh policy. It's a think tank, not a government entity. It's not like he'll be drawing up our foreign policy.

I guess I got to this story late about Bob Etheridge. So I was expecting a beat down of these young men. When I saw it this morning, I was a bit let down in that beyond if that guy was a hemophilic, I don't think they were hurt. Yes, it was wrong of him, but the overhype of beating up random people on the street and then the actually video don't sync up for me.

By the looks of it, he was rude and physically hostile, but I doubt it qualifes as assault. Hard to say, though -- I'm no lawyer.

I am looking forward to the 3-D version of the movie about the Salahis and their goat rodeo. This could even be a family-centric film--lead goat escapes and has to be rescued by friendly D.C. stray dog?

Congratulations -- you are the first person in the chat today who made me laugh out loud. There was even a minor nose snort.

I want to hear all about the D.C. househusbands!

You mean, the ones married to the Real Housewives? Or you want a completely different show?

Did you read this article about Maya Soetoro-Ng talking about her experiences both now and as child by being mixed raced.  Pretty interesting, right?

Haven't read it, will check it out, thanks.

People don't think D.C. types are just earnest and tedious. They think they have an insular and tenuous grasp on reality, which makes a reality-based show in D.C. an oxymoron

You're right. The most real possible reality show about D.C. would be inherently unreal.

Who gave the Salihis permission to speak for all of America with their Polo Cup? There should be a federal office for determining who can use "America."

Now, now. Freedom of speech. I'd hate to see "America" come with a (TM) after it.

If I remember the story correctly, you were the one the recognized the Sahalis at the state dinner. Had you met her before? Never heard of her before and she hasn't come accross as anything other than fake and creepy since this happened, but given the circumstances, one might not get a view into her personality with this kind of heat. So, my question is: do you think that there is a side of her that can be protrayed in a flattering light? Does she have a depth that isn't apparent because of the type and tone of the publicity? Could Real Housewives soften or redeem her? Or is she just a creepy fake person?

Yup, I sent this dog-and-pony show into orbit when I recognized them at the state dinner, although I had never met them in person. I knew who they were because of our reporting on the Oasis winery family saga, and had spoken to Michaele on the phone concerning that.

It's been my experience that highly ambitious people with limited talent and a flexible moral code can be very effective at saying or doing anything to get what they want. So is it possible the cameras can find a flattering moment? Sure---she's fooled plenty of people. Depth? A deep well of desire. Real Housewives will make her more famous, which is what she wants. Redemption implies she takes some responsibility for poor behavior---and there's no evidence of that.  That's creepy in my book.




Real Houseflies of Washington, D.C.

You too! You also made me laugh out loud. And it's not even that funny!

I'm from Atlanta, and whenever I go home the AJC vent is full of how the Real Housewives of Atlanta aren't anywhere near representative of Atlanta. I think they are all (or most) from the Atlanta suburbs too.


How about a congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who's getting married this weekend? She looks like Jenna Bush; the fiancee is kind of nerdy-cute.

She's cool and yes---deserves a shout out. Congrats, future queen!

So like the rest of the franchise, 1. Not real 2. Not housewives 3. Not from D.C.

Yes, that sums it up nicely.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a reference to his Italian girlfriend....

Who's still around. Amazing.

How much longer will he be around D.C.? Is he doing anything outside the city? Like, going to visit sites in Virginia or Maryland?

The play is just here through the end of the week, I think. He seems to be getting around a lot to enjoy the region, and good for him. I can't account for everywhere he's been -- we don't yet have the power or authority to attach GPS trackers on our visiting celebrities and have to rely on you, the readers, for these sightings. So remember:

I would love to think that after writing her bitingly accurate reviews, she cranks up the Fender and knocks out a few riffs from Tube Snake Boogie.

I could tell you, but I think she prefers to retain an aura of mystery.

Not really a gambling question, but maybe more of a drinking game idea: Do you set an over/under on the number of "Who cares/Please report some real news/I can't believe the WashPost has sunk so low" every time you post something about the Salahis? Or do you leave that for the bookies in Vegas? If not, may I suggest that you either a) start doing so and set up what may turn into a very profitable side-business, or b) seriously consider turning the comments section into some kind of drinking game, and include the "who cares?" comments as one of the "triggers".

Eh, people like to vent. It does crack me up, though, that someone who professes not to care will nonetheless bother to click on a story, get all the way to the bottom, and then post a comment saying "who cares?"

I know this isn't really your realm, but since you made a comment about misplaced punctuation in last week's chat, what about that apostrophe in the header for "Discussions/Live Q&A's?" There shouldn't be an apostrophe in Q&As - it's a plural, not a contraction or possesive. Again - I know you don't create the headers for the Post site, but using 's incorrectly is one of my pet peeves. Signed, and English Major

I will call this to the attention of the International Ruling Commission on Apostrophe Usage.

Amy, I agree with you this seems like a completely wild rumor not worth discussing. Having said that, I would not be surprised if there is a third party involved, mainly because I cannot figure out why else two people who are fond of each other couldn't just co-exist -- esp with their financial resources. I mean, how often do you think the Clintons actually see each other??

There may be some reason for the Gore split and if another person comes to light----with some actual reason to believe it might be true, not wild speculation---then we'll report it. Until then, it's just tabloid fodder.

As for the Clintons: They have crazy schedules and plenty of reasons not to be in the same place because of their jobs, not their marriage. We can talk about them all we want, but they have decided to stay married and it seems to work for them---and they are spotted together enough to fend off rumors of a divorce.

Confession -I spend too much time on the Internet. The reaction to every Real Housewives franchise, with the possible exception of the O.C. because it was first, is the same. So to those of you who live in the affected cities where these shows take place - chill out already. The television audience already knows real power needs no advertisement. You don't have to worry about your city being somehow sullied by the existence of this show. This is empty entertainment, not a documentary.

We will bring you in to quell the August riots.

But the Salahis have been to the White House and were instrumental in pointing out security concerns there.

So in their own indirect way, they are influential.

...although, I'd be REALLY curious to see how Tareq spends his day.


And, since they only live 24 hours or so, there would always be a new cast and drama would be built in as we watch them slowly fly around in their last moments, constantly bumping into windows....

This basically desribes the plot of "The Hills" as best as I can tell.

Are the Salahis legally allowed to showboat on the show? With all of the debt that they owe, do you think they will actually be able to "show off" all of their wealth like all the previous Real Housewives? I

They spend their lives showing off. Why would they stop now?

I saw a piece on the Today show this morning about the Princes William and Harry traveling in Africa and it looked like William is balding - or seriously dramatically thinning anyway.

Yes, well, he's getting older. We all are.

would have to be shown on HBO and viewers would be left heartbroken and crying every week. And it would be produced by David Simon.

Yes! I'd watch that in a heartbeat.

Can we not call a teenaged girl a skank? Also, if you look around at the outfits most girls her age are wearing, it is pretty standard. I'm only 10 years removed and tutor a junior in high school and really, that's what they are like. Bury your head in the sand if you want, but if you look back to when you were 17, it was all hormones and burgeoning sexuality (or gasp! even actual sex) and trying to act like you were way more adult and cooler and knowledgeable than you really were. Miley is doing it all in front of the camera and I cringe every time I read adults calling her slutty or skanky or the like for acting her age.

I was talking about Christina Aguilera's get-ups of a few years ago -- and they were skanky! And she proud of them being skanky! That was the whole point! As for Miley, she's the one who brought the word "slutty" into the conversation, and no, her stage get-ups aren't normal teen girl wear. She is, first and foremost, a performer, and I'm not going to criticize what she's wearing -- but it was a very funny quote, and I think she's pretty savvy about turning the conversation around to how she looks/what she wears, knowing it will bring her attention.

Where is this society pole, and how do you know when you've climbed it?

It's in the center of every charity ball and dinner, even though you can't see it. You know you've climbed it when you whisper about anyone trying to get to the top. 

I approach the "Real" DC Housewives the same way I do as say Katy Perry's California girls song. I'm from California. I didn't run around in daisy dukes and bikini on top; nor does anyone else I see on a regular basis. Okay, well maybe I did in college. But only near water. But, it's entertainment! Fake! La la land! If you believe it, you should be ashamed.

You sound way too sane to ever be on a reality show.

Although it seems like such a non-issue, I'll ask. Who do you think will get Helen Thomas's front-row seat in the White House Press Briefings. If FOX News gets it and you're expecting them not to make a big deal about it, you've obviously never actually watched FOX News.

Good question. I have no answer, but was grateful to turn the topic away from Housewives for a second.

"Signed, and English Major" Says it all, doesn't it?

Ha ha!

So, when my office group breaks for lunch, we've decided to come up with a fantasy team of RHW we'd like to see rep'ing D.C. We've agreed on Ms. Sally Quinn and will be proffering other names over soup/salads. Any thoughts? (Sheila Johnson, Denyce Graves?)

We could only dream that Denyce Graves would be on a Real Housewives series -- that would be amazing. 

And someone mentioned in another chat that Rush is actually pro civil union for homosexual couples.

That's right. He and Elton are on the same page there, as we discussed last week.

Actually, it depends what the WaPo stylebook says is right. For example, Chicago style encourages the use of apostrophes in the "Q&A" situations to clarify that it's letter-A A's, not capitalized preposition As.

Exactly -- this takes higher-level review. I don't think this one is a no-brainer.

Is Donald Trump serious about bringing on Lindsay Lohan to be on Celebrity Apprentice? Me thinks publicity and the wardrobe tomake the SCRAM device look good

Donald is a publicity genius. The SCRAM bracelet will be off by the time it starts filming. The only question is whether Lohan will actually do the show. She'd be so bad it would be riveting---and wouldn't get fired until the very end because of ratings.

Just curious -- is that Salahi guy actually a decent polo player?

This is just a guess, but probably not.

I understand Bravo putting the Salhis in the show. It is not like anyone thinks these shows are realistic, and the Salahis are (sadly) a reason to watch. It is not like they were getting Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton to sign up for the show, so getting a name with any buzz makes sense. But my question -- are the Salahis in on the joke yet?

I don't know. One hopes that they've decided to become brilliant deadpan performance artists like Spencer and Heidi, willingly casting themselves as the villains.

I would watch a reality show about different news orgs trying to win the seat. It could be like the Bachelor, with Robert Gibbs handing out the roses. Or better yet, Jon Favreau.

YES! Brilliant idea.

I think the national viewership would be roughly equivalent to maybe four times the number of the people in this chat right now, but it would be my favorite reality show ever. 

In that photo, he sure seems to be sweating a lot. Is that healthy?

Not for the people standing around him.

In you engagement announcement you failed to mention he is a local boy. He was at Washington Lee High school in Arlington with me back in the 1970s (before Sandra Bullock, after Shirley and Warren) and he was already an announcer back then - doing the morning announcements over the school PA.


How light-handed do you think that Real Housewives will be with the Salahis? If they wanted entertainment, they would show all the crazy (not a real watch! ; she wasn't a cheerleader!) but something tells me they are going to deal with them with kid gloves. Also, do they get paid for this?

I disagree. I predict Bravo will wallow in the humiliation of the state dinner aftermath. They're not particularly kind to any of their Housewives.

Which person have you reported on this year that you would most want to go with on their summer vacation? Note: George Clooney cannot be considered because he is the obvious choice for obvious reasons.

If I were with someone I report on, then it wouldn't be a vacation. It would be work.

Seriously, Q'orianka Kilcher hasn't really parlayed her role as Pocahontas in The New World into anything else, so can we please stop calling it a "breakthrough"? She didn't "break through" to anything -- she had a major star turn and couldn't follow through. So, color me a skeptic, but that just pushes me into the "she might believe in the cause, but what a bon-headed publiity stunt" camp.

Whatever. With that movie, she went from unknown to, well, known enough that attaching her name to a cause gets it a lot more attention.

Do you know if any of the filming that was done as Michaele prepped for the White House dinner will be included in the show? Or was that just a screen test to see how she would be on camera?

Oh, they had been filming the Salahis and the others for months before the state dinner -- the state dinner actually happened towards the end of filming, which largely wrapped up by the end of the year.

Here's the thing, though -- while it's clear that back in November, all five were already been treated as solid parts of the cast, it just wasn't official yet. Because at any time in the editing process, Bravo could have said, "nah, this one's not working out." So back in November/December, we couldn't accurately describe them as cast members, because, well, who knows? But they were pretty far beyond the preliminary audition phase.... And yes, by the looks of the previews for the show, they will have a LOT of the state dinner stuff.

First the tough review for the new sitcom about Cleveland, then I heard (on the radio I think), that there's a rumor of an old sex tape with husband Allen Ludden (please, please, please be a joke). Has the pendulum of Betty-love swung so soon?

The backlash happens to everyone...

"Because the point was to make him freaky and the "students" look innocent. This was an ambush designed to undermine Etheridge and it worked brilliantly---although I'm not sure if he was a target or any Dem who came out of Pelosi's fundraiser would have gotten the same treatment. " How do you know this or is this just same kind of unsourced speculation that the Star used regarding Al Gore and Laurie David? Do you have any proof of this vast right-wing conspiracy?

I never said it was ring-wing anything---could be someone from his state or party who doesn't like him much. But we do have some facts to work with: The videographers have not come forward to identify themselves as actual students, that they have not clarified what the "project" is that they were working on, that they questioned Etheridge about the "Obama agenda," that we don't know how the tape was edited, and that they leaked this video to the conservative media----facts that lead a reasonable person to assume all is not quite as it seems at face value.

That being said, Etheridge response was over-the-top idiotic, and the kids deserved an apology, ambush or not. 

Even before Hank Steuver's piece, I've been thinking "meh" on the Top Chef franchise. Though plan to watch as cameras catch them going from Georgetown to Tenleytown Whole Foods via Lincoln Memorial!

Ha, always love those D.C. geography shots. "Real World D.C." was priceless for those. A scene of the gang heading out in  Adams-Morgan would be interspersed with some random shot of Chinatown or the Tidal Basin.

I've never watched Top Chef before, so this will be my first.. .

I forget. Is it really easy or really hard for non-white actresses in Hollywood? Q'orianka Kilcher had the same skin color as Lindsay Lohan, you'd be seeing in any and all major motion pictures.

That's a complicated question -- complicated by your Lindsay Lohan analogy. I mean, when was the last time she had a role in a major motion picture? I think Hollywood is hard for all actors.

Have any details leaked on the Chelsea Clinton nuptials next month? Other than Bill having to lose weight?

Not a peep. They are keeping details under tight wraps.

Q'orianka Kilcher has orange skin?

Well played.

Please warn me next if you are going to post a link to a photo like that! LOL - I almost chucked my lunch.

Ha! Can't promise---never know what we'll post for your enjoyment.

Chatters---we've run way past our time limit, so we're signing off for the week. Send your tips and sightings to Next week, same time. 


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