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May 22, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, May 22, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source web chat. It's another depressing week for national news; alas, our beat goes on. Some things on our radar recently:


Kerry Washington is having a moment — could there have been a better way to come back to her alma mater?


The Schwarzenegger-Shriver family reunites for a Georgetown graduation.


Reports of the demise of Michelle Obama’s bangs have been greatly exaggerated.


Another new job for Chelsea Clinton.


Guess how much Molly Ringwald gets paid to show up at parties!


Our long international nightmare is over: Justin Bieber’s monkey belongs to Germany now.


Prince Harry wraps up the most boring trip to the U.S. by Prince Harry ever.


Also: Meet the new Fastest Man in Congress.  .  .  Jim Kolbe gets married. . .  Sean Penn, celebvocate. . .  Forget about ScarJo and Chris Evans — omg, it’s Garry Shandling! . . .  And Billy Baldwin, field trip dad. . . Finally, who knew Farrah Fawcett was the inspiration for “Midnight Train to Georgia”?


Looking forward to your questions.

Well, he is getting older and is about to be an uncle. Besides, he's much better looking when he's not distracting us with crazy antics.

Hmm. I don't think a tiger changes his stripes that quickly; I suspect he's just going out of his way to overcompensate for being "too much Army" last year in Vegas.

I have a question I'd like to ask, but I've been advised by counsel to take the Fifth.

Fifth of what? And isn't a little early to be drinking?

Your piece on O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend, Christie Prody, confirmed what I have always believed - the man is a bully, a batterer, and a murderer. It gave me chills.

Well, in fairness, I think all one can precisely glean from that quote from Christie Prody is that he is a terrible, terrible boyfriend.

I hope this follows him the rest of his life, especially if he ever has children. The worst part is he isn't saying anything to defend his actions, making him look like even more of an unfeeling jerk.

Now, now. The world is filled with people who gave a child for adoption because they just weren't mature enough to be parents -- and then years later, raised happy healthy children of their own. Bieber is just 19 now, and going through some crazy times. Clearly, he wasn't ready to nurture. For all we know, he may one day grow up to be a great dad and a great monkey-owner. And in other news: THE MONKEY BELONGS TO GERMANY NOW!  (Google Translate suggests that this would have originally been formulated as "Der Affe gehört zu Deutschland jetzt" -- though I prefer
"Deutschland uber Affe." Someone please tell me if any of these scan in German.)

Ok ladies, I saw Star Trek and now love Chris Pines. Will he be in DC anytime soon do you know??

That's Chris Pine, singular, actually. Don't know of anything he has scheduled for D.C. in the near future.  Zachary Quinto, aka Mr. Spock, was kicking around here last week doing the movie-promotion thing and had a drink at Cobalt in Dupont Circle though I alas didn't hear about it until too many days later.

At the Palm Saturday night. He looked REALLY young. And I had only consumed one martin before I saw him.

Thanks for the insight. (I was going to edit you, and then I thought, hey, I can't presume what you were drinking; maybe they had roasted purple martin on the specials menu that night.)

If you could pay to have any celeb at your next soiree, who would you buy? (Clooney doesn't count.)

Oh, this is hard. Either Rod Stewart or Gene Hackman, I think. They do paid gigs? Maybe Lauren Bacall. How about you?

This young woman seems to finally be comfortable in her own skin. She also shows her fun side in some of her assignments, which I didn't know she had. Good for her - she was in the public eye as a first daughter during some of the most difficult years for girls/young women and had to deal with difficult parental issues at the same time. It's nice to see her come out the other side.

Well, not to dismiss what may have been a difficult family dynamic -- but as survival stories go, she's way down my list of hardship cases. Most 33-year-olds have not been given the opportunities she has, most aren't handed TV gigs, Wall Street jobs and board positions with no experience, nor been protected by handlers well into their adulthood. I'm reminded of football coach Barry Switzer, who once noted: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple."

Beethoven's Fifth.


Did they ever get officially divorced? Thought I read there was a settlement, but did the papers get signed?

They have not gotten divorced yet. Now, TMZ would have you believe they are maybe getting back together, as evidenced by video that they argue shows him grabbing her derriere at Georgetown last weekend, though I would argue that (1) this looks more like a gentle guiding hand on the waist, helpfully escorting her through a paparazzi-tinged crowd as she somewhat distractedly handles a phone call; and (2) doesn't he maybe have a tendency to grab a fair number of butts anyway?

Gordon Lightfoot performed a concert in my hometown when I was a kid and my parents went to it. He came out an hour late, staggered across the stage, struggled to sit on his stool (it was an acoustic show), slurred his way through one song and then slumped to the floor. Everyone got their money back.

That sounds like it was worth the price of admission.

Would have to be Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey. What can I say? I like funny.

Fair choices. I don't know if comedians always are all that funny in their downtime -- but I guess if you're paying them, it's not really their downtime.

Robert Downey frickin Jr.

Good choice. Bet he's expensive, though.

Really, he's getting kind of tiresome - and I don't disagree with his underlying positions. He's just such a self-righteous scold.

Reminds me of Vanessa Redgrave -- deeply passionate about affairs in the world, but still annoying. I must say that Penn completely knows his stuff and made a strong case, and was on his best behavior during the hearing. I do wonder if the Dakar Rally trick is going to gain any traction.

NO WAY!!! Seriously though, if you go out and date OJ Simpson, you are pretty low on the sympathy scale when he acts like a creep. I'm not trying to not be sympathetic to someone who was abused, but usually abused partners don't have pre-dating information that he's a monster.

Yeah, I thought the most shocking part was that she stuck around for 12 years of that -- though arguably, getting involved with him in the first place is a dubious proposition.

"Bieber's Monkey" would be a great name for Celtic punk band.

There are more good band names than good bands. And this one sounds dirty.

How come the current number of logged in chatters doesn't show up at the top of the screen anymore? Did it hurt Sietsema's feelings that you always had more and so he demanded they no longer be displayed? Such a prima donna, that Sietsema.

It's showing up for me -- 131 currently online, whoo-hoo (why does everyone wait until 12:45 to get here, btw?) -- but it's kind of a tetchy display that comes and goes.

Is Anthony Weiner running for NYC mayor worse than Sanford running for SC Congress seat? They both seem really skeevy to me.

Both have issues. The difference is that Sanford was running against a liberal in a conservative state. Weiner will be facing other candidates with similar politics and so his personal issues will play an even bigger role.

That article in yesterday's style about the guy accused of sending the Ricin was fascinating. What a nut!

Yes, there's a story that is definitely worth your time:

J. Everett Dutschke’s journey to ricin suspect

At least Chelsea Clinton doesn't seem to have botched the opportunities she got in life (which is more than can be said for plenty of other folks born to relative privilege or wealth).

Very true, that.

Bill Hader. He could come as Clint Eastwood and leave as Stefon. Gonna miss him bunches on SNL.

I'm a huge fan, too. Happy that he's wise enough not to bring Stefon to the big screen.

but I didn't know we needed to bring you a saucer of milk... Yikes! Usually you save such harshness for criminals, like child molesters. What did Chelsea Clinton ever do to you? I mean, she's not a Salahi.

Actually, I've never actually spoken to Chelsea, although I've interviewed both her parents. But let's not pretend her name hasn't been ---for better and worse ---the defining aspect of her professional career. 

Don't you think she'd be GREAT on Downton Abbey as the sister of the Dowager Countess? I bet she and Maggie Smith could really throw it down!

That would be one fine bitchfest.

RIP Ray Manzarek. Favorite Doors Song: Riders on the Storm

Yes, RIP Ray Manzarek. This guy left behind some great interviews. Seems like he was totally cool with everyone's disproportionate interest in Jim Morrison -- happy to talk about that, but also had so many other great observations about the '60s and music. (This one was amusing.) . . . My favorite: "Land Ho!"

I read an interview once with Christopher Guest and the reporter noted that after several hours of talking, he hadn't made one joke or humorous remark. She said this to him and he got very angry. He said of course he's not making jokes, because making jokes is his job and he's not working now and so he's not making jokes because he doesn't work 24 hours a day, and he resents everyone thinking that's he's funny all the time.

I think that's the really miserable thing about being a comedian -- everyone expects you to be the zany guy.  I chatted with Rainn Wilson a bit about this, and I have to say, I was impressed with how he presented himself in a non-comic setting where he was nonetheless leveraging his celebrity -- that's a tricky balance.

Jon Stewart, because he graduated from William and Mary. Oh, and because he is witty and smart.

Thanks for your vote.

"I'm reminded of football coach Barry Switzer, who once noted: 'Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.'" I love that saying, but I don't think it's fair to apply to Chelsea. Have we seen any indication that she doesn't know and appreciate how lucky she has been? If she starts claiming to be self-made, etc., then yes, I will happily pile on. But I'd be surprised if that happened. Let's save the Switzer quote for those who truly deserve it.

Well, I'm not sure fully agree with that. Chelsea started life with some unique opportunities unavailable to most people, but I haven't heard much about that from her.   

In the GOP primary, Sanford defeated a very conservative candidate who was backed western Pennsylvania's extreme-right former Senator Rick Santorum, among others.

There's that, too. His personal life just wasn't the deciding factor for voters.

Can Brad Pitt stop commenting about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston

In fairness, it sounds like he didn't actually discuss his former marriage in the new Esquire interview everyone's talknig about. He refers to his own general unhappiness of a decade ago and the ways he was screwing up his own life then, drawing a contrast to how happy he is now. Should we be surprised he was unhappy a decade ago? Duh -- he got a divorce.  I don't know, it's an ugly business -- stars have movies to promote, and they're expected to talk about their personal lives.

My Party would be: Ricky Gervais

Oh, invite me to that one.

save questions/comments about Chelsea Clinton for days when Roxanne is absent.

No, no. I'm fine being in the minority. Maybe everyone's cool with Chelsea and I'm the exception. I'm here to learn, people.

Seth Meyers. You said he really killed at a White House Correspondents' dinner a few years ago, and he's so cute as well (is he married or otherwise in a committed relationship?).

He is in a committed relationship, last I checked, and she's a lawyer. Same girlfriend he had at WHCA dinner two years ago.

You DO realize that she's the voiceover of the older version of nurse Jenny on "Call the Midwife," don't you? I understand that this marvelous series has been renewed, so should show up on PBS eventually (maybe next year?).

I don't, because I've never watched the show. I assume she's very good, because she's a great actress.

We could all just stand around and stare at him. He doesn't even need to speak.

That sounds like fun.

Tina Fey, because she went to the University of Virginia and is witty and smart. And definitely not, should you ask, that other famous UVA woman grad who is not witty, not smart and not nice. And yes, I knew her at UVA.

Okay, I apologize for pouring grain alcohol in your shoes that one night. It seemed funny at the time!

All I'm going to say is that I'm glad that the Mark Twain Prize is going to somebody who (unlike other recipients) richly deserves it for a lifetime of work that everyone can enjoy, and not just those of a certain age or political bend. Her work will be enjoyed by generations to come while other recipients will elicit a puzzled "who?". Congratulations, Carol!

Hard to say who'll last over time, but Carol always seemed like a nice lady. So good for her.

Alec Baldwin - but only as his Jack persona.

Oh, I think it's always hard to guarantee which Alec Baldwin shows up.

Absolutely the guy I would have as a dinner guest....

It's probably fairly easy to predict which Keith Richards will show up.

Bill Clinton. Save your comedians for their HBO specials.

There's an idea.

"He came out an hour late, staggered across the stage, struggled to sit on his stool (it was an acoustic show), slurred his way through one song and then slumped to the floor." Not to speak ill of the recently deceased, but that describes about half of the George Jones shows that I went to. But notice that I kept on going. Not sure whether that says more about me or George.

George snapped out of it after a while. He was lucid at the two shows I saw.

Probably have to wait until after 2016, but JOE BIDEN!!!

That is an excellent idea.

Germany's not going to send him to a farm upstate, if you know what I mean?

Germany! Who knows. I assume not, but one can't always trust their euphemisms.

during Memorial Day weekend?

Hmmm, how about the Memorial Day Concert at the Capitol? Gary Sinise, Joe Mantegna, Candice Glover of American Idol, I think . . .


Sorry. All I got.

Yes, she had a lot of advantages, but she also had that dreadful man talking about how ugly she was as a teenager. She might have had a name advantage getting into college but presumably she graduated on her own. I leave the silver spoon/born on third comparisons for people who truly deserve it. Like her successor in the White House, the younger Mrs. Hager.

Now we're getting political, which was not my point. Being a First Kid is full of challenges -- regardless of party -- and I'd be hard pressed to say that Chelsea deserved her NBC job but Jenna does not. And Jenna also graduated from college and taught for a while. So this isn't really about politics -- it is about the advantages of coming from privilege.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch! I especially love what they call his fans - better than Chris Pine's "PineNuts"!

Fans sure do love the Bandersnatch Cummerbund, don't they?

UVA Grad who is not witty, not smart, and not nice? I'm dying to know....

Oh, so you think it might not be me? Whew.

I want Carl Kassel.


Anyone who remembers sorority rush will remember those girls who were "legacies" and you were under pressure from the alumni group to pledge them whether they fit in or not. Seems like Chelsea Clinton is kind of in that category, only she opted to become the chapter president instead of just being a party girl on GPA goddess. NBC News seems to be totally into the legacy ethos with their hiring of Luke Russert and Jenna Bush, who arguably may be less driven and talented than Chelsea..

No one will ever accuse Chelsea of being a party girl. I think she's a classic over-achieving only child.

Never heard you say that about the Bush girls

Hasn't she? Oh, I think it's been said.

Jesse James. Hugh Hefner. Chris Brown.

You don't want Jesse James to come and show everybody his finger?

I would pay for Molly Ringwald for my party as long as she has the persona as Claire from The Breakfast Club

You might get the Pretty in Pink girl.

I saw Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin in Arlington (Courthouse) on Monday afternoon, standing on the sidewalk with some family members. Those are two really good looking people.

Aren't they?

She's very lucky. Yes, her parents' marriage looks odd from the outside, but let's be clear - she got onto an advisory board of the NYC Ballet largely if not entirely because of her parentage; she got hedge fund and other jobs from her parents' wealthy supporters/donors; let's not even talk about her NBC job. She appears to be nice, polite, very smart. That describes a lot of people I know her age, none of whom got any of those positions or even had a whisper of a chance at getting them.

And you know what? I don't blame her, although I'd like to hear her to admit she's lucky a little more. As we've said here before, life is not fair.

... Re: Mrs. Hager and Ms. Clinton. - Besides, if a major net calls you and says "hey, do you want to do the occasional human interest piece and get paid?" would you say "oh, no, I couldn't possibly take this gig. I'm only being offered this because I'm famous." - heck no. Take it and enjoy it. There are lots of misc. reasons people get opportunities. We just happen to know all about theirs.

Another totally fair point.

Especially when all of these celebrity kids like Chelsea and Jenna Bush get jobs at NBC News with no real experience. I don't understand why they aren't ashamed about taking these jobs; it's so obvious they are just there for ratings. Of course, one could've made the same point about Hillary deciding to move to NY to become a senator.

In defense of NBC -- "just there for the ratings" is kind of their business model, right? I have no idea if the children of the powerful have succeeded in being a ratings-draw, but obviously, someone calculated that at some point in the process, hiring them would be good for the bottom line --  this isn't a charity they're running here.

I would want Elba at a dinner party because he is nice to look at and he also doubles as a DJ. That would be a good value package.

A very good value package.

Were they getting married? Or did they do that already?

Just a little more than a year and a half ago: Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin

I dunno. He never came across very graciously during or after the divorce. Seems like a pretty cold fish.

Well, he and Angelina seem like a good match. Maybe Brad and Jennifer are better off in the long run without each other.

I don't understand (well, I do - politics) why people differentiate the two. Both seem to be strong young women who have taken an active role in their lives and done a lot, both in and out of the public eye. One can't say Clinton achieved it on her own nor Hager - both of course benefited from being the daughter of a president, and neither is saying that she achieved it either on her own or due to her name. Why the need to tear either down?

I think where this all got started was not in an impulse to tear anyone down but in Roxanne's argument not to overpraise.

I just think Michelle Obama's bangs should show more gratitude. They get a lot of face time with the POTUS, for heaven's sake!

Still hanging in there! (As of Saturday(

Donald Trump! Because then you would own him. Just like all his creditors.

Oh, I went to that party. It was great.

Has he ever come across as remotely charming if not onscreen? And not so much earnest as leaden. More in common with Sean Penn than Clooney.

I never really got the Brad Pitt thing either.

Actually, I wonder if some children of famous parents would decline such an offer, for fear they'd wind up doing a poor job at it and making public laughingstocks out of themselves.

One of the challenges, I think, of being the child of a very famous parent is the fear of being a let-down -- or, worse, of being ordinary. That's the complicated dynamic that might make one gravitate towards jobs where you trade on your name. It's almost the safer thing to do, you know?

I don't mind Chelsea, but it seems that if she were really serious about her career, she wouldn't do puff pieces for NBC (the Geiko Gekko, really? She doesn't need the money) and focus on her career or a cause. See Caroline Kennedy. There's something a bit fame-whorish about Chelsea that is a little disappointing. I love the Clintons too and in the end it doesn't bother me all that much. Just an observation.

Maybe you're on to something. Chelsea is clearly very smart, but seems to flit from job to job, which of course gets attention. If she had hunkered down at one thing and stuck with it, we probably wouldn't have much to say. Then again, she's rich enough not to work for a salary and does pretty much whatever she wants, so what we think isn't important. The only way that becomes a factor is if she decides to run for public office.

A tour de force or too weird for words? (and I'm a huge Matt Damon fan)

I've heard good things about it.

I wonder if Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush Hager even realize how "lucky" they are. I mean they are most likely surrounded by people who's parents' names or money have open many, many doors for them as well (albeit not as publicly). Both married man who had wealthy or at least politically connected parents and probably traveled in circles filled with the children of wealthy and/or politically well-connected people. Not that either didn't work hard, finished their degrees, and all, but they use their connections to open doors because that's what people do. It is just that most of us don't have connections to open those doors.

All good points. 

If you were looking at life from Chelsea's point of view, would you want to chat with reporters?

Ha. No. Then again, I would probably not opt for jobs with a public profile.

I still think that inviting Gary Busey was kind of sick-brilliant. You just NEVER know what's going to go down.

What were they wearing? What were they doing there? Did you send this sighting to

Whoa, thanks, losing my fastball there.

I would want to book the kitty cat that was at the Zoo fundraiser.

He was awesome.

I seem to recall hearing recently that Molly Ringwald had a gig singing at a jazz club possibly somewhere in the Midwest. Given that he dad's a jazz musician, that sounds plausible. Any confirmation?

She's got a new jazz album, as we mentioned in the story, so, probably.

I want William Shatner. Half of my guests will probably end up insulted, but nobody would ever forgot the party. (Maybe you have to follow him on Twitter to understand my choice.)

That is a good choice.

Ugh. The only good thing I can say about that is that his kid is adorable. He seems so icky and insincere, and his wife looks --beyond-- uncomfortable. (Plus, an NYC where the middle class can live and flourish? Hahahahahaha!)

Here's the video. Oh, that is a cute baby.

A few months ago, there were rumors that Caroline Kennedy would be appointed ambassador to Japan on the supposed premise that the Japanese would be utterly charmed by her celebrity status. Was that just a false rumor or did she actually turn down the offer?

No clue. Haven't heard one way or the other. It could be still in limbo -- these things take forever to inch through the system.

heard a lot of chatter about the movie, either of you seen or plan to see it?

Saw it. Well, except for the parts I slept through. Uh, the 3D is pretty and not at all tacky. I liked some of the performances. I didn't mind the hip-hop inflections. But it was pretty bad. Just utterly missed the point of the book. And, for all the frenetic energy, kind of tedious.

Amy, thanks for saying that you don't get the whole Brad Pitt thing. I have never found him to be particularly compelling. I actually enjoyed the Taran Killam SNL parody of his Chanel commercials though.

Loved that.

is that she, unlike Brad, hasn't found "the one" or at least someone that seems like "the one". If she were really happily attached, we wouldn't be talking about Brad/Jen/Angie. But then the publicists would have to work harder to get their names in the news.

You know she's engaged to be married, right? To Justin Theroux? Otherwise, I think we should all face the fact that we don't have a clue what goes on inside these strangers' heads and hearts.

Look, if they didn't want their gigs, they would be offered to someone else with similar connections and status. It's not like those jobs would suddenly show up on So, think of it as a subset of jobs that only certain people could even get, and that for every job that one in their circle lands, there are others in their circle who were turned down.

Like dating, then? Some people (and jobs) will always we out of our league? Good analogy, I think. Chelsea and Jenna will always be 10s, job-wise.

Anthony Weiner, we've seen enough of him already.

Hey, if you invite him, he might show up.

I don't like FLOTUS's bangs. I also don't like how rational women I know are also getting bangs that they should absolutely stay away from, just because FLOTUS has them.

That's the power of the First Lady. Same thing happened with Jackie O.

I didn't see it, but a friend said that Leo DiCaprio was doing his best Orson Welles imitation.

Interesting -- he seemed Citizen Kane-ish, you think?

I like Chelsea and the first thing I thought of when I read the headline is "Wow, it must be nice to have your pick of jobs." Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she's smart, hard working, etc. But there are some of us who don't have the luxury of trying out new things/careers because we're don't have the name recognition or the wealth. I don't think Chelsea flaunts it in any way (nor is there any evidence that she doesn't recognize her situation), but it's still a nice position to be in.


I work at home in the suburbs, and my office looks out onto a quiet intersection in our quiet, leafy subdivision. It is the rare driver that stops at the 4-way stop sign; many of them don't even slow down. Should I call the town to get better police enforcement, or should I just stand outside with my baseball bat, and become the neighborhood crazy lady?

Definitely the latter. You say "neighborhood crazy lady," I say "neighborhood hero-vigilante."

While we're at it, can we rehash Liz and Eddie Fisher? There are children reading about this in the grocery line who weren't even ALIVE when they broke up.

The person who came out best in that triangle? Debbie Reynolds. And yes, I'm old enough to know that without looking it up.

I stand corrected, another of my (numerous) crackpot theories goes up in smoke.

I actually find it delightful that someone who didn't know that much about Jennifer Aniston still felt the need to have a theory about Jennifer Aniston. Society does this to us.

i think robin wiliams does this, but maybe he's the only one.

That has to be miserable . . .

people think others have it so easy, etc... but (as someone said) she seems appreciative of all she has. The thing is - everyone has something they have to deal with. we all think: oh, it would be great to have *that* - whatever that is...when in the end, you have to have ALL of whatever it is (i.e., you can't just have chelsea's connections, you would have to have her parents, and her childhood, etc etc). Like saying: oh, i can't believe lindsey lohan, if *I* had her money, whatever...but in the end you'd also have to have her parents, etc...

This is true and thoughtful, thanks.

The first Presidency I recall was Harry Truman's, and daughter Margaret trying to "make it" as a singer. The Post's music critic (Paul Hume, IIRC) absolutely lacerated her performance.

Poor thing. Hume, I mean, for being forced to write a review.

think they are irressitable, at least among women I know who want to cover up forehead wrinkles. Not that Mrs. O has any to cover though.

Not a chance.

At least when one is the child of working class parents (as I was), no one pays attention to the job-switching in one's 20s (or 30s or 40s...). Must be hard to avoid the public scrutiny (it was bad enough getting snark from my aunt).

One advantage of being a non-famous person is that no one cares. Public scrutiny is the price of fame and everything that comes with it. 

They both just seem so vapid. It bothers me that she spends as much time as she does tanning topless. And now she's engaged to someone who's big breakthrough role (on Six Feet Under) was as the kinky sex toy of a rehabilitated sex addict.

Sheesh -- what do you know about her tanning hours? And Justin Theroux's big breakthrough role was bigger and earlier, in "Mulholland Drive," and what's it matter what his "Six Feet Under" role was -- that was a role! He was acting!Again, if you are compelled to have a theory on Jennifer Aniston (and you don't need to, really), do your research first.


Having said that -- yes, actors tend to be vapid.

I think it would be awesome to invite an ex-celebrity couple to your party without each other's knowledge and watch the sparks fly. But, I'm a jerk.

And they might pretend to behave -- and then what fun would that be? Only a scene would do.

He's one whose appeal I've never gotten, just doesn't move me at all, on the screen or off.

Actually, he surprises me every time. Every time I think, "oh, ugh, Di Caprio, why'd they cast him?" And every time, he's great in the role. I like him better now that he's old and scowly and not pretty anymore.

soul patches for men Few look good with them, but everyone tries....

Well, who knows, in a year, it could be soul patches for women and bangs for me.


Hey, isn't it about time to wrap up?

Perhaps The Beebs will buy the Mystery Van and drive around with a dog, a beatnik, a square and a prom queen solving crimes with the Harlem Globetrotters. Because I'm pretty sure the dude's a cartoon.

I"d watch that.

I love Brad Pitt & Angelina together and their multicultural family. But I agree, it's rude to keep making comments about his previous marriage. It's probably just adding salt to Jennifer Aniston's wound.

He wasn't talking about his marriage -- he was talking about himself! But everyone aggregates and recontextualizes his quotes so that "well, he's saying he was unhappy a decade ago, and he was married to Aniston a decade ago, so, clearly he is dissing Aniston." If you're going to read these things, read them smarter.

Chelsea Clinton has the name of two Manhattan neighborhoods - she'd be a natural.

Ha! Love that!

That person is talking about Katie Couric, right?

I can't imagine. The chatter is probably Katie Couric referring to me.


Hey, look, 350 chatters online now. Where'd you all come from at the last minute?

Um.... No. It is not.

Then I hope you're having a civilized lunch at some charming outdoor cafe with a crisp white wine. At least I can dream.

Chatters -- enough for today. Columns to write, blogs to fill. Send tips, ideas and sightings to See you back here next week.


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