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May 29, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, May 29, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back from Memorial Day weekend. A shorter week for us, so fewer columns since last we met, but still some stories to discuss:


Wow, how about that Obama prom photo!


Another sad Washington political divorce: Connie Mack and Mary Bono.


A homegrown football hero has a rough homecoming.


Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley’s edgy photo fashion shoot – what does it mean?!?!


Also: National Geographic goes Hollywood for the first time, putting James Cameron on its cover. . .  Kelly Rowland puts on quite a show. . . . Whee, look! It’s Rob Lowe! . . . Please, take everything you read about “Rodham” with a grain of salt.  . . And heyyyy, laaaayyydeee comedians!: Jerry Lewis does not approve.

What time does this chat start?

It started at 12:01. Where were you?

On the internet yesterday there was an article that John Mayer and Katy Perry were at a party "flirting" over Memorial Day weekend. If John Mayer was a woman people would call him all sorts of unflattering names. He is seen with lots of well known female celebrities. Have you all met him? Is he that impressive? Is there another male celebrity that "gets around" as much as he does?

Most of them, I think -- but Mayer has a knack for getting around with more famous ones. . . Hardly scandalous that he and Katy Perry, with whom he was in a long-term relationship were allegedly "flirting," and what does that mean anyway? . . . I was in the same room with him last year, but he scrupulously avoided chatting with the press -- he was, at the time, doing a bit of a media sabbatical.

Sympathy for failed marriages knows no partisan bounds: Like Gene Weingarten, I'm slightly to the left of Ho Chi Minh, but I literally said out loud this morning as I saw your column in the paper, "Oh no!" So sorry for Connie Mack and Mary Bono. Too bad.

It is too bad. But I'm a little baffled, too, given that their defeats meant that either of them could have moved to the other's state or they could have settled into a happy life together working in DC. That tells me there was more than geography to the story.

... use Baltimore Style Magazine and "high-fashion" in the same sentence?

Be nice.

I've got a process question. On the football player's public intox story today, you wrote that voicemails and emails weren't returned. I figure that phone numbers are pretty easy to get, but how you you get email addresses for public figures? Do you just contact their agents, or do you have a super secret source? Oh my gosh--are you two actually the Chinese Government's Google hackers?? I knew it!

No conspiracy here. Sometimes you know someone who has a person's direct email and cellphone, sometimes you don't. We went to Cody Grimm himself first, and when he didn't get back to us, we attempted to reach him through the Buccaneers.

Any chance he was partying with Leesburg's great, Chris Cooley?

I don't think that was the case, but who knows.

This is strange - could it be because they couldn't resolve the FL/CA living situation?

Of course they could -- especially since they both have jobs with lobbying firms here in D.C.

Does her song about Beyonce help or hurt her chances of ever performing again with the rest of Destiny's Children?

Oh, I think it was a stroke of genius. She's created a bit of a soap opera about herself, which is already raising interest in her as a personality. And the song lyrics, if you parse them closely, aren't dissing Beyonce -- they're acknowledging her own difficulty in dealing with Beyonce's greatness.

What the heck do you have to do, or how drunk do you have to get to get arrested at a Hampton Inn in suburban Virginia? I thought anything goes.

This changes everything, doesn't it?


I'm not a lawyer, but I suspect the public intoxication statutes have little to do with blood-alcohol level and more to do with how you're manifesting your drunkeness.

Not sure what was up with the dining room photo, but whatever. I made the mistake of scrolling through some of the comments, however, and several people were offended that their tax dollars were supporting this shoot. At least, I think that's what they were complaining about. How can people think that a magazine story and photos is paid for by taxes? No wonder they complain about taxation if they think their money is going to glossy magazines and not, say, highway repairs or schools.

People are pretty clueless when it comes to things like that -- although it is hard to imagine what exactly they think the state paid for. But the average person (me included) has only a vague idea of how their tax dollars are spent. For example, voters wildly overestimate how much goes to foreign aid (a tiny fraction) and have little ot no clue how Social Security actally works. So the comments shouldn't really be a surprise.

it's been a good week already, multiple shots of Matt Damon's ass in Liberace movie and speaking of which, Michele Bachmann leaves town. Now let's all go to France and get gay married.

Missed Matt's 42-year-old bottom. How convincing as an 18-year-old bottom?

Maybe she is cheating on John Mayer, but didn't I read about how her and the vampire from Twilight were crashing a wedding rehearsal or something absurd like that?

Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up a few months ago, I think. I don't think we ever commemorated the split because it was one of those "sources say" things you're dealing with during so many of those ambiguous Hollywood on-again/off-again relationships. (Basically, either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart will have to die before I acknowledge their next alleged breakup.) . . . Yes, there was some weird story about Robert Pattison and Katy Perry stumbling upon the scene of wedding rehearsal and, I don't know, maybe you had to be there. 

When Rudy Guiliani says there's something wrong with you, it's a bigger deal than anyone thought.

Oh, Rudi, Rudi, Rudi.

Is there concern that Amy and Roxanne will one day write their own versions of "Dirty Laundry" about each other -- perhaps performing them at Journa-palooza?

That is a brilliant idea. I don't know if I'd be able to cry on stage as exquisitely as Kelly Rowland, though.

In a weird way, I don't find this that odd. Having worked on the Hill for years, I knew all sorts of Hill couples - from top to bottom of the food chain, and I can't think off the top of my head one couple that survived them leaving the Hill. There is something about the environment that bring people together pretty intensely, and when that shared environment ends, things have a habit of being really deflating and difficult to sustain. Just my two cents. (It's sad, too, because she's a really nice woman.)

Interesting observation, thanks.

But, I seem to remember reading one of those trashy magazine awesome kind-hearted people are always leaving around at the gym and there was a "story" about how John Mayer had a reputation for his very rich endowment and prowess. Apparently, he has quite the reputation.

Well, he must be great in bed because otherwise I can't see the appeal.

Apparently this guy got into all kinds of places, took photos with all kinds of people, at Cannes where they should know better. How did this happen?

Yes, this was my favorite story of last week. "Fake Psy" is a good name. "Faux Psy" is better. But "Psych!" wins.


How did this happen? I guess this guy is just a very confident and savvy gatecrasher is all. He knew enough to know that the Venn Diagram overlap of "people who know Psy is supposed to be a big deal" and "people who can't quite pick Psy out of a crowd" is helpfully large.

I was never a fan, but the idea of him chasing after Bieber to tell him to slow down while driving through a neighborhood makes me appreciate him a lot. And Biebs hiding in his house the whole time makes he even less impressed with him.

Biebs is going through his bratty phase. The question is whether he'll ever outgrow it. I assume we're talking racing through the streets, not going five miles over the speed limit. So, yeah, good on Keyshawn. And I'm thinking speed bumps could really screw up a Ferrari. 

smaller than you'd expect

Good to know.

I was reading about the finalists for the Hillary Clinton biopic -- Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Chastain -- and they all seem totally wrong. Not sure I have the perfect suggestion, only that none of them are it.

I don't really believe that list is true, actually. I think we in the media are so desperate for this movie to happen that we're about to will it into existence. Chastain and Witherspoon just make no sense. Johansson and Seyfried -- one more expensive than the other, but I'm guessing the filmmakers still don't know how big their budget will be -- are such obvious maybe-potential choices that it's just a big "duh" to float their names. . . . I still think that Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker are the dream team here, even if they're splitting up -- I mean, hey, Bill and Hillary know about marital drama too.

Is a heckuva lot less embarassing than mine.

Time to share yours.

Did you see that he's apparently considering running for President again? How much humiliation can one person be oblivious to?

What you call "humiliation," another man calls "free publicity."

I rented the remake of Red Dawn the other day and was confused on why the movie didn't do better in the box office -- aside from the idiotic premise that North Korea invades the U.S. America really missed the boat on the opportunity to see a Hemsworth and Hutcherson work together.

I don't know why that movie wasn't a huge hit. I mean, it's terrible, but it's pretty well made. And of course you mean to say, brilliant premise. BTW, did you know that that was a completely different Hemsworth than was in "Hunger Games" with Hutcherson? Did you know there was more than one Hemsworth?

I think Amy's song will be about how jealous she is of Roxanne's gingerbread-housemaking talents. Roxanne's will be about how Amy is more prompt, and therefore people seem to like her more.

Yeah! That's the kind of drama the fans want.

it generally means he's starving for attention and is trying to get the media to notice him.

It's interesting to me that politicians who could afford to live a fine life outside the public eye...can't resist sticking their nose back in. Me? Books, cats and a warm bath is my idea of a great retirement.

Roxanne, he may be great in bed but the question is how does he get so many famous women there in the first place?

Go figure. Doesn't do anything for me, but maybe he's a total charmer in person and woman want to see what all the fuss is about. Plus the whole sleeping-with-a-celebrity thing.

What'd you think? It had an odd vibe to me, campy and remote at the same time. Thought Damon was surprisingly convincing in the "Young Scott" scenes - good makeup - although being surrounded by sexagenarians (Scott Bakula? Seriously?) gave him a youthful glow. Extra points to Michael Douglas for the total lack of vanity. Who'd expect Mr. Basic Instinct to let it all hang out?

Wow, sounds like I went to bed before all the interesting stuff happened. Wait -- Scott Bakula was in it? Wow, I totally didn't recognize him behind that shag cut and shades. . . . I actually agree with Hank Stuever on the movie. It was kind of dull and probably not gay enough. Michael Douglas didn't begin to capture Liberace's crazy flamboyant on-stage sparkle.

Bob and Elizabeth Dole?

They never served together, but clearly understand each other's careers. Also -- the Clintons and Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao. 

The questions about John Mayer and Katy Perry makes me wonder again whether celebrities are capable of normal relationships. Most young single people who aren't in committed relationships routinely go out with a lot of people, or at least would if they could. It's nothing for two people who click at a party to say "Let's get a cup of coffee sometime" or "Would you like to catch a movie?" But for celebrities, every time they are spotted talking to anybody, the media speculate about new relationships, cheating, roving eyes, etc., etc. I've always suspected that celebrities' private lives aren't really any screwier than anybody else's, but they live them under a microscope.

I agree to a certain extent. I think all celebrities are a little screwy -- not their fault, fame does that to you. But yes, you need to take into account the life-under-a microscope every time you're parsing a celebrity magazine account of someone's alleged dating life. Think about the number of times you've been out on a social engagement with someone, and maybe you know it's just a friendly thing, or maybe you don't know yet if it's a date, or maybe it is a first or second date but you're not sure if you're "dating." Stars are going through that same thing, with the difference being that their insignificant and unmemorable second dates are recorded for all history.

Adorable. I didn't read the Time article - only looked at the photo. Did his old friend contact him before giving the photos to Time? Do we know if he is still friends with these people?

Don't know the details. I wonder why she waited all this time to release the photo? Did she forget about it? Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

Plenty of us, myself included, can say that we have been intoxicated in public more than once sine March. But how many of us managed to get arrested for that? If getting drunk means you get arrested, then maybe you're not suited for drinking. Like some of us are.

These are allegations, and none of us know what's going on with him. But yes, to get arrested for this twice in three months is not a good thing.

I have to give credit to your tipster who saw Gio Gonzalez at a restaurant. I go to tons of games very year and doubt I could recognize anymore more than Bryce Harper, and perhaps Jayson Werth (though only for the beard). Kind of an unassuming group.

We've got some knowledgeable tipsters.

could his view be because most of them don't think HE'S funny? I have to say that I've never been able to understand why people like his type of humor. (and I've never forgiven my mother's sister, who refused a proposal from Lewis' father back when they were both young - had she accepted, comedy would have been better off.)

You could have been Jerry Lewis's cousin!


(Quoted: Jerry Lewis still doesn't like female comedians)

If you buy one, are you obligated to always keep it against a white background?

Once you see that, you just can't unsee it, can you?

There are 3, actually. The oldest is still in Australia, I believe, and also an actor.

Yes, and threatening to come over here and confuse us all the more.

Was probably convincing enough if you've accepted Hollywood's contention that most males don't change much between 18 and 35, which is not what I've observed in real life. But maybe I'm sheltered.

You're just wise.

One of my favorite moments from the debate over the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was in 2009 at some town halls sponsored by Democratic members of Congress when people actually said things like "please keep the government out of my Medicare." I think we need to reinstitute Civics class in this country.

An informed electorate? That would ruin so many politicians' plans.

It's a conspiracy. Releasing it now deflects from current administration scandals. Try and keep up. When in doubt, it's always a conspiracy.

Maybe she just couldn't find it. How long would it take you to pur your hands on your prom photo?

I missed it, but saw people tweeting the heck out of it over the weekend. Any good? Worth watching?

I'm waiting for someone to tell me if the second hour was more entertaining than the first. It was brilliantly marketed, I can say that. My entire family was dying to see it, and then we got a few minutes into it and agreed, well, this is weak.

Someone whose appeal remains hidden to me. But Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand, so we can assume her standards are somewhat skewed. And, really, by your estimates as observers of such things, what percentage of these purported celebrity relationships are real rather than fabricated by tabloids or PR staff?

I think they are celebrity-real, which is to say that the stars themseleves drive the action, unlike the old studio system where stars were coupled up. And there's an immediate advantage: Another celebrity understands the drill. But whether the relationships are conducted in a way that allows real bonds to develop or just a way of passing time is hard to gauge.

How do we know that he didn't use a bottom double?

Good question. Let's get to the bottom of this.

I wonder if that was part of what's behind Michele Bachmann just announcing she won't run again. She barely won reelection this past November despite Mitt Romney's long coattails in her Congressional district.

Well, Bachmann did have a tenuous relationship with the truth, even by political standards.

I was not living in DC when she first came to Washington to take her husband's congressional seat after he died. But was wondering, as she would have been 35 and with no political background -- was that a big deal at the time?

No, I don't think it was. There's a long tradition of wives succeeding their late husbands in Congress. And you know, she ended up having a much longer political career than Sonny Bono did. She was elected to Congress seven times. He was mayor of Palm Springs for four years, then was only in Congress for three.

I love it when we play fantasy casting agency. How about Frances McDormand to play the Clintonator?

Come on, people, read the stories! It's not going to be Frances McDormand, and it's not going to be Meryl Streep -- this is a movie about Hillary Clinton in her mid-20s.

It almost seems like celebrities who date nonfamous people tend to have longer lasting relationships - i.e. Matt Damon, Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman. I wonder if that helps keep some couples more grounded. Or maybe the media doesn't hound them as much.

I have wondered the same thing.

FWIW I am not sure it's just that fame does that to them. It seems too that the personalities typically drawn to a life in the spotlight in the first place have an - it's all about me - mentality, so they may well be a bit screwy before ever becoming famous. Certainly self-absorbed!

Yes, there's that too.

I remember photos of the young Hilary that did the rounds during the admistration. For one thing, she was a brunette, like Susan Dey in her younger years. She also wasn't terribly attractive. Maturity suits her better than youth did. All those actresses are too pretty.

She looked like a lot of young female lawyers in Washington during the 1970's--serious, unglamorous, etc. Take off the makeup and slap on glasses and a lot of actresses can play the part.

I'd sooner take hair care advice from Donald Trump than pay any attention to who "Rudy the cross-dressing man who uses a press coference to tell his own wife he wants a divorce and oh by the way I was mayor of NYC on 9/11" thinks is odd.

All the more reason Anthony Weiner may well win this mayoral race.

Reportedly the two guys still get together to play golf when the President visits Hawaii.

That's kind of sweet. And smart, because it's always good to keep in contact with people who knew you back in the day.

The fact that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler didn't bother to rebut his claim suggests that we don't care that he cannot recognize the funny.

I don't think Jerry'e opinion carries a lot of weight.

First Jim Morrison, then Ray Manzarek. I tell you, Robby Krieger better watch his back.

He's quite a bit younger than Manzarek -- a spry 67. John Densmore is 68 and still alive too.


I keep stumbling across more Manzarek interviews, and he really seems like a delightful and hilarious guy who totally was in on the joke about The Doors. His "Fresh Air" interview is one of the most entertaining things I've ever heard.

Gotta go with Lindsay Lohan! Totally unexpected casting, plus it could give her the comeback that the Liz Taylor movie didn't.

Oh please. She was so awful -- really just laughably bad --  in the Liz role that I'd be shocked if she ever gets a serious role again.

Even though Barry tried to hit on the other guy's date when the guy was away over the summer.

Now, now, I'm pretty sure he was just trying to be a good friend. Extremely sweet and foxy as she was.

The only funny thing about him was how popular he is in France.

Well, that.

Please, have you seen his hair? The man obviously doesn't do humiliation.

Exactly. You are talking about his hair and therefore talking about him and that's all that matters.

Lena Dunham?

Does Hillary have a sense of humor?

Brilliant. Let's make a movie about one of the most famous women in American history - and focus on the least interesting moments of her life.

Oh, I think it's an interesting time. She was working on the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate and had all these career opportunities in Washington, but her boyfriend wanted her to move with him to Arkansas. . . it's that kind of human drama that makes for a better story than the public-life part.

Yes, there are two. The one who is on again/off again with Hannah Montana.. and there's the hot one.

The former is Gale and the latter is Thor.

I don't have any prom photos (I didn't go to my prom) but when people ask me why I never went into politics, I explain that there is a wedding video from 1988, the last 5 minutes of which are my butt, while dancing wildly. I haven't danced at a wedding since then. On the other hand, maybe my butt can meet Matt Damon's butt.

Given the number of asses in politics, that shouldn't be a deal breaker. Unless you were naked.

Denzel can do anything.

I want to see him in the wig.

She probably came across it like the rest of us - Cleaning out the attic - or mom cleaning out the attic and saying "go through this stuff or I'm throwing it out... And, lo and behold, there's a random prom photo with the president. All of my old embarrassing photos are at the bottom of boxes in my basement or my mom's attic.

I'd buy that.

Some faces you see so much or are so distinctive that there'd be no question if you saw them in person (Brad, Angelina, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump). But there are a lot of stars whose faces I don't know as well, and if someone told me it was them, I'd probably believe it. I'm a huge Nationals fan, but the only one I'd probably recognize is Werth. Oh, and Bryce, but that's because he's desined to be mine...

I think it's a lot easier to pull off this trick than many people realize.

Alyson Hannigan.

Hmm, okay, we can discuss.

What have you ladies seen? Star Trek--very good. Iron Man--good. Hangover 3--lame (even with Bradley Cooper).

I wasted my movie night on "The Great Gatsby." Tedious. No real desire to see any of the new sequels, except for "Fast 5 Two," or whatever it's called. That is high on my list.

When you posted his rant against female comedians, I actually had thought he was dead. Well, he's dead to me now! He's just jealous because he lost his funny long ago.

His funny was a different era. Pity the poor guy -- no one cares what he thinks.

Is 40

39, but whose counting. You're right, forget it.

Wait, give it a moment! Think about it!

I'll let that sit with me.

what - no "Before Midnight"? And I don't even like Ethan Hawke.

YES! I am very eager to see that movie. I loved "Before Sundown" so much that I wanted to be instantly transported nine years into the future to see the next installment. And now, the future is here.

Since I get my info from these chats, not the articles, I assumed it was later life Hilary. In that case, why don't we cast someone who can act and isn't as famous as the subject so as not to distract. Then again if Michael Douglas can do Liberace, is Hillary that much of a stretch?

It's not about who can act -- not entirely.  It's about who can open a movie and who can attract financing for it.

Excellent. My name is John Mayer. Would you like to see my etchings?

Etchings? Oh, John, you're so old school. Text me, Romeo.

When they marry nonfamous people, their careers are less likely to conflict. Hugh Jackman has said, I believe, that he's never spent more than 2 weeks apart from his wife, so obviously they constructed a life where she's able to travel with him.

There are plenty of ways to make a marriage work -- even among two celebrities (think Woodward and Newman) if both parties are motivated to make it happen. Someone is always going to have to give up something.  

Wasn't that the premise of a recent reality TV show, in which celebrities worked at regular jobs and customers told them they looked like so-and-so, and the celeb would say, "I get that a lot"?

Probably. There's been a show about everything.

Was appalled that guests at a celeb wedding last weekend went as "Great Gatsby" style guests. Don't they realize that the point of the novel is that Gatsby's lifestyle was utterly hollow? Sheesh, even the Cliff's Notes should've given them that much of an inkling!

Which celeb wedding? But yes that's amusing. Kind of like all those women who think they want to emulate Holly Golightly.

Don't know her name, but howzbuot the girl that plays Lauren Grahams daughter on Parenthood.?

If you don't know her name, then she's not going to get the job.

Why didn't the story lead with that bit of information?

Well, THEN his comments would have been interesting. "Jerry Lewis Speaks From the Grave."

How about Disney starlet (and erstwhile "Dancing with the Stars" contestant) Chelsea Kane? She's got the face, and isn't too tall.

If your resume is "Disney starlet and erstwhile 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant," you're not going to get the job either.

I just read the transcript. It wasn't that interesting, actually. Mostly about how they wrote certain songs. I want to know what it was like to be in that band.

Maybe you had to hear it.

Another rocker who's "68 and still alive too" is John Fogerty, formerly of Creedence Clearwater Revival. In fact, yesterday was just his birthday!

Happy birthday, John Fogerty. Is he only 68?  Remember when that used to be old?

Hahaha. Nice Roxanne! True dat, as they say.


One who's not: David McCallum. In the 1960s, when he was gorgeous and starring in "The Man From UNCLE," crowds of girls chased him down the street and tore his clothes. There were literally riots. Even when his wife left him for Charles Bronson, I never read a mean thing from him in the press. Now he's in NCIS as Ducky -- still the nicest guy in Hollywood.

You know, you could be making this all up (you're not: I checked) and I'd have no idea. I didn't even realize he was still alive. Hmmm, he played the same character in both "JAG" and "NCIS." Did we know those shows were in the same universe? (I've never watched either.)

If you're venturing into the Buffy universe, Sarah Michelle Gellar would've been great 5-10 years ago. Same steely stare, a tad humorless.

Not bad.

The man likes to dress like a woman sometimes.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Well, fit can be an issue, but that's what tailors are for.

Does there need to be so much reality in our fantasy casting agency? If we're going to be all business about it, why not tweak the story to add a bit about Hillary being a vampire hunter back in the day.

I don't think "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" did well enough at the box office to merit a sequel, sadly.

Maybe in 5 or 10 years. She's too young to play a serious 26 year-old now.

My lord, is she still only 20? Looks so much older.

How about what's-her-name from Juno (totally blanking)... She could do it.

Ellen Page. Yes, brilliant minds think alike.

NCIS was a JAG spinoff.


Might be good. Still young enough looking to pull of 20s maybe. Also somewhat of a BO draw. But don't forget, since the subject is so famous, the actor playing them doesn't need to be so huge.

I think you're right about everything except her being a box-office draw. Maybe if it's a smaller movie: It's time for her to reinvent herself as a gritty indie-film actress.

Philip Seymour Hoffman. It' might even work.

He IS a blonde.

Michelle Williams could do it.

Or is she too old?

Oh, maybe she'd work.

"In on" what joke about the Doors? I am decidedly NOT a fan, and if there's a derisive joke that one of them found funny, I want to know!

Oh, just that he knows how campy and over-the-top the music (especially the lyrics) were. You get the sense he didn't take it all too seriously.

Elizabeth Banks

Too old.

And, there's your reason we have voters who say things like "get your government hands off my medicare" people just aren't paying attention - it's not just politics. It's everything.

Which is part of our mission here -- to inform you with facts (imagine that) on the big and little, the silly and the serious. As they say, you're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts; not that facts don't get twisted, but it's a starting point for something that resembles intelligent discussion.

And with that little piece of self-promotion, we'll call it a chat. Much appreciation for all the questions and fun, along with the hope you'll send in sightings, tips and other tidbits to Next week, same time. 

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