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May 08, 2013

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, May 8, at noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Good morning everyone, and welcome back to the Reliable Source weekly web chat. Here are a few of the things on our radar this week:


There’ll soon be a whole lot of less of Chris Christie to love — and by the way, when did we get tired of fat presidents?


Did Henry Kissinger just endorse Hillary Clinton?


Paige Johnson, the BET heiress and champion equestrian, gets married.


Paul Wharton, D.C.’s next great reality star-in-waiting, finally blows this little popsicle stand.


Our gracious celebvocates of the week: Rainn Wilson, Demi Lovato.


Marion Barry is the best “Scandal” live-tweeter in town.


Mark Sanford wins his old congressional seat back in a special election, and yes, his fiancee Maria Belen Chapur was there.


Also: Paula Broadwell speaks out. The feds have a special nickname for BeyonceCarla Bruni is so quotable. Captain America comes to town. Traffic stats show that readers are uncommonly fascinated by Keira Knightley's wedding. Justin Bieber sued for copyright infringement. Bill Clinton’s secret failed mission to reunite Led Zeppelin. Helen Mirren – you tell ’em! Lauryn Hill — oh, no! Chris Brown — oh, shut up. And oh, god, Reese — no! And R.I.P Chris Kelly.


Looking forward to your questions.

In the season finale of "The Americans," the FBI calls in to "seal off Eastern Avenue at Takoma Station" during a car chase set near wherever Caspar Weinberger supposedly lived in Fairfax County. I don't know where he lived when he was Defense Secretary, but I'm sure it was nowhere near the People's Republic (which is about 25 minutes--on a very good day--from McLean, which is what I think the producers were going for). Of course, these days the Chief of Staff and at least one cabinet member-in-waiting call TP home. All the more reason why Weinberger must have lived on the other side of the Potomac.

Wow, I should start watching this show. There's nothing I love more in a movie or TV show than some bad D.C. geography.

"Worrying about whoever else is in his side pocket"? Is that his expectation of whomever he ends up "wife-ing"? Sounds AWESOME. Yeesh. What a tool.

He's 24, rich and spoiled. Whether he ever grows up is another question, but a lot of 24-year-olds are tools. That doesn't mean I like him, by the way. 

Last weekend in Winchester, VA the Bloom hosted some interesting "celebrities": Jess & Jep from "Duck Dynasty" had some fun (he certainly married above himself); Scotty McCreery (old American Idol guy) was sweet and looked young and taller than you'd expect; Queen was Rachel Mathews, granddaughter of the late Michael Landon and daughter of a former queen (Leslie Landon Matthews - the Landons have had more queens than any other family); pro-bowler, hall-of-fame member and former Steeler, Rod Woodson looked FABULOUS; Chris Cooley & Pierre Garcon were fit and fun. Cooley was accompanied by a young woman. Any ideas who she might be?

Thank you so much for your annual report from the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival! I saw mention of this coming up the other week and I thought, I hope our regular chatter reports back. Sorry, I don't know who Chris Cooley is with these days, but that divorce was about as quick and amicable as they come.

Why all the press for Christie's weight loss surgery? It's a private, medical issue. I applaud anyone who makes healthy choices, but honestly....

Private? He gave an interview about it. That made news. Thus, the press. 

I know we shouldn't encourage or applaud people who attack celebs on stage, but wasn't there a part of you that couldn't believe its taken someone so long to do so to him.

My read on the situation -- not a very careful read, I admit -- that it was more of an overzealous fan, no?


I couldn't get too worked up about it, considering I once saw the same thing happen onstage to Gregg Allman --  and we're talking about circa 2000 Gregg Allman, the Papa Hemingway doppelganger, not the 1970s Cher-marrying rock god Gregg Allman -- so I figured this must happen all the time to performers. Then again, it would have been different if Gregg Allman had, in the previous month, had his tour-bus busted in Sweden, insulted Anne Frank in Amsterdam, fainted in London and abandoned a monkey in Munich.

You might let someone know that the "Live Q & A's" link is showing Monday's sessions, yet here it is Wednesday. It's bad enough that we can't reach the QAs from every page any more; today we can't even move to the next session from the QA

Where is this? On the Washington Post homepage and on the live discussion page I'm seeing the correct schedule.

Any other shows that he live-tweets? If there are, then I'm in.

I don't know! Anyone know if we should be tuning in to him any other night?

What on earth is Duck Dynasty? And is Scrooge McDuck a character in it?

I could have sworn you were one of the fancy-dressed folks vying to get your photo taken with the "Duck Dynasty" stars at the  White House Correspondents' dinner. It's a reality show about Louisiana duck-call manufacturers. Who all have beards.

He only thanked one of his sons? Father. Of. The. Year.

That true? Haven't seen his full speech yet, just excerpts. But I wonder why that might be the case? I read that his oldest son was at the event; don't know about the other boys.    

Am I missing something, does Be-six (how I would pronounce it) mean something else? Why the parentheses?

Read the story. It's the legal code for a privacy clause within the FOIA public-information laws, so it's what they used to replace the name "Beyonce" every time they redacted it . . . which was kind of crazy since they were obviously talking about Beyonce.

It seems to be the trend these days that Members of Congress come to town and leave their families at home in their districts. That's not going to happen with Mark Sanford, right?

If he brings the fiancee to Washington, all the stories will be about the two of them. If I were Sanford, I'd rent a tiny apartment and live alone, hunker down to work, and go home on weekends. for one. It was also wrong on Sietsema's discussion page. It is correct on the Post home page.

Yes, but how do you get to that link? That's just a bad link (it's missing a zero), and I don't see it embedded anywhere on (Sorry to bore the rest of you here, just trying to work this out.)

If he has broader aspirations, his health is an issue for voters. By taking the bull by the horns now, he is preempting it (assuming it works.) Besides, he has been pretty good natured about the jokes for years, so let him talk about it however he wants.

If he loses some of the excess weight, it will only improve his standing in the eyes of voters concerned about his health. And frankly, makes him very easy to relate to.

I wish he were still in Congress. Then he and his wife could double-date with the Sanfords.

You romantic, you.

Your blog post implied that he only thanked the oldest son: "Other than thanking Chapur and his eldest son for their help, "

That's what the Associated Press, whose reporter was there in South Carolina, reported. Maybe the oldest son is the only son who was there at the victory party.

that should be the name of his new, more punk-inspired, album.

I think we can all agree the monkey is probably better off.

Odds that his management organized the whole thing as a stunt to show that Biebs isn't as terrible as we all think?

Bieber is selling out concerts worldwide. I don't think they really care what "we all think."

People need to get over Sanford's victory quickly, because bitterness and hate are bad for your health. At his victory party, Sanford thanked the people who were active in his campaign, which includes only his oldest son. Not a big deal!

We'll see how long that lasts.

FWIW, I'm seeing Monday's schedule at the top of this page as well, and was on Sietsema's page. This is cut and pasted from the top of my page right now.

Oh, gotcha. That's weird.

Can we get a show with Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey and Uncle Ruslan?

That's two hours of great prime-time talk right there for you, CNN. Smart guys, know how to deliver a message.

Call me naive, but I don't believe for a minute he did it to lose weight so he'd appeal more to voters. Maybe it's because I've known a number of people with that degree of a weight problem and how they feel about it, or maybe I'm just one of those bleeding heart liberals who think he's one of the few Republicans I can stomach, or maybe it's because he's from Jersey and they're a notoriously up-front people, but jeez.

He says he's doing it for his family, which is no doubt true. But every move from a high-profile politician -- especially a possible presidential contender -- is going to be dissected by the media. It's just the reality in this day and age --especially on a hot-button issue like weight.

Did you see that picture of them eating in Ben's Chili Bowl with the Neelys(yum!), the DWTS champion and Adam Laroche? It's like all the truly likeable reality tv stars decided to go get chili dogs on the same night!

Rox - Do you think it's wise for Sanford to leave his fiancée back in Charleston by herself. Not that I think anything untoward is going to happen to her, but it just strikes me as odd to have the once-Mrs. and future-Mrs. in the same town without him there.

It's a big enough town. Personally, I think discretion is the key for now -- he won, voters have apparently forgiven his trespasses, and now he should focus on being a good congressman. Marry quietly in a small ceremony and lie low for a while. His new wife can live here or at home, as long as she don't become the story.

I just wanted to say how nice Mrs. Obama's hair looked at her book signing. I wasn't there, but the side swept bangs looked great! I know the Reliable Source keeps up on important matters like these.

Here is a link to today's story about Michelle Obama's book signing -- yes, a year after the book came out! -- at Politics and Prose. (What do you think -- is she sticking with those bangs?)

It's the one on the upper right side of the chat page. (The one most people would use to get from one chat to another.) It's more often wrong than right but it's generally only off for one day. Today it's two days off. So frustrating.

I've alerted the producers. Thanks for alerting us.

Is Nick Carraway gay?

Once you read this essay, it's hard to see otherwise.

Just sayin'.

I do not believe that he would. Not intentionally, anyway.

Who can forget the Simon & Garfunkel Concert in Central Park from 1981 where Paul had to duck away during The Late Great Johnny Ace?

I can forget. In fact, I don't think I ever knew. You want to explain? Or better yet, point us in the directon of a YouTube?

How can anyone pick and choose their court appointed rehab facility

Depends on the court and judge. I assume different facilities might meet the court standard (Lilo's choice does not appear to do so, which is the problem) and location may be a factor when deciding. Chatters? Anyone with experience in this?

Good for him for getting that surgery. No, I am not overweight or a Republican but I like that he is encouraging healthy living (and taking care of himself at the same time).

One opinion.

He had to say something so people don't go all crazy when he starts losing weight. In some ways it's good to let other obese people know that he didn't drop weight quickly with the ol' diet and exercise trope. Interesting part will be how long he keeps weight off, as I've seen folks gain back quickly in the past.


Do you think it includes hiking the Appalachian Trail in VA? It would be easy to get to from DC, and I don't think that's the part he was hiking a few years back when he disappeared.

Hey, Sanford was spotted at Old Rag Mountain a couple years ago -- near if not exactly on the Appalachian Trail. It really is something he might do.

Remember back in the old days, when people wanted to get healthy, so they would eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more? Somehow getting surgery is the responsible move these days?

And one more. Although I will add that the surgery is not the end of it for him -- he still has to change his eating habits.

That adorable little Drake LaRoche was with them, too. If I had a 10-year-old daughter. . .

. . . she would be, like, ew, boys, cooties!

Doesn't matter why he did it--if it's successful, it makes him a more appealing candidate. If it's not successful, it's probably a serious issue, since it will suggest he has more impulse-control and addiction issues than even his current size suggests.

And one more.

I think he did it mainly for his health, but am sure his presidential aspirations played into it too, maybe gave him that extra push. Its not easy (from what I've heard) living with the band on your tummy, and means all sorts of changes he has to make. Saw his interview with BW last night, he is refreshingly relatable.

One commentator I saw on TV yesterday said, "Hey, you know, if you're going to be flying to New Hampshire, you've got to ride on those little planes, and those seats are small!"

Yes, I had the same thought. He thanked him for being there, for driving 10 hours to get there. Then he thanked Maria for flying 10 hours to get there. No mention of the other kids. At the very end, he built up his final thank you so much I thought it was going to be Jenny. But it was God, thank goodness.

That would have been something.

Did you see the finale in DC? Pretty funny to make the teams think they were actually going to take their picture with the President.

I'm sorry I missed it. Used to be a loyal viewer but haven't watched in ages.

He may know how to deliver a message, but Boston would probably be better off if he had made an effort to stay involved with his nephews' lives instead of writing them off as "losers," especially the younger one.

Families are complicated creatures. I'm not putting the responsibility on the uncle for what happened in Boston -- and maybe the brothers WERE bad news in his eyes. After a certain age, there's very little anyone can do.

Let's give him this. At least he seems to have some understanding that he's young and immature and wants to play around. If only Tiger had been so self aware.

Fair enough -- I'll give him that. (Maybe the young part -- but I haven't heard admitting to immaturity.)

After reading about Mr. Bieber's antics, maybe the monkey abandoned him.

I'm confident it was mutual and amicable.

Still has to be the appropriately named True Lies, where Arnold is racing through the Metro station at Georgetown Park. It was a real tease too because there's no Metro station near Georgetown.

Did that happen in "True Lies"? That happened in "No Way Out," too.

If a failed star of tomorrow reality personality falls in a forest, does it make a sound?

It's not Paul's fault that D.C. is a lousy reality TV town. If there could have been a successful D.C. reality show, I have no doubt Paul would have been on it. There's a crazy magnetic force between him and cameras. And he was the only thing keeping the plot of "Real Housewives of D.C." moving.

He is more than welcome to stop by my place for some old-fashioned milk and cookies whilst he's in town.

Will let him know when we see him next.

The NERVE of that Rihanna--I'll bet she expected him to be faithful.

You know, she's a piece of work herself. So, frankly, I think it would be smart for them to stay apart, but they'll peobably be back together next week.

Go to the 48:40 mark of this clip. It wasn't long after John Lennon died and his song made a reference to Lennon about 10 seconds before the guy jumped on stage -- freaking everybody out.

Good work, thanks.

Still the best bad geography movie. Drive from Georgetown to Annapolis via the GW parkway.

You have to admit, it's a much prettier route, even if it does double your driving time.

Having attending tons of boring tedious speeches over the years, I wish it weren't true because you usually want them to wrap up so you can get back in line at the bar, I have never heard of not thanking the family - even if its the generic "I thank my family for their support and love kind of stuff" although it can turn into a dretched pronoucement on all their wonderful qualities blah blah blah. I'm sure the kids aren't savvy/jaded/interested enough, but if I were a politicians kids and I wasn't given the usual thank you and I love you stuff, I would be wondering a little bit about recent changes to the will.

Well, let's withhold judgement until we all see the full transcript.

Don't be so rude about people being truly disappointed about Mr. Sanford's win yesterday. A significant amount of people (not in SC) find it sad and unexplainable how he got elected given his hypocritical life (which is, unfortunately, not uncommon to a lot of repbubicans - family values and respect for women my foot).

I don't think I've been rude about his victory. If you want to be mad, blame the voters who put him back in office. One could also see this in a different light: That the private lives of politicians are becoming less of an issue, and voters are focusing more on the job they can do. It's an interesting theory -- don't know how true it is.  

Uh, for all the judgers who trot out the "just eat less and exercise more" advice, yes that works for most people, but there are some people with endocrinological issues that make that impossible. There actually is such a thing as a bad metabolism. I've also read studies that indicate that when a portion of the stomach is removed or rendered unusable through something like lap band surgery, it actually decreases the person's appetite and makes weight loss through diet and exercise much more attainable. And no, I don't have a bad metabolism. But my brother did and he died very young because of it. (Steps off soapbox.)

Short, on-point soapboxes are allowed in the chat.

Is this an insult or a compliment? Because I certainly see it as the second.

Eye of the beholder.

By milk and cookies, I mean a sleepover. Just clarifying.

Aw, now you have to make poor Chris Evans feel like a piece of meat.

Funny seeing Paul Simon there -- only a youthful 39 years old at the time. Of course, his future wife was 15 at that point.

Time flies.

Maybe now that Queen Elizabeth is scaling back her foreign travel, she can send Helen Mirren in her place to keep the Commonwealth in line. She'd certainly be better received than Charles and Seabis...errr....Camilla.

Oh, you're mean. But yes, Parliament should look into making Mirren the permanent monarch.

Entertainment Tonight yesterday has a so-called sneak peak into a new movie about the White House butler, played by Forrest Whitaker. Is that related to or based on that incredible Post story a few years ago about the long-time White House butler? Or totally unrelated with Hollywood probably just stealing a good idea?

Inspired by -- the movie  delves deeper into the past of the main character, but the outlines are the same. Here's the original story.

Now that Clinton has said he is willing to work out agreements to get musicians together, can't he try some more -- the original Guns 'n' Roses, the Fat Boys, or Fine Young Cannibals?

He's got to redeem himself one way or another for botching that job, right?

Hey, that could be some kind of show!

Right? Honestly, I was just thinking last night that the Sanfords' are like the sunny sitcom version of the horrible wrenching Edwards miniseries drama.

Yeah, but wouldn't that hurt Judy Densch's feelings something awful?

Only one can sit on the Iron Throne.

Sanford is a tool, and if the idiots in SC want to elect him it's there problem. While I hate the philandering, it's the hypocrisy that I abhor. Being a bad husband is terrible if you're a Democrat, but if you're a Republican, the Lord forgives you so constituents should, too.

I don't recall Sanford running on his record as a faithful husband. Let's see what he does going forward: How he votes on what issues. Should be interesting to watch.

I don't see how Mark Sanford can be viewed as a hypocrite. Listen to what the Post reported he said after his victory: "Sanford said, reports our colleague Karen Tumulty. “I am an imperfect man, saved by God’s grace, and one who has a conviction of the importance of doing something about spending in Washington, D.C.” His district is probably dominated by religious people who really do believe that sinners are redeemed by sincere repentance and God's grace. Nothing hypocritical about that.


It's rehab, not prison. I believe they even let some prisoners choose their prison to be close to family. I don't see why she shouldn't be able to have a say if it will help her get better.

If it helps her get better.Big IF.  She reportedly picked the place in California because it allows patients to smoke. 

I have to wonder how many voters who believe that Mark Sanford is a hypocrite with no respect for women had no problems supporting Ted Kennedy (Mary Jo Kopeckne) or Bill Clinton (Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky) or Anthony Weiner (his wife Hama) or Eliot Spitzer (his wife whatever-her-name). Not a lot of good marital behavior on either side of the aisle, if you ask me.

You'd have to poll them individually to see if they differentiate. Second happiest man in politics this week? Anthony Weiner.

Arlington Road Movie from about 10 years ago. Jeff Bridges starts a car chase in suburban Arlington, VA, then totally goes down Memorial Drive near downtown Houston, TX, where I drive every morning - winds up at the FBI Building in downtown Washington.

Oh, I need to see that one.

I have a different theory (liberal Democrat who actually likes Christie but wouldn't vote for him). Hurricane Sandy: I think having to see all that devastation, all that pain, the helplessness he must have felt. The people you are "in charge of" -- many of whom lost everything are begging for help, crying on your shoulder. How could he not be affected by that and perhaps internalized it. How can I protect my own family? Get healthy.

Another viewpoint.

I have no tolerance for Mark Sanford's moral failures, but seriously--no political party, gender, race or generation can claim superiority when it comes to non-douchery. (See: Bill Clinton, MLK, Chris Brown, Newt Gingrich, LeAnn Rimes, et al)

"Non-douchery." Love that!

The one who admonished us to get over Mr.Sanford's win, and I do blame SC voters which is now officially on my "don't visit, don't patronize" list of states.

Harsh. It's such a pretty state. Maybe just skip his district?

So Sanford still gets elected after all the scandals he's been through? What does he have to do for voters to get turned off, get caught on video smoking crack with a hooker? Surely that would be too much for voters to swallow, right?

Smarty pants.

Was someone asking about "The Butler" earlier? Just posted the trailer for the movie, with links to the original story. Really looking forward to this.

I'm so happy you ladies are willing to chat for more than an hour. I chastised Tom Sietsema last week for quitting promptly at 12 when you, Tom Boswell, Tracee Hamilton, and others go on much longer. Boswell regularly does two hours on Monday. Of course with Tom S. quitting at 12, I don't have to cut back and forth between the two of you, but he does leave questions unanswered.

Aw, now I feel pressure to keep this thing going for a few more minutes. Glad you enjoy!

It is NOT the easiest way out and any good doctor will let you know that ahead of time. My sister-in-law had the surgery and the adjustment was horrible. I won't go into the gory details, but, even though she lost 100 pounds, and has maintained most of it, she said given the choice, she wouldn't have put herself through that again and that the agony of the whole recovery is her biggest motivation to keep the weight off.

Ugh. Sorry to hear.

You had me until you mentioned MLK. What did he do to be lumped into that douche category?

Yet another great leader with feet of clay. He, too, had extramarital affairs.

Netflix's "House of Cards" did a good job with Washington, DC geography, especially considering that it's filmed somewhere else (Baltimore?). The Metro looks like the Metro, the Ken Cen looked pretty close to the real Ken Cen, and even the stand-in for the National Gallery of Art looked pretty close to the original (although you knew it wasn't the real thing because of the lack of screaming teenagers on their senior year field trip). And I can see my office building in the opening montage, which thrilled me to no end (yes, I have no life).

I appreciate the fact that "Veep," by mostly only showing interiors, doesn't really get anything wrong.

My problem with Sanford isn't that he cheated on his wife -- that their personal issue -- but that he robbed his constituents of time and money by running away to a country where he couldn't be found and by lying about it. And that's what makes him different from Clinton, Spitzer, Gingrich, etc. He's not just a cheater, he's a thief.

By your theory, every politicians on the clock who cheats is a thief. Sanford just racked up more airfare. 

Please don't get them back together. Please. Please. Please.

We may have to send Bill Richardson to the bargaining table to argue your case.

Good for them for refusing the reunion financial melee. If you have enough money in the bank, enjoy retirement!

Yeah, I can't really blame them either.

Could anything that happens in court next week impact his ability to travel overseas to visit his future inlaws?

No, I don't think it's as serious as all that.

I think of him on SNL, in the turkey suit, singing "Still Crazy After All These Years".

ah, but the voters of NY and the voters of SC are um, quite different.

You think the voters of New York will be more judgemental?

I don't give a rat's rectum who he sleeps with. My issue was that he disappeared out of the country for several days and no one knew where he really was. I don't think it's too much to ask of our elected officials to at least let their offices know where their trysts are going to be. At least Gov. Spitzer's staff knew he was in DC, but may not have known about the hooker.

Lessons learned today: Kept your fooing around on U.S. soil; let at least one staffer know where you are at all times. Note that doesn't always work: John Edwards, white courtesy phone.

I'm sorry we're not all sticks like you, Roxanne. Please forgive us.

Sticks! Not even close. I admire anyone who loses weight, because it requires discipline that my chocolate-crazed body does not yet have.

but it has charleston in it! the only real reason to go to South Carolina! (oh, well, there's always greenville spartanburg which is nice too)

Tough call.

Isn't the lesson that you should never quit your office if caught? Weiner and Spitzer quit, Sanford and Vitters didn't.

Oh, I guess it depends. I think these guys are pretty good at sensing when they have to leave and when they don't.

Tom has to go eat lunch as part of his job. This is the first thing Amy & Roxanne do on Wednesdays, so they are just getting warmed up!

You will be shocked -- shocked -- to know that I was at my desk bright and early. So there. But now I'm hungry.

Chatters, hope you've enjoyed the lush spring weather these past few days. Please send your tips and sightings to Next week, same time.

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